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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. severe weather pummels texas. hail the size of hockey pucks. >> oh, my gosh. this hail is ginormous. >> it broke my [ bleep ] window. >> breaking windows, slamming into cars. entire neighborhoods blanketed in white. sam tracks the latest on the storm. wanted, police on a massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous man, who allegedly shot a hospital receptionist, just steps from where she worked. what made this trauma surgeon snap? authorities on a frantic search to track him down. wild man. the teenager who wandered out of the woods after five years. police baffled by who he is and where he came from.
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the latest on these extraordinary mysteries. and take a look at this. the hockey mom who goes on to the rink with her purse, breaking up a brawl. did she embarrass her son? or do the right thing? do not mess with my son. >> she made my day. seeing that hockey mom just brings me up. >> what a way to start a thursday morning. good morning, everyone. we have a lot to get to, including the latest on the brand-new doping charges against lance armstrong. federal officials saying the seven-time champ from the tour de france used performance-enhancing drugs. and we've just learned that lance has been banned from the main ironman france competition he's been training for until the investigation is resolved. he's always maintained he did not take those drugs. >> tested 500 times.
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never been positive. also, air rage this morning. the passengers on the jetblue flight when the pilot went crazy, are suing the airline for emotional trauma. they argue that jetblue should have never let the pilot fly. this comes a day before the pilot is due in court. and the man accused of stalking mina kunis, now on trial. the chilling accusations against him. several witnesses speaking out about how scares she is. and we'll have the latest on that. we begin with the storms in the southwest. parts of texas, dangerous hail. >> right at rush hour. right at dinner time. look at the pictures. there's more of them. traffic lights, street lights. cars, homes, everything damaged by the hail. no watches, no warnings out. rarely do you hear me say this. there couldn't have been. there's no warning for the supercell thunderstorms to pop up. denton, plano, greenville. all of these areas pounded by the storms. 60-mile-per-hour winds, you
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don't have to imagine what it's like to be beneath that. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. this is the biggest hailstorm i have ever witnessed in my life. that is hail. >> reporter: dallas residents say the hail was the size of hockey pucks, rocketing from the sky. >> it just pummeled. it was unbelievable. and the rain, there was so much rain. it was like -- it was like being in a disaster movie. >> reporter: slamming into homes and cars at dinner time and rush hour. >> it broke my window. it broke my damn window. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods covered in white, like snow, in the middle of june. >> it sounded like the house was exploding. there was just -- just over and over and over again. you can look at the roof and see 1,000 explosions. >> reporter: the hail trashed this famous theater marquee. and crashed through skylights at
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the dallas mall. take another look at this video shot by terrified homeowners. at least 6,000 homes last power in this group of supercell thunderstorms. but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. >> this hail is ginormous. and it's falling from the sky. look at that. >> you'll remember that we were just in dallas, "gma," for the opening of the dallas arbiretum. some of the pieces were broken. but the plates are about three feet across. the good thing to remember from this, robin, is that these thunderstorms, this time of year, can develop without warning. if you see dark and dangerous skies, get inside. >> right away. all right, sam. more from you later. now, to the massive manhunt right now for an alleged killer, trauma surgeon, timothy jorden. suspected of shooting and
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killing his ex-girlfriend at a buffalo hospital. police believe he is armed, dangerous and on the run. abc's john schriffen has the latest for us. good morning, john. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the frantic search for dr. timothy jorden continues this morning, after the highly-regarded trauma surgeon apparently snapped. police believe he is still armed and may have crossed the border into canada. police say the 49-year-old trauma surgeon is on the run, armed and potentially very dangerous. the former army medic served with u.s. special forces and trained with the unit. nearly 24 hours after he allegedly gunned down his ex-girlfriend at this buffalo hospital, police have little clues why he snapped or where he is heading. it began around 8:00 thursday morning when the body of 33-year-old nursing student, jackie wiz knew ski was found on
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the campus. by noon, police named the prominent surgeon as a person of interest and reopened a section of the hospital launching a city-wide manhunt for jorden. overnight, police sent search robots into jorden's lake view house but didn't find him. this morning, investigators are poring over boxes of evidence they collected, looking for clues. >> the shooting is not a random act. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, jorden and wisniewski had dated. and that jorden had allegedly lured her into a stairwell, shooter her at point-blank range multiple times. shooting her once in the head. >> she was a nice person. >> reporter: heather says she met her in nursing school. and the two at talked about jorden. >> she was scared. she became very scared.
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>> reporter: shiply said they had a rocky relationship. and when s broke it off, he began to spy on her. >> he was stalking her. he found a gps system on her car. he drove by her house several times, taking license plate numbers of cars he didn't recognize. >> reporter: and police have not confirmed those allegations. but reportedly dr. jorden has been in trouble with police before, including two domestic cases back in 2003, involving someone other than the victim. robin? >> okay. hopefully he'll be found soon. thank you. let's turn to josh elliott for the morning's other stories. good morning, josh. >> good morning. we're going to begin with news that affects almost every one of us. the price of gasoline is plummeting. we have an eye-opening report on just how much drivers are about to save. our weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, is here with details. >> reporter: we turned that gas prices have dropped once again. the national average just $3.53
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per gallon. that's 49 cents lower than what we were paying in april. and 20 cents lower than just last month. take a look at this. in one part of south carolina, drivers are paying under 3 bucks a gallon. what's causing the price drop? believe it or not, it's the weaker economy. when people are worried about jobs and finances, they put extended vacations on the back burner. and thus, they don't usually take long-drive distances. demand for gas has dropped. that's especially true for europe and china. falling demand for oil and gas means falling prices. and a mixed blessing. >> thank you for that. meanwhile, we're just getting new images of that now-historic wildfire tearing across northern colorado. take a look at that wall of smoke and flame. hard to believe what it is you're seeing. 73-square miles have now been scorched. in new mexico, more than 220 homes and buildings have been lost in a separate wildfire, which is only 40% contained
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itself. and a retired texas firefighter who shot and killed his unarmed neighbor in a fight over loud music is now headed to britain. raul rodriguez videotaped it all, hoping to prove it was self-defense under the so-called stand your ground law. >> it's about to get out of hand, sir. help me, now. i'm standing my ground here. they're drunk. they're slurring. >> that gunshot, coming through loud and clear on the recording. but the jury did not believe rodriguez's claim he feared for his life. that same stand your ground defense is being used by george zimmerman, the man accused of killing unarmed teen trayvon martin. and it could be one of the most damaging days yet in the trial of jerry sandusky. one of his accusers said he was threatened after he was asulted. warning the boy he would never see his family if he told anyone
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about it. three for accusers are set to testify before the prosecution wraps its case tomorrow. and something happened in the major leagues last night that even i have to truly appreciate as a los angeles dodgers fan. matt cain of the san francisco giants, throwing a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down. let's get this game over with, team. we have places to go. 10-0, your final score. just the 22nd perfect game in the history of the sport. that takes us back to the 1860s. but we've seen two already this year, exceedingly rare. halfway done. >> who knows what's going to happen in the second half? >> it's a beauty. the beauty of sports. >> need a couple more. we're going to turn to the latest allegations around lance armstrong. just months after federal prosecutors dropped their allegations without bringing charges. they say they have proof that the seven-time winner of the tour de france used performance-enhancing drugs. if they're right, it could cost
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armstrong the seven titles. and abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: this morning, lance armstrong faces allegations that his seven tour de france wins were the result of cheating. in this charging letter from the u.s. anti-doping agency, armstrong is accused of using epo, blood transfusions, testosterone, all boosters. the agency says fellow riders will testify that armstrong didn't just use the drug, but a included, quote, they used fear, intimidation and coercion, in an attempt to force a code of silence. his former teammate, floyd landis, told us much the same in this interview. did you see lance armstrong receiving transfusions? >> yes. >> reporter: more than once? >> multiple times. >> we have nothing to hide. we have nothing to run from. if anybody has any questions, more than happen to ask them. i remind everybody that this is a man that's been under oath
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several times and had a very different version. >> reporter: but this time, it's not just words. the anti-doping agency claims it has data from blood collections obtained from armstrong in 2009 and 2010, fully consistent with blood manipulation, including epo use and/or blood transfusions. armstrong denies all of this. and in a statement said, i have never doped. and unlike many of my accusers, i have passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed 1. >> we have steroid fatigue in the united states. the flipside of that is, don't we need to know? shouldn't we find out if this huge name in sports in our culture cheated, too? >> reporter: at stake this morning, not just armstrong's record-setting seven tour de france titles, but his reputation as a champion, both on and off the bike. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and now, to that lawsuit against jetblue over the captain who had a big meltdown on that flight in march. remember that? passengers from that plane,
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suing the airline, saying jetblue should have known the pilot was not fit to fly. abc's jim avila joins us from washington with the latest on this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that jetblue captain who admittedly went a little crazy on his own plane, is expected to be in a texas criminal court tomorrow, for a competency hearing. but he's also learning he's going to be in another court very soon. his passengers are suing him. a pilot gone wild at 30,000 feet. >> we're going to get doomed. >> reporter: banging on the cockpit door. threatening to take down the plane until wrestled to the ground by passengers. and sitting in the back of jetblue flight 191, heading from new york to las vegas, were forced to make an emergency landing in amarillo, texas, ten passengers who now say captain clayton osmond, dubbed the captain crazy. and the airline he worked for, must pay. filing the first of what is expected to be many lawsuits, demanding unspecified damages.
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>> people pay attention when money is involved. so, this is going to get the -- get jetblue's attention and force them to do something about it. >> i am petrified. you usually go right past pilots. now, i will stop and look at every pilot now. >> reporter: marshal brooks and kathy euller, thought their lives were in serious danger on flight 141. >> the first thing that comes to your mind is, is this plane going to crash? >> reporter: the captain was wrestled to the ground. but for several moments, it was a chaotic scene. >> i hear over the p.a., subdue him. and a bunch of people jumped up and ran up to the front of the plane. >> reporter: the attorney for these passengers says suing for damages is the only way to get answers about why a pilot, who now says he had mental issues, was not diagnosed before boarding the plane. >> we know an insane pilot was flying the plane. now, we want to know why. >> reporter: he faces criminal charges for disrupting the
7:15 am
flight. but some of the passengers onboard say that is not enough. >> he's flying a plane with hundreds of people. he's got to be accountable. >> reporter: abc news asked jetblue about the lawsuit. but were told there would be no comment on pending litigation. now, the passengers say that jetblue's initial response was insulting. they say they got an e-mail and an offer of a refund for the wild ride. as for the captain's attorney, he did not reply to our request for comment. robin? >> jim, as you just said a moment ago, the pilot is headed to court. how serious are these criminal charges that he's facing? >> reporter: well, they aren't serious enough to land him up in jail. but many people believe they are a little different than the charges you might have gotten if a passenger had banged on the door. but for a captain, they're apparently believing that he wasn't, indeed, trying to bring down the plane. >> we'll see what happens in
7:16 am
court. thank you, jim. now, to the haunting story out of germany about this boy who appeared out of nowhere in berlin, speaking perfect english. and claiming to have spent the last five years in the wild. after months of background checks, police have no idea who he is, where he came from or if his story is true. abc's nick watt is in london with more on this mystery. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is an incredible story. he's become known as forest boy. the kid says his real name is ray. he doesn't remember his last name. he says he's been living wild in the woods for years. but beyond that, remembers very, very little. do you recognize this boy? german police are getting desperate. they just released this picture hoping someone somewhere can solve this extraordinary mystery. it began when forest boy walked into the berlin town hall last fall with a barely believable tale. his mom was called doreen. apparently she was killed in a
7:17 am
car wreck five years ago. that's when ray and his dad, ryan, left the real world. his dad died last summer after a heavy fall. ray buried him in a shallow grave and walked five days for civilization. sent his fingerprints around the world, nothing. checked his dna against every missing persons list, nothing. whenever we want to get into detail with him, he breaks it off. his sleeping bag doesn't look like it's been used five years in the wild. >> there's a lot of physical skills involved. this person would have to have rudimentary gear, a lot of knowledge, and the foresight and the will to persevere. you're looking at five years in wilderness country. that's not a weekend camping trip. >> reporter: if it's a hoax, it's a good one because police say we're mystified who he is. forest boy is on that list of captivating tales of childhood survival in the wild. ramu was discovered in india in
7:18 am
the 1950s, gnawing on a bone. supposedly raised by wolves. john was in the junging at age 3, after seeing his father kill his mother. he was raised by monkeys. police say ray is healthy and happy. and seems to have an astounding lack of interest in finding out who he is. but the german police are desperate to find out who he is. they say under german law, he needs to have a full name and an official date of birth. how german. but so far, after a nine-month investigation, guys, they have nothing. absolutely nothing. >> remains a mystery. >> unbelievable. >> nick, thanks very much. >> zero. >> i know. back over to sam. sam? >> good morning, guys. we're going back to summertime storms. some of them will be powerful again today. we learned from yesterday's storms just how easily and quickly they can explode without warning and do an awful lot of damage. so, make sure you're up with your local abc stations. and if the skies are
7:19 am
threatening, get indoors immediately today. that's from north of texas. going to get in the hot red zone. into duluth, minneapolis, des moines, kansas city, goodland. but that zone goes into texas. you could see more thunderstorms. here's what's going on in the northeast. we're finally getting through some of the clouds. it's a good thing. and it gets better and better by the weekend.
7:20 am
>> little cloud deck of the area, you can see this from our rooftop camera. and have a mixture of sun and clouds. if you cloud decks are on the shore. 59 in washington. 54 and cumberland. 54 and winchester. high as around 80 degrees. nice pleasant thursday. it stays this way into the weekend >> it really is a beautiful day today, from san diego all the way to seattle. robin? >> gorgeous. >> nice here, too. coming up on "gma," a mother's on trial for a deadly car crash that happened just after she suffered a seizure. why was she even behind the wheel? dan and nancy, weighing in live. and star stalker. chilling testimony of the man accused of talking mila kunis. why she feared for her life.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. is 7:26. is june 14. chenevey. a hitigators looking for run driver who hurt two children and a senior citizen
7:27 am
and northeast d.c.. there were hit last night near kenilworth and eastern avenues. we are told the children and citizen suffered minor injuries. could actually wrap the case against former penn assistant football coach sandusky as soon as tomorrow. accusers testified yesterday purity is accused of boys over asing 10 15 year. news channel 8 has an in-depth coming up in a few minutes. yours lisa baden. eastbound traffic -- your it.worst of of a collision street.y is the beltway. university boulevard. word blogged the is the outer loop. and on the right is the inner loop.
7:28 am
395 looks glorious from the beltway press to the pentagon. .et us go to adam caskey glorious. sunshine act. but some areas of clouds. some sunshine in the between the clouds shunning of the metro. temperatures, very comfortable. dulles airport. -- petersburgt 50. winchester 55. on our way to 84 the high. low humidity. much.nk you so thank you for watching. we will be
7:29 am
7:30 am
there is mila kunis on the red carpet. she is the glamorous star with a scary stalker. she says he will stop at nothing to get to her. and now, his chilling testimony that has her fearing for her life. talk about scary. watch out. watch this hockey mom, going out into the rink. you see her in a second. there's the fighting. there she is, pink jacket, purse, pocketbook, you choose the word. she's angry at the refs. >> we'll tell you what was behind that. and take a look at what we have right here. a live shot, just a day away, from one of the biggest stunts ever.
7:31 am
niagara falls. you see it, 1,500 feet of wire, strung from side-to-side. and nik wallenda will cross that tomorrow night. sam is headed up there after the show, with josh. oh, boy. sam and josh in niagara falls. >> he'll have to be up there a long time. >> he will be. and sam spent some time flying through the air with the family behind that megastunt. we begin with the colorado woman on trial for killing a family of five in a car crash. the accident happened after she suffered a seizure. but prosecutors argue that that was no defense because she had been warned by a doctor not to drive. dan and nancy are here to weigh in on the case, after this from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this morning, jurors will likely begin deciding if monica chavez ignored medical device, when she plowed her suv into this car, killing an entire family. >> we do not believe it was an accident. >> reporter: the 35-year-old is facing five counts of negligent
7:32 am
homicide. prosecutors say she was driving with her two kids when she apparently had a seizure. her suv suddenly speeding out of control. police say chavez may have been going 100 miles per hour when she came through this intersection, actually went airborne and smashed into two cars here in the street. but then, her car kept going, all the way across this parking lot, into the front wall of a mattress store. randy and crystal dawn, their kids, sebastian,i darian and cyrus, died instantly. prosecutors say chavez should never have been behind the wheel after an episode in 2006, when an emergency room doctor told her this. >> you're instructed not to drive, until cleared by a neurologist. >> reporter: prosecutors say she ignored that order. but defense attorneys say that chavez saw her own doctor, who was not convinced she had a seizure. so, she kept driving. >> no doctor will tell you she
7:33 am
should not have been driving five years after something they never called a seizure. she was told she was fine. >> reporter: the chavez case is receiving renewed national attention, after commerce secretary john bryson was charged with felony hit-and-run this weekend. he said he also suffered a seizure while driving. he blacked out, after allegedly hitting two cars, although no one was injured. >> what will happen a lot of times, is how the jury feels about the woman herself. since there's such a long timeframe between the two seizures, puts the burden on the prosecution in this case. >> reporter: the jury will decide if this is a criminal who deserves prison. let's get more on this with our legal team right now. in atlanta, nancy grace. and here in the studio, "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. we heard the outline of the case
7:34 am
there. it's not a crime to have a seizure. >> everyone agrees on the basic facts. she was driving that car. she was the one behind the wheel when that family was killed. no question about that. the question is, should she be held criminally responsible? and that comes down to a question of, do you believe that it was negligent on her part not to see a specialist? and that's truly the legal question. it's a really defined, specific question here, that this jury is going to have to resolve. i think it's going to have to, in large part, come down to her testimony. i think she's going to have to testify. and if she comes across as someone that the jurors view as credible, that could help her enormously. if not, i think she's in trouble. >> nancy, do you think there's anything she can say to avoid the charges here? >> well, as a matter of fact, i do. let's hear the rest of the story because when i first heard these facts, i was very surprised. i thought, there may be a hung jury or an outright acquittal.
7:35 am
millions of people have fainting spells. and they can do that while they're behind the wheel. and nobody on that jury is going to find her guilty if they have ever had a fainting spell. but let's look at the rest of the story. the rest of the story is this. she's had many prior seizures. there was an incident in albertson's grocery store, that had been documented. an incident at a mcdonald's, that has been documented. two other incidents. one in 2006 in her kitchen, and another in her home that her daughter describes. then, the fatal crash. that's five seizure episodes. and many doctors are testifying that on the second seizure-like episode, you're put on anti-seizure medication. that's all she had to do. my children are 4. the youngest victim here is 7. are you telling me, my children are not safe on the street when monica chavez comes along because she won't take her
7:36 am
medication? when i learned all the facts, there has to be a trial. >> well, there is a trial. and she is on trial for negligent homicide here. but in many of these cases that nancy's talking about, her position is, that she didn't know it was a seizure. no question in 2006, which is a big incident, where, you know, she was at the wheel. that she had a seizure. and i think she knew she was clear she had some sort of seizure. after that, she claims she didn't know. and her defense is going to be, i simply didn't realize i was having a seizure. and i went to my own doctor after, in 2006. and my own doctor did not confirm that i had a seizure. >> the emergency room doctor, though, said she had to go see a specialist. >> go see a neurologist. >> right. that's the -- >> she didn't do that. great, fine. don't go to the doctor. under our constitution, you don't have to go to the doctor. but driving on the street is a privilege, not a right. and she's risking my life and my
7:37 am
children's lives. that's not okay. >> the question is not is it okay. the question is, is it a crime? she could be sued in civil court. >> dan, i know that. this is negligent homicide. not malice aforethought. not outright murder. this is negligence. this is not your grandma having an episode. she pled guilty to a knife incident just two days before this seizure. if she can wield a knife at another woman and plead guilty, she can take her anti-seizure medication. >> which is the reason we generally don't convict people based on other bad acts that they have been involved in. >> oh, blah, blah. >> nancy wants to link up -- >> that's not what i said. >> you just connected -- >> i'm telling you, she knew what she was doing. >> now, you're saying she did it intentionally. it wasn't even negligent. she went on the road, intentionally to kill people. >> no. that's not what i said. although, you would like it to be that way.
7:38 am
i'm saying, she should have gone to the doctor and taken her meds. >> that's right. she should have. everyone agrees she should have. now, let's focus on what the question is. the legal question is, does that make it a crime? no one is suggesting what she did is right. >> it makes it negligent. >> and the question is, should she be convicted of a crime and serve up to one to three years on each of these counts? and this, in my view is a tough case. >> i don't like it either, dan. >> this is a tough case. it's a close case. and for nancy, i guess it is. >> wonder what it's like in that jury room. thank you both very much. let's get to sam right now. >> good morning, george. good morning, everyone. we're going to start off with pictures out of the northwest. spokane, kicking up with lightning during the day yesterday. it's been a rough june in the northwest. it's been cool and cloudy. a lot of rainy episodes out of this. that was the picture yesterday. today, drier air. up the southwest to the west coast. it is cool, comfortable, dry.
7:39 am
from san diego, all the way to seattle today. phoenix, you come in about 103, 101, 102. it's nice, warm air. if you like it warm. and seattle is actually warming up a little bit, as well. saturday, you get to about 77 degrees. salt lake city, to about 90. here's what it looks like in the gulf. more humid, steamy thunderstorms today. that front is just stuck. that includes from >> temperatures in the 60s and in outlying areas, about 70 degrees within the beltway. highs around 80. average and cool for this year.f and >> all of america is right there for you. all of america's weather there for you brought to you by walmart. george? >> thank you, sam. star tastalker. the man accused of stalking mila kunis is now in court. she says she was scared to death.
7:40 am
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we're back at 7:43. now, to the man accused of stalking actress mila kunis for months. he has been ordered to stand trial, appearing in court on wednesday. several witnesses testifying about just how scared the star is of him. abc's cecilia vega has the chilling details. >> reporter: the man accused of stalking star mila kunis, remains in jail this morning, one day after the disturbing allegations against him were laid out for all to hear in a
7:44 am
los angeles courtroom. >> did he tell you anything about the defendant's eyes? >> reporter: mr. is say stewart dunn, a homeless man, seen in a photo from tmz, terrorized the star for months. >> you swear you don't want anything more from me other than sex? >> reporter: in january, he broke into kunitz's hollywood home. >> he was caught, charged. and he pled no contest to entering the house. placed on probation, it did not stop. >> reporter: police say dunn contacted kunitz's manager and demanded the actress' phone number. he is accused of showing up several times at her agent's office. and then, in may, for three days in a row, he showed up at kunitz's beverly hills gym. police say kunitz was terrified. dunn was arrested. >> it was the last straw. police were called. it is a scary situation.
7:45 am
>> reporter: kunitz was not in court wednesday. she's no stranger to falling prey to fans who cross the line. last year, christopher cheney hacked into her e-mail account. stealing private information and photos. he pleaded guilty in march. >> celebrities are just like everyone else. when they're being stalked, they're very fearful. >> reporter: police say kunitz feels dunn will stop at nothing. he is due back in court later this month. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> and we'll find out what happens then. coming up, josh, with "the play of the day." and inside the shocking hopes for kim and kanye. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> back, thankfully. so, there's some questions, do parents exploit their children
7:50 am
who just had surgery when they start rolling on them afterwards? >> yes. >> let's hope not. but take a look. this is chad. he just had wisdom teeth surgery. and dad calls. >> hey, dad. i love you. i don't know how good. just crying. mom won't give me -- and guess what? i woke up. and i guess i'm done. i don't know if i have to go back there, though. >> josh, is this your second-cousin? >> really? >> you really think i'm done? >> was that it? >> he then went on to say -- here we go. take a look. >> i'm going to believe you. mom just went out of -- >> what do you think? >> a little bit.
7:51 am
>> he's a soccer fan. >> i walked right into this one. i have to admit, yes. >> i couldn't believe it. at one point, you think i'm done? you're much smarter than mom. so, i guess i'm going to believe you. take a look. you're looking live. 1,500 feet of wire, strung over niagara falls. sam and i are headed there. nik wallenda will be walking. healthy bones, healthy you. if you're over 50 and have ever fractured a bone, well, then, it's time to think about getting a bone density test. stay healthy. go to and click the health section for go to and click the health section for women's health. the calcium the because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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7:56 am
♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. in 7:56. 14.s thursday, june i am steve chenevey. crews are still trying to to an apartment complex. under thet out from after the power line exploded underground. was hurt. what caused the explosion while it wasn't a a large military plane is
7:57 am
alongaused the big stir the beltway last night in college park. here are these pictures of the plane at being moved from west to the naval air st. mary's news channel 8 will have much on both stories coming up at the top of the hour at 8:00 a.m. >> what happened with the crash not even a big deal. eastbound @ nutley street. now the laser of gainesville. gainesville to nutley street. how about what is happening in the cameras. normal delays on the inner loop at university boulevard. loop will change patterns tonight. not too much going on right now. washington boulevard, but normal delays at the pentagon parking lot. you different cloud decks. of the bay, and parts of the
7:58 am
shore. you can see this year. ocean.y flow off of the have sunshine and some have a cloud cover. now.ight near 82 de. >> thank you. thank you for watching. .
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] we saw -- on flag day, as well. look at this great crowd out here with us in times square. we appreciate everybody taking the time to join us. how about that picture that blew up online the last 24 hours. so many shocked. it appeared to b an intimate photo by kim kardashian, put out by kanye. but it was a hoax.
8:01 am
>> boy, that is something. also ahead, we look inside -- they call it the fame game now. all of the kids who want to be stars, models. we're going to go inside the make-or-break auditions that can change their lives. a lot of sacrifices that families make. sometimes they make it. sometimes they don't. >> i wanted to be on "zoom." i remember going to the -- >> how did you do? >> apparently not well. but i remember my parents were kind of -- i don't know. it came to mind. >> you wanted to do it. >> i wanted to do it. this is a little different. >> "zoom" said no? >> yes. "zoom" said no. i didn't get the gig. >> i wanted to be clear. >> that's a shame. maybe one day. also, katie couric joining us with a really special story. fascinating, really. a mormon star who is being called the best basketball
8:02 am
player since lebron james. 6'9", of him. but why his next move could be something far greater to him than basketball. all of your favorites from the "cars" movie, comes to life at cars land. it opens tomorrow at disneyland adventure park. but cameron has all of the latest. we've been waiting for this. alfirst, let's get the news from josh. >> we saw at the top of the show, the terrifying hailstorm that sam has been covering. people in texas, take a look, running for cover. hail, pick the object, hockey pucks, landing on lawns like snow. breaking windows, skylights in a mall, slamming into car roofs. no serious injuries have been reported. we'll have the latest in
8:03 am
moments. a manhunt under way for a prominent surgeon accused of gunning down his ex-girlfriend in a buffalo, new york, hospital. dr. timothy jorden is a former weapons expert and medic, who once served with u.s. special forces. police say he shot nurse jackie wisniewski multiple times in a hospital stairwell. and they now fear he may have fled to canada. also, lance armstrong has been banned from the upcoming ironman competition in france. this comes after the u.s. anti-doping agency announced it will file charges against armstrong that could strip him of all seven of his tour de france titles. armstrong strongly denies cheating. and calls the new charges a witchhunt. a safety alert for jeep owners. government safety regulators are expanding their investigation into gas tank fires. the investigation will cover more than 5 million vehicles made between 1993 and 2004, including jeep cherokees, grand
8:04 am
cherokees and liberties. officials say 15 people have been killed in more than 2 dozen fires. chrysler insists, though, all jeeps meet safety standards. now, here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> josh, great to talk to you this morning. hello, everyone at "gma." tonight on "world news," what drove a father to give up his home, his business, his life as he knew it, to make his daughter's dream come true? what a story it is. we'll tell you about a remarkable journey of love and determination. that's tonight. see you then. >> and so, you shall. can i get a drumroll, champion? you waited and here it comes. the youth hockey game in boston. a fight breaks out, as so often does. and it left one player, just mightily embarrassed. take a look. yep, dear, old mom, storming the ice, pocketbook in hand,
8:05 am
protecting her baby when a fight broke out. yelling furiously at the refs for failing to bring things under control. the refs yelled back. but the move seemed to work. the boys stopped fighting. they didn't want to be grounded. the mom took a five-minute major misconduct. and she might still be in the penalty box. never living that down. >> yeah. i would want to be that kid. >> yeah. >> he's running away. >> hockey mom. in for lara, "pop news." >> we're going with 50 shades of hotness. scarlett johansson is the latest name in the role of anna for "fifty shades of grey." she tweeted that she would make the role. kristen stewart would be good for the role. and ryan gosling as christian grey. i think kristen stewart --
8:06 am
>> you read the book? you know? that's the perfect casting choice? >> i think it's kind of perfect. yes, i do. >> you did read it. >> no. we talked about it, week after week after week. >> i thought you had something brewing. >> what are you getting so excited about? and what if i had? >> just saying. >> more power to you, if you have. i agree. all right. moving on. just when you thought you'd seen kate middleton do just about everything, she starts launching rockets, fascinator and all. prince william and kate enjoyed a stop in the english countryside during one of the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations on wednesday. after watching kids show off a series of activities, the duke and duchess took turns throwing a rocket into the air. william threw the rocket five feet longer than his wife.
8:07 am
but you can't knock her. lady gaga knows fame. now, she's sharing with us for the first time. gaga tweeted pictures of her new perfume, called fame, after a fashion editor leaked a grainy thought of it. the ingredients include tears of bell dana, crushed heart of tiger, and fresh apricot. you can smell it now, right? >> thank you, bianna. that's all we have. let's get to sam. >> feel pretty good? everybody feel good? hi. so, wait a minute. is it truly -- is this for real? this is national flip-flop day. >> yes, tomorrow. >> tomorrow is. so, these are the ones you brought. you brought these for me? >> you can have those. >> tell me your name.
8:08 am
>> my name is cindy. >> i can wear these tomorrow or when i feel i need an extra pair of flip-flops. >> i could get -- i might just get a free smoothie out of you. let's get to the boards. we start to warm things up in the next couple of days. and we need it. new york city to 80 by saturday. washington, d.c., you get there on friday. it is a really nice weekend coming up. here's all the big numbers across the country, from vegas, about 100 degrees, all the way to t >> we have a bit of cloud cover over the metro area. easterly flow off of the ocean. not everywhere though. the view in arlington. view in frederick, nothing but sunshine. a mixture of sun and clouds. though.ble, low humidity. 70 in lexington park. the district. 55 in cumberland.
8:09 am
>> what is your name? >> malia. >> very nice to meet you. thank you for coming to visit us all the way from kentucky. >> thank you. >> back to bianna. >> so cute. now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." inside the kim/kanye hoax that's burning up the web. plus, what it really takes to be the next big child star. inside the make-or-break audition. plus, katie couric hits the court. her one-on-one with the hottest hoops star. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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8:14 am
♪ it was the photo that sent shock waves across the internet. a racy picture of kim kardashian, supposedly tweeted by boyfriend, kanye west. but it turns out it was all a hoax. not the first time celebrities have been targeted this way. here's abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: kim's back? anything but. titillated twitterrati were made to believe that this was a photo of a bare-backed kim kardashian, as tweeted by her current girlfriend, kanye west. turns out, someone threw everyone a curve. it was untrue. just another twitter-fed hoax. not only did west not tweet this pic, it wasn't kardashian's postti posttierer.
8:15 am
apparently, a naked photo of me eating is going viral, as kim kardashian. i'm confused. trending topics on twitter has falsely had the letters r.i.p., in front of every celebrity this side of the geico gecko. those wrongly accused, have included tina turner, robin williams, and jon bon jovi. >> celebrities have to understand this is the real risk that you take when you're on some of the social media, like twitter. >> reporter: perhaps it's the price to pay for free speech on the internet. speaking of price, here's a photo kardashian and west really did tweet. his and hers version of his exclusive sneakers. a pair of which, was said to have sold on ebay for $90,000. apparently, there's nothing bogus about that booty. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> everybody wins. we're going to turn to
8:16 am
parents who think their babies are special and beautiful. all of us do. but some are taking the next step, pushing their kids in front of the camera for a shot at fame and fortune. a grueling process, with long odds. and abc's linsey davis went behind the scenes at a casting call, to see what kids have to go through for a chance to be a star. >> reporter: all of these kids want a shot at fame. >> i want to be a movie because i'm going to be famous. >> reporter: today, all 700 of them are about to get their big chance. >> i think i'm going to be a model. >> reporter: tell me what you want to be. >> an actor. >> reporter: why? >> because my mom says. >> i want to be a cover girl. even as far as victoria's secret. >> more than ever before, you know, every 5-year-old kid on the street wants to be famous. >> reporter: and the stakes are high. kids can make up to $1,500 a day for a print ad. and six figures for a tv commercial. wilhelmina kids and teens is one of the biggest agencies in the
8:17 am
country. and this open casting call could change their lives. >> how old are you? >> 7. >> reporter: they discovered natalie portman, katherine heigl, and the voice of dora the explorer. this woman has been spotting kiddie talent for 26 years. >> we can generally tell in the first ten seconds that kid has it. >> i like chocolate ice cream. >> get the camera for a second. where do you get those beautiful, blue eyes from? >> what do you want to be? >> reporter: angel saunders is convinced her 4-year-old, rachel, has the it factor. >> i would love for her to be a wilhelmina model. that's every girl's dream. >> reporter: they drove 14 hours from south carolina, all for a few, potentially life-changing seconds. >> hi, rachel. big happy face for me. >> what are you here for? >> reporter: zion, like many of these kids, is here because mom said so. you can see it in their eyes.
8:18 am
>> i'm proud, whether they made it or not. >> reporter: but some of the kids simply won't play along. even if it is for mom. it can all be a bit overwhelming, especially for this little girl, christina. mom made sure she was first in line. but when she got inside -- >> can you say, i love vanilla ice cream? you know how to say it? you don't want to talk. >> reporter: needless to say, her chances of getting selecting are, well, needless to say. and then, there's danielle. >> sing happy birthday to me, or whatever song you want. >> reporter: but apparently, danielle doesn't take requests. >> sing happy birthday. >> mom, you have to go out. i'm sorry. >> it's frustrating as a mom. >> exactly. she doesn't shut up. and she's not saying anything. and then, she starts -- really? >> reporter: sometimes do you ask a child, do you want to do this? or is mom pushing you to do this? >> we don't have to ask. we can tell.
8:19 am
>> reporter: two weeks later, the wilhelmina team conducts what they call a crash session, going over each picture. >> i love them. she is developed for her age. >> reporter: within just moments of seeing them, you know what pile they go in? >> yes. >> reporter: whittling the kids down from 700 to 10 isn't easy. >> i really hate picking shots. >> i loved her. she was amazing. >> reporter: what makes it count? >> personality. it pops off the page. >> reporter: after two rounds of callbacks, wilhelmina found its next crop of stars. >> guess what? everyone here today is being awarded a contract. congratulations. >> reporter: zion is in, though he, along with the other kids who made it, still don't really know quite what they're in for. are you excited? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you don't know? >> very excited. >> reporter: what are you going to do now? for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news,
8:20 am
new york. >> a lot of cute kids there. now, over to josh. >> as the miami heat and oklahoma city thunder get ready to do battle in game two of the nba finals, by the way, here on abc, we want to take a look at the future of the game. a high school senior considered a can't-miss for basketball superstardom. and our katie couric spent time with the 17-year-old and found out there was far more to him that meets the eye. however impossibly, i might add. >> and the pool of high school basketball players considered strong enough to make it to the nba is very small. but among that group, jabbari parker is the big fish. however, as you're about to see, he's no ordinary basketball player. >> reporter: it's 5:30 in the morning on the south side of chicago. and the best high school basketball player in the entire country is waking up with the birds. three days a week, this is his
8:21 am
routine. where he's going in life seems pretty certain. basketball stardom is just over the horizon. but where he's going this morning may surprise you. jabari parker is gaining fame at the tender age of 17. but he says it's not just basketball that defines him. but rather, his mormon faith. >> he was 23 inches long when he came out. so -- >> reporter: he came out a basketball player? >> yes. >> reporter: the youngest of lola and sonny parker's four children, jabari had basketball in his genes. sonny played basketball in the early '80s for the golden state warriors. i stink. i met up with jabari a few weeks ago, at the church of latter-day saints in manhattan. where we shot some hoops and
8:22 am
shot the breeze about his growing celebrity. are you familiar with the publication "sports illustrated"? >> yes. i'm familiar with it. >> reporter: apparently, you're on the cover. >> wow. >> reporter: this is my big reveal. >> i'm speechless right now. that's pretty nice. >> reporter: when did you first recognize he had a special talent? >> second grade. i would take him to practice. the kids were three years older. his skill level, he could beat all of them on the court. so, from then, i just kind of -- hmm. >> reporter: that second grader kept growing. and so did his ability on the basketball court. he met some giants of the game he loves. and grew into a giants himself. 6'9", and 220 pounds. meanwhile, the college coaches came calling. you got a lot of schools after you, don't you? >> yeah. i have a couple of schools. >> reporter: can i recommend the university of virginia, my alma
8:23 am
mater. >> you can remember them. i'm looking at every school. they're not just looking at me. i'm looking at them. >> reporter: there you go. take that, coaches, right? >> you tell us often, mom and dad, don't you get caught up in it. that's what he tells us. >> reporter: he tells you? >> tells us. >> reporter: he chose to stay close to home, on the south side of chicago, to go to career academy. a tough school, in a tough neighborhood. he's led his team to three state championships. and is a national honor society student, with a 3.7 gpa. the epitome of a student athlete. he credits his faith with keeping him grounded and focused. you're a mormon. do people think that's weird? >> yeah, they do. once they think of mormonism, they will look at a white guy. but it's worldwide. >> reporter: do you find yourself having to explain your religion a lot to people? >> well, i do.
8:24 am
many people think that nomormon make their own furniture. i got that question a long time ago. >> reporter: why do you think there are so many misconceptions about mormonism? >> because it's not really popular. but the church is growing in many ways. and it's growing rapidly. >> reporter: and it's trying to change its image. yet, of the 6.2 million mormons in america, only 3% are african-american. if jabari ends up in the nba, he would be the first black mormon drafted into the league. but before that can happen, he'll look at the $20 million question. at 19, mormons are expected to go on a two-year mission. that would be right at the point jabari is eligible to enter the nba draft, and sign a potentially huge contract. so, what will jabari do? even his parents don't know. >> we have left that to jabari
8:25 am
to decide for himself. >> reporter: what do you think will happen? >> we have encouraged him to, you know, be a good person. and that's all we can hope for. >> reporter: jeb benedict, who also happens to be a mormon, wrote the profile of jabari for "sports illustrated." >> there is pressure. not that the church puts pressure on you to do it. it's just there's an expectation that young men in the mormon church should go. and certainly, he feels that. and so, there's a bit of a pull. >> reporter: there's no guarantee he'll have as much game, if he decides to go on a two-year mission. but jabari parker seems willing to be sidelined temporarily, to pursue something that, for him, is even bigger than basketball. >> he seems almost too good to be true. now, you sat down with him, katie. and john calipari, every college coach in the country is going to get him for a year. what is your sense? do you think he'll do the
8:26 am
mission? >> i'm not sure. i think he's a person of deep faith. and i think he believes he can be as strong when he comes back from a mission. so, i think it's completely up in the air. a jump ball, if you will. to use a basketball term. but he's being aggressively recru recruited, not only by michigan state, by kentucky, duke, chapel hill. i know that uva might be the one. >> that's interesting because sources tell me that he's considering tu.c. santa barbara. >> some look at other mormons. they did not go on their mission. there's an expectation. but it's not required. >> it's something that schools like byu, athletes there across the spectrum, had to do. fascinating to find out. thank you, katie. great to see you this morning. jabari parker will be watching. so should you. game two of the nba finals. heat/thunder, abc.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning is 8:27. chenevey. do you know of a chance to well d.c. how agencies are doing their jobs. launched at has website. the canal complement or criticize the services. -- you can now, or criticize the services. testimony resumes this morning ofa child sex abuse trial sandusky. his accusers so far of testified. could finish as
8:28 am
as tomorrow. news channel 8 has an in- depth report coming up. here is lisa baden. south ofe a crash corner on 15. that has been completely removed. in a series of minor items and blocking6, now. gainesvillew out of get up to nutley street. that is better than average the 14th street bridge. are amaryland -- here couple of cameras. road.s the colesville adam caskey. 70 degrees right now in the district. -- 66 and manassas. we are only going to get to about 80 degrees for the high. low humidity. it will last through the
8:29 am
weekend. near 80 and below average through the weekend. is 8:28. another
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] hey. hey, hey. we have beach balls, getting ready for our big party in the park tomorrow. celebrating the beach boys' 50th anniversary reunion in central park. we want you to come join us. so excited to see them perform. it's exciting. >> it sounded like a good idea in the meeting before. >> we want to know what you want to know about the beach boys
8:31 am
tomorrow. tell us which one of these questions we should ask the band tomorrow. there they are right now. three questions. you can vote right now using your "gma" app on your smartphone or tune into our facebook page. >> and this is a prologue to what we're going to see tomorrow. you guys are going to be in nigra falls. we're going to be here. that's all right. >> yeah. and this is a provocative romantic comedy. >> that's kind of an understatement. >> well, you went "fifty shades of grey." what are you talking about? >> maggie gyllenhaal just had a baby. >> that's right. also, where are you, cameron? a big crowd is in there. "cars" fans.
8:32 am
the pied piper, taking a spin moments from now. talk about prologues, sam, my friend. >> okay. we're ramping up for the big friday night spectacular. nik wallenda will walk across niagara falls. it's amazing. it's going to happen here on abc. all week, we've been trying to do these stunts. come on. eight generations of a family can do it. how hard could it be? we tried walking the wire yesterday, right? that didn't go so well. and their 10-year-old member of the family could do it. why couldn't i do it? >> why couldn't you do it? >> why couldn't i do it? isabella wallenda cortez, the youngest wallenda, the princess, if you will, of two circus royalty families. >> i'm fifth generation in the
8:33 am
cortez family. >> reporter: her cousin, nik wallenda, that guy that's about to make the most dangerous high-wire walk ever, across niagara falls. isabella's only 10 years old. but she's already an old pro at high-flying. >> i went up on the trapeze when i was 18 months. i started working when i was about 6 1/2. it's really fun. i hope i do it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: so, when isabella invited me to the big apple circus for a trap cheese lesson, there's no way i was going to turn this opportunity down. trust me. i asked for extra security equipment and even a net. what's it like to be born into a family that does this? >> it's really fun. >> reporter: are you going to make sure i'm good up there? and so, i should feel fine. it's perfectly natural that i should feel panicked. >> absolutely. >> reporter: don't laugh. okay. harness on. i thought there would be more.
8:34 am
i thought there would be something up here. yeah, like a head brace. next up, ysabella's dad shows me tricks of the trade. so, here we go. ysabella first. you look beautiful, ysabella. it looks like a long way from here. i can only imagine what it looks like from up here. i haven't worried about getting up the ladder. it hasn't dawned on me that i would be able to do that. i don't think i can get up. here i go. a scary climb up in the hair. it feels higher than it looks. >> how's the weather? >> reporter: it's scarier up here. >> it's good. >> okay. >> reporter: wait a minute? knees up? i don't think i'm going to be able to do knees up. it's not as simple as ysabella makes it seem. is it natural for my palms to be sweaty.
8:35 am
get them up. >> i can't. >> reporter: but i'm not giving up so easily. >> third time's a charm. >> reporter: i can't do it. but sometimes in scoring, the most important thing is to stick your landing. >> on your knees. put it on your stomach right here. and then just roll out. >> reporter: ta-da. honestly, i can't believe how hard it is. >> nice hand for sam. >> i can't believe how hard it is. >> you did a great job, sam. just so we're clear. and do not miss, megastunts high-wire over niagara falls, at 8:00, 7:00 central. sam and i, wheels up after this show.
8:36 am
>> you two together? >> north of the border. >> can we get a rollercoaster in? follow us on twitter for this entire thing. let's get to the boards. one or two things, how about that? that we want you to know before you step out the door. on this -- have you said it yet? >> friday eve. one more alarm clock. >> how about twitter pictures. allen, texas, thanks for sending us those skies. we pointed it out one time, it is flag day. here's where the thunderstorms line up during the day today. goodland, omaha, duluth, places like minneapolis, will see powerful storms. but they could be down into texas. georgia, south florida. anytime you have the heat and humidity, the thunderstorms can build. we saw on the top of the show how dangerous they can be when they do. >> temperatures right now about degrees around the beltway. the 60s and in outlying
8:37 am
areas. of 80 this afternoon. today alter the weekend >> all that weather was brought to you by g.e. oh, josh? >> yes, sam. we're going to get to "the bachelorette." flying beach balls. who will win her heart? what do you say we take a sneak peek at monday's episode. >> thank you. i've been thinking all day about who i would send home tonight. i'm sorry. i stand here and i start to second-guess my decisions. there's just a part of me that just doesn't trust them. like, what else am i missing?
8:38 am
who else in there isn't all about me? >> should she pick sean? >> yes. we love sean. >> you'll have to find out what happens, monday, 8:00, 7:00 central, on abc. and coming up next, maggie gyllenhaal, talki
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
oh, "wake up maggie," like you haven't heard that a time or two in your life. we're delighted to have acclaimed actress maggie gyllenhaal with us. now, she's starring in a new comedy called "hysteria." please welcome, i know you want
8:42 am
to, maggie gyllenhaal. it's great to have you here, maggie. seven weeks ago, you welcomed your second daughter into the world. seven weeks ago. are you getting any sleep? >> yeah. i mean, it's funny to be in times square, to be honest, with a 7-week-old at home. i'm still on another planet. >> i can imagine so. so happy for you, as well as peter. let's keep this morning, talking about hysteria. >> i can do that. how would you go about explaining it? >> it's a movie, a romantic comedy, about the inadvertent invention of the vibrator in victorian england, which is when the vibrator was invented. >> we were wondering how long it would take for you to say vibrator. that's the basis for it. but it's artistic and well done.
8:43 am
and set back in victorian times. you are a woman ahead of your time. it had to be tricky how to play that role. >> i wasn't concerned, really, too much about making her historically accurate. i believe in a suffer jet, i wasn't worried about the hysteria. they would use vibrators to make them feel better. >> third time already. we're only 30 seconds in. let's look at a clip here of "hysteria." >> i can assure you that women enjoy physical pleasure just as much as men. even if it can be -- >> it has nothing to do with it. it's a medical treatment that affects the nervous system. >> my point is, according to your diagnosis, hysteria seems to cover everything, from
8:44 am
insomnia to a tooth ache. it's nothing more than a catch-all for dissatisfied women. women forced to spend their lives in dmomestic chores. >> you have strong opinions of husbands for a woman who doesn't have one. >> look, if you don't believe me, ask your patients. >> you and hugh dancy are magic on that screen. this is about women's rights. >> that's what it's exactly about. about women's rights. being able to express yourself as a woman. and feeling everything that you can possibly feel. actually, my grandfather saw the movie. and called me. and he said -- he said, you know, he loved it. he said, it's really about feminism and about the strength and power and openness of being a woman.
8:45 am
my grandfather is 96. i think it is kind of for anyone. >> i have to say, maggie, in the scenes of this i have seen, talk about when you saw it with an audience for the first time because there are some scenes that really go there. but it's so well done. >> yeah. no, it's like a charming romantic comedy. it happens to be about -- can i say it again, the invention of the vibrator. when i saw it the first time, i hadn't -- you know, because i'm a sufferget, i don't have anything to do with it. when i saw it, i hadn't seen those scenes. and i was in a huge theater in toronto with a huge audience. when the scenes would ay, everyone, including myself, was a little -- like a little uncomfortable. and i was surprised by how unused to talking about women's sexuality i think a lot of us are. and i think it's good for us. >> you know what? it's going to create a dialogue
8:46 am
and a conversation. and you never go wrong with that. >> i think it's done really well. and it's lovely. it really is a romantic comedy. but it makes you think about something. >> a great cast. maggie, thank you. with two at home, making time to be with us here. continued blessings in all you do. >> thank you. >> "hysteria" opens nationwide tomorrow, june 15th. coming up,
8:47 am
8:48 am
and now, we get you a little
8:49 am
early father's day gift for cameron mathison and his kids, to check out cars land. the latest disney adventure park ride brings the animated movie to life. and cameron's there to tell us about it. hey, cam. >> hey, george. how are you? seriously, guys, cars land is like a dream come true for fans of this movie. you feel like you're racing to radiator springs, in the wheels of lightning mcqueen. all with amazing rides for the entire family. take a look. all engines were revving as the stars came out for the opening of disney's cars land. >> i'm having a blast. >> reporter: but before the big bash, i was the luckiest dad on earth, with a sneak peek at this amazing park with my whole family. oh, my goodness. i'll admit, we are "cars"
8:50 am
junkies. my kids went nuts. every, little detail is so close to the movie. look at this. look at the water wall there. check it out. you're instantly transformed into the town of radiator springs. we were lucky to get a grand tour. first stop, flo's cafe. >> what do you have in your store? >> reporter: they re-created her entire cafe. our tour guy is our host at flo's for the summer. down to every detail, this place is modeled after the diners on the actual route 66. it's so immersive, i decided to go full-throttle. i'll be right back. >> okay. >> reporter: hi. how are you doing? what do you think? >> you look great. are you ready? >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. let's get down to it. >> reporter: from the lingo. drive over to the middle lane there and get ready to fuel up.
8:51 am
to the dance moves. it's people that really bring cars land alive. that's how we roll here at flo's. and after i fully embarrassed my family, it was time to head to mater's junk yard jamboree. and look who we ran into, larry the cable guy, the voice of mater himself. >> reporter: oh, yeah. we went for a spin. and then, i just had to try some of mater's favorite lines. my name's mater. like ta-mater, without the ta. not so good? now that we were all revved up, our next pit stop, radiator springs racers. the marquee event at this park. this ride is like none other. a full journey into the world of lightning mcqueen, that ends with a high-octane,
8:52 am
pedal-to-the-metal experience. and just like mcqueen brought the neon lights back to raid ra yater springs, the neon came here, too. george, you wouldn't believe how much fun this place -- sorry. i guess lightning wants to say something to the camera guy. go ahead, lightning. >> get my good side. who am i kidding? every side is my good side. >> every side is your good side. we are doing the two-step. this is the part when i say, one of the lucky fans at home could win a trip to cars land. of course, all disneyland resorts. all you have to go is go to on yahoo! to take a look at "good morning america's" race to radiator springs sweepstakes. check it out. what do you say, guys? >> cam, that looks like so much
8:53 am
fun out there. what was your kids' favorite ride? >> i have to tell you -- i mean, riding the mater ride with mater, i don't know. it doesn't get better than that. there's so many, for the whole family at different levels. >> cannot wait to get out there. thank you very much. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller
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at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool.
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we have you completely covered tomorrow. sam and josh are heading off to niagra falls. >> it's going to be great. >> we're going to be here in central park with the beach boys. 50th anniversary reunion. come on down. we have the beach balls. have a good day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning.
8:57 am
it is 8:56. i am steve chenevey. wish the united states birthday. the 237th birthday of army. 1775. established in there will be a ceremony this morning at arlington cemetery. celebration at fort belvoir. the rock will swim club hoping splash at the olympic games in london. amongm members will be competing inle trials thisswimming month in omaha, nebraska. we wish them the best. here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. normal troubled times right now. in case you are hitting the ball went traveling across the americaniver, the
8:58 am
legion is good so far. normal delays. we will add to your travel on an earlier collision at street is gone. center withweather adam caskey. here is fairfax. deck moving over fairfax. and laurel, at sunshine and a clouds. overall very pleasant and comfortable. mostly in the 60s and 70s downtown. 80 today and through weekend. unseasonably cool. like typicaleel june. adam, thank you. thank you for watching. "live with kelly" is next.
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