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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2011 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning -- >> oh, my god. >> shootout in the heart of hollywood. this is in the a scene from a movie. it's a crazed gunman firing wildly into passing cars. could he be stopped? and how? it's political high noon. the stage is set. the stakes are high. the rice coming down to the wire. can gingrich stay above the fray? will romney bring the fight to gingrich? we get a preview from iowa live. shocking truth. the woman who claims she survived four kinds of cancer over 20 years. the agonizing twist that has a
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small town outraged. and extreme christmas trees. from maine, to michigan, to the las vegas strip, going all out to deck the halls. singing trees. $200,000 trees. and the very creative use of lobster traps. dan, do you know where they take trees seriously? >> where. >> in texas. everything's bigger in texas. my mom was in town visiting last week. she called the trees on the streets here in new york puny. >> this, by the way is the biggest weekend for christmas tree shopping of the year. this morning, we have the se secrets from the mall. the stores are reading your mind as you shop. the cameras decode your facial expressio expressions. it will shock you to learn that
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they're doing it because they want us to spend more. >> i can't wait to see footage of you shopping. and the sailors who became internet stars. brightening up the season lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." they're amazing guys. >> they were supposed to be on a seven-week tour. it turned into seven months. we're going to start with the news. good morning, guys. good morning to you everybody. police in virginia have identified the man that kald virginia tech police officer and then himself. they don't know the motive. the 22-year-old was a part-time student at nearby radford university. thousands of people gathers last night for a candle light vigil. jurors in connecticut who
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sentenced a killer to death say each of them cried over the horror of a deadly home invasion. joshua komisarjevsky was the master mind of the plot that killed jennifer hawke petit and her two daughters. a man walk through one of hollywood's most famous intersections starting randomly shooting at cars causing chaos on the streets. many witnesses didn't think this was real. abc's john muller has more. >> oh, my god! you all right? >> reporter: a gunman firing wildly into passing cars. he's not an actor. it's not an action flick. one gun shoth tore threw the window. the man was sent to the hospital.
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another driver, grazed in the leg. a third injured from shattered glass. >> car drove by. he shot into the car. he was shooting everywhere. >> come on up here, buddy! >> reporter: the nightmarish scene was all caught on camera by this man, chris johns. he tried to distract him and save lives. >> i was leaned out, completely exposing my body to the gunman. i wanted to give him a clear target to distract him. >> reporter: at one point, the gunman screamed up, pleading for more ammunition and an balance. >> i'm so sorry. >> call an balance. >> reporter: after running out of bullets, the man got his wish. cops responded and shot him several time. he died at the intersection of sunset boulevard and blind
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street. lighter news. the soldier, the girlfriend, and the big question. army specialist michael smith returned from afghanistan on friday to the waiting arms of lindy gonzalez at the airport. instead of embracing her, he dropped to one knee and popped the big question. when the shock wore off, gonzalez said yes. who does not like a scene like that? a happy ending there. >> great to have you here this weekend. >> good to be here. now to politics, your voice, your vote. tonight is the abc news debate. there are two clear front-runners now. mitt romney and newt gingrich. diane sawyer has called this a political high noon. let's go to john berman in ke mois at the site of tonight's debate. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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what a moment for the debate. the atmosphere is electric. mitt romney took the campaign to a whole new level. a fairly negative one. how far will he go tonight? and will newt gingrich respond? when mitt romney steps up to the podium, will he throw down? he tells abc news -- >> i would expect that newt and i will have differences and we'll be able to discuss those as well. >> reporter: but will he discuss them or will he discuss them? like his campaign, which has launched a full frontal media assault. on video zblsh he doesn't have the discipline you want. >> his mind isn't so hot and his discipline and commitment is terrible. >> reporter: romney says, that's not me. >> i can't write a script for the people that support me. >> reporter: but he stopped short of saying that gingrich's
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two divorces should stop voters. gingrich backers say, it will not work. >> iowans are not stupid people. we understand a load of crap when he see it. >> reporter: when newt takes the stage, will he fight back? he did mock romney's failure to back the contract are america in 1994. >> he couldn't possibly have been for the contract, because how do you run in massachusetts to the left of teddy kennedy favoring a gingrich contract? >> reporter: what about the others trying to break through? ron paul, michele bachmann, rick santorum. and rick perry. he said there were eight supreme court justices instead of nine and couldn't remember one's name -- >> whether it was -- uh -- not,
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not motomayor. >> sonia sotomayor? >> yes. >> reporter: if mitt romney goes after newt gingrich or gingrich goes against romney, they're right next to each other. it could get uncomfortable. >> jake tapper continues our special coverage this morning from the site of tonight's showdown. jake, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. >> we're likely to see newt gingrich on the defensive. much has been made of his temperament in the past. we have seen how feisty he can be are report with reporters. what can we expect tonight if his opponents do the same thing.
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>> reporter: he's had the best debate performances. this will be the first one where he's being attacked. his opponents cannot let him get away with having another great debate performance without tieing to knock him off his game. the challenge, as you point out, is for him not to show any science he has a temperament issue. he needs to defend himself while not appearing defensive. he needs to explain positions being challenged everywhere you turn without -- while also seeming presidential. i asked a gingrich adviser what we'll see. he said, i'm not sure. we're working out the strategy. you can expect newt to be in the role of rocky balboa. as a philly boy, i should point out, rocky did not win the first fight. >> interesting observation. a hot of pressure on romney to move ahead in the polls.
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what does that require? him having to throw down, in the words of john berman. >> reporter: i love you quoting john berman to me. i think he needs to seem presidential. seem commanding. while also explaining why these differences that he has with nu newt gingrich are legitimate to point out. why it's not negative campaigning. they have different views. romney earned four years ago a reputation among iowa voters and the republicans of being a negative campaigner. that hurt him long term. he's held his fire so far until this week because he's been able to. because he's been the front-runner. now he's firing at all cylinders. he needs to be pointing out the differences while not being mr. negative. while still being charming. that will be a challenge. >> we appreciate your time,
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jake. you'll be covering more of this tonight, thank you. >> reporter: thank you, bianna. >> be sure to watch diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos tonight on the debate. download yahoo!'s into now app. let's go to the latest on the penn state scandal. the intensifying focus on jerry sandusky's wife? did she know about the abuse and could she be prosecuted? abc's t.j. winick is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. he may be free on bail but jerry sandusky is under house arrest with three days before he faces his accusers in a pennsylvania courtroom. his wife may also now have to
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answer serious questions about what she knew and when. it was dottie sandusky who bailed out her husband of 45 years after jerry sandusky was accused of molesting two more boys from the second mile foundation. his attorney visited him this morning. >> this is the legal battle of my life. i've had some big ones. i compare this to climbing mot. everest from the bottom. >> reporter: victim number nine told the grand jury, he saw dottie at the house, she never came downstairs. at one time, he screamed for help knowing she was up there and no one came to help. this attorney represents victim four. >> we'll hear more information regarding mrs. sandusky and what
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she may have known. >> reporter: in a statement, she broke her silence thursday saying she's shocked and displayed about the allegations. she denied hearing the calls for help. i'm so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. >> i think the attorney general's office would be hard pressed to bring charges. >> reporter: she's not protected by spousal privilege. for now, she's standing by her man. >> she could be so manipulated by him and so encircled by this trust of him that she can't bring herself to believe it. >> reporter: expecting several civil suits, penn state has hired former white house legal couns counsel. they will no longer license the image of joe paterno at penn
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state. >> that is a huge cultural shift with joe paterno. t.j., thank you. shifting to different gears now. a missing american in iran. an fbi veteran that disappeared four years ago has surfaced on video. his wife is now taking to the air waves doing everything she can to keep attention on her husband's case. david kerley is covering the story in washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. two desperate pleas. one from the family, and one from the man. >> 33 years of service to the united states. deserves something. please help me. >> reporter: that was a year ago. more than four years since bob levinson, a former fbi agent was
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nabbed. >> to my beautiful, loving, loyal wife, christine. >> that is the shirt he wore when he kis appeared. >> reporter: he's lost 75 pounds since he was kidnapped on the iranian island of kish. he was working as a private investigator on a cigarette smuggling case. >> i'm not in very good health. i'm running, very quickly, out of diabetes medicine. >> reporter: christine received this e-mail a year ago. just released with her son with a plea to the captors. >> please tell us what you want and let us bring my father home. >> the hope is they'll get in touch with us. >> reporter: with iranian
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relations at a low point, officials are saying little. >> we're not in a position to confirm where he is. >> reporter: iran claims they are not holding him. >> he could be captured without authorization. now the group holding him is kind of embarrassed by it. they haven't figured out a way to let him go. >> reporter: abc news has learned that the fbi is trying to talk directly to the iranians. they may be holding him some place in central asia. let's check the weather now with ginger zee. >> let's start with snow-starved midwest. including chicago. yesterday, getting the first measurable snowfall for the season. that tied the record for fifth latest. this is a big deal. behind it, a lot of cold air. minneapolis, 7, depoint, same
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deal. only getting to 27 in chicago today. the east coast starting in the 40s. not going anywhere. down south, they have rain, much-needed rain. corpus christi, almost 20 inches below average for the year. all eyes to the sky if you're to the west of the mississippi. a total lunar eclipse happens at 6:06 pacific time. best chance to see it is in alaska. it will be a decent western view. seattle with a little bit of fog this morning. dallas to have sunshine for the irst part of the day. abc 7 steve ridin. morning, t to our reagan national airport. really or the really, toward the head off midwt. minneapolis this hour. cold temperatures will stick around for the upcoming weweekend. is finally cleared he area.
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igh pressure will build behind it. right sunshine for the afternoon. sunshin to r the ickk around for the day morrowow. 40 to 45.g around >> speaking of that first snow, lots of photos came in from facebook and twitter. a few to share with you. north of chicago, wauconda, illinois, and sunville, michigan. a lot of lake-effect snow. >> go ahead. never interrupt. >> i was going to ask, does dan do this with you, he always hands me his leftover script pages. this is the biggest week end of the year for christmas tree buying. >> some people go all out. here's a look at the big, beautiful, and downright bizarre. trees, trees, trees. it's that time of year when people go extreme for christmas
7:19 am
krees. check out this tree at the bellagio on the vegas strip. it is 43 feet. 4 1/2 stories tall. weighs in at 6500 pounds. it was imported from mount shasta, california. the goal? make this the prettiest show girl on the strip. >> we used approximately 1600 ornaments. the star is 150 pounds. it can't sit on the tree. we have to suspend it. >> reporter: this tree in georgia has christopher radko ornaments. rare ones like this. >> that would be from "hairspray." >> reporter: she's worth a reported $2,500. how about a look at the tallest singing christmas tree. the mona hershores high school
7:20 am
choir wows the audience. the structure is made of 67 feet of steel, weighs more than 35,000 pounds, and has more than to,000 lights. and check this out in rockland, maine. this town claims to be the lobster capital of the world. why not make a tree out of lobster traps. 152 of them tied together with 3,000 zip ties. >> pull it through. pull it tight. >> reporter: making it 35 feet call and more than 3,000 lights. $2500 for one ornament? >> i'm feeling insecure. >> christmas trees airs tonight. the twist in this story of this woman with cancer.
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then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. i'm abc 7 steve rudin. aturday t to o our f freeding for aithehersburg. winchchester, 36 degrees. 3 tinsburg reporting in at core e re looking for the head to cold air, t temperatures teens. has finally moved off shore. is i is going to continue to ove toward the e east. place,, high p pressure behd. ttle a fantastic, bright,
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ahead, and a bright, tomorrow. or hours, qui ext 48 midatlantic. he cnge in wind a direction. ndsill settle down for r the going to rrow, b it's coldeder. forecast, breaking t down for the afternoon hours. degrees, winds will be mes f the north 1to 15 per hour. ving into tonigight, clear a d coldld. emperatures will be in the 0's. morrow, just around 40 to 45 degrees.
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♪ i don't want a lot for christmas there is just one thing i need ♪ there are the british sailors making news around the world. they were at sea seven months, it was supposed to be seven weeks. they got so excited. they're lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." we'll have more on this coming up. >> keeping us safe, keeping us entertained. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. coming up, the secret technology hemming stores read your mind. >> i spent time at the mall. the secrets. how they read your mind and sell
7:31 am
you more stuff. they tried to sell me this sweater. what to you think? >> i think you look great. we're going to begin with the serious story that has a community in virginia outraged. a woman who people helped support both financially and emotionally because she had cancer was lying the whole time. rob nelson is here with the details. >> it's a twisted story. really is. something unthinkable to most of us. faking such a serious illness just to raise some extra cash. she's been caught with her lie, her supporters, including her husband and kids, now feeling duped and hurt. >> i am still here. >> reporter: martha nicholas's story has touched many in her small town. >> martha, you're many hero. you inspire me to never give up and never surrender. >> my diagnosis is terminal. each night, i wonder if it will be the last.
7:32 am
>> reporter: she's been very outspoken. calling herself a three-time survivor and current battler of the disease. now, it seems her story was a ruse for money and attention. >> i was 22 years old when i was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. back then, i didn't know what an oncologist was. >> reporter: in april, the local sheriff's office received a tip that she was lying and she had received fnl support for medical expenses related to her illness. they tried to question her in april, they were denied because of her illness. here she is in july at a local relay for life. >> we have these cancer sucks t-shirts. we're asking for $20 for them. but whatever you can take. >> reporter: vcu medical center,
7:33 am
where she claims she was treated, say there is no record of her there. this is not the first time people have faked having cancer. last year, a 19-year-old faked cancer for more than a year to raise cash, even shaving her head for sympathy. in the end, it's those who have been swindled that are hurt the most. like kelly felt who helped raise $500 for her. >> i refused to believe it. because i'm thinking, no one makes this up. >> reporter: martha's attorney says, this was not a scam. there is an illness. it's a mental illness. and i can't say anymore. martha is on bond and will be arraigned this month. we want to thank our affiliate, wric, for their help with this. >> we do want to keep you here for a moment. because ron claiborne is off this weekend. you're doing double duty.
7:34 am
>> absolutely. good morning, again, everybody. it's high stakes at tonight's republican presidential debate. newt gingrich takes the stage next to mitt romney for the first time as the front-runner. it's weeks before the votes are cast in the critical iowa caucuses. join diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. the search for missing mom michelle parker intense fied on friday. dive teams combed a lake behind dale smith, the exfiance's house. we pumped $100 billion more in gas into our car this is year than last. thanks mostly to higher oil prices. a 16-year-old from england is the youngest person to ski to
7:35 am
the south pole. the challenges were the cold and her dad's snoring. i guess in that order. time now for the weather and ginger zee, my office roommate. >> we begin with a warmup. it's cold in the midwest this morning. you've been dealing with a few days of the chill. we'll go back up to near 40 by monday in minneapolis. same deal into chicago, detroit, and des moines on my map. let's talk about florida. there hasn't been a whole lot going on. a windy and showery day. some flood advisories just now going up. you get to miami, their high was 81. the west coast sees fog. a col forecast for 42 to 47 degrees with sunshe. ear and cold for the overnight, 22 to 30. dayay tomorrow, chilly day.
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by philips sonicare. thank you, ginger. coming up, buyer beware. when you go out shopping today checking out the stores, you should know they are also checking you out. we'll te you how they get into your mind. secrets from the mall after the break. and home from the holidays. the british sailors return. we'll show you when we come back. ornaments also make beautiful center pieces.
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well, we're right in the thick of holiday shopping season right now. you might be headed out to the mall with your list later today. >> if you hit the malls today, be aware. as you check out the goods, the stores are checking you out. as you navigate the mall in your holiday shopping, you probably don't know it, but retailers are finding ways, some of them secret, to literally read your mind in order the create a future shopping experience that may look a lot like the tom cruise movie "my or not report."
7:40 am
>> john anderson, you could use a begin mess right now. >> reporter: i went shopping with abbey and katie in manhattan. all of us with bracelets that measure our enthusiasenthusiasm. my heart rate is going way up. as the ladies browse the makeup aisle, they were not particularly excited. >> oh, my god. that would be so cute. >> reporter: then we got to the shoe department. >> this is our element. >> reporter: while they tried on shoes, their bodies' enthusiasm level spiked through the roof. interestingly enough, mine dropped while i sat on the couch waiting. i'm losing interest. >> you're really, really bored. >> reporter: john ross runs shop er scientist. it gathers data so companies
7:41 am
know which part after their store work well. i wore this while i shopped for my wife, bianca. a purple luggage set? they were flat. i met a salesperson that tried to sell me slow cookers and coffee makers. i think she would like these earrings. here's where my levels took off. the best gift i could give her is to buy and wear this sweater. what do you think, baby? they can read our bodies and faces. check this out. as i shopped online, john could tell i was put off by the prices at tiffany. can you see the prices? 45 grand. >> your interest was high. your disagreeing score was spiking. >> reporter: intrigued by the
7:42 am
idea of adopts my wife a cat. >> you're open to the idea of this cat. and it looks pretty good. >> reporter: it read it when ann didn't like this bag. >> it looks cheap. it's so -- shiny. >> reporter: and when stephanie found a dress she hated. >> you're shaking your head. your disagreeing scores are going through the roof. >> reporter: this facial recognition technology is being secretly placed in front of display stores all over america. telling retailers what you're thinking as you eyeball the goods. isn't that a little creepy? >> it could be. it's more about improving the experience. >> reporter: it's not about invading our privacy, he insists. it's about making the shopping experience hyperpersonalized. so retailers know your size, your preference, your mood.
7:43 am
so they can get you that holiday sweater in the most efficient way possible. a good looking sweater. >> two things i learned. you referred to bianca as baby. and you like lert goods? i can't imagine you in a leather jacket. >> is it time for a break? >> that was very interesting. coming up on "good morning america," home koming. the british sailors turned internet stars return from sea.
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the video of the morning. the british sailors that became internet sensations are finally back at home after seven months at tea. they achieved viral greatness. now they're getting set to celebrate the holidays with their families. here's abc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: they've been dubbed the carey crew. as mariah. they're coming home as internet stars. they went out on a seven-week tour in april and stayed out for
7:48 am
seven months. when they found out they were coming home for christmas, they were so happy, they broke out into song. the video became an internet sensation. viewed more than is million times. mariah carey even watching it sweeting, this is the best thing i've ever seen. you guys made my day. after 176 long days at sea and 40,000 miles, 1,000 wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers, and marching band were waiting for them. lauren had twins while her husband was at sea. at last, christmas came early. 15 babies were born while they were away, including ashley's daughters. >> i'm speechless. >> they're perfect. just as we wanted. >> it's wonderful to live up to the promise that i would bring them home before christmas. ♪ baby all i want for christmas
7:49 am
is you ♪ >> reporter: mission accomplished. kelly cobiella, london. coming up next, we hear from you, your three words.
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well now, here's our weekly peek into your lives. this time it's with musing from holly elsy. it's called "you can be" enjoy. ♪ because of you i'm changing me together all christmasy ♪ ♪ tinsel like you wouldn't believe but you don't even see me i'm dropping hints i'm making moves ♪ ♪ but i'm not the kind of girl
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me i'm not proud it's all right ♪ ♪ but i don't seem to understand why we let the whole year go by well that all changes tonight ♪ ♪ and if i smile a little and i frown a little and i buck up a little down a little if i hope ♪ ♪ a little and i cope a little maybe you can be the star on my tree this year ♪ ♪ if i push a little and i wait a little if i go a little and i stay a little if i ask a little ♪ ♪ and i pray a little maybe you can be the star on my tree this year ♪ >> ah. >> i feel like that was a particularly good one. >> a loft them were right on cue. i loved that 101-year-old woman.
7:56 am
>> very excited. >> if you want to share your three words, visit our website, upload the video. tune in tonight to "world news." tune in at 9:00 p.m. for the debate. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo!. we'll see you tomorrow. an live and in hd, this is 87 news update. >> taking a look at some of the aroundtopping the news region today. students and faculty at virginia last nightogether honor that to happens police officer, axel
7:57 am
during a traffic stop. his funeral service expected for monday afternoon. will arrive atds arlington cemetery. they came all the way and put them onill gravestones. as we take a look of on our saturday sunshine thisy of afternoon winds out of the north at 10-15 m.p.h. over night, temperatures will fall into the 20's. good,y tomorrow, looking 40-454 i i. the redskinsf game, you'll want to bundle up. be out of the north. it will feel colder. here is the extended outlook. for milderlooking
7:58 am
temperatures, on the way. have them.l we have to wait a couple of days. on'sto the upper tuesday. wednesday, look for highs to the lower 50's. even the mid-50's until the end of the upcoming week. , you're on my home for abc7 weather. thank you for watching. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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