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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a night of serious storms. abc7 >> destructive storms. could hear the wind buffeting the house. >> it causes major damage struck up the area. complete coverage. a sex assault investigation. the sketch of a cabdriver who been assaulting women.
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if you're staying in town, the of a major street and metro closures. what do -- what you need to know. we start now. storms movedine of earlierour region major damage in matter of minutes. have complete coverage for you. we begin in woodbridge where a crashed into a house. >> winds have whipped through this area. has filled the darkness. lightning has lit up the skies. while the storm hit some homes damage, everybody seems to be ok. >> the sky got dark. were high winds. wind buffeting the house. >> it came and went in minutes. the aftermath will last. >> my poor mom. already worried about
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whether. be good.g to a tree came down on a woman's home. burst 30 at the. it was unfit for habitation. more concerned about herself. >> neighbor saw trees bent sideways. some went to their homes for safety. into our basement. later you could hear thunder in distance and a lot of closer appeared >> another tree through a home. the renter was watching tv when the power went out. the tree came when -- came in within 3 feet of her. causing $40,000 worth of damage. >> i jumped over him. >> as you can see, the workers still working the street. they are sawing off branches. no injuries or fatalities. just some damage.
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>> our coverage continues. we go to richard reeves in springfield where a rescue unfolded. >> that is right. we know how frightening it is animals are home alone when a storm hits. that is what happened here. of the biggest issues, this huge tree is a backyard tree. if all ove wind that toppled tr. >> it was very loud. a crash. >> this backyard tree went down flash. i was surprised. not get a lot of rain. >> concerned neighbors rushed in help, rescuing the family's dogs. >> the cat was stuck in the kitchen. firemen went and got the cat later. getting it out of
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the tree. some fallen trees, it was the got to everyone. >> the wind started picking up. trees were blowing like crazy. all of the lights went out. >> everyone is glad no one was hurt. ran into my house to get the cat carrier. we put the cat in. is in my bedroom right now crying. is frightened. but at least tsa. >> look at the size of the tree. it doris' the basketball hoop. warfs the basketball hoop. richard reeve, abc7 news. d.c.'s saw its fair share of
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damage. from one of our of a tree down in the 500 per year -- 4500 block. no injuries were reported. here is video sent in from when a at a store warning was issued. doors were shot. everybody was told to stay put. night.been a very active >> we want to know what we can expect for the upcoming hours. to bob brian live in center.her me assure everybody there more warnings. of the night will be quiet. this was a fast-moving storm. of the microbursts came out. they move the 45 miles per causethe outflow can damage. some of the wind gusts in our weatherbug network in the
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furniture weather center. 56 miles per hour even out of the dulles. here is the super doppler. lingering showers way out to our west. here are some of the reports coming in. the 11 reports. fairfax, stafford, our temperatures were into the 80's. we will be there again. the main thing will be a continuation of a hot, humid pattern. be some storms. will tell you more and where -- when i join you coming up. >> we will see when a bit. if you have any pictures of weather, be sure to send them to us at abc 7 news. you can log onto for
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your updates at any time. a> new at 11:00, here is sketch that was released. man pickedthat this women while working as a earlier this month. women was picked up in georgetown. police are working to identify the suspect. anyone with information could saw the police. of western to the memorial day weekend. of the vanceot plan. of them.some these will cause some street closures and traffic delays. the motorcycle rally takes place weekend.t the on sunday, the national memorial concert will be held on the west lawn of the capital. here is a map of those street rolling thunder on sunday.
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they are extensive, especially along constitution, pa., and independence. best to avoid those areas are headed to the event. tont to alert you some major metro station closures. be shut downl weekend.ntire they are capital south, eastern market, potomac avenue, and the stadium. they were close to one hour ago. they will remain so until tuesday. many folks do -- chose to town, to the beach. here was the scene later -- today. quite a traffic backed up. traffic is now flowing much better. gas prices managed to drop a for the weekend. here's a look at the average. national average is $3.81. maryland is higher. dc is still above $4.
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for more on the weekend and events, check out our weekend -- website. youstill to come, video only see here. dc sanitation workers dumping trash and recyclables into the same truck. thathe plane crash investigators for the two years. final moments of the air -- air france flight. is when we continue in 60 seconds.
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>> we are learning more about the plane that went into the ocean. investigators have released a of aeport in the wake black box been found. yielding answers about minutes on board. >> the black boxes found tell a
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terrifying tell. just three and a half minutes, the plane flopped into from 38,000 feet. >> you do not feel like you are falling. -- feel like you're in a has gone crazy. >> the captain believes the take a rest. controls.are at the they warn the flight attendants "move about."ill, the autopilot ticks off. measure 80s -- errors be have iced up. "i have the controls, says one the pilots. the crew does the opposite of should have. brought the nose up. the plane is essentially no longer filing. ."rning sounds, "stall >> both of the copilots lost faith in all of their
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instruments. they had.ot know what it was a progressive thing that the air speed, but the training.ave >> the captain rushes back but never pulls out of the stall. difficult news for family members. >> it is emotional. the families agree it is to know. we need >> information that may help crash and burn -- prevent other crashes. >> of people died. the investigation continues. report, but not a final for july.heduled tillich -- still to come, be sanitationo mixing garbage and recyclables. story you will only say here. >> the internet phone service suffers an outage. >> hollywood hopes you want a
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a d.c. resident says crews mixing trash and recyclables. to prove it.deo shot this video this morning. it shows sanitation workers trash cans and recycling bins into the same truck. he said he became suspicious, got his camera out after his city find him for not separating recyclable. not in the spirit of recycling and trying to be green. >> of the residents told us they fined for violations
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say they did not commit. be -- they may have been a substitute unaware of the policies. we are following breaking news from northwest washington. a stabbing happened in the heart chinatown outside the metro station. the victim is being taken to the hospital. on any arrests. new at 11:00, skype says it to fix a problem that has caused outages. a small percentage of its users unable to sign in. company says it stems from data affecting wind -- using windows. problemans to fix the with the updated software. memorial day weekend tends big movie-going weekend. >> here is the man to tell you which one to see. >> i cannot believe this is
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happening. > "the hangover part ii" another night in hancock. you love the first one, you will like the sequel. courageous out photos. remember any of this. >> 3 stars. r rating. fu panda,s, kung midnight and paris. have a good weekend. a quick note about "the ."ngover part ii it is breaking records. it is the largest opening in history. it brought in $31 million and is to warn $125 million the five day holiday. how about that?
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>> i will give you -- i know is you a pg forecast. especiallyd night, around stafford, a lightning show. were strong and fast- moving storms. ofre was a fair amount lightning. ourtimes we see really -- madetemperature today, we the 80s.o 65 degrees. this will go into the record books, the winds gusted at 45 m.p.h. but there was less than 1/10 inches of rain. nothing in and around us. for the remainder of the night will be quiet. left of the showers, virginia, there is the basket came to us. now it is in pennsylvania. you can get an idea of how fast
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complex was moving. did have a little bit of rotation. we hear tornado warnings, was abecause there of a spin in the atmosphere. nothing like the terrible mid part of the country. , the ones that happen are rather weak. with the straight line the damage.n see at 45 m.p.h.,ed and almost an inch of rain. as we get to the storms, some got hardly anything. other folks did get damaged. temperatures were into the 80s. it is going to be a chilly around the great lakes. now with the jet stream dipping
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south, an area of warm air. to build.ill continue that will continue into next week. at the same time, it will be cool in the rest of the country. it may take up some more showers tomorrow afternoon. do not think anything like what we just saw. when you get up and head out, be a warm morning. temperatures around 70. a lot of sunshine coming out to the beaches. the water temperatures into the '60s. isolated thunderstorms thundershower toward the blue ridge. by and large, sunny and hot. is into the 90s by holiday. about thethinking of sunshine on saturday and sunday. we have an off for you. like crazy during
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the storms. have a good weekend.
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and anchor believed to be ship is going on time in 300 first years. brought it to the surface off the north carolina coast. the wreck back in 1996. is so cool. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. the lady terrapins -- the men play them tomorrow. the nationals were sick about their 5 game skid. they are celebrating tonight.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. what started the ball park a leadnationals took against the padres. they and their five game losing streak. pitched shutouts into the eight. his first pitch in the top of the ninth, into the left field. are you serious?
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here they go again. the game was tied at one. the night, michael morse. the first home run for the nationals. michael, the hero. >> i am not missing those pitches. is great. i am not changing a thing. going to keep doing what i am doing. >> a shaving cream pie came his way. jayson werth gave it to him. in hockey, game 7 of the eastern conference finals. a scoreless game into the third period. the bruins on the attack. nathan gets the goal. is.e he boston eliminates the lightning that goal. bruins win it. to the stanley cup the first time since 1990. the maryland lacrosse team plays tomorrow in baltimore.
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game time is 6:30. virginia place denver at 4:00. the women are the defending national champions. beat duke 14-8. cady scored four goals. ony will play northwestern at 4:00. 17 year-old jordan shot a two par today. now he will be late for his high school graduation. the amateur made the cut. is teatime is 11:00. his graduation as at 4:00. he is five shots off the lead by sergio and brian palmer. of the day comes from softball. watch this. this is a solid home run. you see that? here it comes. she hits the car. she knocked the mirror off the
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car. he called the cops. broken mirror, home run. at the french open, she lost straight sets. that said. [laughter] that said. [laughter] [ horns honking ]
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