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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm juju chang. >> and i'm dan harris. happy thanksgiving on this thursday, november 25th. and this morning, it is wild weather across the country. not airport security, that is putting the brakes on holiday travel. we have blizzards, tornadoes. and we'll show you the shoppers camping out in 16-degree weather in california. and is thursday the new black friday? some major stores are open right now, on thanksgiving morning. should you buy now? or will you save later? where and when to find the best deals. a married couple chases down a carjacker who drove off with their baby inside. and it's all caught on camera. now, the parents have a message
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for everybody. and, of course, it's parade day. we're live on the streets of america's favorite thanksgiving tradition, as families around the country, enjoy a day of good fun, good food, and, of course, giving thanks. good morning. and happy thanksgiving, once again. robin and george are with their families today. but we have the whole thanksgiving scene covered this morning. sam is guest hosting at the big parade down in philadelphia. hey, sam. >> hey. >> and here in new york city, cameron mathison is live at the macy's thanksgiving parade. we have a whole bunch of people lining up early for the parade. >> absolutely. they've been here since 3:00 in the morning. happy thanksgiving. we're also going to check in overseas and get the latest on that tense situation in south korea, where the country that has 27,000 american troops are on high alert. and with our troops in
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afghanistan, we'll see how they're marking the day, even as they face constant danger. >> longest war in american history. and back to a lighter note. if you're toiling in the kitchen right now, do not panic. we have our turkey 911. sara moulton is here to answer your questions about making your thanksgiving meal. we're taking your questions on or you can hit us on twitter. >> and not just making. the carving of the turkey, ever important, as well. we begin with thanksgiving travel troubles. it's more than just the controversy over the new airport screening procedures. 40 million travelers are on the road, just as that major winter storm is heading east. and sam is in philadelphia, with the latest. good morning, sam. >> hey. good morning, juju. yeah. this is likely to be a messy day for travel. even though it's a little dry in philadelphia, it won't be as the day goes on. 28 states have winter weather watches, warnings or advisories out. six states out have flood watches or warnings out. and places like philly and new york, that haven't seen the bad weather yet. don't worry, before thanksgiving
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day is out, the bad weather is heading east. this storm first snarled seattle. sending cars and buses, sliding all over. and closing roads for days. now, it's barreling east, making thanksgiving travel, treacherous. in austin, minnesota, one person was critically injured in a crash on icy interstate 90. three more were killed in accidents in iowa. in sioux fall, north dakota, freezing rain turned sidewalks into skating rinks. and in fargo, north dakota, bad weather forced schools to let us early. giving kids a head-start on thanksgiving. further south, from indiana to missouri, the storms brought tornado warnings, heavy rain and dangering winds. back to the west, behind the storms, it's cold. >> it's freezing. it's too chilly to come out. >> reporter: much of california is under a freeze warning. san francisco had a record low of 41 degrees. orange farmers are watching
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their crops for signs of freeze damage. >> this one has not frozen yet. >> reporter: and in farmdale, bargain-hunters getting ready for black friday, bundled up. some equipped with personal heaters. >> our heaters are here. it is going to be 19 degrees tonight. >> reporter: with wind and snow causing delays at airports across the country, one travel obstacle is proving easier than expected. the tsa is reporting no significant delays at their checkpoints. this woman dances thaw full-body scanner in just her bikini. so many people are worried about traveling through airports because of the scanners. and it may actually be the weather that's the problem. let's take a quick look at the northeast. as we go through the day, the storm system will move in, in places like right here in philadelphia. we're the only broadcast to give you two. before the parade starts, we'll begin to see a little sleet and a little rain mixing in. here, it's already cold enough to do that. we're just waiting on the
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moisture. and in new york, you'll get through the parade dry. but you won't get through the day dry. a little bit of rain and sleet will finally end up there by late afternoon. juju? dan? >> thank you, sam. >> double-parade forecast. >> wonder if the bikini thing will catch on at airports across the country. >> i suspect you're rooting for that. >> well, i don't want to say. thanks. we'll get to serious news now. the crisis on the korean peninsula, in the wake of the north korean attack on a south korean island. a lot of people are worried the situation could escalate. and the white house is leaning on china to do its part to keep that from happening. our jon karl is in washington this morning with the very latest. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning, south korea is saying it will send more troops to the island, attacked by north korea, as the white house is pressing china to rein in its ally. the smoldering aftermath of north korea's attack could be seen from the air. an attack we now know killed t south korean marines and two
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civilians. and sent hundreds fleeing their homes. a sea of fire is how one eyewitness described the attack. with south korea now on its highest level of alert, short of outright war, "the uss george washington" strike group is headed to the region, for previously-scheduled exercises with the south korean military. the message, the u.s. will defend its ally. but america has virtually no leverage over north korea. a point made by joint chiefs chairman, mike mullen, on "the view." >> we're working with allies. i think it's very important, certainly the japanese and the south koreans. but i think it's important for china. the one country that has influence in pyongyang, is china. their leadership is critical. >> reporter: the south koreans have warned of massive retaliation if north korea strikes again. there's no sign that's going to happen. but nobody really knows what north korean leader, kim jong-il, is up to.
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>> it's a worrisome leadership in north korea. he's a very unpredictable guy. >> reporter: the chinese government says they are highly concerned about the exchange of fire between the two koreas. but the white house is looking for condemnation of north korea's action. and further aggression is simply unacceptable. >> jon karl, thank you for the update. for more on the tense situation in the korea crisis, we're joined by christiane amanpour, anchor of "this week." >> good morning, juju. >> as we know, as jon mentioned, the u.s. is conducting the joint military exercises off the peninsula of korea. but that brings up the fear to all-out war. >> i think everybody is worried about that. this is a tense situation. what i have heard from a senior white house official i spoke to last night, while they cannot rule out more episodes in the future, they say, they do not see north korea on a war footing. they don't think there's going to be an outbreak of all-out war
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right now. as jon said, and everybody has been saying, the solution, they're really depending on china. for china to be more explicit in its condemnation. president obama is talking to the president of china, hu jintao, coming to the united states later this year. >> they want to bring pressure to bear by doing the exercises. but they also need china's help. >> the exercises are designed, i'm told, not to be provocative or to signal an attack on north korea. but to send a strong message, not just to north korea. that korea is an ally they will defend. but also to china saying, look. this needs to be dealt with in a much more serious way. in terms of what north korea wants. you heard admiral mullen, nobody quite knows. is it because they're constantly in this dance of provocation, in return for a war? is it because they want to be taken seriously as a nuclear
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power? is it because of the succession struggle in north korea? he wants to wrack up victories for his son? but what the white house is saying, they're going to break the cycle of north korean provocation in return for reward. and the solution there, relying very heavily, on china. >> calling on south korea, to have restraint. clearly, during the sessions is when it's a time. >> and president lee is robust in his condemnation and his attitude toward north korea. but there's 20 million south koreans. he doesn't want to provoke a war. he has to think about that, as well. quite hard. but the solution, again, from south korea, is not clear. >> fantastic. all eyes on the korean peninsula and the ongoing tense situation. thank you for that update. and christiane will have a special edition of "this week" on sunday. she's talking to four of the wealthiest people in the world, including bill gates and warren buffett, all of whom plan to give the bulk of their fortune away. this holiday can be
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difficult for american troops overseas who are away from their families. this morning, mike boettcher is at an outpost along the pakistan border, where celebrating thanksgiving is a real challenge. mike? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. there are no luxuries here at combat outpost spera. but this base, located a mile from the pakistan border and al qaeda and taliban safe havens, is reputed to have some of the highest morale in afghanistan. it has to have high morale because there is a lot of fighting that occurs here. each step is a deliberate one, on this pre-thanksgiving day patrol. five, armed men, suspected taliban fighters, have been spotted nearby. soldiers scurry to attack positions when gunfire erupts. but their enemy disappears. time to return to base. there is a war going on. but there will be some time to celebrate thanksgiving.
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the soldiers of apache troop, of the 101st airborne's brigade, are at combat outpost spera. their hardship has created close bonds. >> here, you are dependent on each other for success and survival. >> reporter: today, they are making it the best thanksgiving possible. wood is chopped for a fire. and they built a new mess hall. the first meal, thanksgiving dinner, prepared by the most important man on the base right now, cookie. >> it gives us a taste of home. >> reporter: i'm inside the makeshift kitchen here at combat outpost spera. this is sergeant patrick h haslett. >> i'm from ohio. >> reporter: he is the best army cook i've seen. >> food in that situation can be
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incredibly important for morale. >> absolutely. our hearts go out to all our troops serving overseas on this thanksgiving day. indeed. time for the weather. and sam, once again, at the thanksgiving parade in philadelphia. sam? where where are you? >> you can't find me. i'm dressed as a clown. at some point -- tell me that's normal attire. at some point, i will be on and off every float and meet every group in that philadelphia parade. philadelphia's the oldest parade. that's the shriners below us. a little sounds? give me a little sound. ♪ i love that. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. there's a possibility of severe weather, as we said, at some points in the country. most of this is in the middle area. from little rock, to memphis, to shreveport, that's going to be the problem there. also in california, we're talking about this big chill in the southwest. this is headlinemaking news and a problem for a lot of places inland. the temperatures will get so cold.
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we'll talk about the weather throughout the morning on your thanksgiving day. we are still dealing with some scattered cold rain showers this morning. luckily, temperatures are above freezing, in the upper 30's to low 40's. most of the rain is in hagerstown to eastern frederick county. also a little bit him in and around the metro area. a few more hours of scattered showers. cool, in the 40's, warming up in
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the 50's tonight. tomorrow, scattered showers, clear making good on our "gma" promise to give you the best parade coverage in the nation. cameron mathison's in new york this morning. hey, cam. how are you doing? >> happy thanks giving here at the 84th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have confetti. hanging out with some of my friends here. been out very, very early, just like ourself, sam. this year, the big news. kung fu panda balloon. diary of a whip by kid balloon, the new balloons in the parade. there will be 15 giant balloons. 43 mid-sized balloons. people have been sleeping out, i guess, 3:00 in the morning, lining up for this. we're expecting almost 3 million people to come out and see the parade this morning. you guys have been in this for a
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while, right? seven years. six years. this is a big deal here. sam, how are you over there in philadelphia? he's gone. sam's gone. i just want to try to include you here in new york. juju? are you going to be watching? >> i am, cameron. sam, both of you are working with clowns today. there has to be a joke in there somewhere. people are getting a jump-start, not only on the parade, but also looking for bargains on this holiday shopping season. they're already lining up for deals. we have team coverage this morning, including how to avoid standing in line, by going online. we begin with a look at the new thanksgiving day sales that have some calling today black thursday. matt gutman has more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, juju. happy thanksgiving. nobody would mistake this for a black friday line. this is the first time in sears 100-plus-year history, where it opened its doors on thanksgiving day. this is a big trial for a lot of retailers. at this sears location, it doesn't seem to be paying off.
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this morning, stores are opening when they've never opened before. >> the customers that come in on thanksgiving morning, are your savvy customers, looking for bargains. >> reporter: this year, for the first time, sears is opening its doors on thanksgiving morning. joining kmart, gap and walmart, making today a virtual black thursday. >> there's an element of desperation in this. the retailers want to know as soon as possible, where they're going for the holiday season. >> reporter: part of the worry, 81% of americans say they will spend less this holiday season. so, retailers are offering some enticing deals. and surveys indicate, those deals may get shoppers to open up their wallets. retailers expect about 138 million shoppers to hit stores this season, with 4 million more than last year. they'll snap up about $450 billion in merchandise. this may not only be about revenue. some retailers hope to curb the frenzied crowds and stampedes of
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years past. but not everyone's happy. >> black friday was like my christmas. >> reporter: in an age when christmas decorations go up in malls in early november, is thanksgiving day going to become the new black friday? >> it certainly suggests that it's become a little less sacrosanct than it once was. it has the look of an inevitable thing. >> reporter: but given the number of people here today, perhaps it's not that inevitable. maybe there's some hope for the traditionalists. on the other hand, the people that actually did turn out here, one guy at 3:45, say they will now be done with all of their shopping. they can go home, eat, sleep, and spend the rest of the weekend with their families. dan? >> there's an argument for that. matt, thank you for that. let's turn to our in-house shopping expert. becky worley via skype from oakland. is it worth going online today, to start the shopping? or are the best deals tomorrow?
7:18 am
>> it's a tossup. the door-buster deals, tomorrow, the jaw-dropping prices. those are definitely in retail stores, in the mall. they want to get you there and spending your dollars. but last year, shoppers spent about $300 million online on thanksgiving. and retailers are taking note. there's some pretty good sales out there, dan. >> walk us through. what are the highlights? what are the best things you've seen, in terms of sales? >> i would say the three, best deals i found. one was at this is the nintendo dsi gaming system. 30 bucks off. now, $169, available online. the hottest deal, the hottest product this christmas season, is going to be the kinect. we debuted it on "gma." it's really selling well. the only deal i found, in stores, door-buster, online, one deal. $30 off. it's at the microsoft store online. you need a promo code. we've got that at you have to have that code.
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finally, at toys "r" us, a ride-on atv, is now $119, $50 off. wouldn't you have loved to open that up when you were a 6-year-old boy? >> absolutely. becky, stick around. we want to come back to you later in the show, for more on the best black friday deals. now, we have a different kind of thanksgiving story. this has traditionally been a bipartisan holiday. a day for football and butter ball. but in the hyperbipartisan times, this apolitical day has been a growing fierce and historical debate. there's the story we all learned in grammar school, that our holiday started as the pilgrims thanking god and the native americans, for a bountiful harvest, like this story, told in "a charlie brown thanksgiving." >> the pilgrims had the first
7:20 am
thanksgiving feast. he invited the indian chief, who brought his indians and a great abundance of food. >> reporter: and there's the alternative story, given now life this year on tea party blogs and radio, is that thanksgiving is really about the perils of socialism. according to this version of history, the pilgrims were early socialists, on their way to the new world, to cool their resources and profits. rush limbaugh talked about it on his radio show just yesterday. >> long before karl marx was born, the pilgrims discovered and experiments with what only could be described is socialism. and what happened? it didn't work. and they nearly starved. >> reporter: limbaugh said it's only when the pilgrims dissed socialism, dividing the land into private property to be farmed for profit, that they finally produced the bountiful harvest and thanksgiving feast. but many historians say, it's not that simple.
7:21 am
>> they didn't go over as socialists and turn into capitalists. they went over to make profit. >> reporter: while the pilgrims did initially pool their resources, that was only a short-term plan to make bigger, quicker profits. and that thanksgiving feast, say historians, it actually came years before the communal plan was finally scrapped. whoever you believe, this turkey tale is a sign of the times. that in this venomous political environment, everyone thanksgiving cannot go unscathed. i assume most people will not spend the day arguing about history. what are you going to do? >> i'm going to sting my way through the parade lines. go straight to the airport. and go to chicago, where my sister-in-law is cooking. >> excellent. i'm going to spend the day obsessing over my nieces and nephews. >> that's a good day. perfect. coming up, caught on tape. a mom and dad make a routine stop for gas. it turns into a desperate fight against a carjacker, with their baby in the backseat.
7:22 am
>> incredible. something else to be thankful for. a community bands together to help their school crossing guard. it's a story you don't want to miss. stay with us. you see the big turkey for thanksgiving? ♪ [ grandma ] okay. ♪ ah. then we will all do it together. treats. teets...teets...teets... yeah. look at this. [ female announcer ] it seems like the best family traditions always start in the kitchen. ♪ rice krispies. happy thanksgiving. wow! ♪ they're from my garden club, up north. [ female announcer ] this year, hallmark has all new ways to say it. well, there's the snow you wanted.
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live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:26 on this thursday, november 25. good morning and happy thanksgiving.
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we start with a look at the roads with joe, i. we have some brett -- some wet roads out there. any problems? >> we have a crash on the outer loop coming torres. apparently one rolled over here. it's not really backing things up, but be careful and cautious this morning heading to the american legion bridge from silver spring. lanesinder, the hov are running on northbound 95. let's go over to adam caskey. >> still some areas of rain. most of it, north and northeast of the metro area, hagerstown to frederick, run along the mason- dixon line, a little sprinkle in springfield. also one south of woodbridge, but nothing down in the northern neck of southern maryland. it should remain dry for the rest of the day. in the 40's right now, so luckily we are above freezing.
7:28 am
there still could be a little bit of sleep extent, especially on the pennsylvania border. -- a sleet mixed in, especially on the pennsylvania border. it will be warmer tomorrow with temperatures in the 50's. >> it will be a busy day for hundreds of local volunteers. they gathered early this morning at food and friends in northwest d.c. to prepare thousands of thanksgiving meals. they will be delivered to people with hiv, aids, cancer, and other diseases, to people living in d.c., virginia and maryland. for continuous local news coverage, to need to
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♪ and there you have it. the macy's thanksgiving parade route, along central park west. we'll check in with cameron mathison who is there and there all morning. good morning, america. i'm juju chang. >> and i'm dan harris. george and robin are with their families today. coming up, we have an incredible thanksgiving story. about a beloved crossing guard, a woman who spent years helping children. now, going through a devastating period in her personal life. local parents have come out to help her. we also have a "gma" investigation. you know the toys that meet the legal safety standards.
7:31 am
but how safe are they? a member of our abc family had a very close call. if you have kids in your life, you won't want to miss it. >> also, we're taking your questions about turkey right now and all of the side dishes on the table, as well. sara moulton is here with your turkey 911. send your questions on, or hit us on twitter. we're going to start with a brazen carjacking attempt in broad daylight. a mom and dad stops for gas. a baby in the backseat. a thief jumps into the car and starts to pull away. what happens next is described as heroic, and all caught on tape. here's barbara pinto. >> reporter: melanie and aaron richman have plenty to be thankful for. a surveillance camera captures why. the richmans were going from colorado to missouri, with relatives driving the moving van. they stopped for gas in kansas
7:32 am
city. aaron, entertaining their 6-month-old daughter, samantha, after 12 hours in the car. >> everything went to hell. >> reporter: with samantha strapped to her car seat, aaron and melanie walk just out of sight of the cameras, to talk to relatives. that's when this man made a bee-line for their running car and took off. a parents' worst nightmare. >> you're never going to see the baby again. >> if he got through the parking lot, we would never see our child. >> reporter: without thinking, the young parents gave chase. melanie, dragged by the moving car, shattered a window with her elbow. >> holding on for dear life. >> reporter: aaron, somehow managed to climb in. >> i was sitting upside down on the passenger seat. kicking him and telling him my baby's in the car. you're stealing my car. get out of my car. >> reporter: under attack, the would-be carjacker ran off, leaving aaron and the baby unharmed. police, accustomed to warning victims against chasing criminals, call these parents
7:33 am
heroes. >> when a parent, trying to save their child, all bets are off. >> you can't let your guard down, at any point in time. >> life changes in a second. >> reporter: today, this family gives thanks for a second chance. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. >> that is when instinct kicks in. >> kicks right in. it's amazing they were able to stop that car. >> unbelievable. that was true heroism. let's get the news, with sharyn alfonsi. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. we're going to start with tom delay. one of the most powerful politicians in washington. this morning, the former house majority leader is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. a texas jury has convicted him of conspiracy and money laundering, for funneling money to corporate candidates in 2002. delay calls this a miscarriage of justice. and will appeal.
7:34 am
a move is aimed at preventing drug car tets from regrouping, after the recent takedown of several dee leaders. a bp executive overseeing we coverry efforts after the gulf oil spell has died in a plane crash. james patrick black and two others were killed when they're plane went down in heavy fog, off florida's panhandle. the u.n. is appealing for help in haiti. it says another 1,000 doctors and nurses are needed to treat victims of cholera. the outbreak has killed at least 2,000 people in 5 weeks. you would think any turkey enjoying their freedom would keep a low profile. but dozens of them are running wild here in new york. descending on the lawns and causing major traffic headaches on staten island. one was so aggressive, it jumped on to a windshield, trapping a woman inside her car. that woman, a 23-year-old dental assistant said it was, quote, straight out of "cujo."
7:35 am
new yorkers not afraid of rats. but if there's a turkey, they call 911. >> and the turkey was daring that woman to eat it. >> thanks, sharyn. of course, it's time, now, to check in with the weather with sam champion, who is live at the thanksgiving parade in philadelphia. you're hosting. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju, dan. good morning, everyone. sharyn's there, as well. i just heard her. what's a parade without balloons? we have bands. we have everything going on here in philadelphia. and by the way, we have two parades this morning. other places may have just one. steve dodge is here. you're with star bound entertainment that handles the balloons, right? >> yes. and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, sir, as well. what i love about these balloons is, they do something different. what happens? >> we get the crowd excited by spinning the balloons. >> all right. we move the balloon. we could move the balloon. yes, we can? >> yeah. >> so, we could just -- everybody would go right and dance this balloon around?
7:36 am
>> no. we go left. >> go left and dance the balloon around. i don't want to mess this up in case this is going to happen soon. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to tell you about. we have big problems with heavy rain. that's right in the middle of the country. there's six states that have flood watches and warnings out now. southern illinois and indiana. western kentucky into happy thanksgiving. it is not raining everywhere, but we have seen rain showers across much of the region. most of the rain is now to the north. we are in the all that weather was brought that to you by blockbuster. now, if we spin the balloon, we're going right. >> go left. >> juju? >> do not give sam the controls. the holiday shopping season is under way, as we've been
7:37 am
saying all morning. if there's any little kids on your list, we have an important warning for you. we all know that toys can pose a choken hazard. but even those that meet the legal safety standard can be dangerous. it's a topic that hits close to home for us because abc correspondent jake tapper's son had a close call just like it. consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy, has the story. >> reporter: the cute, toy train with removable wooden pegs had been in the house less than 24 hours. >> the block went into his throat, like this. and jeff just looked at me, with his ice open like this, panicking. and his mouth was open, a bit. i went down and i said, jack? jack? and i could not see the block in the mouth. that was a moment of huge terror for me. >> reporter: jennifer tapper flipped her 1-year-old over and hit him on the back, just like she learned in cpr class. when haba, the manufacturer, heard about jack tapper's close call, it issued a recall
7:38 am
immediately, and stopped shipments of the train to stores. but it turns out the train meets the 1 1/14 wide and 2 1/4 for small parts. the measurement was established in 1979 and haven't been updated since. >> children have choked on parts that actually pass the small parts test. >> reporter: this massachusetts grandfather made his own youtube warning after his grandson choked on toy bacon that met the standard. >> we just buried him a couple of days ago. so -- >> reporter: the cpsc recalled the talk and tool bench nails that suffocated two children, even though they met the standard. the american academy of pediatrics released a paper that called for revisions. >> i'm always open, as chairman of the u.s. products safety commission, in making our standards stronger in keeping children safe.
7:39 am
>> it's always important to reassess our standards to make sure we're protecting children the way we want to be. >> reporter: safety advocates say that parents should test toys with a toilet paper tube. any toy that fits through here is not ideal for children under age 3. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, washington. >> as leamy points out, this is considerably wider than the cps standard. it's closer to two inches. if you're at home and looking at holiday toys -- >> good news is that jake's son is okay. and incredibly cute. >> adorable. coming up next, a community helps a school crossing guard, indeed, to cross into better times.ed 28 days. your table will be ready in 28 days. ah, we got you a booth! just relax, the doctor will be with you in 28 days. you'd never wait that long.
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up to $1,000 toward a beautiful diamond setting, when you buy your diamond at jared. choose from thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings. get up to a $1,000 reward this friday through monday at jared. ♪ and this is the scene on this thanksgiving day morning in manhattan.
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that's central park west. you can see all the floats, laying facedown, apparently. they're getting ready to be pulled up into the air for the start of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. cameron mathison is on the parade route. we'll hear from him in a few moments. we have a story about a community that leapt into action, mobilizing to help the woman who keeps local children safe on their way to school. she is a beloved crossing guard, who hit a serious rough patch in her personal life. and reached out to parents, when she had nowhere else to turn. >> how are we doing today? we going to have a good thanksgiving? all right. come on, now. come on. have a good one, sweetie. all right. >> reporter: for 20 years, deborah clark has been ushering kids in and out of washington elementary school in suburban chicago. always exuberant. >> give me a hug, baby. all right. thank you very much, sweetie. oh. have a good thanksgiving.
7:44 am
oh, my goodness. thank you. have a good thanksgiving, my loves. oh, that is so nice of you guys. >> she brightens up our day. she brightens up our morning. >> she's from every day. she's never sick. she never takes a day off. she's committed herself to our children. >> reporter: but in october, deborah found herself facing homelessness. forced to move out of the apartment where she had been living rent-free for the past 12 years. >> i used to just like cry or walk around with my head down. >> she expressed that she was going to be homeless by the end of november. and it brought me to tears. >> reporter: she also shared something that she'd never told anybody. that she couldn't read or wright, which severely limited her ability to make extra money. >> we thought, where would she go? where would she turn? >> reporter: that's when these two parents at the school sprang into action. they sent an e-mail out to the community. set up a facebook page. and planned a pot luck dinner to raise some money.
7:45 am
>> within 48 hours, i had over 70 e-mail responses. the parents were just so moved to know that someone that we care about so dearly, someone who is an extended part of our families, was going to be out on the streets. >> reporter: the community rallied together, found deborah an apartment, and raised money to help pay her rent. and now, the moment. deborah clark is about to see her new home. >> do you want to maybe go inside? >> we have your keys, deb. >> we got the keys? >> yeah. we got the keys. >> why are you playing? come on in, guys. look at my room. >> reporter: a testament to how much the parents in this one community care about this woman, to keep their children safe, every day. >> it's going to be a lovely thanksgiving. going to be a lovely thanksgiving. >> and joining us now, from chicago, is deborah clark. deborah, you look great. good morning. and happy thanksgiving.
7:46 am
>> good morning to you. and happy thanksgiving to you. >> all right. thank you for that. what was it like? i need to know, what was it like for you when you got those keys and you walked into your new apartment? >> i was just so -- i was like, i couldn't believe it. they told me that we don't have the keys. and it just made me feel so good. all i can do is scream and yell. >> and pound the floor in happiness. >> yes. >> so, when you mustered the courage to tell one of the parents about your financial problems, did you think you were going to get this much help? >> no, i didn't. no, i didn't. you know, it's just something that i had to go and tell somebody. and gabby was just there to lift me up. i don't know. it's a wonderful thing. >> gabby is one of the parents that spearheaded this effort. i know they set up a facebook page to start generate some support for you. i went to that page. and here's some of the things
7:47 am
that people said about you. quote, thanks for brightening our mornings and afternoons with your good cheer. your joyful spirit always touches me. our community is tremendously lucky to have you. you clearly love your job. why do you like it so much? >> because i love it because i want to make sure the kids get to school and get education. that's what they want. and that's what i want to make sure they get across the street safe and soundly. >> and i know you're now going to make another attempt to get an education for yourself. you've tried in the past. and i know it's been frustrating. what do you think you'll do differently this time? >> i'm going to go forward. i'm going to go and make sure that i can do what the kids can do. >> and i know you've said, in fact, that you're going to learn to read for the kids. what do you mean by that? >> because if the kids, just like, put it in me that i can do it. and, you know, they ask me to read something.
7:48 am
and i'm like, i can't do it. i mean, i just know that following the kids for myself. >> deborah clark, a pleasure to have you on this holiday morning. thanks for coming on. >> can i say good morning. >> well done. we appreciate it. deborah clark, thanks again. a great lesson, as juju said. a great lesson for the kids in that school. and coming up here on "gma," beyonce, sizzling on stage. surprisingly candid off. behind the scenes with beyonce and her world tour extravaganza.
7:49 am
7:50 am
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7:51 am
7:52 am
sara moulton, talking turkey 101. from stuffing to gravy, all of your questions. stay with us. make this the year to start a holiday tradition with your family. it could be as simple as listening to holiday music together. so, is what new tradition could your family celebrate? go to for great ideas. with great specials all day thanksgiving, on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday. with an emerson 32-inch hdtv for just $198. yep, $ walmart. [ female announcer ] don't stand out in the cold! walmart's open all day thanksgiving, with great specials on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday. with an emachine laptop for just $198. that's just $ walmart.
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7:56 am
>> live any in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning and happy thanksgiving. it is 7:56. i'm pamela brown. let's begin with checking the roads with joe conway. >> good morning and happy thanksgiving. looking live at the beltway at connecticut avenue, there was an overturned vehicle. traffic on the left is coming toward it. as you make your way south
7:57 am
toward old georgetown road, that is heading to the crash on the outer loop. apparently you can get by one on the 270 spur as well. be conscious of the fact that the roads are a bit damp. an earlier crash in virginia, 95 south near triangle. that has been cleared. >> we have wet roads and a few showers left over. some spotty sprinkles in and around loudoun county, fairfax county. carroll county, all pushing off to the east. that is wrapping up. we had some isolated sleet buried in those showers. it is not warming up much. hi 40's, gray skies for the rest of the day. in the 40's the rest of the day. uniquely, we will warm up that night tonight. we will wake up to temperatures in the 50's. in a cold front hits, bringing some rain for the first half of
7:58 am
the day tomorrow. then, clear but cool for the weekend. here are some things you need to know if you plan on heading out today. metro opened at 7:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. express trains will not be operating today for marc or vre. we'll be back with another news update at 8:27. for continuous local news coverage
7:59 am
8:00 am
one, two, for you. ♪ go, purdue. >> go, purdue. from indiana. they're getting ready to march up central mark west, in manhattan for the thanksgiving day parade. good morning, america. i'm juju chang. >> and i'm dan harris. george and robin are off on this thanksgiving morning. we have so many people out here. all these people are lined up to see the parade, that will be running right past us. we would like to think that some percentage are here to see us,
8:01 am
as well. >> i don't know about that. they're getting ready to see the huge balloons getting ready to be blown up. and standing by, sam champion is at another parade in philadelphia. sam, how are you? >> good morning, juju. so far, we're holding off all the bad weather. by the way, the boy scouts are part of the parade here in philadelphia. it's the 100th anniversary of the boy scouts. the 20th anniversary of the food drive. they work with 6 abc, the powerhouse station in philadelphia. kyle, you don't look 100 years old. >> no. >> but it's 100th anniversary. what do you do for that? >> at camp, we do special dinners and special games. at troops, we'll have parties about the 100th anniversary. >> we'll have more from the parade. dan and juju? >> all right. cameron mathison is here along the parade route in new york city. what do you have going on? >> parades everywhere. we have the band.
8:02 am
we have the floats. we have the balloons. we have everything. i have a special guest coming up. >> team coverage of parades. one in phil ya. one in new york. today, you can hear the sounds of aprons snapping across the country. people are getting ready to cook their thanksgiving day turkey. sara moulton the here with your questions. tomorrow is black friday. you want to know where the biggest deals are. we'll give you tip, coming up. we have a surprising and candid interview with beyonce. a behind-the-scenes look at her tour. first, let's go upstairs to sharyn alfonsi, who has the morning news headlines. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. we begin overseas with the crisis on the korean peninsula. south korea's president is beefing up security, ordering more troops to the border island, near the site of north korea's deadly artillery attack tuesday. the north is threatening more retaliation if the south carries out any, quote, reckless
8:03 am
military provocations president obama is expected to call china's president and urge him to help calm tensions in the region. a new move by ireland, whose debt crisis has threatened to derail the global economic recovery. the country has announced $20 billion in government spending cuts and tax increases to secure an international bailout. that bailout will consist of billions of dollars in loans to prop up irish banks. and former house majority leader, tom delay, once one of the most powerful politicians in washington, has been convicted of money laundering, for funneling corporate money to candidates. delay insists he's done nothing wrong. and says he's the target of a political vendettvendetta. >> i'm not going to blame anybody. this is a misuse of power. it's a miscarriage of justice. and i still maintain that i am innocent. >> delay faces anywhere from five years to life in prison, as
8:04 am
he will appeal. and a wild police chase in california. officers in long beach were in hot pursuit of a burglar suspect for nearly an hour. they finally caught up to him after he crashed his van into a fire hydrant, sending water through the streets. the obama administration is dedicating a large area of alaska for polar bears. it's 180,000 square miles. alaska's oil and gas industry opposes the move, saying it will restrict offshore drilling. and finally, some of our troops are celebrating the holidays overseas, a little closer to the front lines than they expected. soldiers at camp red cloud, in south korea, are enjoying their turkey, not far from the border with north korea. many say they miss their families and football. but they're happy to be spending the holiday with friends. we were watching the tape earlier. what you can hear in the background.
8:05 am
you can hear a drill sergeant yelling, eat your greens. it's kind of just like being at home. that is the news at 8:04. sam champion, our very own drill sergeant, in philadelphia this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning, sharyn. my dad used to yell that all the time. boy, you know. marines tell you to eat your greens. by the way, one of the most fun things of the parade is, the bands that are here. this is one of the best bands. the tournament of bands all-star band. thomas beebe is here with me. start us out. let's hear the band here. >> dumb majors, here we go. ♪ ♪ complicate that with the marching action, and you realize how difficult it is for these youngsters to do that this
8:06 am
morning. and every one of them hope their faces get on tv so they're parents at home can see them. let's get to the boards. we have something going on this morning we want to talk about. we're going to start with the cooler temperatures. it's a three-day cooldown in new orleans. you might be 80 degrees today. but you're 70 on friday. 65 on saturday. and memphis, there's some winter weather advisories out tonight into friday. you may be 78 today. but you're 45 on friday. in the upper midwest, the twin cities at 15 degrees. it's the coldest thanksgiving there in 20 years. happy thanksgiving. we still have a few areas of light rain, some spotty sprinkles in and around western montgomery county, even the silver spring area. light rain moving interested as well. exiting frederick county and through the baltimore area as well. that is pretty much it. otherwise, cloudy, temperatures in the 40's, warming tonight
8:07 am
into the 50's. in the 40's, warming tonight into the 50's. here's a close-up, mom and dad, for you. we'll be marching a little later on in philadelphia. right now, cameron mathison is in new york city, with a special guest. good morning again, cam. >> good morning. macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's got it all. got the massive balloons. it's got the floats. it's got the bands. everything you could want in a parade. big-name celebrities. kanye west, jessica simpson, and the one and only gladys knight, here with me. >> thank you. >> tell me about the float you're on. >> i'm on the apollo float. i came there in 1961. this is the 75th anniversary. i can't believe that. and the first time in this parade. as i am. first time in this parade. and i'm excited about it. it's meant so much to new york.
8:08 am
>> you've been inducted into the apollo theater hall of fame. >> i have. >> and you're performed there many times. >> i have. >> and you'll be performing here. tell us about your performance. >> i'm doing my release. it's in the movie, "for color girls." i'm excited about it. it should be on the market soon. as soon as the movie gets on there. and hopefully, the album out by the first of the year. >> we're looking forward to hearing it. have fun. gladys knight, juju. >> happy thanksgiving, cameron and gladys. such high energy. we want to be at the parade with you all. our countdown to thanksgiving, it's the big day. and it's time for turkey 911. and sara moulton is here to answer your last-minute questions because it's almost showtime. we have questions from our viewers. i'm glad you're here. there's a lot of stress across the country. >> i think it's the most stressful cooking day, hands down. >> it is.
8:09 am
you're usually cooking for a lot of people. >> you only cook turkey once a year. >> let's get to the questions. first one from evelyn, in raleigh, north carolina. she wants to know what do you recommend is the proper pan, method, temp chur and time per pound to roast the bird? that's like four questions. >> a big question. we start with the pan. you want a serious pan and a "v" rack. that helps air to circulate around the turkey. you get much browner. so, that's -- that's eddie over there. and if you don't have a serious pan, carry on. next year, get a serious pan, please. >> okay. you take your turkey, pull out the bag. here's the bag. i want to talk about that bag. these things here. we won't tell you exactly what they are, except this is the neck and other gizzards. these go into your chicken broth. you make a broth while the turkey's cooking. this does not. this is the floppy thing. that's the liver. the liver does not go in there. however, you can saute it up and chop it. my husband, a good jewish boy,
8:10 am
would love it on toast. do you wash the turkey or not? you do not. it contaminates the whole thing. >> i've been washing my turkey. good to know. >> if you insist on doing it anyway, that's okay. just make sure you clean out the sink and get it out. >> get the salmonella out. pat it dry. brush it with butter. and season it with salt and pepper. and tap it with butter. >> you're buttering it throughout the time it's cooking. >> you do that very well. >> thank you. >> i cover the breast for the first half of the cooking time. >> the rest uncovered? >> the rest is uncovered. we cook it at -- i really recommend 325, continuous cooking. and some chicken broth in the bottom. >> our second question from vivian in florida says all tv accepts say you should cook the turkey to 165 degrees.
8:11 am
>> that's the internal temperature. that's where we're headed. put the chicken broth in there. 325 oven temperature. everything i'm saying right now is on the website. so, people don't have to work to write down the information. >> don't have to take notes rapidly. >> we're going to talk about the temperature question. now, the temperature question. >> the internal temperature question. all right. >> she says -- what was her question? >> a lot of the tv chefs, like yourself, say 165 internal temperature. >> correct. >> the two recipes said 180. >> it's interesting. for years and years and years, it drove us chefs crazy, the government said to cook it to 180, in the leg/thigh joint. let's pretend this is the leg/thigh joint. this is the drumstick and the thigh. where you stick the thermometer in is right inside. do it right here. right inside.
8:12 am
>> into the meat. >> into the meat, going in that way. i think it's easier on my arm to show you. you want that to be 165. they changed the temperature because turkeys were getting overcooked. >> donna writes in, we like the stuffing cooked in the bird. when the turkey registered 165, you remove all of the dressing? >> this is your best friend at thanksgiving. >> a thermometer. >> you take its temperature, too. if it doesn't get to 165. no problem. just take it out. put it in a casserole. cover it and put it in the oven until it gets to 165. >> now, to the gravy. an interesting question. once i purchased a free-range organic turkey, but after roasting there was no fat. what's the best way to make gravy? >> we use six tablespoons of butter. i add flour. it's what granny used to use because it doesn't lump. you cook your butter and your
8:13 am
flour. you cook it until it looks sandy. then, you add chicken broth. and you keep whisking. it's a flat whisk. you do it slower than i did. that's beautiful looking. >> nice. >> it ends up looking like this, which is slightly anemic. but you make this ahead. on the day-of, turkey's resting. it rests for an hour. take your pan. i like to add a little bit of white wine. you don't have to. you can add some water. and here's a gravey separator. a fat separator. we're not going to use the fat today because we have a completely made gravy. but then, you add a little bit of liquid, leaving the fat in the fat separator. and scrape up the brown bits. once they're scraped up, we add our gravy. this would reduce a bit. you get the idea. this won't look so anemic. and you have the finished gravy, which marries the turkey and the
8:14 am
sauce. >> once you've served it and you have tons of leftovers. we have a question from carol in pennsylvania. can i freeze turkey? and what's the correct method? >> you have tons of leftovers. freeze it in the amounts that you want to use. first in plastic. then, in foil. and label it. there was another question about the precooking the turkey and reheating it hours later. no. >> don't reheat. >> you can reheat, but cook it completely through to begin with. don't partially cook it. >> another today question from twitter. what's the safest way to defrost the turkey if you have to do it quickly. >> fill up your sink with cold water. put the turkey, in the package, best side down. 30 minutes per pound. maybe you're having dinner tonight. late. maybe like 8:00. >> drink heavily while cooking. thanks so much. next, her friends called her a hero. find out how this amazing girl
8:15 am
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on this thanksgiving morning, we want to tell you about an 11-year-old girl who is pretty much fearless. she is a star gymnast with an extraordinary secret. eric johnson, from our affiliate, komo, has the story. >> reporter: she thinks of herself as just one of the kids. just another student at black hills gymnastics. lola walters is kind of a screwball. she's famous for her fashion walk. she's co-creator of a cool hand shake, too. but when you hear things like this -- >> she's a hero. >> reporter: and this. >> she's a hero to me. >> reporter: you take a closer look. and then, you realize, there is
8:20 am
something different about this girl. you can see it in her eyes. >> if you don't know about it, you can't really tell how hard it is. for me. >> reporter: the judges don't know it. other teams don't know it. some newer teammates don't even know it. but lola competes in the most visual of sports. and she is legally blind. when she looks at the bar, she doesn't niecely see blackness, she sees a mushy blur, with no depth perception, what is over. >> she can't tell if the bar is 5 feet away or 25 feet away. >> reporter: hers is a leap of faith. >> i'm pretty used to it. i know how far it is. and i know how far i have to jump to get there. >> reporter: so, every day, she takes that leap. lola doesn't seem to understand the guts it takes to do what she does. >> you can't tell that i'm legally blind. if i can do everything that everyone else can do, just as
8:21 am
easy. >> reporter: but, of course, it's not just as easy. lola falls more than most in her training. >> she will never, ever, never use it as an excuse. she works twice as hard as irv else. and i've seen her fall harder than everybody. and she will get up and go again, every, single time. >> reporter: her teammates know how hard it is for lola, because they know how hard it is for them, with perfect vision. and so, they make sure she never feels alone. >> i think about what i do because she's doing the exact same thing. and i think about doing it with my eyes shut. and i get scared to death. and i think that what lola does is very special. >> reporter: the vision and the depth perception, the constant quivering of the eyes make the balance beam her most challenging event. but there she is, on a four-inch piece of wood, giving everything. her teammates know the guts it takes for her to stand on that
8:22 am
beam. so, during a meet, their will becomes her will. and they face it with her. >> go, lola. >> reporter: and sometimes, they see the real essence of lola, not when she succeeds. but when she fails. it's a crushing, fall. but the girl is up in an instant, and back on the beam, finishing what she started. and imagine what the vault is like. the girl behind her tells her when it's her turn. lola runs head-long down a runway towards something she didn't even see, until it's right in front of her. that's lola. unstoppable. fearless. her mom watches it all. proud, you have no idea. >> even if i wasn't her mom, i would say she's one of the most amazing people i've ever known. >> i'd have to agree with her mother. what a kid. and check this out. she went to the bela karolyi
8:23 am
gymnastics camp. the famous gymnast. and nobody there knew she was legally blind. she's that good. >> she didn't want to tell people because she doesn't want to use it as a crutch. it's incredible. that vault. she's five feet away from it. >> can you imagine the beam? being on the beam with your eyes closed? >> i love this. picking up what you said not wanting to tell anybody. she says, i didn't want to tell anyone because they didn't need to know. sums it all up. >> a need-to-know basis. what a great lesson for holiday spirit. >> absolutely. coming up on the broadcast, we have more from the parades here in new york city, where cameron mathison is for us. and sam champion in philly. also, get ready to shop. black friday tomorrow. ay. [ elephant ] well, her mom spoke to the pediatrician who recommended new triaminic fever reducer syrup. [ dog ] so she'll feel better! [ elephant ] yes, it's a safe and effective way to help bring down a fever. [ monkey ] and we can have tea!
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live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you. i'm pamela brown. it is 8:27 on this thanksgiving thursday. joe has the traffic. >> we had a crash in damascus on 27 northbound number of 108. we were told the lanes were blocked at one point. it should be in the clearing stages, but expect the volume to be light. live on connecticut avenue northbound near east west highway, a minor crash. off in the distance, flashing lights.
8:28 am
not causing much of a problem. looking at the springfield interchange, things are moving smoothly. hov restrictions have been listed throughout most of the area. >> we do have some wet roadways, but they are drying out because the rain has come to an end for the most part across most of our viewing area. scattered around bowie and anne arundel county, one area just clipping that area and northwest d.c.. it is a cold rain. temperatures have stayed above freezing. we saw some sleet mixed in, but no issues out there. 41 in leesburg. cloudy for the rest of the day, temperatures climbing tonight come into the 50's by tomorrow morning. for the first half of the day, anticipate rain showers. sunny and cooler for the weekend. if you intend to do last- minute grocery shopping, expect
8:29 am
long lines. at the safely in georgetown, isles were packed. turkey prices were up 30% over last year. turkey prices were up 30% over last year. another news update at 8:56. more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
8:30 am
♪ good morning, america. you can see the parade route getting ready for the thanks giving day parade. i'm juju chang, here with dan harris. george and robin, of course, are with their families. and we'll be joining ours shortly. sam champion -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i can think of a lot worse ways to start the holiday than to be here with you. >> thank you. >> and all these nice people. >> we have a studio full of people, as well. people lining the parade route. >> a huge number of people out there today. >> exactly. and sam is in philadelphia, getting ready for their own parade. sam, how are you? >> good morning, juju, dan,
8:31 am
sharyn. we're on the parade route. and guess who i found. the most beautiful talented singer, dancer, brandy. >> hi. >> we're going to get the scoop on her since "dancing with the stars." we have a lot coming up. stay with us. cameron mathison is here in new york city, along the parade route. cameron, what's going on with you? >> we're moments away from the launch of the macy's day parade. a lot of energy. everybody's getting in position. i'm just waiting. hanging out with the stars, the balloons, the floats. >> looking good. coming up, beyoncbeyonce, aa title to her list of accomplishments. she directed a documentary, behind the scenes of her massive world tour. >> she looks fantastic. >> always. and sara moulton, we won't let her get far. she is going to give us a master class in turkey carving. she will also be donating a coat
8:32 am
this morning. hey, sara. >> well done. well done. now, she delivered to putting salt on the turkey. >> not quite the same. >> you, too, can go to your local burlington coat factory and donate. go to, to find out where the burlington stores are. and you can donate. >> we have a new tally. how many coats so far this year? here it is. 47,308. we do need more, though. keep them coming. >> i love the drumroll. it makes it festive. you know, during this season of giving, our friends at bloomingdale's has formed a program to support children in need. and dr. harold krof, a friend of mine is here this morning. joined by some of his friends, who are carrying lovely stuffed animals. harold, let me start with you. you dedicated your life to helping children with illness. >> it's the only institution in the united states that's
8:33 am
exclusively dedicated to child mental health. there's lots of places dedicated to cancer. but there's 50 million kids in the united states, who have a psychiatric or learning disorder, and most don't get treatment. so, the child mind institute is dedicated to reforming mental health care. these kids need to reach a full potential. >> these children are here with teddy bears to demonstrate that bloomingdale's is helping everyone take part. how? >> bloomingdale's is really the model corporate american. they have given us this little brown bear. and with it is a little story book, that jimmy buffett has done a forward on. every time you buy that, the proceeds go to the child mind institute to help us. >> i've never seen so many well-behaved children. >> site's because they're members of the child mind institute. >> they have too much turkey. >> and the other thing bloomingdale's has done for us, they will have an online auction for once in a lifetime-types of experiences. hang out with jimmy buffett
8:34 am
backstage. let annie leibovitz photograph your family. or better still, consider going to london for. >> thanks, guys, for being here. we have to check in with sam, who is at the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning. can i tell you, when you're this close to brandy, she's the most beautiful person in the world. you are gorgeous, lady. >> thank you. >> the last time we saw you on "dancing with the stars." you have a hot, new single. a brand-new album. you're one busy lady. >> i'm trying to be. i'm very, very inspired. "dancing with the stars" kicked off a new, you know, confidence and belief in myself. and i'm just looking forward to everything coming up. yeah. >> i'm -- i know. we're getting ready to go in a carriage, by the way, when you see the movement, there's a horse in front of us. i can say, you were my favorite. it was hugely disappointing to me when i watched that elimination. what do you want to say to the fans about that? >> i want to say to the fans
8:35 am
that i really appreciate the support. what i experienced, it was so great sharing with them. and it's great for people to vote and get behind you. that felt great. and the last time on the finale, you know, i just received so much love. and it's been great. running into people on the streets. like, you did so good. all that is very much appreciated. i love that. >> they are going to love you on this parade route, i'll tell you. already, fans have been swarming her. i've had to jump out of the way so you can get all of the pictures. you can see the flashes hitting her now. people are taking pictures of brandy. you're a superstar, my friend. we're going to get a little weather in before we get to the parade. quickly, we'll show you the map of the nation today. as you look at the country, there's a big storm in the middle of the country. incredible cold working into california. and, yes, even into the northeast. the bad weather hasn't gotten we have a few lingering areas of light rain, mainly in prince george's county, a few sprinkles out toward annapolis.
8:36 am
temperatures right around 40, all that weather was brought to you by meow mix. we're getting ready to take off in a carriage. new york has its own parade going on. cameron, what's going on there? >> we're getting very, very close, sam. less than 30 minutes away. you know we're getting close. we have snoopy in the air. kermit in the air. shouldn't you be in position by now? i'm just saying. i'm just saying. it's building, everybody. 3.5 million people expected out here. they're all piling on the sidewalks now. it's getting very exciting. and they should get to the position. dan? she's a singer, a dancer, an actress and a designer. she sold more than 136 million albums in her career. now, beyonce is taking on a
8:37 am
whole, new challenge, directing. you can see her documentary "beyonce, i am" world tour, tonight on abc. first, she gave an interview to cynthia mcfadden from "nightline." good morning. >> i'm going as the turkey this year. >> i think it looks great. >> my son is not so sure. beyonce has been in the public eye since she was 17. and yet, she has accomplished so very much. this time, the grammy winner was number nine on the "forbes questi"forbes'" women's list, behind michelle obama, who says beyonce is on her ipod. but who is that woman behind the fame? let's find out. ♪ don't forget it >> reporter: this is the beyonce you've seen. sizzling hot. ♪ all the single ladies >> reporter: beyond glamorous.
8:38 am
and in her new special, she takes us on her year-long, 32-country tour. but the superstar also, surprisingly, takes us behind the scenes, where the makeup and the costumes come off. >> it's bittersweet because i love my home. and i know i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: beyonce directed the documentary herself. you're not something someone come in and cut this. >> well, i can run final cut pro. but i prefer not to. >> reporter: what was the hardest one to show the rest of us? >> well, there's one moment, i remember being in china. i guess it was a bit lonely. so, i opened up my computer. and i just talked. >> sometimes, it's overwhelming. like, my talent, my gift, my family. >> reporter: so, what's your answer? >> i think i can't answer that. only god knows. but i can say that i respect it. and i don't take it for granted. ♪
8:39 am
>> reporter: some of the moments she shares are surprisingly raw. this is what she says about the toll the tour is taking. >> i'm just really upset that i don't have anyone that's concerned about my body and my well-being. >> reporter: you're saying i perform nine nights in a row. nobody cares about me. >> yeah. >> reporter: does it feel that way sometimes? >> i just felt -- was feeling sorry and bad. and i was, like, you know? i need rest. i need someone to say, stop. >> reporter: other moments are a little less serious. >> we made coffee. and i haven't had it for so long. it may taste heavenly. i want a pickle. >> reporter: this is how i ate when i was pregnant. you don't have anything you want to tell us, do you? >> no. no, i don't. this was shot a long time ago. >> reporter: there's nothing then? nothing now? >> no. >> reporter: it's just about every 30 days there's another
8:40 am
rumor. >> it is. and it's difficult. one day, i will decide to have a child. and i want people to be excited. and they're going to be, like, okay. whatever. she's been pregnant 25 times. ♪ i find myself >> reporter: beyonce's husband is, of course, rapper mogul, jay-z, who made a surprise appearance with her on the stage in london. ♪ it gets better >> reporter: how did that happen? you two had really done a lot to keep your careers sort of separate? >> it was great. he happened to be in london. i said, this is perfect. will you guys help me out? help a sister out. and they came through. >> reporter: the documentary gives us a glimpse into the fun side of being a diva on tour. and the not-so-fun. >> sometimes it feels like i have to walk with a permanent smile on my face. if i'm just normal and just walk
8:41 am
around, somebody might mistake me for a mean person. >> reporter: life, from the inside-out. beyonce singing the song, but not missing the message. ♪ >> beyonce told me she is living her dream. she's worked very hard for it. and she's enjoying it, too. this is the second time i sat down with beyonce, dan. and let me tell you. what a genuine pleasure it is to be with her. >> it's fun to watch you two together. you can kel there's some chemistry there. >> she's a great, young woman. and she's so on her game right now. >> thank you. beyonce's "world tour, "the television even
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ when black friday comes okay, tomorrow, it's black friday. it's, you know, the biggest sale day of the year. and our becky worley has worked her sources to create the ultimate deal-hunter's guide. and becky joins us from oakland. good morning, sweetie. >> good morning, juju. it's like my super bowl of sales. >> it is. and all that shopping is enough to give you indigestion after the food. but let's get right to it.
8:45 am
you found some deals like on flat-screen tvs. >> these are the door-busters. let's get to it. at target, a 42-inch westinghouse lcd, was $298 to $201. from walmart, a 32-inch emerson elc, that will save you $120. and from best buy, a 50-inch plasma panasonic, $699. that's a lot of screen real estate. >> those are jaw-dropping prices. i was shocked low cheaply you could get a bluray. >> they are internet connected. so, they can stream. the best deal at walmart. it's a magnavox. it was $118. it's $69, for those that grab one. >> streaming netflix on bluray. i was at walmart last night,
8:46 am
getting a video game. don't tell my kids. but walmart is where i found them. and that's where you found a lot of deals. >> the tvs and the bluray player i just mentioned. but at midnight tonight, they are putting zhu zhu pets on sale for $4. and they have the shark steam mop at $23, a $36 savings. and they have the wii bundle. the first time we're seeing the wii on sale. $199. and you can get the $50 card. or get the wii for $149. >> and we think of laptops as big-ticket items. but the way you found them, not so big-ticket. >> 2 15-inch, full laptops. the first from office depot, for $279. that's 200 bucks off. and from staples, $299 for an hp. that's a rebate. $299, that's a very good price. also at staple, i should mention.
8:47 am
they have a 20-inch wide-screen monitor. you get it for $99, 50 bucs off. >> all the people on our list, that are tech junkies, what do you have for them? >> some of the best deals. good ones from best buy. the nook, e-reader, normally $149. it will be 99 bucks at best buy tomorrow. logitech universal remote, $49. we debuted this when it was 199 bucks when we wokked at it, the blackberry torch, 49 bucks at best buy. >> we have to look at toys. what do toys "r" us have? >> they have $7 thingamajigs. and walmart has the lego tubs. such a deal. and amazon has diamond earrings on sale. $199, $300 savings. >> thanks, becky. if you weren't taking notes, it's all there on, to find out all of your black friday deals.
8:48 am
coming up next, now the of your black friday deals. coming up next, now the turkey's cooked, now more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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♪ help i need somebody ♪ i love that turkey laughing noise. i will admit, i am actually reasonably useless in the kitch
8:51 am
kitchen. by reasonably useless, i mean completely useless. sara moulton is here to show us how to carve the turkey. >> first, i take out the wishbone. it's right there. take it out. it is really important to help you get the breast off later on. step one. step two, we're going to cut between the leg/thigh joint. i'm going to let you keep going. >> okay. >> until you get to the point where you pop the joint. >> cutting along the seam there. >> you push a little bit. it will pop out. juju, you are in charge of the breast. go ahead. we're going to carve down on either side of the breastbone, until you get to there. >> i always subcontract this out to a man. >> no. this works well. you're doing great. listen. woman-power. >> and big props to sharyn. >> to sharyn, we move on to you. after you get the breast off -- the reason we do this. you can carve it right on there. it's so much easier than trying to carve it on the bird. one thing i wanted to say that we didn't get to say before --
8:52 am
look. you're doing very -- >> i tried a little diagonal. >> i wanted to say that the turkey should rest for at least a half an hour. and will stay rip-roaring hot for a whole hour. just covered loosely with foil. >> but take it out of the oven, so it won't continue to cook. >> get it out of the oven. let it sit on the counter. >> that's what i always tell people. >> and all of the juices will come out. that's the second-most important thing. >> look how nicely you carved that. >> good for you, juju. >> what's with the man talk then? >> exactly. clearly. >> i need you to cut right between these two. let's see. >> dan has just been schooled by the two women. >> welcome to my life. >> i'll show you where you want to go. it's where it attaches. right there. >> you're saying manually. >> just to see where you're going. >> okay. >> now, you cut right through there. >> the key to carving, is don't send anyone to the e.r.
8:53 am
>> never apologize. and never explain. >> everything you meant to do, you meant to do. even if you burned it. then, it's pizza time. >> green gravy? >> i think you need a chain saw. are you sure? >> you can see the leg/thigh joint right there. we'll go on this side of it. maybe it's a little undercooked. >> i feel vindicated. >> personal with that turkey. >> this is incredibly useful. we appreciate it. we should tell the audience, by the if they want last-minute answers to their questions, go on >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back in just a minute. >> don't panic. don't panic.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
and a huge shoutout to sam and to cameron for bringing us the fun and the adventures of the thanksgiving parades. >> they did a great job out there today. >> and we wish you and your loved ones the very best. >> special thanksgiving microphone. tomorrow, leftover tips.
8:57 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you and happy thanksgiving. at 8:56, and pamela brown. here is joe conway with traffic. >> on the capital beltway, you are looking for a crash on the inner loop, traffic heading away from us on the right. it should be out of the roadway, but at one point we were told the roadway was blocked. -- the ramp was blocked. southbound toward us, expect to find volume light. a traffic crash there may be out of the roadway. southbound 28 as you approach route 50 in chantilly, police are there with an accident. >> we have some damp roadways, but the main showers have pushed off to the east out of baltimore, in and around annapolis. cloudy for the rest of the day,
8:58 am
temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow, temperatures will climb in the first half of the day. we'll have some rain, then some clearing closer to sunset. it will be cool. we are talking morning temperatures in the 20's to near 30 degrees. despite sunshine, only in the upper 40's. an active weather pattern by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you so much. it is a busy morning from hundreds of local volunteers in northwest d.c., preparing thousands of thanksgiving meals that will be delivered to people with hiv, aids, cancer, and other diseases in d.c., maryland, and virginia. we will be back at noon. the thanksgiving day parade is up next.
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