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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 18, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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conroy had three field goals in the win last week. the longest of which was 50 yards. his career long. kirk cousins has hit his last 11 passes. he's got 139 and all his time-outs to work with. cousins with time. fires in the middle of the field. at his tight end, gantt. and that's a first down for the spartans. >> todd: the clock will stop while they reset the chains. as a quarterback, this is the situation that you live for. this is what you dream about, leading your team down the field, tie ball game, under 1:30 for a game-winning opportunity. >> brad: remember last year it went awry when kirk threw an interception late in the game. here he's going to eat one back at the 21 yard line. and that was a train wreck from the get-go right there.
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>> todd: that was bad. all receivers covered. and all rushers unblocked. >> brad: that's a bad combination. >> todd: protect the football. and protect yourself. >> brad: third sack. of cousins on the night. so down to two time-outs for michigan state. 1:10 left. they know they'd like to get it down and try to win in regulation. but worst-case scenario, go to overtime. >> todd: i think you think that even more so as the home team. you're a home team, taking the game to overtime, you like your chances a little bit better than if you're the visiting team. maybe you're a little more aggressive as the visitor trying to get the win before you would get to overtime. kirk cousins has to be very smart with the football right now. >> brad: he's got nichol, cunningham, martin and fowler as his wide receivers on second down and 18.
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you'd like to get a chunk back, they will. a flag down in the backfield. got it back across the original line of scrimmage. but here's the penalty. >> referee: holding, offense, 59. ten-yard penalty. replay first down. second down. >> brad: tenth penalty suffered by michigan state. and it's d.j. young, the left tackle. >> todd: another costly penalty. now it puts you in a really difficult position if you're michigan state. if you run the football here, notre dame's got three time-outs. they're going to use time-outs to save as much time to get the ball back. and the penalties now have pushed you back so that the field position situation is swinging towards notre dame significantly right now. >> brad: 60 seconds left in regulation. 28-28. michael floyd, kyle rudolph.
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>> referee: time-out, notre dame. >> brad: on the notre dame sideline, hoping to get the ball back before this one's over. notre dame takes its first time-out. don't forget, coming up next week in primetime on abc, number 25, oregon state, visits number three, boise state on the blue turf. kickoff at 8:00 eastern time next saturday. primetime on abc. "gameday" will be out there as well. so you can start your day and end your day at boise state next week. rogers against kellen moore. had another big day today. that might be the only hurdle left in the path of boise state. who knows? oregon state can be an electrifying team. but it's a tough place to go out there and play. one minute left. each team with two time-outs.
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the bad news for michigan state courtesy of that holding penalty, second down and about two miles. bell is behind cousins, and he'll get the call. and he is stood up in the hole. maybe got a yard, that's it. >> todd: there's the run and there's the quick time-out by notre dame. i don't know why they called the time-out right before this play. >> referee: time-out, notre dame. second of the half. 30-second time-out. >> todd: the clock was stopped because of the penalty and an incomplete pass. but anyway. >> brad: third down and 27. there aren't a lot of plays in the playbook to pick up that. you just want to eat up as much time as you can and hope notre dame runs out of time. no wonder the return of "modern family" is the most anticipated
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return of the season. "modern family" to return. it's wednesday at 9:00/8:00 central part of "red carpet premiere week." we've had a great game between notre dame and michigan state for the 74th time. cousins on third and 27. flushed out of the pocket. he's over the line of scrimmage, i think, as he throws it away. flags down. >> todd: well, if he wasn't over the line, there were some offensive linemen that were over the line for sure. >> todd: could have a couple calls here. i want to go back and correct myself. i said notre dame didn't have to call time-out. they did. after the penalty was marked off, the clock was going to start again. so they had to stop the clock. and they did it twice. now, this time it was an incomplete pass.
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so they won't restart the clock. >> referee: illegal four pass. offense. number 8. he went across the line of scrimmage, came back, passed the ball, loss of down. five-yard penalty. fourth down. >> brad: that black line is the line of scrimmage. and kirk cousins is trying to find a place to go with that football. >> brad: so n . >> todd: now notre dame still has one time-out left. the decision to punt on the last fourth down, flip the field, and at least gives dayne crist and their offense a chance to get in position. >> brad: aaron bates is in his own end zone. set to punt. and now the spartans readjust their front and their protection. this is a nice kick. it could be returnable.
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it is from the 39. now the flag comes in. illegal block in the back. lo wood, i think, is the guilty party. he tried to get in front of the guy trying to make the tackle. and he just couldn't get him around. and so there goes some of the good field position. >> todd: we've seen some costly penalties. >> referee: illegal block in the back. on the return team, number 23. ten-yard penalty from the spot of the infraction. first down. >> brad: here you see it, number 23, and he's trying to put the brakes on. oh, he barely touched him. >> todd: yeah. when in doubt, clear out. you know what i mean? don't even be around it close enough to get that call. there wasn't much contact. but the guy who made the call from the far away, it looked like an illegal block. the net result, 59 yards for
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michigan state. a 49-yard punt, 10-yard penalty, and notre dame now back inside their own 30 yard line. >> brad: after seeing that again, i don't think that was a penalty, but it was a penalty. i just don't think it was a foul. the flag had flown. flying down the field in a half minute to try and set up their field goal kicker. in at quarterback, dayne crist. deep middle, overshot everybody. closest man is marcus hyde, number 11. >> todd: did you see worthy? he guessed on the snap count and ran right over top of the center, braxston cave. and i think that affected the pass. he just drove right over top of the center and got back into the way of dayne crist and forced the high throw. >> brad: i know one thing, crist had to bend over to get that snap. he took his eyes off the field. there's no doubt about that. notre dame, only one time-out
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remaining. 27 seconds remaining in regulation. split draw. armando allen. he's cut down after he got about five. and now it's starting to look more and more like an overtime situation in east lansing. and brian kelly knows it, and he puts his play sheet away and says, okay. let's do this a little bit longer. the game's been great. now somebody's going to win it in overtime. who will it be? michigan state or notre dame? end of regulation. 28-28. i don't think you want to go anywhere. host: could switching to geico really
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abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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>> brad: well, the captains are coming back out on the field for the coin toss as we head to overtime on our "saturday night football" presented by southwest airlines. notre dame, 28, michigan state, 28. if you wondered, has there been an overtime in this series that goes back 112 years, yes. the last time, 2005. michigan state won, 44-41, at south bend. >> referee: welcome to overtime. we went over the rules and regulations with your coaches. so home team, visitors, you may call it in the air. marine corps emblem is tails. american flag is heads. what's your call? >> tails. >> referee: the call is tails. it is heads. michigan state. >> we'll defer and play defense first. >> referee: okay. you want to play defense. >> yes. >> referee: you're going to go on offense. which end of the field?
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this end of the field? okay. michigan state has won the toss. they'd like to go on against. notre dame will be on offense. we'll play at the north end of the stadium. >> brad: so overtime, each team gets a shot. as you take a look at the rules. we already got the toss. each team with one possession at the 25 yard line. till a winner is decided. you've got to go for a two-point conversion starting with the third overtime. the coin toss, it almost seems to me, is the most important play of overtime. because now you know. and if the first team gets a field goal, you've got to go for a touchdown or field goal. >> todd: i thought both teams chose the right decision. notre dame chose to go to this end away from the student section, a smaller end zone section. so the right decision by both teams here to start overtime. >> brad: we had a great second half. if you're just joining us, it
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was 7-7 at halftime. the third quarter was a lot of electricity. we had four 70-yard-plus drives between the two teams. and then one more touchdown in the fourth quarter by each. and now we start overtime at spartan stadium. empty backfield. allen's going to trot back there and blank dayne crist. the throw is high and incomplete. intended for riddick. >> todd: that ball looked like it got tipped or something. it kind of came out of there funny. i don't know if it came out of his hand funny or it got tipped. but the ball didn't look right when it got to the receiver. >> brad: there you go. >> todd: it did. >> brad: it was jerel worthy, a change of trajectory of that ball. second down and ten. floyd, in a slot on the right side. he'll keep it on the ground.
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allen weaving his way. took a big shot as he got about six yards, maybe seven, on the carry. >> todd: a nice bit of punting because he had to kind of pick and weave his way through there. didn't look like he had much. he ended up getting seven. >> brad: third down and three. spartan defense trying to force a field goal attempt. allen will flush out of that backfield. crist, quick throw. rudolph is decked. short of a first down. what a hit by chris l. rucker. >> todd: well, michigan state, pat narduzzi, the defensive coordinator, they were pretty confident the ball was going to go to rudolph in that situation. they like to throw that flat route to him a lot. and they hit him high and didn't allow him to go forward for the first down. >> brad: david ruffer's hit nine
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straight field goals. 9 of 9 on his career. 4 for 4 so far this season. a 33-yard field goal attempt by the irish to try to take the lead. kick on the way. and it's good. as we said, now michigan state knows what they need. >> todd: really beautiful defense by michigan state on third down. they expected rudolph to catch it. they love to run the little quick flare. watch how high rucker went for the tackle. he wasn't going to hit him low and allow the big tight end to fall forward for the first down. he went high, knocked him backwards and forced the field goal attempt. >> brad: now the spartan offense will head out there, knowing they need three to second it to a second overtime. a touchdown wins it.
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>> todd: last year kirk cousins had his team in a position. they're going to go wildcat. no, they're not. he's under center. had his team many position with 57 seconds left, threw an interception on a second down play to seal the win for notre dame. >> brad: ledge, he's perfect in the second half. 12 for 12. here he is on a pitch. and a loss. edwin baker. smith made a nice stop. so the spartans put themselves in a long-yardage situation on second down with that opening run. >> todd: yeah, this was a good play by brian smith. they were trying to crack back on him, and he knew it. he got across the line of scrimmage. you see cunningham coming into the screen? he was going to crack back on the linebacker. and brian smith felt it and read it and got across the line and made the play before the block could get to it. >> brad: over 900 yards of total offense. notre dame leading in overtime
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by three. michigan state, second down and 11 now. cousins. quick drop. pump fake. now he's going to take off with it. got a blocker in front. he got inside the 40. >> todd: good coverage by gary gray, number 4. they tried to go for the touchdown with a little pump fake and out and up. and gary gray did not get fooled. they thought they could beat him with the move and get the touchdown and leave the stadium winners. and gary gray didn't bite on it. >> brad: he got some valuable yardage back after that lost yardage on the first play. the scramble got him inside the 20. where it's third down and five. the only thing that could mess things up right now is making a critical error. what they want to do is pick up five yards. if they have to, they'll kick the field goal and go to a second overtime. cousins. that's the kind of problem they didn't want. fleming and smith combine on the
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stop. fourth sack. and now dan conroy, number 4, standing right next to his coach. it's all on him. >> todd: he made a 50-yarder last week against florida atlantic, but that was ford field, indoors, up in detroit. >> brad: this is going to be a 46-yard field goal attempt. to try to send it to a second overtime. conroy. it's a fake. bates is going to throw. touchdown! michigan state wins it in overtime! the call of the year!
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those two smiles say it all. one's a happy smile, and one's a, are you kidding me, you called that? wow! aaron bates to charlie gantt. i know we're only three weeks into the season, but if you see any more guts than that the rest of the year, give me a call. wow! let's go down to holly. >> holly: you just have a big grin on your face right now. how much difficulty was it to make that decision? >> well, we had an inexperienced kicker. and it was a long kick. we said hey, let's go. by the way, the name of that play is little giants. >> holly: little giants indeed. what did coach kelly say? he just complimented you on the call. >> yeah, he said gutsy call. we've executed all week long, to
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it was the right time, obviously. >> holly: coach, thanks. >> have a great night, guys. >> brad: going to be a pretty good night for mark dantonio. little giants, this is a giant of a play. >> todd: here's charlie gantt. he's going to get hung up in here and then release. the holder, aaron bates, is a senior. he was a former high school quarterback at john glenn high school in ohio. and he throws a perfect throw to a wide-open receiver. when a guy is that open, don't try to lead him, throw it right at him. what a way to end this ball game. >> brad: little giants, big results. wow! >> todd: thursday's practice, we weren't allowed to go in and watch till 4:30. practice started at 3:30. they worked on that play while we were watching film. that was a new one. >> brad: that was something special on a special night. a night game at spartan stadium. and it is a happy night.
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final score, 35-31. that's going to wrap it up for todd blackledge, holly rowe and our entire crew, brad nessler saying so long from east lansing, michigan. spartans win it. captions by vitac after that thrilling finish, we go back to our studio, robert flores with the post-game report. robert, you won't see many like that. welcome to the "ford wrap-up show." texas against texas tech as they came calling to lubbock, a place they lost two seasons ago costing them a trip to the bcs national title game. this game was tight until gilbert garrett hooked up with matthews. that completed a long drive. texas beats texas tech, 24-14. the reigning heisman trophy winner mark ingram saw his first
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action of 2010, and it was impressive. five carries, 151 yards. fewest carries by a back to 150 yards in 5 years. arkansas gets alabama next week. they beat georgia. tied at 24-24. malick to greg childs. childs, please. arkansas rolls, 31-24. boise state beats up wyoming, 51-6. meantime, number 25, oregon state, beat louisville, 35-28. next saturday, boise state and oregon state. primetime on abc. thanks for watching the "ford wrap-up." [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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a fight between a couple turns deadly. how drive down a peaceful suburban st. turns violent for virginia husband and wife. plus, breaking news in the investigation into the alleged. -- alleged plot against pope, and dangerous storms. it who is trying to get out ahead of hurricane igor's path. captioned by the national captioning institute a virginia couple is dead tonight after a bizarre chain of events that began with them writing down a quiet suburban street, finishing with a violent argument and gunfire. richard reeve has the latest. >> behind me is their home.
11:59 pm
it was here back in june that the police arrived to arrest mr. bates of assault and battery against his wife. today, they were together, a tragic ending. outside of their home, there is a note and yellow ribbon that reads, "we love you, jenny." >> you don't know people, i guess. >> the neighbor was shocked to hear the police reports that robert gamñ?ñ?ates shot his wifd turned the gun on himself. >> i guess they were having problems. >> around 7:30 saturday morning, they pulled into this montclair neighborhood. >> some kind of confrontation was going on. >> from his bedroom window, he heard the argument, saw jennifer bates jump out, her husband in pursuit. >> the driver broke out the gun. >> another neighbor, a federal officer, talked to bates, now armed with a handgun, and tried to intervene. >> why did you do that, she
12:00 am
said, call 911. >> the neighbor got away. minutes later, he was calling the police when bates shot himself. jennifer bates died later at the hospital. >> this is a very peaceful neighborhood. it's sad. >> the shooting comes after their arrest. an emergency protection order barring contact between the two had recently expired. >> unfortunately, you cannot do anything unless they are willing to leave. >> the police may never know what transpired in those final moments. they believe that the street was just a random choice with no connection to the couple until their last final tragic moments. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> in recent months, neighbors say there was tension about child custody and other issues. jennifer bates was the mother of
12:01 am
three boys. police are searching for a man who shot and killed a young woman in the back of the car after a night out on the town. john gonzalez reports that the police are trying to figure out if she was the victim of a stray bullet or targeted. >> the d.c. police got a call saturday morning of a woman shot in the head while sitting in a car in southeast. tonight, detectives call led an assault with intent to kill, but the question it is, was the gunman tried to kill her or someone else? what was supposed to be the end of a fun night for ashley mcrae ended in tragedy. >> she was a nice person. >> she had been out with friends at a dance club. they were dropping people often southeast d.c., miles from her columbia heights apartment, when a fight broke out. >> if they brought my baby home first, she would have been here with me today. >> it is believed that the male
12:02 am
friends got out and began fighting on the street. at least one shot was fired, striking the young passenger in the head while she watched from the back seat. i am >> still shocked. i cannot believe this has happened. i don't know the words to express. >> family friends say the booker t. washington graduate had just enrolled at the university and started working at a well-known clothing store, commander salamander, in georgetown. >> she was the boss of everything. >> she used to write poems. she was the life of the party. >> she died of the violent crime, just feet from a church, where hours later children play. her grieving mother is pleading for witnesses to come forward. >> please contact the nearest police. them after the shot was fired through the car, the groups scattered. detectives are trying to figure out if the young female was
12:03 am
targeted and if perhaps the problem started at the dance club where she was friday night. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. breaking news from london, where six people accused of plotting an attack on the pope were freed. this afternoon, 20,000 protesters rallied during what was supposed to be a celebration. the pope responded to the sex abuse crisis and the church, personally apologizing to five victims who were molested by priests. police are naming the man who pointed the gun at u.s. capitol officers on friday, identified as john wheeler jr. of suitland maryland. the police say he a gun at u.s. capitol officers just blocks away from the capitol complex friday morning and refused to drop his weapon. that is when the police were forced to shoot him. he is being treated at the hospital.
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he is facing numerous charges. a man accused of killing at chandra levy is trying to keep a medical expert of the stand next month. the witness is expected to say that the congressional intern was straggled back in 2001, but ingmar guandique's defense attorney said that would be unconstitutional testimony since the remains were never independently examined. on the key has pled not guilty to the murder. -- ingmar guandique has pled not guilty to the murder. president obama compared the economy to a car that has been driven in the ditch and that republicans are not equipped to fix the problem. >> you are not pushing fast enough, hard enough. finally we get the car out of the ditch. it is back on the road. we get it on the shoulder, they say we want the keys back. we tell them, you can have the keys back, you don't know how to drive. -- you cannot have tey


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