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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 25, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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just moments away, the winter storm makes its way up the east coast. >> a back-to-back blasts for parts of the northeast. we will check of the conditions on the ground. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you join us at an early 4:30. we are on storm watch before you today. >> let's get right to brian van de graaff. so far, pretty good.
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it is snowing but it melts before hits the road. >> the temperatures on the road surfaces are above freezing. the air temperature is also above freezing. we are in snow machine mode. you can see precipitation. it is mostly falling as snow. 34 at angers. 36 in southern maryland. it is above freezing. -- 34 at angers. there are some flurries up near frederick and areas north and west. -- 34 at andrews. it is pushing the energy northward. people saw it will probably beat phadelphia up to new york city as this storm gets going. a big deep coastal low will develop off to our north and east. we have been talking about the
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potential for some snow. we will see some clearing. tonight, we will see some changes as far as another round of snow coming through. we do have a winter weather advisory. we were downgraded down through st. mary's. the rest of the area is not under an adviser. it runs until 9:00 this morning. a little bit of clearing 3 feet midday. then the wind will pick up. 25-35 sustained winds. this storm will get going. as it passes us, the precipitation will be quite light. we may get some clearing. the clouds roll back in tonight. another round of light snow tonight into tomorrow. to story is the wind, not so much with the snow.
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>> i was watching closely to their radar that brian had up there. over on the eastern shore. there was a serious crash on the chesapeake bay bridge. he spent span has been closed for abt an hour. the eastbound span will be closed for possibly another hour because i have to document this crash. they set up to this way traffic. if very serious accident on the eastern side of town america as far as 95, in good shape between richmond and baltimore. we'll show you the pace on 95. we're looking at the conditions on the roadway. philip decent for us. wet pavement. -- they look at decent for us. we will house more on the traffic side. we will update the bay bridge. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. the high wind is the major
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concern for people across the metro area. the heavy snow knocked out power to 500,000 people from the last storm. courtney robinson continues our storm watch coverage. >> this time, it is not the snow but the higwind expected. it could knock down trees and brain power lines with them. >> i do think it will be a problem if you wind is strong. >> montgomery county's entire fleet is ordering the roads. roughly four under thousand pepco users lost power during the last blizzard. -- roughly 400,000 pepco users were lost power. >> you could not do anything. >> they are bracing again. this time they hope the lights
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do not go out. >> we just hope for the best. we are ready for spring. >> we do have important safety information. make sure you have batteries, blankets, nonperishable food, and bottled water. operate generators outside. make sure your cell phone is charged. if you do have downed power lines, never try to touch or move them. crews have been hard to work in northern virginia. more than 600 vdot trucks have been treating the roads. that number will increase to about 1000 trucks by 8:00. tree crews will clear fallen limbs. metro is ready for another round of winter.
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employees have stays equipment and personnel to prepare for the weather. access service could be impacted as they are only as reliable as road conditions allow. the storm is on track to cause the most problems north and east of the district. pamela brown has more from springfield. >> drivers in virginia are growing weather weary. >> it has been an experience this whole snow event. >> another batch of snow and wind is moving to our area. transportation officials are treating interstates -- they're not treating interstates with salt because it would just be washed away. even one to three inches of snow could cause problems for your morning commute. >> three hours with traffic.
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>> officials are concerned about massive wind gusts, toppling trees onto power lines and roads. >> i do think it will be a problem if you wind is strong. the northeast is really from yesterday's storm. parts of new york state were hit with nearly two feet of snow. there will be more there today. we will have a live report on how that is impacting air travel. we will be on top of a storm all morning long. we will bring you school closings and delays. you can check the forecast on our website, 34 deges. >> a deadly killer will attack at an orlando aquarium and it all happened in front of a live audience.
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>> major safety changes coming to metro. >> what does the storm have in store for us? adam will have
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welcome back. 4:40. we're looking at the backups because of the bay bridge being closed. this is because of an accident there. you can see at this early hour some significant delays in that region. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is in largo with the latest on the conditions there. >> it is not coming down too much. are seeing a light mixture of rain and snow. it is difficult to say in the camera because it is so light.
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we're talking up to an inch and those are really lucky spots. otherwise it just wet. the ground and the roads are wet. just wet. a little bit of road spray. temperatures are still up there. we're in the mid 30's in most spots. we are at largo. 34 degrees. 100% relative humidity. we're hovering a little bit above freezing at most reporting stations. this is the snow machine mode. we have some light snow near gaithersburg, damascus, mount airy. even down in calvert, st. mary's county. most of the snow is well off to our east and points north toward from there. the big story is going to be the
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wind. let's go to the storm scan. we have an area of low pressure over new england. and the low pressure is also down from north carolina and rapidly strengthening. it will merge with the system from the top of the screen. you wind will pick up. you'll notice the win gusts outside. we will experience wind gusts up to 45, maybe 50 miles per hour. we have some light snow here and there. not a big deal. the big story will be the wind. the ground is saturated. it doesn't hold the roots of trees well. with high wind gusts, it is easier for the wind to toppled trees and knocked off branches and ta out some power lines. that will be the big story
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today and into tomorrow. this storm is a lingering around. this one will hang around for a little bit. it looks wet to may. >> i was thinking about the wind you were talking about. -- it looks wet suit me. >> we see the storm on the eastern side of town. -- it looks wet to me. the eastbound span of the bay bridge is closed. this camera is not broken. all those headlights are just waiting. authorities say they have set it up for two-way travel. one lane to the far right is open in both directions. they leave that center lane for a period -- believe that settle in free. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43, 34 degrees.
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crushed tragedy strikes at sea world. a killer whale attacks and experienced trainer. it is not the first time. >> the storm leads to a number of canceled flights. i will clue
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and having had this experience, i feel like i have finally had my say. susan g. komen for the cure, the global leader of the breast cancer movement. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. old man winter is taking a second shot of parts of the northeast. the first round dropped more than a foot from massachusetts to pennsylvania. there could be problems for air travel. stephen tschida has the story. good morning.
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all right. we just lt that. we will try to give back to him. we will take the tapes portion of that report. >> the storm hit new york. it comes at least a foot in parts of the ste. more than two feet of snow in albuquerque. a snow emergency remains in effect. hundreds of schools across the northeast are closed. a sloppy stretch of snow and rain blanketed parts of new england. it caused power outages. west of boston got hit by 15 inches. it is snow mixed with rain. the very heavy price. some folks say it feels like mud. powerful gusty winds knocked out power to thousands of homes. people arriving here at reagan
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national airport are arriving to some bad news. a number of flights are already canceled. most of the canceled flights to extend from cleveland used to new york. if you plan to head out this morning, check with your carrier before you head to the airport. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. investigators want to know about the crash worthiness of metro will cars. 1/4 of the train cars in the system are over 30 years old. they are set to be replaced. it was learned despite warnings not to do so, metro replaced track circuit equipment with another of manufacturers parts. the president of toyota said there's no problems with the electronics of toyota vehicles. akio toyoda said there is no
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connection between the electronics and the sudden acceleration. the company is installing brake pedals a case of unintended acceleration >>. chrysler is encouraging owners of minivans to replace crash sensors to help to control air bags. they can crack and felt in the 2005 and 2006 town and country models. these replacements can beone at the dealership. this is not an actual recall. president obama will hold a summit on health care at blair house. it will be televised. four topics are on the agenda -- cost-containment, expanding coverage, and the impact of
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health-care legislation on deficit reduction. fans were horrified after a will attacked and killed a veteran trainer at sea world. dawn brancheau was grabbed by the waist and pulled into the water and quietly thrashe about. >> they told us the wells were supposed to do the splashing in the front. -- they told us the whales were supposed to do the splashing in the front. >> seaworld says because of this size, trainers or not supposed to get into the water with the whale. closing arguments are supposed to begin tomorrow in a street racing incident. prosecutors say two men were racing when one car and struck and killed eight cars. >> thank you. 4:50.
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it sounds like they're days of playing in the driveway is. marilyn spots clemson 15 points and then the game begins. we have the highlights from this game. >> we have another check of traffic and weather. we have big problems if you're heading eastbound on the chesapeake bay bridge. it is going nowhere.
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welcome back. 4:53 on this thursday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. the big problem spot right now is the bay bridge. >> what is going on there? >> there is an accident on the eastbound span. a serious crash. talk to the toll authorities.
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the have to document this crash. this camera is not broken. these people have just been sitting still. you can see westbound traffic going by. eastbound span is closed and will remain closed until 5:15, 05 o'clock 30. they have set up to with traffic. that is a lot of drivers to use a single lane in both directions. i want to go to rockville. we're looking at the wet pavement. that is a great leap into brian van de graaff. >> it is damp. c numbers well above the freezing mark. 32 -- we see numbers well above the freezing mark. light snow down through southern maryland where temperatures are in the middle 30's. let's go over to the storm scan. we had onerea of low pressure.
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it is moving away. a new one is free energizing and it will all come together to make a whopper of a storm. we will be on the edge of this storm. it will be a big impact with heavy wind. temperature-wise, some are at or below freezing. just be careful. it is frozen. winter storm warnings to the west. we have an advisory until 9:00 a.m. for points is were pricked up to an inch of accumulation. there is some clearing and down through central virginia. after we get through thi morning, we will see some sunshine. the storm is pressure by with light precipitation. it will do a loop and we will have another shot at some snow tonight and then it will kickoff to the north and east. a little bit of clearing.
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windy at times. notice the blue to the south of us. nothing major. the wind is the big deal. it will cost up to 50 miles per hour. snow developing tonight into tomorrow morning. flurries all throughout the weekend. fleury chances both days. next week looks calm. these wins will be howling. how long will the national polls continue to ignore maryland? no team in the acc has been them at home. here is out they kept the streak intact. >> a gutsy performance by maryland. the word down early. they fought back and come away with a win. eric hayes launches a dagger.
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watch him from beyond the arc. thats good. it wasn't his best game. greivis vasquez came up big when his team needed him. he finishes. clemson closed within five. shaun mosley. a great game for williams. it is good. maryland beat clemson. the wizards at the phone both welcome the struggling grisliest. the grizzlies jumped out ft. watch nick young. he finishes with authority. in the fourth quarter, rudy de was money. watch the jumper. he had 20. -- rudiy gay was money. >> close one. thank you. 4:57. the news continues at 5:00.
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>> a last ditc effort to revive the health-care overhaul bill. we will have a preview. >> i am courtney robinson live in rockville. this weather has cruised concerned about power outages. we will tell you what they are saying. >> we are live in the weather center. it is about the wind. maybe up to 50 miles per hour.
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