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tv   ABC World News Saturday  ABC  February 6, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> live and in hd. this is the stormwatch 7 special report. >> we are coinuingur stormwatch coverage. you're looking at live pictures of a i-395. it has been about as clear as it has been. >> it looks clear, but we have sub-freezing temperatures upon us that could get worse throughout the night. r chief meteorologist is joining us. >> the storm is getting colder. the storm scan shows the storm is out in the atlantic ocean. the storm accelerates out to sea and the snow is out of our area. we are seeing clearing skies and falling temperatures. the national weather service reports the total at reagan national airport is 17.6 inches.
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it moves us into the fourth largest snowstorm in washington rather -- weather records. we had totals of 30 inches in ashton. 25 inches annandale. 26 inches in chesapeake beach . you can see how high the snow is. it is up above the knees and the sun was breaking through the clouds. with the clearing skies, falling temperatures and a solid freeze are our next concern. i think lansdown was close to 30 inches. our next weather story, with all of the snow, gradual clearing with a solid freeze tonight. 7 to 17. it means the water that exists
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on roadways or in the snow will freeze solid. will not be squishy anymore. it will be solidly frozen. that will cause issues as well. we will take another look at weather conditions in just a minute. >> it means that temperatures may take a while longer for the chemicals to actually take effect. be careful and stay off the roads. >> johnny gonzales is taking a look at the road conditions and laurel. are things starting to freeze? >> absolutely. the snow has stopped, but it is extremely cold. the plows did such a good job earlier trying to get all of the mix of slush and powdery snow off of route one. but we have a situation where they can no longer do anything. it is just ice. that is route 1.
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it is an ice sheet right now. plows cannot do anything about that. we have not seen them come through here for a good hour or hour and a half because they cannot do anything about this right now. with temperatures dipping lower, it is going to get worse. let's look at the lights out there. look at the icicle. we have been having a lot of power outages throughout the d.c. area. take a look at this. look at the transformer. look at the power lines. it is all eyes. that was not like that a couple of hoursgo. -- it is all ice. look at how frozen it is. we have a neighborhood. on top of the price -- the ice, another problem is that the roads are not possible. it is going to be that way for
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several days. >> i am so glad you observed those icicles were not out there. we have been talking to you from some locations for some time. we did not see ice like that and it seems like it came up quickly. >> absolutely. we were so excited earlier tuesday -- once the snow stopped, once the sun hid, if not bitter cold -- it got bitter cold. we showed you the icicles. it is really cold. we have so many businesses back here. this is a very busy area. it is shut down. a lot of businesses say they will not be open until monday. even though the snow is gone, there is still a lot of cleanup
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and the aftermath is serious. >> it sounds like your microphone is trying to shut down. good work out there. john gonzales reporting live. >> we take a look at the road conditions. it is freezing temperatures. the ice is formed. does this change how you treat the roads? >> we put down more salt now. we have been mainly plowing for the last 12 hours because there is so much snow that the assault was not effected. will -- that the salt was not effective. we want to get it down to a pavement. that is what we're focused on. the salt will help with that. >> did you get a job of getting neighborhoods cleared out?
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>> we always try to do that. we have trucks that focus on residential streets. we have not been able to do that as much as we would like. we do try to -- we do not always wait until we have the major roads done before we get to the residentials. we drove through capitol hill and at looks like most of the streets had had at least one plow if not more. we need to go back and do more work, but we have already done some in the neighborhoods. >> when you have so much snow, there are only so many places you can put it. the snow is blocking where people park. >> i feel for people. i had to dig my own car out today. i noticed a car parked here that is snowed in. there is nothing we can do about it. if we get all of the snow off
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the road and get some lanes opened up, the snow has to go somewhere. on the main roads, when we have a chance to catch our breath, which will move that snow out to -- will move out that snow. there will be a lot of digging for anybody who's car is covered in snow. a plow may come by and put snow between the car and the road. >> this question has been nagging me as we watch the front end loaders. where did you take the snow? >> i believe -- where we take it is a lot at the old d.c. general hospital. that is where we take this no -- the snow. there are some chemicals and a lot of salt mix in.
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we do not a bit in the river. we let mother nature take care of it. >> does it get dumped in the potomac was one of my questions. >> i feel for them. you can almost hear person -- people cursing their names because of the snow. they are doing what they can. >> let's get to our richard reeve, standing by. >> i may be frozen in place, but at least the snow has stopped. as doug hill mentioned, it is getting colder out here. there is the constant concern of the roads, they may freeze up. take a look at connecticut avenue in chevy chase. it is obtaining that find sheen that we all dread. the icing process has started.
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we are locked -- a little behind john gonzales in laurel. this was -- this is a street with at least two good-beat of snow on their street. -- two-feet of snow on their street. they are dealing with power that has been knocked out. they have been trying to get the power back on all along that street. people are trying to get to hols or fries' hom to try to get away and get to a place that is warm. some people are using stoves or generators to try to keep their homes -- one woman had a fireplace, but that will be one of the big issues. they cannot get out of their neighborhoods to get somewhere warm, and their houses do not have heat. it will be a long night.
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richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> we have metro with us now. you are performing such an incredible service for some many people. you are closing early tonight at 11:00 p.m. and reopening at 7:00 a.m. >> this decision is for a couple of reasons. we are very concerned about our employees, operators, and station managers. we need them to be able to get home tonight. we want them to leave work at a reasonable time to get home safely, get the appropriate rest so they can come back tomorrow to provide this important service. we're seeing a very light writer ship -- ridership. we had about 27,000 people take metrorail as of 3:00 p.m. usually, we carry about 300,000
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people on a saturday. it is very low. the game at the verizon center has been cancelled tonight, so we do not have that activity. we made the decision to close early. >> this is a purely hypothetical question. if you have a journalist who might be leaving out of the rosslyn station around 11:00, what could he or she be looking at? >> we will still be running underground service on the metro for a hypothetical journalist leaving rosslyn. we are running at 30 minute intervals until closing. we will continue to run belowground service on sunday. >> throughout the day we have been talking with people from virginia and maryland department of transportation. they say it is going to be days before the roads are clear. how long do think it will be to get the rails clear on the
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above-ground tracks? are we talking about days? >> not if the snow has stopped. we can get a better handle. we've had equipment moving some snow, but there is so much out there it will take as a little while to figure out what to do with it and where it is going to go. we are planning an underground only for sunday and will make a call for monday at some time tomorrow. >> no indication that this snow has caused any damage? but no damage to speak of. -- >> and no damage to speak of. we have some trees down that we need to take care of. it is going to make it harder. >> thank you so much for joining us. metro closed at 11:00 and opens tomorrow at 7:00. one is consistent that officials
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are not giving definitive time lines. mayor center said they will will be back at school.
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>> it is your classic good news bad news situation. the storm is over. temperatures are plummeting. >> meteorologist doug hill is taking a look at this for american samoa. >> a lot of times when you have major storms it is followed by cold air. this is a really cold single- digit night, t it will be short-lived. we are at our weatherbug network. only a degree or so drop in the last hour. 22 degrees -- 24 in washington. culpeper is at 27.
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martinsburg, 26 degrees. if you look at the wind chill values, there is not much in the air. aouple of exceptions near albany. i do not think winds will be a big feature. it is cold, dry air. 17.6 inches as the official reagan national airport snowfall total. that moves it to no. 4 on the list of all-time snowstorms. 1979, 2003, a lot of the big storms have happened over the past 25 or 30 years. as far as what will happen through the nighttime hours, look at how much snow you have to shovel. warrington, 25. albany, fairfax, 22. in alexandria, we have a nice picture of a dog named henry.
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we appreciate your pictures at the skies continued to clear. a little breeze at times. temperatures will be 7 to 17 degrees. we talk about the possibility of a little of the a wintry mix on tuesday. we'll talk more about that later. can you feel your shoulders aching from all of the shoveling. >> it is going to be with us for awhile. it has been a big problem today already. we're standing by near the scene of the collapsed church. >> we are in the northeast washington, standing in the middle of sheriff road and looking at joshua temple church. it just felt end, collapsed. it was shortly before 2:00 this
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afternoon when the main structure collapsed. the fire chief said it was a combination of heavy snow and a tree limb falling into the roof. neighbors learned that the church was on the african american historic register. he designed a number of these structures in this section of washington. we talk to one of the neighbors who told us what he saw. >> i heard a crash. i looked out the window and i could see the lines across the street were shaking. i figured some snow had fallen. when i looked out the window, i could see the building was flattened. it is terrible. i was concerned about if anyone was in there. i called 911. i was mostly concerned about
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gas. i wanted to make sure it would not be a problem. >> in fact, the fire department dog who looks for survivors was used in haiti looking for a quick -- looking for earthquake survivors. no one was in there. the bishop and pastor of the church came here later and said that they would have been in this church tomorrow morning. they were there last sunday when it snowed. they were very blessed that it did not happen while people were in there. they can get another church, but it would have been a horrible tragedy had there been people in there. reporting live, sam ford, back to you. >> it is good to know that nobody was injured. >> of all the people doing incredible worker, we have fire, in empty, doctors, nurses.
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>> at or 20 -- at george washington university hospital, there is activity there. what is the latest? >> we have seen a pretty steady flow of people and paramedics coming and going. most of the patients have been brought to the hospital have been brought by ambulance. it is very difficult to get around and people are calling for help when they need it. what we have heard from the doctors and nurses is that they have been very busy all day in emergency room. there were not many people waiting in the waiting area. most of them are being brought in by ambulance and then taken right into the back and being treated. we saw one sentiment holding atoll to his forehead. he said he needed stitches because he was playing football and hit his head.
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the fire chief told us that paramedics are transporting a lot of people for slip-and- fall injuries. some people have had cardiac situations when the over exerted themselves, creating the potential for hard attacks. that is not -- heart attacks. the hospital staff have been put up in surrounding hotels. the nurse that i talked to said she got here yesterday and will not go home until monday because of the one weather and the need. they had been staying consistently busy. if i can change gears and talk about the metro. they talked about the system shutting down at 11:00 tonight. we have been seeing a steady flow of people coming out of the station right there in front of the hospital.
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this area has been a lifeline for people who needed to get around. we talk to one metro rider about that. he was not particularly happy to hear the system was shutting down early. we do not have that. metro riders have expressed some concern about, if i need to get where i am going or people getting out of work -- they have expressed some frustration. the belowground metro system, the only thing running right now, is going to shut down at 11:00 p.m. and tomorrow will be the only thing operating. we have a sound bite now. >> if the tracks are that bad, it is a good thing. i do not see why that would happen for the underground. we have to get back to fourteenth street. it is going to cut our trip short. it is an inconvenient thing.
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>> it could mean some people are born to walk quite a distance. first responders are asking if you are out to try to use the sidewalk. i realize they have not been cleared because i was trudging through knee-deep snow, but first responders say, it is hard enough to drive. as temperatures drop and the ice built up, they do not want to be dodging people. the fire chief has been saying that he would prefer people to stay home and off the road, unless it is an emergency. it is hard enough to dodge tree branches as they are trying to get people to and from the hospital. that is the latest where we are tonight in northwest washington. >> before we go, we want to ask you one question.
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we were talking about the big snowball fight at dupont circle. we joked about whether any of those people would be at the hospital. did you get any word about that? >> i have not heard any reports of injuries from that. there was blood gw snowball fight -- a gw snowball fight. some people came back complete least not -- completely covered in snow. people were having a good time. we have only had one at snowballs thrown at us. we're doing better than adam caskey and jennifer donelan. >> i saw adam caskey and he is buying out -- thawi out. >> i have probably jinxed myself. >> thanks so much. >> we're checking on the metro
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traffic situation. now that the snow has stopped, what does it look like? and that it is still pretty bad. we're looking at the beltway and the woodrow wilson bridge. >> the outer loop is close. the plow train is about to reopen the roadway. they have gotten the tractor- trailers cleared away. we see conventional traffic behind that plow train. everybody is going to be able to use the express lanes shortly. the road closed while crews cleared abandoned cars. everybody take heed, w95 tried to get around the mass. -- the mess. >> brianne carter is live at dulles international airport. you said there are not too many people inside the airport right now.
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but there are enough for people to be upset. >> at last check, there were a few people. some people found places to go. it has gotten very cold. they have been plowing these parking lot and runways. this is just frozen solid. it was just a lot of snow. now it is frozen solid. just to give you a look at how cold it is and how much the snow is turning into isce, that could be causing some problems as they try to plot out and get rid of the snow and what could be ice. runways were closed. a lot of stranded passengers had to find somewhere else to go. they urged everyone not to come to the airport if your flight was canceled. try to pre-book online -- re- book online.
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they are doing all they can to get things back up and running. they're just not sure of the magnitude. they do not know how long it could be before flights are going in and out. that was not the only concern. the other concern came from this jet hangar behind us. it is dark now and hard to see. a jet hangar that is% off into four different sections -- two of them collapsed causing substantial damage to the airplanes inside. we have not heard any more noise or seen more damage than what we saw earlier. it began at 8:00 this morning when the first collapse happened. sometime after 9:00 the second collapse happened. they have a security parameter set up so no one has gone inside. there were not people inside -- there were able to get out safely. the good news is there were no
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injuries reported. at this time, they are keeping their eye on the situation out here with a hangar. they continue to monitor the wake of the snow. we walked down to one of the hangars and of the roads are filled with snow. they are becoming very spicy. they are keeping an eye out on the weight of the snow and the runways to see when they can get lights moving again. >> it has been a long haul. there is so much more work to be done. >> print core -- we're going to take a short break.
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