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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  September 13, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute the battle over health-care reform is coming to a head. for the second a row, protesters gathered on the national mall to make their voices heard. the demonstrators came to thwart president obama's plan to overhaul health care. >> while the president was at his own health-care rally yesterday, he called on the american people to put forward their support for his plan. that is exactly what this group was doing today, and even though we heard a large opposition to the plan yesterday in the district, today's rally, people say they want change.
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for lesley boy, health care reform is personal. >> my son died in 2008 because he could not get health care. >> she says by the time her son got that money and medical attention he needed, his cancer was stage three. she said the situation could have been avoided if the u.s. had universal health care. she joined hundreds of others to show support for president obama's proposal. they say reform is the only way to fix the country's and into crisis. >> this is not a political issue, this is a moral issue. >> we have to solve this problem, or we will never get out of debt. >> people marching today believe a public option is the way to go. >> i will be on medicare in two years, a little early, but i will. i want to see that system cleanup and expanded to whoever needs it.
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>> this morning robert gibbs said the public option is just one way to achieve president obama's goal of providing coverage for uninsured americans. >> it is a means to an end. >> even though there are details to work out, change cannot come soon enough. >> it should have been done 30 years ago. it should have been done 50 years ago. >> people across the country still remain very divided on the issue. the president will hold another health-care rally on thursday. pressure is mounting on a south carolina congressman to apologize to congress for calling president obama a liar during his health-care speech on wednesday. republican joe wilson called the white house after the speech to say he was sorry, but democrats want wilson to apologize to the house. that plan to introduce a resolution disapproving of wilson if he fails to do so. wilson says he is done apologizing.
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>> i am not going to apologize again. i apologized to the presidentn wednesday night. i was advised -- thank you, and let's get on to a civil discussion of the issues. >> president obama said he accepted wilson's apology, and wilson says the pilot project possibility of disciplining him is all politics. breaking news from fairfax county. a child has grounded in a small pond in springfield. emergency crews tell us that the little boy was 14 months old. he apparently fell into a quarry pond. we will have more details as they become available. a man is in critical condition after a p involved shooting in hyattsville. w asit d.c. police officer who opened fire. >> we understand the shooting
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happened down at the bottom of this hill near the intersection down there. most of e people who live in this neighborhood were asleep when it happened, and police are being tight-lipped about the investigation. right now, there are a lot more questions than answers. this morning, this was a surprising scene outside these windows in the 3600 block of nicholson st.. >> this morning i got up at about 7:00. there was yellow tape around their. >> according to district police, an officer opened fire and shot a man around 5:30 this morning. that man is in critical condition at an area hospital, the extent of his injuries and on. also unknown is what exactly led to the shooting. >> there was an incident out here. i do not know any details about that. there were some crops outside.
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>> -- some costs outside. -- some cops outside. neighbors have many questions. >> we would like to know exactly what happened. >> in a neighborhood filled with young families and older couples, many say this shooting is very unusual. >> is a quiet neighborhood. we are very happy here. >> i do not have any problem with the neighbors. >> there is nothing unusual usually happen here, so i am surprised. >> it happen here in hyattsville, so hyattsville police will be handling the investigation. some taxis will soon be running on a new kind of fuel. $9 million in federal stimulus money will be used to modify nearly 1000 cabs so they can run
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on propane. the cabs will run -- burtless small amount of gas, but will get most of their energy from pumping. the washington post reports the money will also be used to build propane fueling stations. cafeterias in all 24 school districts will serve fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, and maryland. this is the second straight year for homegrown school lunch week. some schools will continue to use locally grown food throughout the year. athletes put their skills to the test in the fourth animation's triathlon. mayor adrian fenty was one of nearly 5000 people who took part in the event this morning. organizers hope to bring in nearly $2.5 million. 21-year-old brian duffy one, completing the course in one
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hour and 56 minutes. tse athletes had great weather, but how long will the mild temperatures the ground? our meteorologist joins us with the first look at the barack's. >> it looks like we have a couple of days left of really nice heatndwe ar,heedn cool aco wn on ido w ts we have been watching an area of high pressure all day long. lots of sunshine, and you can see how the clout eroded during the afternoon hours. a quick look at the forecast for the overnight, mostly clear and it is around 60-62 degrees downtown. coming up, would look at the forecast and talk about the rest of the work week, and it cooled down along the way with some showers. emotional moments as local children are reunited with the people who save their lives. plus, investigators focus on a
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new area in the search for a missing yale student. and a wedding date tragedy for a couple, just hours before they were set to tie the knot. next next
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>> a wedding date turns tragic in raleigh, north carolina. christopher died in a car accident as guess work arriving at the church when they got the news. the ceremony turned into a memorialal service, and the brie thank everyone for sharing their memories of the man she loved. the other driver involved in the crash has been charged with misdemeanor death with a motor vehicle.
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he developed a type of wheat that was credited with saving over 1 billion people from starvation. he received a congressional gold medal in 2007, the highest civilian honor given by congress. he was 95 years old. new details tonight about the death of the chief fund raiser for ousted illinois governor rod blagojevich. the mayor of an illinois town says kelly told an officer he overdosed on a prescription drug drug, and police are investigating his death as a possible suicide. kelly was indicted on allegations he tried to sell barack obama's senate seat. a vaccine for the swine flu could be ready sooner than expected. kathleen sebelius said some doses could be ready by the
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first week of october. she says she is confident the vaccine for the h1n1 virus will be available soon enough to effectively target the illness. hundreds of children were reunited with the people who once saved their lives. the hospital held its annual reunion picnic at a park in mclean. children who underwent heart surgery got together resurgence, doctors, and nurses who saved their lives. they also got to meet dogs that had heart defects. still aadhe,i wll the great ndather and stick sou a had back to work? we are checking the latest st re
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fbi agents continued their search for eight missing yale graduate student. she was supposed to be marri today. instead, investigators are focusing on the building where she was last seen. >> on the day she was to celebrate her marriage, investigators are searching a trash facility for clues to the mystery of her disappearance. students on the yale campus where she was last seen worry over well-being and our concern for their own safety. >> if she was taken in the middle of the day, we could be, too. >> she was last seen in this surveillance video taken tuesday morning as she was about to enter theale me ycal lab where she worked. there is no sign of her leaving. investigators are examining take of more than 70 surveillance cameras in the area frame by frame. within 100 police and fbi agents are on the case. so far, information is scarce. >> items that could potentially
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be evidence have been seized. none have yet been associated with her. we have not identified anyone as a person of interest. we are not in a position to conclude whether this is a missing persons case whether criminality is involved. >> those close to her are sure she did not run off to avoid her marriage. >> that is very out of character. she would not leave this way. she would be very straight forward and tell her family and friends. >> friends say her fiancee is heartbroken and worried sick. outside his family's long island home, waiting gives way at the doorstep, and nearby, the local florist is still hoping for a happy ending. >> we are just hoping she is found say. >> her family and friends could not agree more. we had a beautiful day to
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day, and we would like this to continue for about another month. >> yesterday was cloudy and today it was absolutely fantastic out there. this is the time lapse from earlier this morning. clouds rolled . oll rolled out. that is the good news, and it looks like clear skies for the overnight hours. there is a live shot of the potomac. really pretty afternoon and evening. we are looking for a bea around. a daytime high 79 at howard university. alexandra made it up to 78. currently it is 76. the almanac page shows the daytime high at reagan national about 10 degrees higher than
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yesterday. the record was 94 degrees back in 1925. holding in the upper seven's to lower 80's, looking for a cooler air and heading to the north and east. new york city reports sent at 76 degrees, but high pressure will influence our weather for the next couple of days. it looks like a repeat performance for the day on tuesday, and then a cold front will arrive on wednesday, giving us a chance for showers and cooler temperatures. a lot of activity to the south of us. nothing that will impact our forecast for tomorrow. a high around 80 four ocean city. plenty of sunshine for the day tomorrow. warm temperatures once again. high pressure over the great lakes region will slowly move up to the east and we will look for another nice day on tuesday.
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mostly clear for the overnight. temperatures dropped in the suburbs to the lower 60's. matt afternoon, that afternoon i will be in the mid 80's, with lots of sunshe. the extended outlook, talking about a cool down on the way it wednesday, thursday, and friday. a quiet and pretty start to the work week, and we are pretty much on average of where we should be for rain totals this year. >> for football fans, it may as well have been a downpour all day long. >> opening sunday action, and how about the return of brett favre? we will a.c.l. he did when we ke
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the redskins have their hands full today as the new york giants win, 24-10. a lot of great stories unfolding, perhaps none bigger than the comeback of brett favre. the vikings win their opener. a good start for the dallas cowboys. tony romo finds a wide open pass. he will take it 80 yards. the cowboys win 34-21. a bittersweet day for the philadelphia eagles, taking on the panthers creek donovan mcnabb lost out of the pocket. watch the end of the plate. he stayed down for several
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minutes. he walked off and did not return. mcnabb broke his wrist on the play. the baltime ravens bill good about themselves. 32 yards for the touchdown. they beat the chiefs 38-24. a controversial finish to the semifinal u.s. open match wits arena williams. sirena served, and a line judge called for a foot fault. the replay does not clearly show eight football, but she goes -- a foot fault. she received a violation for smashing her racket. she got a second violation that cost her a point and the match. serena explains what happens as
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she saw it. >> she said she felt threatened? i have never been in a fight in my whole life, so i do not know why she would have felt threatened. >> eliza duke's at the plate. a blooper to the right, the national's lead the marlins 7-2 in the ninth. tiger woods put together quite a tournament. his second shot lands right on the green and keeps moving and then spends back and keep going. it finally stopped a couple of feet from the hole. he eagles the whole. he missed the championship by eight strokes. on the men's side of the u.s.
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open, -- the women's final will be played tonight and tint night at 11:00 we will have hitsligh
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>> so it appears the redskins will not when their season opener. and winning forecast for the y tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 80's, with lots of sunshine on tuesday. the cold front comes through late tuesday night into wednesday. temperatures only in the seven's for the daytime high, but tomorrow absolutely fantastic.
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>> at least it will be pretty for monday morning quarterbacks. we wille will
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