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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 11, 2009 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this morning, warm welcome. ghana salutes president obama, as he begins his first trip to sub-saharan africa after taking office. what's on his agenda? and can he live up to their high expectations? our ron claiborne is there. general motors emerges from bankruptcy, leaner and meaner. but will it be able to compete? charges of racism and fierce denials, as a camp director claims her group of kids were banned from a pennsylvania swim club becau of the color of their skin.
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and high anxiety. we'll take you into the clouds to a new observation deck at the top of the sears tower. 1,300 feet above the streets of chicago. are you brave enough to take a chicago. are you brave enough to take a look? captions paid for by abc, inc. good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, july 11th. some dramatic pictures coming in overnight from the runway of the phoenix airport. hundreds of people had to evacuate a 747 bound for london after fumes filled the cabin. there were some injuries. we have the details. imagine going to visit the final resting place of a loved one, only to discover that cemetery workers had dug up the grave to resell the plot. that's what authorities say happened at chicago's first african-american cemetery. the whole cemetery, a crime
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scene. very angry families. also, we'll bring you the latest on lance armstrong's quest for an eighth tour de france. the cancer survivor battling through the front of the pack, as they're in the grueling mountain stages of the race. our reporters are along the route. and if you consider putting yourself through one of those master clens detoxification diets. it turns out that we have an alternative. it's the green smoothie. why some nutritionists and celebrities say it's an elixir that can change your life. first, we turn overseas to president obama's first trip to sub-saharan africa since takin office. the president arrived overnight. has begun a busy day of meetings. and ron claiborne, our colleague, is in ghana with the latest. good morning, ron. good to see you. >> reporter: hey. good morning, kate. well, it is going to be whirlwind trip.
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the president meeting with the president of ghana, having breakfast this morning. he's visiting a hospital and delivering a major address on africa during his visit here. but more than the substance, it's the symbolism that has ghana all excited about this visit. president obama accompanied by his wife and daughters, arrived late friday from the g-8 summit in italy. before he set foot on african soil, it was going crazy for obama. the crowds are festooned with thousands welcoming obama. souvenir shops and street peddlers sell every form of obama paraphernalia. american flags are everywhere. and as if there weren't enough natural excitement. >> obama. welcome. >> reporter: the government has been trying to whip up the fervor, with a television campaign, notably lacking in
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subtling. >> the drums herald the coming of a great african chief. the people of ghana, welcome a distinguished son of africa. >> reporter: obama chose ghana because it is a stable democracy, with a growing economy. a rare combination in africa. and he says, a model for others. >> ghana has now undergone a couple of successful elections, in which power was transferred peacefully. even in a very close election. >> reporter: it's not asf an american president hasn't been here before or even recently. president bush was here just last year. and whcan forget the crushing crowd that greeted president clinton during his 1998 visit? but obama's brief visit, not even 24 hours on the ground, is special. >> it's a very genuine outpouring of affection towards the president. we can't do away with the idea
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that we feel he's one of us. >> reporter: about the only sour note, there are no events open to the general public. very few have the opportunity to see obama in person. a huge disappointment for many in this tiny african country. the white house is not saying why there are no public events. but security has got to be a concern in that clnts visit back in 1998, there were huge crowds. but they bordered at times on the chaotic. you think in this post-9/11 world, the white house has concerns about the safety of the president on his trip. and joining me now, jake tapper, traveling with the president. jake, what does the president hope to accomplish, if anything, on this brief trip to ghana? >> he wants to send a clear message to africans, that ghana is a shining example of democracy, of good governance, of the orderly transfer of power. and he wants to send a signal to the world that africa is not just a place of tragedy, programen and war. that there's good things being
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accomplished here. >> reporter: he was speaking with african heads of state at the g-8 summit and gave them a stern message. >> it was interest. he talked about how, as a descendant of kenyans, he knew the effect of colonialism, and the exploitation of the west. his grandfather was called boy until his death, his father. then, he turned, my cousin in kenya can't gea job without paying a bribe. you can't blame all of the problems on african, on the historical legacy of colonialism. the g-8 is not requiring bribes. you can't blame the west for what's happened to zimbabwe's economy in the last decade. it's a dollop of tough love for >> do you get a sense, jake, that only the son of an africa, can this u.s. president deliver that stern message? >> i think there's a nixon can go to china, is who he is, he the be tougher with these
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leaders publicly and privately, than somebody with a different heritage, absolutely. >> the measure of and thuz yachl for this visit. on the state evening news last night, the anchor was wearing a barack obama dress. >> of course. jake, ron, thanks for reporting from there. now, for a look at the other top headlines, normally i would turn to ron. he's there. but david wright is here. >> thanks. a dramatic scene on the tarmac at phoenix last night, as hundreds of passengers were evacuated from a british airways 747 just before takeoff. nearly 300 passengers and crew members used the emergency slides to evacuate the plane that had already pulled away from the gate for the brief flight to london, when the cabin filled with smoke. >> oh, yeah. it was very smoky. and very hot. and within a few minute, we had to evacuate. >> about 15 people suffered minor injuries. and one person was sent to the hospital. the suburban chicago cemetery at the center of a grave-robbing scandal is now
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being considered a crime scene. investigators closed the histic graveyard, after family members looking for aners, found more human bones that had been dug up. abc's barbara pinto has more. >> reporter: a growing crowd of grieving and angry family members came all searching for information about their loved ones. >> i want to know where dr. joseph hall is. i want to know elijah hall is. i want to know where my family is. their souls are not resting in peace. >> reporter: authorities alleged that a handful of cemetery workers here orchestrated an unspeakable scam. digging up an estimated 300 gravesites. dumping the bodies in an unused part of the property. then, reselling the plots for cash. >> people have gone to gravesites where the headstones are gone. people have gone to gravesite where's a different person is there. >> reporter: erica buried her daughter 12 years ago. she was horrified to know that
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the baby's headstones and remains was missing. >> i visited my child faithfully. now, there's nothing of her. nowhere. >> reporter: prosecutors filed felony charges against the cemetery's manager and three workers. >> there should be no bail for these graveyard thieves. they deserve a special place in hell. >> reporter: burr oak was chicago's first african-american cemetery. it's the final resting place for emmett till, whose death helped spark the trifl rights movement. investigators found his glass-topped casket in a shed. his new burial site was untouched. sadly, that is not the case here for so many families, including kimberly hall's. >> we want to rest with our families. i want to be next to my daddy. i can't be with my daddy no more. >> reporter: for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. a new congressional report says the bush administration's
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domestic surveillance program was far larger than a warrantly wiretapping operation. although details of e program have not been revealed. not enough high-level officials ew the size and depth of the program. lance armstrong could gain ground in the tour de france during a mountain stage. he's just eight seconds behind the leader ithird place. we'll have more on armstrong's quest for an eighth victory, coming up later in the broadcast. finally, the old guard is finding new ways to commicate. queen elizabeth already has websitd ana youtube channel. now, buckingham palace has set up a twitter account. her majesty's user name is atbritishmonarchy, one word. she twitters a lot about the changing of the guard. >> i guess it gets really hard. >> lol. >> the queen is tweeting herself? >> i don't think so. i think one tweets -- one has
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service to perform that. >> she has help for that. >> a ghost tweeter. we welcome this morning, sand ya patell, from our affiliate in san francisco. >> thank you. it's an honor to be here. excited to be here and give you the weather and tell you about what's happening around the country. right now, i have video to show you from central iowa, where 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts toppled trees, severe weather through that area yesterday. it caused some damage. but no one was killed. today, the severe weather is going to start to shift to the east. as you look here, it's all the way from louisville, annapolis, up toward cleveland. another storm around the western u.s., where we're going to see some severe weather around denver and rapid city. now, as we look at what's happening in the south, heat and humidity combined. excessive heat warnings and ad
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bill. back to you. >> thanks. let's turn back to detroit, where the once-mighty general motors has emerged from bankruptcy, a shadow of itself. fritz henderson has promised to end business as usual. but the road ahead is uncertain. and chris bury joins us now from the motor city. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, bill. here at general motors, which has emerged from bankruptcy after only 40 days, executives are promising a fresh focus on building the kind of cars that consumers truly want to buy.
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day one for the new general motors at this dealership near chicago. the latest cadillac model, delivered just in time for a new beginning. >> i think it's head and shoulders above the, you know, the past model. i think it's going to do very well. >> reporter: che newompany needs some big hits as it emerges from a lightning-quick bankruptcy. leaving behind billions in old obligations, a mountain of debt. >> in the bankruptcy world, we call that the test of viability. can this company makew witithout we debt? >> reporter: t n gewm is slashing its executive ranks by 35%. factories, dealerships, the union workforce, all are being dramatically cut back. >> it's a new era. we have to have the highest expectations for ourselves. and everyone associated with the company must realize this and be prepared to change and fast. >> change and sacrifice is always hard. i think this time, it's been
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harder than ever before. >> reporter: only four, core brands survive. chevrolet, cadillac, buick and gmc. so far, their sales are down dramatically in a market that's crushing all carmakers. >> gm is getting down to business. >> reporter: the new gm has its work cut out for it. >> the biggest hurdle to get over is perception. they have to change people's perception from what they think gm is now, to what gm is trying to be in the future. >> reporter: meanwhile, taxpayers are footing the bill. $50 billion in government financing. >> we certainly have high confidence that no later than 2015, the loans, we will pay them back. and our objective will be to pay it back early. >> reporter: how quickly taxpayers recover their investment depends on how well the new gm performs. and the ceo fitts henderson told me they expect to break even by next year. bill? >> okay. chris bury from detroit this
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morning. now, to controversy in suburban philadelphia. a local camp director claims that a group of her campers, mostly african-american and latino kids, were banned from a public swimming club because of the color of their skin. the pool's director says it's from the sheer numbers of the campers. we're joined by a eed by althea. director of that camp. you're joining us via phone. i'm having a little trouble hearing you. let's try this. what happened exactly on that day? when your kids were swimming at th -- the private -- the valley club, swim club there. what kind of response did the members give? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the beginning of what you just said. >> i'm wondering how the members of the valley club treated your kids, your campers that day. >> that day when we were there,
7:16 am
30 to 35 minutes when we were there, the children came down the hill, telling me that the members were making racial slurs. that producer wiz sitting on the picnic table. and he was assured me he would handle it. he promised me he would. as i went down back toward the bottom of the pool, what happened was, they were sitting on a bench. and he started pointing children out in front of the kids. and at one time, she felt like she was a disease. i didn't know that until after she talked to her parents. two days after that, the doctor call me. one of the members was shouting ouout that they would make sure that we wouldn' return because a couple of the comments tha were made was, what are those black kids doing here? what are they -- how did they get here? and another couple members were sitting on a bench. and started pulling their children out of the pool, when
7:17 am
my son was sitting there. >> we actually -- you talk about dr. duceler. he's the d director of the club. >> board chairm. >> we invited him on the show this morning, to no avail. but here's his a bit of his apology yesterday. take a listen. >> it was a poor choice of words. and i will admit that. it was never my intention to imply anything in terms of racial makeup. we are deeply regretful. and we apologize. it was never our intention to hurt anyone, to offend anyone. we do wish miss wright and all the camps their best. >> he's trying to correct a statement they put out saying a lot of these kids would change the, quote, complexion and atmosphere of the club. he says that's a poor choice of words. do you accept his apology? >> if he would have told the truth, i would be able to make some headway. but one of the things i want to make a mote of is dr. ducer was
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fully aware of the comments that were made. he was sitting there. he called an emergency board meeting, two days -- within 24 hours after we spoke because i had assured him that the parents were ouaged. and they did want their money back. they wanted their children to be able to swim at the club. i have a voicemail where he stated that after having a meeting with them, that the board members overthrew him. and he said that they said, let the chips fall where they may. and i have that voicemail. >> okay. miss wright, we appreciate your time this morning. we'll be following the story. thank you. >> thank you. >> kate? switching gears now. the sears tower is changing its name on thursday to the willis tower. and the skyscraper has a brand-new attraction for visitors. a ledge, and our marysol castro is off today and on vacation in chicago. took a trip up.
7:19 am
and found it a little frightening, and a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's the windy city's most stunning example of ingenuity, innovation, and sheer height. the sears tower is one of the tallest buildings in the country. >> we've had four views, spanning into four states. >> reporter: but until now, only daredevils could get a more traumatic view. >> now, we have the fifth going straight down. we had a challenge to come up with something that made sense for our guests. they want to get outside. they want to get to the roof. by taking people out 4.3 feet over outside the building, that gives them what they're looking for. and the response has been overwhelming. >> reporter: each one of these glass boxes is about 4.3 to 10 feet high.
7:20 am
and this glass is 1.3 inches think. 1,300 feet down. you're literally standing on air. the sears tower unveiled its fifth dimension three weeks ago. since then, there's been three-times the numbers of visitors from last year. everyone from thrill-seekers. people seeking to overcome their fears, are showing up. have you been up there yet? >> no. this is our first time. >> you know about the glass boxes? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think is going to happ when you get up there? >> similar to getting on a rollercoaster, i would think. >> reporter: are you afraid of heights? >> i am afraid of heights. >> reporter: if you're afraid of heights, i wouldn't look down. it's a long way down. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: this is better than being on a rollercoaster, though, yeah? >> reporter: the boxes took an engineering team one year to build. whether it's intrigue, thrill, or facing their fear, folks will
7:21 am
be flocking here for years to come. >> i think it's cool but scary. >> reporter: well, soak it in. not many people can say they've done it. and it is a long way down. >> very cool. >> would you do it? >> absolutely. >> me, too. >> i love that. ll we' be right back. the classic flavors of tuscany inspiration for... dinner bell sfx: ping ping ping fancy feast elegant medleys tuscany entrées restaurant inspired dishes with ong grain rice,
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in the commonwealth, extra state patrol will hit the road this is morning on the 95 and 81 corridors looking for speeders and drunk drivers. during last month's weekend blitz, troopers handed out more than 1,000 summons. this is the 20th year of operation land, air, and sea. and now let's send it over to adam caskey for a lookt the weather. >> jnl a nice weekend. we have a cold front that will move in tonight. ahead that have front, we are expecting a few scattered thunderstorms late in the day today. generally dry through the day, and then later on around dinnertime, we'll see the storms pop up and move in from the northwest. mid to upper 80's this weekend, partly cloudy tomorrow. >> thank you, adam. we'll be back at 7:56.
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♪ look forward to this segment every time. it gives us goosebumps. makes us cry. it's a chance for you to tell us and show us what's going on in your life in just three words. in our latest edition of "your three words," coming up. great tunes. i'm kate snow. >> i'm bill weir. it's saturday, july 11th. thanks for being with us. we're going back to ghana. ron is there. we're there with the president, as the president takes his first trip to sub-saharan africa. one of the most memorable stories on this broadcast, a couple of years ago ron did a
7:31 am
dna trace and discovered that his family, his roots go back to ghana. the ashanti people there. and this morning, he catches up with two other americans discovering their roots and really powerful, emotional stories. >> right. also thi hhar,lfou woue're going to look at this trend, the cleanse idea. beyoncoue,ay y m have mard about this, lost 12 pounds in 10 days by ingesting a mix of lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. are they good for you? are some better than others? we're going to show you one, new alternative they call the green smoothie. and why so many nutritionists like that one. >> we'll taste it, as well. first, david wright filling in for ron with the morning's head lines. good morning, david. >> good morning, guys. american cyclist, lance armstrong is hoping to move up from third place in the tour de france today, during the eighth more from miguel marquez.
7:32 am
>> armstrong. a t of people saying we're going to do this all ain. he's back. >> reporter: he's back. and so far, it's team player lance armstrong. not team leader. >> my obligation is for the team. i have to stay on the wheel. >> reporter: staying on the wheel, for third place. eight seconds behind the leader. >> it didn't go according to plan we had set out earlier. but it didn't matter. >> reporter: 37-year-old armstrong who would like to make an eighth tour, got toughest competition, from his own teammate. it's the beginning of stage seven. lance armstrong is just about to take off. i'm pinned by the crush of the crowd on to a car next to his team bus. and the crowd here is chanting for two players on his team. lance armstrong, and alberto contador. on this tour, both then are rock stars. >> here comes alberto contador.
7:33 am
>> reporter: but at the end of the race, only one rider can lead the team. >> ultimately, the road, of course, is going to decide who the strongest guy is. >> anyone who knows and has covered armstrong as long as i have, knows never to count him out. >> reporter: today, armstrong is only two seconds behind contador. two days of steep mountains lie ahead. and both men love to climb. for "good morning america," miguel marquez, abc ne, angora. california lawmakers are working through the weekend, trying to solve that state's budget problems. major banks say they will no longer accept california's ious, starting today. the state has written about 1,000 ious so far, totalling $350 million. nasa is keeping an eye on the weather as it prepares to launch space shuttle "endeavour" later today. there's a better chance of thunderstorms at cape canaveral. the mission to the international space station has been postponed
7:34 am
twice. and the first no-hitter of the season. jonathan sanchez of the san francisco giants, shut out san diego, 8-0, almost a perfect game, except for a fielding error that allowed one runner on base. sanchez has a good luck charm. his father visiting from puerto rico. one proud father, indeed. that's a quick look at the headlines. now, over to sandhya patel our san francisco affiliate, kgo. she's filling in for marysol. >> good morning, david. good morning to you all. let's look at severe weather that's going to start to move in across the eastern great lakes and the ohio valley. also, the northeast has been nice. but not for long. tonight you'll need those umbrellas. let's look at what's happening out west. very warm. getting up to 86 degrees in seattle. well above normal. 69 in san francisco. and hot in the deserts. 112 degrees in phoenix. as far as your >> it's a pleasant start to our weekend. temperatures right now in the 60's. we're at 68, reagan national. 67 at dulles airport. mid 80's today, partial
7:35 am
sunshine. thunderstorms later this evening and into the early nighttime hours. partly cloudy tomorrow, upper 80's. this weather report has been brought to you by avino. bill? >> okay, thanks. we turn to ghana once again, where president obama is making his first trip to sub-saharan africa since taking office. the president says he feels a personal connection to the continent because of his family's kenyan roots. he's not a lone. many americans want to trace their family trees back to africa. and new technology is making that possible. ron has more from accra, ghana. ron? >> hey. good morning, again, bill. these dna tests claim to trace the lineage of african-americans all the way back to africa. after many people had these tests done, they had a desire, really a need, to try to connect to their ancestral lands.
7:36 am
kalila was born and raised in troit. but she says she's found her home, in ghana. >> i love africa. >> reporter: for most of her life, kalima had wonders where her family had come from. but she figured her ancestry, like that of most black americans, could never be known. that it would forever be a closed door. >> we need and we should have a right to know where we come from, as african-americans who are descendants of slaves in the united states of america. we should know. >> reporter: now, dna is unlooking that door. proponents say it can trace the genetic ancestry of african-americans all the way to africa. kalimah johnson took a test last fall. >> i opened it. it said you are a 100% match with the people in ghana. i jumped up and down for joy. and started crying. >> reporter: many people feel compelled to visit ghana after
7:37 am
they get the test results. kalimah flew to ghana last week. >> i wanted to experience this land as my ancestor experienced it, who i descended from. >> reporter: this is one of the most popular destinations in ghana, the el mina castle near cape coast. here, captured slaves were held in brutal conditions, until they were packed on ipd shs, bound f the americas. >> we are in the dungeon. in this dungeon, were were slaves. >> reporter: like johnson, this woman traced her ancestry to ghana. >> i was overwhelmed. i was filled. i was angry. and then, i broke down. >> reporter: just as there is sorrow, there's joy, too, for those making this pilgrimage. i know. three years ago, i came here, after a dna des said my mother's
7:38 am
side of my family was from the ashanti people of ghana. ghanians are welcoming to people here looking for their roots. it's possible? >> it is possible. look like ashanti. in the head. >> reporter: for most of her life, kalimah johnson has been looking for who she is. finally, she has the answer. >> i'm 100% from ghana, west africa. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> proud. happy. honored. joyful. complete. >> complete. that's a word from many african-americans who take the dna tests and take the trip to africa. it's like a riddle solved. an unknown identity opened up, bill. it's a very emotional experience, as you can imagine. >> that came across in the story you did three years back.
7:39 am
we remember that fondly. what's it like being back there now? >> it's great, bill. it's great. i'm tling that story to anaians. they appreciate the story. and in the piece, for me, it feels in a large sense like going home. >> that's great. thanks, ron. we appreciate it. great report. we'll have a lot more when we come back, everybody. stay with us. coming up on "good morning america," you've heard so much about the master cleanse. we'll show you what works and what doesn't. and we have an elixir that could hold the key to healthy living. what's in this green concoction? and the stories of your life, in just three words. [ female announcer ] the best way to predict the future... to create it. [ female announcer ] discover t power to create a new future for your skin. only aveeno positively radiant moisturizer has total soy, combining the best of nature with the proof of science for a whole new level of radiance. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce blotchins, brown spots and other past damage
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beyonce put it on the map. she said a cleanse helped her lose weight before she appeared in "dreamgirl." it's alluring to think that the detox diets are purifying our bodies from the inside-out. joining us now is nutritionist, kimberly snider. good morning. you have everybody in the studio buzzing about all this all morning. all of the cleansers claim
7:43 am
they're getting rid of toxins. start there. do we have toxins in our body to get rid of? >> toxins is generic for any poisen in the body. we get them from food. processed foods. they can contribute to weight gain, premature ages and low energy. >> it sound likes a good idea. >> it is a good idea. >> let's talk about the popular ones. this is the master cleanse that beyonce did. >> that's right. that's lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. >> sounds disgusting. does it work? >> this is a shock to the body. after you get off the cleanse, you're going to gain all your weight back. there's no way to get into the deeper toxins in that short amount of time. >> you talk about if you do this quickly, you're releasing tax toxins but you're not -- >> the surface toxins keep swirling around the body, are reabsorbed in. detoxes and cleansing take mrs. time because we need to get to the sleep and older toxins.
7:44 am
>> alkaline state. to get rid of the acidity? >> yes. that's what gets with the weight loss for the longer term. >> talk about the second one. >> this is popular by oprah. it's called the quantum wellness trends. for five days you drop these five groups out of the diet quickly. alcohol, gluten, sugar, animal products and caffeine. >> good idea? >> well, it is a good idea -- >> longer than the other ones. >> it's longer than the other one. 21 days to drop all this out of the average american diet is a shock to the body. so, it's too much too fast. and quickly these. we've seen the infomercials for the feet pads. it soundnds crazy. >> they're supposed to remove toxixins out of the bottom of yr feet. it's probably ju oxidizing with the air. >> the sweat on your feet. >> exactly. >> don't buy that. you're not liking these. but you do have one cleanse that you love. >> yes. >> we're talking about this.
7:45 am
the green smoothie. >> this is the green smoothie. and don't think of a cleanse is something you do seven days. we're accumulating new toxins. if we want to keep weight off for the long-term, we want to keep premature aging away, we need to do something every day. what's great about this, is it's one,asy step every day. >> you want me to drink this every day? >> there's a ton of fibers. it as all these cleans. it's going to shift away the deeper toxins out of the body. it's easy. we're combining -- >> lots of greens. put in fruit for flavor. >> it smells, like bill said, like cut grass. >> wile try it. there's lemon and fruit. it's going to cut that grass taste. >> i don't smell that at all. >> it's good, right? you get so much energy, you don't need the caffeine so much. >> what about doctors who say -- >> try it. >> there are doctors who say the
7:46 am
bodies cleanse themselves anyway. naturally, they detox. do you need this? are you in danger of replacing a meal with this? >> this has so much -- so many minerals. so much alkalinity. it's a great way to start the day. it gives us so much energy. we really do need to give the body a boost and help ourselves cleanse every day. >> try it. >> i tried it. >> did you try it? did you like it. >> the cilontro is a little overpowering. >> if you want kimberly's press by, you find out on our website. >> i feeiehethrealalr ady. f ♪ seen a lot of things but it's all right ♪ satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. go ahead. take the anew ultimate skincare challenge! avon introduces anew ultitite gold emulsion.
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let out everyone, tonight ♪ ♪ the broom on the rug to see your face ♪ ♪ but it's all right open the door ♪ ♪ let everyone in tonight one the room ♪ ♪ starts to spin but it's all right ♪ >> very nice. keep those submissions coming. we love them. >> have green smoothie. >> that would be my three words. which beneful prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is b beef stew ndnd of night. u'u've made another fine choice. the realt those beefy chunks vitamin-rich vegetables,ein, the wholomome grains. and you thk 9nu're getting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. three new entrees.
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thanks for being with us, on this saturday. sandhya, thanks for joining us on the couch. >> great to be here. >> going to be here tomorrow? >> i think i can make it. >> david, you here? >> bright and early. >> they're here. you join us, as well. have a great saturday. and stay with abc news have a great saturday. and stay with abc news throughout the day. >> good morning, washington. it is 7:56. in the news today this morning -- calm returns to leesburg after a tense hostage situation that went late into the night. dozens of swat team members
7:57 am
swarmed the house on valley view avenue an armed suspect barricaded himself inside with two elderly hostages. police say the suspects robbed the other kind of jewelry store in east market street at around noon. after tying up a babysitter at one home, sources say he moves to an elderly couple's home before he eventually surrendered to police. congressman frank wolf is asking virginia governor tim kaine to reconsider plans to close interstate rest areas. congressman golf says fatigued long haul truckers will be forced to drive extra miles fore they can take a break. transportation officials, however, are struggling with the more than $2.5 billion budget shortfall, closing 19 rest areas is expted to save $9 million a year. and adam caskey joins us with a look at the weather. adam? >> a great start to our saturday. a fair amount of cloud cover outside, but we have partial clearing, so we'll call it partial sunshine today. and then tomorrow, added sunshine. right now, 64 in martinsburg.
7:58 am
up and down the shenandoah valley, 64. la plata at 68. here's our forecast for the weekend -- partial sunshine today. cold front dips in tonight. ahead of that front, we are expecting scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the day today, especially around dinnertime and lasting through bedtime. and then tomorrow, partly cloudy, a very pleasant sunday. it will be a little bit warmer, mid 80's today, closer to upper 80's tomorrow. despite the creased temperatures, the dew point will actually drop a bit, so lower humidity tomorrow. and next workweek, mid to upper 80's. >> sounds good. thank you for watching. have a great saturday. ♪
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