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tv   Good Morning Washington  ABC  July 11, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> get ready to wait. work all over the metro system will mean delays. we have everything you need to know. plus, the president visits sub-saharan africa. presidents of began aare thrilled. but why did he pick that country over his father's native kenya? the answer coming up. and a legal blow to the controversial program in the district. details straight ahead . "good morning washington saturday" starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> and good morning to you, washington.
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it is saturday, july 11. i'm pamelarown. so great to have you along. we'll get to the morning's top stories in just a sec, but first, a quick check of the forecast. our meteorologist, adam caskey, is live in the weather center. we've been on such a roll lately. is it going to stick around for today? >> you'll feel added humidity, but temperatures will still be just a few degrees below average. the weekend forecast is looking better than we had previously anticipated, mainly for owmorr lmo owrrooks like a pretty d.aygo right now, t fre a'sew l ht a owshs trtowofh hero mofet nggh hewa a shndgtondeonre frick cynt re border there. ngu n see it slowly pus wea wegecloser look s aeri zon o first in the fitofy reckdeofri, wlitlo shi plousng eastward, us f ks looike they will die of mearlngthniweoriss a. so la idtesoho swers s mainly northf jeff aso seo'rerwide, wee a wlinghit veou a fre bs ak cinhe tlouds early to arsthet our day. temperaturewise, we hee tin 60's right now.
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pa per 6k, p5. st,6. 6 spotsylvania at 62. here's the forecast for today. we'll call it partial sunshine, or limited sunshine, especially this morning. there will somebody breaks out there, however. afternoon and evening, showers and thunderstorms. we can't rule out the chance of a few severe storms, mainly in the shenandoah valley and westward. that's as a cold front approaches us later on tonight. added humidity today, highs in the mid 80's. tonight, down in the 60's. tomorrow, partly cloudy, warm, a little bit warmer than today, upper 80's, but not too humid, so it will feel ok. pam? >> good news, thank you. if you're headed downtown with visitors this weekend, listen up. you'll definitely want to leave some extra time for the metro ride. the agency is doing maintenance on four out of five lines. we're live at dupont circle, one of the check points of this work this weekend. >> so many times we tell people that metro is your option. this weekend, it certainly is still good option for getting
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into and around town. it's just that this option is going to take a little more time than usual. this morning, it's all about weekend work for metro maintenance. track work on the red, orange, blue, and yellow lines this weekend will cause can inbound and out of bounds trains to take turns on one track. that means customers should plan ahead and add 30 minutes to their travel time. >> try want to be to be in a hurry and keep a good attitude and everything will be fine. >> maintenance will affect four of the five lines. on the red line, there's work between van ness and dupont circle. on the orange line, vienna and falls church. the blue line will be delayed between braddock road and van dorn street stations. and on the yellow line, the's work near the huntington station. >> it would be nice to travel freely through the city, but sometimes they need to get work done, and it needs to be done on the weekend. >> the green line is free of work, but tonight's billy joel and elton john concert will likely cause delays on that
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line too. metro will run an additional eight-car trains and additional cars. tro says people should expect long lines there after the concert. but people who live nearby are in some ways welcoming the crowds despite potential delays. >> that brings more revenue to the nation's capital, and i think we don't have that much entertainment going on already. >> now, for the most part, trains will be coming and going every 12 to 15 minutes or so. but when you factor in all the stopping and going once you're on board trains, that's where metro is coming up with this 30-minute figure. if you're going to use metro to get around town, plan ahead. >> good advice, thank you. if you're traveling by car instead, watch out in the commonwealth. extra state troopers will hit the roads this weekend on the 95 and 81 corridors looking for speeders and drunk drivers. during last month's weekend blitz, troopers handed out more than 1,000 summons. this is the 20th year of
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operation land, air, and sea. this morning, calm returns to leesburg after a tense hostage situation that went late into the night. dozens of swat members swarmed a house on valley view avenue an armed suspect barricaded himself inside with two elderly hostages. police say the suspect robbed the other kind of door east market street around noon after tying up a babysitter at one home. sources say he moved to an elderly couple's home. he eventually surrendered there. the arlington county board could hand out some big money at its final meeting of the summer later this morning. the board will vote on more than $3 million in neighborhood conservation projects. also up for a vote, a resolution that would reclaim a portion of columbia pike from v-dot. that would help pave the way for its three-car project in the county you can join in on the fun at 8:30 this morning. president obama is in africa this morning, the last stop on his overseas trip. later this morning, he'll meet
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with ghana's president and address the country's parliament. here's more on the president's day ahead. >> the president and his family landed in ghana. the capital was buzzing with excitement. billboards and newspaper headlines welcomed mr. obama. >> privilege to have american president in ghana. >> i'm so happy. i want to see with my naked eye. >> the high emotions are matched by high expectations for mr. obama's first trip to subsaharan africa as president. >> it could benefit our country. >> earlier in italy at the g-8 summit, the president and others pledged $20 billion in food aid for developing countries. mr. obama chose ghana because of its strong democracy and economic growth. the american leader also praised the president's commitment of fighting corruption, which is rampant in
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african nations. >> a government that is stable, that is not engaging in tribal conflict, that is investing fi people and their skills and talents, those countries can succeed. >> but in ghana, this sent just a visit by an american president. it's history. after meeting with leaders, the president and his family are expected to tour a british fort. >> and while the president is abroad, his pick for the supreme court is likely spending this weekend cramming for a anticipated long confirmation hearing. it starts monday morning in front of the senate judiciary committee, but she'll be ready. she has reportedly reviewed her old cases and read up on the senators who will be asking her questions. thousands of iranian americans and supporters will march from capitol hill to the white house this afternoon in support of a massive uprising in iran.
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demonstrators will denounce the ongoing crackdown on protesters and demand immediate action. the march starts at 12:30. organizers say at least 200 people have been killed in iran since election proceed tast began weeks ago. the couple thrust into the spotlight is now in engaged. colleen shipman and bill now live in alaska and have not yet set a date for their nuptials. the former astronaut is set to go on trial for burglary and battery. she allegedly confronted shipman in an orlando airport parking lot. and still to come on "good morning washington saturday" -- the recession has one guitar company playingment blues. hearp bits plan to boost sales straight ahead. plus, designing the future. how will the new general motors stay on the road after 40 days in bankruptcy? we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. keep it here.
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>> very good saturday to you. welcome back to "good morning washington." 6:11 a.m. right now. we do have a fair amount of cloud cover over the metro area, but some breaks in the cloud cover elsewhere, and we can anticipate some sunshine today. not the suniest day, but there will be some holes in the clouds. even a few showers to speak of very early on our saturday morning. just a few isolated showers right now on the washington and frederick county line, andy to the th northwest of the metro area as eath heyeast a hnd southeast. thosaizre fzlg o.ut . totheraise,emperetus arere i the ht's ow 6464nriredeck. 67 at reagan nationa mtinsburgtm2. hagerstown, 69.2. s head ourr leto o graphics. you'll see couple pemmer at 65. la plata at 66. humidity isn't uncomfortable this morning, but later today you'll definitely feel the increase in the humidity due to our southerly winds. so partial sunshine today, and
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as the cold front dips in later this evening, we are expecting showers and thunderstorms later today and into the early nighttime hours. and then tomorrow morning, probably some early clouds. and then a lot of sunshine actually for sunday. sunday is a pretty nice day, a fair amount of sunshine, but warmer, into the upper 80's tomorrow, but not too humid. pam? >> thanks, adam. the recession has slumping sales for big-ticket items like hand-made guitars. martin guitars are built in nazareth, pennsylvania, but most of them cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. to stay in business, they're offering what they call a low-cost option. one guitar for $1,000. >> it's going to be a tough economy, but we would have our product that would meet the needs of guitar players without taxing their pocketbook. >> the company admits that it's stale lot to sell out, but martin says 8,000 of the one
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series guitars have already sold. and your time is now 6:12, 67 degrees. straight ahead -- a constitutional victory for some, a strike against safety for others. more on d.c.'s controversial check point program right after the breafpblg you're wating "good morning washington saturday."
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>> and welcome back at 6:15. here's a look at this morning's top stories. hundreds were evacuated from a 747 after a smoke scare on a british airways flight from phoenix. the jumbo jet headed forondon had just pushed back from the gate when fumes reportedly filled the cabin. about 350 passengers had to use emergency slides on to the tarmac. no serious injuries were reported. c.i.a. director leon panetta has set down a covert spy operation that was kept zpret congress for eight years.
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democrats say the secret program began after the september 11 attack. at this point, the specific nature of the operation and the information obtained remains a secret. growing concerns about the long-term health of the economy led to a big drop in oil prices. oil fell below $60 a barrel, which is more than $13 below prices just a week ago. and that's good news at the pump. got prices have now fallen for 19 consecutive days. fresh reaction this morning to a major court ruling involving a series of controversial check points in d.c.'s trinidad neighborhood. a federal court says that the check points violated constitutional rights. here's reaction from both sides of the debate. >> in the air and on the streets, there's a highly visible police presence in trinidad this night, but no check points. >> residents felt controlled. >> on friday, a court ruling called the check points unconstitutional and condemned
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the practice. >> it is a blatant violation of constitutional rights. >> a group called the partnership for civil justice sued the district on behalf of four residents who were forced to stop. >> people driving lawfully down district streets, public streets, are stopped and seized by the police, and then they are interrogated about where they're going, what they're doofplg >> police last summer say they were concerned about violent outsiders coming into the neighborhood and that a series of shootings, including through homicides, happened. >> trinidad was being visited by outsiders. >> police asked for i.d. those who didn't have a legit purpose, a church visit, or a doctor's visit. >> whether or not i had one of these four reasons, basally those were the only reasons that my rights would be granted. otherwise i had no rights. >> but prosecutors who say they'll appeal say the check points kept the public safe. >> the violence stopped. the homicides stopped. and we haven't had this situation again in any part of the city. >> how can we be as creative or more creativto somehow
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incorporate the community's needs to live a daily life? >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier issue this had statement, which says, "we all did what was appropriate and what we believed to be lawful to save lives in the trinidad neighborhood." and as we've been hearing, it is likely that d.c. will appeal. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> expect more bonus backlash last week at a.i.g. gets ready to write more check the $2.4 million in bonuses are attached to 2008 contracts and are supposed to be paid ought on wednesday. a.i.g. is working with a new compensation zark but he has the power to deny the bonuses if they're deemed exellsive. some members of congress are already sounding off. >> it's our watch, and we've got to say to a.i.g. no. >> a.i.g. receives about $180 billion in government bailout funds. the company was criticized by
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congress and americans for paying millions of dollars in retention bonuses after getting becameout money. this morning, thousands of employees are taking their first day off from the new general motors company, but it will take more than reorganization and a minor name change to make the new g.m. a success. our bill weir went to see what's on the drawing board. >> beth job at a bankrupt car company? designer. because you get paid to ignore today's grim reality and dream of the future. a sketch today could be a car in a show room in about four years. >> what will the world be like in 2012, josh? >> it's all up here. >> studio x is where the da vincis of detroit came one classics like the corvette and this room was shuddered during g.m.'s decline when accountants were calling the shots. but the artists are back, searching for distinctive, irresistible shapes. >> do you think the industry has a whole got away from that for a while? >> i think so.
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i think we did. >> the new camaro came out of studio x and has been drawing raves. and the chevy malibu was 2008 motor trend's car of the year. bu according to consume reports, they must work on long-term reliability. >> aloft g.m. products have problems with their transmissions, with electrical features, and also interior squeaks, rattles, parts of the trim dropping off. >> g.m. says fewer assemble plants make it easier to focus on quality control. and then there is the chevy bolt. a plug-in hybrid that will go 40 miles without gas, but it will cost around $40,000. >> it is not what's going to save general motors over the next two, three, five years t. is a further out technology. >> let's be completely honest. no company wants to go through this. >> but whatever they build, there is a tarnished image to polish and reviews for their new ad campaign have been mixed. >> because nothing says rebirth of the american car like people taking the subway.
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>> it took hyundai about 15 years to go from laughingstock to respected brand. does g.m. have that much time? only the future will tell. bill weir, abc news, warren, michigan. >> a maryland group is taking it all off, hoping to set a world record later today. you can't make this up. the maryland area nature association is trying to set the record for the most skinny dippers in baltimore later today. the dip take place at 3:00 on copper mine terrace in baltimore. i'm sure they're wondering what the weather's going to be like. >> yeah, they are! i can tell you that. are we allowed to show video from that event? >> probably not. >> maybe on the beach. >> we're going to have to blur some things out, most likely. >> ok, so around here, a pretty good weekend ahead of us. it's been decent days, but a cold front is gog to move in later today, and that's going to cause some showers and storms. that's really the only pickup we have for the weekend forecast. >> all good things have to come
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to an end. we've been on a roll lately. >> so far for the month of july, and of course, now is only the 11th day, but so far, we're 5.2 degrees below average in the temperature at reagan national. that's the average temperature, 5.2 degrees below average so r. fa a>> it hasn't beeas aumid. h at'smp iortantmp. to.y you'da feel the addedll . midi n a lig w,ve setch sthg souward o do awn0pp34 tacroronghi ff ern,aran myljeyl id,n d, icfreredk county. push eagst inuin and southeasanevd en fizzle out. that's it infer oms a ony sisisatedprure eaowprers y rl ngthisorni rw heotise we are deah ngheit wa little bit of cloud cov. oves r tourr o l oive local weather statind a our new h.d c.era. of course, on to which our building here. i'm going put this into motion, and i'm see cloud cover over ea.trisictr right now more sunshine later on today, but a fair amount of cloud cover over the metro area. meanwhile, mount airy, take a look at this time lapse and you secthe louds clearing out of mouns ai asurye psth
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pon up po overhe horizon early this morning. 65 right now at mount air eefment winds up to 9 miles per hour, but the winds have shifted out of the south, and that's the key. that's why our dew point temperatures are rising. dew point is going up. that means you'll see a little added humidity later on today. not going to be unbearable, but considering how spoiled we are the past couple of days, you'll feel the difference, a little added mugginess out there. olney, 66. prince frederick at 63. front royal right now at 62. so another comfortable start to our day. now let's head over to the almanac. yesterday, only 81 for the high temperature. average high yesterday and today is 88 degrees. we are approaching the warmest stretch of days all year long, on average, here in the washington area. notice the cloud deck that we do have rolling overhead. some debris cloud cover coming in as well. so we're seeing that cloud deck this morning, some of that will clear out, some of it will hang around, so just partial sunshine throughout the day
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today. high temperatures in the mid 80's. so a few degrees warmer than yesterday, but still running a little below average. and we do throw in the chance of a late-day shower and thunderstorm. i think especially around and after 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. today as the cold front shifts in from the midwest. later torningtse a few storms early. early morning close to bed time. and then the skies will clear again and temperatures dropping down into the 60's for overnight lows when you wake up tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, a pleasant day, highs in the upper 80's. temperaturewise, it will feel a little more like july. however, that said, with our northwesterly wind, it will be warm, but not too humid outside. actually, the humidity will be lower than today, despite higher temperatures. so feeling good on our sunday with a lot of sunshine out there. and then over the next several days into next weekend, storms possible monday, remaining in the mid to upper 80 degree range and then approaching 90 on thursday. so no huge temperature spikes,
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which is rare for midsummer. looking good. >> and again, not as humid. >> that he wants the key. >> much more to come on "good morning washington saturday." up next, some small talk from an almost son-in-law of former alaska governor sarah palin. why he says she stepped down, and is certainly isn't flattering. p h
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>> welcome back. a d.c. native gets a special spot in the tennis hall of fame is weekend, and the nats and o's have a rough night. all the details in your morning sports recap. >> good morning, everybody. it's going to be a memorable day for a local tennis icon. donald dell, who will be inducted into the international tennis hall of fame. i had a chance to sit down and talk with dell this week and listen as he shared some stories and memories from some of the giants of the game. dell will be enshrined with
6:28 am
them later on this afternoon in new port, rhode island. despite his enormous success in shaping denis, dell admits he's humbled by this honor. >> the only way i was going to be nominated would be through contribution to the spt in other ways, and so it's really, i think, a wonderful recognition of everything i tried to do for the sport for a long time. so i was very excited and pleased by it. >> elsewhere, both the nats and orioles lose, and there's your look at your saturday morning sports. great weekend, everybody. >> and in other sports note -- major league baseball has its first no-hitter of the year, and the giants' fst since 1976. it came from the most unlikely of pitchers. san francisco's jonathan sanchez. he isn't in the starting rotation, but he was called on to replace future hall of famer, randy johnson, who also injured. a single fielding error separated sanchez from a completely perfect game. amazing stuff. and sanchez -- the former fee
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an safe sarah palin's governor says she resigned to cash in on her fame. levi johnston claims in the six weeks he lived with the palin family, he hearpped the governor wanting to talk advantage of lucrative deals being offered to her. a palin spokesperson denies the charge, saying palin is doing what's best for alaska and not what is best for her personally. johnson is said to be shopping around for a book and a movie deal. and still ahead in our next half-hour -- more summer scandal for a beleaguered pet project of mayor adrian fenty. what are teens really during the day while they're on the city payroll? plus -- >> metro maintenance on four of the five rail lines this weekend. how much time you need to factor in your trip this weekend. >> and adam is standing by with your wakeup weekend forecast. the second half-hour of "good morning washington saturday" starts right now.
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>> and good morning to you, washington. it is 6:30 on this saturday morning. i'm pamela brown. let's begin this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast. meteorologist adam caskey is in the weather center with all the details. how's the weekend shaping up? >> generally speaking, it will be a very agreeable weekend weatherwise. that said, we have a cold front that could pay us a visit later on tonight. ahead of that front, we are anticipating a few showers and understorms to develop no rthwest of the metro, then shpun into the metro right now, it's a comabrtle start to the day and really not too humid at the moment. but you will feel an increase in the humidity later on this midday and afternoon. right now, chantilly at 63 along with warrenton. lincoln, virginia, 63. waldorf at 63. triangle at 67. reagan national right now checking in at 67. ok, here's you forecast for today. there is, by the way, a brief sprinkle just west of the city of frederick, but that's
6:31 am
dissipating. most of the rain and thunderstorm activity will hold off until late this afternoon and into the evening. otherwise, partial sunshine, miles in the mid 80's this afternoon. so still running a few degrees below average. anthen tomorrow, we'll make it into the upper 80's, maybe even near 90 south of the metro area, partly cloudy and very pleasant for our sunday with warm conditions, but it's not going to be too humid tomorrow. that's the key. pam? >> that is good news. if you're headed downtown with visitors this weekend, listen up. you will definitely want to leave some extra time for that metro ride. the agency is doing maintenance on four out of five lines. philip stewart is live at dupont circle, onef the choke points for this weekend. philip? >> good morning, pam. so frequently we tell everybody that metro is your best option for getting into and around town, and it certainly is still a good option this weekend, but one that is going to take a little more time than usual. this morning it's all about weekend work for metro maintenance. track work on the red, orange,
6:32 am
blue, and yellow lines this weekend will cause inbound and out of bounds trains to take turns sharing one track. that means customers who plan ahead should add 30 minutes to their travel time >> try not to be in a hurry and keep a good attitude and everything will be fine. >> maintenance will affect four of the five lines. on the red line, there's work between van ness and dupont circle. on the orange line, vienna and falls church. the blue line will be delayed between the braddock road and van dorn street stations. and on the yellow line, there's work near the huntington station. >> it would be nice to travel freely through the city, but sometimes they need to get work done. tall a the only line free of work this morning is the green line, but tonight's billy joel-elton john concert will likely cause delays on that line, too. metro will run an additional eight-car trainsnd adding personnel to handle crowleds at the navy yard station. metro says people should expect long lines there after the concert. people who live nearby are in some ways welcoming the crowds
6:33 am
despite potential delays. >> it brings more revenue to the nation's capital, you know, and i think that we don't have that much entertainment going on already. >> now, at these stations that are affected, for the most part, trains will be coming about every 12 or 15 minutes. but by the time you factor in the stopping and going once you're on board the train, that's where metro comes up with this 30-minute figure, so this morning, they're just telling everybody, if you're going to ride the rails, plan ahead. live in northwest this morning, philip stewart, abc 7 news. >> important information. thank you for that, philip. 7 is on your side this morning looking at what summer job participants are really doing. it involves tens of millions of dollars of your taxpayer money. stephen tschida has more on what critics call little more than a high-priced baby-sitting service. >> you you see them acrowl capitol hill, d.c. teens sporting the distinctive blue t-shirts to signify they are part of the mayor's summer jobs program. their task, pick up trash. >> i see them around my work a
6:34 am
lot. >> workers may be familiar with teens in blue t-shirts. >> i haven't seen them work yet. >> we saw kids in the program walking in groups, some talking on their cell phones. others appeared to be just hanging out. >> i see them going up and down the streets aimlessly, really not doing anything. >> after last year's debacle, which saw tens of millions of dollars vanish under the summer jobs program, the mayor vowed to improve it. we don't know whether a game of kickball is what he had in mind. >> as a taxpayer, i am concerned about the fact that we're basically baby-sitting these kids during the day at our expense. >> it looks like the kids are really involved, and it's a great program. >> natasha carroll still supports the program, even though her daughter told her what she sees the demids blue t-shirts do most of the time. >> they play at the playground. garfield park is down the street. and they just kind of hang around, not doing so much. >> stephen tschida, abc 7 news.
6:35 am
>> the maryland transit administration is following metro's example. the m.t.a. has adopted a zero tolerance policy for any operator found using a cell phone while on the job. officials say the m.t.a. and metro serve many of the same customers. consistency is key. metro changed its policy after a youtube video surfaced showing a metrorail driver texting while driving a train. congressman frank wolf is asking virginia governor tim kaine to reconsider plans to close interstate rest areas. congressman wolf says fatigued long haul truckers will be forced to drive extra miles before they can take b areak. transportation officials are struggling with a more than $2.5 billion budget shortfall. closing 19 rest areas is expected to save $9 million a year. in just a few hours, the pentagon will prepare for a biochemical attack, but it's just a drill. the pentagon's protection agency and other agencies will respond to a simulated
6:36 am
biological release at 8:00 a.m. this is the release of a powder at the pentagon south parking lot. the powder cans a harmless bacteria found in soil, water, and oil. d.c. city council will investigate marion barry's hiring of thinks then-girlfriend for a contract job. barry was criticized for hiring donna watts-brighthaupt last year. issue came public knowledge after barry was arrested for allegedly stalking her. the council s issued an independent review of council contracting issues. the inquiry could lead to a code of conduct for councilmembers. >> i don't need something to tell me that i'm on behave honorably. >> right now, people are trying to keep their houses, their jobs, trying to make sure kids learn to right read. and yeah, this is a distraction. >> meanwhile, mayor fenty is referring to the council will making a judgment on the possible ethics issue. looking for a little love? this weekend may be your chance. thousands of people are
6:37 am
expected to trek to tysons corner this weekend to receive a blessing from the woman known as the hugging saint. the woman believes that her hugs have healing properties, and it's estimated she's given out 25 million hugs over the course of her life. she'll be at the mclean hilton. and your time is 6:37. it's 67 degrees. still ahead on "good morning washington saturday" -- a food fight is brewing in maryland. why some roadside fruit and veggie stands may soon have to close. plus, he stayed out of the spotlight, but now he'll be remembered forever. and adam's got your forecast right after the break. stay tuned. we'll be back.
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6:40 am
region. so partly sunny conditions right now start our saturday. 6:39 a.m., and temperatures comfortable, in the 60's. and not too humid out there either, especially relative to july. manassas at 64, along with culpeper frederick right now at 64. dew pots a c mbliing into the lower 60's. they'll continue to cltb bia mb into the midday and afternoon. so add humidity today compared to the past couple of days. but it won't be oppressive. wincheert a61. la plata, 65. here's a look at our storm scanner. look north and west. see that cold front plowing through the midwest right now? numerous showers and t unthrstorms in the vicinity of that front at this time. and we are anticipating the development of the storms locally later on this evening and tonight as that front continues to prble our way. partial sunshine today, late-day storm, possibly severe far west of the metro area. shenandoah valley and westward, mid 80's today. a little bit warmer tomorrow. however, less humid so. a good exchange there with a
6:41 am
fair amount of sunshine. pam? >> thanks, adam. his clients read like a who's who of sports, everyone from jimmy connors to patrick ewing to michael jordan, but likely you've never heard of donald dell and his contributions to the spt of tennis. but he'll be inducted into the tennis hall of fame this weekend. >> his first love was basketball as an all-met player at the la done schooln bethesda in the late 1950's. donald dell changed to tennis and exceled as an grurned grad at yale. tennis became his passion. >> i was the davis cup captain 1968 and 1969, managing the top 10 players in the game in america under the davis cup for two years, so i had a big head start and decide that had, you know, would try to manage their affairs. >> he eventually became the first professional agent in tennis. his first two clirningtse the biggest names in the sport at the time, stan smith and arthur ashe. >> 1971, each of us signed a
6:42 am
one-year letter agreement. and then that expired, and we became -- both of them became very close friends. >> from there, what would become closer was born. democrat's company would go on from representing tennis players to athletes from other sports. all along, tennis was his love, promoting the game. his obsession. >> my goal was to try in the 1970's to see if i could help make the sport a professional sport. >> from his office in friendship heights, donald dell looks back on more than 40 years of relationships, accomplishments, and contributions, co-founder of the a.t.p. 40 years ago, father of what is now the legg mason tournament in d.c., and the driving force behind the construction of the fitzgerald tennis center in northwest. finally, all of that and more is being recognized by his induction into the tennis hall of fame. >> i think a wonderful recognition of everything i tried to do for this sport for a long time. >> the time is now 6:42.
6:43 am
still ahead dab we're going to have some fun, but can't decide where. we've got a couple of good ideas straight ahead. stay with us. "good morning washington gton un
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> at 6:45, here's a look at se of this morning's top stories. general motors is out of bankruptcy. g.m. spent just 45 days under chapter 11. c.e.o. fritz henderson says business as usual is order. one of their new ventures is a plan to auction new cars on ebay. more than half of the new g.m. is owned by the federal government, courtesy of your taxpayer dollars. the search for the black boxes from air france flight 447 is being scaled back. u.s. military officials say two ships searching for the flight data recorders are ending their efforts, but a french nuclear
6:46 am
submarine is continuing to search for the devices. 228 people were killed when the plane crashed into the atlantic ocean off the coast of brazil on june 1. a virginia man is recovering after fighting off a bear inside his own home. bob dennis says a black bear made his way into his flint hill kitchen for a late-night snack. sbilesed by cat food, the bear entered through an open window. his dog alerted him to a problem and he wound up face to face with the bear. he says he doesn't remember much, but has cuts to his legs and his chest. a food fight of sorts is underway in montgomery county. some fruit and vegetable stands along river road may be forced to close. it has owners and customers ripe with anger. >> julie brown has shopped at her local fruit stand longer than her daughter has been alive. >> i think it's really important. i don't want the day to come where i have to shop in a grocery store. >> from bethesda to potomac,
6:47 am
these stands are as popular as ever, not just because they sell fresh food, but because they support local farmers at a time when the state needs all the help it can get. >> with the economy like it is, we don't need to be out of work. we need jobs. and this creates jobs. >> but now the state is cracking down. it says several stands are too close to the road and potentially dangerous to drivers and shoppers. and it says many stands are on state property, and therefore, illegal. >> for them to come after 10 years and suddenly to throw a wrench in the gears, it's a little stressful. >> for hank stenball's country thyme market off river road, he's been licensed by montgomery county for years. rob says the county licenses his stand, too. still, he did what the state wanted and moved it to democracy road, and already sales have been all but squashed. >> they're missing the spirit of the stand, of the customers, of the community people here.
6:48 am
>> both and the owners of country thyme say they'll continue to fight. their customers say they'll continue to shop, hoping the stands are there when they need them. >> it seems like such a positive thing to have in the community. >> we're going out of business, you know, and it's sad. it's very sad. >> the maryland state highway administration says its first priority is the safety of its 20,000-plus drivers along river road, and it says it regrets any inconvenience to the stands' owners or its patrons. carolyn lyders, abc 7 news. >> now let's take a look at your weekend planner. alexandria is gearing up for a big celebration this weekend. the city is holding a big party tonight to celebrate its 260th birthday. the event will feature music and activities for the entire family. the festivities kick off at 4:00 p.m., and the fireworks are set to begin at 9:30. the city says a sponsor is helping to pay for the event. a local nonprofit is trying to help homeowners and potential
6:49 am
homeowners avoid foreclosure pitfallless later today. workshops on foreclosures, emergency budgeting, and loan fraud will be held, as well as sessions with loan specialists. after the wakefield high school in arlington fm 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 today. and if you've got kiddies that love big trucks, come down to the d.c. truck. more than 30 fire trucks, dump trucks, and police vehicles will be on display at r.f.k. stadium. that's from 10:00 to 4:00 in parking lot seven, and it's free. a lot of kids would love to go to that. >> what little kids don't love big trucks, right? >> yours isn't old enough. >> no, can't even say truck. >> oh, so cute. >> or thinkingbout bath. >> he's adorable. well, today, it's really been on a streak lately of great weather. >> yes, we have. the average temperature so far this july is 5.2 degrees below normal, and that's actually a pretty significant number. we're approaching the halfway point now, and temperatures
6:50 am
still look like they're going to spike big time anytime soon, maybe in the next week, 90 degrees. but that's typical. we can handle that. >> the hidity is always the big question. >> you know, generally being kept at bay, yeah, generally. it will rise a little bit today, but generally not too bad. so let's go ouidt e righw vosy clely at the center of your screen. le atthtlene great dot right along i0g best of fderick? i know you migto he av squint for it, but that's a atni 'vy heth a onlnrain wehae on the radar screen this morning. well, we had a fs ohaerth around it, but all that action t'o coer tmean end. t legos o ago t feweim the first being the h. mca on top of our rooftop here in rosslyn. notice a fair amount of cloud cover so far early this morning. a few breaks and holes in the clouds locally thus far, but north of the metro area, mou airy, sun vise and cloudy. we'r vse cover across the region to start our saturday. olney is at 67.
6:51 am
otsylvania, 63. front royal at 62. and dew points will rise a little bit today, so you'll feel a little increase in the humidity, but it's not going to be bad or that uncomfortable or oppressive. it's a little closer to what it should be like this time of year. beltsville, 67. bowie at 63. and manassas right now at 66. let's go to our almanac, get the numbers from yesterday. 81, the high temperature. most of last week was spent in the low 80's. average high yesterday and today, 88 degrees. record, of course, 99, last set back in 1988. we will be far from that, not just today, but for the foreseeable future. here's the cloud deck that's rolling through the midatlantic right now, and there are a few sprinkle that is popped up earlier this morning. here they come, a few sprinkles popped up. and again, those had pretty much dissipated, but there are some breaks in this cloud cover, and we'll continue to see some sunshine throughout the day today. not a totally sunny day, but we'll call it partial sunshine. 85, the high temperature.
6:52 am
a few degrees warmer than yesterday, but still a few degrees below average. and we do have the chance of a late-day shower and thunderstorm and possibly some severe thunderstorms, especially further west. metro area, shenandoah valley and westward. as the cold front dips in lat on tonight, we are expecting the thunderstorms ahead of that and then clearing after you go to bed with temperatures dropping down to the 60's. tomorrow looks pretty good, cloudy skies. warmer than today, but less humid, ok? warmer than today, so highs in the upper 80's, but lower humidity levels due to have a northwesterly wind. and then over the next several of days as we go back to work, partly cloudy skies, sort of typical july-like weather, but even then, just a couple of degrees below average, a little closer to where we should be this time of year. >> wonderful day. >> yeah, great day. >> thanks so much, adam. just ahead on "good morning
6:53 am
washington saturday" -- >> i'm arch campbell with the weekend movie guide, just ahead on abc 7 news. >> and we leave you now with a live picture of the toll plaza at the bay bridge. we'll be right back. ????????ccccc g
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> good morning, washington, and happy saturday morning. i'm arch campbell with your queeked movie guide. the guy who made "borat" returns as bruno. >> i'm bruno! a sacha baron cohen as a genius for improvisation. he convinces people that he's an australian fashion designer on a quest for fame. >> this suit is black. >> i watched a preview with pat haggerty, the coach in "borat." >> it's incredible to me what people will say, what they will let flow out of their mouth,
6:56 am
the crazy things they will do and say for money or because they think they're going to be famous or because they think they're going to be in a movie. >> "borat" broke the mold and set a new standard. "bruno" follows the standard that "borat" set. >> bruno is not quite borat, but it has some moments so outrageous, you can only wonder, what will this guy do next? now here's the weekend movie guide. four stars for "up" and for "public enemies." almost four stars for "the hangover" and "the hurt locker." three stars for "my sister's keeper" and "moon." almost three stars for "bruno" and do check out the r rating. two stars for "transformers 2" and "whatever works." have a nice weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell.
6:57 am
>> a lot of losses at the box office, that's for sure. >> absolutely. >> generally a nice weekend, not too bad. we have a cold front moving in tonight. ahead of that front, a few showers and thunderstorms late day. watch out for the possibility of severe thunderstorms blue ridge and westward especially. mid to upper 80's tomorrow, all the way through the middle part of next week. a nice sunday, and then monday, a few isolated storms possible. typical summer stuff. >> "good morning america" is up next. local coverage continues on newschannel 8.
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