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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 8, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute a new study is confirming what most drivers deal with everyday, dc area traffic is some of the worst in the country. good afternoon everyone. most u.s.cities traffic is actually improving. some believe with the struggling economy and high gas prices, but here in the area gridlock is growing. we caught up with drivers taking advantage of a gas away. >> but on the same day 10 gallons of gas for free from all
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state dot drivers going -- >> i don't have anything. >> a police report is also out. >> it is number two. >> it says washington is the second worst area and traffic congestion, just behind los angeles. >> la is bad. i used to live there. >> this man lived here from los angeles and id metts he hits the brakes just as much. he admits he hits the brakes just as much. >> we are just used to it. >> it is a little worse but not as bad as people think. >> the results of the study results -- are based on numbers from 2007. while other areas like los angeles and atlanta saw congesting dropped, washington's increased. they waited an extra three hours
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from 2006. >> i am not surprised as far as traffic, as far as our ratings. d.c. is pretty bad. >> adding new roads or an extra rail will not solve the issue. when it comes to easing congestion, and it comes down to a decision -- comes down to the decision washington drivers make. alexander drivers top the most improved list when it comes to driver safety. -- alexandriarivers top the most improved list. they got to fill up for free in duke street. the average alexandria driver goes more than seven years before having a car accident. the honor for statist drive in city go to sioux falls, s.d.. -- the honor for the safeest drivers go to a south dakota. a gas line was struck in
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north east. minnesota avenue has been shut down while workers make the repairs. the gas has been turned off and rose are expected to open up within an hour. -- and roads are expected to open up within an hour. some homes in the area have lost gas services. president obama is in italy for a summit with world leaders. topping the agenda is the struggling global economy and iran's nuclear ambitions. it is taking place in an earthquake-ravaged town. >> most global summits look like this, but the rich welcome president obama received in rome was a privilege to what will be an unusually humble then you for the g-8 leaders. mountains shaken by a killer earthquake three months ago. >> our hearts were broken by the death and destruction that took
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place after the earthquake. i am very pleased that the u.s., like many other countries, will be contributing to the -- help in the rebuilding process. >> president obama traveled to the area where tens of thousands remain homeless. and to grab the world spotlight, the italian government is housing the summit leaders and guest nations in the barracks of a law enforcement training academy, with an evacuation plan because of dangerous aftershocks are still rattling nerves. the agenda for this summit has two sides, the economic, stimulus spending and the political to do list, topped by worry over iran's behavior and the climate change on which there is not consensus on meeting exact goals. >> there is even a little sizzle here.
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leader is embroiled in a womanizing a scandal. there are some calls for italy to be thrown out of the sun at all together because he has failed to pay eight to africa -- summitt call for italy to be thrown out of the summit. investigators are releasing security gaps at federal buildings across the country. the government accountability office says investigators were able to smuggle a bomb-making materials past security at 10 federal buildings. once inside, they were also able to assemble the explosive devices. >> is stunning, shocking. it just says that basically some people have forgotten the lessons of 9/11. >> in one case, a guard was distracted and people were able to run a baby through an x-ray machine. they have taken steps now to
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address these problems. a widespread insider attack that began over the weekend has knocked out the web sites -- a widespread cyber attacks has wiped out certain web sites. intelligence officials believe north korea is to blame for this. "the washington post" is reporting that its own web site has been hit. two firefighters are recovering from injuries suffered while fighting a fire in south east. the flames started before 8:00 a.m. this morning. the injured firefighters but suffered first degree burns. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. -- the injured firefighters both suffered first degree burns. the stock in scandal continues for marion barry. -- the stalking scandal continues for marion barry.
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the woman has now spoken out. pamela brown has the latest. >> marion barry's, a former girlfriend has spoken out in an unexpected way. >> [unintelligible] i must be bad. >> she showed that in a press conferenceeld by barry's spokesperson. you can hear her to defend herself in the background just as the spokesperson says she is under treatment for being unstable. >> she is under the care of a local psychologist and has been diagnosed with compulsive behavior disorder and clinical depression. >> she accused barry of stalking her on july 4, and he denies those allegations. >> what i did here is not true. >> if -- she says she will not file a civil suit.
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this drama continues to unfold. she was hired by. last september. -- she was hired by. last september. barry says she was on the brink of losing her car and house. -- she was hired last september. >> if that is the case they need to do that for the rest of us. >> there are such things as right and wrong. obviously, that is called nepotism. >> he is probably trying to do the best he could. >> he says the woman was fully qualified and he did nothing illegal in hiring her. we will not talk about the weather, off to another gorgeous start. -- we will now talk about the weather. adam is here with the look at our forecast. does not feel like july. we were outside and it is gorgeous. >> you can comfortably be
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outside and sit in this sunshine in july. we don't get conditions like this. often in july in washington. it feels more like late may or early june. let's go to our rooftop camera here. 78 degrees is at reagan national but here is a good look at the sun coming up. udet a few, ghhiths. cghudlo dew point is 48, and that tells us the air is very dry without much humidity. only 72 in maryland. woodbridge is now at 81 degrees. only 82 will be the afternoon high. a lot of sunshine and low humidity. right when we think it does night get any better, it does. we will see how long this weather pattern lasts. back to some more local news. a suspect is in custody
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following a deadly hit and run overnight on the american legion bridge. police say one woman crashed into a car, killing both people. she kept going into virginia and was later caught by police after causing another accident. no one was hurt in the second crash. police arrested her for a dui. in six months if you do not bring your own back while shopping in the district, he will have to pay for it. adrian fenty has added a bill that adds eight 5 cents tax. the money raised will be used to help clean at the anacostia river. a big opportunity for home buyers in prince george's county. jack johns has announced a new downpayment assistance program. this is to help people buy foreclosed homes. the $13 million program is aimed at stopping the erosn of property values o'clock -- caused by foreclosure.
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still to come, in these tough times families across the u.s. are trying to save on their summer vacation. if you are still trying to find a great deal, it is not too late. >> here is the problem with michael. no matter what he wanted somebody would give it to him. >> as the investigation into michael jackson's death continues, one of his doctors speaks out on his prescription drug habit. adam is coming back with a full check of our forecast on a beautiful wednesday. we thank you for watching watchg
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there are still many questions surrounding the cause of michael jackson's debt. sources say he was addicted to
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powerful pain relievers. -- because of michael jackson's death. today, his dermatologist's spoke to us, denying any role in his death. >> michael jackson was last seen leaving the stage at the stable center, but where he went is something of a mystery. right now it is illegal to bury him at never land. meanwhile, the echoes of his memorial still reverberates. ♪ >> the songs and the heartbreaking final words from his 11-year-old daughter. >> daddy has been the best father and you can ever imagine. >> but jackson reportedly battled a series prescription drug problem that left his are scarred with needle marks. he was hooked on painkiller demerol and oxycontin and a powerful sedative was found in his home. his dermatologist told diane
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sawyer he is not one of the doctors under investigation in connection with his death. >> i did that give him this craft they talked about. i had never prescribed oxycontin in my life. -- i did that give him this crap they talked about. >> the death certificate listed the cause of death as differed. the coroner has not determined whether the drugs csed his sudden death. that could take weeks. there are new questions about safety on metro trains after an operator was ught on camera testing in the driver's seat. -- texting in the driver's seat. >> that is unbelievable. >> the video shows a metro train operator texting while the train is in motion. a writer took the video while on a train last month and posted it on youtube. -- a rider took the video.
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>> there is no explanation. there is absolutely no excuse. >> the video was taken on june 5, weeks before the deadly train collision, but metro says it was not brought until -- it was not brought to their attention until recently. the train operator was suspended for five days. a former funeral home worker was fid for blowing the whistle -- lohan the whistle on disgraceful conditions. robert ranghelli worked at the national funeral home for seven months and was fired. says he does let go for talking to abc 7 news, saying the funeral home miss handled bodies. -- saying the funeral home mishandled bodies. >> at the end of the day i feel so much better that i can earn respect from the families that are going through this. >> the board of funeral
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directors is investigating the allegations. ficials say they completedan no evidence of any wrongdoing. people in new york are cleaning at after some powerful storms caused mr. damage -- caused major damage. this is the scene in yonkers, where the rains caused flooding. fortunately, no one was hurt in these storms in new york. quite a difference seen around here. no storms, just beautiful low humidity and sunshine. >> such a different weather pattern than what we typically get in july. wirst, let's explain pleasant is outside. let's start out with a time lapse from our camera. you can seethe sun, and over the horizonndrdha c ly audlo in the sky. aud few clouds starting to pop p in the atmosphere. 75 in mntount airy, but let the
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dewpoint. they are low across theoa. rd when it is in the 50's it i comfortable, but once i h,0 6 at is thts iget uncomf we are pretty comfortable because of the cold ftnt vemo mclean at 79 degrees and damascus at 71 degrees. unusually cold temperatures pretty much everywhere across the region right now. in leesburg, we are at 74. west virginia only at 70. la plata is at 75. now let's go to our graphics to take a look at the pollen count. no changes since yesterday. grass is still in the moderate range and everything else is in the low range. notice on the wide field of the
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satellite radar we have the west to east flow down to the south. also, of to our north east we have a counterclockwise rotation due to a low pressure system over new england. typically this time of year we have the bermuda high pohick stationed offshore over bermuda -- it is stationed offshore. that puts us on the backside of the high. th is very, not just in july but the entire summer time pattern in washington. that gives as the warm, humid flow from the gulf of mexico. this has not been the case for several weeks. it is pretty much most of june and july. instead, we are getting a series of low pressure systems over the great lakes and even new england, putting as in the dry and cool flow out of the northwest. that is why we have been running
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below average in terms of temperatures and especially the humidity. i have not heard any complaints get. unseasonably cold tonight and turn off the air conditioner. in the mid 50's an outlying areas. tamara, a repeat of today, lo 80's or high temperatures. friday is pretty much the same story. it just gets better because this actually lasts for a change of. then by the weekend we will see an increase in the heat and humidity, and with that will be the chance of thunderstorms. >> i bet it is a rarity for you to not get a lot ofomplaints in the whether center. are you enjoying it? >> i love it. it is so nice. >> stil ahead, and easy ways to cut back on spending for your summer family vacation. later today on "oph" the british royal family opens its doors.
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then see what happens behind the scenes at hi
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we cannot say enough good things about the weather. >> it is perfect, especially for july. let's take a look at the forecast because the nice weather will last through the week. temperatures will only be in the lower 80's, but by the weekend there will be a chance of a few thunderstorms, possibly late saturday and into sunday. that is partially a result of thincreased humidity. at that point it will feel like it should in july. >> thank you for joining us today. we will see you back here tomorrow morning.
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