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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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care of so we can all go on with our happy lives. >> just do the right thing, and >> just do the right thing, and everything's cool. -- captions by vitac -- cold settling in. we're taking a live look outside right now from our camera in estabrook park. ad lib we're in for the coldes d cold tomorrow, and another weekend of snow is ahead of us. how low will we go and how much snow will we see? we have team coverage this afternoon. our angelica sanchez is in west allis with ways to protect you and your family as it gets dangerously cold out there. but we start with weather expert stephanie barichello. she's in the weather office with a look at the cold, and the snow on the way. arctic air settling into
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temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to r where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin
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the fox6 storm center app can keep you in the know with the bitter cold and upcoming snow. it's free for apple and android devices. you'll have instant access to the fox6 weather forecast. as the temps take a plunge, milwaukee's mayor is reminding everyone about just how dangerous the cold can be. and
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fox six's angelica sanchez joins us from a warming shelter in west allis with more.. angelica. stephanie... behind me is one of several warming rooms opening up tonight across the county. this is at feed his flock near 81st and lapham. the most vulnerable population right now are children the elderly and of course the homeless. at a press conference milwaukee's mayor tom barrett is winter safety tips gloves...scarves... hats and jackets. it is important that you limit skin exposure. tonight, conditions could lead to frost bite and hypothermia. 'hypothermia is a life threatening situation and it occurs when body tempertures drop too low causing shivirning drowsiness and confusion.' 'the cold wind chills will cause frost bite in as little as 30
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now coming up at 5 hear what other important safety tips are being stressed during the cold including those that keep you from being a victim of theft. live in west allis i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news steph thanks angelica. we hosted a collection of tips on staying safe, warm and healthy when the temperatures bottom out like they are this week. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "safety information." heartbreak at a sheboygan county college campus. the body of a lakeland university student was found this afternoon in a 18-year-old kaelin kay-lin oneal had been missing since he left his apartment around 10 oclock sunday morning.oneal was freshman and back-up quarterback on the schools football team. dive crews from the sheboygan county sheriffs office recovered oneals body from a pond near the athletic center shortly after noon. in a school with an enrollment of about 750, teammates say everyone was close, adding to the pain felt across campus...
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its rare you walk past a person you dont know their first name or say hello to them. the sheriffs office says there is no indication of anything suspicious surrounding the death. investigators are still looking into how oneal ended up in the water. oneal was from outside raliegh, north carolina. new information tonight after police show up at several businesses in waukeha. fox 6's ted perry joins us from the newsroom with more on what types of busines why. waukesha police say three waukesha massage parlors were busted this week. and it's for the kind of massages they allegedly offered. according to police four women were arrested monday after an investigation that began several months ago. it included an undercover detective going inside to see what would happen. police accuse the women of being involved in keeping a house of prostitution. they say they got numerous complaints about the businesses, which advertised on an internet sex site called
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them back here. the investigation was slowed down because there's a language issue they speak mainly mandarin and not english and that slowed our investigation down a little bit waukesha police used a chinese interpreter to interview the women and they say the investigation is continuing. in the meantime the businesses-- sweet thai massage, far east healing spa, and lilac massage in waukesha-- appear to be closed down. reporting from the nes steph thanks ted. three state lawmakers are calling on milwaukee county sheriff david clarke to resign. state senator chris larson and state reps jonathan brostoff and christine sinicki released a statement today-- calling the sheriff's office quote-- "grossly mismanaged." four people, including an infant born to an inmate have died in the county jail since april. the lawmakers say these deaths are tied directly to clarkes lack of supervision. we reached out to
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hear back. a developing story downtown as the milwaukee fire department responded to a fire at the pfister hotel late this morning. officials say they were called to the hotel just before noon. we're told a contractor doing work on the roof started the fire. it was contained to a small area of the roof and a portion of the ceiling on the top floor, and was put out quickly. hotel staff was able to evacuate the building when the m-f-d arrived. no word yet on how much damage was ca a city worker is hurt -- after a car crashes into a garbage truck this morning in racine. the crash happened this morning on washington avenue near oregon street. police say the city sanitation worker was flown to froedtert hospital after being struck... but there's no word on his or her condition. police are still investigating what led up to the crash -- if you witnessed anything -- you're asked to give them a call. it's a question that's been hanging around the packers since sunday's win over the
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today we got our first answer as tim van vooren reports in the blitz. "aaron rodgers leads the nfl in touchdown passes this season, 32 of them, that's pretty impressive considering his slow start. he's also out for at least practice on wednesday, a calf that he sufferedin sunday's win over the seattle seahawks. rodgers will talk about in the locker room availability later in the afternoon. coach mike mccarthy early in the afternoon." "he will be with the reh won't practice today and probably do the same thing tomorrow. so we got a plan, game plan wise, his comments were just don't hold anything back so that's how we're approaching this game no different than last week." "rodgers predeccessor in green bay brett favre was legendary for his toughness, number 12's not bad at that area either." "aaron rodgers is tough as anyone i've been around to say
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way and play through the things that they play through it speaks volumes about those guys." the packers play the bears sunday at noon and you can watch it right here on fox 6. a special blitz reaction and analysis from soldier field, along with comments by defensive lineman mike daniels. then get a full recap of the game on the fox 6 sports blitz at 10-35 sunday night. ad lib about packers coming up on fox 6 news at 4... the major sale of a well-known local shoe company. why the deal means big things for the brand's future. and tinder for the whole family... how the popular dating app is making its way to a
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phone app "tinder" is no longer just for your smartphone -- the popular dating app is making the move toy tinder is now available to download for your t-v. if you have an apple t-v you can now download the app. what that means is that you can now swipe right or left on a much larger screen. the great minds at tinder describe it as quote "fun for the whole family" - which i guess means your family and friends can watch and weigh in on your
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of animals all the time. and even though naming them is a serious task, it doesn't mean they can't have a little fun with it. check this out. scientists in india discovered this new species of spider you see on the left. and they took some inspiration from harry potter to name it. because the creature looks similar to the triangular hat that placed potter in gryffindor... they named it after "godric gryffindo" hogwarts, as a nod to the popular series. today is december 14th meaning we are just 11 days away from christmas. every day we'll bring you a fun christmas fact. we've got a sweet one for you
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know today, haven't always had their distinct look. in fact, the candy cane only became striped around the start of the 20th century. a homeowner is using a sign to raise attention after a holiday heist. a new hampshire woman has set up a nativity scene. this year, the virgin mary was stolen. she set out a sign saying "mary missing.. joseph doesn't want to be a single dad." the sign has attracted the attention of neighbors. some are even joining the search. shirl has no plans to call the police..but hope the person responsible will do the right thing and bring
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of 20-16... in today's tech report, rich demuro has the top trending videos and which one came in at number one. its a fact... we just cant get enough of youtube. the site continues to be the place for viral videos... and today im talking to youtube about the stories behind 2016s biggest hits... plus i want to know what makes a video go viral. montage every minute... 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube. trended the most in 2016. nats... agt at number 5... a 12 year old ukulele player 8;07;09/this is the first year weve seen an americas got talent video on our top rewind list. nina tyler is a youtube trends expert. 8;10;03/youtube really is just a place where diverse creators can come and express themselves where
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right next to a video from a youtube channel called whats inside at number 3. this one takes a look at a rattlesnake rattle. 8;07;47/while i wont give anything away its from a father son duo out of utah and you should definitely check it out it has over 59 million views. standup pen pineapple apple pen nats...pen pineapple apple pen video 8;08;09/it became the shortest song toh the video is just over a minute... the song itself even shorter. finally, at number 1... with over 138 million views... adeles carpool karaoke. 8;08;29/i think it gave fans a glimpse into who adele is personally as well. rich standup we love watching these videos...but what if you want to make your own... what makes a video go viral? 8;09;05/these are videos that are entertaining, or informative in
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videos that you cant wait to share them - you want to send them to your best friend or your mom. and if youre thinking of starting your own youtube channel in 2017... and becoming a big time youtube star... the number one tip from youtube - have something to say... and be yourself. authenticity is key to success. ad lib about tech report coming up on fox 6 news at four... what surprised actress natalie portman most about "jackie kennedy" as she prepared for her role in the new movie "jackie". gino is in next. here's a live look outside from our city center camera in
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weather expert stephanie barichello is up next with a
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arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9
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great divide between what people believe and what i know to be true. and how would you like him remembered. there should be more horses. more soldiers. why are you doing this mrs. kennedy? there's more crying more cameras/ this is making us look like barbarians. what's wrong with you. you don't have to do this. i will march with jack. present...i'm not the first
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"jackie" tells the story of how jacqueline kennedy fought through grief and trauma to solidify her husband's legacy. gino sat down with natalie portman to talk about playing such a historic role. ad lib to bite "has being a director changed you as an actress? i think it makes me more willing to try anything a director wants. i think before i thought my part as a a character better than anyone else. and fight for what my character would be feeling or doing and what makes sense for the character. and sometimes when you see when directors have ideas that they necessarily can't put into words. when they ask you to to try something you just do it because it's worth giving a shot and if it doesn't work it doesn't work. often time it takes you to places you wouldn't
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one of the benefits of playing such a prominent historical figure -- is there is about the character. but that probably makes it more challenging too. ad lib to bite "what surprised you most about her that you didn't know
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didn't know how smart. i think you know really when you see the attention she was paying to everything that was going on while she was in the white house when you read the transcripts of her interviews and you see that she knew everyone's name whoever walked in that door and what their position was what their policy was and how they interacted with jfk and you realize her understanding of history that she crafted this story knowing the mythology you tell is more important than what actually happened when it comes to history. i can't sa say it to you. you never disappointed. thank you that is so kind.
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coming up on fox 6 news at 4... a town in indiana is currently without any police officers... what led to the entire department plus -- port-washington based shoe company "allen edmonds" has been sold. what the buyout means for the future of the popular brand.
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businesses has been bought. but, this appears to be a good thing, according to port washingtons mayor. justin williams shares the story. wednesday, port washington mayor, tom mlada, discusses some big, business news, following word of a significant sale.
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tuesday evening, the saint louis footwear company, calares, incorporated, announced its purchase of port washington-based, allen edmonds shoe corportation. theyre growing, and thats a good thing. allen edmonds employs just over a thousand people - nearly 500 of whom work in port washington, where the mayor expects them to stay. i think thats gonna mean great things, in terms of employment, here, within our community. obviously, were talking about hundreds of jobs, already, and i think thats only, that commitments only gonna continue to grow. in a statement, the ceo, president, and chair of in part, quote were also eager to explore their manufacturing resources, as we continue to focus on our ability to increase our speed to market. endquote the sale price is tagged at 255- million dollars, but, beyond the money, the mayor describes the broader impact this transaction will have on this city. im really hopeful for the future; that this is going to mean extraordinary things, for, really, the expansion of that allen edmonds brand, and what that means to all of us, as it continues to grow, again, not only around the country, but globally. in 2013, allen edmonds was purchased by a private equity firm, based out of los
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sale of the company, in just a few years. the mayor says he hopes this offers the workforce improved stability. this is the latest, in port washington. im justin williams, fox 6 news. president-elect donald trump continues his "thank you tour" with a stop last night in the badger state. "we won wisconsin for the first time since 1984, 32 years ago." around the president-elect at state fair park. mister trump mocked wisconsin's recount but said it was worth it because it showed he won by even more. today, conservative radio host charlie sykes spoke about the election at the milwaukee press club. sykes-- who's been critical of mister trump-- was also critical of the role of the mainstream media in the election. "i think we've had a definite dumbing down of the media, and unfortunately that has also
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talk about voters this way, it has coarsened the level of discourse in this country." sykes will be leaving his mid-morning show on 620 w-t-m-j and his weekly television show "sunday insight". he ends his daily radio show after 23 years with his final show on monday. a suspended milwaukee police officer learns his fate today after 42-year-old michael anderson will serve one year of probation. anderson fired his service weapon in his backyard near south griffin and euclid in late september. the judge also ruled anderson must maintain absolute sobriety and complete other counseling deemed necessary. "i just want to express my regret and remorse in this. the embarrassment i caused myself, my family
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remains suspended from the department while an internal investigation continues. an indiana town is without any police officers after every single one walked off the job. the officers are blaming the bunker hill town council in their resignation letter. they accuse council members of asking them to do illegal and unethical things. they cite being asked to run background checks on other town councilors to find criminal histories... and claim they were threatened when they said no. the town after his cancer diagnosis. "they came at me and said it is costing the town way too much money because of my insurance and they said we are taking you down to part time." the town council president says he will release a statement in the near future. right now, the miami county sheriff's department is handling the calls for service to the area. an interstate in tennessee was shut down in both directions this morning after a hazardous materials spill. it happened
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caught fire. the driver is okay, but, the semi was carrying hazardous materials which are risky for those nearby. according to emergency management, the truck was carrying chlorine tablets. when activated by water, they cause hazardous smoke. several residents have been evacuated in rutherford county. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories they're working on for fox six news at five. a one of a kind restaurant in milwaukee. new caf is helping change a north side neighborhood. also at five, could the school year be starting earlier for milwaukee public schools? coming up, what came out of a meeting about it today. we'll have those stories and more for you on fox six news at five. brad thanks ted. the holiday season means more family time for many people. and staying safe on the road to and from get-togethers is always important. a new government initiative is aimed at keeping you safe from
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shannon bream has the details. as people gather to celebrate the holidays, officials in washington are doing their part to keep drivers safe this season. rosekind says: "last year 259 people died in drunk driving crashes just during the holiday period - focused on christmas, and the holiday season, and the new year. those are people with careers, families, dreams, wishes and you know we often talk about how it's easy to statistics but each one is an individual. " the national highway traffic safety administration launched a new initiative called "drive sober or get pulled over" to prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel it involves the use of ads, an interactive virtual reality website, and a three part plan to prevent drunk driving... sheehey-church says: "the first one is supporting high visibility law enforcement such as sobriety checkpoints." sheehey-church says: "the second is passing laws in every state that require ignition in locks for every drunk driving offender sheehey-church says: "finally, the third
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driving is the development of advanced vehicle technology or dadss which you'll hear about shortly. it's a safety option in new cars to passively detect if the driver is past the legal threshold for alcohol impairment." dadss, or driver alcohol detection system for safety, is a new technology being developed through a public- private partnership between the government and top automakers. the tech can automatically tell if a driver is above the point zero eight legal limit and prevents the car from moving. on cam state officials also announced five point one million dollars in funding to continue to develop and deploy dadss technology. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. the wisconsin economic development corporation awarding more than 500-thousand dollars in grants today. governor scott walker announcing five organizations that will be receiving them. the announcement came during the 35th annual "marketplace" conference at potawatomi hotel.
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businesses throughout the state. the w-e-d-c hopes the money will support things like business training workshops and financial awareness programs. "we want to help you do business with the state. and in a way with other levels of government. helping not only do business not only with us but with the local, the county and municipal governments, regional jurisdictions as well as with the federal government." more than six-hundred people attended the two-day conference which provides dozens of professional networking opportunities. different approach to holiday lights. instead of competing with her neighbor's christmas display, jami kelly put this up. the giant "ditto" light display simply points over to the neighbor. kelly says she did it because she just couldn't compete with her neighbor's elaborate holiday lights. she made the sign with a little help from another neighbor-- took about four hours to make.
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why uber's latest test may leave the company facing legal troubles. plus -- the s-u-v market had been on the rise over the last few years. but there are plenty of options out there. so to help -- consumer reports put two of the best, to the test. jenna sachs with the results in her contact 6 report. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see weather expert stephanie barichello is in next with a your forecast.
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the convenience and comfort of a car. its no wonder the small suv market has exploded over past few years. "the original suvs were based on trucks. small suvs are based on car platforms, so they take that comfort of a car ride and handling, and they just put a bigger package on it. now you have a utility vehicle you can take anywhere." both the toyota rav4 and honda cr-v are roomy, comfortable, and versatile vehicles that come from trustworthy brand found they often appeal to different drivers. "so some of the reasons people like the rav4. because of the roomy interior, it has really strong reliability, and the fact that it has great fuel economy." the rav4 hybrid received an impressive 31 mpg in consumer reports tests. and while the cr-v gets 24 mpg, consumer reports says its a good match for those who dont want to sacrifice utility for sportiness. "they want something thats engaging, that they can feel fun on the weekend with, as well as having
4:44 pm
rate very high for safety, the rav4 has a slight edge in available safety equipment. "toyota offers a lot of their active safety features like automatic emergency braking, forward- collision warning. thats available on all the line, whereas with honda they only put it on the top two trims." consumer reports rates the toyota rav4 slightly above the honda cr-v, but suggests taking a test drive to see which works best for you. while the cr-v and rav4 are both high- reports says its highest rated small suv is the subaru forester. i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. the cold and freezing temperatures are here -- marking the perfect time for "big" donation to "fox 6 coats for kids." members of the 128-th air refueling wing in milwaukee collected about 250
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afternoon here at fox 6. the salvation army was on- hand to accept the donation. the 128th has been collecting warm clothes for the "coats for kids" program now for eight years. 13:40 for us, its about giving back to the community. we do our part here at home and overseas, so giving back is very important to us. a few members of the knit scarves and mittens and donate those, too! if you or someone you know need a warm coat this winter -- get in touch with the salvation army.
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arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts. arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures
4:47 pm
zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts. arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring
4:48 pm
-25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill
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turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts. of a surprise... but teens glued to their smartphones or computer for hours may be more likely to become obese. researchers looked at data from a national youth survey conducted by the c-d-c... it involved about twenty-five thousand respondents from the ninth to the twelfth grades. they found kids who used their smartphones
4:50 pm
likely to get poor quality sleep. experts say kids snacking while using phones may not realize when they are no longer hungry. women who use pain relievers over a long period of time may have a higher risk of losing their hearing. following a group of 54-thousand women, researchers found that using ibuprofen or acetaminophen for six years or more was associated with a higher risk of hearing loss. no significant association was how long someone was taking the usual dose of aspirin. researchers say more research is needed to better define how these pain relievers may affect a person's hearing. experts say a common therapy for prostate cancer may increase patients' risk for dementia. researchers looked at data from more than nine-thousand male prostate cancer patients -- checking who was diagnosed with dementia during follow-up. men who received androgen
4:51 pm
a-d-t has also been associated with metabolic syndrome --raising the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. doctors say the therapy should only be used in certain cases. check out these cool storm patterns above jupiter. nasa's "juno" spacecraft took the pictures last sunday during a flyby... about 40-thousand miles above the planet. you can see a string of massive rotating storms that appear as white ovals. from cape canaveral. it finally reached the planet last july. right now, juno is on a 53-day orbit around jupiter, so the next flyby will be in february. uber, which has a habit of skirting regulations, is at it again. the ride company has expanded its self- driving car tests to san francisco. they are testing the cars without the blessing of the california d-m-v -- even though state law requires
4:52 pm
in the seat -- their tests aren't truly autonomous. twenty of uber's competitors including google and tesla have gotten approval. it is unclear if uber will face any repercussions. the department of transportation wants all cars to be able to "talk" to each other and to traffic lights. officials say it'll keep the roads safer and could reduce the number of traffic deaths. some car manufacturers are already including vehicle-to-vehicle -- or v-2-v communic personal information would be transmitted and the system would be encrypted. the number of "battle-ready" isis fighters in iraq and syria is the lowest it's ever been. top u-s officials say there are about twelve to 15 thousand fighters left. last week a u-s official said the coalition had killed about 50-thousand militants since 20-14. officials say, tighter surveillance and border controls are stopping many fighters from joining the terror
4:53 pm
leaders in syria who the u-s says planned the paris and brussels attacks. pope francis tells thousands of people wishing him a happy birthday they might be a jinx. the holy father was thanking well wishers this morning in vatican city. it's the pontiff's last public appearance before he celebrates his 80th birthday on saturday. his holiness joked with the crowd, telling them in his home country, argentina, early birthday wishes are a jinx. while there are no big plans in store for the pope's birthday, the vatican has produced a special stamp to mark the birthday of the first pope from it's a question many of us have likely asked around the holidays... how would santa get in a house without a chimney?... coming up -- one michigan family's bright idea to make sure mr. claus
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the stops when it comes to holidays. they're putting their house on the map this christmas. the family doesn't have a chimney, so they had the idea of lighting their home up so santa can find them... fox 6's kim murphy takes a look at the holiday display. 18:43:10 we arent santa or
4:57 pm
people. meet the millers.....and actually its hard to miss them...18:39:24 the more lights we put up the more santa can see us. and we have even been seen from a google maps a time or two. the millers went all out for halloween. turning their home into a haunted house for the whole neighborhood for free. the day after halloween, the christmas decorations came out. it took them about two weeks to put everything up. and you're probably wondering, how much does it cost them to brighten up the neighborhood? 18:41:51 everyone wants to know what the electric bill is. it probably adds what? 30 or 40 dollars. everything even if it cost them 500 dollars theyd still do it. 18:40:42 i am hoping that it will make somebody;s christmas like it does mine. like for me without this. it just didnt seem like christmas. 18:41:05 the christmas lights dont care what religion you are, what color you are, they care about that its christmas and that you smile and that youre happy. and they take care of the inside of their home too, with a whole christmas
4:58 pm
12 foot tree. 18:41:30 for someone that had a bad day to drive by and just smile and think maybe that wasnt the bad and get their m ind off it. thats what its for. kim murphy fox 6 news. now at five... the bitter cold is here... "we want to make sure as this "...that people get themselves into warm situations." and now -- even more snow is on they way. when it will get here -- and how much you can expect. that is our big story this evening... frigid temperatures have arrived -- and tonight will get dangerously cold into tomorrow... and that's not all... winter storm watch is set to take
4:59 pm
barichello joins us now with more. weather arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin
5:00 pm
prompted the city of milwaukee to put out a call to exercise common sense: take care of yourself in the cold... and keep an eye on the most vulnerable population during this time. . fox six's angelica sanchez joins us live from one of many warming shelters opening tonight.. this one in west allis. ted-- this is one of several


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