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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the single digits. snow returns to the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:a and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw
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fox6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. to the other big story of the night now-- president-elect donald trump brings his "thank you tour" to west allis. an estimated 6-thousand people were there-- we have team coverage. brittany shannon and theo keith are live at the expo center at state fair park. let's start with theo. it was like he won twice. mr it because he came out with more votes. he relived his election night victories in swing states before getting to the one that put him over the top. 8:04 donald trump has won the state of wisconsin cheers five weeks after the election, it was clear the night had not lost any of its magic for president-elect donald trump. he was the first republican to win wisconsin since ronald reagan, and thanked governor scott walker and speaker paul ryan. "he's like a fine wine, every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more, and if he ever goes against me i'm not gonna
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rally to lay out his agenda. he wants to make it illegal to burn the american flag. and of course, he has plans on the u-s mexico border. 7:26 were going to build a wall, paul cheers save for the christmas trees, tuesdays rally looked like mr trumps campaign events. thousands of supporters. nat - protester interruption from a protester. and mr trump, criticizing the media. 7:46 'they we he no longer wants to investigate former rival hillary clinton, the president-elect seemed to enjoy another refrain from the campaign. "you people don't stop... lock her up... lock her up.. so i used to say when i hear this chant: let's just win on novemeber 8th but now we've won. big league... you people, i'll tell ya tough
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incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus were also here. clarke urged the crowd to keep up the fight against mr trumps opponents, asking them, 'do you have your pitchforks and torches ready?' live, theo keith, fox6 news. steph thanks theo democratic state representative jocasta zamarripa - issuing a statement "it is clear trump has no interest in changing the ways things are and is selling out main street to keep his corporate friends and wealthy special interests happy. if our new president-elect is truly going to put workers first, he should show it right now, and stand up to house republicans who have put american jobs and industry in jeopardy." the reaction inside the room was much more welcoming. our brittany shannon has that side of the story. it was mostly cheers and rave
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trumps thank you tour stop in west allis... "33:35 i think it was proven tonight that he is going to make america great again 33:38" one of the largest wisconsin rally crowds greeted the president elect with cheers and hope. justin hammerbeck brought his two sons. justin hammerbeck were just here to listen and hear it and really cheer and congratulate him on his big win 24:00 very excitedother young supporters showing up fashionably. some traveled to arriving hours before president elect trump ever took the stage. "first time ive seen a gentleman like trump that has the values of all people" maurice gelk im pumped up. bc we finally got a president thats a real person that dont think like a politician 12:29kristi kuehn " i think its going to be a great start. im excited im really really excited " there were a couple of small protests that broke out during president elect trump's speech-- they interrupted the speech-- but were otherwise peaceful. we didn't see anyone get arrested.
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fox 6 news. ted thanks brittany if you'd like to hear more of mister trump's speech-- we've posted it on our website. fox6 now dot com. just find the story on our home page. family and friends gather to remember a teenage girl who was shot and killed inside her home near 35th and silver spring last night. 15-year-old melanie johnson was in the kitchen when the gunfire began. tonight's vigil took place right outside the front door. family members are begging anyone with information to come forward. she was full of life. it wasnt a day that you can go without melanie making you smile. milwaukee police say theyre investigating the circumstances of the shooting-- including who was the intended target. relatives say they're certain it was not melanie. late this morning another shooting victim drives himself to a healthcare
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happened at 83rd and medford. the 31-year-old victim tried to go to a clinic in wauwatosa. but they sent him to an actual hospital. we're told no suspects are in custody. new at ten, he was arrested just hours after buying an assault riffle. a sheboygan man-- turned in after someone feared he was plotting a school shooting. fox 6's ben handelman with why it's not just his online post authorities are worried about. posts on social media. for 21-year-old joshua bagemehl of sheboygan, authorities are now wondering if its where he was sharing a terror plot. this is just scary stuff. shboygan county district attorney joe dececco says they received an anonymous tip monday, bagemeal was possibly planning a school shooting. sunday-- bagemehl posted on facebook "some one needs to do a school shooting around here. it'd be funny as expletive f!@#$." would this have come to fruition, i dont know, but were not taking any chances. on
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told authorities has a history of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder legally bought an assault riffle at gander mountain and posted pictures online. within hours, he was arrested. in custody bagemehl told authorities the posts were just to "get a reaction"-- and thought it "would be funny if someone did a school shooting in sheboygan." authorities say when they asked the suspect what they might find on his phone-- his response-- well your going to see videos of isis beheadings, of explosions. youre going to see drive by shootings. at the suspect's mother knock knock no one answered. they are nice people. i mean very polite. i dont... very surprised by it. neighbors are shocked at the charges. i dont think he would have did it. i really dont. they are happy authorities took the threat seriously. authorties claim bagemehl told them he enjoyed watching videos of school shootings, and watched violent videos when he had the urge to
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stress. a friend tells us she does not believe bagemehl knows the consequences of his posts, and admits with his mental health issues, should not have been allowed to buy guns. his bail-- set at 75-thousand dollars. ted. the u-s postal service is offering 20-thousand dollars-- to anyone who can provide information about a post office robbery. it happened a little after 3 yesterday afternoon at the location near 35th and capitol. the suspect showed a gun and got away with cash. sheriff's office is trying to find a missing college student. 18-year-old kaelin o'neal was last seen on the lakeland university campus on sunday. he was wearing a black button jacket. if you've seen him-- give authorities a call. a drop in the temperature means a need for help sky rockets. shelters are adding hours to keep up with demand. fox 6's ashley sears is live in
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dangerous. that's why shelters are trying to make sure everyone is safe. nats when the temperatures dip-- the worst place to to be is out in it-- 14:19 it was miserable. especially--if that is one of your only 14:21 i didnt have anywhere to go, just walking around. brian brown knows the pain of the bone chilling cold. he used to be homeless. brown eventually found help at repairers of the breach. he's now a cook here and helps others in need. 16:57 when they come here i make them feel warm welcomed and loved. he's now working double. the daytime shelter has extended it's hours during the bitter cold. 06:26 we greet them, offer them a hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, a hot meal, a sleeping bag, a pillow and a place to sit. they get ready for a busy
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scarves and hat monday night--12 people sd through, tuesday ternoon rtnn in milwaukee county-- additional warming centers are expected to open in the coming days. 47:36 this time of year, theres always a spike in demand. the county is encouraging everyone to do their parts. 45:21 if you see people that look like they have a need, call 211. for brown the help was critical-- as he now pays it forward. 17:07 its a blessing. again, if you see someone in need call 2-1-1. repairers of the breach is open seven in the morning until 4 in the evening. they opeb when temperatures drop. live in milwaukee, ashley sears fox 6 news. steph thanks ashley sad news to report tonight-- actor alan thicke has died. tmz reports he had a heart attack while playing hockey with one of his sons. he was most famous for his roll as mike seaver, the dad on the 80s sitcom "growing pains". thicke was 69
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it's a major problem in the city of milwaukee-- aging lead laterals bring drinking water into thousands of homes. today the common council took the first step toward replacing them but it comes with a big price tag. the details-- still to come. plus-- long lines outside a milwaukee health center today. what's waiting inside is the very definition of the season
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port-washington based allen edmonds has been acquired by a according to our partners at the milwaukee business journal. "caleres incorporated" made the deal for 255-million dollars -- saying the acquisition would grow its footwear business.allen edmonds has been making shoes since 19-22, when it opened its first factory in wisconsin. the city of milwaukee is moving ahead to tackle a big problem in the city. a multi-million dollar plan will require tens of thousands of homes
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replaced. under the plan a homeowner would pay up to 16 hundred dollars, or no more than a third of the cost of replacing the section of pipe under their property. the city would pay the rest. we understand there are going to be families who can't afford this right now. at the same time there are absentee landlords who would not be doing this if we did not mandate the city will start next year by replacing pipes that bring water to day histories of breaking. for many, the christmas holiday is a time for family gatherings over a big meal. but, when money's tight-- that may not be an option. ....unless, there's someone to help. beverly taylor reports on that much needed assistance. some of these people waited outside in the frigid temperatures for an hour and a
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on the holiday dinner giveaway. nat once inside they were greeted with bags of food. "this bag is so heavy." nat "did you get the ham?" "i got the ham and more." the holiday giveaway was for patients and the community. "molina healthcare, one of our sponsors, we got a call from them and they wanted to donate money so people in the community could have holiday than just free food. there were free health screenings, dental screenings and mammograms. nat of patient/nurse there were free books. nat and reading glasses for those who needed visual assistance. nat of woman we heard a lot of words of gratitude at the event. nat "one of my hopes for this is that the people in the community will have a nutritious dinner for christmas and that they know that milwaukee health services is always going to be in the community for them. :55 the
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tables. but, just as important, essential health screenings will help make sure participants have many christmases to come. in milwaukee, beverly
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temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like -15 in the cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the single digits. snow returns to the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too
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clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. am low: -5 high: 7 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: -3 high: 20 cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 27 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: -1 high: 8 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: -5 high: 11
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am low: -5 high: 11 wind: sw 5-10
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gm ted thompson for not getting enough good players around aaron rodgers. now he's getting heat from a hall of famer and former packer!
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introducing the reuben from subway fa sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben. others, by reuben kulakofsky during a poker game. wood starlet marjorie rambeau in a fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can
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start your morning with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- if you thought today was cold... tomorrow will be even colder. our fox6 weather experts will have the forecast. shopping for your dad, brother or husband? we'll help you find the perfect gift for guys. plus carl is live with the milwaukee ballet and a preview of the nutcracker. tomorrow on wakeup! "the locker room is the
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there on the field when it comes sunday. so you just keep investing in that culture. this is as fine a group of men as i've coached here in eleven years". mike mccarthy loves his players. but gm ted thompson has often been criticized for not getting his coach enough "talented" players to support aaron rodgers. hall of famer assistant-went off about that today during a radio interview on the bill michaels show. "i think it is a freaking shame that the green bay packers have not surrounded him with everything that he needs in the prime of his career to get back in the super bowl again. and you scratch your head like, 'why?!' there's reasons why the patriots are knocking on the door of the super bowl each
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rodgers". the playoff push continues...packers/ bears, sunday, high noon on fox. tim and brandon live from soldier field right afterwards. they'll have lots of locker room reaction and defensive lineman mike daniels. we'll wrap the whole day up on the fox six sports blitz sunday night at 10:35. the bears get a big boost with the return of gifted receiver alshon jeffrey. he's back from a 4-game in time for sunday's showdown. that has to help quarterback matt barkley-who hasn't had much of a supporting cast since taking over for the injured jay cutler. brewers gm david stearns and his staff continue to take their swings at improving the roster. they've signed 4 players to minor- league deals--including infielder/outfielder ivan de jesus-who hit 253 in 104 games with the reds this past season. plus--they've sent catcher
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los angeles angels, with a minor league pitcher, for halos catcher jett bandy. for the last 6 years, the 30 year old maldy was good field, but no hit. the 26 year old bandy batted 234 with 8 homers and 25 rbi in 70 games for l.a. jett might have gotten his good hands from his dad john, a former bartender. the elder bandy taught tom cruise "bartender flair" for the 1988 movie "cocktail" story. wake forest radio analyst tommy elrod has been fired after the school said he had been giving wake forest opponents information about the demon deacon since twenty fourteen! after a loss to louisville last month, the wake forest football staff discovered material left behind by the cardinals that showed they were prepared for demon deacons plays. no wonder coaches are paranoid about having open practices! we skate off with lots of enthusiasm. here's the call of a boston university women's hockey announcer-as the terriers upset 2nd ranked
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natalie brindle; natalie brindle, goal!! natalie brindle the captain with a multi-goal game! i have lost my voice in excitement!".
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than a meerkat? a whole litter of them! a zoo in sydney, australia has welcomed its largest litter of meerkats ever. normally a mama meerkat gives birth to 3 or 4 pups. but this meerkat had 6! and don't have names yet. but they are keeping their mom very busy. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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