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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  December 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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top republican and democratic leadership are breaking with the president-elect when it comes to russia's involvement the u-s elections. they're calling for further investigations into the matter. dianne gallagher has more. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: "the russians
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to influence the u-s election? majority leader mitch mcconnell said monday he supports senate committee investigations on capitol hill to find out. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: obviously any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is disturbing but mcconnell did not go as far as others... like a bipartisan group of senators calling for a special select committee to review russia's role... sen. chuck schumer/-d- new york: "the goal is to find out how extensive this is, how deep it is, which countries are doing it, it won't be limited to just russia, and then to come up with conclusions how to stop it." sen. john mccain/-r- arizona: "it's cl whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, i think that's the subject of investigation, but facts are stubborn things - they did hack into this campaign." these public positions are a clear break from the president-elect donald trump/president- elect: "personally it could be russia, i don't really think it is. but who knows. they don't know and i don't know." but the c-i-a, f-b-i and other agencies say they do know... because while
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broad agreement that the perpetrator is russia. donald trump has dismissed the credibility of the intelligence-- and has tweeted that if he had lost the election, people would call these allegations a conspiracy theory. in washington, dianne gallagher it's time for your news and weather together. the wisconsin election recount has finally wrapped up.. and with promising numbers for president-elect donald trump. out of nearly three million votes cast mr. trump ended up adding 131 more votes over hillary clinton than the recount added a total of one- thousand-seven-hundred sixty nine votes across all candidates. the two girls accused in the slenderman case will have separate trials. in court today, the attorney for now 15-year old morgan geyser argued for separate trials.. and the judge agreed. geyser and anissa weier are accused of trying to kill a friend when they were 12-years-old.. to please the fictional character slenderman. geyser's attorney also wants the
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moved out of waukesha county. a judge will rule at a later date. the first significant snowfall results in a number of drivers getting ticketed overnight. milwaukee far surpassed the 4 inch rule with the weekend snow... which means you can not park your vehicle overnight on certain streets. on just one block of cramer street we counted at least 10 cars with parking tickets. each one is worth 40 - dollars. paying attention to the street signs this winter can save you a costly headache. showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday
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sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25 mph in a fox6 exclusive... a milwaukee woman has a warning for others after she says a man tried to sexually assault her in a locker room. fox6's madeline anderson joins us live at 14th and north with details on the alleged incident. this y-m-c-a branch is where the woman says she was cornered by
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lucky to have been able to escape unharmed. it just happened so fast. i didnt know what to do, i was scared. what was supposed to be a relaxing time in the pool at the ymca on west north ave turned into a terrifying experience for this 27-year-old woman.. who wants to remain anonymous. when i got out of the shower, we met face to face. i just stopped like, i was very stunned. on october 15th... the woman says a man went into the women's locker room ad sexually assault her. he forced me back into the shower and he closed the curtain behind him and blocked himself where i couldnt get out. that's when the woman says a mom and her child walked in... and spooked the man... who ran off. the woman has since reported the incident to y-staff and to milwaukee police.. an mpd spokesman says officers are currently investigating. i really care about the children and young women who dont have a voice. but with the suspect still out there... the woman is sharing her story to help alert other ymca families. that
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wanted to come forward. because there are a lot of children who attend this ymca. the woman says she's too terrified to return to this y.. and plans to cancel her membership. the ymca's operations executive tells me the y has fully cooperated with police... and turned over the names of people who checked in on october 15th... as well as any surveillance video from that day. reporting live in milwaukee madeline anderson fox6 news. mary thanks madeline the packers still have work to do, but they are in nfl playoff contention.... the same can't be said for the los angeles rams who make a big decision today.... tim van vooren is back
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it would be nice to control their own destiny, but the packers surely realize that when you lose four games in a row in a season, you remove that luxury.... with three straight wins since that skid, though, they do still have postseason hopes... the packers and vikings trail the lions in the nfc north division by the regular season.... green bay takes on each of those teams, and thus can make up ground, but does need detroit to lose at either the giants or cowboys in the next couple of weeks to have a shot at the division.... a wildcard is another slim possibility.... that carrot is why a guy like tj lang hurries back from a broken foot to play yesterday.... "i feel really good with the way i came out. you know, i think we talked about it a couple of days ago. just really
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and just something that that's part of my blood i guess. i want to, no part of me wants to let my teammates down and if i'm standing on the sideline in street clothes i feel like i'm letting guys down." chargers running back melvin gordon has to be carted off the field in a loss yesterday, but the news on his status is promising..... the kenosha bradford high school and university of wisconsin product has a hip and knee strain and is considered day to day.... he is 3 yards away from one thousand on the ground for the season and wants to return to reach that milestone..... also from the nfl on the left coast, the rams fire coach jeff fisher today... their loss yesterday guarantees them a tenth consecutive losing season.... nevermind that fisher received a contract extension eight days ago.... a couple of badgers receive good news today.... tackle ryan ramczyk, the transfer from uw-stevens point, and linebacker tj watt from pewaukee high school are named associated press all=americans.... ramczyk to the first team and watt to the second team... each redshirt junior is
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and sticking with the badgers, but how about a little basketball ?? wisconsin moves up from 17th to 14th in this week's .a.p. top twenty five poll.... they pull away from marquette in the second half saturday for a nine point win and now carry a 9 and 2 record with a game against uw-green bay on tap for later this week.... great atmosphere in the bmo
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department stores targeted in a new lawsuit... just ahead... why one city is claiming the stores' discount sales weren't quite as good as advertised. plus... a new international carrier is getting ready to begin regular flights
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new airline... mexican-based carrier "volaris" will begin international flights from milwaukee to guadalajara in march... volaris is an "ultra-low-cost" carrier based out of mexico city -- and mexico's second-largest airline. it'll be the first mexican carrier to offer year-round scheduled service from general mitchell airport. the flights will run two days a week - starting march 3rd. sausage, pepperoni or both?!
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restaurant -- plans to open its third location this weekend at the drexel town square development in oak creek. doors will officially open for business at 11 a-m on sunday. the original restaurant is on downer avenue in milwaukee -- and a second at the mayfair collection in wauwatosa. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. a kurdish militant group is claiming responsibility for saturday's deadly -- mostly police officers -- were killed -- and 155 others wounded. funerals began today -- with hundreds of people coming out to to mourn the deaths. turkish officials say 13 people are now under arrest in connection with the attack. french police say 11 people have been detained -- suspected of helping with the bastille day terror attack in nice, france... 86 people were killed when a man drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating. the new arrests are accused of helping the attacker with logistical
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weapons to the suspect. more than a dozen other people have been arrested in connection with the july 14th attack for which isis has claimed responsibility. tropical cyclone vardah -- the first hurricane-strenght storm to hit the bay of bengal this season -- making landfall in india. it's bringing heavy rainfall and winds up to 62 miles per hour -- uprooting trees, overturning cars and causing extensive damage to buildings. more than 170 relief camps have been set disaster and response force has been deployed. this is the strongest storm to hit india since october 2014. 100 people were killed. the destruction led to 3-point-4-billion dollars of damage. toss to weather weather a few light snow showers are
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temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay
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low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, bitter cold. am low: -4 high: 7 cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 5 high: 23 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 30 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. am low: 5 high: 10
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killing former n-f-l star will smith is found guilty... a new orleans jury convicting cardell hayes last night on multiple charges -- including manslaughter. last april -- hayes shot the former saints player after a traffic dispute. smith's wife was also shot during the incident but recovered.
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self defense. he now faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in february. meanwhile-- funeral services for another former n-f-l player were held today... joe mcknight was shot and killed in an apparent road race incident earlier this month outside new orleans... suspect -- ronald gasser -- has been charged with manslaughter. police say gasser admitted to shooting mcknight after the two men got in an angry car chase. kohl's is among a group of department stores being sued by the city of los customers about how much they're saving. the lawsuits claim the retailers inflated original prices -- to make the sales look better than they are. according to the city attorney -- the practice involved thousands of products. macy's -- sears and j-c penney are facing similar accusations. none have commented on the lawsuits. "moana" continues to lead the box office -- but is expected to lose the top spot
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week... and golden globe award nominations are announced... details -- in the buzz. "la la land" -- a los angeles musical -- earning seven golden globe nominations... those include both leading actors -- emma stone and ryan gosling -- as well as best picture musical or comedy. "moonlight" comes in second with six nominations -- including best picture and director. on the t-v side -- "the people v. o-j simpson" continues its success with fi awards ceremony is set for january 8th. "moana" continues to dominate the box office -- taking top spot for the third week in a row -- pulling in an estimated 19-million-dollars. office -- taking top spot for the third week in a row -- pulling in an estimated 19-million-dollars. the jennifer aniston comedy "office christmas party" debuted in second place -- earning about 17-and-a-half million dollars. and the harry potter spinoff "fantastic beasts and where to find them" rounds out the top
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competition on the way -- with "rogue one: a star wars story" coming to theaters. the film's world premiere was held saturday in los angeles... "rogue one" follows the rebellion as it plans to steal the death star and sets the stage for the later star wars films. the movie opens in theaters across the country this week. and that's
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zoo is now on display... feast your eyes on this! at just six days old -- the baby giraffe stands at more than five feet tall... the new addition is particularly special for zoo staff -- because he's the offspring of a
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"rothschild giraffe" -- an endangered species with only 470 left in the wild in parts of kenya and uganda. open our big story at six: wisconsin's recount is over -- and president-elect donald trump actually added slightly to his lead. keith explains from madison, concerns about election security are not finished yet. wisconsins recount is over, and the results barely changed. president-elect donald trump won by a 131 more votes than he did on election night. we found no evidence of any hack in terms of our computer infrastructure system. or the commissions job was to see if
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not hack our system. that was one of green party candidate jill steins reasons for requesting the recount. now, the c-i-a says that russia may have tried to influence the election in favor of mr. trump, republicans like house speaker paul ryan are weighing in. one day before he and governor scott walker are set to appear with mr trump for a 'thank you' rally in west allis - ryan said he supported a congressional investigation into cyber attacks. fullscreen ryan said 'any intervention by russia is especially problematic because, under president putin, russia has been an aggressor that consistently undermines american interests.'monday, governor scott evidence of a hack. and he compared the possibility of russia helping trump to the leader of scotland endorsing clinton during the campaign. i dont think leaders from other countries, one way or the other, whether its for donald trump or hillary clinton or any other candidate — i think its best left to americans to make those decisions :00 walker called the recount 'ridiculous.'speaking to conservative talk radio host charlie sykes, walker said he and fellow republicans would seek changes to the state law that allowed green party


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