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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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"28:04 i do not want another ticket and i do not want my car towed again 28:06" now at 4:30... with a fresh batch of snow over the weekend. winter parking rules are in effect. your car on the street. also this morning... the deadline has arrived. the latest in the presidential election recount before the ballots are submitted once again. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather
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crash shutdown part of i-894 eastbound near 60th street. the greenfield fire department tweeted that it involved a plow truck and a vehicle and that one person was taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition or what caused the crash. we are working on getting video of this crash and we'll bring it to you as soon as possible. while we are seeing calm skies this morning that was not the case
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restrictions to go into effect. angelica joins us from the newsroom with more. with this recent snowfall, crews have been working around the clock to clear off the streets in time for this morning's commuters. because of this the department of public works is asking for your cooperation to clean up the snow. d-p-w announced an overnight snow removal operation and parking restrictions yesterday. meaning drivers who park on 48 hour exception streets must park on the even side of the street from 11pm tonight until 6 tomorrow morning. effectively and efficiently get through our operation and clear snow from both sides of the streets 11:44 in this particular storm it is going to be very important that we clear all the snow" we clear all the snow" the department of public works is expected to provide an update to drivers later this morning. until then drivers should abide by all the posted signs on their streets. for a complete list of parking regulations, you can visit our
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and a reminder to all drivers to use caution on the roads-- this is a s-u-v that ran into an electrical box and some trees near maple avenue in waukesha county sunday evening. some tow truck drivers say they were working for more than 24 hours since the snow started on saturday. we havent had any real bad crashes. there have been a lot of vehicles in the ditch, people backing off their driveways :12 believe it or not, a lot of jumpstarts :17 there was one crash that resulted in an injury. and 38 reports of cars sliding into ditches as of last night. the so-called slenderman case moves ahead in waukesha county court today. anissa weier and morgan geyser are now fifteen, but are accused of trying to kill a classmate when they were just twelve. police say they did it to please an internet character called slenderman. today-- they will return to the
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hearing. last month psychiatric reports were filed for the two girls. their lawyers also requested confessions and statements made at the time of the crime be thrown out. one of the women arrested and charged in connection to the death of a 7-year-old will be in court this morning. etter hughes and mary martinez were watching 7-year-old trevion winningham and his 9-year old brother earlier this month. investigators say the boy was badly bruised and malnourished when he died at the hospital now the two woma and abuse charges. hughes will be in court for a preliminary hearing later today. also today autopsies are pending for two infants. officers found a 3-month-old female infant dead in a home near 33rd and lloyd saturday morning. and just before midnight on friday -- police found a 5-week-old infant dead in a home near 51st and north. a cause of death has not been released in either case. the cases are not related. an autopsy is also pending for a
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found dead outside a northside home saturday. police found the body of sabrina allen just before noon -- near townsend and hubbard. police reported her missing friday -- saying she suffers from health issues. she was last seen near third and nash. president-elect donald trump... set to visit west allis tomorrow - where he'll hold a thank you rally at the state fair expo center at 7:00. we've posted the details on our website-- fox6 now dot com. former presidential candidate bernie sanders will also be in town this week - he has a town hall event scheduled with msnbc today. meanwhile today is the deadline for the wisconsin election recount. green party presidential nominee jill stein lead the effort for the recount. nearly all of the states 72 counties are finished with the recount. wisconsin faces a federal deadline tomorrow to report results for the electoral college. state election officials say more than 2 point 8 million ballots have been recounted. an information session on milwaukee's water will be held
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70 thousand households in milwaukee are affected by lead laterals. representatives from various city departments will be presenting information tonight...and be answering questions from residents about water pipe issues. it's taking place at the humboldt park pavilion at 6 p-m. this also comes as the common council expects to vote on a proposal to replace lead pipes with copper. that vote is expected to take place tomorrow. the fight against isis continues in the middle east. still ahead-- how the u-s plans to move forward as the terrorist plus-- claims of a rigged election. why senators are demanding an investigation after reports of a russian hack is released. plus-- the packers weren't bothered by the snow. we have highlights and reaction from their big win, after the break. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this
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slowed down some yesterday, but not the packers, playing in the snow covered lambeau. starting things off quick-- aaron rodgers 66 yards to davante adams. 7-0 playing running back-- scores again after a then ty montgomery- playing running back-- scores again after a morgan burnett interception. 14-3 green bay in the second. they get one more before halftime when rodgers hits jordy nelson for the first of two on the day for nelson- making it 21-3. first of two on the day for nelson- making it 21-3. 38-10 was the final score. the big
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including 5 interceptions of russell wilson. 38-10. tim van vooren has more on the blitz "the packers came into sunday's game negative five this season in terms of turnovers. that's been a real problem this year, when in the past its been a strength under mike mccarthy. well, on sunday it was really the game. six of them. the packers created them and they were contagious. it was fun. i mean, it's always fun to take points off the board. we had two picks in th e just devastating for an offense. i felt like, did all our dbs catch an interception? just about. everyone except haha. that's crazy. i mean, just that energy. just those types of performances. it took six tonight for us on the season to get back. i think it's plus one now. so they always say they come in bunches. there wasn't a better time for it to happen. several players had been talking
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hadn't been bouncing their way this season. on sunday, it did and they took advantage. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox6 sports." isis continues to hold areas odf iraq and syria. coming up-- how the u-s plans to fight the group. plus- an election probe causes a call for answers. why some are looking at russia for the election results. plus snow wasn't just a problem here in wisconsin./ how it affected flights in other states. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. you are watching the fox 6
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the fight against isis in iraq and syria continues. with the u-s moving into their next plan of attack. this as u.s. defense secretary ash carter makes an unannounced visit to iraq. fox's kelly wright, has more. it's been a tough fight." the top military official for the united states... defense secretary ash carter visits iraq amid an intense fight against isis in mosul. the visit comes as the syrian city of palmyra fell back into the hands of the terror group. but the united states is now sending extra troops to retake the syrian city of raqqa. carter says: "while the battle for mosul goes on here in iraq, over in syria we're entering a new phase
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raqqa." there are some new successes in the fight against isis... with the iraqi government retaking the world heritage site in assur. the islamic state attempted to destroy historic sites... but they failed to destroy the city gate. ajah says: "regarding the gate, the tabira gate, it is the main gate, the great gate, daesh is tried to destroy it by putting several cans full of explosives around arches to make it collapse. but the arch didn't collapse except for some minor damage to some parts of it." the shiite militia has fully secured the site... which was the capital for several ancient empires. salih says: "we are fully deployed. we are not allowing any movements and we are not allowing anyone in or out of here because this is an internationally listed antiquities site. that's why it has been fully secured." on-cam tag defense secretary carter estimates about two thousand isis fighters have been killed or injured since the fight to retake mosul began ...
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militants still defending the iraqi city. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. some in washington demand answers after recent reports involving russia were released. this as president-elect trump attempts to make decisions concerning his cabinet members. concerning his cabinet members. a group of senators is looking for answers following recent intelligence in the u-s election. republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham joined democratic senators chuck schumer and jack reed to call for an investigation into the findings. u-s intelligence agencies concluded russia directed the hacking of democratic operatives and other moves in an effort to help president-elect donald trump win the 2016 election. the president-elect has blasted the findings, calling the assessment "ridiculous." meanwhile the reported top
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state is said to have long ties to russia. exxon-mobil c-e-o rex tillerson once managed the comany's russia account. and five years ago, he cut a major deal with rosneft, an oil company that's majority-owned by the russian government. president vladimir putin later gave him one of the highest awards that a foreigner can receive from moscow. president-elect donald trump praised tillerson calling him "a world-class player." but tillerson's ties to russia are likely to be scrutinized by lawmakers if he's nominated. jessob. back to you. more than 1-thousand flights were canceled at midway and o'hare yesterday thanks to the winter storm. plows at o'hare tried to clear as many runways as possible sunday morning... as some passengers slept in chairs. flights that have managed to get out are averaging half hour delays. passengers not too happy about the turn of events. and a scary moment after winter weather caused issues for one delta flight at detroit. a delta
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while it was turning from the runway to the taxiway. heavy snow and freezing rain may have played a role in this incident. thankfully no injuries were reported. forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell yesterday's storm low move off to our east. colder air starts rolling in today with low move off to our east. colder air starts rolling in today with temperatures falling to the low 20s this afternoon and dipping into the single digits tonight. high pressure and cold air for wednesday means sun but highs only in the low teens. we cool further on wednesday and by thursday we'll be in the single digits with sub-zero lows. we should warm back to near seasonal by the weekend with some light snow returning. today: partly sunny. chance of evening snow showers. high: 22 wind: wsw 10-15 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 9 wind: w 3-9 mph tuesday: st n. cold. high: nd: wsw 5-10 wednesday:sy cloudy and veryld.
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mph friday: mostly cloudy with e chance for snow. am low: 0 high: 22 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 16 gh: 32 wind: sw-nw-25 mph turdae chance for snow. am low: 16 gh32 wind: sw-n15-25 mph am loww
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a sheboygan family, known for their compassion, admittedly does not have a lot of fre years ago they began caring for terminally ill children-- a 24/7 job. fox6's jonathon gregg with how their neighbors are showing their appreciation, just in time for the holidays. it makes sense. during the coldest time of year, with the shortest days, to brighten things up. "kind of gives it that little pop!" but if the saying is true, "there aren't enough hours in the day?" "so we have put charlie in here." it was coined with "the salcherts" in
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wrapped tightly ing their faith, gives terminally ill children a warm home. "he's doing quite well. he's settled in he's got a family, he's got a home." we first met the family in march "three-nineteen" as they cared for charlie, a young boy who suffered brain damage before and during birth. the toddler requires 24-hour care which the family feels blessed to give. expect our hearts are going to be broken but because of the way god has stepped in and healed our hearts, better than they were before we have full confidence that's going to happen again." as of december, the salcherts have been caring for charlie for 14 months. which leaves little time for anything else, including decorating for christmas. "unless you're put into that situation i don't think you can fully grasp what they do." so, after learning of the family's goodwill, members of an organization called c"hive wisconsin" did a number on the
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stringing lights, and then some. "candy canes that were put in plus the nutcrackers, and the teddy bear holding his presents." a way to show on the outside, the same warmth and spirit demonstrated every hour on the inside. "we are ready to roll into the christmas season in style." in sheboygan, jonathon gregg fox6 news. ahead at five: the day after the storms. more on how crews are cleaning up and what you need to know to avoid being towed. plus-- looking for a place to we'll show you which iconic christmas home is open for
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are you ready for another round of star wars "fandemonium" hollywood is hoping the force will be strong at the box office. "rogue one: a star wars story" premeired this weekend in los angeles. the premeire also had a life-size model of the x-wing starfighter.
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follows the rebellion as it plans to steal the death star. the movie opens in theaters nationally this friday. it's one of the most iconic holiday movies ever... and now... someone will get to stay at the iconic house from "a christmas story." a two-night stay at the home in cleveland -- from december 24th to the 26th -- was up for auction.... it ended thursday. the winner will get to bring three guests. they'll also get more than 800 dollars in gifts. the house is the fictional boyhood home of ralphie parker from the 19- bid at six- thousand-200 dollars. and it was a highly anticipated homecoming at salt lake city international airport this weekend. families waited for their loved ones -- utah national guardsmen -- to arrive home from a special six-month mission overseas. due to the sensitivity of the overseas mission, the national guard asked that the soldiers full faces not be shown. as for the reunions, for these families, it was the perfect early christmas
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plans all day, kind of like in that movie, the 'elf.' you know? 'first we're gonna get a christmas tree and then we're gonna go ice skating and then we're gonna go skiing and then we're gonna do this and we're gonna have hot chocolate and so, they're super excited." a commanding officer with the soldiers told reporters. with reunions like this, timing is everything. now these family members have time with each other. finally-- hopefully you had a chance to enjoy the snow this weekend. milwaukee police shared these this is k9 nando non-doe -- and he had a great day off playing in the powdery snow. nando was just sworn in to the milwaukee police department this
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sign you can not park on that side of the street 11:05" now at 5- the four inch rule is in effect. crews busy overnight moving snow off the streets. what you need to know to avoid getting ticketed or towed! and a live look a the roads this morning. your commute could be slowed by slick roads after the weekend snowfall. chief meteorologist rob haswell tells us how much colder its going to get. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather - snow totals a bit of sun today as yesterdays storm


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