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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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star wars. its just coming at you and you cant really see very well.' several inches of snow.. and non-stop shoveling.. it's very light.. so it will be easy.. the scene--we're two weeks from christmas--and the falling snow finally makes it feel like it. it came down light and fluffy - and slowly built up to to several inches in our area.. we have team coverage of this weekend's weather.. let's start with weather expert tom wachs. the worst of the snow is over. snow will taper off from west to east this
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temperatures will fall through the 20s tonight and won't rise much on monday. quiet monday with a high in the mid-20s. bitter cold air tuesday-thursday with another chance for accumulating tapering off. low: 20 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. high: 24 wind: wsw 10-15 mph tuesday: partly sunny. very cold. am low: 6 high: 16 wind: wsw 5-10
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and a live look at the freeway system tonight - crews have been working non-stop get snow removed and salt down on the roads.. and the good news - no major accidents from this storm system. but drivers still need to be
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the east side to explain. officials with the dpw say they have had close to 300 trucks on the roads throughout the day. but now the task of digging out begins. and if you park on the street, there are some things you should know... 40-44it's dig out... "28:50 i love to shovel 28:51i just love to shovel snow 28:54" and these east-siders are having fun with it. "its just beautiful i too today and made a snow angel" patricia monroe has been waiting... "27:26 having fun playing with my blue toy 30" for the white stuff... " here comes another plow" she has to make way for the trucks. "28:04 i do not want another ticket and i do not want my car towed again 28:06" the department of public works announcing an overnight snow removal operation for the city. it activates the four inch rule.. "if you see a four inch rule sign you can not park on that
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park on the odd numbered side of the street tonight by 11 pm. and on the even side by 11pm monday. night. so this is the odd side night martha wasserman and her husband making sure they're following the rules. "22:59 all the other parking restrictions are still enforced 23:00" because for these east siders, nothing can ruin their winter wonderland. "22:11 so it was happy memories" this is what you want to be on the lookout for. posted signs on the streets. officials say those are the instructions you should follow. if you do not see a sign, you can check your specific street regulations on our website fox 6 now dot com.
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busy stretch for tow truck drivers too--even life-long midwesterners need a little pull out of trouble now and then. theo keith is live in menomonee falls. theo? the snow has finally stopped but it was coming down for more than 26 hours. the duration of the storm - was the hardest part about fighting it. nats - car into electrical box waukesha county sunday afternoon and evening. this suv went into an electrical box near maple avenue. time to pull it out of trouble. scott bailey/j&js towing 23:30:05 we havent had any real bad crashes. there have been a lot of vehicles in the ditch, people backing off their driveways :12 scott bailey, who owns j&js towing in hartland, has been working for 24 straight hours. he and other drivers started when the snow did - 5 p.m. saturday. by mid-afternoon sunday, with the storm slowing down, he was
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23:30:57 within 2 minutes of laying my head down, the phone rang again for another car in the ditch, and as soon as i hit the road again, i see the roads are covered again :06 very unpredictable storm :08 snow covered side streets - and county roads - in waukesha county. it was mostly smooth sailing by the time we hit i-94. and - on a sunday with the packers on t-v, traffic was light. bailey 23:30:24 no injuries on anything that weve had. everyone was safe and sound and walked away, so thats always a good thing :31 county plows were out earlier. theyll have to get all of the roads cleared...whatever they dont - will freeze later in the week. live, theo keith, fox6 news. ted thanks theo check the radar anytime - right from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. the prediction for snow was dead-on perfect. but no one could have avalance
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didn't see this one coming did you? they have a long list of injuries, starting and ending with the gimpy quarterback. they're still 2 games behind detroit with just 3 to play. and yet, the pack may be back-especially the way they picked off a seahawks team that was flying high! first drive..3rd and's this for a start?! red hot aaron rodgers, 66 yards to davante adams. who had 104 yards. 30th passing touchdown pass of the season for number 12. 9th td catch for number 17. ty montgomery--a fine receiver; turning into a terrific running back; his 1st rushing score.. off an interception by morgan burnett..14-3 green bay, 2nd q. one more before halftime. rodgers..who's only mistake was missing adams on a possible td, 9 yards to nelson; 11th td catch of the season for jordy. 21-3 at half. key play--the 3rd of 5 interceptions
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badger russell wilson. rodgers..another connection with jordy nelson; 32 td tosses. 11 have gone to number 87. but aaron left hobbling early in the 4th quarter with a right calf injury. 38-10 for the 7 and 6 packers. time to turn it over to tim van vooren for the blitz,. "the 325th consecutive sellout at lambeau field meant another big game. big rivalry that has developed betwee and seahawks over the last couple of years. and this time around a big, big win for the packers i'm mean, it's december football. we've done a good job in the past of winning games like this at home. and this was another example of how important our home field advantage is. i mean this was a big win against a very skilled opponent. an opponent favored in our side of the division. so to come our here and have this type of performance, it was definitely big. we needed a game like that. that's the way we play, that's
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our defense, keeping the quarterback contained, keeping him in the pocket, and any extended plays taking the opportunities and making plays on the ball. mike mccarthy is now 20-3 in home games in the month of december. this, one of the bigger victories and it keeps the packers alive for the bigger picture. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox6 sports. tim and brandon stickin' around titletown for tonight's sport the game; we'll have all the local sports stories of the week. you can vote for a play of the week at fox6 now dot com slash sports. the week-long concern and talk will center around the health of aaron rodgers. mary, ted. but that was a benchmark victory! the bond between a parent and a child gets stronger every night at story time. but what about when they're separated....? the program that allows inmates to read to their kids--and why it hopes to make their relationship
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good luck getting a tee-time in this weather. despite the snow, you can still get your swings in. brandon cruz shows us how when we go beyond the game. and this guy broke into a cudahy bar early this morning. why owners aren't "amused"...and how you can help put behind behind a
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president-elect donald trump coming to wisconsin this week. he's holding a "thank you" rally at the wisconsin state fair expo center on tuesday in west allis. the event is at 7 p-m. we've posted the
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tomorrow is the deadline for the wisconsin election recount .. green party presidential nominee jill stein lead the effort for the recount. nearly all of the states 72 counties are finished with the recount. wisconsin faces a federal deadline on tuesday to report results for the electoral college. state election officials say more than 2 point 8 million ballots have been recounted. finding the man who burglarized a bar this morning. take a look - - at these pictures from jc's blue collar pub ...on packard avenue. police say between 4 and 5 am. this man broke in through back door and broke into the "amusement" machines. there was a few thousand dollars in damage. if you know anything - call cudahy police - there is a reward. milwaukee police are investigating a homicide that happened last night on the citys north side. police say a 44-year-old man was stabbed to death shortly before
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into custody. no word yet on a motive. an autopsy is pending for a woman listed as critically missing - who was found dead outside a northside home yesterday morning. police found the body of sabrina allen just before noon -- near townsend and hubbard. police reported her missing friday -- saying she suffers from health issues. she was last seen near third and nash. autopsies are also pending for two sudden infant deaths in milwaukee. officers found a 3-month-old female infant dead in a home near 33rd and lloyd. and just before midnight -- police found a 5-week-old infant dead in a home near 51st and north. a cause of death has not been released in either case. do you remember the first book your parent read you as a child? that experience is an essential part of growing up. but what happens when the parent is not there, because of a big mistake. fox 6's ashley sears with how
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out on that critical connection. nats: monica reading it's been said-- we read to know we are not alone-- nats: monica reading bonds can be strengthened through page turns-- love shared through a good book. nats often the words of a mother bring comfort to a child-- nats: mon any given night you see esperanza alicea listening. most times she reads the story back. nats: espi reading while their voices are in the same room-- the mother and daughter are not-- or 31:47 i love you and good night
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up in the milwaukee county house of corrections. serving time for battery and disorderly conduct-- and waiting to be sentenced for recklessly endangering safety. 27:17 i want to be the greatest mother i can for her. gonzalez has been in and out of the system. much of her relationship with alicea has been formed behind bars. there are regrets-- simple moments are lost-- a connection strained by crime. 21:23 its pretty hard. whenever i see her, i cry. that's why moments like this are so important. it's a chance for the 7-year-old to see her mother--act like going to do right and i want to prove to her that im not coming back here. it's part of a program called "literature with love." inmates are given the opportunity to read to their children. 52:54 its a positive. it's a motivator in a negative situation. correction officer ciara walker- morgan helps with the program. selected inmates are given the chance to pick out two books. read them, while being recorded and share a message with their
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sent away--to their families. 50:51 they can watch that dvd every night and be able to see their parent and know their parent is caring about them and wants them to read. it's a way for parents to be positive influences--even though their actions have proven otherwise. 32:58 it really helps you when you're at a low point and you think nothing is going to go good. 25:55 its different to see her on the dvd because i like could hug her. for this 7-year-old it means the world. 23:57 she said that shes hopes that im being a good girl for my grandma. she hopes that im getting good grades in school and im doing good and that she loves me. her mother may be a criminal-- separated by distance, barbed wire and bars-- 27:00 i love her and she is my mom and i miss her. this little girl has not lost her mother. with photojournalist jerry imig, i'm ashley sears for
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with photojournalist jerry imig, i'm ashley sears for fox 6 news. the program doesn't cost taxpayers anything. it's paid for through donations. all book donations can be dropped off at the benedict center in new tonight - a frightening rescue caught on camera... a woman inside her burning car.. she's trying desperately to get out - but can't.. what she did that trapped her inside.. "he's either desperate or he just doesn't care." a career criminal on the run in our area.. help catch him before he
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break break the worst of the snow is over. snow will taper off from west to east this evening. 6-9" of storm total accumulation. temperatures will fall through the 20s tonight and won't rise much on monday. quiet monday with a high in the mid-20s. bitter cold air tuesday-thursday with another chance for accumulating snow on friday. tonight: snow tapering off. low: 20 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. high: 24 wind: wsw 10-15 mph tuesday: partly sunny. very cold. am low: 6 high: 16 wind: wsw 5-10
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make sure your meters and vents stay free of snow and ice. a blocked furnace vent can lead to potentially deadly carbon monoxide levels in homes. and snow and ice can damage natural gas meters, which could lead to potentially dangerous gas leaks. the hills were alive with the sight of ..... sledders in racine! all this powdery snow made for the perfect play day for kids and adults! if you were stuck inside all day - this may just serve as inspiration to dig out tomorrow morning. the cold just not your thing? then you'll love this. we'll show you how you can keep your golf game goin' indoors-yes, even right here in wisconsin when we
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break break a winter storm warning in effect until 10 o'clock tonight in milwaukee. here's a live look downtown. remember the 4 inch rule is in effect - so make sure you check the signs before you park. we've checked in with milwaukee and waukesha.... now lets see
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our jonathon gregg continues our live team coverage. jonathon? besides the usual snowblowing and shoveling it actually took us a while to find people out...but for obvious reasons. finally made it. 'yeah frank ran into the tree and hit his head already.' the long fall, 'right!!' has been wiped away by half-a-foot, 'takes a lot more getting up
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the way down, when the old crew made it to the hill. 'i think just a couple days ago jackson said i dont even think were going to get snow before christmas..' liz zimmerman brought four or five for their first runs. 'yeah, across his. no keep your legs still..' bryan ratliff is coaching too. north beach was the most popular place outside. but one wonders, for a state that hangs its hat on winter thrills, 'i didnt think that?' why arent more people shredding. oh, thats why. 'how are they doing by the way.' 'kicking a' pretty good. heavy snow, 'ive been waiting for it.' may be trumped by the packers late season push. but at least the downtown crowd at deweys can keep an eye on both. 'beautiful tree.' and join in when theyre ready 'you know my kids wouldnt want it any other way. they want to be out here, they wanted us out here.' but the fact remains, winter has finally arrived. nothing like fresh powder to get
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reporting live in racine, jonathon gregg fox6 news. ted thank jon out...and for many of us that will continue through to monday morning. fox6s deandra corinthios takes you to milwaukees northwest side...where people are fighting to keep pace with mother nature. the scraping of the plow blade is a welcome sound on milwaukee's northwest side. allister vang is happy to have company as he shovelsand the snowy weather puts him in a good mood "i feel actually i was hoping for it, it cant be christmas
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...yet. but he knows he'll have no choice monday morning. "i am clearing it because i dont want it to be much more than this later on, so it is not so hard" many people grateful the first big snowfall of the season comes on a weekend... that means plenty of time to brush off the car... even the chance to help out their neighbors. "just trying to keep the whole condominium clean" city of milwaukee plows make several passes on the northwest side... snowing-- it's still a work in progress. "i have seen a lot of cars spinning out and actually driving really really slow so i have helped a couple people out with my snowblower" greg green's property is nearly clear hes hoping to make it to a family get together. "that is still the plan!" and he does not want mother get in his way. "we live in wisconsin it shouldnt stop us" "once people get their driveways clear, their work is far from done. then, then have to clear their sidewalks. this one, a bunch of snow has been pushed up by a plow. you can see plenty of
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morning, reporting on milwaukees northwest side deandra corinthios fox6 news" keep an eye on the weather - just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. the cold and the snow has arrived, meaning the golf season is officially over. or is it? tonight, brandon cruz goes beyond the game where golf is never out of season even in a wisconsin winter. as temperatures plummet "the tees forward its only 94 yards." the game of golf is going along nicely in kohler. "we were trying to extend our season and extend the golf experience for our guests, not only into the winter months, but into the later hours of the day." for years, the arrival of winter meant the end of golf until the next year. not anymore. "weve been pleasantly surprised to see how busy weve been. we do run leagues in the winter months." those leagues have dirk willis, the director of golf for kohler destinations, and his colleagues
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indoor entertainment facility gives our guests the opportunity to come in play a little bit more golf, play some contests on the golf course, get together with their friends and just have a nice social environment." "its not a very long shot. ill show you how it works. swing so thats probably going to be a little bit long." willis is playing the 7th hole at pebble beach while still here in kohler, wisconsin, using an "about golf" simulator. "theyre really important to the golf industry, number one in our season because it extends our season. we have things people can do related to golf during the winter mon letting me take a hack on the same hole. "'that was, i chunked it.' 'it definitely read that you chunked it.' "you dont have to go up to pebble beach and spend up to $500 to play pebble beach. you can come in here, pay $35 and play 9 holes at pebble beach in an hour. and its very realistic." so realistic that all of the flaws in my game were on full display, swing after ugly swing. "more than anything, the playability and the playing characteristics of the simulators are very realistic. these simulators, as i said, are very state of the art. they have the latest in high speed camera technology and they calculate the exact measurements of the golf ball
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more accurate than some of our customers might want them to be." while a simulator is used for fun, it's also used as an important tool on the teaching side of the game. "some of the things we thought were happening with a golf ball years and years ago, based on our pga teaching manuals, were proven not to be entirely true. one of the things was that youre always taught that the direction of the ball starts with the path of the club. what weve actually about golf and other golf simulators is that the actual angle of the club face has much more to do with where the ball starts and ends up more than anything else." so even a player as bad as me... "probably a good thing foghorn
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shot." ...can play indoors on some of the great ." "so that's what you get when, when it's not a good shot." ...can play indoors on some of the great maybe even learn something about their game. "you dont have to go chasing your ball in the woods. you can put the mulligan rule on and you can keep hitting mulligans if you want.......they dont have to go pay a greens fee and be tracked by a marshal around a golf course to make sure theyre keeping time. you pay coming in here. you pay for your hour and you do whatever you want for that hour. you can make it very inclusive for just yourself or you can bring other people in and make it a social activity." in kohler,
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willis says the leagues are very popular as nearly 100 people have signed up to participate. also, the simulators allow for teachers to see exactly what is happening with a players swing so that they can improve their game without external factors creating issues. for more information on indoor golf at kohler, we have a link set up on our website, fox 6 now dot com. caught on camera. a woman trapped in her vehicle.. her car on fire.. so why didn't she get out? plus - wish you knew what billionaire investor warren buffet knows? the new way that let's you inside his brain. the snow is moving out and now the bitter cold is about to move in. i'll have the chilly details coming up in
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set shot bump back w/ tc
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and it's over for a karashian. it's all in tonight's buzz.. it's over for khloe kardashian and lamar odom. a los angeles judge has finalized their divorce. the paper work ending their marriage was filed friday -- but they will not officially be single until december 17. court documents show that khloe kardashian-odom cited differences." the two married in september 2009 - one month after they met - disney's moana'' has continued to sit pretty atop the box office for its third consecutive weekend. it made nearly 19 million this weekend - followed by the jennifer aniston comedy office christmas party,'' which debuted with about 18 million.. fantastic beasts and where to find them'' is number 3 with $11 million. billionaire warren
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investor will be the focus of a new documentary on hbo next year. the becoming warren buffett'' documentary will debut jan. 30. the film uses buffett's own words and interviews with friends and family members to explore what allowed him to become so successful at picking stocks and companies to buy. and that's the buzz. the snow is winding down... and now comes the cold.. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. some i hunkering down.. two tales of snow in oak creek.. a skier killed in an avalanche. why officials say he never should have been there in the first place..
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'im jenna sachs with contact 6. theres recycling and then theres wish-cycling. the most common recycling mistakes tonight on fox 6 news at 10.'
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weather the worst of the snow is over. snow will taper off from west to east this evening. 6-9" of storm total accumulation. temperatures will fall through the 20s tonight and won't rise much on in the mid-20s. bitter cold air tuesday-thursday with another chance for accumulating snow on friday. tonight: snow
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mph monday: mostly cloudy. high: 24 wind: wsw 10-15 mph tuesday: partly sunny. very cold. am low: 6 high: 16 wind: wsw 5-10 mph cold. am low: 5 high: 14 wind: nw 5-15 mph thursday: mostly sunny, bitter cold. am low: -3 high: 7
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chance for snow. am low: -1 high: 21 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain/snow. am low: 21 high: 32
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anchors thanks weather this thing blows away every tunnel you've ever been in. switzerland opens the world's longest and deepest tunnel. the tunnel its thirty-five miles long. it took seventeen years and twenty- two-billion dollars to build. the trip on takers y seventeen minutes. the tunnel cuts through a mountain range that divides europe's north and south. and in germany - all things christmas! this family has more than one hundred trees in their house with sixteen thousand bulbs on them. the owner says he always loved
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led to another. and then before you could say tinsel ... it became a forest. they start putting the trees up in october. the only room that doesn't have a tree..? the bedroom. while this is typical winter weather for wisconsin.. the first major snow fall means getting back into the swing of winter driving. julie collins has more now, from oak creek. just after 6am crews at this pilot in oak creek were hard at work. morning woke u about 5.' how long they work - undetermined. 'uh that i cant tell. when the snow stops.' so nearly all day...'pretty much all day.' manuel guerra says hell have to work double time in order to keep his properties safe. 'i will say yes, we have to come back again like we did in other places.' his patrons appreciate the clean driveway as they make their way
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i just dropped by husband off at the airport and were from racine so getting to highway was crazy and then on the highway it wasnt too bad but drive it was like, it was like star wars. its just coming at you and you cant really see very well.' the oak creek street department had a steady flow of 25 salt and plow trucks out all morning. - 'their work began last night with several trucks out for 4 hours...5 of their drivers worked through the night and continue cle streets this morning.' the o & h danish bakery is usually packed on a sunday morning - today...not so much. 'oh yea, i think its slow because of the snow, people came in and picked up their orders yesterday that were for today.' some will admire the snow from inside while others will brave the cold -- and if you do...take it slow. reporting in oak creek - julie collins. fox 6 news. the body of a skier caught in an avalanche in nevada - has been
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officials say two men had gone back- country skiing into a closed off area at the mt. rose ski resort, yesterday. one of the men - a 64-year-old was swept away in the avalanche. officials say the dogs narrowed the search area to a location up the mountainside from where the crew was searching. "the skiers obviously made a decision that they wanted to make a run there and you know obviously it did not work out for the best and our function right now is to do everything we can to "there's a reason that those areas are closed and until we deem them acceptable for skiing they keep the chains up." we're told the missing skier did not have a beacon, shovel or other safety protocol necessary for back country skiing. a woman in michigan is lucky to be alive after she became trapped in her burning car. and her whole rescue was caught on camera. dramatic video shows the woman screaming for help while stuck
9:56 pm
engulfed in flames. the woman had pulled up too close to the atm, and couldn't open the door to get out. a good samaritan and a police officer rushed to help. the officer had to beat the car's window 25 times before he was able to get her out. the woman is going to be okay. investigators are still looking into how the car caught fire. tomorrow - survivors, staff and family members of victims who were killed during the orlando nightclub massacre - will gather at the scene. the rampage. a moment of silence will be observed at 2:02 a.m., the exact time 29-year-old omar mateen started shooting inside the gay nightclub. 50 people were killed - another 53 injured. u.s. marshals say this fugitive doesn't play nice. the milwaukee man has resisted arrest before and agents fear he won't go quietly if cornered. fox6's jonathon gregg has this
9:57 pm
agents say is "on the run." "either this guy is desperate." or he just doesn't care." it's 28-year-old steve young, "he doesn't want to go to jail, that's obvious." not the player, "an extensive criminal history." the loser agents say the milwaukee man never plays a fair game, "5 juvenile arrests..." and has the stats to prove it. "and eleven to 12 adult arrests." he's wanted on several felonies "stopsticks were deployed, the vehicle ran over the stopsticks puncturing the tires but continued to flee at a high rate of speed." eluding an officer, endangering safety young is also wanted for possession of heroin with intent to deliver. "we believe he is a drug runner and a drug user." that charge came back in april. now young has added bail jumping to his wrap sheet. "resisting and obstructing an officer, felon in possession of a firearm."
9:58 pm
issued on december fourth. u.s. marshals say young's crimes could put him away until he's an old man... and his days of playing the drug game are all but over.. "multiple warrants for his arrest for milwaukee police, milwaukee county and west allis police department." jonathon gregg fox6 news. steve young i weighs 180 lbs. he has dark hair and brown eyes. he's wanted on several felony counts including eluding an officer and 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety. "blessed team" is tattooed on his right hand and he has a prominent scar across his neck. if you've seen this man, call marshals at 414-297-3707
9:59 pm
now at 10-- 24 hours of snow. "we live in wisconsin it shouldnt stop us" the first major storm of the season has come and gone. now it's time for the clean up. "it cant be christmas when there is no snow right" out! the winter storm warning has officially expired. but some cities saw 9 inches of snow! tonight we have team coverage. jonathon gregg is in racine. theo keith is live in menomonee falls. but let's start with brittany shannon live in milwaukee. the worst of the snow is over. snow will taper off from west
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"sledding nats" as sledding is to kids.. "35:32 this is the best day" shoveling is to patricia monroe... "28:50 i love to shovel 28:51i just love to shovel snow 28:54" she's been waiting for this site....for months. "here comes another plow" she has to move to make way for the trucks. "28:04 i do not want another ticket and i do not want my car towed again 28:06" the department of public works announcing an overnight snow removal operation for the city. it activates th must park on the odd numbered side of the street tonight by 11 pm. and on the even side by 11pm monday. night. so this is the odd side night martha wasserman and her husband making sure they're following the rules. "22:59 all the other parking restrictions are still enforced 23:00" because for these east side adults...and kids... nothing can ruin their winter wonderland. "22:11 so it was happy memories" "35:03 winter is my favorite


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