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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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lost 75 years ago in the deadly attack on pearl harbor, a day full of memorial events taking place across the u-s, including a moment of silence in pearl harbor, and a ceremony at the world war two memorial in washington d.c. fuller says "we remember your ship mates, we salute your service, and your sacrifice, and that of your families. we offer you our most heartfelt thanks." four of the five remaining survivors today's commemoration events in pearl harbor. the surprise attack by the japanese was an attempt to neutralize the u-s naval fleet in the pacific... and plunged the united states into world war two. more than twenty four hundred americans were killed in the attack, and one thousand more were wounded. defense secretary ash carter in japan today, praising the progress of u-s- japanese relations since world war two. carter says "in the coming
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lost on that day long ago in history, we also reflect on how the united states and japan have come together in the decades since to build one of the world's most enduring alliances. that's truly remarkable." japanese prime minister shinzo abe will visit pearl harbor later this month, becoming the first leader of japan to pay respects at the site. chris foster, fox news. you can watch the complet website fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. simply search "pearl harbor." it's time for your news and weather together. investigators are working to figure out what caused a fire at all saints fellowship christian church. firefighters were called to the church at 12th and brown around 1 a-m. no one was injured -- but damages are estimated between 50 and 75 thousand dollars. according to the church's facebook page..they have bible study scheduled
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sunday. cudahy police are looking for a man wanted for child enticement. he was last seen yesterday afternoon on edgerton and swift avenue. police say he approached a 13- year-old girl in his car three times while she was walking home and he made sexual comments. if you know anything, call cudahy police. former new berlin teacher sara domres will spend two years behind bars for having sex with a student. domres pleaded guilty to two felony student by school staff back in august. prosecutors say she sexually assaulted a 16-year-old student she had in her english class. hundreds of incriminating text messages were found on her phone. she has since been fired from her job. . weather windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens. wind chills will stay in the single digits. a few flurries
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and cold again. highs will reach into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15
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votes have been recounted in wisconsin, and hillary clinton trails by 22- thousand. political reporter theo keith is live at the milwaukee county recount site in bayview. theo, there have been some new developments there. three suburban communities are finishing up their counts in this room. but in an adjacent room, where the city of milwaukee was counting, it's an empty room now. the city of milwaukee, other is done. for some counties, the counting is over... julie winkelhorst 13:51:33 it was a relief. ozaukee county finished this week, after the clerk worked 16 hour days. 13:54:20 we were here at 5 oclock in the morning until 11 oclock at night. wasnt time to really talk to anybody else, we had a lot to get done :26 for 34 wisconsin counties, the
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washington and walworth. with 70 percent of the votes recounted, hillary clinton has added 492 votes. president-elect donald trump, 410 votes. shes drawn closer by 82 votes, but mr trump won wisconsin by more than 22-thousand. counting continues in the states largest counties, including milwaukee, where things are ahead of schedule. joe czarnezki 15:37:48 city of milwaukee is almost done. they will be done today sometime, and we anticipate to wrap up the recount west allis will be the last milwaukee county suburb to count. green party representatives remain at the recount site. claims of hacked voting machines and widespread problems havent come true, but one green party member isn't ready to say he'll accept the results of the recount. george martin 15:34:25 ill give you an answer to that on friday. well all relax and take a look back. i cant look ahead :31 back in the room with the suburbs, there is an unresolved issue. very late in the game today, the
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400 ballots back in their office. the commission now has to decide what to do with those ballots. that's not going to change the election by any means, but has definitely raised eyebrows around here, and now the elections commission has to decide whether to allow those ballots to be counted. we'll keep you posted. mary thanks theo the clock, or in this case, the calendar now comes into play for the packer into their final quarter of the season. and will he stay or will he go? that is the question surrounding ryan braun at the winter meetings. brandon cruz has the latest when he joins us with sports. a bear returns for a second time to a california man's home. where he found it hiding. and a new take on the red kettle campaign. why this man is living inside of one! [ tower pinging ] [ whistling ]
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for the packers, they're in that position, but it's for their season as the 4th quarter kicks off sunday. at 6-6, they're push to the playoffs begins with seattle at lambeau field on sunday. "you talking about our last game? we play seattle. this is wednesday isn't it? yea it was a hell of a drive. but we've moved on it's shoot it was a great drive. the two in the 4th quarter was a turning point for us in the game. but i think the biggest thing to come out of that game is playing in the weather, going to be similar sunday, snow and probably colder. i always worry about our young guys, i think that for our young players to have the experience to play at lambeau for december football is the biggest thing to take away from that game." you can see the game right here on fox 6 at 3:25. then we'll have complete post game coverage with reaction from the locker room and a live visit from mike daniels. like every sunday night, we'll
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sports blitz at 10:35. the hot stove league is red hot right now as the winter meetings come to a close in maryland tomorrow. while the brewers have made a couple of moves, ryan braun remains with the team. today, manager craig counsell addressed braun's status. " i hope he's the left fielder laughter . i'm planning on him being the left fielder.q. is everybody in agreement in the room on that? craig counsell: yeah, i mean, he's our left fielder. i don't see anything the bucks are back at the bc tonight and looking to rebound after a difficult loss on monday. they'll face the blazers. head coach jason kidd realizes this is a game that can show this team's resiliency. "you gotta play the schedule no matter who you're, how you're going, feeling great or, you know, you lose a tough game. you gotta, you know, learn from it and turn the page and focus now on
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saw marquette almost blow a big lead to fresno state. they led by as many as 22 in the first half before the bulldogs put up 52 points in the 2nd half closing the gap to 2 points. but sam hauser's free throws secure the golden eagles win, 84-81. they host
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to transform milwaukee's harbor the "harbor district" organization hired five design teams to create concepts for a public plaza surrounding the city's inner harbor, east of walker's point. designs feature kayak landings, performance spaces.. ...seating areas and a number of clean water systems. a study on milwaukee's war memorial center is recommending a major upgrade. memorial officials presented concepts to the milwaukee county board yesterday -- including new
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lakeside promenade and better stormwater controls. reconstruction of the parking lots at the war memorial will move ahead -- but these other ideas are mostly conceptual. supervisors admit it would take millions of dollars to implement them. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. the trial for the alleged charleston church shooter begins today. accused of killing nine people at an african-american church in south carolina last year. the judge denied roof's last minute request for a delay because of a mistrial in another case. at one point roof was going to represent himself, but he changed his mind. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. in syria, residents and activists say rebels now control only 25 percent of eastern aleppo. the area has been under fierce attack by government forces backed by the
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killed in two separate attacks on tuesday. most of the neighborhoods inside the old city have fallen, sending thousands of civilians fleeing for help. two juveniles are facing arson charges for the fatal tennessee wildfire that started in late november. fourteen people died -- and 134 more injured as the fire spread to gatlinburg. additional charges are being considered for the juveniles, including a transfer to adult court. just today -- residents were allowed to begin moving back into
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weather windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens. wind chills will stay in the
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otherwise mostly cloudy, windy and cold again. highs will reach into the middhe wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for snow showers. am low: 13 high: 25 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with snow showers likely. am low: 22
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cold. am low: 16 high: 21 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 12 high: 18 wind: w 5-15 mph thanks a michigan man is taking the salvation army's red kettle
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inside this giant red kettle until the salvation army in his community raises 10-thousand dollars. bock says he's not sure how long he'll be there but he's confident the community will come through. in the meantime....he's got a heat lamp, a boombox playing christmas music and a lot of blankets. he says he's doing it to help all the people who don't have a home. a california man when he finds a black bear under his home! eric barnes was filling up his fountain in the morning when he said he heard a noise -- and saw the bear hiding under his home. it stared at him, grunted and got up on his feet --- that's when barnes said he took off. the bear is known as "ditka" by locals - and barnes says, it's the second time he has come by for a nap in two weeks, likely because there is no barrier under his porch.
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comfortable in his own home -- now it seems like its the bears turn. barnes chose to leave his home while fish and wildlife officers try to see if the bear is gone. if the bear is not ... they may have to tranquilize the bear in order to move him. seen pictures of saturn and its rings. they are from nasa's cassini spacecraft.. which is on a mission to study saturn's system. the pictures here...were taken using four different filters. each filter is sensitive to different wavelengths of light.. showing clouds and hazes at different altitudes. the next pass by the rings' outer edges is planned for december eleventh -- and cassini will send back more pictures.
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and a canadian police officer is apologizing to nickelback... the reason why in tonight's buzz. grammy award nominees are announced... beyonc and adele are going head to head for this year's top grammy awards. both are up for: record of the year, song of the year and album of the year. beyonc leads the pack with nine nominations. that's followed by drake, rihanna, and kanye west, who each received eight. nat "you want to know, don't keep coming here." the transformers are headed back to earth.... the first trailer for "transformers: the last knight" is out, featuring narration by sir anthony hopkins. the fifth movie in the transformers franchise hits theaters on june 23rd next year. a canadian police officer is apologizing to "nickelback" after a facebook post goes viral... it threatened drunk drivers with being forced to listen to the band's music after being arrested. the post was removed after
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complained to the kensington police service of prince edward island. that's the buzz. the milwaukee county transit system is making sure its riders get into the holiday spirit.... the messages they're running aboard all buses this christmas
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like christmas aboard the milwaukee county transit system buses.... "happy holidays" staff members from different cultural backgrounds recorded happy holiday wishes in ten different languages.. the messages will run once an hour over the audio system on board the buses. m-c-t-s says it's their way of
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open we start tonight with breaking news about wisconsin's presidential recount. we're told a bag of ballots was discovered this afternoon. our theo keith joins us live from milwaukee county's counting the election commission is now dealing with its first major issue. greenfields clerk has reported finding more than 400 ballots back at greenfields office. by no means will that margin change the election but the commission
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these ballots to be counted. they werent in with the rest of the stack. elsewhere -- 34 counties are now done. with 70 percent of the votes recounted across the state, hillary clinton has cut into mr trumps margin - but by just 82 votes. dodge, ozaukee, walworth and washington counties are finished. the city of milwaukee - expected to wrap up tonight - and the final milwaukee county suburbs tomorrow or friday. were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. people have been working very, very hard. weve had wonderful cooperation from all the municipal clerks and all the poll workers the wisconsin elections commission warns about 'fake news' regarding the recount on social media. the 'real news' out of here is a holding pattern. this ballot issue is not resolved.


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