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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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person for threatening violence against police officers. it's connected to at least one of five incidents of threats of violence against police officers since monday -- when it was announced there will be no charges in the police shooting death of jay anderson. the arrest was made tuesday night -- police say they are recommending charges of unlawful use of a telephone. followed and then propositioned for sex-- thats what a 13-year-old from cudahy told police happened while she was walking home. with neighbors who say an incident like this is out of the ordinary for the area. angelica? neighbors say this is really a calm side of town. like any parent once they heard what the 13-year-old reported they immediately thought of the youngsters in their family. 'oh its nice...its quiet... its peaceful. the neighbors are friendly.' thats how 40-year-old danielle
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she has a four year old daughter and tells fox 6 shes disturbed by a recent police report of child enticement just feet from her doorstep. 'you dont hear too much of this stuff going on so its kind of alarming when it does happen.' police say at about 4pm tuesday a 13- year-old girl was walking home when she noticed an unknown suspect driving past her. the same suspect drove past her a second time while she was walking near swift and holmes avenue. this time he stopped e sexual comment to her before driving away. the suspect drove past her for a third time. he pulled over on swift and edgerton-- and propositioned her for sex. police have yet to say what drove the suspect to leave. word of the incident quickly spread through the neighborhood. 'right away the first thing i thought about was my grandchild.' the suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s to early 30s with a brown beard that reaches his chest. he was also wearing a baseball hat. ' i just hope they catch the person responsible and do
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the only description available of the suspects vehicle is that its a four door blue or grey car. anyone with information that could help authorities is asked to contact the cudahy police department. were live in the city of cudahy im angelica sanchez fox6 news. mary thanks angelica for a closer look at the description of the suspect in this case -- head to our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. you'll find it right on the home page. a is sentenced today for having sex with a student. stephanie grady is live in the newsroom with the latest. 29-year-old sara domres pleaded guilty to two felony counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff back in august. domres will spend the next two years in prison -- and will be on probation once she is out. prosecutors say she sexually assaulted a 16-year-old student she had in her english class. hundreds of incriminating text messages were found on her phone. "what parents don't expect is
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their children are essentially going to be victimized." domres must register with the wisconsin sex offender registry and undergo sex offender treatment. she is no longer allowed to teach under any circumstances and cannot have unsupervised contact with underage males. new berlin school officials fired domres after finishing their own investigation. milwaukee police want your help finding this suspected armed robber. this is surveillance video from last night at the a-1 liquor, beer and wine store near 92nd and oklahoma. the suspect walks in -- you see him point a gun at the cashier and get away with money from the register. he was last seen wearing a gray and black jacket and a black ski mask. if you know anything -- give police a call. more milwaukee county leaders call for an external investigation of the
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current audit of the jail's medical services. yesterday... the county board chairman said he wants a third party to look into jail operations as a whole. fox6's madeline anderson here now with more on their concerns about the facility. the concerns stem from the four deaths at the jail this year... county leaders fear these deaths could be representative of a larger problem. in a plea to all milwaukee county inmates... i am collecting these storiesthe chair of the health and human complaints about their treatment at the jail to contact him. because i want to know from people who are in our jails what is actually happening. because if these four deaths are representative of a culture in our jails, it is not a good, it is a terrible thing. county board supervisor supreme moore omokunde announced last week... sheriff david clark should resign amid the deaths of these three inmates plus a newborn inside the jail in a six month-span. in
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auditors are looking into the contract the county has with a private company called "armor" which provides medical services at the jail and the house of correction. now... board members are also calling for an outsider to conduct a broader investigation into what's going on inside. the time has come for an independent investigation that is not housed in the county. fox6 asked a spokeswoman for sheriff clarke if he would cooperate with this request. she said "sheriff doesnt run the medical the county executive's office hopes pressure from the community will convince the sheriff to comply. its a very concerning situation and, we think having impartial outside investigators come in to do an audit is a good thing. because the sheriff is an elected official... the board nor the county executive has the authority to tell him what to do. investigators haven't said yet whether the four deaths were the result of inadequate medical attention. one has though been
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the common council and mayor tom barrett are lowering the cost of a snow plow equipment license to only 10 dollars. the goal is to provide more options for residents that need alley plowing services -- as the city does not plow alleys within the city. the reduced fees go into effect next tuesday. windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens. wind chills will stay in the single digits. a few flurries possible thursday and cold again. highs will reach into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday:
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26 wind: nw 15-25 mph stay ahead of the weather by downloading the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. get instant access to the radar and
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temperatures before you head out! they've met 9 times in the past 10 seasons, including twice in the post season. because of that, the packers and seahawks have created quite the rivalry. it gets renewed sunday at lambeau field and could once again prove to be a playoff preview. tim van vooren has more tonight with the blitz. "it''s the packers and seahawks on sunday here in green bay. when you talk about the seahawks you good football team, particularly a good defense. number 1 in the league this year, fewest points allowed. they've been number 1 in that category for the last 4 seasons running. "i think what really jumps off the film at you is the players. it's a veteran group they've had a number of guys who've been there quite a few years and they are very systematic on how they play." "the packers and seahawks are no strangers to each other this will be their fifth meeting since 2012. so they're not divisional foes but
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to put them in that classification i think it certainly fits. you got 2 teams that play big games against each other so i don't know if you have to go past that. this game is important to them and it's very important to us and there's a style of play that they play to and there's one we play to." "there have been very memorable when the seahawks have played the packers, some good, some bad on both sides of the ledger. the packers really need sunday's game hopes of making positive memories anymore in this season alive. in green bay tim van vooren fox 6 sports." you can watch the packers play seattle right here on fox 6 at 3;25 sunday. then keep it right here for a fox 6 news special with live reaction and analysis from lambeau field. that includes reaction from packers defensive lineman mike daniels. and then at 10:35 a complete recap of the game on the fox6 sports
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names his pick for department of homeland security. -- and it's not sheriff david clarke. it was reported clarke was in the running for the spot. his reaction today. new berlin police and firefighters are joining forces! how their combined effort is helping feed the hungry. and we are taking a live look at steinhaufels in waukesha! tom wachs is coming up with more drive -- and what you can win,
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dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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time magazine names president-elect donald trump as the 20-16 person of the year. time says mister trump was the person "deemed to have most influenced the year's news -- for better or worse." hillary clinton was the runner up. makes his pick for head of the department of homeland security -- general john kelly. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke was passed over -- and fox6 reached out for comment. in a statement, clarke said "i have always intended to fill out my term. i will do what president-elect trump asks of me. all that ever mattered was to help trump become the 45th potus. mission accomplished." fox's
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another day, another high ranking military leader is expected to be added to team trump. the president-elect has settled on john kelly...tapped to head the department of homeland security, and the third general hand-picked by mr. trump. the retired marine chosen, in part, because of his expertise on the southern border from his time leading southern command. earlier in the day, iow branstad accepted mr. trump's offer to become u-s ambassador to china. he's a close personal friend of china's president. conway says: "we feel great at how ahead of schedule he is compared to past administrations." among the visitors at trump tower today ... chicago mayor rahm emanuel ...president obama's former chief of staff... the mayor handing the president-elect a letter signed by more than a dozen mayors urging him to keep mr. obama's plan in place ...for shielding young
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deportation. emanuel says: "i was clear about where i stood and other mayors stood on immigrants." another president's chief of staff, karl rove, who worked for george w. bush, giving mr. trump an earful for publicly chastising boeing yesterday... the president-elect calling for the new air force one contract to be canceled ...because of it's exorbitant 4- billion-dollar price tag...a figure under dispute. rove says: "this was fire, ready, aim. first there is not a contract for 4 billion dollars. there is a not to build one plane, the actual goal is to build three." waldman says on-cam tag : "president-elect trump's transition team has indicated his choice for secretary of state will be announced some time next week. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." reuters is reporting president-elect donald trump is picking oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to head the environmental
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because pruitt has been a big supporter of the fossil fuel industry -- and has repeatedly sued the e-p-a to loosen environmental regulations. pruitt also supported the keystone pipeline project that was blocked by the obama administration. it's time for your news and weather together. the racine man accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that killed two people waived his preliminary hearing this morning. 25-year-old levi row-nan ruohonen faces several felony charges in the case.he was allegedly drunk prosecutors say he rear-ended kevin dalley's vehicle in caledonia. dalley and his 9-year-old daughter were both killed. his 6-year-old daughter was injured in the crash. caledonia police rescue a man overdosing -- just hours after getting out of a two year drug treatment program. officers found the man unresponsive and performed c-p-r, using narcan to revive him. officers say he graduated the drug
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he was taken to a nearby hospital -- and later arrested for possession of narcotics, cocaine and paraphernalia. wisconsin's national guard base in madison is a finalist to receive an advanced stealth fighter plane. governor scott walker announced "truax" field is one of five candidate bases to receive the "f-35a lighting two." the u-s air force will select two of the fives bases on the list to host the fighter. walker says it will save taxpayers money since the plane could patrol 10-thousand square miles
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weather windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens.
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single digits. a few flurries possible thursday otherwise mostly cloudy, windy and cold again. highs will reach into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for snow showers. am low: 13 high: 25 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with snow showers likely. am low: 22 high: 31 wind: nw 5-10
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cold. am low: 16 high: 21 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 12 high: 18 wind: w 5-15 mph in new berlin today -- firefighters and police team up
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"its just good to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate than we are" where these hams are headed -- to help feed the hungry. today marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. how wisconsin is honoring those who died -- and the survivors. [ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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the hungry. it all starts at the new berlin pick n save...inside the cardboard boxes: 120 hams..purchased by police officers and firefighters...and headed to the new berlin food pantry... to feed families in brookfield, elm grove and new berlin. at the pantry...volunteers make room for the delivery... when it is a team the police officers and the firefighters. "its just good to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate than we are" stocked...but they rely on these donations "our pantry couldnt afford to buy these" and could use even more help. "the food pantry says what they need the most is protein, an example would be pork and beans, another example would be peanut butter" "this makes a huge difference knowing everyone can get a wonderful ham on their table" the a tradition for the new berlin professional police association and international association of firefighters
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have been donating between 80 and 120 turkeys and hams every thanksgiving and every christmas" an act of kindness...they will continue for years to come. in new berlin deandra corinthios fox6 news. today marks 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor that brought the united states into world war two. how the survivors -- and those lives lost -- are being commemorated today. day seven of the wisconsin presidential election recount -- how many votes the candidates picked up as ne finished. there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service
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e network health. and this is an actual member event where some of our 63,000 medicare members are getting to meet the friendly voices on the other end of the phone, in person. we're new to you, but we've been serving northeast wisconsin with a personal touch for more than 30 years. and, 9 out of 10 network health members are satisfied with their medicare plans. if you'd like to join them, call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, either in or out of network. monthly plan options, prescription drug coverage... silversneakers fitness benefit, and person to person customer service. call now and get help choosing your plan. network health. we're local, we care,
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governor scott walker has ordered flags at half-staff at the state capitol today -- in honor of the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. launched a surprise attack on pearl harbor in hawaii. the attack cost thousands of american lives -- and would ultimately bring the united states into world war 2. fox's trace gallagher with a look at today's ceremonies. file: f. roosevelt says " december 7, 1941-a date which
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lost 75 years ago in the deadly attack on pearl harbor, a day full of memorial events taking place across the u-s, including a moment of silence in pearl harbor, and a ceremony at the world war two memorial in washington d.c. fuller says "we remember your ship mates, we salute your service, and your sacrifice, and that of your families. we offer you our most heartfelt thanks." four of the five remaining survivors today's commemoration events in pearl harbor. the surprise attack by the japanese was an attempt to neutralize the u-s naval fleet in the pacific... and plunged the united states into world war two. more than twenty four hundred americans were killed in the attack, and one thousand more were wounded. defense secretary ash carter in japan today, praising the progress of u-s- japanese relations since world war two. carter says "in the coming


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