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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 530  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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how wisconsin election officials are preparing after a presidential contender demands each and every vote in the state be re-checked. angelica adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no
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police say one man is dead after a shooting. it happened in the area of 41st and lloyd around seven last night. we're told the victim is a 31-year-old milwaukee man. he was shot... and drove himself to a hospital. he died as he was being transferred to another hospital for treatment. police are still working to identity a suspect. milwaue investigating a shooting in the area of 14th and harrison. it happened just before 11:30 last night. police tell us a woman in her mid- 20's was found shot in a car. she is being treated for a serious injury. the investigation is ongoing. you voted -- they counted. and now, state election officials will count again. wisconsin election officials are scrambling statewide, after a presidential contender demands each and every vote in the state be re- checked. julie collins joins us
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commission is holding a special meeting this morning to approve a proposed time line of the recount - this after green party leaders filed paperwork saying they are worried about exit polling data that didn't pan out. the green party raised more than 5 millions dollars in just a couple days to pay for this and 2 other recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. state green party official george martin says volunteers across the state will no touch ballots - but they can stand by and observe. the campaign for former green party presidential candidate jill stein filed paperwork on friday, initiating a recount of the presidential vote. president-elect donald trumps victory over democrat hillary clinton was by a margin of 22- thousand votes. gm 'the machines may not have been accurate. but also there is human error - and also politics.'
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they will discuss and approve the time line for the recount. they will also plan a training day for all county clerks and canvass members. the recount is set to begin thursday, december 1st and must be complete by tuesday december 13th. reporting live downtown milwaukee - julie collins. fox 6 news. president elect donald trump calls the recount effort a scam. but yesterday... he tweeted something fraudulent did happen during the election. " addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, w the millions of people who voted illegally." mister trump did not say where he got those numbers. the president-elect also tweeting last night... "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california" -- claiming media bias. at this point, there is no evidence to support that claim. fox news is reporting milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will meet with president-elect donald trump today. clarke has been a longtime vocal supporter of mister trump -- although there's no word on if he is being offered a position.
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we were told quote-- the sheriff doesn't have anything to say. in the day ahead -- a milwaukee man accused of sexually assaulting three different women will be in court. prosecutors say 21-year-old jonathan brown sexually assaulted a poll worker and two other women on election day. one of those victims was a teenager. it all happened in the area near 76th and good hope. according to the criminal complaint-- brown admitted to the assaults saying he wanted to hurt women. he is expected in court later today. finding a sexual assault suspect. it happened late saturday night... police say the suspect was caught on camera. they released this video from an area near 17th and state. police say this man was armed with a handgun at the time. if you recognize him or have any information - you are asked to give police a call. in light of fidel castro's death... more americans are expected to want to travel to cuba. the authorizations you'll need before booking a flight. he first caused some major controversy for kneeling during
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this time.. after the break -- a major breakthrough by government forces in syria. how they were able to retake part of aleppo. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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looking around the world -- in iraq -- the fight for mosul is overwhelming doctors. and government forces in syria say they've made a breakthrough in the city of aleppo. kim is in the newsroom with more. residents will soon be transported to shelters in
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territories. over the weekend -- the army and its allies took control of a large housing district. yesterday -- they said they had captured a neighboring district as well russian and syrian air strikes have raised fears that the northern part of east aleppo could be cut off from the southern part. that would weaken their control over the east and bring more residents closer to the frontlines. heavy fighting continues in mosul as iraqi troops continue their push to take the city back from isis. meanwhile -- medics in the region are of injured civilians and soldiers. doctors say the influx of the injured people is outweighing their resources. the united nations says at least 73- thousand iraqis have fled mosul since the government's campaign to retake the city began last month. tense moments in the philippines -- after police in manila safely detonate an improvised explosive device. officials say a municipal employee found the suspected bomb inside a trash bin early this morning just outside the u-s embassy. police closed a
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the incident is under investigation. nicole and jessob -- back to you. the holiday shopping season is officially here- which unfortunately isn't entirely good news. still to come-- how to keep your car safe from holiday break-ins. plus-- with the death of fidel castro, more people are looking to visit cuba. if you're planning a trip- there are a few things you'll need to know. and the packers have had their troubles this season, with a number of tough losses. tim van vooren spoke to the head to philly hoping to deliver the eagles, their first home loss.
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= major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was booed by dolphins fans yesterday as he took the field. kaepernick wore a fidel castro t-shirt during a press conference in august. last week a reporter with the miami herald asked why he would wear such a t-shirt. kaepernick said he respected how castro focused more on their education system than the prison system. fidel castro's death is expected to spark more interest among americans to travel
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established their diplomatic relations last year -- traveling there is still complicated. if you want to go to cuba, you still need to fall into one of the twelve categories approved by the u-s government -- including visiting relatives, educational research or traveling to compete as an athlete. you'll also need to sign an affidavit that you fall into one of those categories. and you'll need a visa and travel insurance. at least four u-s airlines already fly to cuba. online..... but criminals are on the lookout for packages being delivered to your home. whitefish bay police reporting at least 4 packages stolen from homes since november 17th. but its not just your home thieves are targeting. fox 6's jonathan gregg explains why can also lose out keeping items in your car. in a season known for generosity, "they are breaking into the car..." tom almaghrabi sees first-hand what some people take.
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almaghrabi owns a glass repair shot on south 27th street. on saturday, three cars were inside... "a back window, a door glass and a door glass.." five more cars lined up outside.. "also door glass." all broken into since black friday. and while almaghrabi says crooks work year-round "there is no season. a car thief is always going to be a car thief." between now and christmas, families may lose big ticket items. not only that-- since it i on short supply. so consider yourself warned as you continue your end-of-year shopping. almaghrabi says thieves are watching you as you leave the store. if you have more shopping to do, he says put all your bags in the trunk and move your car before going back in. "100 feet away from where you parked your car or on other side of the mall so the thief thinks you left and
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anything valuable in plain sight. "i mean it happened to me in the past, my own personal car." because to a thief leaving valuables on the seat is like leaving the door wide open. "do not leave anything give them chance to break in. jonathon gregg fox six news. toss to rob
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how some people in arizona made a trip to the north pole. she's a different kind of four legged friend -- but just as loveable. how this young deer found her forever home. coming up new at six: the holiday shopping turned deadly at two separate malls across the country.... we'll have those
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we elves love games. like $15 unwrap the cash, from wisconsin lottery. , so we have tons of free time!
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player in tennessee is sure to get some sweet christmas present this year... that's because that player's powerball numbers drawn over the weekend. the ticket -- worth nearly 421-million dollars -- was sold in lafayette. the winner has not come forward yet. according to lottery rules -- he or she has 180-days to claim the prize. all aboard the polar express! people are lining up in williams, arizona, for a train ride to the "north pole" -- not the actual north pole.. ... but the place where santa and his elves make the toys that santa will deliver on christmas eve. this polar express is operated by grand canyon railway. the ride begins
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a visit from santa, who hands out special gifts. from the polar express to the rockefeller center -- it was a busy weekend for santa.... mr.claus was spotted skating around at the rockefeller ice rink. who knew the big guy could be so nimble in that heavy red and white suit. ol' saint nick was seen at the landmark this holiday weekend giving other skaters a treat.. helping them out with their own moves and giving people lots of great photo ops. a young deer that was found forest in russia has been taken in by a local family. the deer now lives like a domestic pet.. demanding cuddles and making herself righta t home. four-month old mila is now back to full strength -- thanks to being fed for several months on baby milk formula. the family is adopting mila as a domestic pet after nature reserves and zoos refused to take her. russian law states wild animals must live in their natural habitat -- but in this case, they've made an exception. all anchors chat/toss to 6am
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w wisconsin... as the badger state kicks off a recount. why the president elect says that's not the "scam" americans should be focusing on. plus - he tried to get help... but police say it was too late for one man... now - a homicide investigation is underway. good morning and welcome to wakeup! rob's weather today: mostly cloudy and windy. scattered
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chances continue overnight. low: 43 wind: se/sw 5-15 mph traffic check red on traffic map = major delays delays green on traffic map = no


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