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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 5  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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"it would be really hard to hack and change the results in terms of what is accessible." now at 5 -- preparing for the count. in the day ahead -- how wisconsin's presi and -- if you decided to skip the black friday lines -- today is your day. it's cyber monday. what you should know before logging on. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rachael's weather anchor adlibs traffic red on
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yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays news from overnight -- milwaukee police say one man is dead after a shooting. it happened in the area of 41st and lloyd around seven last night. we're told the victim is a 31-year-old milwaukee man. he was shot... and drove himself to a hospital. he died as he was being transferred to another hospital for treatment. police are still
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investigating a shooting in the area of 14th and arthur. it happened just before 11:30 last night. police tell us a woman in her mid- 20's was found shot in a car. she is being treated for a serious injury. the investigation is ongoing. get ready for a recount! a recount of the presidential vote totals in wisconsin is set to begin this week... and preparations are underway to make sure the massive effort goes smoothly. --that includes arrangements in case the issue goes to court! fox6s julie collins joins us live w the wisconsin election commision is holding a special meeting this morning to go over the timeline of the recall... volunteer observers of wisconsins presidential recount will also meet later this week for special training. green party officials say they have more than 3-thouasnd volunteers lined up across the state. they wont be able to touch any ballots, but they will be able to question clerks if they come
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george martin says the state board of canvassers needs to report back by today at noon with a plan on how to proceed with recount. martin says the green party is ready to go to court on this issue - if they dont get a full hand recount of all votes. the campaign for former green party presidential candidate jill stein raised money last week to pay for the recount efforts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. george martin, state green party official gm 'if it is not as we requested per our affidavit, we will be in court monday afternoon seeking that it be mandated.' known until later this week - but he expects a tally of more than a million dollars in the dairy state. the state election commission says the recount will begin in all wisconsin counties on thursday december 1st and it must be completed by tuesday december 13th. reporting live downtown milwaukee..julie collins fox 6 news. president elect donald trump
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but yesterday... he tweeted something fraudulent did happen during the election. " addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." mister trump did not say where he got those numbers. the president-elect also tweeting last night... "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california" -- claiming media bias. at this point, there is no evidence to support that claim. fox news is reporting milwaukee county sheriff david clarke wil trump today. clarke has been a longtime vocal supporter of mister trump -- although there's no word on if he is being offered a position. fox6 reached out to clarke's office for comment. we were told quote-- the sheriff doesn't have anything to say. first there was black friday.... then small business saturday... maybe sunday was your retail rest day -- but today shoppers are back at it again... for cyber monday. nicole joins us a preview. after a four-day holiday weekend
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discount shopping target. some 122 million americans are expected to take to their computers, smartphones or other devices to scoop up cyber monday bargains -- that's up by 1 million from a year ago -- according to the national retail federation. also boding well for cyber monday -- more americans made purchases online than in stores over thanksgiving weekend. at fox 6 now dot com-- we have 7 tips that will help save you the most bucks and find the best deals on this cyber monday. tip one-- plan your shopping early. you c the fox6 news app -- and search "cyber monday" don't let all that holiday spending go to waste. still ahead on wakeup -- how to keep your car safe while shopping. in louisiana -- ten people are shot, one fatally in the popular bourbon street area. what police say sparked the shooting. fidel castro's death striking a chord in washington. the mixed
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are searching for answers after a man is killed in a gentlemen's club in north carolina. and in louisiana -- ten people are shot after an argument between two men. nicole is in the newsroom with the latest. one of those people -- a 25 year old male -- has died... police say they've made two arrests --- both people were carrying firearms. the ten victim's range in age from 20 to 37 -- eight men and two women were the popular bourbon street area of the french quarter. the area was crowded because of the thanksgiving holiday and the bayou classic football game at the superdome. police say the shooting seems to have stemmed from an argument between two men. in north carolina -- police are asking for the public's help in the investigation of a deadly shooting in charlotte. they say one man was shot inside "lust of charlotte" club early yesterday morning -- he later died at a hospital. police say it's too early to talk about possible suspects or their
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people are hurt in a shootout. police were called to the area for reports of gunfire -- when they got there, officers saw people in nearby vehicles shooting at each other. at least one officer opened fire. three cars crashed as drivers tried to escape the chaos. when the bullets stopped, seven people were injured. and there were at least four different crime scenes. no officers were hurt during the incident. one person reported being shot by police was treated for minor injures. if you snagged some black friday deals -- it's likely you savd year than last. what likely caused the drop in spending. a big push by government forces in syria. the major breakthrough in aleppo. while some saw him as a dictator.. others saw him as a hero. the tribute events planned in
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delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays the news of fidel castro's death late friday night sparked mixed reactions around the world -- especially for people from the country he ruled for decades. yesterday cuban exiles gathered miami's little havana. members of the city's cuban-american community are demanding a democratic future for communist cuba now that fidel castro is dead. they're planning a rally on wednesday at the bay of pigs memorial. they say they're hoping, in their words, "all who have been affected by this regime" will attend. while some see castro as a dictator -- many cubans see him as a father. in cuba they are getting ready for tributes for fidel castro. preps are underway in havana's revolution square -- a place
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mourners will be allowed to sign a condolence book. later in the week there will be a memorial with several world leaders in attendance. cuba beings its official nine days of mourning today. kim and jessob -- back to you. here in the united states ... fidel castro's death also stirring up mixed emotions. u.s. lawmakers weighing in on castro's regime and the future of the island nation. melisa raney reports. american politicians also reacted to castro's death.. including pre was criticized for offering his condolences.. senator bernie sanders said he would've done the same. sen. bernie sanders/ -i- vermont: "we've had relations with brutal dictatorships all over the world. the goal right now is to see that we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba. senator marco rubio.. a cuban- american.. tweeted the president's statement was "pathetic".. sen. marco rubio / -r- florida: barack obama is the president of the most powerful country in the world. and what i can pathetic is not mentioning whatsoever in that statement the reality that there are thousands upon thousands of
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castro regime." president-elect donald trump also tweeted about castro when the news broke. than later released his own statement calling the former leader a "brutal dictator" .. and that his legacy is one of "unimaginable suffering." senator rubio says he's confident the trump administration will bring the change the island nation needs in the wake of castro's death. sen. marco rubio / -r- florida: our goal is the national security and national interests of the united states and, as part of that, to do everything possible through our foreign policy towards cuba to incentivize and pave the way for the move toward democracy." i'm melisa
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phone... or both. why you might want to plan a vacation this cyber monday. tis the season for giving... but thieves are still on the prowl. how to keep your packages safe
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if you decided to skip the lines on black friday... or if you're ready for round two... today is your day -- it's cyber monday! amazon rolling out more than 75- thousand sales -- and they're not limited
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the week on a variety of products, including toys, electronics, video games and books. electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber monday... but amazon says so far this holiday season, the "most-watched deal" has been the mermaid tail blanket. and if you're looking for travel deals, you may want to log today.. experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare hotel cost cuts. some deal first week of december. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to come cheap. it seems holiday shoppers are getting more bang for their buck this year. the national retail federation says more than 154-million people shopped in stores and online on black friday weekend. that's three-million shoppers more than last year. but each consumer spent on the average ten dollars less than in 20-15. the retail federation says the drop is likely a result of more discounts being available. the bottom line -- the weekend was strong for retailers, but
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consumers. moving forward... the preparations that are now underway for wisconsin's first presidential recount. as iraqi forces continue the fight for mosul -- why medics in the region
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how wisconsin election officials are preparing after a presidential contender demands each and every vote in the state be re-checked. angelica adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no


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