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tv   FOX 6 News at 11  FOX  November 24, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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11. ...happening now at eleven. it's thanksgiving...and shoppers are store. our deandra corinthios went to meijer to find the items that people are most likely to forget on
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meanwhile, two different groups are calling for a boycott of stores. in wauwatosa, the family of jay anderson is asking people to boycott any business in the city, especially at places like mayfair mall. anderson was killed 5 months ago by a wauwatosa police a charging decision has not yet been made. anderson's family is hoping by putting pressure on businesses, they will then put pressure on the city to release details of the case. we've reached the highest level of frustration. so we're asking that the people join us in boycotting, and speaking from a financial stand point because i guess that is all they know. in milwaukee, a group is asking people to only support businesses
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the justice system is rigged and want to send a message with their money. while stores will be busy this will also see more police on the roads. last night - 35 departments in milwaukee and waukesha counties held a roll call -- ramping up efforts to crack down on drunk drivers. police will be out in force this weekend -- stopping and arresting impaired drivers. "we're making sure they're sober. and going to stop test and arrest basically and f everything is pretty much in order whether they get citations or warnings its just to get the word out that we're not going to put up with drunk driving any longer." the task force arrested 300 people for impaired driving over the course of last year. they remind drivers to use services like uber-- lyft-- or to catch a cab.
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state of wisconsin is preparing for second look at novembers numbers. votes cast in the presidential election are being called into question by an unlikely source. fox6s bret lemoine explains. nat 'we want a hand count' outside milwaukee city hall... a small group demands another look at the votes cast for president in wisconsin. hm 'we really need to make sure that our vote is fair and accurate.' pointing to an early reporting error in outagamie county that has since been corrected..... organizer holly mosher is urging others to push for a 'i really think its important to trust the vote.' on wednesday afternoon, one name on the ballot responds: former green party presidential candidate jill stein. because stein was on novembers ballot, her campaign can request a recount in wisconsin. some believe there may be enough votes to change the outcome of the election - not to favor stein - but possibly to upset president elect donald trumps victory. hm 'even trump was saying the elections could be
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in madison confirms it has been contacted by steins campaign. officials are now proceeding as if a recount will happen - notifying clerks late wednesday night that stein will likely meet a 5 p-m friday deadline. clerks will determine how much a recount will cost in their municipalities... and report that number to the state. it will be up to stein and the green party... to pay for it. hm 'we the people want to know whether it was hacked or not. we want to know.' jill stein's campaign will end up paying for the wisconsin recount. in fact, they launched a website on wednes hours, they raised more than 1.5 million dollars. reporting in the newsroom, bret lemoine, fox6 news. information about a crash in greenfield. police have released dashcam footage of the incident. it happened at 76th and layton. hales corners police say they were trying to stop a speeding car that ran a red light. that car crashed into another vehicle with two
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"robert haack jewelry" before bursting into flames. miraculously no one was hurt-- thanks to the quick response from rescue crews. our officers arrived on the scene and assisted hales corners in first of all getting everyone out of the vehicles. the suspect himself was already in custody by hales corners police say they'll turn over their reports to the district attorney soon. as for the damaged store-- it will be open for black friday. how much the city of milwaukee must pay up. it all comes from a lawsuit involving an illegal strip search done by police. a federal jury awarded willie newman one-point-nine million dollars after he said he was the victim of an illegal strip search that happened in 20- 10. according to a federal complaint, newman was approached by then- milwaukee police officer michael vag-nini and others. he says vagnini pointed a gun at him and strip searched him in the parking lot of a north side
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says the verdict comes as a relief to his client. it restores his dignity and it was really appreciated and the jury did what we believe was a wonderful it restores his dignity and it was really appreciated and the jury did what we believe was a wonderful job. four milwaukee police officers were fired and charged as a result of illegal strip searches. in 20-13, vagnini was convicted of felony charges. last year, the city reached a 5- million steven avery's attorney, kathleen zellner, tweeted out yesterday that a judge has given the go- ahead for more dna testing in the murder of teresa halbach. avery has long-since claimed that manitowoc county officials framed him for her death . the case was chronicled in the 10-part netflix series 'making a murderer.' a special prosecutor is representing the state.
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how fast the bus was going..and why investigators say it shouldn't have been on that road in the first place. and-- thanksgiving overseas. u-s troops are celebrating the holiday. plus... "it's called the most wonderful time of the year - but coming so close to a contentious election... for some, the holidays could be a disaster. i'm joel waldman and i'll have more on that story, coming up." cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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this month, america witnessed the conclusion of one of the longest and most contentious elections in presidential history. fox's joel waldman looks at ways of avoiding conflict between family members over the holidays-- whose opinions may vary wildly when it comes to the election. hillary! don't you understand that? this is one of the most crooked politicians in history." clinton says: "you could put half the trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables." for families with members of opposing political views - reconciling the surprising election outcome could pose major problems during the holidays. dutton says: "this just provides another venue. if you will, or another topic for which people who might already disagree who come together just have a difficult
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psychiatrist and researcher at georgetown university. dutton says: "we all have emotion. and sometimes it's difficult to regulate emotions, and it's difficult for people who are on the other end of that emotion to be able to tolerate it." waldman says oncam bridge : "these days, thanks to social media - there's a good chance you'll know how certain friends and family already feel about the current political climate... so at least you'll know what you're walking into."dutton says: "knowing that ahead of time can help create some sort of intention. wh this meal? so planning ahead is a good thing." additionally, dr. dutton offers the following tips for how to handle argumentative relations who may try to bait you. work out a pre-planned seating arrangement. take a timeout. simply change the subject. and ultimately - try to remember why you're spending your holidays with these people in the first place. mos says: "i'm just going to share a drink with them and not talk about politics.." mos says: "i just
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apolitical. you're just going to avoid it all?" mos says: "yes. because there's nothing we can do about it right now." as the old saying goes, you don't choose your family - but at least this year - you can choose how to deal with them in washington, joel waldman, fox news. in michigan - a wayne state university officer has now died after being shot during a traffic stop. collin rose was investigating possible thefts near wayne state university in detroit when he approached a person on a bike. shot...and taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery. he passed away yesterday. a suspect has been taken into custody. rose was the fifth police officer shot in the line of duty this week. the death toll has now the wake of a school bus crash - earlier this week - in chattanooga, tennessee. police now confirm that another child has died. federal n-t-s-b investigators are looking into why the bus veered off a road and smashed into a tree.
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into why the bus was driving on the narrow roadway...well above the 30-mile-an hour speed limit. investigators say the road was not on the bus' designated route. at this point, the 24-year-old bus driver is facing charges, including vehicular homicide-- reckless driving-- and reckless endangerment. around the world... u-s troops are celebrating thanksgiving in iraq today. american military members remembered the blessings of their own national holiday in mosul american feast of turkey. about 100 u-s troops are on scene, as iraqi government and other allied troops continue their attempts to remove the islamic state from iraq. a few soldiers were just grateful for simple blessings of life and friends. "i want to tell my family, you know, to be thankful that all these people out here, just be thankful for being alive, that's all."
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the offensive to retake mosul back into government hands may take weeks to complete. a bizarre late-season hurricane is expected to hit central america today. authorities in costa rica have ordered thousands to evacuate as they brace for tropical storm otto. the national hurricane center says otto will likely strengthen to a category one hurricane, before making landfall. the storm is already being blamed if otto hits costa rica, it'll be that country's first hurricane in recorded history.
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which can cause chapped lips-- itchy skin--even nose bleeds. a humidifier might help. but with so many choices-- how do you know which type is right for you? contact 6's jenna sachs has a look at consumer reports
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hits, alex joyce breaks out several humidifiers. "by having a humidifier in the bedroom it would bring it to a more comfortable humidity in the room and i would wake up in the morning and not have dry sinuses and i would not have dry lips.' consumer reports just tested more than 30 humidifiers. — evaporative-style, which draws air through a wet wick filter; ultrasonic which releases a fine mist into the air; and vaporizer types which emit steam. testers measure moisture output. "when the winter comes, you put your heating system on, the air dries out, you want to know how much humidity you can put back into the room." testers also look at features, noise levels and how easy a humidifier is to clean. consumer reports tests found bacteria can grow in every type of humidifier, but some are better than others at keeping it out of the air. "we found that evaporative-type humidifiers are less likely to put that bacteria back into the air. it may grow in the tank, but its not going to come out."
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at walgreens brand evaporative humidifier is a good choice for a medium-sized room and costs just 32- dollars. but keep in mind, evaporative humidifiers are noisier because of the fan. if youd prefer a quieter humidifier, consider an ultrasonic. this cvs brand is top-rated for a small room and costs just 30-dollars. humidifier you choose, the safest approach is to empty, rinse, and dry it out every day. and once per week follow the manufacturers instructions on how to disinfect the tank. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. carl is checking out a free event that is bringing people together this
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after gobbling up your thanksgiving feast -- its time to go hunting for deals. tomorrow morning we're live as holiday shoppers scramble to the stores. plus, we're at lake front brewery as they release their annual black friday beer! that's tomorrow on fox six wakeup! connect people from all different backgrounds on this thanksgiving holiday. it's a free dinner that serves thousands of people from the community-- and our carl deffenbaugh is
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here's a look at this morning's big stories at 11:30. black friday might be tomorrow, but people are already getting a jump on their shopping today... ...a look at the hottest toys this holiday. and-- there are two calls for shopping boycotts in milwaukee. ...what protestors are hoping to accomplish. thanksgiving, but some people are eager to get some of their holiday shopping done before the rush of black friday. our deandra corinthios went to meijer-- and got a rundown of
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meanwhile, there is not one, but two calls for shopping boycotts! it includes one of our area's largest malls. fox 6's ben handelman-- with what protestors hope to
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thought the night before thanksgiving would be like this. cause he's not here. a group marching into the wauwatosa police department wednesday, demanding transparency. it's been 5 months-- since jay anderson junior was shot and killed by a tosa officer as he sat in his car in madison park. police say he had a gun. the family believes their loved one did nothing wrong. they have a new plan to try and pressure the city to release the officer's name public from that night. they are asking for a boycott of wauwatosa businesses--- especially mayfair mall. we ask the people join us and boycott from a financial stand point because that is all they know. the family is hoping the business community, fearing loss, will add pressure to the city. they are not the only ones asking for a boycott. at milwaukee's mohammed mosque--- it's time for us as a people to
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us. family members who feel they have been wronged by the justice system, want to send a message with their money. we need to pull our own resources together, to change our condition. stores will be busy this weekend - but last night on "blackout wednesday," or thanksgiving eve, it's the bars that got the business. thanksgiving is traditionally a popular night to go out on the town. that's why extra police patrols were out on the roads last night. 35 departments in milwaukee and waukesha counties make up the impaired- driving task force. "46:11 theyre looking for anything from headlights out to speeding violations to maybe any type of impaired driving 16 and were stopping those drivers and making sure theyre sober 21 if not were going to stop test and arrest 23" the task force arrested 300 people for impaired driving over the course of
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recount... after former green party presidential candidate jill stein challenges the november election results. because stein was on novembers ballot, her campaign can request a recount in wisconsin. some believe there may be enough votes to change the outcome of the election - not to favor stein - but possibly to upset president- elect donald trumps victory. stein's campaign already contacted the state elections commission... and if a recount will happen. the deadline to file is 5 tomorrow - it will be up to stein and the green party... to pay for the recount. stein is also challenging results in michigan and pennsylvania. the city of milwaukee is on the hook for almost 2-million dollars. that's the verdict of another federal lawsuit involving an illegal body cavity search by police. fox 6's ashley sears-- with a look at the
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jury. it is the verdict one milwaukee man-- and his lawyer have been waiting for. 56:16 we believe they did a remarkably fine job. a federal jury rewards willie newman with close to $2 million dollars. his lawyer ron bornstein speaks to us by phone wednesday. 53:40 the allegations were that he was illegally strip searched and that was done intentionally, maliciously and willfully. newman's case began about a year ago. but his attorney says his according to a federal complaint, newman was approached by then milwaukee police officer michael vagnini and others in the parking lot of a north side restaurant. the plaintiff says "vagnini drew his firearm and ordered newman to hold his hands up.... and exit his vehicle."and then proceeded to strip search him. police recovered "a plastic bag containing marijuana." and newman was charged with
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humiliated and treated as something less than human. four milwaukee police officers were fired and charged as a result of illegal strip searches. in 2013, vagnini was convicted of felony charges. this latest federal verdict, comes with relief. 52:44 it restores his dignity and it was really appreciated and the jury did what we believe was a wonderful job. after a summer of unrest...that's exactly what milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood is trying to do. ...the help families are getting there...and from whom. plus-- people came out to miller park this morning for the drumstick dash. ...the good cause they're racing
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cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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special concert honoring the military-- veterans-- and their families. it's called "america salutes you". and it features performers like cyndi lauper and gavin degraw. so tune in this saturday at 5 p-m- right here on fox6. the annual drumstick dash kicked off this morning.. the 5-k run-walk benefits "feeding america eastern wisconsin". feeding america can provide three meals to people right here in our area. people from across the country participated in the race. the youngest participant this year is less than one year old... while the oldest expected is 86!
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that is reborn as it rises from
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neighborhood is trying to do just that, after a summer of unrest and fires. and some families who live there are getting help with that from a company so aptly named, phoenix investors. tom pipines goes beyond the game. this is what some families from the sherman park neighborhood saw this summer. after a young man, who police say was armed, was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer, people began protesting and fires burned down businesses in the area. same families were recently watching. a group of over 200 sherman park students and their families from townsend elementary school were in the stands for a milwaukee bucks game at the bmo harris bradley center. "i think townsend was a just the obvious choice, a reward basically after what they went through this summer." phoenix investors, a national real estate investment firm based in
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donation of the tickets. "we want to do something that's based on kids especially a neighborhood where we have a ton of real estate on the north west side and townsend elementary and sherman park neighborhood seemed like the obvious choice." jasmine ross and her family were thrilled with the chance to see the game. "very awesome, the kids are very excited and they just enjoy coming to the basketball games." townsend principal redona williams says this is just another moment their families progress from what happened this past august. "our kids experienced some of that but for the most part they are moving forward and we're open and it's been a positive year so far and we're going to continue to move in a positive force." and this game is more than just another one of those positive moments, it's also a reward. the students from townsend elementary had to earn the right to get their families in the stands. "we were able to decide how to
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did, we used it as an incentive for attendance, so most of the children that are here, well actually all the children that are here is because of 100% attendance." and that reward is a special one, some students and their families have nenevr experienced being at a live bucks game. if this is their first bucks game i hope they have an incredible time, i think most importantly that we were able to have their entire family here so that everybody can celebration was welcomed and appreciated. "you are going to be blessed, and we really appreciate it and thank you." tom pipines fox 6 sports. on the road to recovery... ...the story of a local fencing champion and his hopes of capturing
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after going through a major surgery, the road to recovery can be extremely difficult. for one local fencing champion it meant the difference between regaining strength in his arm-- and hopes of capturing another national championship. real milwaukee's brian kramp shares his story. championships in 2014 im having a great day and after i scored a touch we bumped ever so slightly and the referee says en guard! and my arm wont obey me. joe bieble is a 64 year old world champion fencer, its something ive enjoyed my whole life. but overcoming this injury i couldnt move my arm. soon became the biggest bout hed ever face. i thought stroke, heart attack, i didnt know what the hell was going on. the semi-final match was immediately stopped and joes future in fencing along with it. what followed were mris, assessments of joes physical health and
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somebody with exceptional skill someone who can do a three disc fusion in one operation. and the doctor for the job? dr. shakar kurpad most usually when someone has neck pain and arm pain followed by weakness followed by the symptoms in the order typically you think of a cervical spine problem. in joes situation we were at between here and here so 4, 5, 6 and 7 so these three discs were bn disc herniation causing nerve compression and weakness and pain in the arm. the procedure he underwent we would call aanterior cervical discectomy and fusion. without surgery, all of the activities that joe knew so well, including fencing would be extremely limited and would never fence again. he was nervous but you could clearly tell he was a very motivated guy and he clearly had done his research. the successful surgery was great
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hard to tell where you are at that point because its now been over four months since the injury all of the muscles are gone so event though i could you know my arms lost half of its mass only so only time will tell but initially i was enthused because i tell my arm what to do and it does it. and he was also the kind of person who wasnt going to sit on it wasnt going to except a reduced level of functionality for the rest of his life. he was going to do something about trying to get better. himself and worked hard. thats up to you. you know so i was very intent to make it absolutely sure i didnt waste this opportunity. the people that get better are the ones that go into surgery believing theyll get better. theres an element of faith and preparedness from the mental
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patient goes into. i wanted to make sure that this investment of his effort and the risk and all of these things paid. i wanted to go very far and so i created my own rehab, ive even created a number of resistance systems simple bungee systems to exercise difficult to exercise muscles. the progress is so slow you go am i kidding myself? but patience is such an important aspect of this. but interestingly im stronger back competing at nationals and has reserved a spot in his medal case for 2017 and another world championship medal. you have to put yourself out there you have to take a risk you have to say heres what im going to do. its a lot harder to not follow through if you put it out
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11. thanksgiving is all about comfort food! so how many calories will we gobble up today? the calorie control council says the average american will eat grams of fat during their thanksgiving day feast. and that doesn't include appetizers and drinks! this year, we are expected to eat 15- hundred more calories ---- compared to the three thousand we ate last thanksgiving. thanks for joining us at eleven.
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>> judge judy: the defendants were your tenants. >> announcer: their departure was surprising. >> i wasn't notified that they were moving out until they had moved out. >> judge judy: they left a whole bunch of junk there. >> announcer: their payments were sparse. >> they did not pay october rent, november rent, december rent, or half of january rent, according to the lease that we had signed. >> announcer: then an attempted cash grab? >> my home-insurance company received a claim from them in february. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution floyd skor is suing former tenants danny koerner and his wife, shantel hero, for breaking their lease and property damage. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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