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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 22, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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now at 10-- unconstitutional. sc 'you cant create a situatin dont mattter at all.' judges throw out wisconsin's voting districts. what it means the next time you vote. plus-- we're following breaking news out of tennessee. dozens of kids are hurt after a school bus wraps around a tree. and-- it's been 2 weeks since 5-year- old rickyia rick-eye-ah langham was killed.tonight: a call for action. we begin with that fox6
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street where a 5-year-old was killed by a hit- and-run driver. fox6's brittany shannon spoke to rickyia rick-eye-ah langham's mother-- who says a complete stranger is behind the movement. "10:18 she was five years old. she didn't get to live her life" two weeks after her daughter's death... "10:46 i just miss her a lot 48" lechelle yarbrought fights back tears. and struggles to explain rickyia's her four year old... "09:02 she asks about her every day. is she coming faith from a stranger... "00:42 i call him my angel from waukesha 44" and the teddy bear he gave her... "02:55 i thought the funeral home gave them they were like no, this wasn't from the funeral home. a guy brought them he was from waukesha 03:01" she now finds a reason to smile when she walks outside her home. the place where her five year old was killed. "01:12 i just like it because when i come out the door i know that 01:17 god sent that man who made these bears and these signs 01:20" signs urging drivers to go slow....and
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gift...from a stranger. "03:07 they said there was a guy out here who was hanging up these signs and we found out that he's the same person that donated all the teddy bears with her picture on them 14" yarbrought is also taking matters into her own hands. petitioning neighbors to call for more speed bumps on her street. "as soon as they hit the corner theyre speeding" for now, though, she says this kind enough. "01:49 its showing theres a lot of people that cared 01:52 without even knowing her that it touched a lot of peop him 57" 30-year-old sherman liddell was charged as the hit and run driver in the accident. he was driving on a suspended license at the time of the crash. he is being held on a 100-thousand dollar bond. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. ted thanks brittany he told police he wanted to hurt women--and he did.
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jonathon brown allegedly attacked and raped three women this month. the first was a poll worker on her way to work on election day. the second a woman walking home from work-- and the third a 17-year-old girl. police say he told them he was angry about his mother dying when he was 5 years old. another attack on the city's north side is still under investigation. a county supervisor is pleading with the suspect to turn himself in. a 30-year-old woman was walking to her bus stop near 21st and morning. she says a man was trying to hit on her-- and when she rejected him he punched her in the back of the head. county supervisor supreme moore oh-mo-kuhn-day omokunde held a news conference share her story. "go forth and turn himself in to authorities an also if he needs help to get help because obviously he does." the attacker reportedly ran away when the victim reached into her purse for a taser. she was
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we're following breaking news tonight out of chattanooga, tennessee. at least six children are dead after a school bus crashed into a tree. brad hicks joins us in studio tonight with the latest. investigators are working to figure out what caused the crash. they say a warrant has been issued for the bus's black box. the scene is just horrific. the bus was carrying students home from an elementary school when it veered off the road. involved-- investigators say speed was likely a factor. emergency crews had to break into the bus to pull children out. other children reportedly escaped from the roof hatch. at least 23 patients were transferred to area hospitals. the kids on board ranged in age from kindergarten to 5th grade. kelly says: "we're just asking for prayers in our hearts simply to go out to the families, for the students who have been transferred to the hospital...we'll try to do everything we can do make sure they're getting the
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the police department says the bus driver is cooperating in the investigation. we will bring you updates on fox6 now dot com and fox6 wakeup starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. waukesha county authorities are still trying to figure out what caused a fatal crash in pewaukee. 17-year-old brielle beres bear-iz was killed-- two others were hurt. the sheriff's office says beres was driving near capitol and ishnala trail early this morning when her car struck devastated. she was the nicest. she was so funny. she was crazy. she loved to be with friends. her mom was her best friend for sure. beres' two passengers are expected to recover. one person is dead after a serious rollover crash in bristol. it happened on 60th street a little after noon. sheriff's deputies say they're still trying to figure out why the car
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later died. the other has been released from the hospital. unconstitutional! that's the federal ruling made today concerning wisconsins assembly and senate redistricting. fox6s bret lemoine explains what it may mean for future elections: sachin chheda such-in ched-uh , director of the non-partisan 'fair elections project' says the maps drawn by republican lawmakers in control of every branch of state tipped the scales to favor one party. chheda organized a dozen citizens across the state who sued last year. on monday, a federal court found the maps to be unconstitutional. sc 'you cant create a situation where elections dont matter at all.' the current maps divide wisconsin into 99 assembly and 33 senate districts. the voters lawsuit argued the boundaries discriminated against democrats, diluting their voting power. democratic state representative
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was disproportionate: pb 'for state assembly, roughly 1.4 million voted for democrats and 1.2 voted for republicans and yet they ended up with a huge lopsided majority.' and supporters of the current maps... re 'todays decision is an outlier.' ..argue redistricting has little impact on the will of the people. re 'i think it would be wrong to think that there would be a tremendous difference in the outcome of legistive races.' attorney general brad schimel has already vowed to appeal the decision. he says the courts ruling does not affect the results of election... or any prior election. reporting live in the newsroom, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret the wisconsin supreme court will not appoint a "special master" to look into who leaked secret "john doe" documents to the guardian newspaper. the john doe probe was looking into governor scott walker's 20-12 recall campaign but courts have since shut it down. the state supreme court says attorney
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the september leak. d-o-j is reviewing the court's decision. meanwhile -- the governor's administration announced the state faces a nearly 700-million-dollar budget shortfall by mid-2019. it's the first estimate to take into account spending requests made by state agencies for the next two years. a shortfall at this stage isn't uncommon -- because state agency requests are often wish lists. lawmakers don't grant everything. donald trump was in fond du lac county tonight, where he compared the campaign to "warfare"-- but said voters made the smart choice. political reporter theo keith is back from ripon college. i would like all of the cameras to be turned off and turned around that was the unusual request from event organizers before lieutenant general michael flynn took questions from a standing-room only audience in ripon. journalists were told we
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wouldn't be available for interviews. earlier, flynn said he was excited to become national security adviser for president-elect donald trump. the country made a decision. the people of this country decided. and the people of this country are really smart flynn has extensive intelligence experience but is a controversial figure. he was fired as the head of the defense intelligence agency. earlier this year, he tweeted, "fear of muslims is rational."in ripon, he blasted the m islamophobe. look at all this stuff. its a constant, constant barrage of negativity ripon college democrats said flynns speech did not allay their concerns. i feel like trumps campaign has validated a lot of hateful and a lot of untrue rhetoric about different classes of people but conservative groups on campus were excited by the visit. were tired of the same old establishment politics
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new. we want something fresh flynn's role is seen as critical because president-elect trump has no foreign policy experience. when an audience member asked about working with russia to defeat isis... flynn said the countries need to find ways to work together, citing world war ii as an example. new at 10-- milwaukee public schools kick-starting a new program tonight. it's called "m-p-s cares". a volunteer tells us today's event was things there are to do in the city through the public school system. ultimately, the goal is to provide a safe space for students. the milwaukee public schools board of directors recently approved a 1 point 3 million dollar investment in the program. at least today was a little warmer? but we know it's a busy travel week. weather expert tom wachs joins us now. rain and snow showers return tomorrow night. i'll have your
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plus-- stranded by the side of the road? two new apps promise to help you in an emergency. tonight contact 6 puts them to the test! that's next. and later-- the packers have several problems. but one of them is the disconnect between preparation and performance.
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stranded. that's the goal of two roadside assistance apps that contact 6
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to dispatch the nearest tow truck. do they work? jenna sachs with the undercover test. kneeling down to let air out of tire intentionally stranded ... at a park and ride in wauwatosa. hissing sound we're giving our car a flat tire ... so my producer, leeann, and i ... can put two roadside assistance apps to the test - honk and urgently. the apps are alternatives to paid coverage through insurance or a we're testing is called honk and it's basically like an uber for tow truck drivers. honk wants some details about our situation. so we'll say i don't have a jack. we're given a 65 dollar guaranteed price ... and place our order. within one minute ... we get a text from honk. a1 auto and towing will arrive soon to assist you. within two minutes ... hello we get a call from the tow company. i do, yeah. i'm at the park and ride. a1 is on its way. a few minutes
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hello this time it's honk ... and said they're coming soon, they'll be here in less than 20 minutes. within 20 minutes of placing our order ... a rusty, unmarked van pulls up. this is surprising. oh yeah, it's just a weird. it's a van, ok. alright, well they're here. the guy is friendly enough ... are you with a1? yeah, oh ok. and tries to answer our questions about honk. i only did this a couple times. boss took the call. how does it work? i mean, do they ... we bill them and they pay us. we ask him about his van.. i drive a tow truck, this is our beater truck. ok, s light service, lock outs. within ten minutes of his arrival ... our spare is on. a half hour later ...honk calls to check in. its important that in your moment of need that theres someone that you can speak with and theres someone thats paying attention. honk's ceo was happy to hear about our experience. that is great. that is exactly the way it is supposed to work. one week later ... hissing same time of day ... in brown deer. this time ..we're testing the app
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we're given the same price of 65 dollars ... and submit our request for help. 3 minutes later ... the app says a truck has been dispatched. our g-p-s location is a bit off ... so we try to call the driver through the app ... but it doesn't work,. it doesn't give us the company. it doesn't tell us who's coming. 15 minutes after that - the app updates to say badger auto is responding. we call badger auto through the app... and things get confusing. oh you've never heard of the app? badger auto it said provider confirmed though, that's so bizarre. it has been one hour and as far as we know, has not dispatched a driver yet to come and get us. one good thing about ... is you can text their dispatcher. we message her ... and she makes another call. are you the owner? thank you for coming out. i really appreciate it. 80 minutes after placing our request ... brian from badger auto arrives. so had you even ever heard of this app? no. brian says this
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staff was confused. he says he would have sent someone sooner if we'd called him directly. he's friendly and changes our tire quickly. our average response times are about 20 minutes. upon hearing about our experience ... is surprised and apologetic. while it's not an ideal situation what you faced it's definitely not the norm and something we work towards fixing. looked into what went wrong with our call ... and says it came down to human training has been made. what about the cost ... is it less expensive than having insurance that covers roadside assistance? well there's no monthly ... or yearly payment for these apps. so it depends on how often you need roadside assistance. had i called a1 auto directly ... they say they would have charged me 45 dollars instead of 65. and badger auto said it would have
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mostly clear and cold tonight with temperatures falling into the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the mid-20s in the city by morning, around 20 tuesday with a high in the low 40s. rain and snow showers will move in from the southwest on tuesday night. the rain/snow
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wednesday. it will remain cool with a high in the low 40s. we will dry out on thanksgiving with another chance for rain/snow showers on friday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 25 cloudy with rain/snow showers moving in at night. high: 41 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday:cloudy with rain likely. am low: 37 high: 41 wind: se 5-15
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35 high: 45 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 36 high: 44 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: partly sunny. high: 45 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny. am low: 33 high: 46
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gainnis--upon us! the greek freak trying to help the bucks stop "their" 3 game slide. all i can say is..ya
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often times, you'll hear a baseball pitcher say "i left my best stuff in the bullpen"..after he was lit up by an opposing offense. seems as if every week during the 4 game losing streak, mike mccarthy's of practice. unfortunately, that's not translating into wins. "the preparation during the week, whether you want to put it as good , great or average , however you're feeling, it's really the preparation how it carries through your performance; and to me those are the details. and those are the things, we're not quit where we need to be". the badgers'll have plenty of motivation for saturday's regular season
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would clinch the big ten west title it's senior day. plus-the paul bunyan axe would stay in mad-town. after their furious rally fell short against golden state on saturday night, the bucks figured to have a letdown against orlando. 16 to 2. but michael beasley provided a spark off the bench. he scored 14 points.. giannis antetokounmpo had his first triple double of the season. assisting jabari parker who beats the halftime buzzer! a game high 22 points. bucks led 49-44 at the break. jabari starting to hit from long look out! a career-high 5 three pointers tonight... 4 in the third quarter! giannis..21
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dunk 90-85 bucks win, 93-89..snapping their 3 game skid. 21:52:36 "we all know he can fill up the stat sheet. now it's filling up the stat sheet that leads to wins. and understanding that we ask a lot from him. and we expect a lot of him. but he's only 21 years old" 21:52:49 greg gard's number 16 badgers basketball team blew a 1 to tennessee in the maui invitational but nigel hayes scored 5 in a row..a big three there. bronson koenig..another veteran..for 3 of his 21 it. wisconsin earns a 74-62 quarterfinal win. next up-georgetown in the semi's. the brookfield east spartans did some celebrating today. the football team won the state championship in division two...that's the sc
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santiago-lloyd overcame injuries to score a state record 5 touchdowns in friday's 42-36 win over monona grove. "it felt amazing to go out there. the o-line played amazing, wide receivers, everybody just came together and we got the job
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get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- the major traffic switch thats good news for holiday travelers. plus perfect for fall. a beef and barley soup you can make at home. and how to safely store and reheat your thanksgiving leftovers... that's tomorrow on wakeup!
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investment firm is giving back to some area kids in a big way. they sent more than 200 students and their families from milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood to tonight's bucks game. it was much more than that though -- as the kids got a ride to and from the game, dinner, and a tee-shirt. the company behind it -- phoenix investors -- says it wanted to give the students at townsend elementary the opportunity for a fun night out -- in light of the august coming up on today's telecast: >> this just burns the devil up! let me just throw it! hallelujah! >> i can bend!


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