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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 2, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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in reality... >> vault on the driving window. >> reporter: the things she did... >> 52 times. in the head. >> reporter: would be much darker. >> do know what this is in reference to? >> reporter: than any story. >> got any idea? >> murder. ? ? >> reporter: the face of innocence, ashlee martinson's face, at least for a time. according to friends, when she moved to rhinelander, wisconsin, at the age of 16, she seemed like a fairly typical teenage girl, if not a little on the shy side. >> i met her on the bus, kind of
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so, i thought i would be a friend and say hi. >> reporter: he lived just a mouth on the road from the home she shared with her mom, jennifer, and depth that, thomas ayers. >> reporter: so, thomas was not ashlee's biological father? >> correct. >> reporter: so, he was father to? >> he was the father of the other children in the home. >> reporter: did actually feel responsible are protective of those little girls? >> i think that she considers them her little sister's and they consider her her big sister. they had been around her long enough to form that relationship. >> reporter: >> reporter: f girls her age, ashlee started to go through some big changes. dark makeup. dark clothes. even darker thoughts. >> she had all kinds of different drawings, but they were also very dark. >> reporter: how dark? >> very dark. >> reporter: scary monster. she drew things that would make
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>> reporter: and then, there were her poems. disturbing words she wrote under the name "vampchick." >> reporter: they say one of us is us to blame, you are holding the knife, covered in blood, i am laughing off the pain, wondering what one of us is guilty, if we are both totally insane you are holding that knife covered in blood. >> that's a wee bit graphic. >> reporter: but the morbid blog posts, the dark sketches, where they also to be max signs of a twisted soul or just normae curiosity? >> reporter: brady think that was coming from? >> i think that's what she was into, that was her interest. >> reporter: either way, as ashlee approached her 17th birthday, the darkness seem to be taken over. >> her eyes would be usually open, staring at the back of the seat helplessly. >> reporter: what you think was going on?
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>> ashlee was constantly getting grounded, getting her phone taken away. >> reporter: did you know anything about her plan to leave the house? >> she was talking about it. she had a couple of plans for going to a friends house and living there. >> reporter: that plan became even more solidified when ashlee started seeing a young man named ryan sisco. >> the kid looked like he was maybe 17, 18, pushing it. turns out [laughs] i didn't know that. >> reporter: but before long, ashlee's parents did. >> i believe, on march 7th, ashlee's stepfather, thomas, and her mother, jennifer, had found out. >> reporter: a big family fight? >> yes. >> reporter: a big family fight over ashlee getting this 22-year-old boy? >> yes. >> reporter: according to reports, ashlee took off but didn't get far. >> he went and picked her up and
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>> at the time, ashlee was into her room. so, then, she goes to her room, thomas leaves the house, and then, comes back in, and asks where is she. the mother said, she is upstairs. he goes upstairs and that's when this all begins. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> reporter: it's not until the next day, march 8th, when 911 dispatchers get a series of strange calls from somewhere and rhinelander. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> hello, this is 911? >> we received numerous hangup calls, we were trying to get a location, but because of cell phone coverage was better that area, it was very difficult. >> reporter: finally, a connection. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> hello? >> reporter: moments later... police are racing to the home of ashlee martinson.
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shooter in the upstairs, we also knew that there were three children that were also inside the house. >> downstairs, you wouldn't have known that anything had happened. but once you approach the staircase and go upstairs, there was a mess. >> reporter: coming up... >> there was an overwhelming amount of stab wounds. >> what happened inside the home amount of stab wounds. >> what happened inside the home of ashlee martinson? before i had the shooting, burning, amount of stab wounds. >> what happened inside the home of ashlee martinson? pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, ... kicked off a lot of high school games... ... built a life for my family... ... and liked to help others in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening for people with sensitivity in this way. >> chris: the btk killer. >> bind, torture, sexually perverted. and he was a serial killer. >> chris: known for reenacting the final moments of his victims. >> taking pictures of himself strangled in women's clothing. >> chris: no, the shocking murder claimed he sent to. tomorrow. >> chris: now, back to our special investigation into the vampchick murderers. here is ana garcia. >> reporter: from the outside,
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happened inside this house, only be described as horrific. shotgun on the bedroom floor. a blood soaked knife tangled hair. thomas and jennifer ayers brewed if we murdered in their own home. >> there was blood everywhere, there is brain matter scattered across the upstairs. >> is obvious from the scene that tre >> reporter: what was becoming even more obvious, who was responsible. >> where was ashlee? >> she was not there. >> reporter: jennifer's daughter and thomas' stepdaughter, 17-year-old ashlee martinson, was nowhere to be seen. on the run, it appeared, with the boy she had been seeing, 22-year-old ryan sisco. >> she became the number one suspect because she couldn't be located anywhere.
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find our ashlee's three younger sisters still huddled inside the house. according to the girls, after one of them saw ashlee stabbing their mother, ashlee puts them all in their room with food and juice and then, try to keep them there. it was a full day before the oldest sister finally called 911. >> what are those three little children doing in the house with two dead people? >> at one point, they got up and walked around the house, walked up to their back into the room and slept into that room until the next morning. >> reporter: what do you make of their behavior? >> i think they were afraid. they were afraid that ashlee was still in the house. >> reporter: but as the lisa soon learn, ashlee left shortly after the killings, hiding out with ryan and her friend, jonathan rasmussen's house, just a mouth mile down the road. john does remember seeing deep cuts on ashlee's hand and leg
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how she got them. >> it's all over facebook that actually killed her parents. >> it was like somebody popped a balloon and i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: what he did know was where ashlee might be going and before long, authorities did, too. >> ashlee and her friend, ryan sisco, took thomas' truck and they left driving down towards tennessee. >> reporter: what was their plan? >> they were going to say with an aunt in tennessee and more or less start a new life. >> reporter: they made it as far as indiana. >> rolled on the driving window. >> reporter: with guns drawn...
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accomplice down without incident. but they don't necessarily find the faces of evil they were expecting. >> you know what all of this is in reference to? got any idea? >> the murder? >> what? >> what you guys are calling the murder? >> yeah. >> i think him at first, when we got there, we thought it was this teen girl that had this older boyfriend and she wanted to run off and so, she killed her parents. but when you pull back all the layers, there is a lot underneath it, that none of us know about until we dug further into it. >> you might ashlee's mom before? >> i haven't met her step dad or her mom. >> they are both dead.
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that ryan sisco had absolutely no knowledge of the crime until they were in the state of indiana. >> [unintelligible] >> reporter: so, had ryan been completely duped in becoming an accomplice to a double homicide? and what had ashlee's motives than in the first place? >> we didn't have any other idea who ashlee martinson was. all we had was walking into her bedroom, looking at her walls, looking at what was on the internet. >> reporter: like the dark blog she wrote under the pen name vampchick. welcome to nightmare, her homepage began. if you are ready, i will paint the streets red just for you. >> it seems really chilling when you read this after the murders. >> yes. >> and that is what we looked at for the first few days trying to figure out what was going on.
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vampchick and all the crazy writings that she had done in this really dark story that was all around her. that is who we thought she was. >> reporter: but as investigators started digging deeper into ashlee's home life, black and white conclusions began, especially, when it came to her step dad, thomas. >> reporter: what kind of a man was thomas ayers? that he was a convicted felon for incidents involving domestic violence. >> reporter: and other things? >> and other things, yes. >> reporter: thinks a criminal mischief, kidnapping, even sexual assault. a list of offenses going back years. so, he wasn't supposed to have any firearms in the house? >> correct. >> reporter: did you find some? >> they found several firearms at the house. >> reporter: even inches away from the kids crayons. and ashlee's sisters had even
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hard or soft? >> hard. >> there had been abuse going on in the home, even abuse to the mothe, abuse to animals at the hands of thomas. >> my dad throws them around. >> they talk specifically about a dog that was irritating thomas and he eventually killed the dog. >> my dad told me that he shot him. and he sent >> reporter: then, what he had allegedly done to the children themselves. >> he choked me one time. he grabbed my neck. he choked me and i started turning different colors. >> reporter: a reason to run, to get help, but to kill? and if it wasn't some sort of revenge killing, then what about the other victim? almost unrecognizable through obligor. ashlee's own mother. >> there is an overwhelming amount of stab wounds all over
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there are stab wounds all over. >> reporter: it was clear that the only way detectives would be able to get the answers they needed would be to ask ashlee herself. and what she had to say would make everyone second-guess what they thought they knew. >> i didn't kill her. >> reporter: coming up... >> she said that her mom shot
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>> reporter: her drawings were dark. her blog, nightmare, even darker. but it was 17-year-old ashlee martinson stood accused of that set the most. killing her own mother and stepfather. >> the father was lying in the hallway, up against a closet door, and just outside of a bedroom. jennifer ayers was on the stairs with multiple puncture wounds to her body. >> reporter: but when police are started talking to ashlee herself, she said they had it all wrong. >> what happened between you and your dad upstairs?
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i did not kill him. >> reporter: and a shock to investigators, ashlee immediately denies having anything to do with the two shotgun blasts that ended thomas ayres life. she would never. >> it was the closest thing i head to a data. >> reporter: so, if she had no reason to kill thomas, who did? >> my dad -- my mom had to been getting along with him for a while. >> what did she say? >> she told >> reporter: so, did ashlee's mom finally find that play out? the most dead and way possible? >> she said that her mom shot her step dad. >> reporter: after that, ashlee says she ran upstairs to find her mom standing over her stepfather's body, shotgun in hand. >> and then what? >> that's when i try to take the gun out of her hand.
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asking her what she did. that's when she started yelling and blaming me. >> what it she say? >> it was my fault. this it was my fault. >> reporter: from there, according to ashlee, it was a fight for survival with the woman who gave her life. >> she grabbed the knife that was on the shelf and she came after me with it. >> and then you fought and you stabbed >> she tried to kill me. >> she was trying to kill you? >> yes. >> reporter: if ashlee was to be believed, she just got caught up in a tragic series of events that her mother initiated. but there were a few little holes in that theory. >> she forgot that they were still three witnesses within the house. >> ashlee's three younger sisters, the ones she tried to
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story. one that started with those first two gunshots. >> your mom was not upstairs when thomas died. >> yes, she was. >> no, she wasn't. your sisters were with your mom and they've they remember. what was that? >> [unintelligible] >> reporter: without going so lawyers, ashlee continued to deny shooting thomas. but still, if she still just really kill her mother in self-defense, why were there so many stab wounds? >> this is what i know.
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52 times. how come you didn't run? two would have been enough. he could have gotten away. why 52? >> i don't know. >> 52 times isn't i'm afraid that i'm going to die. 52 times in, i know you are going to die. >> reporter: a forensic pathologist would later revise overkill, either way. but why? >> she had reported that she been sexually assaulted. >> reporter: by whom? >> one of her mother's boyfriends. this is one of a boyfriend that was from when she was younger, like nine. >> reporter: according to records, the boyfriend assaulted ashlee in his car while a neighbor watched with >> every man that her mother chose turned around and abused ashlee in the
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ashlee or her mother and i think that when all of those emotions came out, that's how we ended up with such a horrendous attack on her mother. >> reporter: officers continue talking to ashlee for hours, but it's still not until days later that ashlee finally decides to tell the whole truth, that it really was she who killed both her parents. >> trying to get away from there. but she had gotten into this relationship with ryan and her parents had found out about it, and it just started this hole, horrible events. >> reporter: while no one was looking, ashlee retrieved one of the many loaded guns lying around the house and made a fateful decision. so, not necessarily the one everyone was thinking. >> her statement is that she was
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then, comes back in, and he went upstairs and started banging on the door. >> reporter: then, according to ashlee, to cement split second, after which she claimed was a lifetime of trauma, that she finally snapped. >> either she opened the door or he open the door, but the door was open when he was shot. two times. >> reporter: in the neck and the head? >> on the side of the head. >> reporter: the horror continued. >> then, her mother comes up stairs, and there were some, to be my kind of incident between the two of them at which point, ashlee gets control of a knife, and stabs her mother between 30 and 40 times. >> reporter: it was a complete tragedy from almost any angle. in one of the most dramatic moments of her interview, the full weight of it all seems to
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? ? [sobbing] [sobbing] >> you have to let it go. full minutes, ashlee continues to sob. >> in this case, ashlee's book the -- is both the victim and the killer. >> yes. >> reporter: then, investigators find something that made them question everything once again. >> there is some indication in a facebook post where she talks about thomas and that she should
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>> reporter: coming up, just house per of the moment were those attacks after all? >> it is one of the most
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>> chris: the btk killer. >> bind, torture, and kill. sexually perverted. and he was a serial killer. >> chris: known for reenacting the final moments of his victims. >> taking pictures of himself strangled in women's clothing. >> chris: no, the shocking murder tomorrow. >> chris: teenager ashlee martinson can't stop crying as she hugs a detective during her police interrogation. if the dramatic ending to a tragic story that started a few weeks earlier at her wisconsin home. ana garcia is back now with more. >> reporter: chris, just after her 17th birthday, ashlee martinson decided to take her own life and then, and a
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but was it really so split-second after all? >> there is some facebook posts that ashlee had posted the day before between herself and ryan sisco, where she talks about thomas, and that she should just take a gun and shoot him. >> reporter: specifically, she wrote, "i want to kill him so [bleep] bad, just take one of his guns and blow his [bleep] brains out." one day later, that is exactly what does that make this premeditated? >> in my mind, guess. she had thought about it and then, carry through with the act. >> reporter: but the full context of the message may tell a slightly different story. sent him a morning of what should have been a special day, ashlee's 17th the 17th birth. it began. "i woke up this morning to my step dad beating my mom.


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