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tv   WIS News 10 700 Report  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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standard data rates may apply. it's one down and one to go for palmetto state voters. in less than a week, the state's democrats will go to the polls for their south carolina primary and there's a major gap between despite focusing his attention the pato state- with multiple campaign stops around the state in the past week- including one this morning in sumter- vermont senator bernie sanders has so far been
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himself and fellow democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. in fact- tt recerecent polls indicate little change in the polls within the past week. each poll released has clinton sitting somewhere between 22 and 28 points ahead of the bern- despite sanders' campaign stops at prayer breakfasts and pee dee communities- areas where clinton has strong support. clinton lost south carolina in 2008 to barack obama- and her campaign this year has been active in the state for nearly a whole year, growing grassroots support. the clinton campaign presence is so strong- in fact- that some palmetto state political analysts predict a loss to clinton here could be devastating to the sanders camp. "she will beat him by lots of touchdowns in south carolina and it will be because of her long standing and tight connections with african american voters. and it will show the weakness that lots of people have always said was bernie's weakness, that he didnt' have those connections." the gap is large between sanders and clinton in south carolina- but sanders and clinton are neck and neck in other upcoming
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the most recent polls out of massachusetts have the two neck and neck- at 46% each- while polls out of michigan give hillary clinton a seven point lead. ww wis news 10 recent polls show hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders expanding in south carolina. but sanders has gained some ground, especially among younger voters. meaghan norman has more. dawndy, hillary clinton does have a significant double-digit lead over bernie sanders. and clinton does have some more momentum coming off a win in nevada. but bernie sanders is still a popular choice among many young voters. i spoke with a state lawmaker and congresswoman maxine waters of california, who is campaigning for hillary -- how the two candidates would stack up against the winner of south carolina's republican primary - donald trump. "bernie sanders may be bold and he may be ambitious in his visions for this country but bernie sanders is not crazy. bernie sanders is the
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won't have any problem beating any republican whether it's donald trump or anyone else." "hillary clinton will clean his clock. she knows way more than he knows. as a matter of fact, someone described him as being inches deep in public policy. he has not really been tested, they have not drilled down on him when he makes these grandious claims. he's braggadocious. he makes all these claims: he's the best, he has the most money and he's going to make america great again. somebody needs to say what does that mean and how are you going to do it." before a democratic candidate possibly faces trump, they'll have to get first get through south carolina. a recent nbc--wall street journal--marist poll shows clinton with a 20 point lead over sanders in our state. if you're casting your vote this saturday, keep in mind there are five forms of photo id that are
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but what if you don't have a photo i.d? billie jean shaw has a look. judi and charles, a spokesman for the state elections commission says those who do not have a photo id can vote by casting a provisional ballot. once at your polling place, you will be asked to provide your voter registration card. here is a sample of how it looks, you received this card when you register to vote. next, you'll fill out this affidavit giving a valid reason on why you were unable to get a photo id. there are several reasons on the form including an illness, lack of transportation and family responsibilities. from there, county elections will approve your vote. "that ballot's gonna count unless someone can prove that you were lying on your affidavit meaning i'm lying about who i say am, that's what you're signing on that affidavit. i'm chris whitemire, if somebody comes forward and proves that i'm not who i say i was, that's the only way it's going to count. in the history of photo id that's never happened."
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id but may accidentally leave it behind saturday, whitemire says you too will have to vote using a provisional ballot. however, you will have to show your photo id to the election commission before they certify the election which is usually the following thursday after the primary. in the newsroom, bjs, wis news 10. hillary clinton has some mothers on her side with high profile tragic stories to tell in sumter today they spoke for her presidential campaign at mount zion missionary baptist church they included the moms of trayvon martin who was shot and killed in a controversial fight with a florida neighborhood watchman, sandra bland, who hanged herself in a texas jail, eric garner, who died after he fought with police as he was being arrested in new york, and dontre hamilton, a mental patient who was shot in a violent fight with police in milwaukee. the mothers say clinton is the only candidate who listened and talked with them about their concerns with gun violence, racial profiling and social justice.
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do for you? how can i help?' and she really listened. she was taking notes. we all sat around the table with her and she sat back there turned that half and hour meeting into two hours because she was going to sit there and listen to every one of our stories and take heed and see what she can do for us." the women are speaking across the state as part of clinton's 'breaking down barriers' forum. as we head for south carolina's primary, you still have time to vote if you want to receive an absentee ballot by mail you must turn in your application by tomorrow. you can vote in person at your county voter registration office until 5 p-m on friday. campaign money is still flowing into the midlands as we sit smack dab between the e two "first in the south" primaries. allie spillyards is tracking
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republican presidential candidates set a new record for campaign spending here in the midlands ahead of last saturday's primary -- but it's a very different picture today looking ahead to this saturday's democratic primary. republicans and the political action committees supporting them spent an estimated 2 million dollars for tv spots in this market alone for the six candidates. this week -- their democratic counterparts ... spent 280-thousand for two candidates. and interesting to note... while pac money accounted for nearly 3 quarters of republican spending, it's different on the left. here both candidates have relied on their own resources... with clinton nearly doubling sanders since the start of the year. tomorrow, cnn will host the democrats in a town hall in columbia. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will answer questions from south carolina voters. the town hall will be held in the auditorium of usc's law school on main street. doors open at 6, the event
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then, next tuesday 12 states will hold primaries on "super tuesday." after that, the delegate count could could determine the nomination in both parties. cnn is also hosting the last gop debate before super tuesday. the debate will be thursday at 8:30 from houston, texas. stay with wis as we follow the democratic candidates on the road to the south carolina primary. visit our website, wis-tv dot com, for complete coverage of decision 2016. investigators are scouring the video after a weekend shooting incident in a midlands mall. up next: will it tell them anything helpful at all? plus -- a historic school in columbia is looking back ona historic time of achievement. break 1 with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia.
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frontrunner, donald trump this- after the candidate he backed, jeb bush - dropped out following a d dappointing showing in saturday's south carolina republican primary. now, graham urging leading presidential candidates to unite in catching up to donald trump. graham has said that a trump presidency would change the party for the worse. in an interview he said, quote: "rubio-kasich, kasich- rubio i think those combinations, if they could consolidate and come together, would be a very potent ticket in the fall and maybe help us stop trump." he even threw out the idea of a potential "rubio- kasich-cruz" alliance as well. columbia police are still scouring surveillance video for
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shooting in the columbiana center mall they did find some bb guns in a book bag found in some nearby woods. at this point they are working to figure out if there is a connection. witnesses tell police they saw two black males armed with handguns, however they can't confirm seeing the suspects fire. also, no shell casings have been found. no toss
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hillary clinton: wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's racism holding people back... big financial interests, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies...
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that's what i want to take on. to root out all of these barriers... and together we will make progress.
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makes steps toward healing after making national headlines. they're asking for you to give them a hand.
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black history month with a special salute to its own contribution. today, midlands tech held a special ceremony honoring the contributions of its harbison campus which operated from the 19th century until 1979 as "harbison junior college" and the harbison institute. "they mentioned the guys
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pride and going to class. and comparing that to today how the students dress and go to class. there was just a pride about their education. i guess you could say it was a different day. a different day. graduates from harbison got to ring the bell to conclude today's ceremonies. a group of concerned residents are meeting with dhec officials to discuss a controversial sewer project tonight. officials say the lower richland sewer project - which would bring sewer service to areas where many homes still rely on septic tanks - is needed to fix environmental issues. but, the hopkins and lower richland citizens united group says the study that cites the environmental issues is outdated. they're also worried about the cost. "if they want to try to divide their property, their acreage and give it to their children as we always do in our community, those kids will have to tap on. because once those lines go down, any new
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needs a permit, including the existing house that you're in will require you to tap on." meanwhile, advocates of the project say the septic systems in the county are outdated and inefficient. critics say they'll keep
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for much of the last decade,gamecocks have struggled for much of the last decade,gamecocks have struggled to put together a winning record. this season carolina is in contention for the sec championship. joe gorchow has more on carolina's pursuit of the title. the gamecocks enter unfamiliar territory this late in the season... with a chance to win the sec title. carolina's second in the league standings with four games to go. martin: "this time of year for the last couple of years we've been in survival mode. new animal for us. next step as a program." notice: "we still have the dream and the goal to obtain... winning the sec." a dream that was almost derailed last week... after losing to the sec bottom
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martin: "i was worried about our team. i really was. i thought we were fragile." following the loss to the tigers... usc bounced back against the florida gators saturday to win 73-69 in overtime. a huge victory for the team moving forward. martin: "gives us a confidence to go out there and finish the season strong." the excitement from beating florida only grew once usc learned sec leaders kentucky and lsu both lost. notice: "seeing those top teams lose definitley gives us motivation. right after the game we all sent out a mass text in our group chat and spoke about we can really do this. we screened shot a picture of the standings... we spoke about it... we have to have a great week of practice and film." coach martin loves how his players embrace the chase to be champs. martin: "i want guys that don't run away from things. to do what that text message said is hard. that's extremely hard, but it's doable." starts with a win against tennessee at home wednesday night.
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former new england patriots receiver troy brown and usc's all time leading basketball scorer highlight the 2016 class of the south carolina athletic hall of fame. brown...a barnwell native....played his entire 15 year nfl career with the patriots....he helped them win three super bowl rings. b.j. mckie first starred at irmo high school before moving on to usc. he finished his career with two thousand, 119 career points...the most in program history. here's a look at the entire 2016 class.....brown....forme r basketball star greg buckner...former usc hoops standout art whisnant and mckie. flint rhem was a major league pitcher in the 1920's and 30's. martha parker hester, usc basketball, former wofford football coach buddy sasser....and former citadel baseball standout richard wieters.
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tonight, new kardashian backlash. ffnd out why kris jenner was booed in front of thousandnd >> and kanye breaks up a violent paparazzi brawl. >> wait unti see the crazy way he broke up the fight.
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kim and kanye's baby boy. what camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene. >> a really star's plastic surge with the "e.t" cameras rolling. plus our weekend with k cuoco and she tells us how she gets that sick butt. >> and billy idol, rick springfield, boy gorge, wear backstage for a fully '80s flash back. >> what do you have to have in your dressing room? >> quite few things in the old days. now f february 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." kris jenner gets booed loudly on well, the first photo of her grandson st. wes having everybody going


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