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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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first at 11 -- the united states supreme court flag flies half staff in honor of chief justice antonin scalia. officials says he died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in south texas. he was 79 years old. outside the u-s supreme court ... a flag at half-staff, flowers and candles marking the passing of justice antonin scalia. "tonight, we honor his extraordinary service to our nation, and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time." justice scalia was 79 - the longest- serving justice on the current court - but still his death at a texas ranch came without warning. and it came in the middle of landmark court calendar - with nothing less than the boundaries of presidential power under review. his passing sets the stage for a political battle royale over his successor - and the supreme court's balance of power. on a polarized bench ... he was as well known
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fiery dissents - the cornerstone of a conservative wing that influenced the law of the land on issues ranging from affirmative action and abortion . to gun ownership and free speech - not to mention obamacare. but he was a firm proponent of the letter of the law - not the intent of the founding fathers. "i, antonin scalia do solemnly swear... " the nation's first italian-american justice was appointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan ... he was known as an unapologetic - but fair conservative. "i am not going onto the court with a list of things i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge." and he was confirmed unanimously - 98-to- zero by the senate - an unlikely scenario for his successor. president obama said he will choose a nominee ... but leaders of the republican controlled senate have already made it clear they want to hold off on considering anyone until the next president is seated. south carolina attorney general alan wilson expressed his condolences on
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passing saying in part, "justice scalia was a hero and patriot. hopefully, those who follow in his footsteps share his reverence for the constitution, the rule of law, and our republic." and the sudden news of justice scalia's death is causing a stir in tonight's republican debate in greenville. we go live to will whitson with a look at how this supreme court vacancy is playing a role on the campaign trail. it all comes down to appointments- and whether or not the republican controlled senate would actually confirm any appointee from president obama. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate should wait on a new president to make an appointment. senator lindsey graham republicans should wait until the next president to go through the confirmation process- and there is a strong possibility that one of the six men on the debate stage tonight could be that president. but the question of which of
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candidate- is not one south carolina lawmakers can agree on. south carolina "if anybody stood out, it would be ted cruz. he's actually argued cases before the supreme court. from a standpoint of legal background, i suspect he's got the most legs to stand on in having a perspective." south carolina "everybody running with the exception of donald trump i am confident can select a supreme court justice that i could vote for. here's the problem: i don't think donald trump or ted cruz can win an election. i don't think ted cruz has a snowball's chance in hell of getting 270 justice scalia's death set the pace for tonight's debate- but it wasn't the only topic. charles molineaux has a look at tonight's events.
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"ii gotta tell you this is just caazy, this is just nuts" the fur, and the accusations flew when the war in iraq turned into a war of insults that donald trump givet what started as a debate file 5 00:02:35 "he's had the gaul the world primary just around the corner, democratic frontrunner in this state is looking for a last push to sway young voters her way. hillary clinton got some from her husband and former president, bill. clinton spoke to nearly 2- thousand students at francis marion university in florence. his visit comes as hillary's staff prepare for a close race against bernie sanders in the states upcoming primary. wis is following the presidential candidates as they make their rounds through the palmetto state. for more on our decision 2016 coverage visit our website time now for a check of the forecast. possible freezing rain and a
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meteorologist von gaskin has been keeping a close eye on the winter system and has the details from the first alert weather center. stay with wis for the latest weather updates by downloading the wisweatherapp. it's free; just search wis in your app store.
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standard data rates may apply. file 5 00:03:08 "ii gotta tell you this is just caazy, this is just nuts" the fur, and the accusations flew when the war in iraq turned into a war of insults between jeb bush and donald trump. file 5 00:02:09 "i could care less about the
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trump givet to me its blood spport to hm. i'm sick and tired of him going oafter my family my dad is the greatets man alive in my mind." what started as a debate over how best to fight isis. trump set off, and confronted boos from the audience with is references to september 11th. file 5 00:02:35 "he's had the gaul the world trade center came down " john kasich kept up his calls for calm and unity as he and jeb bush butted heads well as the specifics of their for families with children. supreme court justice antonin trump "i think he's going to appoint not move foreward and we ought stay with us -- von gaskin has your full forecast after the break. plus - remembering the emanuel 9. stay with us -- von gaskin has your full forecast after the break.
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grief set to music. it was a big night for the
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the district hosted its annual hall of fame gala. the event is held to honor the best and brightest alumni from richland one schools -- who have made significant contributions to the district, their professions and society. wis's own meaghan norman was the host for tonight's awards. in all six graduates of richland one joined the hall of fame tonight.
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go to benefit the district's academic all stars -- as well as support grants for teachers. the victims of last summer's heartbreaking mass shooting in charleston were remembered tonight. pause 3 secs for nats the sound of music filled the koger center on u-s- c's campus. the palmetto concert band unveiled a selection of songs titled "there are no words." the works were composed by james stephenson to remember the lives of the emanuel 9. 'there are no words' is performed as a single movement --- meant to symbolize the grief and shock that can follow tragic events like mass shootings. the concert band will perform it again in charleston next saturday. the capital city will be approaching an infamous anniversary next week. pause for 3 secs on cannon
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re-enactors shot cannons in west columbia today to recreate the firing on columbia. this wednesday marks 151 years since much of the city was burned to close out the civil war. the attack on the city was launched by union major general william t. sherman --- although accounts vary on which side actually started the fire. the event was put together by the lt. general wade hampton camp of the sons of confederate veterans. it's certainly not ideal weather for swimming but that didn't
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dip today for a good cause. there was a good turnout for the annual "polar plunge" at lake murray. the event is in its fourth year and is part of the "law enforcement torch run" to benefit special olympics south carolina. all of the money raised through pledges will go directly to activities for special olympics athletes. coming up in sports... clemson hoops gets back on the winning track. plus... big blue... left carolina bruised and battered after its showdown in columbia. highlights and post game reaction next. message received. today...
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thrashed caro she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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first place in the sec on the line. as usc head coach frank martin said afterwards... his group was thrown around like little rag dolls. the wildcats showing no mercy in columbia. less than three minutes into the game... kentucky head coach john calipari lost his cool. he was upset about something... barking at the officials... had to be restrained and then was ejected from the game. same thing happend to him in 2014 in columbia. coach cal... can't stay on the bench in the cla apparently. === to the game... sindarius thornwell on the drive... finsihes around the rim. === moments later... michael carrera spots up from three. drains it. team high 25. usc up 8-7.
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wildcats.... dished out 12 dimes. this one finds isaiah briscoe for two. ulis... stays in attack mode. keeps it himself here... goes off glass and in. he dropped a career high 27. === p-j dozier answers in transition. strolls up the floor... pops a shot and sinks it. carolina trails 19-16. === then it gets out of hand fast. dozier turns it over... jamal murray scoops the ball up and slams it. === kentucky pulling away... marcus lee rocks the rim. wildcats up 15 at the break. === pouring it on in the second half... ulis... tosses the ball off the back board... for lee to finish. coach martin needs a time out to digest what's happening. === only gets worse... duane notice thinks he has a steal... ulis has other plans for the ball... and it's headed lee's way. alley-oop...
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89- 62 by kentucky. usc understandably disappointed after this one. martin: "i think they have been the best team in this conference, and they knew first place was at stake today. they came in here to prove a point. we didn't do a good job of matching the energy, toughness, the discipline you have to be able to be in first place this time of year." carrera: "i think we just had a bad game. we just didn't prepare well for kentucky." martin: "show up to school tomorrow with a big black eye. that's happened to me as a kid get punched in the face... but everyone knows your willing to fight for what's yours though. we'll walk proudly with two big black eyes around school and will line up tuesday and play." clemson in search of a better result at home today. the tigers need a good one... considering their in a bit of a funk. clemson's lost three of its last four... as they face the yellowjackets. irmo native jordan roper ready to
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we pick it up in the second half.. roper rolls off a ball screen and heads to the paint... and puts two off glass. he finishes with 15. === tigers defense clamps down on the yellowjackets. they force a steal... avery holmes flies the other way... and finishes with the up and under. tigers up four. under eight to play. === another steal... this time roper catches up to the ball... misses on the other end... donte grantham on clean up patrol to tip home two. clemson leads by six. === tigers pull away late... holmes... weaves his way thru traffic... and scoops in two more. tigers pick up a much needed win 66-52 over georgia tech. meanwhile... s-c state entered today with a share of first place in the meac. bulldogs unable to remain there... meac... 14-12 overall. that's all for this edition of the news at eleven. remember, you can get breaking news first on w-
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have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> we're all still voting for her, right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> sure. >> cool, cool, cool, me too. except i think i'm voting for bernie. >> me too. >> you are? >> so am i. >> hillary has every single thing i want in a president, but she's no bernie.


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