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as rush hour begins for afternoon commuters, some rain continues to fall in parts of the m mlands. this was the scene off and on today. let's go right to meteorologist ben tanner for what's ahead this evening. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and rain through late afternoon, highs near 50 rain chance 90% tonight, clearing skies, lows middle to upper 30s friday sunday. mostly sunny and warmer. highs lower 60s to upper 60s by sunday. lows in the lower to middle 40s you can get weather updates in the midlands by downloading the wis tv weather app. you can find it in your app
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you can get weather updates in the midlands by downloading the wis tv weather app. you can find it in your app store. and it's free! westwood high school in blythewood was back on schedule after a suspicious odor disrupted the school day. the richland two school district says the main part of the building was evacuated and students stayed in the gym as crews worked the scene. two hours later, the school was given an all- clear. the source of the smell has not been determined. the 2016 presidential candidate who will "not" be at tonight's republican debate is still the hottest name in the race. a new nbc-wall street journal-marist poll puts donald trump way aheaeaof ted
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state. trump now has the support of 36 percent of gop voters. he's also ahead of cruz in iowa heading into monday's caucus. among the democrats former secretary of state hillary clinton dominates the poll of likely primary voters at 64-percent. with challenger bernie sanders coming in at 27- percent. donald trump already had that double-digit lead here in south carolina when he picked up a high profile endorsement at last night's rally in gilbert. and today, that new support from the state's lieutenant governor has republicans and political observers doing a double- take. jack kuenzie has talked with several of them and joins us now with more on the story. judi and dawndy---some but not all of the gop figures i spoke to today did not see this one coming. henry mcmaster----former u-s attorney, former state republican chairman, former candidate for governor and now presiding over the senate----throwing his support
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the announcement caught them by surprise because mcmaster is perceived by many to be exactly the kind of party member targeted time and again by trump and his backers. republican and one of the the trump wing blames for caving in to democrats and being too weak to advance a truly conservative agenda. midlands political consultant joel sawyer ran the campaign here for former utah governor jon huntsman back in 2012. he was seen as a more centrist candidate and mcmaster supported huntsman. it was a surprise to all of us who observe south carolina politics. you know there's kind of been this struggle set up in the republican nominating process of you know the quote, unquote establishment versus the quote, unquote outsiders. you know henry would fall into that former group. he's been an officeholder for a long time. he was a former chairman of the gop. and for someone who's been that involved in politics at a high level in south carolina for so by it. as we said, not everyone was
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senate majority leader harvey peeler told me he'd been seeing indications mcmaster was considering joining the trump camp. richland senator john courson says he was not terribly surprised and sees some parallels between trump's growing acceptance in some republican circles---and what happened with ronald reagan, somebody courson says also tapped into unrest within the gop with his first campaign for the white house. jack kuenzie wis news ten. trump will not be making an appearance on the main stage tonight for the fox gop debate. and senator ted cruz is calling him out. "apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very very scary. and you know donald is a fragile soul. she might ask a mean question and who knows what could happen. his hair could stand on end." we'll have more details on what to expect in tonight's debate in
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inside the state house- lawmakers from both the house and senate met this morning to learn about the state of nuclear energy in south carolina. and they heard about just how extensive nuclear power is in the state. will whitson was there. lawmakers from each district with a connection to nuclear energy heard just how many jobs, investments, and projects groups like scana, duke energy and fluor provide in the palmetto state each year. there are five nuclear sites total in south carolina- stretching from the h b robinson nuclear plant in the pee dee- to the savannah river site on the other side of the state in aiken county. terry michalske- the savannah river site national laboratory's director informed lawmakers on the role the site and other south carolina nuclear sites play in foreign policy and national defense- saying when the ground shakes in north korea, he gets the phone call. "we operate the world's only crime laboratory that can handle radiological
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it's a 20 year partnership with the fbi. we actually house an fbi laboratory. you probably didn't know that." lawmakers expressed their support for nuclear energy- but they didn't bring up some issues like the mox plant- a federal energy project that has been constantly delayed at energy project that has been constantly delayed at savannah river- a project which governor haley has threatened legal action over for the delay. ww, wis news 10 30 years ago today the nation was captivated watching the launch of the space shuttle challenger. just 73 seconds after launch the unthinkable happened. the year-long investigations that followed revealed cold weather, combined with a design flaw, caused parts of the shuttle to break apart and ultimately explode leaving the nation in shock. - lieutenant colonel, usaf - 46 years old
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-ellison s. onizuka -lieutenant colonel, usaf -research engineer -39 years old first asian american to reach space - christa mcauliffe -37 years old teacher from nh, chosen from a pool of 11,000 applicants to participate in the teacher in space project. -gregory jarvis -captain, usaf -engineer -41 years old payload specialist -judith resnik -engineer -36 years old second american female astronaut logging 145 hours in orbit michael j. smith -c-cptain, usn -40 years old d -pilot -ronald mcnair -physicist -lake city, sc -35 years old second african american to reach outer space a number of schools around the
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here in south carolina have been named after mcnair. coming up at 5:30pm we'll visit ronald mcnair middle school in his hometown to see how students are honoring this pioneer. we'll also chat with jack kuenzie -- who just happened be nearby when the space shuttle exploded. in newberry, three accused drug dealers are making their bid to get out of jail. raheem jackson, telly jones and jermetres kirkland are scheduled to have a bond hearing today. the three were arrested yesterday. police seized crack cocaine, marijuana and several guns - and more people could be arrested. we'll give you update on the bond hearing once we get that info. the south carolina senate today gave a thumbs-up to christy hall being the head of the south carolina department of transportation. senators unanimously approved governor nikki haley's appointment of hall. hall has been interim director since last
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lawmakers for her handling of the october flood. she has spent more than two decades with the agency, most recently as chief engineer. coming up on wis-- candidates in the gop debate are looking to step up their game without the biggest contender...donald trump. what you can expect from tonight's debate. break in the race for the white house,
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on live tv, a gop debate minus frontrunner donald trump. and sure to be heavily covered on tv - a separate trump event. steve handelsman reports from iowa. 12-24 27-34 1:06-09 l/des moines, ia :00 - :03 on debate day in iowa, a big question: will donald trump dropping out hurt or help him? at java joe's coffee shop in des moines donnie whitman said he's more eager now to back trump "he's his own person. i like that because he hasnt even spent any money on his campaign! so you're gonna caucus for him monday night whether he debates tonight t not? oh you bet! you bet!" republican cory miller, is not happy trump dropped out "goes on with just everything else we've seen that
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the people as i'd like him to trump last night rejected fox anchor bill o'reilly's plea. o'reilly: you are depriving the people of seeing you in a forum they need to see you in trump: no i'm not - we're going to help a lot of veterans trump plans an event at drake university at the same time as the debate, a few miles away, where, with trump absent, ted cruz will be center stage. but, the former iowa frontrunner wants to debate trump, tonight or separately saturday "it's not that he's afraid of me. he's afraid of you - " or trump has made a crafty move "voters get to see just him on the stage he doesnt have to sustain any incoming." and in today's nbc news, wall st journal, marist poll, trump has widened his lead in iowa with 4 days 'til the vote. audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, des moines iowa senator bernie sanders wants voters to know he's in goodod
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today, sanders' campaign will release his medical records. his campaign manager says the records will show sanders is in good health. the move is mostly custom -- but voters may find it especially important for sanders, who will be 75 years old on inauguration day. if he wins the presidency, he would become the oldest president ever elected. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and rain through late afternoon, highs near 50 rain chance 90%
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mostly cloudy with periods of showers and rain through late afternoon, highs near 50 rain chance 90% tonight, clearing skies, lows
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friday sunday. mostly sunny and warmer. highs lower 60s to upper 60s by sunday. lows in the lower to middle 40s coming up on wis---health
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concerned about a virus which is spreading explosively. more on whether the zika virus should be declared an
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more than two dozen people in eleven states and washington d-c have tested positive for the zika virus. all of them had recently traveled to countries in the middle of the outbreak. erika edwards has the latest. :32 experts say the zika virus is "spreading explosively" in latin america... predicting as
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next year. evidence is strong zika could be causing pregnant women to miscarry or deliver babies with abnormally small brains. that's lead the centers for disease control to warn pregnant women against traveling to countries and parts of the caribbean... where mosquitoes are spreading zika. "it is likely that earlier in pregnancy - the first and second trimester - may be more risky. but we don't really have all the information right now." zika is mild in most people... sometimes causing headache, a rash, joint pain or red eyes. about 80% of those who get the virus won't have symptoms... making it difficult to tell whether a pregant woman has been infected. at least 31 people in the u-s who'd traveled overseas have been diagnosed.. including an expectant mom in new york city. "yesterday we were informed of a laboratory confirmed case of pregnant woman who had traveled to an area with ongoing zika transmission." the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases is poised to start very
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vaccine this year. "that doesn't mean we have a vaccine ready.. that's going to take years... but starting on the vaccine trial will be an accelerated process based on our prior experience with vaccines against similar viruses like west nile." for now -- avoiding mosquitoes is the best way to avoid zika. doctors say several insect repellants -- including those with deet -- are considered safe for pregnant women. "the world health organization will meet on monday to decide whether the zika outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. erika edwards, nbc news" the president has signed a presidential memorandum today to create a white house task force that will try to find a cure for cancer. vice president joe biden, who lost his son beau to cancer, will lead the panel. the president pledged in his final state of the union address to initiate a government-wide push. the vice president plans to get private and public resources to fight cancer.
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first time on monday. the texas teenager, known as the "affluenza teen" is back in u.s. soil. ethan couch, who had been in mexico with his mother tonya when he was caught last month, officially dropped his appeal against deportation on wednesday. the two were found in mexico last month, weeks after a warrant was issued for ethan's arrest on a possible probation violation. he was sentenced to probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. a georgia high school is under fire for its raffle giveaway. the wrestling team's booster club is raffling a glock 43 single stack 9mm pistol. the winner must be at least 21 years-old and pass a federal and state background check. despite complaints by some community members, the school district says it's not responsible because they are not conducting a fundraiser. serena williams is one win from another grand
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the american tennis star beat agnieszka radwanska in straight sets in her semifinal match at the australian open. they're ranked number 1 and 3 in the world respectively. if williams wins saturday's final against no. 7-seeded angelique kerber, she'll equal steffi graf's 22 grand slam singles titles -- a record in the open era, and the second-most in history behind margaret court's 24. we continue our coverage of the 30th anniversary of challenger with the story of this man -- ronald mcnair... his journey from south carolina to the space program... and how he's still inspiring people here today. break thanks for staying with us for
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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we are tracking showers that are still falling on parts of the midlands. bubu the end could be near. let's check in with meteorologist ben tanner. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and rain through late afternoon, highs near 50 rain chance 90% tonight, clearing skies, lows
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sunday. mostly sunny and warmer. highs lower 60s to upper 60s by sunday. lows in the lower to middle 40s you can get weather updates in the midlands by dowloading the wis tv weather app. you can find it in your app
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today marks the 30th anniversary of the challenger tragedy. nasa paid tribute to the crews of the challenger and other crews during the agency's day of remembrance in virginia. seven members of the challenger crew died on the morning of january 28, 1986, when a booster engine failed, causing the shuttle challenger to break apart just 73 seconds after launch. we continue our coverage of the 30th anniversary of challenger with the story of this man -- south carolina native ronald mcnair.... his journey from the palmetto state to the space program and how he's still inspiring people here today. children in lake city are remembering ronald mcnair who died thirty years ago
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member of the challenger which exploded during takeoff. mcnair came from humble beginnings as a young african american living in the segregated south, but went on to become a physicist at mit and the second african american to go to space.
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learning about the astronaut at a school that bears his name. "we can accomplish anything if we believe. like he accomplished his mission to go into space, i want to accomplish to be able to be a pediatrician. so i'm going to follow his steps and try to be successful." every year on this day the school holds a science fair and a guest speaker teaches how they also can achieve great things. what could the noise impact be from the new columbia fireflies stadium? the city of columbia released a study showing how sound will impact surrounding neighborhoods. we go now to our billie jean shaw who joins us live from the stadium with a breakdown on the report. conducted by a design company in texas, analysts used what they call a "sound plan computer model" to predict sound levels. in a nutshell, analysts say
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buildings would block most of the noise. the study shows those who live directly outside the stadium are predicted to hear about 75 to 80 decibels of noise. separate studies show that's equivalent to a noisy restaurant. for those who live to the west of bull street toward 277, sound levels are expected to be less than 50 decibels, that's equivalent to a passing car with low speed. ellen cooper who lives in the cottontown neighborhood says she disagrees with the results. "we can hear the benedict band from the football stadium on town notch and there are buildings and trees and all between here and there. we can hear the fireworks and concerts at finlay park and there's building and trees so that to me is just not a good reasoning." the study did not take crowd noise into consideration. analysts say future construction
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the results, they say most likely the noise levels will become lower once the stadium is built. the city also released a stadium light study today. for those who have questions about the studies, consultants will meet with the public is monday evening at 5:30 at the earlewood community center. in columbia, billie jean shaw, wis news 10. in the alert center... you could help catch a couple of burglars who took off with an atm by taking a look at surveillance pictures. they're from a sumpter gas station. between 1 and 5 yesterday morning, two men broke into the mayesville exxon on florence highway. they got in by breaking open the front door. they managed to steal an atm, along with watches and timberland brand boots. if you recognize the men in the pictures, call the sheriff's office. or crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. a meeting next week could decide the future of
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... bethune and mount pisgah elementary schools. one plan is to build a new school and put the two schools together --- or renovate one of the existing schools and put the two schools together. the meeting is tuesday night at 6 at mount pisgah. two years ago, voters rejected a plan to raise money for schools through bonds. inside the state house- charleston senator marlon kimpson- who has filed several bills on gun regluations and background checks in the wake of the charleston church shooting- called on his fellow lawmakers to participate in stand up sunday against gun violence. the senator took to the podium in the chamber thursday- saying he would be participating in the event, as well as emmanuel ame and several other churches- to talk about ending gun violence. kimpson gave a challenge to his fellow lawmakers who have called for bans on refugees- telling them to fix security issues inside the nation first. "i'm going to be standing with those folks. because those folks are on the side of
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taking away your second amendment. there are a ton of seminal cases- i've read 'em. seminal cases that recognize our ability constitutionally to do something about this public health crisis." state senator gerald malloy, and state representative beth bernstein have also filed legislation dealing with stricter gun regulations. coming up on wis--meteorologist ben tanner is tracking rain on the roads. and 92 men will suit up to play in super bowl 50. how many from south carolina? break a look now at your first alert
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through late afternoon, highs near 50 rain chance 90% tonight, clearing skies, lows middle to upper 30s friday sunday. mostly sunny and warmer. highs lower 60s to upper 60s by sunday. lows in the lower
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work continues on the super bowl stadium for next month's big game. here's a look at levi's stadium just outside san francisco. the n-f-l is turning the san francisco 49-ers home stadium into the place that will host the league's biggest sporting event. the carolina panthers and denver broncos take the field february seventh to determine who will be n-f-l champion. when the panthers and broncos take the field next sunday for super bowl 50 -- south carolina will proudly be represented. there are four players with ties to south carolina -- fullback mike tolbert and cornerback josh norman both played college ball at coastal carolina.
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wide receiver damiere byrd, who is on the panthers' practice squad, attended the university of south carolina. and finally darian stewart a safety for the broncos. he also attended the university of south carolina coming up on wis--a fiery rescue caught on camera! a police chief in kansas saves a
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man from a vehicle fire. he found a vehicle engulfed in flames and its owner lying just a few feet away near a campsite. the officers runs to the man and dragged him away from the fire. firefighters say ammunition inside the car was exploding as paramedics worked on the driver. "when you show up none of that stuff is really going through your mind you just see what's going on and you react to what you need to do at that time." the fire chief says without the police chief's
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have survived. he was treated for smoke inhalation. video has been released in mexico showing drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman arriving back in prison after he was re- captured earlier this month. the video shows guzman being fingerprinted, blood tested and photographed at the altiplano maximum security prison, which he escaped from last july. mexico's attorney general's office explains the investigation undertaken by authorities after guzman's escape. it also includes footage showing the moment guzman robbed a car and escaped with it. also caught on camera--some questionable player on player action in the nhl. calgary defenseman dennis wideman decides, for some reason, to cross-check linesman don henderson viciously into the boards. it happens right between the predators' and flames' benches...players from both sides look shocked at the
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henderson got up soon after, looking dazed, understandably...but he did finish the game. as did wideman, surprisingly, as the longtime vet saw no penalties for the hit. several people were hurt when a bus in ft. worth, texas went under a bridge that was too low. as you see in this video, the bus made it quite a way under the bridge before getting stuck. the wreck happened shortly after noon, injuring seven of the 20 people on board. the fcc is proposing changes to how set-top cable and satellite boxes work. the proposal, if approved, would allow customers to swap boxes rented directly from their provider for cheaper third party boxes or through devices like tablets. the five fcc commissioners will vote on the proposal february 18th. facebook is making more money from you. it took in one and half billion dollars in profits just in the last three months of 2015...showing the social network's mobile strength as advertisers increasingly look to reach younger
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in fact, mobile ads accounted for 80% of facebook's ad revenue in the fourth quarter; facebook has more than one and half billion people using the site every month. and soon facebook users will have a way to quickly express their feelings on the world's largest social network. ceo mark zuckerberg says new emotions will be added to the social media website. he did not say when they'll be added. they will expand beyond facebook's "like" button. reactions will include symbols for angry, sad, wow, haha, yay and love. facebook has already been testing the different reactions in chile, the philippines, portugal, ireland, spain, japan and colombia. coming up on wis--talk about one photogenic potato. a picture of a potato has been sold for a shocking amount! plus--kids and their imaginations come in all shapes and sizes... and now.... so does barbie!
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trending now, mattel is offering barbie in three
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beginning today, the new shapes can be purchased online exclusively at mattel shop, alongside the original barbie body. mattel has been transforming barbie for the past two years to bring her in line with realistic body types and to reflect the diverse group of kids who play with her. mattel hasn't said when the new
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movie star leonardo dicaprio met with the pope at vatican city today. the pontiff and the oscar-nominated actor share an interest in climate change. dicaprio was just presented with an award for his green campaigning at the world economic forum. pope francis is calling on rich nations to do more to solve climate problems. a white actor says he was shocked to be cast as pop icon michael jackson. according to the guardian, joseph fiennes will play jackson in an upcoming comedy in the u-k. the show will center around a fabled road trip where jackson, elizabeth taylor, and marlon brando try to get home from new york to los angeles after the terrorist attacks on september 11th. in a 1993 interview with oprah, jackson said he never wanted to be played by a white actor. how much would you pay for a print of this potato? how about... one million dollars? according to cnn, this
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celebrity photographer kevin abosch recently sold at auction for more than a million bucks. once the sale price is verified, it will be the 15-th most expensive photo ever sold. parents from allover have submitted pictures of their little ones in the hopes of them becoming the new face of gerber. meet isla of michigan--she won this year's contest. her photo was chosen by a panel of judges from more than 170-thousand entries. they looked for features like happiness and expressiveness in picking a winner. her parents will receive 50-thousand dollars in prize money. gerber will share her photos on instagram and facebook throughout the year and she has the option of appearing
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but isla won't replace the official gerber baby on products, thanks for joining us for the
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also tonight-- as america looks back on a historic tragedy, the palmetto state remembers its own loss of a hero and a pioneer. and never mind their light; what kind of "noise" will the fireflies bring when the come to town? "for someone who's been that involved in politics at a high level in south carolina for so long, to endorse donald trump. i think a lot of people were taken aback by it." south carolina's lieutenant governor creates waves within the state republican party tonight after his surprise endorsement. good evening and welcome to the
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