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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> right now, dangerously low temperatures and windchills. here is a live look outside at on cold day. >> we have a windchill advisory right now and how a group is making sure those with no heat stay warm and out of the cold. >> good morning, welcome to >> it is 6:00, thursday, december 15th. it is sure cold. now to matt with breaking traffic news. what do we need to know? >> 94 eastbound in waukesha county past sunny slope road. here is the camera, we are looking westbound, a rollover with the left lane blocked at this point. headed out of milwaukee county into waukesha county expect for the delays. if you are leaving the house,
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17 minutes from downtown out to moreland road. tim? >> matt, right now, we have breaking news, emergency crews on the scene of a house fire in milwaukee. this fire is happening at o home on matter daniels way. new, we have new video from the scene here. you are seeing several emergency crews responding to this area to help fight this fire. now but it is dangerously cold out there and there are sub zero windchills and that's no doubt making this job for the firefighters especially difficult today. no word on what sparked the fire or if anybody was hurt. back to you, ben. >> thank you, tim. now to more on the dangerously cold temperatures.
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morning. >> you want to be inside or limit your time outside. try to cover up your skin, have the hat, gloves on. we have dangerous cold windchills. 26 below in waukesha. most areas seeing the feels like temperature in the 12 to 24 below zero range. we look across the state and in the teens to 20s below zero. look at below zero at this hour. the frigid feel is staying around stay warm. we are tracking the snow for friday and saturday. back to you. >> thank you, jeremy. wisn 12 news time now is 6:03. last winter 33 people died in wisconsin because of the cold. the frigid air and the windchills are back today.
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the greenfield fire department and staying warm and being safe, hillary, what is the update there? reporter: you know, we are taking advice and staying inside and out of the cold, we are in greenfield. we are getting good advice all morning. we are inside of the garage at the fire station. your car may be inside of a garage as well. let me warm up the car for the kids. why that is a dangerous idea. >> well, car exhaust contains the carbon monoxide. even with the door open is exhaust can stay inside of the garage and works to inside of the home. we recommend you back it out of the garage. >> when it comes to keeping the supplies in the car, what do you
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in the trunk of the car? >> well, the first thing to carry is a cell phone in case you have a problem and call for help. these are jump packs. this is the time of year for dead batteries. also, carry some hand warmers in case you have a break down, blankets as well. a little shovel is as well. then we have de-icer for your locks. >> all right, very good advice here. that is the latest from the greenfield fire department. >> right now warming shelters are open across the milwaukee area. tim is live with what is city is doing to keep everyone safe.
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warming place call 211. that is where you will find a list of the warming shelters. the warming shelters will be open over the weekend including the library. last night the outreach team was out and looking for homeless to take to the shelters. there are about 1 # -- homeless on any given night. now if you need a place to go or knows someone that needs a place to go dial 211. >> thank you, tim. >> new, pets are just as vulnerable to the frostbite as we are, even with the furry coats. expert prosecutes the wisconsin humane society say let the dog
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takes to do their business. cats shouldn't be outside at all. >> good advice. track the cold temperatures and the windchills using the weather watch 12 app download it free. >> 6:06. now to a check on the traffic here. we are looking live outside at our department of transportation cameras. matt is here with a look at the roads. matt? >> we have a westbound, past sunny slope up the hill. it is a rollover. we are seeing delays out. they are starting around the county line and continuing up the hill into brookfield. try blue mound. the travel times going to 23
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commute, back to you. >> okay, we'll check back with you. 6:07. looking into recent deathsal the jail. later today, the board of supervisors will talk about a policy requiring an outside investigation of inmates that die while in custody. this is coming after a death of three inmates and a baby. two lawsuits are against the county for two of those deaths. >> right now, racine policere investigating a crash that billed a church pastor. tim is back with us, tim, how are the people that knew him reacting this morning. tim: members of christ chapel missionary baptist church are remembering mark gates as a dedicated pastor. he was killed by a speeding car as he collecting the recycles
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attended the bible study to reflect on his life. >> you expect your pastor to be here and not taken away in a tragic accident, but god has a plan. >> racine police are asking witnesses to come forward with any information about the crash. >> tim, looking ahead, you may see increased patrols on the roads. drive sober or get campaign is picking up today. they are out looking for drunk drivers, anybody speeding, seat belt violations. it is running through january 1st. i was looking on our website,, the record low today is like minus 14. if we are look at the bright side, that is it. >> that's nice.
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to hit the record. >> we are not going to hit the record, but peeling like that. another bright side of the forecast, lots of sunshine in store for us. it is deceptive. with the numbers, it is cold from the morning through the afternoon. add in the brisk wind of 21 miles per hour. well, that takes the plus one in the city and dropping it down to 17 degrees below zero. the actual numbers this morning now ben being in the teens, below zero. a big 0 in port washington. planner looks like single digits around for the afternoon. the focus to the snow for friday. >> if you are looking for a job, the bucks are looking for you. the team is trying to connect
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district. 3,000 jobs over two years may be available. later today you are invited to learn more at a first in a series of town halls at 5:30 at journey house. >> tonight the bucks are taking on the chicago bulls. the two teams are playing again tomorrow in chicago. all the wisconsin residents can buy tickets to either game without a p tonight's game is at 7:00. >> one billion email accounts hacked. >> coming up, what you should do if you are a victim of the yahoo data breach.
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sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat sesame street live elmo makes music elmo makes music playing the milwaukee theatre
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through ticketmaster >> you are watching "wisn 12 news this morning." pavement is dry. it is blustery. the cold is continuing to grip
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temperature is 12 to 25 below zero. that advisory is for our entire viewing area. now, let's talk about what is ahead. we have a cold in place now. winter storm watch friday afternoon through saturday. we will try to give you a general idea coming up. matt? >> we have a crash on 94 westbound in waukes delays leaving milwaukee county. the red is starting and continuing up. the travel time is elevated headed in that direction. we are going up and up. 39 minutes from downtown out to moreland. take greenfield or blue mound. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt.
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they got a foot and a half of snow and continuing to come down. the drivers stranded up to four hours. they are working reopen the how. >> the authorities in colorado are hoping new d.n.a. will help to solve the jon ramsey case. any new results can only be used if they can be matched with other evidence that the authorities have on file. the body was of 1996 in the basement of their home. >> 6:15. president-elect donald trump is kicking off another round of the thank you tours. he was supposed to hold a news conference to discuss the business dealings. there are concerns about the potential conflicts of interest. we are in washington with the
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president-elect is holding a press conference in january, few now a thank you rally tonight in pennsylvania. ?? today president-elect donald trump goes back on tour for thank you events, follows the summit at the trump tower with tech companies. we are going to be there for you, you >> three of children, including donald junior. >> he's before clear from day one with the role that his family plays. >> they defended the family involvement in the transition just days after he tweeted that the sons could be managing the business. democrats are expressing concern about a conflict of interest
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>> if you are an elected official, you can't be part of the lease, period. >> more concerns about the possible russian meddling in the election, with nbc news reporting that president putin could have been involved, and the white house alleged that trump knew about the russian involvement. >> there is evidence that was known before the election. >> president obama ordered a review into the interference. the senate committee plans a hearing next month. in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> new, west came home with a souvenir.
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>> yahoo is revealing a huge data breach. tim is foming the story. what is the advice if you have been achth affected. >> change your password immediately. here is the sign in page, updated december 15th, account security issue. users should consider for the text alerts to verify identity. yahoo accounts were hacked and names and passwords were stolen, but no financial information was stolen. this is separate from an attack announced back in september that affected 500 million accounts. if you have a yahoo account, be aware of clicking on the links from suspicious emails that claim to be updates from yahoos, they are not sending emails out
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>> thank you, tim. amazon is moving that the sigh is no longer the limit. the company completed the first delivery through drone. the drone dropped off a fire tv and popcorn in england. the delivery took just 30 minutes. it is a while before it is coming to the u.s. how do you sign to be on that list. >> no one is going to leave your minutes. >> how do the drone batteries fair in the cold? >> that is what the meteorologist is good for. >> probably not. i would say tire pressure gets a little low. so when the cold weather hits, a
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tires and extra time to get out this morning to warm up the vehicle. single digits above and below zero and with the winds, 10-20 miles per hour and the windchills into the teens and 20s below zero. the feels-like outside, not nice, 25 below in west bend. minus 26 waukesha. not much better in milwaukee with the teens below zero. we keep this around several hours. all right, here is futurecast, clouteds are spilling in tonight and patchy snow around 3:00 a.m. now it is not until the afternoon the snow beginning overspreading the area, especially in the northern counties first and steady snow sweeping through friday night into saturday. a few periods of snow moving through midday on saturday and
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this is one of the models that shows a little lower snow total. there will be a moderate impact if you are travelling friday night or times on saturday. i think you will get around. tracking the system could change. if six inches or more to the points nor and totals lower near the wisconsin illinois state line. the today, snow for friday and saturday. sunday's forecast windy, high of 6. we fiemly see the temperatures returning to the average with the low 30s on tuesday and wednesday. >> 30s will feel great. thank you. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. o lifrnian is back in the
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>> rescue mission to a toy store, how a group is making
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>> good morning waukesha. thank you for the thursday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the schools across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to, and while there, you can submit award. >> a boy in ohio is droving that down syndrome is not slowing him down. >> he's performing in the nutcracker and the first in the ballet moves program. it is a partnership with the ballet and the children's hospital. the mom is excited to see her son being part of the christmas magic.
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ryan lochte and his fiance are expecting their first child. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:26. keeping your family healthy headed into the new year. >> where to get help signing for a health insurance plan. >> family of the affluenza teen is back in the >> breaking news now on the roads. matt? >> crash clean up 94 westbound past sunny slope hill up the hill along 94 westbound. beg delays there. we have more coming up on "wisn
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>> breaking news on the roads. >> a crash leading to major backups in waukesha crown. >> it is a rollover westbound,
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and trafblg is flowing better than it has been. we have big delays out of the zoo interchange, on the brakes alling the way up the hill. it is still underway for the clean up. the travel times are continuing to go the wrong way. 47 minutes right now from downtown out to moreland road. take blue mound or green field. commute, back to you. tim? >> more breaking news, emergency crews at the scene of a house fire in milwaukee. the fire reported at a home on mother daniels way. several emergency crews responded to the area to help fight the fire. we learned recently that the fire is out but it is so cold out there, sub zero windchills and making the firefighters' job
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the house was vacant at the time. back to you. >> thank you, tim. now more on the cold temperatures and windchills. >> now to jeremy nelson. jeremy: good morning. you will notice the cold breeze. it is 1 above zero in the city of milwaukee. the feels like temperature of 17 below zero. the windchills gripping us with the teening to 20s below zero. here in southeast wisconsin a windchill advisory continues until 10:00 a.m. very little warm up in the forecast. even by this afternoon. maybe 8, 9, 10 degrees. dress in layers. stay warm. if you are looking for the snow,
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also. a winter storm watch starting on friday. we have more on the forecast coming up. ben: a lot of people are turning to alternative heat sources to keep warm this week, but experts say that can be very dangerous, hillary is live inside of the greenfield fire department with warnings. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, ben. carbon monoxide dangers are big in th health problems that come up from being in the cold conditions. we have the lieutenant here with us this morning, now, you don't want to wind up in the back of one of these, if you do, this is how they are going to help you and get your body temperature back up or treating frostbite. >> the top priority is getting the patient out of the cold and into the warmth of the ambulance. we send extra firefighters to
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some warm packs. we put that around the core area of the patients. we also carry a heater to warm up the blankets to wrap the patients in. and we have warm iv fluids as well. >> when you are fighting the fires out there, you were saying, you bring in a lot more crews and taking a lot of breaks. this is tough for you as well? >> definitely. we upgrade quickly and extra levels and more firefighters will be coming in to help out. >> thank you very much. very, very helpful tips. for now, live inside of the fire department "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, hillary. with the conditions like these, at risk for frostbite. it is not taking long, frostbite happens in less than 30 minutes,
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appearance on the body, fingers, toes, ears and your nose. hypothermia is also very dangerous. symptoms for that are confusion, shivering, difficulty speaking, drowsiness, and stiff muscles. another big concern during this cold stretch keeping the homeless safe and warm. tim, shelters and other organizations are helping out this morning. tim: some outreach workers are heading out to the streets to find homeless people and make sure they're staying warm. groups of workers walked through alleys last night and along homeless people often spend time. when they found homeless people, they'd take them to warming shelters. workers at feeding his flock, a shelter in west allis, say they're stretched thin right now but they're committed to keeping their doors open. >> it takes a lot of volunteers and time and money actually. tim: feeding his flock is staying open around the clock for the
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place for people along with hot meals, sleeping bags and more. this is just one of many shelters in the milwaukee area. for information on warm places to stay, you can get information by calling 211. ben, back to you. ben: this week's cold temperatures could lead your home's water pipes to freeze. experts say you can prevent that by wrapping pipes with insulation or heat tape. you can also try opening doors or cabinets near the pipes to allow air circulation. run from faucets that aren't used as much like a laundry sink. with one snow behind us and more in the forecast, many people have already tested out their snowblowers. repair business across the state are seeing a boost in business as people get their winter gadgets ready. sliwicki small engine repairs in schofield says they're getting a lot of snowblowers in for repairs. workers there say you shouldn't
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properly. >> you can track any of the upcoming snow and the cold temperatures and wind chills using the wisn 12 news app. it's free to download for your smartphone or tablet. now here is matt. >> good news on the crash 94 westbound, left lane is reopened and the traffic is flowing again. you are still tapping on the brakes out of the hill. the travel time really just getting a little better. we are down from 4 9d minutes down to 33 minutes. now that the left lane are reopened it is going to continue to improve. >> thank you, matt. adrienne: looking ahead, the milwaukee county board deciding the future of pokemon go at local parks. the board will vote today on an ordinance that would require the makers of games like pokemon go to get a permit if they
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when thousands of pokemon go players flooded lake park. pokemon go took the entire world by storm earlier this year. according to google, it was the most-searched topic around the world. it even beat out president-elect donald trump. although here in the u.s. powerball ranked higher than pokemon go. ben: looking ahead, today is the final day to sign up for health insurance using the government's health exchange to make sure your family is covered on january first. enrollment is open until the end of january but you could end up with a gap in health coverage if you sign up after today. from 4:00 until 7:00 this afternoon enrollment experts will be at the center street library and the forest home library to help you register. you can also dial 211 to set up an appointment with an enrollment expert. >> listen up, today is the last day to send the retail packages through the regular mail.
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until december 20th, priority mail 21st and priority mail express is 23rd. the u.s. postal service recommends allowing an extra day or two if the destination isn't near a major city. >> professional football teams are firing back at the nfl because of the social media restrictions. >> that is including the green bay packers, hi, tim. >> remember t week, here it is in lego form. down the sideline to adams catching the ball for the score. now the packers several other nfl teams using these toys to recreate the biggest moments here. the nfl banned the teams from posting official game high lights on social media and now the teams are recreating portions of the game. this is a video that the packers
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over the seahawks on sunday. now any team posting real high lights will face a big fine from the league, so even though it is a lot at work putting this video together, using the toys are is a cost effective alternative. that is cool, what do you think? ben: i like it. that is a clever way to get around it. reporter: it takes a lot of ben: it will be shared over and over again. >> 6:39. we have to be careful with the cold and the windchills and the snow is coming our way. >> plus, left in a lurch. the town that lost all their police officers on the same day. >> plus, a family fed up with christmas lights and competeing with the neighbors. the idea they have come up with
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join all your child?s
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rything makes music its sesame street live elmo makes music elmo makes music playing the milwaukee theatre january 14th&15th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster ??
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thank you for joining us. we have cleared up the crash. the traffic is flowing again. stop and go delays up the hill toward moreland road. the travel times are starting to improve. 16 minutes down from 33 minutes. downtown to morland road. it is bitter cold out there. >> you a it is bitter cold and you need time to warm up the car. >> it is taking longer to get ready, wear the extra layers, the hats, gloves. we have a windchill advisory. it is 12-25 degrees below zero across southeast wisconsin. how the snow starting on friday at 2:00 p.m. a winter storm
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no advisories or watches along the state line. the track is a little uncertain and we'll go over the timing and the initial forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. adrienne: new from overnight, the u.s. extends sanctions against iran. tim elliott is tracking the story for us. tim. tim: we learned overnight president obama did not sign the legislation that renews sanctions against iran. that was a surprise since he had supported the bill but congress had enough support to push the law through without the president's signature. iran's president had promised to respond if the sanctions were renewed. he claims they violate the terms of the nuclear deal but congress voted to extend the sanctions by another ten years. the sanctions against iran have been in place for decades. back to you. ben: new this morning, you may
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fred couch has been convicted of impersonating a police officer. he'll spend the next year on probation. back in 2014, couch told police that he was an officer at a department near fort worth. adrienne: a town in indiana is left scrambling when their entire police department resigns. officers in bunker hill all stepped down this week. they say the town council treated them unfairly and even asked them to do illegal things. the department was made up of the town marshal and four other officers. their resignation lettery council members asked them to run background checks against political rivals and didn't provide enough safety equipment for officers. >> i don't want to send someone out there with a bad body armor, so i would take mine off and provide it to the other officers and i told them that we have to provide this. there's an ic code that explains that. it says the town has to provide that body armor. adrienne: for now, the local sheriff's office is handling calls from bunker hill. ben: new this morning, a state
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trouble, he's accused of pulling women over to ask them out on dates. authorities say the trooper had a pattern of pulling over women between 20 and 35 and asking for their phone number. they say he would turn off his microphone while making those stops. several women filed complaints. police arrested the trooper less than a week ago. people who live near the trooper say they would feel violated if this happened to them. >> and if it's a cop who can you trust? who can you trust? a state trooper doing something like that it's really bad. >> a woman riding in the street and the officer stop you, you gotta be careful. ben: this morning, the trooper has been suspended and he's not pulling anyone over. adrienne: uber rolls out self-driving cars in san francisco. now california is reigning them in. the state's dmv tells uber it must stop using self-driving cars until the app gets a state permit but the ride-sharing company believes they don't need the permit. on the first day with self-driving cars one uber car
6:47 am
but the company says that was human error and there were no passengers inside. some san franciscans say they would try the new cars, others are staying away. >> it's dangerous, i mean, what if the whole operation were to malfunction couldn't that cause like a catastrophe, maybe take a life? adrienne: uber has been using self-driving cars in pittsburgh for about three months with no significant accidents. ben: new this morning, a local rescue mission opens today hoping to help hundreds of kids have a great christmas. take a look. this is the milwaukee rescue mission's christmas store. all of the toys on these shelves have been donated. what's unique is parents in their programs can come pick out two gifts for free for each of their kids. this is only for rescue mission families but the group is still looking for donations. >> it's amazing how they are just so grateful for that and
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morning and what a wonder that's going to be and being able to provide that. >> all of the toys are new too. the rescue mission says it's looking for any donations but workers are hoping for more infant and teen toys. again, this is only for rescue mission families. the store runs through december 22nd. >> what a great idea adrienne: a neighbor in pennsylvania gives up competing with the christmas lights next door. take a look, on the left a detailed display. on the right, an arrow and a sign that simply says ditto. the family decided to cash in on their neighbor's creativity or maybe they knew they just couldn't compete. >> i like that. >> ben: when you think of the holidays, much of it revolves around traditions. perhaps the tradition in your home is what you do in the kitchen. we're sampling a taste of wisconsin for this year's season to celebrate special.
6:49 am
help from a local chef. see what we cooked up for this year's season to celebrate airing next week wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. only on wisn 12. make home too. we ate a lot of food that day a. lot of food. >> we need to today to stay warm. that is a way to do it, right. it is a good excuse. >> yes, comfort foods, especially for breakfast, how about oatmeal. >> or chili. >> yes. comfort foods today. stay warm.
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exposure to the cold and wear the winter gear. 12-25 degrees below zero for the windchills. the snow is coming in friday and saturday. cool view over lake michigan this morning. this is the arctic sea smoke w the cold temperatures running over the warmer lake waters that is the steam showing upno the break water. 1 in milwaukee. west breeze 10-15 miles per hour and driving the windchills down. these are the actual numbers, everyone below zero at this one. 1 above in milwaukee and 0 in chicago. sunshine in store. tonight the clouds are romming in. patchy light snow spreading
6:51 am
tomorrow morning and pushing away the light dusting of snow. more expected friday and saturday. most of this near or north of the state line. down to the south, very sharp cutoff with the snow. a little break on saturday before another wave moving through midday and into the amp and out of the area on saturday evening before the next push of e this snow forecast will be updated. don't just see this and saying that is going to happen. we are tweaking the numbers. right now six inches waukesha and milwaukee counties pushing to the north. less to the south. here is the week ahead, single digits, maybe 10 for the high
6:52 am
25-30 this weekend with periods of sun. sunday 6. a little break next week with the highs tuesday wednesday in the 30s. matt? >> the crash is cleared up 94 eastbound. northbound 43 o a vehicle on the shoulder there. no delays. the earlier crash along 94 westbound and stop and go moreland road and 14 minutes, much improved there. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. ben: new from overnight, a ceasefire is off in aleppo. violence broke the fragile truce within the last few hours. tim is live in the newsroom where new information came in overnight. >> people are evacuating the city. tim: syrian activists say that
6:53 am
ambulance that was leaving the city of aleppo. the cease fire was called off. the ceasefire is in place so civilians can leave aleppo, a city that's been under siege for a long time now. government forces continue to shell the city. back to you. >> gm is national and international headlines. >> first to a look outside and a final check on the forecast plus
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>> right now, new information about breaking news f milwaukee. investigators now trying to figure what sparked a house fire. it was reported at a house on mother daniels way. we are told that no one was hurt and the house was vacant. it is cold out there. so this is making firefighterses job especially difficult today. now to matt with the traffic. >> tim, a crash is cleared and
6:57 am
this is dafny and 43. in the distance there, looking southbound, a crash moving in the northbound lanes and that is just north of silver spring around bender road. the northbound crash is looking better. 15 minutes out to moreland road. that is doing improvement there. give yourself time to warm up your vehicle. >> yes, we have windchill advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning and feeling like the teens and >> whoa. >> "g.m.a." is up next. >> have a safe and warm day,
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good morning, america. life-threatening cold and snow spreading from coast to coast. more than 100 million people in its path. a rare snowfall paralyzing an entire city. this school bus sliding down the street. colliding with cars, these two hikers rescued surviving more temperatures. now a major storm targeting the midwest and northeast. bringing more snow and cold, 30 states are on alert. new overnight top intelligence officials tell abc news that vladimir putin was personally involved with the hacking that interfered with america's presidential election. new details about the russian president's role. his denial, as well as president-elect trump meets with


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