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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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adrienne: right now on: wisn 12 news this morning," bundle up. it is cold out there. we're tracking dangerously low temperatures and wind chills as you get ready for work and school. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm adrienne pedersen. ben: and i'm ben wagner. melinda has the day off. it's 4:30 on this thursday, december 15th. we're here in the weather center with meteorologist jeremy nelson who's in for sally. dangerously cold temperatures today? >> yes, we have windchill advisories>>ed limit your exposure and dress in layers and limit time outside. it is dangerous if you are
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in the city minus 15 in milwaukee. some of the other numbers in the 20s below zero. now the first cut forecast for the day, the coffee is trying to warm you up with the numbers, again, these are the actual temperatures, windchills are way below zero. what is ahead? weor watch starts tomorrow. ben: a lot of people are turning to alternative heat sources to keep warm this week, but experts say that can be very dangerous, including space heaters. firefighters say you should keep them away from curtains, carpet and clothes and make sure you have one that automatically turns off if it tips over. avoid using ovens to heat your home, that can lead to fires and carbon monoxide emergencies. if you're using a fireplace, firefighters say you should make
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and finally, even with a normal furnace it's important to keep up with maintenance. adrienne: doctors say we should watch out for frostbite and hypothermia. frostbite can happen in less than 30 minutes. symptoms include a loss of feeling and a white or pale appearance on parts of your body like fingers, toes, ears, and nose. hypothermia is also very dangerous. symptoms for that are confusion, shivering, difficulty speaking, drowsiness, and stiff muscles. another big concern during this cold stretch keeping the homeless safe and warm. tim, shelters and other organizations are helping out this morning. >> it is brutal out there. some outreach workers are heading out to the streets to find homeless people and make sure they're staying warm. groups of workers walked through alleys last night and along train tracks, places where homeless people often spend time. when they found homeless people, they'd take them to warming
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workers at feeding his flock, a shelter in west allis, say they're stretched thin right now but they're committed to keeping their doors open. >> it takes a lot of volunteers and it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of money, actually. tim: feeding his flock is staying open around the clock for the next few days providing a warm place for people along with hot meals, sleeping bags and more. this is just one of many shelters in the milwaukee area. for information on warm places to stay, you can get information by calling 211. ben: this week's cold temperatures could lead your home's water pipes to freeze. experts say you can prevent that by wrapping pipes with insulation or heat tape. you can also try opening doors or cabinets near the pipes to allow air circulation. finally, let a trickle of water run from faucets that aren't used as much like a laundry sink. with one snow behind us and more in the forecast, many people have already tested out their snowblowers.
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as people get their winter gadgets ready. sliwicki small engine repairs in schofield says they're getting a lot of snowblowers in for repairs. workers there say you shouldn't wait until the first snow to find out if everything's working properly. >> you can track any of the upcoming snow and the cold temperatures and wind chills using the wisn 12 news app. it's free to download for your smartphone or tablet. adrienne: looking ahead, the milwaukee county board deciding the future of pokemon go at local parks. ordinance that would require the makers of games like pokemon go to get a permit if they incorporate milwaukee parks. neighbors complained this summer when thousands of pokemon go players flooded lake park. pokemon go took the entire world by storm earlier this year. according to google, it was the most-searched topic around the world. it even beat out president-elect donald trump. although here in the u.s. powerball ranked higher than pokemon go. ben: looking ahead, today is the
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insurance using the government's health exchange to make sure your family is covered on january first. enrollment is open until the end of january but you could end up with a gap in health coverage if you sign up after today. from 4:00 until 7:00 this afternoon enrollment experts will be at the center street library and the forest home library to help you register. you can also dial 211 to set up an appointment with an enrollment expert. adrienne: the milwaukee post office is reminding people that today is the last day to send retail packages through regular mail. by first-class mail, you have until december 20th. priority mail needs to be sent out by the 21st and the deadline for priority mail express is the 23rd. the u.s. postal service recommends allowing an extra day or two if the destination isn't near a major city. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:35. a big winner becomes a victim. ben: the man who won thousands at a casino right here in milwaukee only to lose it when thieves followed him home.
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adrienne: plus, a would-be robber chooses the wrong target. how a former wrestler turned the tables and sent the suspect
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>> good morning, welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." we take a look a look outside, the skiers are mostly clear and the big thing when you step out the door, the bitter cold air and the breeze has a bite to it. the pavement is dry but you will want extra layers on. it is only 2 degrees. factor in the winds 20 miles per hour, below zero. moving ahead to friday and saturday, the next winter storm. winter storm watch starting at 2:00 p.m. and the better part of saturday until 9:00 p.m. we have more about when the snow begins coming up. for today, cold, sunshine, bitter cold windchills and high of 9, 10 degrees this afternoon.
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up. >> jeremy, thank you. 4:39. 41 #, 894 greenfield avenue. a couple of cars out there. 43 southbound into downtown 11 minutes. ben: new this morning, home in north dakota leveled by an explosion. adrienne: this is what's left of the house right now. take a look, just a pile of bubble. two people died in the blast, he authorities in morton county say it looks like an accident, possibly caused by propane. a neighbor says the blast was so strong that it shook his home, too. adrienne: also new this morning, a first look at surveillance video showing what happened before an airport shooting. ben: this was the scene last month at oklahoma city's airport a few days before a southwest employee was shot and killed there. police say the suspect, a former employee, left his car in the airport parking garage four days before the shooting. he left in a taxi and didn't
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police say he waited for the victim to leave work and shot him in the parking lot then shot himself. ben: a would-be thief picks the wrong target in florida. adrienne: the suspect threatened a former wwe wrestler who fought back. shad gaspard says the man came up to him in a store and asked gaspard to buy him a beer. when the former wrestler said no, the man reportedly threatened him with a gun. instead of giving in, gaspard grabbed the suspect, took the gun away and pushed him out of the shop. i was listening to the interview with him and the wrestler said if he would have asked nicely i might have bought him something. >> instead he pulled a gun. he picked on the wrong guy. adrienne: wisn 12 news time is 4:41. left in a lurch. ben: coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," the town that lost all its police officers on the same day and why community leaders are being blamed. adrienne: plus, a family fed up
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competing with the neighbors. the clever idea they came up with that's now outshining the lights next door.
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ben: welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." here's a live look outside on this frigid thursday, december 15th. a wind chill advisory is in effect right now. you arego this morning. i dropped my keys on the way into the building and i was really scrambling. >> yes, every second makes a difference in the cold. it is feeling 12-25 degrees below zero. this is the first morning that many of the locations dipped below zero.
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minus 2 in eagle. bitter cold out there. the kids really want to limit the time at the bus stop this morning with windchills 12-25 degrees below zero. plus 9 on the way home. the snow is coming in on friday. >> thank you, jeremy. adrienne: new from overnight, the u.s. extends sanctions against iran. tim elliott is tracking the story for us. tim. tim: we learned overnight legislation that renews sanctions against iran. that was a surprise since he had supported the bill but congress had enough support to push the law through without the president's signature. iran's president had promised to respond if the sanctions were renewed. he claims they violate the terms of the nuclear deal but congress voted to extend the sanctions by another ten years. the sanctions against iran have been in place for decades.
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ben: new this morning, you may remember ethan couch known as the affluenza teen. now his father is in trouble. fred couch has been convicted of impersonating a police officer. he'll spend the next year on probation. back in 2014, couch told police that he was an officer at a department near fort worth. adrienne: a town in indiana is left scrambling when their entire police department resigns. officers in bunker hill all stepped down this week. they say the town council treated them unfairly and even asked them to do illegal things. the town marshal and four other officers. their resignation letters say council members asked them to run background checks against political rivals and didn't provide enough safety equipment for officers. >> i don't want to send someone out there with a bad body armor, so i would take mine off and provide it to the other officers and i told them that we have to provide this. there's an ic code that explains that. it says the town has to provide that body armor.
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sheriff's office is handling calls from bunker hill. ben: new this morning, a state trooper in new jersey is in big trouble, he's accused of pulling women over to ask them out on dates. authorities say the trooper had a pattern of pulling over women between 20 and 35 and asking for their phone number. they say he would turn off his microphone while making those stops. several women filed complaints. police arrested the trooper less than a week ago. people who live near the trooper say they would feel violated if this happened to them. >> and if it's a cop who can you trust? who can you trust? a state trooper doing something like that it's really bad. >> a woman riding in the street and the officer stop you, you gotta be careful. ben: this morning, the trooper has been suspended and he's not pulling anyone over. adrienne: a neighbor in pennsylvania gives up competing with the christmas lights next door. take a look, on the left a detailed display. on the right, an arrow and a
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the family decided to cash in on their neighbor's creativity or maybe they knew they just couldn't compete. i say that is funny. >> i like that. that is easy up and take down. i like it. ben: when you think of the holidays, much of it revolves around traditions. perhaps the tradition in your home is what you do in the kitchen. we're sampling a taste of wisconsin for this year's season to celebrate special. you're going to love this. melinda davenport and i got some holiday help from a local chef. see what we cookedp year's season to celebrate he's a professional there too. >> that isn't how you cook? >> yes, but other things are on fire. it is airing next week wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. only on wisn 12. can't wait. we had such a blast shooting that.
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recipes. a lot of stuff from around the state. it is all in season. really good stuff. >> looking forward to it. >> we need the comfort food this morning and lots of it. something warm. it is bitterly cold out there and the next storm is looming. let's talk about the changes. 10-25 degrees below zero for the el starting tomorrow? a few questions remain with the snow totals going into the weekend forecast. we'll get updates on that coming up. the windchill advisory this morning, that is for all of southeast wisconsin. feel like 12-25 degrees below zero. now to windchills statewide,
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below zero. now today is quiet, sunny to partly cloudy skies. for tonight, clouds are thickening after 3:00 a.m. a batch of light snow drifting across southern wisconsin and greeting us in the morning tomorrow, potentially a dusti. through friday evening and friday night the snow going across the state. notice the edge of it scooting near the wisconsin illinois state line. if it goes a little more to the south more snow. just a handful to the north, that really cuts down on the snow totals across southeast wisconsin. we start to quiet down by saturday evening.
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the track and travel will be impacted starting on friday and continuing into saturday. by sunday, the next cold blast of air. we are looking at temperatures only in the single digits above zero. the cold is with us today. the snow is developing on friday. then next week we get a little break, dryer and mimeder and the highs back to the 30 >> thank you. ben: new from overnight, a ceasefire is off in aleppo. violence broke the fragile truce within the last few hours. tim is live in the newsroom where new information came in overnight. tim. tim: syrian activists say that government forces broke the ceasefire and fired shots at an ambulance that was leaving the city of aleppo. the activists say one person was killed and two others were hurt. the ceasefire is in place so civilians can leave aleppo, a city that's been under siege for
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officials with a hospital in aleppo say injured and sick people have been able to get out of the city yet. syria is locked in a violent civil war. aleppo has been in rebel hands for four years while government forces shell the city. [c37] casino robbery >> from a big win to a big loss, a man wins at the casino and the robbers followed him home and stole one of the three robbers pulled the gun and took the $15,000 prize. this is not the first time. the casino is issuing checks for big winners. in a statement, the casino monitors the parking areas with the security cameras and vehicles. >> new this morning, a rescue mission is opening a new store and hoping to help hundreds of kids having a great christmas.
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are donated and the parents in the programs with can pick out two gifts for free for each of their kids. the group is looking for more donations. >> it is amazing, how they just are so grateful for that and picturing christmas morning and what a wonder it is going to be for their children and providing donations that you have, and workers are hoping for more teen and infant toys. it is running through december 22nd. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. delivered by a drone. >> amazon tries out something new, the shipment that came by flying robots. >> plus, it takes a lifetime of
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>> welcome back.
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not to travel to a texas city. >> there is a travel warning for brownsville, texas, five cases of zika have been diagnosed there. 6% of the pregnancies with the infection resulted in birth defects and twice as high with the mosquito born virus. >> it showed 12% met the criteria for depression and 4% had stsdzal thoughts, and pilots are afraid to seek treatment for mental health issues. >> over the counter painkillers could be linked to hearing problems with women. they found increase risk of hearing loss for women that use
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they didn't find a similar risk for aspirin. >> most parents use timeouts for discipline are not using it the right way. 85% give the kids too many warnings and talk to the kids during the time out or letting them play with the toys. my mom has been saying this for years. doctors say that defeats the point of the then. >> yes. >> 4:59. the news continues right now. >> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", dangerously low temperatures and windchills. here is a live look outside on this bitter cold day in southeast wisconsin. >> we have a windchill advisory
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those woet heat stay warm. >> good morning, i'm ben wagner. >> it is 5:00 on thursday, december 15th. >> we are talking about the dangerously cold temperatures. jeremy? jeremy: this is the coldst air for the season so far. you will feel this when you step outside today. the windchill advisory with the zero across wisconsin. now the coldest windchills minus 24 in waukesha. feeling 22 below in west bend. downtown milwaukee minus 17. out the door this morning, even the air temperatures dropped below zero. most of today cold and dry and sunshine.


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