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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 15, 2016 12:02am-12:33am CST

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on they fight for they're right ? this is "nightline." >> tonight, fiery thoughts. >> the russians didn't make hillary the most unlikeable human being to ever wear a pantsuit. >> 24-year-old tomi lahren is lighting up the internet with kaepernick -- >> attention-seeking cry baby. >> and beyonce. inside her confrontation with "the daily show's" trevor noah. >> you can't call them the new kkk, the kkk is still around. >> a peek behind the curtain at those infamous rants. >> plus i got the keys. >> dj khaled! >> hip-hop sensation and king of snapchat dj khaled holds nothing back, even broadcasting the birth of his son. >> how we doing, dot?
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>> right now i'm on abc "nightline," major key. parade prank. >> we need a parade leader. >> the hilarious new gag that makes ordinary people the leaders of spontaneous random parades. >> okay, let's go, they're going to follow you! >> first the "nightline 5." >> constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax. for gentle overnight relief, suppositories for relief this minutes, stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. just press clean and let roomba from i-robot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to two hours which means your floors are always clean. better together.
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good evening. just two years ago she was hosting a tv show on her college campus. now tomi lahren is the super viral, super controversial 24-year-old pro-trump rising star of conservative media. she has feverish fans and some serious detractors, some of whom call her white power barbie. how does she feel about that one? here's abc's david wright. ? >> reporter: she s with a run. seven or eight miles. if you happen to pass her on the streets of dallas, you'd have little idea -- >> three, two -- >> before you get your panties in a wad over trump's secretary of state nominee rex tillerson, take a moment to remember who president obama chose in 2008. but what difference does it make, right? >> reporter: tomi lahren is not your typical young college graduate. nope, at age 24, she is an internet sensation.
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national platform. >> you've been called white power barbie. >> creative. i give them that, though. it is creative. at least white power barbie took some thought. >> what are some of the other ones you've been amused by? >> gq called me queen of the alt-right which i thought was rather interesting. i've never claimed to be part of the alt-right. racist cracker. >> she hosts her own show on glenn beck's "the blaze." it's her final thos splash. >> i'm getting sick and tired of the failing mainstream media and democratic party blaming fake news for the election of donald trump. >> reporter: posted daily to facebook. taking aim at pop stars and politicians. sounding off on issues of race and gender. >> wouldn't it be nice if obama was as concerned with our soldiers, airmen, operators and marines overseas as he seems to be with where transgenders take a [ bleep ] why are. >> reporter: they have become a viral phenomenon.
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final thoughts for you. >> reporter: more people have watched her takedown of colin kaepernick than tune into all of the cable news channels in an entire month. 66 million and counting. >> colin, i support the first amendment. i support your right to freedom of speech and expression. go for it, bud. it's this country, the country that you have so much disdain for that allows you the right to speak your mind. it protects your white to be a whiny, indulgent, attention-seeking crybaby. it also protects my right to shred you for it. >> you justice like it's a bad thing. do you think it is? >> i don't think it's a bad thing if it is social justice. colin kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem, to me that's not a social justice moment. >> he's kneeling because he's protesting the way that institutions are responding to people of color. that seems like he's using his platform for good. isn't he? just in the same way that you are. >> reporter: she's proudly politically incorrect.
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when trevor noah invited her on to "the daily show" two weeks ago -- >> i'm in the lion's den. >> i'm not a lion. is that an african thing? >> reporter: the tension was palpable. >> why are you so angry? >> i'm not that angry, it's just things need to be said and a lot of people are afraid to say them. >> in an angry way. you can't say you're not angry. this is what you're known for. >> i have to be honest, watching that, i didn't think he was very gentlemanly. >> yeah of rude, kind of a jerk. >> true diversity is diversity of thought, not diversity of color. i don't see color. hillary clinton is as white as they come. >> reporter: noah took her to task for a tweet she sent the night a sniper ambushed dallas police during a protest march, a peaceful protest of police shootings of unarmed black men in louisiana and minnesota. >> hands up, don't shoot! >> reporter: tomi lahren
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matter but make no mistake their goals are far from equality. later she deleted the tweet. but these kind of things don't go away. >> to say black lives matter is the new kkk is to really, really minimize what the kkk did and what they stand for. that is not the same thing. surely you understand the incendiary feeling of your comments. you know that, surely. >> it's controversial. but i think there are some things that need to be said. >> that's my trump purse, ivanka sent me that. >> reporter: she held >> i got a cadillac because i'm american like that. >> reporter: as she does in most things. >> i've had a lot of great opportunities that i have seized. i don't for one second think i didn't work my butt off to get where i am. >> watching your early work, which is what, three, two years ago? >> reporter: her first tv gig -- >> i'm tomi lahren -- >> reporter: at university of nevada las vegas, hosting "the scramble" from january 2014. >> it's hard to watch. >> you don't seem to have the
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you've gained a lot of confidence in a short time. >> you know why that is? when i was on that show i couldn't be myself. i had to be the moderator. i had to be in my shell. i couldn't be controversial. you know what i discovered? i've got a voice. i'm going to use it. >> reporter: use it she has. ? she took on beyonce over that super bowl halftime show, the one that was seen as celebrating radical black separatists from the 1960s. >> beyonce, really? >> reporter: d up like sexy black panthers. the formation a tribute to malcolm x. >> guess what, beyonce, white people like your music too. white people buy your songs on itunes, medical rise your lyrics, admire your talent and beauty. >> reporter: she not only took on queen bey, she made it personal. >> your husband was a drug dealer. for 14 years he sold crack cocaine. talk about protecting black neighborhoods. start at home. >> i was disappointed to see on a day when the country could be coming together to celebrate the
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to salute the black panthers that do have a checkered history. i felt that was inappropriate. >> jay-z took your words and used them against you again. how did you feel about that? >> i wouldn't say he necessarily used them against me. >> reporter: what he did do was sample her words and feature them in his song "drug dealers anonymous." >> your husband was a drug dealer. for 14 years he sold crack cocaine. >> how did you feel about that? >> i'm proud to be in that song. whether it was supposed to be making fun of voice is in a jay-z song, i'll take it. >> i don't want to be patronizing. but let's come back to your age just for a minute. when you were old enough to vote, obama was already president. >> yeah, romney was my first election, 2012. >> have you traveled? >> never been outside of the united states. it's not that i don't want to. it's that i've been busting my butt to get where i am in life. >> fair enough. >> reporter: she says she has to do most of the heavy lifting herself. >> i didn't grow up in a
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producers and writers and a full staff. >> reporter: she insists she's not a journalist, but a commentator, and she showed us how she looks at multiple sources before forming her opinions. >> twitter is an excellent resource for me because i see what people are talking about, i see what people are tweeting about, and then i go and look at three or four different articles from various sources before i form my opinions. that's how my millennial brain works. >> that's about as lazy as you can be. she's in a position of authority now. if you want to play in this you can't just regurgitate things you've read on your twitter feed. >> do you see her as a racist? >> i don't see her as necessarily being a racist. i see her as someone who chooses to ignore things with racial implications. >> reporter: the end the day, we caught up with her at her favorite dallas watering hole the rustic. >> do you stand by everything you've said? >> there are times when i wish i could expand upon something that was taken out of context or that maybe people --
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seems extreme to me. >> it does, but when i said it -- first of all, i tweeted that out in the heat of a moment that was -- really angered me and pulled at my heartstrings because it happened here in dallas. so that was one thing. i may have done it out of anger and that's yes deleted it, people are taking this the wrong way. >> reporter: her biggest test will come after president takes office. will she an mouthpiece or hold his feet to the fire? >> you're a political do you plan to be on tough as trump as you or the snowflakes? >> hold me to that. hold me to that. >> you? >> please hold me to that. there are so many americans depending on him. >> reporter: just is there are millions upon millions watching her in a very real way. the mainstream media includes her. i'm david wright for "nightline" in dallas. next, another person enjoying a cultural moment but in a very different way.
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what a year this has been for dj khaled. he describes himself as a genius and i'm inclined to believe him. powered largelily a hilarious snapchat account, khaled is an author, actor, and newly minted grammy nominee for rap album of the year. he's become a sort of motivational figure.
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>> it's go time. >> reporter: it's the snapchat story that had everybody talking. >> dj khaled! >> reporter: he's the hip-hop producer behind some of this decade's biggest anthems like "all i do is win." ? all i do is win-win win no matter what ? ? got money on my mind i can never get enough ? >> reporter: documenting minute by minute inside a delivery room. >> the water broke. >> reporter: as his fiancee gave birt >> doctor, how we doing, doc? >> looking great. >> baby's here! i'm going to let you all hear it. god is great, man. the minute i held him and he opened his eyes and me and him locked eyes together -- my whole life changed. >> life you so much! >> reporter: becoming a father capped off an extraordinary year
12:20 am
product endorsements. a best-selling book. and just last week, a grammy nomination for rap album of the year. 2016 has left no doubt dj khaled's got the keys to success. ? i got the keys to your success ? >> can we go as far as saying this has been the year of your life? >> it's been the year of my life. but let me tell you what's been the biggest blessing ever. is my son. bring my son over here for a second, please. >> look at this here, man. >> so comfortableht you're my life. i love you. i love you. i love you. >> little icon. >> that's my son. he my life. >> all you've done, all you've seen in 40 years, you make it sound as if life just started on his birthday. >> it did. it did. >> reporter: even on this day, in true khaled fashion, nothing was off limits which did not go over well with his fiancee nicole. >> i kept telling her i'm going
12:21 am
don't know why. >> she told you not to do it, khaled. khaled. >> listen, i want you to put love in the universe. because you have to show love. and that was a life being born. that's the most love ever. ain't no more love than that. t.j., this is real, man. >> you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish. you have life, you can accomplish anything. we got life. that's the key. >> reporter: khaled's simple words of wisdom have made him an unprecedented mova figure. >> this cloth, special cloth alert. >> reporter: he's got countless catch phrases. his keys to success. we first met back in january. >> right now i'm on abc "nightline." major key. you know what i'm saying? this is big. >> less up. >> lbless up, that's my everyda greeting, bless up. fy text you, call you, bless up. >> special cloth, explain. >> this is special cloth, dj khaled, cut from special fabric, one of one, rare breed. >> some people think when they
12:22 am
he trying to be funny, is he putting on? >> definitely not an act and i want the world to know i'm super serious. and this is just dj khaled. >> reporter: after a year of snapping, khaled isn't concerned about keeping it fresh for his fans. but keeping it authentic. >> do you feel a need to come up with new catch phrases? >> no, i don't feel pressure at all. anything i've ever done has been just a vibe. it's a vibe, natural. i don't wake up in the morning trying to figure something out. that's just way i talk, know what i'm saying? it relates to all the people in the streets. >> reporter: khaled now leverages his massive audience on snapchat to promote his music, building buzz around new songs for free. ? is it just me or is this so so good i shouldn't have to ? >> how do you describe yourself? some people can't figure it out. >> genius. a deejay, artist, producer, executive. i make hits. i find hits.
12:23 am
i'm a music mogul. >> reporter: a typical day in khaled's hometown of miami includes a stop in finga licking, the restaurant he coowns. >> it's good to be a restaurant owner. it's part of my dreams of being the biggest mogul. winning is easy. winning more is the challenge. i be fine, coming out, see the fan love? this fan love, it's all over. i just snapped something real quick. and right when i snapped 2.27 million off of one snap real quick. so i'm going to introduce you to fan love. fan love! >> reporter: no bodyguard, no entourage. just khaled. signing everything from sneakers to cell phones. >> thank you! >> i'm like one of his biggest fans! >> it's my 21st. and they don't want you to celebrate.
12:24 am
celebrate with dj khaled. >> fan love getting a little out of control? >> i seen kids crying. crying, changed my life, literally tears in their eyes. it's like -- it almost made me cry. >> reporter: much of his fan base consists of young kids which is why he's teamed up with a nonprofit get schooled to promote the importance of education. >> i'm taking over as your principal for the day. school is like life. you will be tested. pass it. >> can you would be that messenger now? >> i'm proud. you know what i'm saying? because if i can help somebody, that's a beautiful thing. i'm telling you, more blessings you give, the more you get back. >> miami kills, middle school make some noise! >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm t.j. holmes in new york. >> our thanks to t.j. by the way, dj khaled's book "the keys" is available now.
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finally here, if you find the holidays stressful, here now, instant relief. >> hi, we need a parade leader, would you mind leading our parade? >> it can be hard to get new yorkers to stop on the street and talk. but the people from improv everywhere maned >> hi, excuse me, will you lead our parade? >> yeah, why not? >> in a new video members of the comedy collective asked pedestrians to lead a random parade. ? those who grabbed the baton and wear the hat are surrounded by a marching band playing holiday music all the way to their next destination. this is not improv everywhere ris first rodeo -- or parade. the group has gained a following for staging the annual no pants subway ride. and for asking people to declare
12:31 am
white shirt over there, who won't hang out with me anymore. she's hiding behind the green planter box. >> they bombard strangers with odd questions during fake news conferences. >> what do you say to the'ses you have overdue library books and have fines? >> what can i say, i love reading. >> this parade stunt definitely less confrontational, pretty much impossible to watch without smiling. thank you for tonight. as always we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page. thanks again for watching and ?? ? show me that smile again ? >> tonight we remember beloved tv dad alan thicke. >> to my dying day if that'sson
12:32 am
on "growing pains," thank the lord. >> i have new details about his collapse including his last words to his son. >> he had carter take a picture of him as they were taking him out of there. >> "e.t.'s" exclusive with the man who called 911 and his friendsswho knew his best. >> now he's gone. >> with alan at home, at a wedding on set. >> my dad's helping me out right now. >> mostly i stay out of his waa. >> ben affleck reveals chris damon. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> blake shelton and the voice winner as derek hough breaks news that he's ditching dancing. >> now for december 14, 2016 thshgs is "entertainment o cf1o tonight." >> shock and sadness over the death of one of tv's all-time favorite dads, alan thicke. we have unforgettable moments with the "growing pains" star that you cannot get anywhere


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