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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 14, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CST

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joyce: we are in the deep freeze tonight. patrick: a wind chill advisory is in effect. mark, it is frigid out there. mark: frigid is a good it. a winter advisory tonight, a winter storm watch friday into saturday, then it gets colder on sunday before we catch a break next week. you can see temperatures with many areas below zero, and the wind is still a problem, the wind chills running 10-25 below zero across the badger state. wind-chill advisory through 10:00 a.m. thursday.
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bus top, terrible. windchills the 25 below. high temperatures hitting nine, that's it, and then we focus on the snow after the cold tomorrow. patrick: the city of milwaukee unveils its plan to keep people safe during the dangerous cold. joyce: the city plans to keep all its warming shelters open this weekend, including the library. it's also contacted the police department to make sure its homeless outreach team is out looking to take people to warming locations. according to the city, there are 1400 people homeless in milwaukee on any given night. if you're a driver, the mayor has a very stern message for you during this coldp. >> do not leave your car running unless you are in it. this is the time of year where we also see an increase in auto thefts because so many individuals leave their cars running to pick up their child, run into get something. this is something where we are asking for trouble. joyce: a new homeless shelter opens tonight. called feeding his flock, the overnight shelter is on 81st and
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need somewhere to go. track the temperatures and wind chills wherever you go using the weather watch 12 app. download it for free to your smartphone or tablet. patrick: yahoo is revealing another huge data breach. more than one billion yahoo accounts were hacked in august 2013. stolen information includes names and passwords, but apparently not financial information. yahoo has started requiring users to change their passwords. this breech is separate from a yahoo cyber security attack announced in september, which milwaukee police need your help tracking down three suspects in an armed robbery at a beauty store. surveillance video from cosmo beauty supply near 56th and capitol shows the robbery last sunday afternoon. during the robbery one of the , suspects pepper sprayed and threw a broom a worker at the store. the three suspects are also wanted in a robbery at the cosmo beauty store on north avenue. if you have any information you're asked to call police.
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-- elect donald trump takes a high-tech break from finalizing his cabinet. he hosted technology leaders in new york today. abc's karen travers takes us there. >> it's a trump tower tech summit. the president elect sitting down with leaders from some of america's top companies. >> we're going to be there for you. call my people, call me we have no formal chain of command silicon valley is not exactly friendly terin back in july, a group of more than 140 tech executives and entrepreneurs wrote in an open letter that trump would be quote a disaster for innovation due to his views on immigration and the global economy. none of today's attendees signed that letter. >> there is nobody like the people in this room. >> trump announcing wednesday he's picked former texas governor rick perry to lead the department of energy an agency , he once said he would eliminate. and he's offered the interior secretary job to congressman ryan zinke of montana, a retired navy seal who has pushed for
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criticized by environmental and clean energy groups. but it's his pick for secretary of state that's drawing bipartisan concerns over potential conflicts of interest. last night, trump launched a public defense of his choice to be the nation's top diplomat exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson who has had a long relationship , with russia's vladimir putin. >> rex is friendly with many leaders in the world we don't get along with. >> surprise, the russians have been effusive further praise of the ceo. >> he's getting more love from russia and people in russia than the united states senate. >> donald trump has not yet announced his picks to head the departments of agriculture and veterans affairs. mike pence said today that the work of the transition team will continue all the way into the holidays. patrick: now to a somber anniversary in one connecticut town. today marks four years since 20-students and six-adults were
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connecticut. the gunman, adam lanza, killed himself as police approached the school. in newtown this morning, 15-minutes of silence, starting at the exact time the shooting began. a jury in south carolina will soon decide the fate of the man accused of killing nine members of a church. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the case against dylann roof. as abc's lauren lyster shows us, today jurors heard the frantic 911 call from one survivor. >> there are so many people dead, i think. oh, my god. chilling 911 calls revealed in a charleston courtroom. describing the horror shortly after dylann roof allegedly opened fire on a bible study after entering the historic church, killing nine worshippers. >> did you see him at all? >> yes, he was a young 21-year-old white dude. he has got it in his hand. he is reloading. >> how many shots as he fired?
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there's so many. >> polly sheppard made those 911 calls telling jurors that roof , spared her life so she could tell the story. roof laughed it off in this fbi confession. >> do you remember telling that lady, i'm going to let you live so you could tell my story. >> yeah. i remember saying that. >> roof also telling fbi interrogators he was determined to kill black people. >> i thought about going to, like, a black festival or something like that, but they got security and stuff and you gotta wait for the day you know, you can't do it whenever you're ready. >> do you have any remorse? >> i think it's too soon. >> prosecutors say roof planned the attack for months, even scouting several other black churches. target practicing in his own back yard, using the same 45-caliber glock he is accused of using at the emanuel african methodist episcopal church. the brother of one of the victims, cynthia graham hurd, reflecting on the trial.
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>> lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. joyce: a tragic story out of upstate new york. a 13-year-old boy died after being buried in a large snow bank. the police chief says two boys were trying to make a fort in a pile of snow when a public works crew dumped more snow on top burying both of them. , a police k-9 found them after they were reported missing. the second boy is recovering at home tonight. uber is being ordered to stop its self-driving car service in san francisco. the state of california says uber does not have a permit to operate autonomous vehicles. uber argues that its cars are not entirely autonomous since they require that a person be ready to take the wheel if necessary. ? patrick: wauwatosa east high school students have something to sing about right now, multimillion dollar upgrades to their theatre. wisn 12 news hillary mintz takes us inside to see the new stage.
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in their voices, projecting across the newly renovated dale k. hidde theatre at wauwatosa east high school. >> it's nice, up-to-date, beautiful, exciting, just great, and having our first show here was awesome. >> theatre director kate sarner says crews gutted the place top to bottom, replacing seating, lightingcu with the new upgrades, she says there is a clear difference. >> they sounded process as opposed to a natural sound. >> built in the 1940's, sarner says the updates were long overdue, and thanks to one time funding from the district of the $2.5 million, theatre has new life. >> it was needed and appreciated. this was incredible. >> music to her ears.
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community so that we can have something to share with them. ? >> keeping the spotlight on the kids and the community. in wauwatosa, hillary mintz wisn 12 news. patrick: the new theatre seats an audience of 1200 people. joyce: looking ahead to tomorrow better get those holiday , packages ready to go. tomorrow is the post office christmas deadline for regular ground service and oversized packages. the priority mail deadline is december 21. tomorrow is the final day to coverage under the affordable care act if you want coverage starting january 1. if you need help, a special enrollment event is being held from 9:00 until 4:00 tomorrow at independence first, at first and bruce in milwaukee. and the drive sober or get pulled over campaign begins tomorrow. law enforcement across wisconsin will be on a special lookout for drunk drivers through new year's day. patrick: an anonymous gift is helping some people in green bay stay warm.
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john's park in downtown green bay. the items contain cards with the message, i am not lost. please take me to keep warm. merry christmas. the park is near a homeless shelter and an elementary school. what a nice message and gesture. joyce: a local couple gets a big christmas surprise. >> and they called up and said, you one. and i said, great, what did i win? patrick: up next, thiz will make their holidays a lot brighter this year. joyce: plus, formerly conjoined twins see each other for the first time since their separation surgery.
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joyce: he may not be home for christmas, but he's certainly there in spirit, and in his family's christmas card, which has gone viral. sergeant brandon sistrunk is serving in the u.s. air force in iraq, while his family is back in the states in colorado. so they blended photos for their card, and found that their message hits homes with other military families, t and emotionally a loan, even though you know that he will come back are you pray they come back, but hopefully seeing that we are getting through it, they can get through it too. joyce: they took another photo. this one, ashley says, captures their family even better.
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won. i said great, what did i win? joyce: a world war two veteran and his wife of 72 years get a big christmas surprise. patrick: as wisn 12 news' mike anderson reports, they're beaming with holiday joy. >> this is the plane i flew, but not this plane. it is a torpedo bomber. >> chuck franzke is a decorated navy veteran of world war two. >> world war ii was not like any other war, because the whole war ii. , and much of the country has been involved in honoring world war ii vets over the years, but there is only one company that we know of that is involved with decorating homes for veterans like the franzke's for christmas. >> once the polls are closed in the off-season, we do the christmas lights. >> the franzke's are one of two families the company selected in southeastern wisconsin to honor with decorations this year.
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they come home and they see the christmas lights. a lot of people like to decorate their cells, and as they get older, it gets harder to do it, and so we can come out and do it for you. >> chuck and his wife beverly are in their early 1990's all -- and all they've done in recent years is put up a few candles so the free decorations , is a blessing to them. >> i like that part of it. >> be lit up for the first time in a long time. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. patrick: swimming pool services has been decorating homes at christmas for several years now. they say it's their way of giving back. joyce: formerly conjoined twin girls see each other for the first time since their separation surgery. two-year-old erika and eva sandoval were separated last week in a 17-hour surgery. they had been in separate icu
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spend some time together. the girls smiled when they saw each other. if all goes well, they should be able to go home in about two weeks. patrick: we are now just two days away from the new star wars movie, and some fans in california are taking no chances. they were able to pick up their tickets last night and immediately got in line outside the famous chinese theater in hollywood. they will camp out until rogue one opens on friday. some have turned the campout into a fundraiser for a children's charity. joyce: all right, well, come on. in sports, the award that paul chryst is a finalist for. patrick: plus, the badger basketball team tries to finish off a season sweep of in-state rivals. joyce: while marquette will have
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: last december, wisconsin nearly blew a 30-point lead, holding on to beat green bay by five point. that was their only in-state win that season as they lost to both marquette and milwaukee. this year, the badgers beat the
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play the panthers, so a win over the phoenix tonight would give them a state sweep. they got off to a slow start. that three by karem kanter gave the phoenix their only lead. that seemed to wake up the badgers, who went on a tear. zak showalter hit a career-best four three-pointers. he scored 16 tonight to go with six steals. then, this is something new, ethan happ with the first basket of his career from outside the paint. yes, he can hit a jumper. the offense ran through happ tonight leading the break, , dishing to nigel hayes, who led everyone with 24 points. wisconsin led by 10 at the half. green bay made a brief run. kenneth lowe with the slam to cut the defecit to seven. but despite just six points from bronson koenig, the badgers cruised. happ finished with 14 points, 10 rebounds, six assists. the badgers beat green bay 73-59. the uw-milwaukee panthers with a road test at ohio, and after falling behind by nine early, the panthers battled back. cody wichman for three and the lead. wichman hit five of those and scored 15 points.
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the alley-oop. antonio campbell throws one down one-handed. he led all scorers with 19. this one stayed close all the way. bryce barnes with the nice crossover and step back for two of his love and to tie the game. ohio holds on for a 71-69 win. the panthers dropped 4-7. market will go a day's between games before hosting st. francis of pennsylvania monday night. but guard traci carter will not be in uniform for that game. the school announced today that carter is leaving the program immediately and intends to transfer. the sophomore started 23 of the 41 games he played in the past year and a half, but lost playing time to freshman markus howard. sandy cohen also left the program this semester, transferring to green bay. the milwaukee bucks hose the bulls tomorrow. -- host the bulls tomorrow. the nba and it's players association have reached an agreement on a seven-year collective bargaining agreement. it still has to be formally ratified by the players and
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one of five finalists for the bobby dodd national college football coach of the year award. pj fleck of western michigan, whose broncos will face the badgers in the cotton bowl, is also a finalist. interestingly enough, alabama's nick saban and penn state's james franklin did not make the cut, but they are two of the finalists for the ap coach of three the year award. i believe this one is before the ballgames -- bowl games. thank you. patrick:
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joyce: on the little frayed to head outside. mark: this cold is no joke. it doesn't take long at all for frostbite to kick in with conditions like this, so you want to limit your exposure as wind chills are approaching 20 degrees below zero in many spots in southeastern wisconsin. a wind chill advisory continues until 10:00 in the morning on thursday.
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windchills below zero.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, david spade, the "jimmy kimmel live" clip of the year, and metallica. and now, on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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