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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. patrick: a double shot of winter weather headed our way. mark: how much snow to expect and when we get rid of the cold. joyce: groups try to find those with nowhere to stay. >> week year up for this all year long. -- we long. patrick: and, local business making a little magic. only wisn 12 take you behind-the-scenes as children visit this unusual holiday stop hoping to see santa. joyce: a brutal cold grips the city and you may be gripping your winter clothing a little we are now under a wind chill advisory, through tomorrow, mark, it will feel like 25 below. mark: right now, 12 degrees
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at six, temperatures drop below zero tonight. windchills as cold as 19 in sheboygan in waukesha. it is brutal no matter where you are. that wind chill advisory in effect until 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. at that time, it will not be a magical warm up. it will be cold all day long with temperatures hitting nine. er to 20 five below zero. that is only one part of the story. we go from bitter cold to snow, and back to bitter cold. i will have more coming up. joyce: thanks. emergency centers are now open to get people out of these dangerous temperatures and indoors. patrick: as christina palladino reports, outreach workers braved the frigid cold to find homeless people and bring them to safety. >> warm sleeping bags and hot food await people who walk into feeding his flock shelter in west allis tonight. the center is remaining open
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dangerously cold temperatures. >> it takes a lot of volunteers. it takes a lot of time, and it takes a lot of money actually. >> these two women with the shelter get a call this evening to look for a man they've fed at the pantry before. they eventually find him a block over seeking warmth in the west allis library. groups of outreach workers will walk through alleyways and train tracks to find homeless people and bring them to warming centers. from a church group brave the wind to ring the bell for the salvation army. all proceeds go towards their programs to feed, shelter, and help people in need. this year, they are way down in donations which could get worse , in this bitter cold. >> not only does it get harder to keep the kettle manned, but someone who might generally want to give may pass the kettle up
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your pocket and get that cash out and put it into the kettle. >> and in order to give back all , all of these charities could use an extra hand up. in milwaukee christina , palladino, wisn 12 news. patrick: the snow on the way times out with big events happening this weekend. we're heading into one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. it's also a popular time for winter gradun matc's commencement is friday night, right when the snow storm is expected to start. concordia university's commencement is saturday morning and afternoon, as the snow is expected to pileup. u.w.-milwaukee's ceremony will be sunday when the roads should be clear. guests at the pfister hotel had to rush into the cold. crews working on the roof with a torch a fire this afternoon. you can see where it started from news chopper 12. the guests were sent across the street, while firefighters made sure the fire didn't spread. it did not cause serious damage. the hotel is open tonight. joyce: from a big win to a big
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potawatomi casino, only to have robbers follow him home and steal his stash. it happened early tuesday morning. one of the three robbers pulled a gun and took the man's 15,000 dollar win. there have been several other recent incidents of robbers following winners home. the casino will issue checks for large winners, if guests ask. and guards will escort gamblers to their cars. in a statement, the casino also says it monitors parking areas with security cameras and vehicles. and during peak hours, it also hires off-duty police officers. patrick: a beloved pastor in racine is dead after being hit by a car while working his job with the city. as ben hutchisonep members are struggling with the news of his death. >> the reverend's name is on the church behind me, but his losses felt throughout the community. >> you expect your pastor to be here and not taken away by a tragic accident, but god has a plan. >> a plan hard to comprehend for
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she's a member at christ chapel missionary baptist church. the bible study canceled after gates was tragically killed earlier in the day after being hit by a speeding car on washington avenue while working his other job collecting recyclables for the city of racine. the city releasing a statement , saying in part, "mark was a highly respected and dedicated employee as well as a deeply faithful and caring pastor, and he will be missed by all who knew him." >> he was willing everything he had to help the next person. >> freeman says she was baptized at the church, and gates was a father figure to her children and so many others. >> he was their friend, their confidant. he was always having fun and willing to do anything for the kids. >> members say they will keep his legacy of love and caring for others alive. patrick: racine police are asking witnesses to come forward with any information about the crash as they continue to investigate. joyce: the body of a missing
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kaelin o'neal was last seen on campus sunday morning. after hours of searching, divers with the sheboygan county dive team recovered his body this afternoon. authorities do not believe there was any foul play involved in the incident. lakeland university tells wisn 12 news o'neal, who was from north carolina, was a member of the football team. four women arrested from three waukesha massage businesses. all spots are closed down right three now after police conducted a sex sting operation. after suio advertisements undercover , investigators went to the businesses. police say they were able to arrange purchases for sexual activity. four workers were arrested on prostitution charges. they have not been charged at this time. the milwaukee county zoo is sharing some sad news about a beloved animal. patrick: femelle the gorilla has died. she has been at the milwaukee county zoo since 1985. this is a picture the zoo posted on facebook. she was born in the wild. it's estimated she was about
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to be elderly. we're told she was very maternal and helped take care of a young, 2-year-old gorilla. if you live in milwaukee, you should have received your property tax bill by today. if you didn't, you should contact the city treasurer's office and request a duplicate tax bill. to pay your taxes, the city says you can mail it in, pay online, go to a milwaukee u.s. bank location, or wait in line at the treasurer's office. joyce: to serve and protect and shop. >> let's go find some legos. joyce: milwaukee police officers from district five hosted shop with a cop tonight. they paired with 20 needy youngsters, giving each of them a $100 walmart gift card and , then helping the kids pick holiday gifts for themselves and their families. >> as you can see, a lot of smiles. they are very excited. for some, they have never been able to do something like this before so it's a great , opportunity. joyce: afterward, the officers wrapped the gifts with the kids. police say it's a great way to
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and sharing. a lot of smiles fair. patrick: a wind chill advisory and a winter storm watch. joyce: mark is keeping a close eye on the forecast in the weather center. mark: more snow is coming. how much we will get, next and weatherwatch 12. patrick: another huge hack for yahoo. the information the hackers got away with. >> i try to create magic. joyce: and a local business does it year after year. only wisn 12 news takes you behind the scenes of this unusual holiday stop. patrick: and how much do you the host the oscar
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patrick: saving packages, and most likely some christmas presents. a mail truck in north carolina started on fire. while waiting for the fire department to arrive, the postal worker and a stranger started pulling packages out. when the fire department arrived, they put out the fire in minutes. many of the packages saved were reportedly amazon deliveries. the company thanked everyone for their work to save the packages that fire department. more questions tonight about possible conflicts of interest with president-elect donald trump's business empire. joyce: democrats on the house oversight committee are looking into his new luxury hotel in washington, just blocks from the white house. it just opened in september but ethics lawyers say he needs to sell it. to avoid violating the constitution, which prohibits elected officials from receiving anything of benefit from a foreign government, trump would need to sign his interests over to an independent trustee.
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have to be sold if the president is going to be able to be free of conflicts of interest or we'll have a disaster on our hands. >> otherwise we're going to be in this extraordinary situation of immediate constitutional violation as soon as the president takes the oath of office. joyce: but when it comes to federal conflict of interest laws, presidents are exempt. those experts say he doesn't have to sell if he doesn't want to. president elect trump has indicated he'll be leaving his businesses to his ol while he focuses on the presidency but some are , questioning if that is enough. patrick: this huge map of downtown washington d.c. is being used as a training tool for donald trump's upcoming presidential inauguration. members of the military and civilians took a look at it today in order to prepare for the ceremony on january 20. the 40-by-60-foot map includes pop-up building models of the u.s. capitol, the white house and trump's hotel. , it also displays the parade route.
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support of our civilian leaders. so that's why there's a presidential inaugural committee, a pick, and there's other committees at the civilian level that helps organize it. and the military is here to support our local civilian, state and federal partners. ,patrick: the chairman of trump's presidential inaugural committee expects to host about two million people, with up to 400 million watching on television around the world throughout inauguration week. a man accused of hitting a protester at a trump rally in sentenced. the protester was being removed from the rally when it happened in march. today, 79-year-old john franklin mcgraw was sentenced to one year probation. he also apologized to the man he punched. they shook his hand and hugged. joyce: a pocket dial tattles on two would be robbers. police in danville, kentucky say the duo accidentally called 911 as they were discussing plans to rob a restaurant. the bad luck for the men doesn't stop there. the city's police chief was eating dinner inside the
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the suspects were found in a car in the parking lot. police say they were drunk and may not have actually been serious about a robbery. however, they are now banned from the restaurant. they weren't even allowed in to apologize to the owner. patrick: a woman in new york is suing the makers of lean cuisine over a chemical. the box says preservative-free. but the customer says they can't make that claim because citric acid is in the ingredients. the company says it's not using it in that way. now a court might have to decide if a can the product still claim to be preservative-free. late night talk show host jimmy kimmel reveals how much he'll get paid to host the oscars in february. joyce: it's probably not what you would think. he says the payment is $15,000 -- $15,000. that is it. kimmel talked about it this morning on a radio show. this will be the first time kimmel will host the oscars. the 89th annual academy awards will air on february 26, only right here on wisn 12. and don't forget you can watch jimmy kimmel live after 12 news.
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that big, doesn't it? joyce: he said i don't know if i was supposed to reveal that. patrick: well, he did. tonight a story behind the , excitement kids have when they get to visit with santa claus. -- santa claus. joyce: kathy mykleby shows us the lengths grown ups will go to make it just right. kathy: tonight we are getting a , jump on our annual celebration of the season. we are going behind the scenes as santa is given some special treatment for the sake of the kids. town ? kathy: they closed up early at paulina's for a special night last week. they were getting ready for a jolly, old customer. it was inherited even before this place became an esthetic boutique. >> i was born and raised here. kathy: she wanted a tranquil spot to offer facials, tanning and massage.
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window. it looked perfect. >> little did she know while they can for years, the space she chose had been used to host santa's annual visit to the village. it seemed meant to be. >> i said i will do it. i wanted. i love santa. i'd love the magic of christmas whether it is religious or , family, just because of the magic it brings. kathy: now just days before christmas , and all through the shop preparations for a special visit , can get over the top stowed , away are the lotions for healthy skin care, in hopes they'll be ready when santa gets there. >> we have been here five years. you would think we have it down pat. we don't. kathy: a perk is involving her
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i have four children. i have 12 employees. i'm getting married soon. i'm very busy. i cannot volunteer. this is what i can do to give back. kathy: the inspiration is family childhood, including her own and , a mom and dad who could make anything magic when they could hardly make do. >> i remember reaching into my stocking and there were a couple of things from the dollar store and pulling out this jar of pickles. kathy: mrs. claus is the first to arrive with the line growing outside. in the nick of time, santa strolls down the hall to take his seat. they sneak in a family picture. it's time to open the door and let all the kids inside. and from here, santa does what he does best. >> merry christmas. >> it takes love, and you can turn anything into magic.
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back into shape to open early the next morning. now mark your calendars. our annual season to celebrate special is coming soon. special is coming soon. see it wednesday, december 21 at 7:00 p.m. joyce: we have a lot of surprises for you in this year's special. mark: season to celebrate will remind you of the magic this time of year brings. brand new this year, we ride along onboard the canadian rolls into town. see it from every angle. sally severson and i were there as the cold steel warmed the wauwatosa village with christmas joy. ? mark: it's more than a pretty sight. what this train does that truly remarkable feeds the hearts and , souls of the entire community, long after it's gone. watch season to celebrate airing
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p.m.,in the meantime, let's talk temperatures. oh, yeah. that hopefully warms you up on the night like tonight. two degrees in sheboygan, three west bend, one in beaver dam and waukesha. the dells are above zero. the wind is still blustery, so windchills are really uncomfortable and a dangerous levels. this is when you want to make sure you are checking in on your neighbors. they are outside you can leave them in weather like this. windchills as low as 26 below zero international falls. 28 below in glasgow, montana. that is the cold stuff. that's why we have a wind chill advisory in effect until 10:00 tomorrow. it will be cold all day tomorrow. make sure you bundle up your kids completely at the bus stop,
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a christmas story. the windchills will be 25 below. or sit in your car with them and wait for the bus to arrive. these windchills will be around 25 below. sunrise tomorrow when not help a lot. three degrees below zero at 7:00. three by 9:00. it is cold all day long. snow is on the way. 9.6 inches so far, 2.6 inches above average for the season. more than that as we california, affecting organ, snow -- oregon, snow in portland. they go crazy when they get snow in portland, oregon. we just need to be prepared for it as the next round comes in. it is nice and quiet, cold, let's jump ahead. friday morning, some light snow late thursday into friday morning, very light, not lot of
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expecting steady snow in the afternoon, and likely causing issues for the friday evening commute, so be ready for that. saturday morning, we get a bit of a break and there could be yet another round of snow that pushes back in here later in the day on saturday. the timing on this is still in question. that is one thing i will be watching closely. this no schedule at this point, light snow friday morning, steady snow late afternoon into friday, heaviest friday night, light snow for wind will be picking up. winter storm watch in effect for our northern counties, including milwaukee, waukesha, jefferson county northward. you are still getting snow here. this may expand depending on the track of the storm. six-nine inches expected southeast wisconsin, light and fluffy. travel friday night difficult, saturday not great. it gets better on sunday if you can hold off travel and till then.
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farther south, everyone gets a lot of snow. maybe two rounds, the heaviest friday night, but so be ready for troublesome spots. in the meantime, nine degrees for the high on thursday, then we warm up as the snow moves in. 23 on friday, again, light and fluffy snow, so easy to mo light snow saturday, 30, then it gets supercold we might not get to six on sunday and we might be around zero for the day, 25 or 30 below windchills. look at the warm-up. 33 degrees by wednesday, so a crazy forecast, cold, snow, cold, then finally warm-up. joyce: so we just have to get to next wednesday. thank you, mark. tonight's holiday lights take us to kent avenue in whitefish bay. the yard is filled with
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other lights. then there is a fun surprise in the window, the abominable snowman from rudolph the red nosed reindeer. you can help us light up the holidays. if there's a display you'd like to see on t.v., email us the address then watch 12 news at , 10:00. patrick: something to see their, and something tonight to sing about. joyce: the major renovation project students at tosa east are celebrating tonight. patrick: also ahead, an attempted robbery at a local business.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. >> i am feeling better. i appreciate the time to rehab. really about maximizing the rehab time, so i got to get a couple of extra hours in with the training staff. it was good. dan: aaron rodgers did not practice today, and probably won't tomorrow because of calf and hamstring injuries, but rodgers says he will play against the bears sunday. as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, the packers have plenty of incentive for a victory in chicago.
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oldest rivalry, and if the packers eat the ayers, they will tie the all-time series at 94 wins apiece. >> when you think about it, that is pretty cool. as many games as they have played in this rivalry, it is pretty cool to be even. >> they know us. we know them. everything is setting up for a packers-bears game, the weather, soldiers field cold, probably some it's going to be a good battle. >> he has been limping around and it has gotten worse. stephanie: aaron rodgers's limping into the game, but he knows how important it is to get a win. >> it hasn't happened in 80 years or something, so you want to be on the right side of history. sunday would help us get there. stephanie: now the packers have beat that there's in chicago the
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a victory to keep its postseason hopes alive. dan: thank you, steph. with temperatures expected to hover at close to zero sunday, the packers could sure use eddie lacy, who is out for the season after ankle surgery. lacy becomes a free agent after this season, but would like to return to green bay. >> i mean honestly i just have to focus getting that back right so when that time presents itself, you know, i'm able to go out and train and show what i can do. i definitely wanna be here. i hope i am still here, but that's a road that's kinda far down the line right now. dan: the brewers have signed veteran free agent pitcher tommy milone to a one-year contract. milone played for the twins last season. he will compete for a spot in the starting rotation. coming up in our next half hour, the badgers try for a second straight in-state win.
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billion accounts had been hacked. patrick: now, it's happened again, and it's even bigger. ahead, the information the hackers got. and the instructions you can expect to get if your account was hacked. joyce: and winter clothing left on a fence for anyone who needs
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