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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CST

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kathy: thank you. joyce: keeping you safe during this cold snap. the city of milwaukee is urging anyone who needs help finding a place to go to stay warm, to call the 2-1-1 hotline. a new homeless shelter is also scheduled to open tonight. it's located near 81st and lapham in west allis. mayor tom barrett says all of the city's warming shelters will be open. the city is also working together with the police department to make sure its homeless outreach team is out helping people find shelter. >> we want to make sure as this cold front comes in today, very hard tonight, that people get themselves into warm situations. and to do that means spending as little time outside as possible. joyce: another request from the mayor, be good neighbors. check on your loved ones, the elderly and anyone with medical conditions. you can track the temperatures anytime with the wisn 12 news mobile app. it's free to download. kathy: breaking news now. the body of a missing lakeland university student has been found. kaelin o'neal was last seen on campus sunday morning.
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body was recovered by the sheboygan county dive team this afternoon. authorities do not believe there was any foul play involved in the incident. lakeland university tells wisn 12 news, o'neal was a member of the football team. he was also from north carolina. joyce: a fire on the roof of milwaukee's pfister hotel, and hundreds of guests evacuated. it happened during the busy lunch hour, while construction crews were working on top of the hotel. wisn 12 news terry sater is live with the terry: the call about a fire on the pfister hotel roof came in just before noon before -- from someone high up in a neighboring building. roughly 300 people were evacuated, and so far fire investigators are pointing to insulation and a construction crew. >> just before noon, we got a call of fire on the roof of the pfister hotel. terry: milwaukee deputy fire chief terry lintonen says, thankfully, no one was hurt. >> we did find fire around an area that was under construction on the roof.
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shows the part of the roof fire investigators checked out. >> concern was that the fire did not drop down into the building or start to run across the roof. >> we did have to evacuate the guest rooms. and we were able to get everyone down to the lobby and across the street very, very quickly. terry: pfister general manager tim smith says construction crews are updating the hotel's elevators. firefighters say workers were using a torch. >> we just restaurants over a busy lunch hour, but we were able to get everybody back in the restaurant, happily enjoying themselves. terry: firefighters say the fire won't jeopardize safe operation of the hotel. >> what we found was fire contained to the roofing material, a little bit into the ceiling below. terry: we're told the aftermath of the fire and the damage will not interfere with hotel operations. the pfister is open tonight. reporting live in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: four women under arrest in waukesha after police conduct
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wisn 12 news nick bohr reports three locations are shut-down, but could soon re-open. nick: neighbors say something didn't quite look right at sweet thai massage. >> it just said "massage" at first, but then they put heavy carpeting on the door and left everything closed up, and it was kind of suspicious. nick: waukesha police thought so too, after finding online adult ads for sweet thai on sunset, as well as far east healing spa on summit, and lilac massage on >> in our community, we don't welcome commercialized sex. it's like having a brothel on your street. nick: police set up a sting. >> we sent in a couple of differenet undercover investigators, over a period of
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sexual activity there. all of the investigators were able to do that, repeatedly. nick: monday, they arrested four workers on prostitution charges. >> we sent in a couple of >> this is a great community and we don't need stuff like this in here. it'll bring in the riff raff and god knows what else, maybe drug dealers, and we don't need that there. they must've thought the cops were stupid. nick: in fact, all three businesses are now closed. it's not clear yet though, whether that closure is permanent. >> we know right now, they're not doing legitimate businesses -- business practices and that's going to be an issue with the city. nick: in waukesha, nick bohr, wisn 12 news. kathy: we're not identifying t haven't been charged yet. as nick mentioned, all 3 of the businesses targeted in the sting are closed, so we were unable to reach the owners for comment. milwaukee police need your help tracking down 3 suspects in an armed robbery at a beauty store. surveillance video from cosmo beauty supply near 56th and capitol, shows the robbery last sunday afternoon. during the robbery, one of the suspects pepper sprayed and threw a broom at a worker at the
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in a robbery at the cosmo beauty store on north avenue. if you have any information you're asked to call police. joyce: in racine, a car and a city garbage truck collide, sending one person to a hospital. the crash happened near washington and oregon, around 10:00 this morning. here's a look at what's left of the car. the driver of the garbage truck was flown to a hospital by helicopter. there's still no word what caused the crash. joyce: a driver in kenosha is recovering tonight. it's after the person drove into an icy river near carthage college. police say the driver lost control and went over a snowy embankment into the river. several tow truck workers had to go into the water as they , attempted to tow the truck out. the driver was taken to a hospital. kathy: president-elect donald trump invites some of the biggest names in the tech industry for a roundtable at trump tower. the sit-down comes as his cabinet continues taking shape. aixa diaz is in our washington bureau with what we know about the meeting. aixa: donald trump welcome to top executives from the tech
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him. >> i'm here to help you folks do well. aixa: president-elect donald trump offered his support to silicon valley ceos during a meeting at trump tower. at the table, the heads of amazon, apple, facebook, ibm, and microsoft, among others. >> they tend to lean left, so they're not really supportive of donald trump. that said, they tend to be libertarian, many of them are anti-government regulation. aixa: -- aixa: trump's transition team says the president-elect is willing to sit down with people the campaign, if they have ideas on making the country better. today's roundtable focused on jobs, trade, and innovation. >> this is an initial list of people who got together, who wanted to sit down with mr. trump to talk about his agenda, his vision. aixa: meanwhile, trump's cabinet nominations near completion, . >> the momentum and the pace of this transition will continue forward all the way into the holidays. aixa: trump formally announced rick perry as his pick for energy secretary. >> perry certainly knows energy,
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the job of the department of energy is working on and protecting the nation's nuclear stockpiles and nuclear energy, even nuclear weapons. aixa: the president-elect is also reportedly preparing to name montana congressman ryan zinke, a retired navy seal, as his choice for interior secretary. the ceos of uber, pepsi, and tesla are joining trump's strategic and policy forum, a group of more than a dozen business leaders who will advise the next president as he implements his economic agenda. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. kathy: donald trump resumes his thank you tour tomorrow, stopping in hershey, pennsylvania for a nightti joyce: goverscott walker was among the republican office-holders who welcomed president-elect trump west allis last night. people packed state fair park as part of trump's thank you tour. the governor was joined by house speaker paul rn, senator ron johnson, and incoming chief of staff, and rnc chairman, reince priebus. walker says since the election, he's spoken to the president-elect a handful of times, and mike pence once or twice a week. last night, the governor said trump's message off-stage was
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the president-elect is he's not any different in private than he is in person, it's not an act , it's who he is. he said essentially said to us, i talked with him and mike pence before and after, d a lot of it was just his great appreciation. joyce: this was trump's first visit to wisconsin since he won the election. kathy: new on wisn 12. your unclaimed property could be heading to the auction block. now through december 27, collectible stamps, jewelry, coins and other items are up for grabs. the department of revenue works to connect people with their unclaimed property. but by state law, anything left behind in safety deposit boxes after three years must be sold at auction. you can check it all out online. we have the link on our website, the auction number is on your screen. it's 1-6-9-0-0-1-6. we have the bitter cold, then
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appeared -- needed again. mark: 6-8 inches of snow. more, coming up. joyce: and a tragic reminder of how dangerous winter can be. how one young boy diedfter ending up buried under snow in upstate new york. kathy: and interest rates are about to climb. we'll tell you how much and what the hike could mean for your wallet. joyce: then, something to sing about. the major renovation project students at tosa east are celebrating tonight. ? loop wherever you are, download the wisn 12 mobile app.
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joyce: a huge fire today at a new york city hospital building. a person on twitter allowing us to use this incredible video. the fire department says an hour later, it was out at the nyu medical center in manhattan. one person suffered minor injuries. the cause is still under investigation. in tennessee, a potentially dangerous hazmat situation. dozens of homes evacuated for hours after two big-rigs carrying pool supplies crashed earlier this morning, sending huge plumes of smoke into the
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officials are now worried the air could be toxic. they let the fire burn itself out and are asking people to return home at their own risk. the environmental protection agency has also been called in to investigate. kathy: stock markets closing down this afternoon, following a major announcement from the federal reserve. for the second time in a year, and only the second time in a decade, a hike in interest rates. the fed says they'll go up by .25%, citing a growing job market and improving economy. fed chair janet yellen says most am affect on their wallets. you might see higher rates on some loans, increased interest on deposits, and mortgage rates also could go up. future rate hikes, in part, hinge on president-elect donald trump's policy changes. >> we're operating under a cloud of uncertainty at the moment, and we have time to wait and see what changes occur and to factor those into our decision making
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kathy: fed officials are projecting three rate hikes next year. joyce: comedian bill cosby is back in court. it's a pretrial hearing on charges of aggravated indecent assault. andrea constand claims cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home in suburban philadelphia, twelve years ago. the judge is deciding if thirteen other women, who have presented similar accusations against cosby, should be allowed to testify. kathy: a upstate new york. a 12-year-old boy died after being buried in a large snow bank. the police chief says two boys were trying to make a fort in the snow bank, but it collapsed. investigators are looking into whether a snow plow may have piled on extra snow, causing the collapse. joyce: a somber anniversary today marks four years since one , of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. 20-students, many of them first graders, and six-adults, were
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connecticut, in 2012. the gunman, adam lanza, killed himself, as police approached the school. there were 15-minutes of silence in newtown this morning, starting at the exact time the shooting began. new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, an update on mps's plan to change the school calendar, why the state's now getting involved in the proposal to start class in the middle of august. reporter: and a story about winning and losing. a man followed home and after hitting it big. joyce: and a big holiday surprise for a world war two veteran. join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00. ? kathy: wauwatosa east high school students have something to sing about right now. multimillion dollar upgrades to their theatre. wisn 12 news hillary mintz takes us inside to show us the new
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>> all that jazz. reporter: you can hear the excitement in their voices projecting across the newly , renovated dale k. hidde theatre at wauwatosa east high school. >> it's beautiful, the change is incredible. the excitement echoes throughout the theater. reporter: sarner says, crews gutted the place top to bottom, replacing seating, lighting, curtains and audio. built in the 1940's, sarner says the updates were long overdue, and than to one time funding from the district the theatre , has new life. >> it was very needed and very appreciated.
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>> it is a thank you, so we can share this with them, come cho and see this gorgeous new theater. reporter: keeping the spotlight on the kids and the community. kathy: the new theatre seats 1200. tonight, students will perform in an orchestra concert tonight at 7:00. you, our viewers, have been asking for it. joyce: our annual season to celebrate holiday special is just one week away. this year, all new holiday performances. kids from wisconsin. ? joyce: we'll see the fabulous number they created just for our viewers, and why the kids from wisconsin are so rooted in wisconsin tradition. wisn 12's season to celebrate is the perfect way to get us all in the spirit. watch one week from tonight, at 7:00 p.m., only on wisn 12.
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kid, makes me think of the hot weather back them. joyce: and boy is it cold now. mark: we will focus on that positive. it is more enjoyable than what we will look at. it is tough when you have to talk about the extreme cold, more snow, and even the extreme version of cold. which we will get to in a moment. right now, it is 14 in it is worse in waukesha, nine degrees. five degrees in the dells. the wind is an issue. 37 mile-per-hour wind gusts and we have had blowing snow throughout the day. and please be careful outside. there could be slippery spots in the open areas where we have seen drifting snow.
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in waukesha. 14 degrees below zero in the dells. for below in milwaukee. and a wind-chill advisory from 9:00 tonight. it is already bad. but we are not quite in the criteria. but we will be tonight. it will end tomorrow, but it will still be cold and breezy. now to the winter storm. it is now making its way into the west. ita but we are starting to iron out the forecast and we are more confident on how it will be playing out. it is quiet for now. moving ahead, storm watch starting on friday at 2:00, all the way through saturday, even though the snow will be lighter, we will be blowing with justine snow. and snow starting on friday. it will be steady in the afternoon.
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system. then blowing snow. keep in mind if you have travel plans. there is a lot happening this weekend, the last weekend were holiday shopping. and 8:00 in the morning, light snow. not many problems thursday night into friday. more snow during the afternoon on friday. the evening commute could be troubl out, that could be trouble. then light snow on sunday -- saturday. and a fair amount of snow, again. this will be the powdery snow. it is easy to move. most areas with 6-9 inches. if it goes to the north, we will see if the trend continues. and travel will be difficult on friday night. saturday will not be easy,
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you can't wait until then. -- can wait until them. snow on friday and friday night. lighter on saturday and sunday. this will be fluffy. it will be flying around. nine degrees for the high tomorrow. three degrees below for the lows. snow likely on friday afternoon into friday night. the heaviest on friday night. 30 breezy conditions. and six degrees at midnight. and most of the day, we will be at zero. then warming up again next week. 33 degrees will fill like summer. -- feel like summer. kathy: tuesday.
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paycheck will be for hosting the all caps creditors -- hosting the oscars. and a local spa, a place for santa to get tlc of his own. an actress on the t.v. show shameless is demanding a big payday. joyce: hear why she says she deserves extra money, dating back years. kathy: and the new apple airpods are finally going on sale. them in your christmas stocking. we'll explain why, after the
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kathy: first, she fought for equal pay. now actress emmy rossum is demanding more. showtime series, "shameless," with actor william h. macy. according to "variety," rossum had originally asked for the same pay as macy. now, she's looking for money to make up for the years she was paid less than her male co-star. neither rossum nor the production company has commented on the dispute. "shameless" is heading into its 8th season. kathy: a famous dancing duo is coming to milwaukee. julianne and derek hough's "move live" tour is stopping at the riverside theater next summer. they'll perform on saturday, may 27. the brother-sister team will
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april, in ohio. joyce: apple's wireless headphones are now available. online orders are now open for their highly anticipated airpods. but if you're looking to get them by christmas, probably not happening. the estimated shipping time is about 4 weeks. apple says they'll be available in stores by next week. the headphones will set you back $159. kathy: and we'll have another check of your forecast, coming up. >> make sure you get there on time -- check traffic conditions with wisn 12's mobile app and see if your commute will be naughty or nice.
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mark: i wish you could have seen it, joyce said, we are not in a wind-chill advisory yet? these are bad enough. and the wind will be brisk throughout the night.
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below. we will be under an advisory all evening. joyce: tonight, breaking news. the heartwrenching audio just coming in from the courtroom. the bible study and the survivor, calling for help. and the chilling video tonight of the gunman in his backyard. also tonight, two officers shot, moments after they tell the suspect to pull his hand out of his pocket. attacks on american officers on the rise. also breaking, the massive e-mail breach tonight. authorities now saying 1 billion users had their personal information put at risk. names, addresses, e-mails and passwords. president-elect donald trump, huddling with tech titans today. many of whom publicly supported hillary clinton. what he told them today. new and stunning images from syria tonight. families trapped. the efforts to escape. the desperate calls for help.


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