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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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the windchills staying around 10 degrees below zero. deep cold in place, especially for later tonight and early tomorrow. there is a windchill advisory tonight. the temperatures moderate on thursday night and slight snow tomorrow night. high pressure influences the weather and keeping us sunny and dry today. windchills during the day ten below. colder tonight. here is jeremy nelson. jeremy: good morning. first thing you will notice when stepping out the door, bitter cold windchills. now the temperatures overnight have been in the single digits. now to a look at the rockwell automation temperature. when we arrived here this morning 4:45 a.m. that said 10 degrees above zero. there is a very thin veil of clouds moving in.
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now the temperature may have warmed up a handful of degrees, you are not going to notice it because the windchill is below zero. we have teens below zero this morning. the coldest windchill so far a couple of hours ago in kenosha minus 16. now it is colder through tonight. we have a windchill advisory for tonight through 10:00 a.m. on thursday. 15-25 degrees below zero. you wt this morning. lots of extra layers, the snow pants and hats, gloves and scarf. stay warm this morning. we talk about the snow coming our way for the weekend in a little bit. iel am in the third ward. back to you. >> thank you, jeremy. >> before headed out, we have you covered, hillary has more on staying safe in the cold.
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important points, last year in wisconsin in winter 33 people died from the cold, stay o if i recalls say this year they want that number way, way down. some of the essentials you have to put on before going outside. even if it is for a few minutes. mittens are better than gloves. snow pants for extra warmth. really warm hat. very warm socks and waterproof. if you are outside for just a few minutes, those serious health problems that can happen in less than 30 minutes if your skin is exposed. again, it is not something to take lightly. all of a sudden your fingers become tingly. it is a big deal. because frostbite can happen in just a few minutes.
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the gloef and put on the warm water. put your fingers under the warm water, not hot water. just warm water until you get the feeling back in your fingers. also shovelling, hopefully you cleaned up over the weekend, over exerting yourself in this extreme conditions can put a lot of stress on your body and your heart. that is the latest here. >> thank stay with wisn 12 news for all of the weather and make sure to download the free app as well. >> new, a driver is safe after crashing their car into a river in kenosha. tim? tim: this happened near
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incident. crews rescued the driver from the cold water before the car was submerged in the water. the driver had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out but he's expected to be okay. a tow truck was called to the scene and pulled the vehicle from the water. now the police are still investigating the crash this morning. now to matt with a check on the traffic. matt. reporter: tim, right now we are over 41, 45, northbound, southbound. blue mound in the middle of the frame. no delays in either direction. time to let the vehicle warm up before venturing out this morning. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> looking good so far. thank you, matt. president-elect donald trump
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alongside vice president electric mike pence. this is part of his thank you tour. it comes a day after wisconsin's recount ended. several high profile republicans from wisconsin were there. including house speaker paul ryan, reince priebus and ron johnson and scott walker. >> from wisconsin to new york, that is where donald trump is meeting today with lead leaders from the tech industry. picks following the announcement for secretary of state. >> ben, soming of the tech leaders were strong opponents to donald trump during the campaign but the officials are saying that the meeting is about innovation and jobs. today at trump tower it is a tech summit.
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grow jobs and staying on top. >> the president-elect reviewed the meeting in wisconsin. >> speaker paul ryan, i really come, oh no, i have come to appreciate him. >> he put aside the differences with the hometown house speaker and defended the new nominee for secretary of state. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along some don't like that. >> this guy is a thug and a murderer. >> i don't know about tillerson. we'll ask those questions. >> tillerson is not the only new pick, the president-elect selected former texas governor rick perry for the energy secretary.
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information in the murder of a 15-year-old milwaukee girl. melanie johnson was inside of her home on monday evening and someone fired shots through the window and hitting here. the family and friends held a vigil for the girl. >> she tried to save her nephew and in the process of that, she lost her life. >> the family believes that someone else inside of t apartment was the target. >> dozens of kids are getting help picking out their christmas presents. it is a shop with a cop. 20 kids were chosen this year and paired up with milwaukee police officers from district five to buy gifts for themselves and their families. such an outstanding event. i am sure other parts of the city as well. >> yes, they really need to
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>> yes, everything you have got, sal. sally: yes, jeremy is appropriately dressed for a few minutes in the cold. 10 # west allis. the windchills are showing up in the neighborhood of 5-10 degrees below zero this morning. elsewhere 7 waukesha. not 43 in burlington. that is a misfire there. in ct cooler than everyone else. right now 8 degrees in sheboygan. between now and 11:00 sun glare early morning. west winds are increasing throughout the morning. 15 degrees for today. winds 15-25 miles per hour. we have a windchill advisory for tonight. >> police in sheboygan are looking for a missing college student. he's there on the screen.
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lakeland university campus sunday morning. he's six feet tall and 170 pounds, and wearing a black jacket. if you have information call the sheboygan sheriffs right away. an a man is arrested after making comments about scoot shootings on social media. tim? tim: crime stoppers tip lead the police to the facebook page and he posted photos of himself with guns. skwun needs to do a school shooting around here. police arrested him yesterday. according to the complaint, he told the police he purchased the gun at gander mountain. >> he says stuff like all of the time, but he doesn't comprehend
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>> now wisn 12 news reached out to gand mountain. he's charged for making a terrorist threat and due in court next week. >> tim, thank you. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:10. a fight against cancer. >> how the u.s. leaders are coming together to stop cancer forever. >> plus, camping in sub temperatures? how a group in chicago is raising awareness about a major
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>> welcome back. 6:13. we take a live look outside. a little bit of optimism. the temperature is going up from 11 to 13, 14. take the small victories.
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thing. earlier it was at 6 and now 12 degrees. there is a little tiny cloud deck that is coming through and blanketing the atmosphere and with these temperatures every degree helps. but we are looking at windchills cold air rolling in today and tonight. below 0 tonight and windchills overnight 15-25 below and early tomorrow morning. we have a little snow coming in. 7 at waukesha. we are on the way to windchill advisory in effect for tonight. matt? >> right now 43, 94, holt under neath the freeway. both directions are looking great. in fact, we don't have problems on the roads right now. we are delay free. the travel times are in the
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you have the time to warm up the vehicle no. crashes on the system. >> thank you, matt. >> a landmark day the washington for healthcare. president obama sign add cures bill and giving $6 million to medical research. a signing ceremony yesterday. the bill is funding for cancer, opioid abuse illnesses and brain diseases. the deadline for the marketplace enrollment deadline is tomorrow. you can update your coverage on >> the cease fire in aleppo
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morning. 80 people were shot including women and children. >> today is marking four years since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. most of the kids were younger than 7. the shooter was killed by the police that day. later today, a prayer vigil and moment of silence will be held. >> new details fro dylann roof. tim is in the news room and following the details. tim. tim: roof staked out the church several times, months before the killings in june of 2015. in an fbi confession roof admitted to killing the people inside of the church. yesterday jurors learned that a gps device in the car shows that he drove nearly two hours from
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times. the police say that roof had a list of other black churches as targets in his car. now this trial is expected to end soon. the last witness will be one of the three survivors. now roof has entered a not guilty plea to all of the charges, but the attorneys have said he's willing to change it to a guilty plea if the prosecutors agree not to seek the death penalty against him. >> thank you, tim. new, a homeless rightsro they are protesting the planned closure of a homeless shelter. the temperatures are plunging into the single ddigits. the advocates demand that the city and state find money to keep the shelter open. >> in wisconsin, warming shelters are preparing for a larger crowd. the salvation army open add shelter last month and holds up to 45 people.
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assistance doubled but the goal is never to turn anyone away. >> they come in, they register, they get a hot meal, they get their sheets, blankets, they can take a shower, do laundry, all those things that can help make them feel human again. >> donations are funding the shelter facilities and open through the end of march. so we have heard from some of the folks who have before it is taking all the energy to stay warm. >> they have opened just in time there. >> yes, and we are not done with the cold air. it is moderating on thursday night and snow on friday and saturday and cold for sunday and monday. so in the icebox and winter in full swing. we do go from cold to snow to cold once again. there we are taking a look at
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and the temperatures are showing up, readings have risen just a bit. we have a bapd of clouds in place. 12 at the airport. 7 waukesha. as far as windchills hoovering just below zero. 3 elk horn. 10 below on the windchill chart in sheboygan. wsh advisory overnight tonight and early thursday morning. the degrees below zero. this is covering all of southern wisconsin. there is the bapd of clouds that is helping the temperatures just a bit this morning. this is a look at windchill tomorrow morning at 6:00. this is part of the reason that the windchill advisory was posted. the windchills 20-25 degrees below zero. we are going to moderate the temperatures rapidly later in the day tomorrow.
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likely, still a little too early to attach the totals to it. the models are coming into a little agreement. the travel issues for friday night and saturday. now, for today, no snow, lots of sun glare. overnight lows dip below zero. 4 below. thursday brings fair amount of sun in the morning, thursday snow associated with the warmer air that is returning for thursday night. that is not the main storm. we are dry for several hours. here is the snow filling in by friday night. heavy snows especially in the southern half of the state. so on weatherwatch 12 the snow and cold for the wind. tonight 4 degrees below zero. windchills 15-25 below. snow on friday. >> thank you, sal.
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>> how a boy saves his mom and dog after falling into a pond. >> attacked for using too many coupons, the shopping experience
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>> thanks for the wednesday morning school shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classes across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, you can head to outlogo and submit the nominations for the top teacher award. >> cafeteria worker is putting the paychecks to buying toys for kids. >> she showed up with a thousand toys yesterday to the children's
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>> i don't make that much, but to me, it is not about the paycheck, it is about compassion you have towards other people. >> incredible message for the holiday season. she's been donating toys for 8 years and she does it because she doesn't have children of her own. >> speaking of compassion, a person in pennsylvania is mixing the holiday spirit with luck. they took the worth a thousand dollars and dropped it into a red kettle. the salvation army received winning tickets in the past but usually $20. this is extra special. >> talk about the good karma. >> yes. you are right. >> little boy is called a hero. >> so the boy's mother and dog fell into a pond in illinois over the weekend, and the 8-year-old rushed into action
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the first responders came in and got everyone out okay. >> it just takes everything out of you. you know, it took all my energy out and i sat there and no, it can't, i am not letting water take my life. >> her son was there and quickly stepped into action. the dog was treated and already on the way to a full recovery. 6:26. keeping the water safe >> why you might be paying to keep the pipes lead free. >> dangerously cold in the area, and where the group is passing out sleeping bags today. >> first torques traffic watch 12, a live look add the roads.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later.
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>> people across southeast wisconsin waking up to the cold. extreme temperatures in our area right now and it's only going to get colder as the day goes on. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off.
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december 14th. extreme cold setting in this morning. we have team coverage of the winter weather that's affecting you right now. we start in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. sally: i am keeping an eye on the temperatures early today. we have had a thin cloud deck move through and the temperatures are holding up a bit. 12 at the airport. 7 waukesha. windchills between 0 and 10 delow zero. that is where we are staying for much of the cold air is coming in tonight. sunrise 7:16. getting light on the horizon. this is mounted at sheboygan and blue harbor. the sun glare this morning and the temperatures 14 degrees. the winds will be increasing. with the winds and falling temperatures, we have a windchill advisory. jeremy?
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river. the hone bridge behind me. sal mention add few clouds have moved in. the temperatures have warmed up 2-3 degrees in the past two hours. not very good news. it is still right around 10 degrees in milwaukee. factor in the wind, that is hitting me in the face of 5-15 miles per hour. locally higher gusts and that is a nasty windchill. single digits delow zero to en south, central and southeast wisconsin. now, that is where the windchills are hoovering this morning. dress in the layers. once we go into this evening, tonight and early thursday, it is dangerous, a windchill advisory tonight through 10:00 a.m. on thursday. that is when the windchill may go to 15-25 degrees below zero. for thursday night and friday
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snowy weather. so the impacts big dose of cold followed by the next hit of the snow. lots going on. get it all free in the wisn 12 app and the blog. >> be safe, thank you, jeremy. adrienne: overnight, a driver lost control of his truck and ended up in extremely cold water in kenosha. tim, first and foremost, how's the driver? tim: the driver is safe. the truck ended up in a river near carthage college in kenosha. kenosha police say that the iv over a snow embankment and into the river. that person was rescued from the river and taken to a hospital to be checked out because of the extremely cold water. our wisn 12 news crew was on the scene when a tow truck arrived on the scene. workers got into the cold water to hook up the truck and pull it out of the water. this morning we're told the driver is safe. ben? ben: because of the extreme temperatures shelters are
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more details from the newsroom. hillary? hillary: many homeless shelters in milwaukee are filled to capacity as people try to stay warm, but even though some are full, the county says people in need have some other options for dealing with the cold. bay view's tippecanoe presbyterian church is one shelter that's turning people away. wisn 12 news spoke to workers there, some of whom used to be homeless, so they understand the struggle of surviving in extreme cold. >> it's the worst place you could ever imagine, you spend all your energy trying to stay warm. hillary: the county says even though some shelters are full, there are other options. if you or someone you know are looking for a place to stay, you can get information by dialing 211. live in the news room "wisn 12 news this morning." >> a thank you, hillary. adrienne: we're expecting to get more information about fond du lac fire rescue's cold weather program tomorrow. in the meantime, we know fire crews will be handing out sleeping bags to homeless people in the area to help them keep
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also have sleeping bags on hand to give out when they see someone in need. ben: this morning milwaukee's four-inch parking rule has been canceled. the rule limits where drivers can park on the streets during snowstorms. it was in effect for about 48 hours this week so crews could see the snow. now, parking rules are back to normal. ben: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. now the matt for the morning commute. >> so far so good. we are looking down at 94 eastbound, westbound. 92nd street over the top of the freeway there. no trouble in either direction through the construction area and beyond. travel times... time to let the vehicle warm up
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. adrienne: president-elect donald trump stopped in wisconsin yesterday as part of his thank you tour. trump spoke to a crowd at state fair park in west allis. people waited hours to see the president-elect. wisconsin gop leaders, including governor scott walker, senator ron johnson and house speaker paul ryan joined trump. it's no secret trump and ryan had a rocky relationship during the election, some trump supporters even booed ryan last night. wisconsin's presidti was a big topic at the rally. >> i think it was worth it. what did they spend? three million? four million dollars for 131 votes? that's okay. tells you how important every single vote in america is, right? adrienne: trump gained 131 votes through the recount. ben: before he headed to wisconsin, trump drew a lot of attention and questions with his meetings yesterday, including
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tim, what did they talk about? >> after the meeting they discussed life. that is a lot of things. west says that he's the one who requested a meeting with trump because he wanted to take a picture and discuss multicultural issues. that's what the rapper told reporters on his way out of trump tower. tmz released this photo of donald and ivanka trump with west. the president-elect said he and west have been friends for a long time. trump had other meetings yesterday too including with billionaire-philanthropist bill gates and nfl legends jim brown and ray lewis. back to you. >> tim, thank you. adrienne: milwaukee homeowners could end up paying out-of-pocket to replace old lead pipes. the common council approved a plan for homeowners to pay one-third of the cost of replacing the lead laterals. the average cost for a homeowner would be $1600 payable over ten years.
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>> now to a check on the commute with matt salemme. hi, matt. >> we are over the brookfield area. head lights east, no troubles at all rolling through waukesha county. the easy ride is continuing into downtown. you have time to find the gloves and warm up the vehicle before hitting the roads. >> thank you, matt. ben: new this morning, a deer wanders out onto an icy lake and has to be rescued. adrienne: firefighters in new jersey went out onto the ice to save the animal. they grabbed the deer's hind legs and dragged it to safety. the firemen were both wearing water suits and had ropes tied to them so they wouldn't get stuck just like the deer. they strategically went flat on the ice so they wouldn't break through. 15 people on the shore then pulled the men and the deer to safety. as soon as it was back on dry
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without even saying thank you. >> he bolted out. >> also new this morning, a boat trip along a florida river turns into a rescue mission. ben: witnesses say an airboat carrying seven people flipped over in the middle of alligator-infested waters. six of the passengers were tourists. the boat operator had reportedly turned the boat around to see an alligator in the water. i have been on one of those boats before. you don't want this. at least three people t gators attacked. ben: new this morning, a mail truck catches fire while making deliveries in north carolina. adrienne: the postal worker jumped into action and started pulling packages out of the truck. someone in the area rushed to help too. officials say the fire started in the engine and spread to the rest of the vehicle. firefighters got to the scene and put the fire out within minutes but they credited the mail carrier for saving all the packages.
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likely a lot of christmas presents on there. >> she had the state of mind to think it is on fire and get the packages out. i would just get away from it all. >> 6:39. spreading kindness on campus. ben: the movement that has students saying dude, be nice, and how teachers are helping pay it forward. adrienne: plus, a country legend helping out her hometown. the promise from dolly parton after wildfires ravage parts of
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>> 6:42 wednesday morning. we get a live look at waukesha and the temperatures holding around 5 degrees. warmer at the airport, in fact, 12 degrees. we have a beautiful picture of the sunrise. sunrise at 7:15. we are seeing the sun, the winds
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delays. family worship cancelled the evening activities. woodlands east school is closed as well. the wind gusts 24 miles per hour at the airport. that is the story stood. the increasing of the wind and windchill advisory going into effect tonight. the deep cold during the day thursday. >> thank you, sal. ben: while we're dealing with extreme cold, the arctic is seeing record-breaking warm temperatures. because of that, ice and snow is melting. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has been tracking changes in the arctic. according to noaa, there's a record low of ice and snow. that's affecting animals and plants that live in the arctic. now to a check on the morning commute.
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national avenue under 894. head lights are headed northbound toward is zoo interchange. no delays at this point. time to let the vehicle warm up. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all in the green, thank you, matt. adrienne: new this morning, we're learning more about what happened just moments before someone shot two officers in georgia. latest. tim, what do we know? tim: the officers were shot after a traffic stop on monday night. now we're seeing body camera footage from one of those officers. the video shows one officer approaching a man. he had been pulled over while driving a stolen car. that suspect shot one officer under the arm and the other in the hand. police say they arrested the man responsible about a mile away from the crime scene.
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more than 20 times in the last two years. >> thank you, tim. adrienne: a tragic story out of florida. a toddler dies after getting hit by a train. the boy's babysitter is the hospital. it happened in pasco county near tampa. the sheriff says the adult babysitter was on a train bridge with the toddler, a four-year-old girl and another adult. when a train started coming, the friend grabbed the girl and jumped into the river below the bridge. the babysitter and the child didn't get off in time. >> it's a tragedy. there is no other way to say it. there is a family that is suffering greatly right now. >> the train conductors weren't expecting anyone to be in this area up on those tracks, they were trespassing on those tracks and that's what csx is going to try to determine why they were out here. adrienne: criminal investigators are looking into the tragedy, but deputies say no one's facing charges right now. ben: right now, tennessee is still dealing with the effects
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the mayor of sevier county, tennessee says the death toll has now reached 14. officials say the fires burned more than 2400 buildings near gatlinburg. it all adds up to half a billion dollars in damage. two teenage boys are facing charges for arson. ben: country music legend dolly parton hosted a telethon last night benefiting people affected by the wildfires. parton is from the gatlinburg area and now owns the resort dollywood there. she performed along with cyndi lauper, kenny rogers,reba mcenre names. parton has promised to give each family affected by the fire $1,000 a month for six months. her foundation has already raised nearly $500,000. adrienne: an 11-year-old boy in
6:47 am
watching tv to save his friend's life. one of wayne norris's friends, a sixth grader, started choking on a slice of pizza during lunch. wayne had seen the heimlich maneuver on tv so he tried to help his friend stop choking. >> the principal said that's amazing. you saved a kid's life. > he definitely needs to cherish this moment for the rest of his life and be proud of what he did because i'm very proud as his dad. adrienne: wayne says he doesn't want to be treated like a hero, he just wants things to get back to normal. ben: new this morning, students and teachers at a california high school are on a mission to be nice to each other. students have started a club called dude be nice. it's all about being nice, obviously, and letting people know they're appreciated. students have been posting videos telling others how they feel. even teachers have gotten in on it sharing kind words with the students who inspire them. >> sometimes i think about how tough school is now and how sometimes you can feel so alone and it's really helpful to have a teacher. >> who is there for you? ben: the students who founded the club say their mission is to spread happiness and kindness on campus. they say even a small gesture
6:48 am
>> many of you are working on the christmas shopping. today on ellen, matthew mcconaughey talks about shopping for his kids and the one present that's proving impossible to find. >> one of my children wants a unicorn. she's been wanting one and i haven't been able to find it yet, still looking. that's not the easiest purchase. we'll see if we can find it this year. ben: matthcc family and a big honor today on ellen starting at 4:00. then stick around for wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick. walmart, target, maybe. >> amazon doesn't carry them. >> well, temperatures actually rising just a bit with a little cloud deck in place. the readings are showing up
6:49 am
keep an eye on the lower portion of the screen. we have a couple of delays and some cancellations in place, mostly for tonight and related to the cold. the windchill advisory in effect tonight at 9:00 and going to 10:00 a.m. thursday morning. that is tonight overnight and early on thursday morning. it is covering all of southern wisconsin. there is a little bid of atmosphere and keeping the temperatures are getting very cold this morning. the deepest of the cold is coming in later today and tonight. part of the reason that the windchill advisory for tonight and tomorrow, the cold air. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 with the future windchill, you are seeing the windchills about 10-25 degrees below zero. it is 12 at the airport this morning. 7 waukesha.
6:50 am
to move in likely for us. we are going to bring you the estimate on the totals later today and tomorrow. but we are certain of accumulation and impacting the travel friday afternoon and friday night and saturday. until then, we deal with the cold. bright sunshine in place for us. staying dry tonight. for tomorrow, talk about the sunshine. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. take a look at the colds filling in tomorrow at 6:00. this is warm air coming in. we may very well get a round of snow associated with it. the snow coming in friday afternoon and friday night and we'll continue to be on weather watch. for today, tonight and tomorrow the cold. 14 today. 4 delow tonight. 8 tomorrow. temperatures rise tomorrow night. the snow comes in friday
6:51 am
and at least a few inches. matt? >> sally, we are over 894. greenfield over the top of the freeway through the center of the frame. head lights are coming southbound. the taillights moving northbound. you can see both directions are looking good. we are delay free across the system. the travel times are all in the green. plenty of time to let the vehicle warm up and find your hat and gloves before headed out. if just five minutes northbound from the hale up to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:51. suspect in the pizza gate scandal is facing federal charges. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest developments. tim? tim: edgar maddison welch is accused of firing an assault rifle inside a washington dc restaurant. the restaurant is part of a bizarre conspiracy theory
6:52 am
by influential democrats. welch is accused of traveling from north carolina to washington and then opening fire inside the restaurant. he was in court yesterday. prosecutors dropped local charges because of the new federal charges, which are much more serious. if welch is convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison. adrienne: new this morning, a woman attacked at the grocery store for using on this is surveillance video from the store in memphis. the woman told police she was paying for her groceries using coupons when the man behind her got frustrated. he said she was taking too long. he started yelling at her and then grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her head into the grocery cart. now police are looking for the
6:53 am
headlines. >> and in just a few minutes, we have much more on the extreme cold and the snow in the forecast and a feenl check on
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>> welcome back.
6:56 am
river. >> that driver is safe after being rescued. the police say that the driver lost control and went over snow into the river. is number of workers had to go into the river before actually towing the truck out. >> this morning, the four inch parking rule is cancelled. we are going to matt who is flying high up in the sky right now. >> right now, we are problem free, and dealing with the cold letting blue mound over the freeway, right now 13 minutes on 41, 45 southbound from the q to the zoo. the rest of the system is delay free. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> we are keeping our eyes on the sun glare this morning and the chilly air. the windchill advisory kicking in tonight until 10:00 tomorrow
6:57 am
for much of the day and tonight. friday snow is likely. still a little early to attach the totals to it. likely attaching the snow totals later today or tomorrow. >> mark showed the picture yesterday, the record high. >> yes, 60 degrees. >> this is torturing us thinking about that. >> thank you for >> that is all for us "wisn 12 news this morning."
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good morning, america. 100 million of us on alert as the coldest december weather in more than a decade moves in. this frozen ship coated in ice. and these samaritans jumping in to save a driver from an icy pond. now a new snowstorm takes aim at his victory tour to wisconsin overnight, singing the phrases of former rival, paul ryan. >> he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i gets to appreciate his genius more and more. after a day of all-star meetings from kanye west to nfl to a tour, as he prepares to


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