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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CST

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the airport 10 degrees with a lighter southwest wind, 15 miles per hour and increasing 15-25 miles per hour. feels like temperature 7 below zero. a look at windchills ranging from 0 to 12 degrees below zero. the windchills are a factor throughout the day. here is a look at the satellite and the radar. there are a few clouds near the illinois degrees. intense cold in place tomorrow with the high at 8. moderation thursday night and friday as we prepare for the snow. preparing for the wind tonight and the windchills. jeremy. jeremy: good morning, today far and away the coldest feeling morning that we have had this season across southeast
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the rockwell automation showing 11 degrees. the breeze is picking up. so windchills are diving this morning. we have single digit below zero windchill values and teens below zero out there. i looked back, it hit 16 below zero over night in kenosha for the feels-like temperature. single digits and teens across southeast wisconsin. it is going to get worse, the winds are going tok take a look at this, a windchill advisory as we go through tonight and 10:00 a.m. on thursday morning. during that time frame, the windchills may drop to 15-25 degrees below zero. tomorrow morning is when you want to limit the exposure at the bus stop. wait until the bus is approaching or wait in a warm vehicle and scoot into the bus. if you can do that, that is a great piece of advice.
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snow pants and boots on too. get ready for a bitter cold morning. sal has more on the snow for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, jeremy. before headed out, we have you covered, hilly mintz is live in the news room. >> last year winter in wisconsin 33 people died from the cold, this year the state officials want to keep that number way down. stay inside like i am doing this morning. if you have to go outside, just a few minutes makes a difference. have the essential gear. we have mittens, hand warmers and hat. boots, waterproof, warm socks and snow pants for another layer of warmth. it just takes a few minutes for
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happens, it is less than 30 minutes. if your fingers are tingling warm them under the warm water. loss of feeling, exhaustion or confusion and loss of feeling in the fingers or toes are the signs to get to a doctor immediately. again, you want to put on the warm water, not just let your fingers warm up just a little bit if they are feeling a loss of sensation there. shovelling, that is another thing you can over exert yourself quickly. >> glad you are inside this morning. >> stay with "wisn 12 news this morning" for all of the weather and download the free wisn 12 news app. >> new, a driver is safe after
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river in kenosha. tim? tim: this happened late last night. the police tell wisn 12 news that a driver lost control of the truck and over a snow embankment and crashed into the pike river. the crews rescued the driver from the extremely cold water. the driver was then take ton the hospital and we are told they are expected to be okay. a tow truck was called to the scene and pullee of the water. now the police are still investigating that crash this morning. matt? >> tim, right now things are quiet on the roadways. if you are headed out, warm up the car. light volume out there. we jump out to waukesha county and travel times are looking great there as well.
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>> president-elect donald trump swings through wisconsin and holding a rally at state fair park. it is part of the thank you tour. this is the first visit since winning the election and coming a day after wisconsin's recount ended. a number of high profile republicans from wisconsin were there, including house speaker paul ryan. >> because of the hard work of the helping us get this country back on track. i want to thank donald trump, i want to thank mike pence for helping wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the midwest finally see the light of day and put a republican back in the white house. >> trump praised speaker ryan. reince priebus and governor
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>> trump is meeting with leaders from the tech industry today and word of more possible cabinet picks. we are life in washington with the latest. >> ben, some of the tech leaders were opponents to donald trump in the campaign but officials are saying that the meeting is about innovation and jobs. today at the trump tower a tech summit featuring the executives from the leading companies. >> the true valley and talking about how to grow jobs and how they can stay on top. >> the president-elect previewed the meeting last night in wisconsin. >> speaker paul ryan, oh no, i have come to appreciate him. >> he put aside the differences with the house speaker and defended the new nominee for the secretary of state. >> rex is friendly with many of
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don't like that. >> including some of the republicans on capitol hill bulking about the choice. >> this guy is a thug and a murderer. >> we'll ask the questions. >> tellerson is not the only new pick. he's selected rick perry for the energy secretary and montana congressman for interior secretary. >> thank you. later this week, trump is continuing the thank you tour in pennsylvania, florida and alabama. >> new information in the murder of a 15-year-old milwaukee girl. johnson was inside of the home on monday evening and someone fired shots through the window and hitting here. the family and friends held a vigil for the girl that die add hero.
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nephew she lost her life. >> someone else inside of the apartment was the target and is under investigation by the police. >> dozens of kids are getting help in picking out their christmas presents. shop with a cop is taking place. 20 kids are paired up with milwaukee police officers to buy gifts for themselves and their families. i love that. >> it happens around the country too. >> it does. we are happy it is here too. today it is going to be cold. >> hi, sal. >> early morning temperatures in the low teens and single digits for us this morning. the upper midwest is fairly quiet. we keep the dry look going in the forecast until tomorrow night.
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stray flurry or so in the southwest corner of the state. from the cold to snow to cold. the windchills tonight and tomorrow morning when the coldest of the air is moving in, 25 below zero. the lows tonight and 3 degrees below zero. the snow back in the forecast for friday and saturday. 10 degrees at the airport. the windchills are 7 degrees below zero. l temperatures late tomorrow night and into friday before that snow begins to move in. >> thank you, sally. right now the police in sheboygan are looking for a isz manying college student. the 18-year-old was last seen on sunday morning on the campus. he's six feet tall and 170 pound and he was wearing a black jack set.
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the police say she made comments about school shootings on social media. >> crime stoppers tip lead the police to his facebook page. he had posted himself with guns. someone needs to do a school shooting and here, it would be quote funny, end quote. the police aest ared him yesterday at his home. he the gun at gander mountain. he has a history of mental illness. >> he says stuff like that all of the time but he doesn't know, hey, my actions will have consequences. >> wisn 12 news reached out to gander mountain to look into the
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he's charged for making a terrorist threat. ben, back to you. >> 5:10. a fight against cancer. >> u.s. leaders are coming together from both of the parties so end cancer forever. >> camping in sub zero temperatures. how a group in chicago is raising awareness about a major
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>> welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. we look live over a frigid milwaukee this wednesday morning. we have the cold now and looking ahead to the snow for the weekend. >> yes, especially friday and saturday. with the warmer air a little light snow going tomorrow night if the temperatures moderate. what we know about friday and saturday snow is likely, accumulation is likely.
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tomatoes to it. the storm track is uncertain. likely travel issues for friday and saturday. we are adding the snow totals likely tomorrow. maybe tomorrow night at 10:00. heads up for accumulation. until then, we are winter weary dealing with the cold today. deep cold in place today, tonight and tomorrow. windchill advisory tonight. matt? >> we are looking warm up, no delays on the freeways. the pavement on the freeways is dry. travel times are great. no reason not to let the vehicle warm up. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> new, a landmark day in washington for healthcare. president obama signed the cures
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medical research. we have a look at the assigning ceremony here. the congress passed the bill with bipartisan support. it is including funding for cancer, mental health treats and opioid abuse and brain diseases. >> 26 people died in the shooting in connecticut, including 20 children. most of the kids were younger than 7 years old. the shooter was killed by the poli vigil and moment of silence to remember the victims. >> new details from the trial of dylann roof. he was accused of the murders at a south carolina church. >> he staked out the church a number of times before the killings. in a confession, he admitted to killing the nine people inside of the church.
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a gps device in the car showed he drove to the church at least four times and roof had a list of black churches at potential targets in his car. the trial is expected to close soon and the last witness will be one of the three survivors. he entered a not guilty charge to the charges but he's willing to change that to guilty if prosecutors won't seek the death penalty against him. >> new, a homeless rights group in chicago is camping out and protesting the planned closure of a homeless shelter. the advocates for the homeless demand the city and state find the money to keep the shelter open through the winter. >> a new warming shelter is preparing for a large crowd today.
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can imagine, already the number of people needing assistance doubled. but the goal is never turn anyone away. >> they come in, they register, they get a hot meal and sheets and blankets, a shower, they can do laundry, all the things that make them feel human again. >> donations are funding the shelter facilities and it is open now through the end another way to get help is calling 211. >> very important. >> we are not done with the cold. it is in place for us today, tomorrow and early tomorrow and moderating and getting the snow on friday and saturday and cold again on monday and tuesday. we are certainly on weather watch. the windchill advisory going into effect tonight.
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in place. 9 degrees west bend, waukesha and elk horn. 7 coming in for kenosha and also for watertown. 10 at the airport. windchills are coming in that neighborhood of 0 to 10 below. the wind is beginning to pick up for us. the area of clouds. there is a boundary coming through right now and with it a shot of colder air. the arctic high pressure s keeping the cold blanket in place over most of the upper midwest and the plains and the great lakes states. we moderate the temperatures later in the day tomorrow. the windchills tonight at 8:00 most of the locations 10-20 degrees below zero. we move overnight and look at the windchills hoovering 15-25 degrees below zero and holding through the morning tomorrow. so as jeremy said earlier this
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especially for the kids at the bus stop. now, the snow time line, thursday amp, clouds are coming back, temperatures are actually climbing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. thursday night with warmer air, a few patchy areas of snow and flurries. the snow really moves in throughout the day on friday. nice and dry today and cold. plenty in the way of the bright sunshine. tomorrow morning at 7:00. watch tomorrow afternoon, the this is snow associated with the warmer air. the main storm friday afternoon. this is friday night at 6:00, snowy for friday night and saturday morning. 1 # 4 today. 4 degrees below zero tonight. 8 tomorrow. the temperatures are climbing overnight. snow in place for us friday afternoon and friday night and saturday. too early for the totals but accumulation is likely.
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a fight sr. survival. >> a how a boy saved his mom and dog. >> attacked for using too many coupons. the shopping experience that turned violent for one woman.
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>> read the rest in italian too. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout out logo. >> calf fear ya worker in chicago is putting the paycheck towards buying toys for kids for christmas. she surprised the patients at the local children's hospital
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thanksgiving day and black friday off from work to shop and delivers the toys to the kids bedside. >> i don't make that much, it is not about the paycheck, to me it is about compassion you have towards other people. >> what a great message. she's been donating the toys now for 8 years and does it because she doesn't have children of her own. >> a little boy is cal a after a daring rescue attempt. >> the boy's mother and dog fell into a pond and the boy rushed into action and called 911 after the mother was waist deep in the freezing water. the first responders came and rescued them. >> it takes everything out of you. it takes all of the energy out. no, it can't.
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take my life. >> the dog was treated. >> 5:26. keeping milwaukee's water safe to drink. >> why you could be paying out of pocket to keep the pipes lead free. >> dangerously cold and where a group is passing out sleeping bags. >> now to a lye look at the
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ben: across southeast wisconsin people are waking up cold. extreme temperatures in our area get colder as the day goes on. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, december 14th. extreme cold setting in this morning. we have team coverage of the winter weather that's affecting you right now. we start in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. >> i will start early this morning with the temperatures, for the most part in the low
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9 elk horn. 10 at the airport. 9 port washington. windchills are hoovering below zero at this time. the windchills are holding 10 maybe 15 degrees below zero for much of the day. the winds are going to pick up. a few clouds near the illinois border for today. we are going to look at a couple of clouds this morning. otherwise it is a sunny sky and we are windy and cold. highs up to 14 chills most of the day. yes, windchill advisory tonight and that is where we get more information from jeremy nelson. jeremy: good morning, sal. we are in the third ward along the river. you talked about cold this morning. we are feeling the biting breeze here. we have just single digits above zero and factor in the wind over


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