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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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>> that's what's making news in america. making news in america this morning, donald trump's high-profile meetings with titans of the tech industry and kanye west. this as the president-elect fills out his cabinet and gets set for some bruising confirmation fights. arctic blast that has millions of americans it's too cold too soon. all of this with the official start of winter still a week away. the forecast coming up. alan thicke gone too soon. the entertain enand famous sitcom star has passed away after suffering a heart attack. we have emotional reaction coming in. a former pro wrestler with a take-down coming to the rescue when a would-be robber tries to steal at a gas station.
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a good wednesday morning. we begin with the president-elect adding a few names to his cabinet and engaging in a big show of gop unity. >> well, today trump is meeting with some of the biggest names in the tech industry including apple's ceo tim cook, facebook's sheryl sandberg and larry page. at a rally overnight wisconsin received a green bay packers ey first time in public with house speaker paul ryan. abc's lana zak following the overnight developments and joins us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. we're seeing the president-elect make some of those over turs to former foes particularly those on capitol hill perhaps in anticipation of some difficult senate confirmation hearings ahead. trump supporters in wisconsin booed native son paul ryan. >> speaker paul ryan.
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come to appreciate him. honestly, he's like a fine wine. >> reporter: during his thank you tour visit president-elect donald trump promoted his unconventional pick for secretary of state. >> rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world. >> reporter: oil executive rex tillerson will be the first secretary of state to have never served in government or the military. his career 40 years spent at exxonmobil. eighth largest company in the world but it isn't tillerson's that's worrying lawmakers. it's his strong ties to russia. >> i've invested a lot of money, our company has invested a lot of money from russia. very successfully. >> reporter: exxonmobil stands to make billions if the trump administration lifts russian sanctions and representative ryan zinke of montana for interior secretary. he has said climate change is not, quote, proven science. and governor rick perry picked
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called to eliminate taken together with scott pruitt to run the epa many climate scientists are alarmed. he meets with tech giants today. following meetings yesterday with nfl greats jim brown and ray lewis and musician kanye west. >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. this is the president-elect of the united states. nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture. >> reporter: he was there to discuss multicultural about that but on the senate confirmation hearings we are hearing from republicans hesitation about some of these potential picks though we are also hearing from them at this point that they intend to be fair and thorough. diane, kendis. >> florida senator marco rubio will be key in one of those confirmation hearings. lana, thank you. military aircraft circling the skies of new york city raised some concerns on tuesday but it was all just part of a
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president-elect donald trump the aircraft including a search and rescue as well as two helicopters. a 19-year-old college student is facing some legal troubles after walking into trump tower with a bag full of weapons and fireworks. authorities say alexander wang was stopped by secret service at a security checkpoint. charges against wang include criminal possession and unlawful possession of fireworks. president obama signed a invests in cancer research and drug abuse. it provides nearly $2 billion for vice presidential joe biden's cancer moonshot initiative as it's called. overall the measure plans $6.3 billion in new spending over the next decade. and it also speeds up the approval process for drugs and medical devices at the fda. a 12-year-old boy died after being pulled from a snow bank in upstate new york. >> his friend also 12 years old
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police are looking into whether a plow dumped snow on the boys as they played or whether a snow fort collapsed on them. near minneapolis this driver was rescued by passers-by after her suv went off a highway ramp and onto an icy pond. those bystanders rushed in to break the windows then they helped get the driver out to safety. very lucky they were there. check out this ice covered ship on the chilly waters of lake superior. a second round of extreme cold accuweather's paul williams has more on that, good morning, paul. >> kendis, diane, it looks like this arctic air just simply won't back down, in fact, for wednesday we're expecting the real feel or to feel like 40 below near business mark, 30 below near minneapolis and that's bad enough. the problem here is that this icy air is going to give us a second shot at lake-effect snow from wednesday going into thursday. we could actually see snow locally up to two feet in some
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blue throughout portions of michigan going into ohio, pennsylvania, even going into portions of new york. this cold front is approaching us right now. we already have more than our fair share of cold air right now. here comes that second punch of arctic air and so the coldest air of the season will slide through wednesday night and overtake the east coast by thursday. diane, kendis. >> our thanks to paul. we will turn our focus to breaking news from aleppo where another cease-fire agreement appears to be faltering at least the evacuation of rebel fighters and civilians has apparently daaled government buses are on the scene but none have departed the war ravaged city. hundreds in need of medical attention. thousands of others are leaving on their own in search of safety. and amnesty international says reports of execution-style killings are taking place as war crimes. in japan in the meantime, a close call for five marines on board this osprey.
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aircraft went down in the waters off okinawa monday night. the cause of the accident is under investigation. the mishap is the second in less than a week in the waters off japan. and family and friends mourning the sudden death of intertanker and '80s tv dad alan thicke. >> he spent seven seasons portraying dr. jason seaver on "growing pains." he died after suffering a heart attack tuesday while playing hockey with one of his sons. he was born in canada. he had three sons including of course, singer r he was 69 years old. we'll bring you reaction to his death later on in this broadcast. still ahead, surging stocks and what the markets will be focusing on today. plus, a california community mourning the shooting death of a man with dementia. hear why police say an officer pulled the trigger. also check out this fiery scene threatening so many packages so close to the holidays. see how a good samaritan helped
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this postal worker in wake forest, north carolina, had to bat ol of a blaze among all things with the help of a passerby, he managed to save most of the packages. some of the packages got wet but none destroyed by the flam. the driver not injured. no rain, no snow, no fire, the that to the list. major asian stock markets moved higher. when the market opens for trading this morning all three major averages will start the day at record highs. the dow begins today at less than 100 points from the 20,000 mark. >> the dow has finished at a record high for seven straight sessions. and it has set 16 new records since donald trump's election. the federal reserve is
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rate hike today at the conclusion of its meetings. it's only the second rate hike in the past ten years. prosecutors in the dylann roof trial are expected to wram up their case today by putting the medical examiner and shooting survivor on the stand. testimony showed roof visited the church in charleston where the shooting was carried out at least seven times. defense attorneys had said they would put on no witnesses but they've since changed their minds. now to the mysterious death of a core power yoga founder. trevor advertise, his body found inside his home under suspicious circumstances. abc's nick watt with the details. >> reporter: san diego police investigating the suspicious death of yoga mogul trevor tice at his san diego home here teaching yoga on youtube. >> downward facing dog. >> reporter: he founded nationwide change corepower yoga. 12:15 p.m. monday, the 911 call. >> person known to the occupant
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check on them. and they found a deceased person inside. >> reporter: police telling us due to suspicious circumstances homicide detectives were called to the scene and are currently investigating. he was the father of a nearly 2-year-old daughter. his father told us the family is deeply saddened by the loss of our capable, gregarious, generous and warm-hearted spirit. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. to support her people dolly parton is help the victims of the smoky mountains fire. >> parton brought in other big names including reba mcentire and kenny rogers giving $1,000 to every family that lost its primary residence. it's estimated the flames caused $500 million in damages there. when we come back, cars communicating with each other are getting closer to a road near you. and a close call down under. the boats that got a little too
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check out these dramatic images out of india. nature's fury was on full display in this cyclone. winds gusted up to 90 miles per hour. you can see powerful enough to even topple a few cars. back here in the u.s. definitely not as windy but it'll be wet on the roads in the northwest. slippery across the northern rockies and around the great lakes, as well as in new england. some rain, however, in the southeast. now to the growing outrage over the police shooting death of a man with dementia in california. >> mourners gathered overnight in bakersfield to remember 73-year-old francisco serna. he was a grandfather and he was shot seven times after a neighbor called police to say that there was a man in the driveway with what looked like a gun. serna was not armed but police say he refused their commands.
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seconds passed from the rp saying that's him to the first shot fired, so officers are taking cover, giving commands, trying to put together a plan and as serna advanced on officer sellman, he made that decision. >> his family says serna suffered from insomnia and would often walk the neighborhood late at night. they're asking for the justice department to investigate the shooting. now to another twist in the bizarre murder for hire case in florida. jurors in the dalia dippolito trial tell the judge they can't reach a verdict. prosecutors say dippolito tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband in 2009, only the hit man was actually an undercover officer. jurors saw this video of dippolito in a car with that phony killer for hire. dippolito says she thought it was all part of a reality tv setup. well, it does look like we're a little closer to having cars that talk to each other. federal highway officials are moving on plans to install short
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all new vehicles. the wi-fi-like technology could help avoid crashes by sending information like positioning and speed to other vehicles. check out this close call. caught on camera during a yacht race down under. small maritime boats in the water to keep traffic away from the race but instead watch as the big vessel called "scallywag" has to squeeze through two of those traffic patrol boats. this was captured by drone footage off the coast of sydney, australia. none of the vessels involved were damaged. "scallywag's" skipper wasn't thrilled. he finished the race in third place. the maritime officials say they're always evaluating how they can do things better, and this one will be a learning experience. >> yeah, they messed up. a great story in the meantime. it all starts with a small child in afghanistan who went viral in january. that's when pictures of the 5-year-old in a lionel messi jersey made from a plastic bag were first seen. >> so cute. well, the youngster just met his hero for the first time during a
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barcelona to qatar. the kid who is now 6 changed jerseys for a prematch ceremony but then he didn't want to come off the field. >> he saw him there. he ran over to messi and briefly held his hand. very cute. eventually the ref had to pick him up and run him over to the sideline. he would not leave his side. something for that kid to remember forever, i'm sure. look at the smile on that kid's face. >> he's so excited. he's looking at the ref like you can't blame me for trying, right? t it. very cool moment. >> time now for some other sports highlights. >> let's go to our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. let's roll. the knicks and suns in phoenix. kristaps porzingis and chris got tangled. tangled up in blue. porzingis had it going on and finished with 34 points, one off his career of 35. he fouled out.
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31 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds. the knick has a chance. carmelo anthony went 3 for 15. shot an air ball there. shot clock violation. phoenix beats the knicks. this is the warriors and the pelicans. javale mcgee getting his first start at center if i understand our warriors girl correctly. and slamming it home right there. in 16 minutes. large man, klay thompson tries the alley-oop. steph curry goes behind the pick to draymond green. great ball movement. let it breathe. anthony davis thinks he's got something. they're locked up in a tight one and save our sonics. warriors by four over new orleans. where's stan? not in new orleans. >> all right, well, thank you.
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robin roberts. she's been inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. >> robin spent 15 years at espn before becoming a full time anchor at "good morning america." a huge, huge congrats to robin. so well deserved. >> yes, absolutely. well, up next in "the pulse," reaction to the sudden and shocking death of actor alan thicke. and a former wrestler who took action against a would-be robber with a gun. we'll hear from him straight ahead. choices, jane! what's that you're drinking? it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% fewer calories with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good ... read the label. ...and have 50% fewer calories? exactly, now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories.
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>> thicke's son, "blurred lines" singer robin thicke tells the "los angeles times" his father was the greatest man he ever met. >> paula patton tweeted out a quote from mother teresa about the preciousness of life. and "fuller house" star candace cameron bure shared this touching recent photo of the two of them saying her heart hurts. the edmonton oilers shared this throwback photo of thicke with hall of famer wayne gretzky. and it was hero for the former pro wrestler. >> chad gaspard was known as the beast when he was with the wwe. now he stopped a would-be armed robber at a south florida gas station. after refusing the suspect's demand to buy him beer the man flashed a gun and said he would rob the place and that's when he flipped the script. >> i grabbed him by the back of the head and run him into the store door and when i run into the store door i get him outsite
4:24 am
the ground. i did what came natural but wasn't trying to be a hero. >> he's starting an acting career. >> and awe digging to be a superhero. >> yes, he is. the rumored match made in sports heaven is now red carpet official. >> aly raisman and oakland raiders former tight end colton underwood stepped out for the "sports illustrated's" sports person of the year ceremony in brooklyn four months after he asked her out on a date via video that went viral in social media. apparently she said, yes, let's hang out. >> adorbsies. >> too bad they're not cuter. >> more news after this. e news . >> too bad they're not cuter. >> more news after this. ble. >> too bad they're not cuter. >> more news after this. le.
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checking our top stories, donald trump is holding a tech summit today meeting with top executives from technology giants like apple, facebook and google. they're expected to discuss jobs and regulation. >> breaking news in war-torn aleppo, russian officials are blaming syrian rebels for an hours' old cease-fire agreement being broken already. buses meant to take rebels and civilians out of the city have returned to the depots. another signal of a collapse in that truce. five mariners had to be rescued after their osprey aircraft crash landed off the coast of okinawa. two of the marines are being treated for injuries. it's unclear what caused the crash. looking at today's weather, the pineapple express brings more heavy rain to northern california. record cold temperatures in the center of the nation, they all start in the northeast and, man, temperatures just plunge. finally this morning a story that's really all about the
4:28 am
the name of the campaign, pretty simple, dude, be nice. >> and, dude, the reaction to all that being nice sure is bringing a lot of emotion out there. kabc's reporter elex michaelson reports from southern california. >> i jist adore you and i wanted to let you know. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: agoura high school teachers are answering the dude, be nice challenge. >> as teachers we were challenged to find a student that inspires us to come to work every day and i chose you as my i'm really proud of you. >> makes me really happy. thank you >> reporter: it's emotional when olivia robert is recognized by her teacher miss naborhaus. >> and you're the reason i get up in the morning to come to work. >> it's almost indescribable how happy that made me to see her react. her face lit up. >> sometimes i think mr. how tough school is now and how sometimes you feel so alone and it's just really helpful to have a teacher.
4:29 am
these featuring everyone from a special education teacher. >> and i give thanks to be able to work with a student like you. >> reporter: to a football coach. >> and i appreciate everyone in here and i love everyone in here. >> love you too, coach. >> thank you. >> reporter: this challenge from a club on campus called dude, be nice. >> are you guys buying any? >> reporter: running by ava and haley. >> our purpose is to promote kindness and spread happiness on campus. >> you can make someone's day better by doing a gesture like this. >> reporter: right now dude be grams that they can send throughout the holidays, one of many projects they organize throughout the year. for example, when a teacher's husband passed away, they covered her classroom in hearts from her students. jason buzzby is the club's faculty adviser. what do you think is the bottom line message of the club itself? >> if you're nice to each other you'll get it back. >> reporter: students in the video say there are universal lessons here. >> that made my day, thanks. that was really nice to hear. >> reporter: in agoura hills,
4:30 am
>> great little idea. great little pay it ben: across southeast wisconsin people are waking up cold. extreme temperatures in our area right now and it's only going to get colder as the day goes on. >> good morning and welcome to "w i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off. it's 4:30 on this wednesday, december 14th. extreme cold setting in this morning. we have team coverage of the winter weather that's affecting you right now. we start in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. sally: in early this morning with meteorologist jeremy knollson and it is clear and cold. a few high clouds in the southern part of the state early


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