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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass.
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? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. joyce: in five weeks, donald trump will be sworn-in as president. tonight, he came to wisconsin to say thank you. my co-anchor patrick paolantonio was in west allis as hundreds listened to president-elect donald trump's message. patrick: this stop was part of his thank you tour. he's visiting states that he won. here in west allis, trump talked about the state's recount, which gave him an additional 131 votes in winning wisconsin. trump is the first republican presidential candidate to win
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in a roughly 50-minute speech, trump touched on a number of topics from watching the returns come in to his presidency and job creation. >> my administration will be focused on three very important words, jobs, jobs, jobs. whether it's buidling cars or producing steel or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation in production to happen right here in america, and right here in wisconsin. trump's stop in patrick: trump's stop in wisconsin, comes one day after the state elections commission certified the recount results. here with him tonight several familiar faces here with him tonight. among them governor scott walker , and house speaker paul ryan were among those who spoke to the crowd before the president-elect stepped up to the microphone.
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kent wainscott was in the crowd, talking with trump supporters to get their reaction. >> this was a thank you for the big win in wisconsin on election day, and donald trump made a point of singling out the state's top republicans, governor scott walker and house speaker paul ryan, for their efforts, but the message was directed at the 4,000 plus trump supporters who crowded into the expo center and who were thrilled by what they heard from the president-elect. >> i think his message is great. i think people need to listen to understand what he's saying and the country will get better. >> i liked it. i liked it. i have always liked trump. i like his sincerity and what he's going to do. he's going to turn things around. >> amazing. he's my president. he's my president. and our president. >> many of those people stood outside in the cold for an hour or more waiting to get in here today, and some told us that they drove two hours or more
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in west allis, i'm kent wainscot, wisn 12 news. joyce: the president elect has three more stops scheduled in his thank you tour. thursday, trump and pence will be in hershey, pennsylvania, then orlando, florida on friday. and trump alone will be in mobile, alabama on saturday. a controversial speaker draws a large crowd to uw milwaukee. he is part of the all right movement and an editor for the conservative side bright part. earlier this year, he was from twitter for harassing leslie jones. while all tickets for sold out, many students signed petitions. earlier tonight, protesters spoke out against his views. our weather focus tonight is the cold. mark, it will get really rough tomorrow when the wind picks up. mark: it is already not pleasant, but we take it from not pleasant to dangerously cold tomorrow evening, tomorrow
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either, five degrees. 13 degrees in the afternoon, but the wind picking up it windchills will be below zero. rosie cheeks tomorrow, stupid cold on thursday, then on friday, temperatures 22 and the snow comes back in. think ahead, 97 days away from the first day of spring. just 12 days to christmas, the start of the new year 19 days away. november? joyce: i do, but it seems like a distant memory. thanks, mark. the city of milwaukee cancels its four-inch parking rule. the rule, limiting where drivers can park on the streets during snowstorms, has been in effect the past 48 hours so public works crews could clear the snow. as the weather gets colder, milwaukee homeless shelters are filling to capacity and some people are being turned away. but as wisn 12 news' mike anderson reports, the county says there's no reason anyone should go without a helping hand.
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at bayview's tippecanoe presbyterian church, the church gets busy. >> this is where our guests sign in each night. >> the shelter has been opened seven years and take people off the street, literally saving lives. but already into this current cold snap they're running out of , space and are having to turn people away. >> which is a sad situation, heartbreaker. >> they have a capacity of up to larry hartmann was one of them. , he's now a care taker here trying to help other get on , their feet. >> it's the worst state you can never imagine. you spend all your energy trying to stay warm. >> while the tippecanoe shelter is operating at capacity milwaukee county officials say , other help is available. >> anybody can call 211 if they have an urgent need.
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>> the county is also calling on people who might have non profit facilities that can help with warming centers to please get in contact. the more options, the better to help people survive. in milwaukee, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. joyce: if you find yourself in need of immediate shelter, dial 211 for information. west allis police need your help identifying this man. he's accused of stealing catalytic converters from cars around 60th and burnham. if you know who he is, call west allis police. several marquette university st few foreigners have gone. 12 news hillary mintz explains, the trip wasn't possible until recently. >> so, yeah, it's an opportunity to see a lot of great things in cuba. >> and marquette associate history professor michael donahue would know. he's been to cuba four times. but for his fifth trip over the winter break, he's taking
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a chance to visit a place she's only read about up until now. mark atkins wrote a paper on the potentional effects of american tourism in cuba. now he's ready to do the research first hand. >> experience a different culture and meet new people and go to a new place and have an experience that not many people have had the opportunity to. >> donoghue says with u.s. travel restrictions to cuba lifted, it makes a trip like this possible and cheaper. fidel castro's death will also add another historical eleme that it is opening, the reaction of the cuban people to the death of fidel castro, a huge figure in their society. >> as much as they're looking forward to taking in the historical and cultural aspects, they are ready to leave behind the snow and cold and excited for that sunshine. joyce: this isn't one class going.
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different professors. their 10 day trip includes a three credit class, sightseeing, and enjoying local cuisine. they leave january 2. wish them a good trip. we're taking a look ahead to a few events happening tomorrow. >> there is a point at which you say, you know what, i have been doing this job a long time. maybe it is now time to actually live your life. joyce: local radio talk show host charlie sykes announced he will step down from his post at the end of this year. tomorrow, he will speak at the newsroom pub downtown. tickets are available on the milwaukee press club website also tomorrow, the fond du lac fire department is unveiling a program to help keep the homeless warm. sleeping bags will be provided to fire crews and paramedics. they'll later hand them out to those in need this winter. and, the 12 days of pewaukee is coming to a close. it will celebrate its final day with pizza and ice cream. santa will be at park avenue pizza company from 6:00 until 8:00. ernie the elf is scopping ice cream at the chocolate factory
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missing. what she wrote on a sign that caught the neighborhood's attention. plus, a major appliance recall. the food processor with dangerous metal blades. >> later tonight on "nightline", a president calling for the slaughter of druglords and attics. openly killing suspects, bob woodruff from inside the philippines. plus, ryan gosling making movie
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joyce: three generations of martial artists in canada now have their black belts. that includes a 72-year-old grandmother who had to break through concrete to get it. reporter steve berry has the family affair making grandma healthier. >> 72-year-old hannah fraser has been practicing tae-kwon-do for about four years. this was her chance to qualify for her black belt. to get it, she had to fight her own daughter. >> good fight. i want her to show her moves. i'm hoping that she does a cut kick and stops one of my spinning kicks. fraser is the latest in her family to try out for the honor. her daughter adelle, her son in law eric, and her grandkids kyle and sonja all have their black belts. fraser began her training after a heart attack. master wooyung jung took her on as a student for free. jung was already teaching fraser's family taekwondo, so he developed a special program to get hannah back on her feet and fighting fit.
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compared to then, three years to now, she's much better than before. i think she compares to other normal people that age. she's most stronger and good health person. >> she's come a long way since she first donned her taekwondo uniform, and can now fight off an armed assailant, compete in hand to hand combat with her black-belt daughter, split wood with her hands and feet. but it was the final test, something she had never done before, that would secure a spot in her family of black-belts. breaking concrete, not once, but twice. so how does it feel to get your black belt at 72 years old? >> it feels very good. i didn't want to swear. >> fraser says now it's time to start training for her second -degree black-belt.
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time. joyce: look at that smile. developing tonight, a major recall of a popular kitchen appliance. the maker of cuisinart and the federal government recalling more than eight million food processors. the problem is with one of the blades. it can break apart and pieces of metal can end up in your food. the processors have four riveted blades and a beige plastic center hub. there have been nearly 70 reports of injuries to consumers, suffering cuts and damaged teeth. >> we don't nt complacent, even if they think they've had it for a long time, put it aside, check the model number, make sure that you don't have a recalled product, and if you do, please act on the recall. joyce: the recall includes more than 20 models over the past 20 years. you can go to the website to see if your food processor is one of those being recalled. we posted that link on our
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mei the orangutan is expected to give birth at a texas zoo in late january. the zoo staff is throwing a baby shower for her and her mate, k.j., this month. they even set up a gift registry at target for the couple. items requested on the registry include the movie " zootopia," a dolly parton c.d., and bubble bath. a new hampshire neighborhood is on the lookout for a stolen statue of the virgin mary. the statue is part of a nativity scene. the homeowner has displayed the set every year for 15 years. so when the prominent piece went missing, she got creative. she made the sign, mary missing, joseph doesn't want to be a single dad to attract her neighbors' attention. and it worked, some even joined her search. >> the people who did it probably thought it was a prank, was fun, but it has a real
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joyce: the homeowner has no plans to call the police, but hopes the person responsible will do the right thing. in sports, where the packers won't play next season and how much their playoff chances have increased in the last three weeks. plus, why mason crosby never doubted aaron rodgers' prediction that the packers would run the table. that is in our exclusive one-on-one. and, how this sophomore is trying to show the badgers that he can do more than dunk the ball. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. as we go to break, a look at tonight's winning lottery
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: after losing their fourth straight game on november 20, the packers chances of winning the division title were just 2%,
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now, after three straight wins, they have a 23% chance of winning the nfc north, and a 38% chance to make the playoffs. 12 sports stephen watson has our exclusive one-on-one with packers kicker mason crosby. stephen: will win aaron rodgers made that comment about running the table, did all of you buy into it or think it would he a reality and what it could be in three games? >> i think all of us in the locker room felt the same way. aaron there and the face of the team. he said what we were all thinking, that we were getting some guys back. we were right there. it was the feeling of we need to start fast. we need to, like i said, play complete games, and aaron rodgers saw that, and we all were feeling it, and now we are putting it together. the work throughout the week is finally coming through there on
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three weeks ago, there was speculation that mike mccarthy's job was in jeopardy. now, after three straight wins, the packers still have a shot at the playoffs. so how did this team keep it together? >> we are a positive bunch of people. look at my face. i am a positive guy. the locker room is the heartbeat, the paul's. you keep investing in that culture, and this is a finest group of men that i have at the end of the day, we have to win games and get better. dan: the nfl will play four games in london next year, but the packers will not be one of the eight teams participating. in fact, green bay is one of six franchises that has never played a game in england. the badger basketball team takes on green bay tomorrow, the final game before the holidays. sophomore guard khalil iverson continues to open eyes with his athleticism. iverson scored 16 points in saturday's win over marquette, and if he shows even average
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an impact player. >> i am excited to find a groove. i don't feel like my role changes. i'm just getting more comfortable out there, playing with everyone, and i think it's showing a little bit. stay aggressive, try to use my strength against bigger guys, and the same with my quickness with little guys. joyce: shine. a final look at her forecast
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joyce: and just because it's cold out, a little something to warm your heart. the taronga zoo in sydney, australia has welcomed its largest litter of meerkats ever. keepers at the zoo have been monitoring the progress of the six playful pups. the animals normally give birth to three or four pups. so having sex is extra fun.
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they make. what have we decided? dan: something like -- mark: chewbacca? dan: yes. that was a grown meerkat. mark: it's late and cold, and that will continue throughout the night. temperatures of one below in beaver dam, five in milwaukee. windshield's even worse. look at these, down to 15 milwaukee, racine, and waukesha. tomorrow, it does not warm up a whole lot, a high of 14. windchills never getting to zero, and may be hanging around zero in the afternoon. as the day goes on tomorrow, the wind picks a it it's not too bad early, but they become westerly at 15-25 miles per hour. that might start blowing around the snow, but the bigger issue is it drops the windchill down
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- from "mr. robot," rami malek. espn's samantha ponder. and music from gucci mane featuring travis scott. and now, let's play it this way -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome, hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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