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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> thank you to the people of wisconsin. joyce: donald trump brings his victory tour to state fair park. breaking news, t.v. dad alan thicke dies. the details coming in on the actor's sudden death. and, a man arrested for buying guns and then saying someone should shoot up a school. braving the cold for some winter fun. temperatures are in the single digits, and the wind chills are below zero right now. if you thought today was cold, brace yourself. it's about to get worse tomorrow. mark, a busy week in the weather office.
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nice to see the slice of eyes one below is the current temperature in elkhorn and watertown. we have gone below zero. five in milwaukee. we won't hang at that number for the rest of the night. there is some breeze that brings the temperature to 14 degrees below zero in fond du it will get worse before it gets better. windchills going to 25 below, when that happens and temperatures across the board go to zero and when snow moves in, coming up in weatherwatch 12. joyce: as the temperatures change and snow heads our way, stay with wisn 12 news and make sure to download the free wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. breaking news, actor alan thicke has died. a publicist says thicke died from a heart attack. thicke played the dad on growing pains in the 1980's and 1990's. he recently made an appearance on the netfix series ?fuller house.? he just tweeted about that
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actor alan thicke, dead of a heart attack at the age of 69. our big story tonight president-elect donald trump in , wisconsin. patrick is in west allis, where the event ended about 90 minutes ago. patrick: they are in cleanup mode in west allis, taking down the stage behind me, this stage were donald trump's good a short time ago and spoke to a packed house at the expo center at state fair park to see him. this stop was part of his thank you tour, where he's visiting states that he won. right away, he talked about the presidential recount in wisconsin, which was requested and paid for by green party candidate jill stein. in the end, trump gained 131 more votes from that count. >> i think it was worth it. what did they spend?
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tells you how important every single vote in america is, right? patrick: i am here right now with kent wainscott. there were several big names on stage tonight with the president-elect. >> something happened here tonight that hasn't happened before. after a rocky relationship throughout much of the campaign, house speaker paul ryan appeared with donald trump at a large public rally. in fact, there was a long list of wisconsin's most high-profile republicans in the spotlight tonight, some who supported trump from the start, others campaigned against him. there was senator ron johnson and milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. trump's in-coming chief of staff, kenosha native reince priebus talked about the win in wisconsin. and this crowd also heard from trump's vice-president, mike pence, his one-time opponent governor scott walker and the , speaker of the house.
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my driver license, the last time wisconsin went republican. this is amazing. here is what i want you to know. because of the hard work of the people in this room, you are helping us get this country back on track. i want to thank donald trump. i want to thank mike pence, for helping wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the midwest see the light of day and put a >> now we have an incredible opportunity thanks to the voters in this state, by sending a new president and vice president along with a house and a senate to take some of that common sense conservative reforms from wisconsin and apply it to washington where they , desperately need more common sense. >> thank you wisconsin for doing your part to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america.
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for this crowd of supporters who helped donald trump win wisconsin, a historic win. some of them stood out in the cold waiting to get in here today. in our next half-hour, we'll hear what those trump supporters have to say about seeing the president elect. patrick: we will also hear from the president-elect when he talked about paul ryan during his speech. there was a mixed reaction from the crowd. we will bring that to you in a moment right here on wisn 12 news. as i mentioned, this was part of president-elect do t he's already visited north carolina, ohio, iowa, and michigan. later this week, the tour will take trump to pennsylvania, florida, and alabama. much more from west allis coming up in moments. joyce, for now, back to you in the studio. joyce: thank you. this is video of the president-elect's motorcade leaving the airport today. you may have been stuck in traffic tonight as he arrived. that's because for national security they close several that closed several roads and part of the interstate. a crimestoppers tip leads sheboygan police to a man making comments about school shootings
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making a terrorist threat. ben hutchison spoke with a close friend of the suspect. she says he has a history of mental illness. >> it was a 22 caliber mossberg. in any case, it is a weapon, very dangerous, and a serious situation. >> photos on joshua bagemehl's facebook page show the weapon sheboygan police are talking about. also, a picture of bagemehl with a handgun in front of his face and a december 11 post saying, "someone needs to do a school"sl shooting around here. it would be funny as expletive." police arrested him at his home tuesday. no one answered the door when we stopped by. he said he purchased the gun at gander mountain, something surprising to those who know him. >> .22 caliber, just waiting on background check, how'd, how'd he get past that? >> lena murphy, who's known him
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documented mental health issues and shouldn't have guns. the complaint detailing on joshua's mother told police january 1, joshua was schizophrenic and bipolar. murphy spoke to bagemehl monday night. >> he responded back on facebook. i wont. i am going to live by the gun die by the gun. ,i am going to die holding a gun. around to find out and made the arrest. the most important thing, right off the bat is that we got a tip. if you see something, say something. in sheboygan, ben hutchison wisn 12 news. joyce: wisn 12 news reached out to gander mountain to see what its background check policy is, and we're still waiting for a response. as for bagemehl, he's due in court next week. a missing college student in sheboygan. the sheriff's office is asking for help finding 18-year-old kaelin o'neal. o'neal, from north carolina, is the quarterback on the school's football team. he was last seen on the lakeland
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kaelin is about six feet tall and 170 pounds. he was wearing a black jacket when last seen. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the sheboygan county sheriff's office. milwaukee homeowners could have to pick up a third of the cost to replace old lead pipes associated with health concerns. milwaukee's new plan was approved by the common council today as part of a new ordinance. work will be done only when there's a water leak emergency, or when water mains are repaired. lead lateral pipes can pose a health risk to the city's young children. under the plan a property owner , would pay for one-third of the co, milwaukee mayor tom barrett says homeowners could pay for the new pipes over time, over ten years, for instance. that lowers the price tag for a homeowner to a few dollars a month. a milwaukee tradition is back. today the ice skating rink at , red arrow park opened for the season. skating is always free at the rink if you have your own skates. if you don't, you can rent them. because of our cold temperatures, the rink has postponed its holiday hoopla celebration until next wednesday, december 21.
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patrick's live at state fair park. ? patrick: during the campaign, trump and house speaker paul ryan had a rocky relationship. tonight, both were in the room. hear what trump had to say about ryan tonight and the crowd's reaction. mark: plus, when we trade this cold for more snow. the latest on the timing and early thoughts about how much is on the way. joyce: remembering a 15-year-old shot and killed while inside her own home protecting someone else. and part of a holiday display
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joyce: take a look at your screen. an el paso police officer was conducting a field sobriety test on a driver when another drunk driver struck the assisting squad car. the officer was able to push the man out of the way and took the hit from the squad car. the incident happened on friday . the officer was just released from a hospital today. donald trump's thank you tour, makes a stop in wisconsin. patrick is there in west allis, where the president-elect spoke to a big crowd tonight. patrick: there were familiar faces in the crowd tonight. vice president-elect mike pence was here. so was governor scott walker and house speaker paul ryan. ryan and trump had a rocky relationship during the campaign. the two have been in contact and they have met with each other since the election. tonight, trump praised ryan. and when he mentioned ryan's name, there was a mixed reaction from the crowd.
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really come -- oh, no, i have come to appreciate him. [booing] >> where is he. he has been terrific. and you know honestly, he is like a fine wine. [laughter] >> every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. patrick: pence watched the speech just off the side of the stage. when it was over, they all stepped on stage. they gave trump a number 45 packers jersey. trump is the 45th president. pence was given an aaron rodgers jersey. still to come in this newscast, the president-elect talks about jobs. joyce: thank you. after weeks of meetings and speculation, donald trump has finally named his cabinet's most coveted position. trump has picked exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson to be his secretary of state. members of both parties have raised concerns about
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russian president vladimir putin. >> rex tillerson will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insights and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. joyce: trump also selected former texas governor rick perry to become the secretary of energy. perry was a former rival in the presidential race. trump met some big names of trump tower earlier. the celebrity guest list included rapper kanye west, nfl legends jim brown and ray lewis, and billionaire philanthropist bill gates. kanye west tweeted that he wanted to meet with trump to discuss multi-cultural issues. brown said they talked about improving life for the poor, and gates said he discussed innovation with trump. new information tonight in the murder of a 15-year-old milwaukee girl. as christina palladino reports,
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-- >> as family and friends gather in the frigid cold to light candles, tie balloons to a tree, and pray together for 15-year-old melanie johnson, they reveal stunning new details in her homicide. she tried to go save her nephew, which she did successfully, but in the process of saving her nephew, she lost her life. >> mollie johnson is melanie's aunt. the family believes someone else inside the house near 35th and silver spring was the target b and saw little l.j. on the ground near the kitchen. >> she grabbed him and when she fell, she was on top of him. she covered him. >> the family says melanie was a self-less person, always taking care of her siblings. they say they take comfort knowing she died a hero. >> she's really going to missed, it's really hard, it's really hard, she was only 15.
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told them today that they have at least one person in custody. it's unclear if that person is connected to the death of melanie johnson. at district four headquarters, christina palladino wisn 12 , news. joyce: we reached out to police to confirm the arrest. they did not get back to us tonight. another fatal coyote attack, this time in whitefish bay -- whitefish bay. police tell us two coyotes attacked a small dog as the animal was outside loose with its owner sunday as the man shoveled during the snowstorm. the dnr is being asked to investigate if the same coyotes, who got away, could be responsible for another fatal that incident occurred three blocks from estabrook park and the milwaukee river. while sunday's attack was north of there and two blocks from the lake michigan bluffs. only on 12, local inmates working to better themselves. 50 inmates who are set to be released soon from the racine correctional institution graduated today. some of them received g.e.d,'s, general education diplomas. others earned certificates in culinary arts, custodial services, and machining. police dragged a woman off a
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as jonathan carlson reports, the dramatic turn of events was caught on video. >> flights are on schedule tonight, but an earlier one to san diego was anything but. imagine being on one of these planes and police storm the cabin. >> oh, my god. >> passengers looked on in disbelief as this woman was dragged off their flight as others started to giggle. let's rewind at the top of the video. as a fellow passenger rolled on the incident you can see some , commotion at the back of the plane. we're told the woman was refusing to comply with boarding and baggage check procedures and unconfirmed reports from fellow passengers that she blew past check-in and boarded unlawfully. officers were called when the woman refused to get up from her seat. the airport released a statement tonight saying in part, "despite repeated requests by officers the woman refused to leave the , aircraft and had to be removed. she was arrested and charges are
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to fly non-stop from milwaukee to mexico. volaris is an ultra-low-cost mexican carrier, and will be the first to offer year-round non-stop service. the flights to and from guadalajara will start in march. guadalajara is the capital of jalisco, which is a sister state to wisconsin. a developing story on a logo war between the milwaukee bucks and a popular liquor. german-based jagermeister filed its opposition to the bucks' trademark application with the u.s. patent and trademark office. you can see the two logos side by side. we have learned the filing may just be a standard procedure. jagermeister sent us a statement that says in part, "jagermeister sent us a statement that says in part.
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"j?germeister and the milwaukee bucks have been cooperating on this issue for months." the filing was a formality to preserve our intellectual property rights. the bucks tell 12 news they expect a decision soon. winter is here with a vengeance. mark, we are about to get even colder. >> our first wind chill advisory this season kicking in tomorrow night. we were sure he does readings in a second. five degrees in milwaukee, called the so far this season. two in sheboyg no matter where you are, it is cold. one year ago, it was 60 degrees. that is hard to believe, a record high. today's high was 15. we won't be getting that warm over the next couple of days. wind chills will not be comfortable, everybody below zero. as the day goes on, it will get worse tomorrow in the evening
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windchill readings. it stays strong through thursday morning. this is what i believe will be under a wind chill advisory, so keep this in mind heading to the bus stop or work thursday morning. that will be the worst of the cold before we warm things back up. we have now started to move into that dangerous category. what does that mean? if you're out for 10-15 minutes and can become a problem. we cover everything we can, and don't forget your past. check in on them and do not leave them outside. this is what we are watching. the moisture pouring into california, a long way away. why do we not have an exact forecast for snow possibilities this weekend, because that is where the storm is, in california.
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let's go ahead in time to friday, because that is when we will be dealing with some snow. i think the first half the day is ok, snow over spreads the area into friday afternoon. if you have travel plans friday afternoon, evening, saturday during the day, you need to be prepared for the possibility of snow we roads and there may be some delays at airports as well. here is the deal on our next still storm -- snowstorm. it does not like a huge amount, that be fine tuning. the afternoon, friday afternoon into saturday, looks like the best shot of seeing the snow, and most of that could be coming during the nighttime hours friday night. the question is how much snow comes in on saturday. it may not be that much. the track is not set. there will be changes to this through the next couple of days because it is so far away right now. what is not far away is the cold. five below zero inland, and
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the windchill. high of 14 on wednesday, sunshine, the wind uncomfortable at 15-25. here is your week ahead, nine degrees, that's it for a high temperature on thursday. 22, snow developing on friday. more snow possible on saturday. it gets cold again sunday and monday before we warm up by tuesday next week. so hang in there, we will get above freezing at some point. joyce: take us to 86th street in milwaukee between ohio and holt. the yard is outlined in colored milk jugs. there is a nativity scene that includes santa. different angels light up the rest of the yard. you can help us light up the holidays. if there's a display you'd like to see on t.v., email us the address then watch 12 news at , 10:00. a grandmother has to fight her own daughter, but it's a very good thing. why the 72-year-old wanted to get into martial arts, and what she accomplished to get her black belt. also ahead, the trip of a
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: jett bandy sounds like the name of a character from johnny quest or speed racer. no, jett bandy could be the starting catcher for your milwaukee brewers next season thanks to a trade with the angels today. the brewers send catcher martin maldonado and minor league pitcher drew gagnon to the angels. maldonado was originally drafted by the angels. he was eligible for a raise in arbitration this winter, which might be part of the motivation to trade him. bandy is four years younger than maldonado, and is expected to battle andrew susac and manny pina for the starting catchers job. runs in 70 games for the angels last season. bandy also threw out 37% of the baserunners who tried to steal on him last year. former brewer carlos gomez has signed a one-year deal worth $11.5 million to remain with the texas rangers. $11.5 million to remain with the texas rangers. back in the summer of 2015, gomez was anticipating a deal worth about 10 times as much when he hit the free agent market this winter. that's one reason why the brewers traded him to houston,
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he then revived his career in texas in the final month of last season. the uw-oshkosh titans make their first-ever appearance in the division three championship game this friday, facing mary baylor-hardin in salem, virginia in the stagg bowl. karma appears to be on the side of my alma mater. and it's because of titans quarterback brett casper, who is a star both on and off the field. back in 2014, kasper and many of his teammates registered as bone marrow donors through the be the match program. in 2015, he found a match, eight-year-old phoenix bridegroom, who had leukemia. she received the bone marrow transplant, and last month, phoenix finally met the man who saved her life. kasper was named the captain of the allstate afca good works team to honor his selfless act. >> we are a top rate team, and we tried to be a top rank team off the field as well. >> the little bit of pain i went through is helping someone with
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doctors discovered that phoenix's leukemia had returned. the titans continue to rally around her as she fights the disease again. espn reports the packers have signed linebacker jordan tripp to their active roster. tripp was released by the seahawks because of an injury last week. coming up in our next half hour, our exclusive one-on-one with packers kicker mason crosby. joyce: we will send good thoughts to phoenix too. thank you, dan. finding a warm place to go during our frigid temperatures. coming up, the local church that's already had to turn people away, and where to turn and today's big story, president elect donald trump was in west allis tonight.
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