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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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this year! barrett: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, the cast of "rogue one: a star wars story" -- it's felicity jones, diego luna, alan tudyk, donnie yen, ben mendelsohn, riz ahmed, plus music from a tribe called quest. and now, may the force be with him -- here's jimmy kimmel!
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thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on this special night of stars and war. well, i feel very unprotected all of a sudden. where -- there's no one by the doors. where's my little guillermo? did he -- is he -- did he show up at work today? [ cheers and applause ] all right. look at you. [ chuckles ] you've grown more powerful than i could possibly have imagined. thank you, jimmy. kimmel: that was quite an entrance. guillermo, your mission tonight, should you choose to accept it, is try to get the stormtroopers to do a shot of tequila with you, okay? of course. [ cheers and applause ] can you do that, guys? i have to say, i feel bad for the stormtroopers.
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r, they die like that, they're gone. those suits seem to offer no protection whatsoever. this is a special show tonight. the cast and director of "rogue one: a star wars story" is here. in fact, the premiere is right across the street tomorrow. there they are. [ cheers and applause ] exiting from the x-wing fighter. that's pretty great. i think that's an uber pool that they're in. we have music tonight, too, from the great and legendary hip-hop group a tribe called quest... [ cheers and applause ] ...with a new album. this is their first new album in 18 years. first new album in 18 years, which they're blaming on candy crush. they got distracted by it. next thing you know it was 2016. tonight we are going to show you not one, but two exclusive clips from "rogue one," a movie that no mortal has seen. even the director has not seen this movie yet. for those of you who don't know, this edition of the "star wars" saga
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to the death star to find the weak spot, some way to blow it up. spoiler alert -- i don't want to ruin it for anybody, but they found one. [ laughter ] blew it up. i have to say, people get so down on the empire. all they want to do is make the galaxy great again. is that too much to ask? not much has been revealed about the film, other than that there are both stars and wars in it. it opens december 16. it's expected to be the biggest blockbuster of the holiday season. early tracking suggests that the movie could pull in upwards of $130 million in its opening weekend. but then again, early tracking also suggested that hillary clinton would be president. [ laughter ] so you never know. you still have to go see the movie. the trailers for "rogue one" have many millions of views. even youtube videos of people watching the videos, the trailers, have millions of views. and now even youtube videos
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? mon motha: a major weapons test is imminent. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] [ barking ] jyn: this is our chance. k-2so: the captain says you are a friend. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] kimmel: there is some romance in the film, as well. you know, if you're looking to stuff a stocking with new "star wars" stuff, there is plenty of it. there are hundreds of "rogue one"-themed products available. of course, clothes, toys, they've got christmas ornaments. there's a "rogue one" razor from gillette. chewbacca has one. he swears by it. there's many crazy things. there are blankets, crossbody bags.
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"star wars" item out there. it is a death star herb grinder. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] in case you're cooking, you want to grind some -- these have been big ever since they legalized marijuana on tattoine. i'm glad to see they're finally making some money off these movies. as i mentioned to you, the cast of the movie is here tonight. and they are about to begin a journey that will forever change their lives. so as a public service to them, showcase some of the many different kinds of "star wars" fans they'll be interacting with every day, all day, constantly, until they die. in fact, let's bring some of those fans out one by one and meet them together, shall we? all right, first up, the dad who made damn sure his kid loved "star wars" as much as he does. [ cheers and applause ] tell them what you like, harrison. i like the robots.
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can't he just enjoy the movie? getting the terminology right is enjoying the movie, sharon! kimmel: yeah, sharon, you're really being kind of mean right now. next up, this is one to watch out for -- the weirdo who writes erotic fan fiction about the characters. that's right. this strapping gentleman has written 800 typo-filled pages of wookiees humping ewoks, jabba and yoda doing the deed, and leia on lando love. i've been kicked out of so many libraries. and you'll be kicked out of many more to come, i'm sure. here's a much safer, but much sadder entry. this lonely woman dresses her dog up like "star wars" characters. his name is boba fetch. isn't he adorable? he is adorable. who needs a boyfriend? i don't. no. i don't need one either. [ applause ] this one is cute. this is the child nerd.
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i hate ewoks! i think he killed it. here's another sweet one. this is the very old "star wars" fan. hello, there. i saw the first "star wars" in the theater. and all i want before i die is to see "rogue one: a star wars stor--" [ flatline ] isn't that sweet -- oh. oh, no. no, no, no! at's so sad. but at least he died doing what he loved -- being unattractive to the opposite sex. this next kind of fan, no matter where he finds you, he always has something for you to sign. it's the adult man who buys every toy. these are all in mint condition. they have never been touched. i have also never been touched. [ laughter ] it will happen eventually. and finally, i think maybe
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[ cheers and applause ] ...the man dressed as princess leia. my eyes are up here. [ laughter ] listen. okay, all right. well, there you go. here they are. a murderers' row, if you will. may the force be with all of you. we have to take a break. when we come back, a brand-new take on the elf on the shelf, and kids tell the story of christmas. we'll be right back, so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network,
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there's an ocean filled with creatures who's- daddy, how big is a blue whale? hmm. ok google, how big is a blue whale? blue whale typically has a weight of 300,000 lbs. huh. an ocean filled with creatures... oh! this is where mom does a big whale noise. whale noise? ok google, what noise does a whale make? [whale noise] alright, let's keep going. an ocean filled with-
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it is a "star wars"-abration, if you will. we have music tonight from a tribe called quest and the cast from "rogue one" is on the way. we have exclusive clips from the film. and also, christmas is on the way. christmas, of course, if you didn't know, is jesus' birthday. as always, he'll be celebrating at the cheesecake factory. he loves the crusted chicken romano there. really. this is very strange. some elementary school students in west virginia ristmas surprise on their way into school yesterday, a festively attired man sitting on the roof. woman: these kids in west virginia could not believe their eyes when they found this real-life elf sitting on the roof of their elementary school. there he is right there. the dad -- it's a dad dressed up in an elf suit, of course. he says it was pretty chilly up there, but the look on the kids' face made it all worthwhile. [ laughter ]
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the sad thing is, he's been up there since easter. as most of you who are parents know, the elf on the shelf has become a time-honored holiday tradition. the elf watches your kids and reports back to santa. but it's been around for a while now, and i'm worried that it's starting to lose its gravitas. i've noticed the kids are not so worried about it anymore. they don't fear the elf anymore. so this year we came up with a new product that i hope will make your kids behave bigly. woman: the creators of elf on the shelf bring you a bigger, better christmas tradition -- trump on a stump... a whimsical rendering of our president-elect sitting on a faux wooden tree stump. hide trump on a stump all around the house to watch over your kids and make sure they behave. you never know where he'll pop up next. mom! trump on a stump doesn't report to santa. aah!
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through built-in cameras and hidden microphones inside his head. so when your child misbehaves, special analysts alert border patrol who immediately have him deported. christian! ah, ah, help! make your holidays great again with trump on a stump. pence on a fence sold separately. man: available at walgreens. see that? available at walgreens. christmas is a lot of fun for most people, kids love christmas. they love the presents, they love the candy canes, they really mostly love the presents. but i wonder if they know why we celebrate this day. so we went out on the street and we asked children to tell us the story of christmas. and we are pleased now to present the story of christmas as told by kids. [ "joy to the world" plays ] woman: who was born on the first christmas? jack?
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that little skeleton guy. the little skeleton guy. who is the virgin mary? she -- she was god's -- i mean, she was jesus'...aunt? his aunt. who was his cousin? mike. who was joseph? joseph, he was -- he got married to mary, but they got, like -- they didn't really, like, want to be together, she started to go with god and stuff. oh, on the side? uh-huh. did joseph get mad? yeah. who was joseph? joseph is...jesus' stepdad. hey, so the first christmas was obviously a long time ago. and -- there was these two people and they were in their bedrooms
9:16 pm
and they didn't have a home, so they had to ride a camel. and the three ki-- the three wise kings came to the stable. and mary and, uh... mary and joseph, they had a baby jesus. what did they do? um, said to the baby jesus to a tree, then they started to -- have, like, a little feast. what did the three wise men bring baby jesus? frankincense and myrrh and gold. what's frankincense? um... what's myrrh? i don't know. what's gold? gold is gold!
9:17 pm
did santa like mary's cookies? uh-huh. what kind of cookies were they? gingerbread. what did jesus do when he grew up? he...went to heaven. what did he do before that? ah-choo! god bless you. he told everyone that he's a miracle maker. what kind miracles have you seen? there's only one. it was today. what happened? n, i put it on this eye. was it this eye? which one? this eye. because you see from the side, it looks a little swollen? yeah. it's a sty. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] thanks, kids. [ laughs ] he's right, it is a sty. tonight, there is a tribe called quest here tonight.
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welcome back, friends and rebels, to our special "rogue one" special. we have two exclusive world premiere never before seen by human eyes clips. then, their album is called here... thank you for your service," music from a tribe called quest. [ cheers and applause ] that will be a lot of fun. guillermo -- guillermo, you're holding them like you're walking down the aisle at a wedding. [ laughter ] you seem to be very much in love. before we brave the journey home for the holidays, jennifer lawrence, david spade, samantha ponder, andrea riseborough. we'll have music from blake shelton, phantogram,
9:23 pm
y performance by metallica. we're closing down the whole street again for metallica. that will be a good time. our guests tonight are the new rebels, imperial officers, and droids you've been looking for. you can see them all in "rogue one: a star wars story." are you sure this is the way? they have landing trackers, patrol squadrons. you've got to keep it in the canyon, keep it low! [ sirens wail ] to the right! there's a 26% chance of failure. how much farther? i don't know, i'm not sure. i never really come this way. we're close, we're close, i know that. well, now there a 35% chance of failure. i don't want to know, thank you. i understand. -now! put it down now! -the wind. if you keep going, you'll be right over the shuttle depot. watch out! ohh! "rogue one" opens in theaters december 16.
9:24 pm
. [ cheers and applause ] ? wow, look at this! [ cheers and applause ] we just got to see that -- the audience just got to see the clip for the first time. have you guys seen it? have you seen the movie yet? -yeah. -yeah. oh, mads, you haven't seen the movie? -no. -everyone else has? -yeah. -yeah. why didn't mads get invited to see the movie? he was nobody. [ laughter ] i was there.
9:25 pm
these guys didn't want to lend me anything. where did you see the movie? was it in a regular theater? we saw it at skywalker ranch. kimmel: oh, wow. do they have a screening room there? they do. -yeah. -a tiny one. it's not in george lucas' bedroom, you're all gathered around a 27-inch tv or anything like that? wow, what did you think? -it's amazing. -yeah, yeah. everybody got quiet after it was done. what do you mean, they got quiet? we were sort of stunned, right? d of awkward, almost. because kathy kennedy and gareth edwards kind of looked over to us, "guys, what did you think? what did you think?" we were just blank, completely silent. "guys, please tell us you liked it!" "yeah, it was good, we're just having a panic attack." [ laughter ] i would think so. i mean, it's really -- for most everybody's lives, "star wars" has been the biggest thing in entertainment. then, when does it hit you? when you go, like,
9:26 pm
n? does it happen when you get cast? does it happen during the movie itself? when does it happen? the first day on set. i always remember, at least my first day on set, you turn up, and there's like hundreds of stormtroopers all running around. and that's so trippy. yeah. you just feel like a 6-year-old. and so you're like, "this is kind of weird. i want to get some head space." so you go over to the coffee table. go over to craft services. and there's hundreds of stormtroopers trying to drink coffee. [ laughter ] r. through that mask, it's like a big -- makes a big mess. did you ever see when they talk to the calamari? "it's a crap kind of --" those people? when they had to talk to them, they'd put their heads up like that, and they'd open their heads and go, "how you doing down there? all right? are you cool? do you need the hose?" and they'd put the hose down their heads to cool them off. it was like they were having their stomach pumped. alan, for those who don't know -- nobody knows that much yet -- but you play k-2so.
9:27 pm
although he's much bigger, actually, in the film. how tall is k-2so? he's 7'1". so, i know you do -- you're not actually in this suit, obviously. no, no. he's got really thin legs. i was in, uh -- i was in, like, this unitard. uh-huh. really tight. for how many months were you in a unitard? six. he was very attractive. too long. yeah. and it had -- it was a gray suit that was very, very tight. kimmel: uh-huh. why did it have to be so tight? alan's -- alan's groin was, sort of, next to our faces for a lot of the shooting. well, he -- yeah, stilts. he had stilts. -yeah. -right. so... yeah, you were eye level with his balls, basically. and, just, i mean, the good thing about alan is he has pretty big ones. [ laughter ] so it was quite intimidating. no, it's true. i mean, i was staring at them for seven months. yeah, the other way around would have been just embarrassing all day long.
9:28 pm
but probably in the next one. you're the only bad guy here, really. i say bad -- from your perspective, you're probably not a bad guy. misunderstood. [ laughter ] you wear this great white cape in the movie. and it seems like that, yeah, that kind of cape look is very big amongst the people in the empire. yeah, it is. well, it denotes a certain, -you know, je ne sais quoi. -oh, there it is. yes, i think liberace was the last person to... [ laughter ] yeah, but you've got to remember, he got it from us. we're a long, long time ago, this stuff was. but it's a very good thing to have. you know, every move augmented. i mean, a cape! come on. right. is it practical in any way to have a cape? i mean, i would imagine just even -- amazing at deflecting bullets. uh-huh. very good if you're running through mud. if you need to hide yourself or your business, then you wrap it around you. uh-huh. uh-huh.
9:29 pm
it's like -- it's scary to people. yeah. it is, yeah. i would love to wear a cape. you know, i actually asked if i could do that on this show, and i was declined. [ laughter ] you are a big action star in hong kong, correct? [ cheers and applause ] are you the biggest action star? yeah! [ cheers and applause ] uh... well... i'm going to say no. of course not, yeah. was "star wars" a big movie for you growing up? really big. it was, it was something that you -- l dad." oh, really? how many kids do you have? i have three. three, how old are the kids? uh, i have one from my previous marriage. and then i have the 12 years old, daughter jasmine, and my son james. i saw you doing a lot of -- oh, you had to be a cool dad already because you do this -- what martial art do you practice? i practice a mixed, kind of different style. you know, i don't remember all --
9:30 pm
laughter ] he's making it up. it's cgi, all his movies. could you beat everyone here up right now? like... [ laughter ] i don't have the force today. december 16, i will have the force. you will have the force, of course. you do -- you get to say "may the force be with you," don't you? yes, that's so cool. that's beautiful, so cool. i mean, when i got the script, my opening line was "may the force be with you." i mean, that is -- i mean, how cool can that be? business so long, i never read a line that cool. [ laughter ] yeah. no, that's about as cool as it gets, it really does. well, we're glad you're here. we have your director here, as well. he's the only one that can really answer any questions. i know you'll all be eliminated if you dare do. so we will bring him out. his name is gareth edwards. we'll be right back with the cast of "rogue one"! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] hi there, we're back with the cast of "rogue one: a star wars story." i just handed -- i just handed you your character -- because i wanted to see you play with yourself just for a second. i just wait till i'm in private to finish that off. that looks great. how sad is that? now, after finally finding a parking spot for his millennium falcon, he's the director of "rogue one," he is gareth edwards! please welcome him, everybody. yeah!
9:36 pm
i didn't see you walk in. how are you doing? well, congratulations. i got to see a little bit of the movie, and it is fantastic. really, i got to see about 30 minutes of it, as did our team of nerds here at the show. and we really loved it. everyone came out saying it was great. now you are -- i know people like to talk about this guy, but you are a "star wars" nerd on a level at which i don't think i've ever even heard about before. i mean, to the point where i almost question your mental health. when you were a kid, how many times have you seen the original "star wars"? i don't know. i lost count. i had it on betamax and borrowed it off my neighbor, and i promised to return it two hours later. and i -- i watched it and never gave it back. and i watched it about 300 times, maybe, as a kid. -300 times. wow! do you remember the neighbor? have you sent the neighbor a gift of any kind? no. no. it seems like you should. [ laughter ] did that continue on into your adult life? yeah. uh, for my 30th birthday, my girlfriend at the time was like,
9:37 pm
- she said, you know, "let's have a party." i was like, "no, i don't have any friends, it would be really embarrassing." i said, "the thing i've always wanted to do is go to tunisia and actually see the place they shot "star wars." and so, for my 30th, i slept the night in luke skywalker's home in the middle of the desert, and then i watched the sun set on the salt flats with the igloo. and it was funny, 'cause through the whole trip, you kind of -- every now and again, it's the middle of north africa, but every now and again, you pass another person that looks just like you, who also has a girlfriend, and both girlfriends look at each other like, [ laughter ] i'm surprised these guys have girlfriends there in the first place. that to me is a testament to the power of "star wars." so now you find yourself in a situation where you're directing this movie, and i have a million questions for you. but one of them is, like, who gets to make the big decisions? do you make them and do you run them by the studio? or they let you do what you want to do? how does that go? i make them all. you make them? [ laughter ]
9:38 pm
the main person who makes all the decisions is -- is darth vader. darth vader? yeah. yes. well, darth vader, for instance, is a character, obviously, but that is, true or false, in this film? it's in the trailer, right? so i can say true. yes, you can say true. so darth vader, is that something you went to them and said, "i would love for darth vader to be in this movie?" it was kind of inevitable. like, without spoilering it for people, but this -- our film is connected to the original. and so the fact he's in that at the beginning, it feels like he's got to, at some point, turn up in our movie. and what is it like when you guys are on the set with darth vader? scary. yeah. is it really scary? it's horrible. it is. yeah. because you -- you start hearing [ imitates mechanical breathing ] and then you connect with your nightmares in a second, and you become a 6-year-old, and you go like [bleep] [bleep] what am i supposed to do? do i look at him at the eyes? no! no! no! no! no! no! no!
9:39 pm
know, and they don't look at you either. and i felt like darth, you know? oh, really? when you come in and everyone goes like this, that's how it feels, like, to walk through a room and everyone goes silent. and they just go down, it's, like, a great feeling. yeah, wow. so, james earl jones -- you got james earl jones to do darth vader's voice. call me darth vader. yeah. was it always guaranteed that he would do it? uh, i wasn't sure. i mean, we -- we approached him, obviously, and he was kind enough to agree. but james earl jones is the voice of darth vader. ent to new york, it was about a year ago now, and we did, like, an initial adr session. and, so, there's the screen with the film on it. the actor faces the screen. and you sit behind them. and i was having, like, this freak-out fanboy moment. 'cause, like, this hadn't happened in like years and years that james had done the voice for darth vader. right. but everyone else was so professional. and so you're like, "okay, it's just me. it's just me." and then he does, like, one of these first lines, and it ended up involving the word where he said, [ deep voice ] "the power."
9:40 pm
[ laughter ] and we were, like, going... and then he would turn 'round, and we'd go... [ laughter ] that -- that was great, james, if you could just do it one more time. he would look back, and we'd go... did at any point he say "this is cnn," or did you leave that one out of the movie? [ laughter ] that would be great if darth vader turned to the camera and said, "this is cnn." [ laughter ] maybe for the next one. there won't an sequel to this movie, will there? well, there's -- there's "rogue two: a new hope." okay. [ laughter ] that was a very geeky joke for the fans there. but there's obviously some in the audience. still hoping? [ cheers and applause ] did any of you at any point -- did any of you accidentally blow it? um, well, i-i-it wasn't me. [ laughter ] it was this -- this guy, man. it was my son. he's 8 years old, come on. okay. but i was doing a facetime. we were not allowed to do facetime or anything there. we were not allowed to do anything.
9:41 pm
no, of course not. like you were on the o.j. jury or something. but i did. i hide a little bit, and i was talking. and then, behind me, there was stormtroopers and -- and, you know, these amazing creatures. so i'd just go like, "hey, look, look, look!" and as soon as i do this, i see that he takes a screen shot. -ponk! -ooh, that little scamp. i go, "hey! wait, wait!" and he says, "goodbye, dad!" [ laughter ] and i had, like, five minutes of terror. you know? i went like, "oh, my god! -i'm never working again!" -wow! i called everyone in mexico, police, everything. [ laughter ] grab the phone, destroy it! s -- that's -- did he destroy it, or is he holding you ransom for christmas gifts? i don't know yet because he has that look where he goes like, "yeah, no, i erased it, dad." it's not too late for him to ruin it for everybody. the cast of "rogue one" is here. when we come back, we have another -- again, these have never been seen before, our audience here in the studio's going to see it for the first time, an exclusive clip from "star wars" -- "rogue one: a star wars story." we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ]
9:42 pm
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the people in these chairs and on this couch are the cast and director of "rogue one: a star wars story"
9:46 pm
saw one exclusive clip, we're going to see another exclusive clip in just a moment. now, mads, you've been in, well, now this movie, marvel comics in "doctor strange." yeah. what is with -- as far as these fan groups go, these groups, who have you experienced more mania from? well, i don't think i've seen anything like this one. i mean, everything was secret, even in the bond film, was super secret. that was the first script i received where my name was on every page. oh, right, and the bond nuts, too, yeah. and i had my name on every page in the script, and i didn't even have the job, and i took a plane home and i forgot it on the plane. [ all groan ] but it was so secret, nobody found it. that was the good thing. by the way, any time you leave anything on the plane, nobody finds it, so you really, like... [ laughter ] that might be the case. that's where you should dispose of crucial documents, on the plane. yeah, obviously i thought that was it, i'm never going to work again. but, no, this one. this one. i mean, the fan base is so curious. they are so enormous. i mean, there's nothing like this.
9:47 pm
llenge, i thought, because you have to make this movie and it's almost 40 years after the first movie came out. and yet, you really, like as far as the weapons go and the robots go, you have -- these things have to have happened like, during luke skywalker's childhood. you can't come up with new and flashier things. was that something that was made it harder to make the movie? we came up with a few things. but i remember, like, on the first day on the job, o this show in town with the props department. and they'd lay out all these weapons and go, "here's some ideas that you might want for the film." and i'm, like, this uber "star wars" fan, so i'm going up to them going, "well, this one's no good, 'cause this just looks like it came from world war ii, we won't be using this." and they go, "this is exactly what the stormtroopers had in the original "star wars" film." you're like, "oh, cool, okay, well, this is in. we'll use that. [ laughter ] like, george always borrowed from the past. he always used stuff from history. it's very -- it's interesting.
9:48 pm
yeah. yeah. you did? well, um, some of them had been lost. you know what i mean? like, you know, obviously when george made the originals, there wasn't this expectation it was going to be this big phenomenon around the world. right. and so we had to do them from scratch. i think it's not a spoiler to say there might be the death star plans in our film. oh. and i thought it would be funny, and also i really wanted to do it. so, when i left, i stole the death star plans. they're at my mom's house right now. i'm not going to give away where she lives. there'll be like a million star wars fans trying to steal them back. well, they'll find out. you don't even have to give it away. they know now. in fact, they're probably -- there's a fighter landing on her lawn as we speak. did any of you steal anything else, anything from the set? take a memento home? anybody want to confess anything now? i took one of your bullets. mine? yes. i stole a bullet from you. oh, wow. that's not right. i got it -- it was from the back of your belt.
9:49 pm
uh-huh. yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm like, "hey, buddy." it was -- i was actually just taking a bullet from you. that's it? [ laughter ] you took a bullet for -- or from him? yeah. eight of you...? no one's going to say it here, come on. okay, all right. you did steal something, though. wink? we all -- we all stole something. good. you should. but it will go no further. yeah. it is time now for our second of two exclusive clips. it's from "rogue one: a star wars story." take a look. man: there must be another pickup. i thought we had everybody. [ metal clangs ] [ stormtroopers groan ] all clear, sir. [ indistinct shouting ] her. you want to get out of here? hey! what about me? [ grunting ] [ groans ] [ groans ] gimme the keys! gimme the keys! [ groans ] [ grunts, groans ]
9:50 pm
please do not resist. [ cheers and applause ] there it is, "rogue one: a star wars story." it opens in theaters december 16th. thank you all so much for coming. we'll be back with music from a tribe called quest! [ cheers and applause ] ? barrett: "the jimmy kimmel live concert series" is brought to you by the dick's sporting goods foundation. go to to help save youth sports. ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ?
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to thank the director of "rogue one." apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. this is the album. it's called "we got it from here... thank you 4 your service." here with the songs "dis generation" and "we the people...." a tribe called quest! ? dis generation ? ? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? they control the nation ? ? they control the nation ? ? they control the nation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? oh, yes, dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? they control the nation ? ? they control the nation ? ? they control the nation ? ? one hitting reading pages of poe ? ? telly is low, cuddle bunny ready to go ? ? day of the dead ? ? bury all the zombies instead ? ? and it's just your aftermath ? ? busta cuttin' your dreads ? ? bruce...looking like the ufc ? ? smoke tree on... sizzle out your usb ? phife: ? surge pricing on these ubers, i'mma get me a cab ? where jarobi at? ? imbibing on impeccable grass ? ? i be in nyc waiting for that law to pass ?
9:55 pm
hard todd, todd bowles, gang green on that... ? ? magic mike on the mike, david blaine, douglas henning ? ? in the church of busta rhymes ? ? it's my sermon you're getting ? ? horizontal spittin', i'm the exorcist of your writtens ? ? don't interrupt me, brother ? ? sorry, that's a sin unforgiven ? ? the way we be skipping on beats ? ? like cooking crack in the kitchen ? ? b-b-b-b-b-b-but ? ? just throw the package back and dry up the wet ? ? this mad city's not a game, easy, quiet on set, phife ? ? student of the past trailblazing a daze ? ? not acknowledging a trend or swept up in a phase ? ? we still the highest of commodity grade ? -? and you could get it ? -? get it ? -? get it ? -? get it ? -? get it ? -? get it ? it today ? -? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? i said they control the nation ? ? control the nation ? ? control the nation ? ? i said dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? oh, yes, dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? dis generation ? ? we the people, that's one, two, come on now ? oh! [ cheers and applause ] ? unh! unh! unh! unh! unh! ? ? hey, hey, rock with it, y'all ?
9:56 pm
? rock with it, y'all ? ? rock with it, y'all ? ? rock with it, y'all ? ? we the people ? ? we the people ? ? give it up, yeah ? ? unh! unh! ? ? we don't believe you ? ? unh! ? ? unh! ? ? 'cause we the people ? ? unh! ? ? unh! ? ? are still here in the rear yo, we don't need you ? ? you in the killing off a good young brother mood ? ? when we get hungry, we eat the same damn food ? ? the ramen noodle ? ? your simple voodoo is so maniacal ? ? we're liable to pull a juju ? ? the irony is that this bad girl in my lap ? ? she don't love me, she make money, she don't study that ? ? she gon' give it to me, ain't gon' tell me run it back ? ? she gonna take the brain to wetter plains ? ? she spit on that ? ? unh! ? ? unh! ? ? my doors have signs with ? ? unh! ? ? unh! ? ? don't try to rhyme with ? ? unh! ? ? unh! ? ? vh1 has a show that you can waste your time with ? ? guilty pleasures take the edge off reality ? ? and for a salary i would consider this sporadically ? ? the og gucci boots are smitten with iguanas ? ? the irs piranha see a brother gettin' commas ? ? brothers in my hood living in a ? ? fishbowl ? ? fishbowl ? ? gentrify here, so it's not a...hole ? ? trendsetter, hey, yo, i know it's cold ?
9:57 pm
? all you black folks, you must go ? ? go-o-o-o-o-o ? ? all you mexicans, you must go ? ? go-o-o-o-o-o ? sing it! sing it! what? ? and all you poor folks, you must go ? ? go-o-o-o-o-o ? ? muslims and gays ? ? boy, we hate your ways ? ? ol?, hey! ? ? so all you bad folks, you must go ? phife! ? the fog and the smog of news media that logs ? ? false narratives of gods that came up against the odds ? ? we're not just...rappers with the bars ? ? it's kismet that we're cosmic with the stars ? come on! ? you bastards overlooking street art ? ? better yet, street smarts ? ? but you keep us off the charts ? put your arms up! ? so mother...your numbers and your statisticians ? put your arms up for phife. come on! ? ...y'all know about true competition? ? ? that's like a al pitcher on deck talking about he hittin' ? ? the only one who's hitting ? ? are the ones that's currently spittin' ? ? we got your missy smitten rubbing on her little kitten ? ? dreaming of a world that's equal ? for women with no division ? ? unh! boy, i tell you that's vision ?
9:58 pm
? the tribe be the best in they division ? ? say what? ? ? shaheed muhammad cut it with precision ? ? who can come back years later, still hit the shot? ? phife! ? still them tryna move we off the...block ? ? babylon, bloodclot ? ? two 'pon yuh headtop ? ? all you black folks, you must go ? ? go-o-o-o-o-o ? ? all you mexicans, you must go ? ? go-o-o-o-o-o ? sing with me! sing with me! ? and all you poor folks, you must go ? ? muslims and gays ? ? muslims and gays ? ? say what, y'all? ? ? boy, we hate your ways ? ? oh, yeah ? ? so all you bad folks, you must go ? ? unh! unh! unh! unh! ? ? hey! hey! hey! ? ? i break bread, ribs, hundred dollar bills ? ? dream about bugattis and other four-wheels ? ? they say illuminati and other ordeals ? ? is how my lawyer got me to avoid a raw deal ? ? and now it's more real than it is for any other star ?
9:59 pm
e the emmys are ? ? for how i deal with the path like remy ma ? ? i get in the car like a sniper's on the roof now ? ? but don't confuse how you see me have to move now ? ? i got bars like the cypher's in the booth now ? ? ooh, child, things are gonna get easier ? ? long as they get my page right on wikipedia ? ? long as they say my name right in the media ? ? if you don't, that's a sin like cincinnati ? ? 'cause ever since i had the polo suit at the grammys ? ? i been spittin' at the camera like trick daddy ? ? so swaggy, he could've broke up with ig ? urprised that they broke up on ig ? ? i got the game on iv ? ? what?! ? ? might as well have a live feed ? ? talk to 'em! ? ? keep a fresh cut from ib ? ? so i always match the picture in my id ? ? talk to 'em! ? ? they packin' dub c had ran with mack 10 ? ? mack 10! ? ? i was still a baby ?
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