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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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tracking the freezing temperatures and the windchills. sally: the windchills are 0 or below inland. the coldest air is still a little ways off. 14 port. 13 racine and kenosha. 15 at the airport. 10 at elk horn. here is a look at the windchills. most ranging in the single digits. the coldest chills at fond du lac and below zero. the windchills are part of the forecast for the next 48 hours. a couple of clouds south. big arctic high pressure is influencing our weather. sun and cold for today. temperatures 13-15 for the day. the chills near zero. windy tomorrow. matt is on the way to a couple of accidents. news chopper 12.
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interchange. we have two separate incidents. one crash and then another in the same spot at drexel on the southbound lanes of 94. south of the airport. you are seeing it is on the shoulder out of traffic. the travel times no delays attached to that. the tral times are still in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> we have been breaking news, president-elect donald trump makes it official, he's chosen rex tillerson for secretary of state. tim, what are you learning about this decision? >> president-elect donald trump released the statement saying that rex knows how to manage a deplorable enterprise that is crucial to running a successful state department. the president-elect called him one to truly great business leaders in the world. timerson has close ties to
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setting up a fight in the senate. with more, we turn to nikole killion in washington. >> the president-elect donald trump is nominating rex tillerson for the secretary of state calling his career the embodiment of the american dream. this morning donald trump is announcing the secretary of state. >> mr. tillerson has relationships with most of the heads of state a right out of college and this is one of the most successful companies in the world. >> tillerson emerged out of a crowded field, giuliani and petraeus, bob corker and mitt romney. >> i had a wonderful evening with the president-elect donald trump. >> the president-elect called romney to break the news that he was out of the running. rollny posted tfts an honor to
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of state for our great country. mr. trump took to social media to announce i will be leaving my business before january 20th to focus full time on the presidency. two of my children will manage them no. new deals will be done dur my term in office. >> you have a successful businessman that assets and holdings around the globe and that needs to have a transfer of we channels to his adult children. >> he was supposed to hold a press conference on thursday, but an advisor says they need more time to sort it out and postponing it until january instetted. >> thank you. trump said on twitter that his sons don junior and eric will be managing his businesses while he's in office.
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>> the president-elect thank you tour is rolling into wisconsin today. hillary mintz is live in west allis with a looked ahead. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning. the signs are up getting ready for the big visit tonight with president-elect donald trump and mike pence here. this is their first west allis he was supposed to have rallies here but two of them were cancelled. tonight's event to part of trump's thank you tour, which he is doing in the battleground states that helped him win the presidency. if you are coming here tonight, the doors open at 4:00, trump is expected to take the stage here at 7:00. >> thank you, hillary.
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president-elect transition is continuing on the wisn 12 mobile app. >> a woman is killed in a car crash on the interstate in which you are seeing here, it lead to a backup here. this was southbound i-94 headed to illinois. this happened around 11:30 near exit to highway 142. according to the sheriff, one car spun out and hit the median and then hit by a second the woman driving the first car was killed. three people in the second car were taken to the hospital but expected to survive. the internate was closed overnight but the road is reopened this morning. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:075. reminder for the drivers in milwaukee. the four-inch rule is in effect. you can't park in some of the areas because of the snow. pay attention to the signs along the streets.
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also, limited garbage and recycling pickup. if you are scheduled leave the cart out. >> an autopsy is done today on a man found outside in the cold yesterday. the 55-year-old had been shoving the driveway. the medical examiner's office doesn't know the cause of death. they suspect exhaustion from shovelling could have been a trigger. >> lal reminding you to clear the snow around the fire hydrants. we energys is advising you to make sure your furnace vents are clear, the snow can build up around the vents. also, know where the gas meters are and hitting it with a snow blower can cause damage to the pipes and poet rnl cause a leak. >> it is that time of the year,
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on the way. the city of milwaukee is saying that the bills were mailed out on friday. there are several ways to make a payment. there is a drop box available at city hall also. >> later today, governor walker is talking taxes in waukesha and sharing information about the property tax relief options. he's speaking at 12:45 inside of the board chambers at waukesha town hall. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:07. we are talking about snow. we are talking about the cold. >> we brace ourselves, sally. sally: that is at the rock and they are making the snow. they are taking advantage of the temperatures showing up the single digits overall, and making all of that snow, winter
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we have a couple of clouds this morning. the arctic high pressure is influencing the weather. the bus stop weather, well dress the kids warm. the coldest air is tomorrow night, wednesday night and into thursday. this morning the windchills are gemly in the neighborhood of single digits. now, we have been talking with a heads up situation about snow potentially for friday friday night. it is looking like the snow is quite likely for us, but too early for the totals. do be prepared for the travel issues. let's join matt salemme on the morning go. >> we are on the south side, two separate crashes right now we are looking at the mitchell interchange. no delays because the crashes
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take it easy on the roads. the travel times no need to rush, all in the green, that means full freeway speeds. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> 15-year-old is one of the four people shot that happened in california. tim, you are following the updates. tim: one of the victims is a 39-yead critical condition. the sheriff is saying that the suspect just started shoot through the apartment door here. this happened just before 9:00 last night in the suburb of north highlands. in all 16 people were inside of the apartment at the time, including five children. four people were sent to the hospital. now the sheriffs believe that the gunman is the exboyfriend of one of the people inside of the apartment. the police are continuing to
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another twist in the growing wells fargo banking scandal. >> next, the scheme that the company is accused of setting up behind the backs of the loyal customers. >> later, scare in the air, what happened on a flight to
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>> we are on deck this morning as w moon this morning. fair skies and star shine early this morning. the temperatures are cold. teens along the lake. we are looking at cold, potentially snow this weekend before the cold dives back in. mother nature has all of the winter items for us. deep cold in place through thursday and the coldest wednesday night and thursday. i think we get the windchill
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early morning windchills, take a look, feeling like 4 at the airport. now going up to matt on the way to an accident, matt? >> we have reached it, it is drexel and 94, southbound lanes. now, it is actually two separate crashes. the original one happened on the inside left shoulder. the second one happened on the right shoulder by the off ramp. just a tap on the brakes. northbound a necking going on. travel times are still in the green. no need to rush. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thanks, matt. we have information about a bomb threat on board a flight overnight. the plane made an emergency landing in new york. police and k-9 units searched the aircraft.
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headquarterses as it was flying from texas to germany. 500 passengers were evacuated from the plane. >> a second plane forced to land in phoenix. what happened him, tim? >> this was an american airlines and had a technical problem. the plane lost reservoir pressure slying from charlotte to san francisco. the pilot diverted to phoenix airport around 11:30 and we are working to learn if the passengers on that flight were put on another flight. we know no one was hurt. back to you. >> tim, the wells fargo scandal may involve another company, prudential financial. they had created accounts for customers without permission and now three employees saying that the same thing happened with the
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are suing the company saying they were punished for not agreeing to cover up the illegal practices. it is suspendel the sales through wells fargo. >> google signed a new deal with cuba to help speed up wifi on the island. it is not expanding the access to the web. cuba has some of the most restricted internet laws in the world. 6:16. big 12 sports the packers are focussing on this weekend's game in chicago against the bears. rodgers strained his calf in the game and left the field in the early 4th quarter. rodgers is dealing with a left hamstring injury. mccarthy is saying that rodgers is showing he can play hurt.
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his ability to reset his feet and extend the time clock of the progression of the concepts was key. as long he can do that we are fine. rodgers was smiles for the fans in green bay, hundreds of people lined up for the chance to get the autographs. the fans were asked to denate a hundred for the autograph. he doubled the denations for a total of $42,000. >> today the packers tiekt end jared cook is stopping by the hunger task force. it is part of the touchdowns for charity. the company is donating a thousand dollars for every touchdown scored for the season. cook and the chairman of
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check. >> a few days left to drop off the items for the veterans gift drive at the va medical center. they need coats, hats gloefs, socks and games and cds and bike helmets. find the bins at city haul, the courthouse and other facilities. the gift drive runs until friday. >> hoverboards were catching on fire for the >> yes, and now that gift is coming back. the owner of the gift of wings says shoppers really still need to be careful when purchasing the hoverboards. earlier in the year, the labs were asked to come up the standards for the boards. all look for the ul approved sticker along the under side of the board. otherwise it could be a cheap and dangerous imitation.
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because sometimes the boxes say ul approved but that doesn't mean that the board is ul approved. pay attention to the sticker on the bottom of the board. >> so you have to take it out of the box to check that. the ul approved boards cost more than the knockoffs. so 250-500 dollars more. >> but worth the money when you saw the >> yes, if you end up in the er that costs you too. >> that is good advice. look for the ul approved. today if you are out and about holiday shopping, tuck your wallet inside of the coat and dash to the store. it is chilly. the worst of the cold is headed our way later in the day. the windchills this morning, you are seeing it is feeling like 4
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compare that to windchills well below zero. i don't expect the movement in the temperatures. the readings are climbing a little bit. chilly air is reenforced with a cool front that came through. high pressure influences our we have a secondary boundary coming through tomorrow and bringing in a shot of colder air and this is a look at the future windchills tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. the windchills ranging from 9 degrees below zero to 17 degrees below zero at the dells. the chills are falling overnight. by mid night everyone in the neighborhood of 20 degrees below
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below for the windchills and staying cold much of the day on thursday before things are moderating for friday. you are seeing how dry we look. a few clouds from time to time. temperatures though holding in the teens for today and tomorrow. single digit highs as we move to thursday. first we talk about the deep cold in place. we get a windchill advisory wednesday night and thursday. then our attention turns to friday, friday night and saturday and potential >> thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. grammy winner is asking for our help. >> that is right. the one thing that sir elton john is missing. the contest that he's started to complete the collection. >> later, the grammy that is stealing christmas. the city where the police are looking for a senior citizen accused of taking holiday packages.
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thank you for the great tuesday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms and different schools across southeast wisconsin. >> who needs the coffee when you see those cute faces? if you are interested in a visit, head to >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:25. new this morning, we all have a chance to make a music video for sir elton john. he's videos for three of the songs, rocket man, benny and the jets and tiny dancer. do you have ideas? here is your chance. this is honoring the 50th anniversary of the song writing partnership. it is called elton john the cut and he's partnering with youtube for it. they are picking the winners that appear on youtube next
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stockholm. he skipped the ceremony because of other commitments and now playing two shows in april. in order to collect the prize money, he has to deliver a lecture within six months of getting the honor. >> he could be the only guy getting away with skipping a nobel prize ceremony. >> thank you for the honor, but do >> stuck between a rock and hard place. >> crews in california are working on a sink hole next to the ocean, the conditions that lead to the hole. >> later, debate over the hate speech coming to uw-m campus. the student lead protest against the visit. but first, a live look at the roads. we are checking in with matt
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find the nearest kiosk at ben: in just a few hours, president-elect donald trump will be in wisconsin where he's holding the thank you rally and
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adrienne: and a teenage girl gunned down in milwaukee. why police say it may have been an accident and the family members who are remembering her this morning. ben: but first, a live look outside. we're in the calm before the storm. another wintry weekend is ahead. we're tracking when snow will start to fall. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off. it's 6:30 on this tuesday, december 13th. le meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning. sally: we are talking bright sunshine, but cold air in place for us. early morning temperatures are a touch warmer along the lake. 15 at the airport. 13 racine and kenosha. 9 waukesha. 6 coming in for fond du lac and beaver dam. the temperatures just below zero to west and northwest.
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4 at the airport. we will look at the coldest of the air moving in later in the day today and tomorrow. temperatures holding in the mid teens for today. bright sun and cold air. most of the windchills holding 0. for tomorrow it is blustery. windchill advisory later in the day tomorrow with the cold air coming in. bitter cold for th 12. >> a pair of earlier crashes are cleared up. we are looking at 94 eastbound, westbound, 68th under the freeway. no delays in either direction. in fact, just ten minutes into downtown.
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president-elect donald trump making it official. >> now as you say, it is official, the name is rex tillerson and the ceo of exxon mobile. this morning trump tweeted out the message and calling him one of the truly great business leaders of the world. tillerson has close ties to putin. the senate appointment. right now the lawmakers are looking at the influence by russia in the election. tillerson has been with exxon since graduating college. ben? >> tim, president-elect donald trump headed to wisconsin today. it is part of the thank you tour. the president-elect is holding a rally in west allis at state
6:33 am
>> hitting the key battleground states that helped him win the election and wisconsin was one on they have. the third time will be the charm here. the expo center tonight at 7:00 p.m. to greet the supporters. vp-elect mike pence will be there too. this tour includes a number of the key states that were important in this election. trump and pence both made several trips to wisconsin during their campaign. never the rally is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. the doors open at 4:00. a couple of key things if you are headed here, one, check out the sign here, please enter at gates 4, 5 for the rally. also, even if you are not attending the rally, you are going to see extra police presence in the area as the president-elect is coming to town.
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ben: today is the federal deadline for presidential recounts. wisconsin wrapped up the recount yesterday when the state elections commission certified the results. president-elect trump picked up 131 more votes solidifying his win over hillary clinton. trump tweeted about the recount last night calling the push for a recount a scam. adrienne: looking ahead, a controversial speaker coming to uw-m's campus today. milo yiannopoulos is part of the so-called alt-right movement and an editor for the conservative site breitbart. earlier this year he got permanently banned from twitter for harassing snl comedian leslie jones. when his speech was announced, some uw-m students signed petitions asking campus leaders to denounce the event. now students are planning to protest at the speech which is sold out. ben: right now, a milwaukee family is looking for answers after a 15-year-old girl was shot and killed. it happened yesterday near 35th and silver spring.
6:35 am
hit her. officers say they aren't sure yet if she was targeted or if it was an accident. family members say they can't believe that she's gone. >> we're hurting behind this alot, we're hurting behind us, this is really going to be tough for us to go through. ben: police are still searching for the shooter. adrienne: a group of brazen teens accused of stealing several cars over months chose the wrong victim. the woman who helped police catch them spoke only to wisn 12 news. >> i went around and placed the toe of my boot in a very socially significant place and told him if he moved or he struggled he would walk funny for the rest of his life and urinate through a tube and i meant it. adrienne: she told police that the teens tried to carjack her but she fought them off. now two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old are facing charges. according to police, they call themselves the ct mob, short for
6:36 am
adrienne: according to court documents, the same suspects are also linked to a car break-in at the home of mixed martial arts star anthony pettis. they were caught on surveillance video trying to get into a cadillac and range rover parked in pettis' driveway. this happened on november 30th. police arrested two of the suspects the same day. police tell us there aren't as many car thefts this year as last. so far in 2016, people reported just more than 5900 cars stolen. in 2015, more than 68oo stolen. to put it in perspective that's a difference of nearly 900 cars. now to matt for a check on the morning commute. matt, how is it looking? >> it is looking pretty good we are over the bypass, oklahoma is going under the freeway. you are seeing good spacing,
6:37 am
we are back to crash free status on the system that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> this pizza guy is a fake. he dressed up as a pizza delivery driver and stole packages from front steps in indianapolis. one homeowner caught the thief on camera. the box he got away with only had a pair of slippers inside. still a bummer stole the slippers. police haven't found the fake pizza guy yet. the rightful owner is now warning people in the area that this could happen to them too. ben: another unusual package thief, this one in missouri. adrienne: the victim is calling her the granny who stole christmas. the elderly woman caught on camera stealing packages from front porches. the victim says she took three packages from his porch all in front of a surveillance camera and she was driving a hummer at
6:38 am
the victim says she looks like an ordinary person but admits this could be an elaborate disguise. maybe she's not an elderly woman. >> either way she's stealing the packages. 6:38. adrienne: wisn 12 news time is a silver lining. ben: some heavy rain leading to flooding in california and bringing some good news along with it. adrienne: plus, salvation army's iconic red kettles targeted by a thief. the teenager who's accused of stealing from the charity and
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>> wisn 12 news time now is 6:41. beginning to get light across southeast wisconsin. we get a look at waukesha. the sunrise 7:15. beginning to brighten up in sheboygan and 13 degrees. lighter winds throughout the day today. it is going to pick up tomorrow. right now 15 at the airport. the feels like temperature 4 degrees.
6:42 am
windchills are coming in 5-10 degrees below zero. more snow is coming. we have a little bit on that coming up. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, we are over the south side. the head lights are southbound, 43, 94. both directions are looking good. no delays between the airport and downtown. southbound at drexel isar that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> 6:42. ben: later today comedian bill cosby will be in court. it's the latest step in an assault case against him. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the details. tim? tim: cosby is accused of drugging and then assaulting a woman in pennsylvania back in 2004.
6:43 am
who have accused cosby of assault. those other allegations will be the focus of a court hearing today. a judge needs to decide if their testimonies should be allowed in this trial. 13 other women could testify depending on the judge's decision. this hearing is expected to last two days. cosby has pleaded not guilty and denies all of the accusations. the trial is set to begin in june. adrienne: new this morning, a police officer in texas is out by a driver. the crash was caught on camera last week. the officer was conducting a sobriety test by the side of the road when another driver hit him. the officer pushed his dui suspect out of the way potentially saving his life. that driver was not hurt although he was arrested for dui. >> his own safety was the least
6:44 am
he was concerned for the welfare of the person he was dealing with. adrienne: his fellow officers are calling it a miracle that he survived. police say the driver who hit the officer was also drunk. she's now facing charges. ben: new this morning, a new york home destroyed by a gas explosion. a propane tank is reportedly to blame for leveling the house. no one was home when it exploded. neighbors had called the propane compaf crews had a service call set up at 9:00 a.m. just hours after the explosion. >> i'm so blessed and fortunate, this is a material loss. we are going to get over it. ben: friends and neighbors say they're relieved that the men weren't home during the blast and that everyone is safe. adrienne: new this morning. fire breaks out at a luxury high-rise in dubai. we found this video on twitter
6:45 am
is on dubai's palm island. the building was evacuated and the fire was put out. no one was hurt. ben: yesterday we told you about flooding in california. now there's good news. all that water has helped the state's drought. the heavy rain has helped build up the water supply in northern california. reservoirs are at or above capacity and more water is expected to fill those reservoirs later this week. ben: also in california, crews are working to fill a sinkhole right along the coast. take a look at this. the hole opened up along a popular walking trail near san francisco. cement has been brought in to repair part of the sea wall damaged by that sinkhole. rain runoff and a broken irrigation pipe washed away sand behind the sea wall making it weaker. eventually part of the wall collapsed. ben: police in oregon say they've arrested a red kettle
6:46 am
salvation army donation kettles from two stores. investigators say they id'd him from surveillance video inside the stores and they later found one of the kettles at his home. police say there was around 170 dollars in the kettles. he's facing three different charges this morning. wisn 12 news time now is 6:46. ben: the slice of ice at red arrow park opens for another season today. you can bring your own skates and skate for free or rent a pair. the official party to celebrate the opening has been delayed until next week. the holiday hoopla is now scheduled for december 21st. md adrienne: a doctor at children's hospital of wisconsin comes up with a unique way to help kids. here's his inspiration. we told you about it last week. nordstrom selling a rock for 85 dollars! doctor david margolis says there are better ways to spend that money, but if you still want the rock, he'll send you one straight from lake michigan's shores. margolis is selling rocks he
6:47 am
the money to children's. >> 85 dollars can go a long way in helping a kid be a kid or even helping a kid get better. our kids in the hospital over the christmastime have to be here. adrienne: if you want to donate, we have a link set up on >> brilliant idea. ben: later today, actress reese witherspoon sits down with ellen to talk about a viral joke tradition. >> i blame mindy kaling, she did some thing on her show, had a wreath with pictures of my face. people started calling me, it's hysterical! i don't know what you are talking about. >> we have one it's over there. kind of have to look for it, but it's there. very clever, wreath witherspoon. ben: wreath witherspoons have
6:48 am
it to ellen's studio. you can see more of that interview plus green day makes their ellen debut at 4:00 p.m. then stick around for wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick. ben: new this morning, the smash musical hamilton is opening up in san francisco soon and people are camping out to get tickets. hundreds of people slept waited for hours all to make sure they get to see the show. >> did you sleep in your car?" street. everybody in line slept here last night. >> is it worth that? >> oh, yeah. ben: tickets were available online but these people wanted to wait in line instead. it is all part of the experience, right. the people who got tickets will have to wait until march, that's when the show opens in san francisco. hamilton tells the story of america's founding fathers
6:49 am
it is so popular. >> this month the holiday lights. look at this one. here's one in west allis at 103rd and rogers. the house is all decked out with lights. you can help us light up the holidays. if there's a display you'd like to see on tv, email us the address then watch wisn 12 news at 10:00. they went all out. the coordination. >> they don't leave their lights up until >> they know what they are doing. >> they have a plan for putting them up and down. >> a plan for paying for the electricity. >> yes. we are going to cough up for the heat. the cold is moving in tomorrow. we are just getting a rush in. right now the temperatures 15 degrees at the airport. 12 port.
6:50 am
as far as windchills are concerned, below zero especially away from the lake. feeling like ten below at beaver dam. a few clouds overnight thanks to a cool front coming through. arctic high pressure is influencing the weather. we are going to look at a secondary boundary for tomorrow and with it, a shot of cold ai windchills tomorrow night. that is wednesday night at 6:00. you can see the windchills ranging from 9 degrees below zero to 16 below at beaver dam. the windchills overnight wednesday night into thursday morning in the neighborhood of 20 and 25 below. this is thursday morning at 7:00. the outlook for the windchill, deep cold in place for us as we look at potentially in my
6:51 am
wednesday night and thursday. no advisories today. it is chilly. over night, we are going to look at a couple of clouds passing by. we watch the bound ri for later tonight and tomorrow and bringing in the cold air in wednesday, wednesday night and thursday. mid teens today. the windchills near 0. windy and frigid tomorrow. the wind will be a factor on wednesday and thursday. friday we turn to snow with afternoon and friday night and early saturday. the storm track is urn certain, but a heads up situation for now. matt? >> sally, we are looking 43 northbound, southbound. the curve at the top of the frame. you are seeing both directions are looked good. that's a look at the morning
6:52 am
>> matt, thank you. ben: it's been six months since the massacre at an orlando nightclub. tim, people gathered to honor the victims last night. tim: all day yesterday people remembered the attack at pulse nightclub. last night there was a vigil honoring the 49 people who died. 53 other people were hurt in the shooting. omar mateen started shooting inside the club on june 12th. he was shot and killed by police. early yesterday morning there was a private ceremony for people directly affected by the shooting. last night's memorial service was open to the public, a huge crowd gathered to remember the victims. back to you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:52. "g.m.a." has the headlines coming up. >> first of all, a look outside from news chopper 12. we have a check on the morning commute and the forecast and
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>> we are following breaking news, president-elect donald trump has chosen the secretary of state. >> he announced this morning that he's nominating rex tillerson, ceo of exxon mobile. he's called a truly great
6:56 am
close connection with putin. >> president-elect donald trump is coming to west allis, it is part of the thank you tour. they are speaking to a crowd at state fair park at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> overnight, a fatal crash closed down i-94 in kenosha. according to the sheriff, one car hit the median and spun out and another car crashed into it. the woman in and three people from the other car are in the hospital. >> now to matt in news chopper 12. >> we are getting busy along the north shore. this is brown deer road over the top of the freeway. increasing volume, a little brake tapping at brown deer. the rest of the system still checking in quiet. that's a look at the morning
6:57 am
>> the clouds are scouring out for us. a few lingering in the corner of the state. holding in the teens today. 4 tonight. turning windy and colder for wednesday and thursday, probably a windchill advisory and snow on friday. >> get your christmas shopping today. >> yes. >> or do it on the computer. >> snuggle up online. >> take wisn 12 news everywhere you go.
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good morning, america. just moments ago, president-elect trump announces his pick for secretary of state. nominating exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson and now rick perry will be energy secretary. the agency he once tried to >> it's three agencies of governments when i get there are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. over night, trump tweets clues about how he'll handle his own business empire. dangerous arctic blast, the most brutal cold of the season moving across the country this morning. 13 states are on alert. the national weather service warning the public about frostbite. and windchills plunge below zero for millions. the west bracing for a pineapple express. heavy snow and flooding on the


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