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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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women with breast cancer for ten years and women that are more socially isolated had a 40% higher risk of death. wow. the news continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> it is 5:00 o december 13th. president-elect donald trump is hours away from a visit to wisconsin. his first since winning the white house. we have the preparations coming up in a live report. plus, what we know so far about the controversial pick for secretary of state. >> and later topping the christmas wish list again this year hoverboards. what you have to look out for on the box. >> first, a live look outside on
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we have a check with matt on the morning go, first to sal with the freezing temperatures. sally: most everyone in the metro 12-14 degrees this morning. we are looking at the temperatures holder nearly steady. a couple of clouds out there. right now 15 at the airport. the winds are northwest at 8. the day. the feels-like temperature 4 degrees. we are holding in the low to mid teens. layer up, it is sunny and cold. the temperatures are nearly steady. 12-16 degrees. fair and cold tonight. lows tonight down to 4. the coldest core of air in place tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and thursday. snow chances at the end of the week. matt? >> we had construction overnight.
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a couple of cars are rolling through the frame. some of the side street with thes the few slick spots. the westbound travel from the hale up to the zoo 5 minutes. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. the big story, president-elect donald trump is set to announce the secretary of state. this hasn't beenuc secret. tim: it is not a secret, we have been hearing it is exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. now we don't know when how or trump will make the announcement but could be coming out of twitter. he tweeted out yesterday the final tally in the state's presidential recall.
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the president-elect is focussing on the leadership team and the future of his businesses. for more on that, now to nikole in washington. >> tim, two people close to the team are saying he choes the exxon ceo. donald trump is announcing the secretary of state. >> mr. relationships with the heads of state and joined exxon out of college and this is one of the most successful companies in the world. >> tillerson emerged in caned in of a crowded field. >> i have had a wonderful evening with president-elect donald trump. >> the president-elect called romney to break the news he's
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romney posted it was an honor to be considered secretary of state for this great country. romney -- president-elect donald trump went to twitter announcing he's leaving his business. >> he has a very successful businessman who has assets holdings around the globe and that has to have a transfer of power to his adult children. >> he was going to hold a press conference but needs more time to sort it out and will be postponing it until january instead. >> thank you. trump has said that his sons
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>> thank you, tim. the president-elect's thank you tour is rolling into the wisconsin today. hillary mintz is life with a look ahead. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, president-elect donald trump and mike pence are coming here tonight at 7:00, actually in the expo center here. this is for the thank you tour. while campaigning, trump was and both were cancelled. tonight's event is part of the thank you tour. now, if you are coming here tonight to state fair park, the doors open at 4:00 p.m. if you look at the sign here, it is saying please enter gates 4, 5. we are at gate 1 right now.
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7:00. >> good information there, thank you. the tow tour is -- thank you tour is continuing on wisn 12 app. >> there was a crash headed south on i-94 into illinois. this happened around 1 # 1:30 near the exit to highway 142. according to the sheriff, a car spun out and hit the median and was hit by a second car. the woman driving the first car was killed. three people in the second car were take ton the hospital but expected to survive. the interstate was closed for four hours. it is open again this morning. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:06. reminder for the drivers in milwaukee, the four-inch rule is
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certain areas because of the snow. if you parked on a marked street you could be ticketed or towed. there are limited garbage and recycling pickup. if you are scheduled, leave the cart out the crews will pick it up when they can. >> an autopsy being done today on a man that was found outside in the cold. the 55-year-old was found unresponsive don't know the exact cause of death. they expect exhaustion from shovelling. >> local firefighters are reminding the homeowners to clear the snow away from the fire hydrants. we energies is advising homeowners to make sure that the furnace events are clear. the snow can build up around the
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gas meters are. >> we know that the cold is on the way. wisn 12 news time now is 5:08. hi, sally. sally: good morning. the cold front sagged just to the south and we are clearing nicely in its wake. take a look at the moon. it was so pretty on the way in. we are looking at sheboygan. the temperatures are in at 12 degrees. most of our locations are morning, and that is where we are going to stay. a little action into the mississippi, ohio valley. but the arctic high pressure is influencing our weather. we are keeping the chilly look in the forecast through thursday. matt? >> sally, it is quiet across the freeway system. we have a fender bender at drexel. we are looking good down to highway 50.
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take it easy. no reason to rush. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you. matt. a 15-year-old is one of the four peement shot at an apartment complex in california. tim, you are tracking the updates. >> tim: one of the victims is a 39-year-old woman. the spokesman is saying t suspect started shoot through the apartment door. this happened before 9:00 last night in the suburb of north highlands. in all 16 people were inside of the apartment, including five kids. four people were sent to the hospital. the gunman is the exboyfriend of one of the people inside of the apartment. they are looking for the man this morning. >> thank you, tim. >> another twist in the growing
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>> next, the new scheme that the company is accused of setting up. >> scare in the air, what happened inside of a flight to california that triggered an emergency landing overnight. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber? works. inside each of us are trillions of good microflora that support good digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber? nourishes them so they can thrive. clear, taste-free, all natural benefiber?. nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber? healthy shape.
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>> early morning temperatures in the low teens. barely seeing the moon keeping an eye on the windchill. that chart is part of the forecast until at least through thursday. we are concerned about the windchill advisory likely tomorrow afternoon and early thursday. the winds are picking up tomorrow and the temperatures in the low teens. we could look at the readings dipping down to 25 degrees
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chart. >> it is quiet except at drexel. that is nod causing delays. take it easy out there. could be a few slick spots. no reason to rush out there. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. new information about a bomb the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the new york jfk airport. they searched the airport and didn't find anything suspicious. the threat was called into the airlines corporate headquarterses as the plane was flying from houston to germany. 500 passengers were evacuated from the plane. the flight is rescheduled. >> a second plane forced to land overnight, this time in phoenix.
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>> it has a technical problem and lost pressure flying from charlotte to san francisco last night. the pilot was diverted to phoenix sky harbor airport. that plane was checked out and towed to the gate. we are working to learn if the passengers were put on another flight. no one was hurt. ben? >> thank you, tim. 5:15. new today t wells fargo may involve another company prudential. thousands of works created accounts for workers without permission and now three of the employees are saying the same thing happened with the life insurance policies. they were punished for not agreeing to cover up the illegal practices. they are suspended the sales through wells fargo. >> google has signed a new deal with cuba to help speed up the
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the google services. however, this will not expand overall access to the web. cuba has some of the most restricted internet laws in the world and rejected the offer to improve the speeds. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:16. big 12 sports, packers are foe es ruckused on the weekend. rodgers left the field early in the 4th quarter. mccarthy is saying that rodgers has shown he can play hurt. >> i think he's showed that. the ability to reset the feet, if you can't reset your feet, well, you can't perform. the ability to reseat his feet and extend the time clock of the
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key. as long as he can do that, we are fine. >> rodgers was all smiles last night. hundreds of people lined up for autographs. fans were asked to donate a hundred dollars to the salvation army in exchange for the autographs and he doubled the donations. >> packers jared cook i stopping bay for the tailgating party. cook and the chairman of sargentos is presenting the check. >> there are just a few more days left to drop off the items for the veterans gift drive. on the veteran's wish list,
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find the bins at the city hall and courthouse and other facilities. it is running through friday. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:18. hoverboards were catching on fire last holiday system. >> now it is coming back. the owner of the gift of wings says that the shoppers still need to be careful when purchasing the safety commission asked the labs to come up with the standards for the hoverboards. always look for the ul approved sticker. otherwise, you could be dealing with a cheap and dangerous imitation.
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able board, the board might not be approved. >> the vendors say that the approved boards are costing more from 250 to $500. i see the people trying to save money and then getting the dangerous ones. >> we saw all the videos with them catching on fire. that was incredible. it is wovrt the extra bucks. >> yes, but i cast. it is not for me. early today the colder air. the first run of chilly air is moving in now. we have a weak cool front coming in tomorrow afternoon. it sets the stage for reenforcing shoot of the chilly air. the temperatures ranging from 3 at the dells. 15 at the airport. 1 # 4 at port.
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the single digits to well below zero. 9 degrees below zero at the dells. cool front came through narrow band of light snow is pivoting out of parts of northeast illinois and moving into lower michigan. no worries about the snow for us. providing a consistent west and cold air. a good deal of the sunshine throughout the day. grab your sunglasses and tuck them in and grab a scarf. a cool front coming through again tomorrow. this is tomorrow night at 10 #:30, that is when we expect the coldest of the air moving in. so for today, we keep the temperatures in the low to mid teens. the low tonight 4.
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below. tdz colder tomorrow because it is windier and the chills tomorrow 10 #-20 below and tomorrow night approaching the windchills 25 degrees below zero. look at the high just 9 degrees. rapid warm up on thursday. this is a system that likely brings us some snow friday night and saturday. forecast models are in great on the snow totals. >> okay, we are bundling up this week. thank you, sally. wisn 12 news time now is 5:21. a grammy wiper is asking for help. >> the one thing that sir elton john is missing of five decades of his career and the contest he's started complete his
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>> hey, class, good morning, waukesha. a great way to start tuesday morning. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout outlogo and while there submit nominations tr the top teacher award. >> we have a chance to make a music video for sir elton john. >> he's launching contests for three of the hits. we are actually listening to them sometimes here in the studio. the contest is honoring the anniversary of the song writing partnership. it is called elton john the cut, he's partnered with youtube for it.
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tube next summer. >> we happen to have the cams and editing systems here. >> dillon makes it to stockholm. now he's playing two shows there next april. in order to collect the prize money, he has t lecture within six months of getting the honor. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:26. stuck between a rock and a hard place. >> the crews are working carefully to fix a sink hole next to the ocean. the conditions that led to a hole along a popular beach path. >> a debate over hate speech t speaker that is coming to town today and the student lead
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introducing the reuben from subway a sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben. others, by reuben kulakofsky during a poker game. and some insist it was hollywood starlet marjorie rambeau in a fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can
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ben: in just a few hours, president-elect donald trump
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holding the thank you rally and the big announcement he's expected to make today. adrienne: and a teenage girl gunned down in milwaukee. why police say it may have been an accident and the family members who are remembering her this morning. ben: but first, a live look outside. we're in the calm before the storm. another wintry weekend is ahead. we're tracking when snow will start to fall. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, december 13th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. >> early this morning it is all about the temperatures. the skies are clearing nicely. we had a cool front that passed through. we are looking at fair skies. now, we have a fair amount of sunshine for today, but it is


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