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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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back and help identify the crew. >> she may qualify for medicare. she can put up a fight. >> easy marks. guess again. >> she was unloading the walker and she saw the valet fighting off a teenager. >> the suspect was messing with a former army sergeant. the second teen came up and ordered her to let go. >> i put my boot in a socially significant place and i told him that if he moved or struggled,
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, i'm going to shoot you. he had the gangster gun sideways. >> the 18-year-old was arrested for this and dozens of other crimes. they are the members of the cutthroat mob and they have vandalized more than 100 cars. training she got at the citizens academy to help the police catch the would be carjackers. >> we knew what we were doing and how to identify them. >> the mo of the mob is to steal
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neighborhood near superior and ontario. johnson and her boyfriend went to the same location. she hopped in and took the car back. a car break in at the home of the mixed martial arts star, anthony pettis. this happened it is the same day that two suspects were caught and arrested. hughes and martinez waived their preliminary hearings and will move on to a trial. he and his brother went to milwaukee to stay with the cousin of their mother. the child was starved and hit
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a local man fell through the ice and guide. he walked onto the lake. the police say that he was several hundred yards out and there was no word why he was on the lake. a man was found unresponsive outside of his home. >> the police tape across the driveway shoveling the driveway. he was found outside of pay home . >> he was a nice guy. i did not know he had any problems. >> no hard issues? >> not that i knew of. >> i was diagnosed with a heart
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believe the diagnosis and he is taking it slow. >> you have to take your time. if you are out here and just muscling this snow. it is a light snow. >> you notice you are getting a little shorter of breath and you need to stop immediately. if it does not subside, you need treatment. >> the suspect -- they suspect the man died from exhaustion. another safety reminder. make sure year events are clear. there can be carbon monoxide buildup in the home.
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making sure year pets are inside. the next 30 days will be rough. >> let's just remember november for a second. temperatures were way above average. in december, yes, winter is here. >> you will get the wind at beaver dam. it feels like one degree and three in sheboygan. we have colder temperatures and it could literally be freezing. watch out, especially with the
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there. the hats, the mittens, the scarves, cover up. you are going to want to do that for the next few days. >> egg good reminder. -- a good reminder. there is controversy over russian government hackers election. >> donald's trump that he does not believe it. >> the democrats are putting this out because they suffered one of the greatest losses in the history of politics in this country. >> on monday, the white house said that the russians were
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clearance to figure out who benefited from the malicious russian cyber activity. >> josh earnest went further and said that trump shares guilt. >> the head a good sense of whose side he was coming down on . >> it was a statement about the notorious emails. >> i find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> trump was having none of it. there is a rocky start with the intelligence agencies he will command. he's insulting intelligence agencies that are working hard
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washington. >> governor scott walker is talking about his visit to military bases and he says that the soldiers he spoke with are celebrating the deployment of james mattis. >> he is someone who brings the priority for making military and not political decisions. >> danger in afghanistan. he had traveled with helicopter in fear of bombs. the performance on the field to feed the hungry in our area. to celebrate, the task force is
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tomorrow. students in the performing arts program will be center stage tomorrow. tickets are $10 in this begins at 7:00. the ice skating rink opens at 3:00 in the afternoon. the party for the opening has been delayed and the holiday hoopla has the 21st. letterman is spotted helping others. also ahead -- a big surprise for the last permanent resident at arquette university. what it takes to make pencils of different styles, shapes, and
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. now, the american comedy star taking aim.
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>> a surprise farewell party for the last remaining permanent resident on campus. a nun who has been teaching has been spreading love on the campus for years. >> sister bernadette gets the unexpected and deserved lovefest. she is known to all of the kids. >> she is the longest and the last permanent resident to live here. >> i have an here for 36 years. since 1980. thought they were just marvelous. >> she has moved on. it is the next semester in a new chapter.
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for the moment, the tears will hold, long enough to enjoy a surprised sendoff. >> it is so fun to see you in the hallway and stop to say hello. >> i am very old. i am going to be 85 years old. it is time that i go home. >> a spirit of mutual love and ec wisn. >> a great surprise. the last day on campus is the 27th. the 74th golden globes. the movie got six nominations, a film about a young boy becoming an adult. meryl streep picked up a
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in florence foster jenkins and she is receiving a lifetime achievement award. david letterman is still hard at work. he went to build a home and volunteered with habitat for humanity. letterman likes to quietly help out. we are taking a look at something used often in school one you are taking a test. >> back and asking what you're one thing is. we take you inside this pencil company, making all sorts of pencils for students and architects. >> i love the christmas tree.
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>> the charcoal can be smelled. >> you do this. >> it is a secret recipe. >> all different colors. >> we are looking at the way we have been doing it for 100 years. >> they >> you were just a baby when you started. >> he says the secret to the success is making the product here. >> you are getting orders right now. >> we can turn on a dime.
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first met time? >> exactly. >> we can bring this to life in a couple of minutes? >> a couple of minutes. >> the trees, the skies, the grass. then, she tells me to just add water. we add three things this christmas. >> grade me later. >> a charcoal recipe. did not know. bill murray lends his hands to a white house psa. he joined obama in the oval office and said that the health care enrollment is open at
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it is a long time, but the packers -- that is next in sports. right now, here are the winning
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>> 12 sports. >> number 88 for the packers and , if he stays, he will have to change that number. he is showing what a dynamic weapon he can be. just do not call him a wide receiver. >> i apologize for not making an announcement. >> i feel like a running back.
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i am a running back. i just play receiver. >> the injuries are not as bad as first feared. he has a hip strain and a knee strain. gordon was just three yards shy peterson says he will practice and he hopes to return to play against the packers. peterson tore his meniscus and he hopes to be eligible to return. fisher was inspired today after the contract extension.
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coach. pj has been named a second-team all-american by the press. he has been projected as a first or second rounder. the junior offensive tackle is named first-team all-american. jump and he made first-team all-american the season. on the ice, a wild one at the arena. this is a 4-1 lead over the san antonio visitors.
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the admirals held on. as we showed you in the first half-hour, 22 against directors raptors. >> coming up next, jimmy kimmel
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>> getting a break from the snow and we have the cold now. >> not a big deal. e this will brush in and it may be enough. it is not like what we had or what we had coming in. 17 is the high temperature for
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from homd, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jennifer lawrence and music from phantogram. and now, and furthermore -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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