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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CST

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>> 12 news starts now with breaking news. >> a girl was shut and killed the 35th. christina is there and we are tr intentional. >> at this point, they are not sure if johnson was the intended target or was caught in the crossfire. there were shots fired outside of her home. >> the family said they had just seen the student at her mother's house. they got a call but said she was
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i don't know. >> shots were fired into the kitchen. they are investigating if she was the intended target. >> we are hurting a lot and it will be tough for us. >> lovejoy and said they cannot believe she is gone. >> there are many leaving their lies behind. -- lives behind. put the guns down. >> family is stopping by the house. the police say they do not have any suspects yet.
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weather and the deep freeze coming in. the wind chill will be dangerous. we are talking about the wind chill being below zero. >> it does not stop until friday and it will be a long stretch of cold air. this is the current windchill and the combination of the temperatures and the wind. the wind chill tonight will go down to 10 below. it will get worse than that. this is what it looks like. it will be dangerously cold. that will continue with the below zero temperatures. the wind show may make it to 25
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expect more snow. >> this means you cannot park in certain areas because of snow. pay attention to the signs. you could be ticketed or towered. -- towed. the medical examiner's office expects exhaustion from shoveling donald trump is hours away from making a stop in dallas. there was a vote -- a recount of a vote in wisconsin. the recount was requested and paid for by jill stein, who expressed concern about election
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the numbers report have anything to do with a hacking of the technology. >> the final wisconsin vote is in and they picked up 131 votes. the president will be holding a rally as part of his thank you tour. they will begin at -- trump will talk about his business empire and possible conflicts of interest. the news conference is now expected to happen in january. a favorite for secretary of state is rex tillerson.
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girls will have separate trials. they were in court today for a hearing. they codefendant had a similar hearing. both girls could wind up testifying against each other. a driver crashes into it was around 2:00 this morning. the driver tried to stop and the car struck him head on. these pictures show the front of the vehicle torn off and the driver was treated and taken to
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a bartender in downtown fort washington. the fully say that a bartender was attacked by a group of people at the bar on early saturday. the police want you to get a good look of these photos. if you have any information, you are asked to contact the four washington police department. the police say that two of the men distracted the while they took off in a cab pickup. this could be the picture of that vehicle. the police are urging people to use common sense. if you do not feel comfortable, call the police. a round up by a shielded hearts.
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new toys and hygiene products. neglected kids will receive help through the child advocacy center. >> it is a wonderful innovation to try to reach out and help the children at this time of year. >> the collections will run from january 5. hundreds lined up for a chance to packers quarterback. they have to donate $100 in exchange for the autograph. >> i got home late last night and she said, what time are you going to be there. so, we decided to come up right away. >> this about nation army -- the
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yankee candle has a recall involving these candles and what you need to watch out for. >> the milwaukee symphony orchestra is looking to make a move and i will show you where they are coming. >> cold and more snow. when will you need the shovel again? >> sold out of
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more than 500 passengers were evacuated and shuttled to the terminal. luggage and cargo is being checked. a symphony orchestra could join me renaissance taking place downtown. shelton joins us with more. >> we have talked about the
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on this stretch of the looking at this as a possible future home. >> the symphony orchestra has serenaded audiences. the renovated stage is where the president and the executive director wants them to perform. >> it is growing up and controlling your own destiny. >> they all performed at the markets. >> they have a dedicated concert hall and you have a room to do all of that. that is hard. >> the cruise will have to restore and renovate it for the
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we are bringing more business in vitality to the neighborhood. >> i reached out about the move and they have not gotten back to me yet. it will cost $120 million. patrick, he would not tell me who we are live downtown. >> as he mentioned, this was across the street from me theater and what it could look like. the plants include office space and a marketplace. a person said they plan on revealing new updates after new
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salmonella concerns. prepackaged mac & cheese cups with powdered seasoning. stores across the country are urged to get a refund. a warning before you light the candle. a glass jar can crack when the no injuries have been reported. the candles are sold online and you can get more information at their website. the toys have sold out across the country. there was a $6,000 profit. she says that she is using the
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life in prison that she think is wrongly accused. a price tag of $85 for a rock that is wrapped in leather. a local doctor says that he is selling something similar and you may get more for your money. >> he spent part of the weekend here. it inspired him. the retailer is selling a rock for $85. >> you can do something better. >> he calls it "rocks for a reason." he will send you a rock from his slice of the lake michigan shore.
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kid be a key eight or even get better. >> they have donated. >> people have asked for autographs rocks. >> kids have to be here. nobody has you let give surgery around christmas time. >> the doctor does not want to lake michigan. he is asking for a landscaper. >> they are trying to figure out how to package the rocks for people. you can find out on our website. you can bring your skates and stage for free.
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delayed until next week. holiday hoopla is scheduled. the highs will only be in the teens. >> it will be chilly out there. bundle up and it will be ok. the temperatures will get worse before they get better. so, yeah, it is winter's wrath and the thursday and there will likely be a winter weather advisory issued. look at waukesha with only 10 degrees. the camera doesn't want to work right now. it is 15 degrees in milwaukee.
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windshield -- wind chill is at five or 10 degrees below zero. it is 15, currently, in milwaukee. 12 below in minneapolis and let us talk about the windchill. this is not fun. it is at zero and the wind is going to pick up and this is the nasty morning.
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chill. the temperatures are going below zero and it is thursday where you really have to make sure you are bundled up. don't forget about your pets. no mosquitoes to worry about right now. something good comes from the cold. we are trying to find it. moisture is hawaii and crashing into california. this is good news. this will bring us a chance for snow add this will roll through tomorrow night. as i mentioned, it is possible, as we head into friday and saturday.
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we will be fine tuning things. it is breezy and we go cold and colder with snow likely. for friday and saturday, it is not going to be it will feel ok, compared to the high of only eight degrees next tuesday. so, just get ready. winter is here. >> we are going to west allis. there is no music.
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the address. that picture is a reminder of a lot of snow around here.
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>> 12 sports. >> aaron rodgers says he will continue to play, despite the injuries to his calf. he has been on fire on third downs. they have had for touchdowns. zone touchdowns. he and rogers have. on 57 touchdowns. >> we have been successful. it is a thing we will get back on.
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football. that is smart and the guy has played at a high level for a long time. >> there has been a mandate for those who cover the bucks to ask about the growth of giannis. he was compared to magic johnson. it was a rough the raptors were not missing. they got 8-11. demar derozan scored 30. the defense torched. that is terrence ross. the milwaukee bucks made a game of it. giannis had six points in the first half.
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and he threw down this massive baseline slam. the raptors hand the bucks a loss. to make this more watchable, they are adding a skills showdown. in the next half hour, and of it and the long road to all-american honors. >> taking down a suspected carjacker. >> that jerk. >> how she defended herself and helped with the crimes free.
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>> terrorizing milwaukee with car break-ins and a carjacking. a major break in the investigation.
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back and help identify the crew. >> she may qualify for medicare. she can put up a fight. >> easy marks. guess again. >> she was unloading the walker and she saw the valet fighting off a teenager. >> the suspect was messing with a former army sergeant. the second teen came up and ordered her to let go. >> i put my boot in a socially significant place and i told him that if he moved or struggled,


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