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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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she can still put a fight. so going>> two ladies at the locker. and it works. >> gues again ok great. >> so i tackle the jerk. >> the suspected and know he was messing with a former army sergeant that made history fighting the military's ban on gay service members. a second teenager ran up and ordered him to let his friend go. >> it was a socially significant
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he said if he struggled, he would urinate through a tube for the rest of his life. >> i'm going to shoot you if you don't let them go. this is what he said. >> prosecutors are charged 17-year-old junior marino and jesus lazzaro. in the hotel metro incident, dozens of others. prosecutors say they are members of the ct. say they vandalized more than 100 cars between bayside and bayview. she and her partner attending the mpd citizen academy for helping police catch of would be
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>> to see a license plate to help them avoid the texan and to flee the police because they cannot chase suspects. this is not the end of the ct arrest. their investigation is ongoing. anchor: the same suspects are accused -- the car was taken from her neighborhood. a second time, she went to the same location and it was the first time. there was. she took it back. linked to a break-in at the mixed martial arts star.
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it is still a significant number. so far this year, they have been -- same time last year, there were just over 6800. >> a wrong way driver crashes into a plow. the 51-year-old woman got onto i-43 at loomis and was heading the wrong way around 2:00 this morning when she had the plow head on going about 55 miles an hour. the plow driver tried to hoping she would see him and move out of the way. the front of the woman's vehicle was torn off in the engine was in another lane. the woman was treated at the hospital and is expected to face charges. still clearing snow and spreading salt. getting a break from the snow.
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the sub buildings everywhere with some snow cover. you need to be prepared for that. the temperatures dropping like a rock right now. there will be some slippery spots. please be careful of walking. it is something to keep in mind. it is only part of the the windchill already below zero right now. this is just the beginning. i will let you know when the windchill is coming to 25 below. >> the four inch rule is still in effect and they have to park on the even side of the street tonight since it is december 12. so that the plows can clear the odd side of the street. >> the 55-year-old collapsed
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he was found early this morning. the medical examiner's office say they don't know the exact cause of death but they do suspect exhaustion. another safety reminder. more snow on the way. make sure your furnace vents are clear. snow can build up around the vents causing a carbon monoxide buildup in your home. also be sure you know where your natural gas meters are. hitting it with the snow blower can damage the pipes and cause a leak. app are your best sources for information on the go. check the hour-by-hour temperatures and the interactive radar. >> the judge still hasn't ruled on whether jurors will see the girls confessions. >> 14 euros morgan geiser shuffles into court, still awaiting trial more than two
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death. she said then that she feared the fictional character slender man and wanted to please him. >> it was weird. i felt no remorse. i thought i would. >> they want that confession thrown out so they called him to the stand today asking whether in light of her erratic behavior he really believed geiser understood armor and a rights. >> she seems like a very smart girl so i wasn't sure she was trying to play me, manipulate that she was a proxy to slender man. >> the judge ruled today that the girls will have separate trials. it is likely they will wind up testifying each other. >> if people give incriminating statement. >> the wire motion will include
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out. wisn 12 news. >> beating a seven-year-old boy until his death, in court. they had been caring for his brother out of state. the town of geneva, police say that 44-year-old michael from burlington walked onto the lake and got several hundred yards through the ice.
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>> the numbers confirm that president-elect trump one wisconsin. he increased his margin by 131 votes. the recount was certified. >> after 12 days, wisconsin's presidential election recount moved the numbers by less than 1%. election workers in milwaukee spent the day loading f wants those numbers were in the system, they certified the recount which was requested and paid for by green party candidate jill stein. >> it is really part of a scam pack. >> you follow the law and you pay for it.
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>> donald trump increased his margin of victory over hillary clinton in wisconsin by 131 votes. in madison, wisn 12 news. >> the actual price tag is still unknown. they have until next week. he will be at state fair park as part of the thank you to her. mike pence will be with trump. the thank you tour has gone in support of the republican. scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. >> governor scott walker back from his trip overseas. providing details in afghanistan, kuwait, and the united arab emirates.
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are celebrating the appointment of general james mattis as donald trump's secretary of defense. coming up tonight, state utility workers rob a local home. how they distracted the family while looting the house. where they hope to move and what it could mean for milwaukee coming up tonight at 10:00. it looks like the lines before black friday. >> hundreds of people are waiting outside lambeau field to get an autograph quarterback aaron rodgers. about 10 minutes ago, right now, looking at a live picture. rogers is signing autographs in exchange for donations to the salvation army. donating a minimum $100 per autograph. it will match each donation. it is limited to 200 people.
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from snow -- >> another busy week ahead. how long the arctic blasts and the snow moves in. >> people gathered at marquette university to get a surprise and an emotional goodbye. different ways you can pay the bills to avoid standing in line. >> got a big job to do? make sure you get there on time.
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>> the free ice skating rink in downtown milwaukee opened tomorrow. it opens at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and you can bring your rollerskates and skate for free or rent a pair. the official party to celebrate
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there will be live news at 10. a surprise farewell party at marquette university tonight for the last remaining permanent resident on campus. >> the nun whose teachings and love for students of been spreading on campus for decades. >> such a big surprise. >> getting an unexpected but deserving surprise lovefest. she is known to all the kids simply as sister b. she is the longest in the last permanent resident to live here at marquette university. >> i have lived here for 36 years.
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these students i taught literature. it is just marvelous. >> moving on to a convent. the next semester in a new chapter. she will miss the kids, too. but for the moment, the tears will hold long enough to enjoy the surprise sendoff and a few more laughs with her prize of joy. >> i'm going to be 85. it's time i go home. [laughter] >> the spirit of mutual love and respect from generation to generation. in milwaukee, mike anderson.
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is december 27. >> if you don't get it by wednesday, contact the city treasurer's office. the city is urging homeowners to either mail in the payments or visit a u.s. bank branch . there is a dropbox available at city hall. >> we really need to lay her up. >> we go to my forecast. >> that is what happens in the wintertime. we have the be ready.
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they are going to get worse. the bitter blast is here. and yes, another round of snow moving in here on friday and saturday. we will that here in just a bit. there's a lot going on. wind chill is brutal. direction. nine below in the twin cities and 22 below right now. we see the temperatures, not a whole lot better. here's the thing. we have fresh snow cover and not too much wind for tonight. those temperatures will drop
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sheboygan. the wind is less than five miles an hour. it feels like one below in beaver dam. you will see some pretty nasty numbers here. 10 below in the morning at beaver dam. feels like for below in milwaukee. westerly at 10 to 20 miles an hour, the wind chill may not get above zero throughout the day. the wind really picks up. when chill down the double digits. thursday morning is going to be a tough one to take. when chill is 20 to 30 degrees below zero. the coldest wind chill for the forecast. a couple snow showers here, filling in a little bit of the snow. we might have a passing flurry
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more snow is coming with the next friday and saturday. will i put a number on this? it doesn't make sense to do that. too much can change. 17 is it for the temperature tomorrow. snow is likely on friday and on saturday.
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week. >> will be feeling with it. >> sorry. >> a big honor. >> positional and injury at bates.
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>> in october of 2011, the seahawks lost by more than 10 points only twice. both times was against the packers including yesterday's blowout. they sprained early in the fourth quarter. rogers had been dealing with a left hamstring. they threw for three scores.
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don't know how you can perform. but his ability to reset his feet and extend the time clock of the progression of the right concepts was key. as long as they can do that, i will be fine. >> another suffered a lung contusion yesterday but there is a chance he will play at chicago on sunday. ty montgomery -- mike mug emery made it clear that he is a full-time running wide receiver. he hasn't attended receiver meetings for the last month. matthew stafford dislocated the middle finger and tore a ligament on that digit. he wanted to play the rest of the season with a glove on his hand and might have a splint. less than two weeks after they gave him a contact -- contract
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165 career losses tied for the most in nfl history. the badgers offensive tackle has been named to the first team all-american by the associated press. alabama offensive coordinator leading -- leaving that job to be the head coach at florida atlantic. the second game is head coach would be in madison against the badgers. spots after saturday's win at marquette. >> with a change montgomery's number if they went from one position to another? >> normally, the nfl has all these rules about numbers but haven't heard anything yet about having to change it. now that he's a full-time
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>> temperatures falling back into the teens as we had throughout the night. >> we will see you back here at
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tonight, is this the sexiest showdown in history? >> i remembered pants. >> we're on set of the golden globe nominees today. and celebrating with a very happy stars of "this >> this is mind-blowing. >> plus, making fun of mariah? why nick cannon is taking aim at his ex on tv. >> i couldn't leave nothing on the tabll, man. >> before "the voice" finale, our interview with alicia keys and what she really thinks about the other coaches. >> i definitely do not like blake. >> my name is jennifer. and these are my issues. >> all about their real-life


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