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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CST

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and gold pick up their third win in a row. >> plus a messy morning in parts of southeast wisconsin. still a lot of work to do on the roads for the clean up from the snow. we have team coverage on the conditions. first, we have breaking news. >> that is right, as we continue with this, the emergency crews are investigating a fire on the south side. we are going live to andy choi with the latest. a lot of >> lots of challenges, still an active investigation here at the corner of clement and idaho in the bay view area. the firefighters are up on the roof and ventilating the hot spots. they have been checking the hot spots for a couple of hours now. this call coming in at 4:30 this morning. the challenge is the proximity of the homes nearby. we talked to the police and
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that made the call told the fire and police there may have been electrical issues involved with this fire. again, the biggest challenge the proximity to the other homes and making sure that the hot shots with out. no injuries to report at this time. of course, in chilly temperatures the firefighters have to be careful when dealing with the challenges they are facing out here. reporting live in the bay view area. back to you. >> thank you, >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:01 #. >> the big story of the day, sally, it is getting cold out there? sal z the snow has ended. we have a shot of the light snow and the flurries tonight with the cold front bringing in the coldest of the air for the season. sheboygan here.
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mostly cloudy skies. upper teens to 24. the breezy winds are picking up this morning, maybe a break or two of the sun. now, after 4:00, mostly cloudy skies return. a little light snow after 8:00. much colder later tonight. ben? >> thank you, sal. new, a wrong way driver hitting a snowplow on it happened on the eastbound site of i-43 in green field. the officials say that a person was talken to the hospital. the plow was part of the clean up crew. >> the milwaukee four inch rule is in effect. that impacts where you can park around the tim. tim is live on the east side and tim, i'm hoping you brought a scraper.
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good idea. have a scraper in the car with you tuesday. you are going to need it. take a look at the road conditions here. this is east side. bell view right here. not too bad. a little slush right there. for the most part it is clear. we are talking about the parking. look at this sign, no parking when snowfall of four inches of more. you have to move your the streets if four or more inches of snow. in the overnight hours, the cars in certain neighborhoods had to park on the even or the odd side of the street depending on the date. last night for example was december 11th and people had to park on the odd side of the street but you have to read the parking signs on the street because those signs are what matter, even though the four
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side of the street. you don't want a ticket or towed. this person has a lot to do before headed to work. this needs to be cleaned off before hitting the roads. reporting live from the east side. >> tim has a scraper with him. >> do a good deed. >> tim, thank you. >> snow is providing great conditions if you are travelling by sl. sliding in milwaukee. kids of all ages. the milwaukee county parks are reminding not to slide where the hill ends here a street, drop off or water. >> the packers are on a winning streak beating the seattle seahawks. >> all eyes are on rodgers.
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quarter limping. we have a report from lambeau field. what is game for the defense, putting the pressure on seahawks. taking it >> i don't think about how many turnovers that we have. we go out and try to win each and every game. we are doing what we can. >> we have a crazy history with seattle. >> the players were singing roll out the barrel along with the
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would like to keep the moe moe tum rolling into the game on sunday at soldier field. >> the packers' win holding extra meaning for a fan. josh is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. he fulfilled a final wish before going into hospice care. gold play in person. >> he fought hard this year and this will be his one and only time to gom to lambeau field. >> he visited the hall of fame and met with former pack green. >> 6:06.
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president-elect donald trump as he's closing in on the pick for secretary of state. we are live in washington with a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning, ben. today president-elect donald trump sits down with two former presidential rivals as he's preparing for more announcements this week. today on the trump agenda meetings with two ex-candidates. and facing the criticism of the apointments. >> it is another excuse. i don't believe it. >> the president-elect dismissed the findings. >> it is clear that the russians interfered. >> the goal is finding out how extensive and deep it is. >> one of m. trump's leading candidates, exxon ceo known for the ties to russia. >> the advantage is he knows the
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does massive deals in russia for the company. >> the president-elect tweeted that whether he picks tillerson or not, he's a world class player, secretary of state announcement could be coming this week. >> thank you. president-elect mike pence and will be coming to west allis this week. >> vermont senator bernie sanders is scheduled to stop in kenosha. the event is at the uaw local 72 hall on washington road. sanders was in kenosha in march. he defeated hillary clinton in that election, but as we know, failed to win the party nomination for president.
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for a trip overseas. the governor is giving more details about the visit to be deployed as a national guardsman and reservist. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:09. a lot of folks will be cleaning their cars off this morning. >> yes, for sure. wake up a little early, it is a bit of a mess. sally: if you decided yesterday, you are going to dig out this morning. there is a solid 4-8 inches of snow. we have a mostly cloudy sky in place this morning. there is bitter cold ahead no. doubt about a white christmas. the snow is here to stay. the arctic air is arriving. the chills moving into tuesday, night, and even into thursday,
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10-20 below. we are going to watch friday and saturday for a snow or mix. we hold the temperatures steady this morning. now to traffic as we get a live look at the d.o.t. cameras. there we are, flying with news chopper 12 this morning. the freeways were wet in some of the the spots. checking the travelti means go. 94 eastbound moreland to downtown 10 minutes. hale to the zoo 5. >> thank you, sal. new this morning, the bitter cold means that the kids is bundled up this week. mps is asking for your help to keep the kids warm. it is the winter gear drive.
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mps hope they get a lot of donations soon because of this week's cold temperatures. last year they helped 4,000 students. >> the need is huge. i think this cold snap caught everyone off guard and the students are not ready for the winter yet. we need these items for the students. >> you can drop off winter weather gear at the 16 area tcf >> they need the extra warm gear this week. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:11. looking into the eye of a hurricane. >> coming up next on "wisn 12 news this morning", the new mission that nasa is launching today to explore how the deadly storms get their start. >> hotel full of sleeping guests catch on fire in the middle of the night, what a woman did to
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>> we are about to turn 6:15. after a snowy saturday night and sunday we have a mostly cloudy sky in place. 24 in mequon. winds are out of the west, the breezes are going to pick up throughout the day today, and we are see a colder air coming in tonight with a cold 20s this morning. we hold in the 20s for much of the day and colder air coming in tonight. ben? >> thank you, sal. 6:15. this is news chopper 12. traffic is a little slow this morning. drivers are taking extra time getting through downtown here this morning. good sign too, the side streets are worse shape than the
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>> crews from the department of public works cleaned the streets overnight. crews head out later this morning to clear the sidewalks and the bus stops. make sure you check the signs along the street for the parking rules. >> messy this morning, but the snow is a welcome site for the owners of the ski this resort getting five inches of snow and six hundred people on the hill to enjoy the fresh powder. the snow has been a long time coming. >> winter is finally here. we didn't get a solid winter last year and this is a big breath of fresh air. >> beats hanging out at the mall. >> yes.
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bill. >> investigators are back at the scene of intense fire at a mountain resort in michigan. 12 people were hurt when the flames ripped through the lodge. more than a hundred guests were stayed there when the fire started. a woman jump frommed the second story to get away from the flames. firefighters say that nigh used the ladders to get everyone out. >> the section here is a total loss. main lobby is in tact. the center section is a complete loss. >> the chief is saying that the fire is considered suspicious and the cause is under investigation. >> the ohio state university
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memorial service for john glenn. glenn will be buried at arlington national cemetery. he was the first astronaut to orbit the earth. >> nasa is launching 8 new spacecrafts to monitor the hurricanes and tropical storms. mix control is preparing for the launch that is happening this morning. the satellites surface winds throughout a storm and hurricanes and data helps scientists to understand the beginning of hurricanes and something else that is very important, that is how those hurricanes intensify. of course, no hurricanes here, but messy weather. >> tropical weather is sounding good right now. isn't there a 7:00 flight to
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>> a couple of teens inland. mostly 20-24 this morning. this is where we staying for most of the day today. we are tracking the cold for this week. we have been highlighting it. the snow has ended. we see a slow fall in the temperatures. now the cold front is bringing in flurries and patchy light snow. but than anything, we have the first round of the cold air. the clouds are for us. we have a cold front to the north and west. that is coming through tonight. triggers a few of the flurries. 25 at the airport. 3 at minneapolis. you can see 6 bismark. 6 below in south dakota. we are below zero overnight tuesday night and wednesday
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now the temperatures have fallen back inland. 17 at this hour in beaver dam. still in the low to mid 20s along the ladies and gentlemen. windchills single digits. we are looking at very cold air beginning to move in for us. windchills then likely in the neighbor audio of 10-20 below for tuesday night and wednesday night. now this is today at mid night. our model loves the idea of sunshine. we 8:30 tonight. a few flurries coming through in the area of the cool front and the chilly air is tumbling in. morning highs tomorrow in the neighborhood of 13, 14 degrees. readings are continuing to fall in the day and reaching the single digits in the late afternoon. for today, low to mid 20s. a slow fall this afternoon. 11 tonight. 13 tomorrow morning.
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digits on tuesday. staying dry. very cold. a chance for snow friday afternoon as we warm up. >> thank you, sally. we need to dig out the extra warm gear this week. >> yes. wool socks this week. >> exactly. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. >> coming up next, just how much the movie earned in the first three weeks. plus a look at the dark side of >> later, down to the wire with the wisconsin presidential recount, the looming deadline
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...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at >> good morning, class. thank you for the monday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> love starting the day with the smiling faces. if you are interested in a
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click on the logo. looking good. >> 6:24. new this morning, a threepete at the box office. >> that is right, the animated movie raked in $18.8 million over the weekend. bringing the total to $145 million. the voice of dwin the rock johnson. office christmas 17.5 million in second place and fantastic beasts finished in third. >> i saw office christmas party this weekend, not for the kids. >> did you like it? >> it is okay. not for the kids. this could be, rebellion is taking over hollywood. it is a star wars story. several of the movie stars came out and tweeting about that
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the scenes photo from actor that plays chewbaca. it is opening on friday december 16th. >> all right, he's right there in the front as we learned. >> defen is doing the impression coming up. >> during the break. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:26. unexpected for a sheriff. for a deputy that saved their baby. >> rain and blizzard and the clean ups underway after the record rainfall and serious flooding. first to traffic watch 12, the traffic is moving just a little slower. head out the door just a little early this morning.
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ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," cleaning up after the weekend snow storm. you might want to give yourself extra time as you head to work and school.
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conditions across southeast wisconsin. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. adrienne: and i'm adrienne pedersen. melinda has the day off. >> everyone is talking about the weather. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. what can we expect? sally: we are looking at the snow and bitter cold and snow again at the end of the week. timing out the cold air it is in the teens and0 the day today. the temperatures are tumbling tonight and the cold air in place through thursday before warming up ahead of the system. the clouds, they are stubborn today. the snow moved off and away. now the temperatures 25 at the airport. take a look at the temperatures coming in for us later tonight with the cold front. 19 at this hour waukesha. 23 elk horn.
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the windchills in the low teens and single digits inland for today as the breezy winds are picking up. a peek or two of the sun, breezy. the temperatures falling tonight to 11. 13 tomorrow. the temperatures falling throughout the day tomorrow as well. ben. >> thank you. >> new from overnight, a wrong-way driver allegedly hits a snow plow on the interstate. it happened around 2:00 this morning on eastbound i-43 just east of 60th street in greenfield. officials with the greenfield fire department say one person was taken to the hospital. it appears that the plow was part of milwaukee county's cleanup operation. adrienne: the snow caused some other crashes over the weekend. a salt truck in milwaukee slammed into a pole yesterday. dpw says another car ran a red light at 20th and highland. making a salt truck driver hit a pole. no one was hurt. >> more on our big story this morning, cleaning up after our
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before you head off to work and school, you should know a lot of side streets are a mess. dpw crews have been out all morning in many communities. but there's still a lot of work to do. wisn 12 news' andy choi is keeping an eye on conditions. he joins us live this morning from the passenger seat. good morning, andy. >> yes, i am safe in the passenger seat. we are driving on of kk. as you wake up and shovel, you are going to see the snow on the side streets here w. the snow coming down throughout the weekend and the fluffy powdery stuff it is moving around. it is slippery start to the day. the main streets are doing okay in most of the parts. with the snow totals 3-9 inches.
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we have run into a road closure as well. be careful out there. give yourself five minutes extra to start your day. that is the latest from here. >> thank you, andy. this is a live look from news chopper 1 is 2. the hale is moving just fine. the crews are getting a jump on the the side streets are in a little worse shape this morning. give yourself plenty of time and space. 894 northbound is 5 minutes. 6:33. the cleanup operation from the snow storm could last days. snow plows and salt trucks are out across southeast wisconsin right now and that's going to impact garbage collection in some communities. tim is live on the east side and
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tim. tim: good morning, ben, if you are like me, you stayed in yet and watching the snow fall. well, the intertate wasn't too bad. the main roads are pretty good. check out the side streets, there is still snow on them. we are on the east side. this is bellview street. the cars are lined up here along the road. it is covered in snow this morning. the crews though are out to of course, the side streets, they are getting done last. i have a new friend here, this is wyatt. what are you thinking? >> this is not the best but tough deal with it. >> too cold for you? >> it was nice yesterday, i mean i walked around.
6:35 am
in and out as fast as possible. >> it is a pain? >> yes, it is a pain. >> wyatt is doing what a lot of people will be doing, scraping and getting their cars out of the parking spot. i will stop by and help out. >> that would be good. >> the plows are out. stay safe on the roadways. it is slushy in spots. buckle up and take it easy. >> i hope you helped him out. 's thanks for talking with us wyatt. the sidewalks are looking good there as well. the four inch parking rule is in effect. you have to park on the odd or the even side of the street. tonight is the even side. pay close attention to the neighborhood parking signs,
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adrienne: stay off the ice. that's the message from fire fighters in dousman after an ice rescue. officials posted photos on facebook yesterday after responding to lower genesee lake. witnesses saw someone walk out onto the ice to try to save a goose that was hurt. the person fell through the ice, but was able to get out. crews geared up in special equipment to get the goose and took the bird to a local wildlife center. >> a fire damages a home on the south side. the crews were called to a house at 4:30 this scene earlier in the newscast. no one whurts. investigators say that the fire may have started because of an electrical problem. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:36. looking ahead now, today is the deadline for wisconsin's recount. it must be finished by 8:00 p.m. the wisconsin elections commission expects to finish on time. on friday, the last update, the recount was 95 percent complete. more than 2.8 million votes have been recounted. the federal deadline is
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>> the packers celebrating a victory. but, we have a report from lambeau field that rodgers is now dealing with an injury. good morning, the packers are keeping their post season hope live. it is an opposite camp from 201 2014. >> i would like to talk about the win. you are here and talking about my injuries. i am not missing games. >> mccarthy decided to bench rodgers early in the 4th. >> i wasn't going to fight him based on how i was feeling. >> they have outscored the opponents in the winning streak and rodgers completed 74% of the
6:38 am
possessions and rating over 125. >> he's spoiling us all and disciplined with the distribution of the football and you know, just keeping us favorable down the distances. he played excellent tonight. >> maybe the most impressive, rodgers hasn't lost a game here at lambeau in december in the last 8 years. >> all right. thank you. we want to take you to traffic plainfield curve and headed to the north here. some brake lights there. cars are moving a little slower. just give yourself a few extra minutes. here is good news, mostly all green except for the hale to zoo on 894 northbound. that is a yellow. >> scary situation at a detroit airport. >> nobody was hurt.
6:39 am
off the runway and stuck in the snow and mud. the passengers were escorted from the plane. the plane was stuck for hours. what a mess. right now, parts of california are dealing with flooding. >> all because of the rain and blizzard. the sierra nevadas had anoth of it has melted, the water is coming down the mountains into towns and cities. that's along with rainfall. residents say it's the biggest flood they've seen in about a decade, but things should get better once the temperature drops. ben: wisn 12 news time is 6:39. a man trapped underneath ten feet of snow. adrienne: an avalanche is responsible. why officials at a ski resort say he never should have been on the slope. ben: plus, a woman drives up to a gas station and sees her boyfriend being arrested. the surprise he had planned for her and the part that police
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cleanup is underway in wisconsin after the weekend snowstorm. here you can see doppler 12 radar showing the storm system is leaving wisconsin and headed to the north east. i'm keeping an eye on which tracks flights. there are hundreds of cancelations and delays in the u.s. this morning. many are flights to and from i've also been watching flight boards at mitchell international airport here in milwaukee. there are a handful of delays and one cancelation. so as always, be sure to check with your airline before heading to the airport. now let's head over to adrienne and sally in the weather center. >> thank you, ben. >> we are feeling the affects from the snowstorm.
6:44 am
southern wisconsin. the snow has stopped but left with the partly cloudy skies and the clouds are staying thinner today. so at least a few peeks of the sunshine. there we are, racine, sunrise after 7:00. the holes in the clouds this morning. 24 degrees racine at this hour. dew .15. the winds are out of the northwest, we look at the northwest breezes continuing to pick up. overall, partly cloudy breezy north west. we hold in the low 20s for much of the day before temperatures begin a slow fall later today and a rapid fall tonight and tomorrow. >> thank you, sally. we are on traffic watch, news chopper 12 is flying high there. westbound 94. you are seeing the lights are moving a little slow. give yourself just a little extra time to get through the side streets.
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watch drive times, everything is in the green. >> two police officers have been shot in georgia southwest of may con. the officers were serving a search warrant. the police later shot the suspect. >> turkey is in mourning after officials say at least 38 people died, most of them were police officers. 155 other people were hurt. the bombs went off on saturday in istanbul outside of a football stadium where fans had just left a match. a kurdish militant group claims responsibility for the attacks. >> a louisiana man is convicted in the death of will smith, a
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shot and killed in april after an argument with another driver. that man, cardell hayes, was convicted of several charges including manslaughter. hayes says he acted in self-defense. last night, smith's former teammates reacted to the news. >> just because there was a guilty verdict, she'll still get up in the morning, her husband's not there. the kids will get up, their dad's not there. you look at the defendant side, he has to deal with what he has to deal with. the defendant's family has to deal with that as well. ben: smith's wife was shot too, she has recovered. hayes could face up to 40 years in prison. adrienne: a police chase ends with a surprise in alabama. a man there staged the chase and an arrest all to surprise his girlfriend. police were in on it. they pulled over the man and pretended to arrest him. his girlfriend arrived and tried to find out what was going on. the officers even pulled out tasers but they weren't loaded.
6:47 am
knee and proposed. >> i felt it was a perfect set up to do that and bring everyone together. >> not for everyone. she liked it. a scary situation turned into a happy one. once she got over the shock, the woman said yes. ben: a deputy in florida used his training to save a baby's life. the infant, named corey, and his mother were at an office last month when the baby became deputy steve donaldson quickly started cpr. a few minutes later emergency crews arrived. by that time, corey was breathing again. the deputy says he was in the right place at the right time. >> when i had corey in my arms, i said a little prayer. i said god, give me strength to save this baby. >> really i just say thank you, because i didn't know he had the training. so thank you. he says thank you too.
6:48 am
the training is so valuable. now the deputy and the baby share a special bond. >> a man's body is found after an avalanche in nevada. the two men went into an area that was closed out. the crews searched two days for the men. they had to at one point because of the dangerous weather. >> it's a sad situation no matter how you try to look at it but i do believe that for the loved ones, it's easier to have that kind of closure than to have to continue to wait and have it be an open-ended situation. ben: officials at the ski resort say the area was blocked off because it was unsafe to ski there.
6:49 am
the scene of 34th and st. paul in milwaukee. we were telling you about a separate fire earlier this morning off of clement and idaho in bay view. this is 34th and st. paul. the firefighters are on the scene. they are trying to put out the hot spots and smoke was coming through the roof this morning. they are inside too. looks like the firefighters are on the sne control but working to put out the hot spots. this is 34th and st. paul. the second fire for this morning. >> it is difficult and especially with the cold, snow on the roof, so many challenges for the firefighters. >> and temperatures we low freezing, it is freezing into ice. hoping everything is okay. early today the temperatures in
6:50 am
we have a little snow in the forecast once again on the 7-day. there we are. maybe that is the flight to cancun that we talked about earlier. we look at mitchell international, a jet is lining up to depart. the winds right now west at 13 miles per hour. the wind will begin to pick up throughout the day today. but especially later tonight and tomorrow. now the clouds are on the thin si cold front is situated to the north and west. it will likely squeeze out a few flurries. we watch the colder air beginning to tumble in. 17 at beaver dam. the dells 19. 18 fond du lac. 24 though coming in at racine and kenosha. 25 degrees at the airport.
6:51 am
west bend and waukesha. the windchill, the chart the a regular part of the forecast. now for today, peeks of sunshine, temperatures are going to hold upper teens and low 20s. cool front is coming through. see that around 8:00. just a dusting. the colder and dryer air is coming in. this is when we windchills will be a factor for us tomorrow, mo a slow fall for this afternoon. 11 tonight. 13 tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are likely falling to 8 degrees by 5:00 in the afternoon. the cold snap is continuing for wednesday and thursday. warmer with the snow on friday. back to weatherwatch 12. >> thank you, sal. snow clean up is underway in southeast wisconsin. >> andy choi is keeping an eye
6:52 am
passenger seat. good morning, andy. reporter: good morning, the best way to get through the side streets is hang out behind a pair of plows. this is east plankenton avenue. the folks have a lot of work to do digging out the cars, brushing off, this is what you are going to see along the side streets. the crews are working the side streets. we got the snow that is fluffy and powdery and 3-9 inches in the area. depending on where you are, you may see more or less. but a few slick spots so be careful. if you are around the plows, give them extra space. we are live from the drive cam, "wisn 12 news this morning." back to you. >> thank you, andy. stay safe. we are watching the conditions on the east side.
6:53 am
there. >> tim is live with the latest. tim, what are you seeing? tim: good morning, i am bundled up head to toe. it is cold out here. we have the road conditions on the east side. you can see plenty of snow on the side streets. it is taking the crews a while to get to the side streets. but the main roads, they are looking pretty good. a plow is be safe. i want to show you the snow. it is a light fluffy snow. if you want to throw a snowball, that is not going to happen. the cars are covered here with the snow. give yourself extra time. bust out the scraper and maybe a sweat. >> thank you, tim, live for us.
6:54 am
wisn 12 news time now is 6:53. "g.m.a." is coming up. >> look at some of the pictures first from the snow across southeast wisconsin. the viewers are sending in their photos. send in your photos through u-local and the free wisn 12
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>> welcome back. we have breaking news, this is a live look, above 34th and st. paul, the crews are fighting a house fire. >> steady temperatures upper teens and low 20s today. party sunny. >> take wisn 12 news everywhere you go. >> thaou morning.
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good morning, america. new warnings as millions hit the roads this morning. this massive 33 car pile-up shuts down the highway and thousands of flights delayed. this plane slides off the detroit runway and firefighters forced to battle this blaze at a snowy ski resort. now another deep freeze moves in. wi 20 states on alert. from california to new york. trump versus the cia. the president-elect rejecting reports that russia interfered with the election, trying to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. j i don't believe it. >> now we're hearing from russia this morning, as lawmakers from


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