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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  December 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> it is 5:00, monday, december 12th. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", the packers keep their playoff dreams alive. the crucial plays from the defense that helped the green and gold pick up their third win in a row. >> plus, a messy morning across southeast wisconsin. there is a lot the clean up. we have team coverage with the conditions. sally? >> the snow is ending across southern wisconsin. now the snow flying over the u.p. and lower michigan and headed to the sen trat part of the great lakes.
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morning. now early morning temperatures cool spot 18 at the dells. 19 beaver dam. 25 milwaukee, racine and kenosha. single digit chills. feeling like 1 # 4 at mitchell. today breezy low to mid 20s. a slow fall later in the day and wednesday. >> new, a wrong way driver hits a snowplow on the interstate. it happened this morning on eastbound i-43 in green field. one person was take ton the hospital. it appears that the plow was part of the milwaukee county clean up crew. that clean up is continuing this
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snowplow crews are not the only ones out, the firefighters are out in milwaukee. andy? >> good morning, ben. this is a live picture at idaho and clement in the bay view area. we were in the drive cam and seeing the fire trucks and squad cars on the way to this area. they are dealing with fire. maybe two houses are involved. i will walk around and show you the scene. as you can see, a number of fire trucks are here and police cars. the police blocked off a bit of the area here with the caution tape. this happening about 20 minutes ago here. the first spopders are busy now. we are trying to get more information as the morning is progressing. for now live in the bay view
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>> thank you, andy. the four inch rule is 234 effect and impacting where you can park around the city. tim is live on the east side. tim, what are you seeing, is it a mess? tim: good morning, kind of a mess this morning. this is bellview on the east side. as you can see the road conditions are not too bad. it is are driving this morning. we are talking about this sign here. no parking when snowfall is four inches or more. that is the four-inch rule and that is effect. people have to move their cars from the streets where they are marked with the signs. overnight, cars in certain neighborhoods have to park on the even or the odd side of the
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last night was december 11th and that means parking on the odd side of the street only. the residents need to read the parking signs before parking, these parking signs will take precedence even though the four inch parking rule is in effect. look for the signs here. these vehicles here, they have a lot of snow on top here. they are close together. they have a lot of snowplowed in here as it is going to be very difficult to get out of the parking spots here this morning. once again, follow the signs. reporting on the east side "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, tim. they'll need brooms out there. >> and grab a scraper. >> yes, help them out, tim. >> we caught up with a handful of families sledding in
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and down the hill. don't sled on the slopes that end in a street, parking lot or near water. >> and green bay packers are on a 3-game winning streak. >> now this week all eyes are on quarterback aaron rodgers. he left the game in the 4th limping. >> what a game for the packers defense putting the preb yur on the seahawks here, and taking the ball away six times, five of those interceptions. >> if you get a take away and stealing the position for the offense, that is always a bonus.
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how many turnovers that we have. we just go out and try to win each and every game and doing what we are, and wilson gave us the opportunity. >> we have a crazy history with seattle in the past few years. >> jones said he knew things were going green bay's way when they were singing roll out the barrel with the fans in the stands and they want to roll into nex soldier field. >> the packers win at lambeau held a special menning for a fan. yesterday the 30-year-old made the trip from washington state fulfilling the final wish before going to hospice care. he wanted to see the green and
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that this is his one and only time to be at lambeau field. this is cool to have him here. >> we are thankful they have pulled out the win for him. he visited the packers hall of fame. >> 5:07. today is back to back meetings for president-elect donald trump as he's closing in on the choice for the secretary of >> ben, the president-elect is sitting down with former two presidential rivals. today on the trump agenda, meetings with the excandidates. but the issue is grabbing headlines c.i.a. assessment con cluling that russia sought to influence the election to get drum z to win. >> i don't believe it. >> the president-elect dismissed the findings as the senators are
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>> it is clear that the russians interfered. >> the goal is to find out how deep it is. >> complicating the matters, one of the leading candidates for secretary of state known for the deep ties to russia. >> the great advantage, he knows many of the players and knows them well. he does massive deals in russia for the company. >> he's a world class transition spokesperson is saying that the secretary of state announcement could be coming this week. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump is coming to west allis tomorrow. he and vice president elect are holding a rally. the rally is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. >> today vermont sander bernie
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hall on washington road. sanders was in seneca in march for the rally for the primary. he defeated hillary clinton in that election, but failed to win the party's nomination for president. >> governor walker is preparing for a trip overseas. he's giving more details to meet the deployed national guardsmen and >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:09. this morning we are talking about the snow. >> yes, that is the big story. i was nervous this morning, but the worst is over? >> yes, the accumulation of the snow has come to an end, it is moving off and away and now we are tracking the colder air that is filtering in tonight. i will hold us in the 20s for much of the day today with a slow fall this afternoon. cold front tonight bringing in
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we see a fairly significant warm up moving into friday and saturday. there the the cool front. the arctic air is moving in later tonight and i'm calling for highs both tuesday and wednesday in the neighborhood of 11 degrees and the lows dipping down to below zero. we have a look at the next chances of snow coming up. >> thank you, sal. looking 43, 94 at holt avenue, looks like the roads are slick here this morning. take it easy. it is still early. drive times are all in the green. 41, 45 southbound is 13 minutes. >> bitter cold means that the kids are bundled up headed to the bus stop and mps is asking for your help. they are holding the mitten tree drive. they are teaming up to collect
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you can donate through january 6th, but mps leaders hope they are getting a lot of donations soon, because this we can we are expecting the temperatures in the single digits. last year the program helped 4,000 students. >> the need is huge. the cold snap caught a lot of people off guard. so we are in need for these items for the students so everyone can get to school and home drop off the gear at any of the 16 area tcf branches in the milwaukee area. >> it is so cold early in the morning. >> especially this week. >> 5:11. looking inside of the eye of a hurricane. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning", the new mission that nasa is launching to explore how to deadly storms get a start. >> plus a hotel of sleeping guests catches on fire in the
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>> if you are just joining us, we have a fire here in the bay view area. i want to get out of the way to show you what the firefighters are dealing with. we spoke to the firefighters and the police here, the call came in 4:30 this morning from auk pants of this house. the issue is the proximity of the homes and they were firing water into the homes four, five homes away from this fire. the firefighters are working on the roof. again t call coming in at 4:30. no injuries to report. we'll bring you the latest as more details become available.
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the skies are mostly cloudy and the teens and 20s, the temperatures are going to tumble tonight and staying cold, especially for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. early morning temperatures 20 as brown deer. we have 23 at new berlin. touch colder beaver dam 18. holding in the low 20s for much of ben. >> traffic watch 12, a live look at 94 moreland road. a disabled vehicle there. the traffic is not affected by it too much this morning. drive times are all in the green.
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works spent the time clearing the streets. crews are headed out this morning to clear off the sidewalks and the bus stops. make sure to check the signs where you live for the parking rules on your street. >> you might not like the snow, but it is a welcome site for the owners of the ski resofrt sorts. six hundred people were on the powder. the snow is a long time coming for the resorts. >> winter is finally here. we didn't get a solid winter last year. >> starting the season out like this is a special thing and you know, beats hanging out at the mall. >> for sure. when the snow is familiaring it helps to save on the electric bill and giving the snow making equipment a break.
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university board is voting on plans to hold a memorial service for astronaut john glenn. glenn died last week at the age of 95, the first american to orbit the earth. he served as a senator representing ohio for 24 years. >> nasa is launching 8 new air forecasts to monithe they are preparing for the launch that is happening this morning. the satellites are measuring ocean surface winds and hurricanes and the data helps the scientists to understand the beginning of hurricaning and how they intensify. i used to live in florida and with the hurricanes they need a lot of information on them. >> and lots of warm water. we department have much of a hurricane season this year.
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we are on the way to winter. warmest fall on record. winter came in with a slam. >> we talked about it, this is nice. we'll take more of this and now boom. >> yes. it turned around. we are waiting on the colder air. there we have a look at the satellite and the the cool front is to the north and west and it is going to usher in the chilly air mass. early morning temperatures ranging from 18 at the dells, 19 beaver dam. 21 # waukesha. mid 20s for milwaukee, racine and kenosha. we hold in the low 20s. windchill indexes single digits away from the lake. feels like 14 at milwaukee.
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to what we are up against moving into tuesday night and wednesday and wednesday night. here is a look at the temperature forecast, this is tonight at 6:00, you are going to see with the sunset falling into the teens. we look at the temperatures overnight holding for the past part dipping into the teening and seeing the colder air rushing in after midnight high near 11 degrees tomorrow. a little warmer in the morning before falling. the model is bullish on the sunshine. we are going to see a few peeks of the sun in the afternoon. a cool front is coming in tonight and a few flurries flying, a dusting, if that. we'll see the chill ri air moving in. the wind will be picking up.
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temperatures holding near 11 degrees. we stay low to mid 20s. near 11 tonight. for tomorrow, the temperatures 11-13. that is true again on wednesday. we look at the highs in the low teens. the lows dip below zero. we may see the windchills 10-20 degrees below zero. chances of friday. >> it is go about to be a rough week. yes>> yes, it is winter. >> think tropical like in the movie. coming up next, just how much the movie earned in the first three weeks, plus a look at the dark side of the red carpet. >> down to the wire with wisconsin's presidential recount
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>> good morning, class. good morning, milwaukee. thank you for this great monday morning school shout out. we are stopping by the schools and classes across southeast wisconsin. >> it is a great way to start the day. if you are interested in a visit, head to while there, submit nominations for the monthly top teacher award. >> 5:25. a threepete at the box office. >> the animated raking in $18.8 million over the weekend. the movie features the voice of dwayne rock johnson. office christmas party opened with 17.5 million. fantastic beast and where to find them finishing in third.
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over-hollywood. rogue one, a star wars story in los angeles. this is coming up on saturday night. several of the stars came out to the event and tweeting to rave about the film. now here is one of the photos from the actor. rogue one is opening in nations theatre wide. which one is he? oh, the guy tough hear the voice. >> exactly. we are following some breaking news in milwaukee for you. >> fire crews are working to contain the smoke and fire at a home in bay view. these are live pike churs.
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ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," cleaning up after the weekend snow storm. you might want to give yourself extra time as you head to work and school. we're keeping an eye on conditions across southeast wisconsin.
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>> emergency crews are on the scene of the fire on milwaukee's south side. andy? reporter: it is an active scene here at clement and idaho here in the bay view area. we are stepping aside so you can see the firefighters working hard. everything is a challenge in the colder temperatures. the fire started on the second level and you are seeing the flash lights through the window roof. we have seen the flames kicking back up here. this was called in around 4:30. a number of agencies responding. the challenge is the proximity of the homes nearby and the favorites are working hard to make sure this fire stays out. for now live in the bay view area "wisn 12 news this


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