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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now on wisn 12 news. >> our winter storm, finally heading out. >> a sheriff's deputy hit, a snow plow driver forced to crash. >> the trouble on the roads and the race to clean up before more snow arrives. >> why plow drivers in waukesha county are calling it quits for the night even as snow keeps falling. >> and, milwaukee's winter parking rules now in effect. >> what you need to know to make sure you do not get ticketed. >> plus dive teams called out for a person on the ice, how they also rescued a feathered friend. >> and our other big story, packers quarterback aaron rodgers, the injury that had him out of the game early. patrick: these are live pictures, the snow is over, but the cleanup is not.
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hour to help get the job done before you head to work tomorrow. this was a long snow fall, with some impressive totals. sheldon: we're already looking ahead to some serious cold that could make matters worse. our team is live to get you prepared for the week ahead. we begin with chief meteorologist mark baden. mark: that snow thankfully finally is over. we may get a couple of flurries and light snow showers in the middle of the night. to an end. it is nice to see very little after we had over 24 hours worth of snow. it is not the snow that works well for building a snowman. you are not going to be able to build a snowman out of this one. we have had this around for a wild. these are the flurries and snow showers i was talking about. they will come through around
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again, just kind of reinforcing what we have had. now the focus will turn to the bitter cold. i will time this out and also timeout the possibility of more snow coming out on weatherwatch 12. patrick: we're expecting very cold temperatures in the next few days. you can track weather conditions anytime with our fee mobile app. there you'll find any weather-related closings, as well as our interactive radar. sheldon: the interstate tonight. you can see the roads are wet and in some spots snow covered. there have been been several crashes. milwaukee county reports 40 wrecks, three with injuries and 42 disabled vehicles. and in waukesha county, 13 crashes, one more with injuries and 38 cars in ditches. deputies are urging drivers to slow down in these conditions. driving isn't the only challenge in this kind of weather. patrick: the other concern is
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12 news terry sater joins us live from milwaukee's east side. reporter: the snow clearing parking ballet started several hours ago. the 4 inch parking rule is in effect. and in less than an hour the alternate side parking rule goes into effect. that means because it's december 11 you need to park on the odd numbered side of the street. josh hart and nancy davis parked their suv on the side of a milwaukee st w 4-inch snow rule now rules. so they have to move it. >> try to get my vehicle moved before i get another ticket. >> usually we try to stay ahead of it. that's why we came out now. reporter: the parking ballet will be on display for several hours. drivers have to make sure they don't move their car from one restricted street to another with a different snow regulation. posted street signs win. >> if there's a december 1 to march 1 parking sign, please do not park on that side of street
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reporter: oh and don't forget about the sidewalks. once the snow stops. you have 24 hours to clear sidewalks. kristina taylor says she spent the afternoon playing with her kids in the snow. now snow becomes work. >> my husband's watching the packers game. i'm out shoveling. but that's ok. that's alright. i don't have a problem with that. reporter: she is a great wife. so again, the 4 inch rule is in effect. need to park on the odd side of the street tonight so plows can get through. tomorrow you'll need to park on the even side of the street. that's from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 in the morning. patrick: a salt truck in milwaukee slammed into a pole. dpw says another car ran a red light at 20th and highland overnight, causing the salt truck driver to hit the pole. no one was hurt. sheldon: the long duration of
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wisn 12 news nick bohr is live in waukesha county where the plow drivers have called it a night. reporter: they have. they have been working so long today. we are here at blue mountain and barker. you can see there is still some snow on the road here. mostly just kind of wet and sloppy. there has been a fair amount of traffic. knocked off a 8:00. they will be back here at 3:00 a.m. so that we can make it in tomorrow morning as safely as possible. the snowfall was never particularly heavy but spread out over nearly 24 hours it did add up. >> about four hours, now i am
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plowing the soerens' ford lot in brookfield for 3 decades. >> it is a lot lighter. not the wet stuff that sticks to the blade and just rolls. not too bad. reporter: he's not alone. the more than sixty drivers for the waukesha county highway department have been challenged by the all-day snow. how has the statement for you -- this >> -- on reporter: some consolation for the constant clearing efforts including frequent trips to re-load their salt supplies back at the highway department in waukesha. >> it has been light but constant. we are constantly putting something down to make the roads safe. we use a lot of material. reporter: that salt will prove
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areas that have cool off risk-free pleasing -- have been cleared off risk re-freezing. reporting live in brookfield, nick bohr. sheldon: the slick conditions are partly to blame for a milwaukee county sheriff's deputy getting hit on the interstate. the deputy was helping a driver, in a ditch, near i-41 and hampton this morning when another driver slammed into him. the deputy had his emergency lights on. he went to t h will be ok. the driver who hit the squad got a ticket for driving too fast for conditions. lots of packers fans are heading back into town tonight. they're celebrating a win, and so far, a snow free ride on i-43. this video was taken within the hour by 12 sports stephen watson, while his photographer was driving. now to the packers game. quarterback aaron rodgers left early, nursing an injury. patrick: 12 sports director dan
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dan, even that injury couldn't keep the packers from earning a crucial victory. dan: and their playoff hopes are very much alive. it is actually very simple for the packers, beat the bears, vikings and lions the next 3 weeks, and have detroit lose one other game, and green bay wins the nfc north division title. they took a huge step with today's win over the seahawks. and it was more than just a win, as green bay pounded one of the top teams in the nfl third play from scrimmage, aaron rodgers to davante adams 66 yards for the opening score. that is one of three td passes by rodgers although he hurt his right calf on the play. former badger russell wilson had a miserable day for the seahawks. wilson was intercepted 5 times, that is a career high. damarious randall had two of the picks. the packers win 38-to-10 and as 12 sports stephen watson reports, the focus now turns to the latest injury for aaron rodgers. reporter: a statement win by the
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the quarterback's future health is in question. it is the opposite camp from 2014 as rogers dodged specifics quickly after the injury. >> i'm here to talk about the win. we won three in a row. reporter: mike mccarthy been cited to bench rodgers early in the fourth. >> i did want to take any chances with him. reporter: rodgers, they have outscored their opponent in a three-game winning streak. in that span, rodgers has completed 74% of his passes, has thrown zero interceptions, and has a quarterback rating over 125. >> i think his distribution of the football and it just kept this in favor with distances. i think he played excellently.
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game here in lambeau field in december in the last eight years. dan: later in sports, the other quarterback injury that could affect the race for the nfc north division title. patrick: this is a live look at the roads. more than 24 hours after it began the snow is finally over. mark: it might not be long gone. er sheldon: also ahead, someone put their life in danger on a local lake. all to save a wild animal. the warning tonight from rescuers. patrick: plus, the deadline for wisconsin's presidential vote recount is now just hours away. we'll tell you how far along the
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sheldon: a live look at the roads right now. we have a crew driving on the freeway. there are still some slick top -- slick spot. racine county officials just called us back, they had 19 crashes on the roads and 34 vehicles in ditches. if you a patrick: you probably didn't do this, while clearing the snow from your driveway. this is video of david stang of burlington, riding his new hoverboard while he shoveled this morning. his dad tells 12 news this was the first time he tried this. >> got up this morning and decided it was a good day to go sledding. sheldon: quite a few people shared this man's idea. this is video from lafayette park in milwaukee, where plenty of sleds and toboggans raced
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today, but of course, the winter weather can also cause a lot of problems. patrick: and this is one of them. a water main break near 70th and oklahoma. you can see plenty of water bubbling up on the street, and running down the road. we could see more scenes like this in the coming days as temperatures get even colder. the snow is also impacting air travel. these are pictures from detroit, where a plane arriving from buffalo slid off the runway and onto the grass. no one was hurt. in chicago, more than 1200 flights were canceled at o'hare airport. that included several flights between chicago and milwaukee. sheldon: and take a look at this mess, near lake tahoe. a pair of blizzards and a big rainstorm led to serious flooding. these buildings look like they're standing in the middle of a river. people in the area say they haven't seen this kind of flooding in decades. back here at home. autopsies are scheduled for two babies who suddenly died in milwaukee this weekend. their deaths were reported yesterday just six hours apart.
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and a 5-week-old girl died near 51st and north. the autopsies will determine how each child died. a woman is under arrest after a deadly stabbing in milwaukee. police responded to 35th and villard, around 9:00 last night. the victim is 44-years-old. officials haven't released his name yet and there's no word what led to the stabbing. patrick: the deadline to recount wisconsin's presidential election ballots is now less than 24 hours away. at last word, 95% of the votes had been recounted. nearly 2,827,000 ballots. the recount has to be finished by 8:00 tomorrow night. the wisconsin elections commission says it expects the recount to be wrapped up on time. president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence will be in the milwaukee-area on tuesday. they'll hold a rally at state fair park, as part of their thank you tour of battleground states that supported them in november. the rally is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight on upfront, mike gousha asks a prominent supporter just
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>> senate majority leader scott fitzgerald was one of the first prominent republicans to get on board the trump train. tonight, fitzgerald on what drove trump's win here, and is he interested in a job in trump's administration. plus, madison's reputation as a sanctuary city. the police chief responds, and why he says they are not changing policy. and, rethinking corrections. new ideas for how the state can keep more released inmates from going back to prison. it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. sheldon: as the snow fell, our newsroom was flooded with pictures from many of you. here are just a few. this one comes to us from new berlin. snowy roads out there. people having fun in the snow and other parts of our area. if you have any weather pictures, you can send them to us through u-local or on social media. just remember to use the
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when you are out and about taking those pictures, be sure to stay off the ice. it's the message from fire fighters in dousman after an ice rescue, today. they posted these pictures on facebook, after responding to lower genesee lake. witnesses say they saw someone walk out onto the ice to try to save an injured goose. they saw the person go through the ice, but that person was able to get out. crews geared up in special equipment to get the goose. the bird was taken to a local wildlife center. no one was hurt. and a sweeper, pushed more than snow, at today's nfl game in buffalo. when the tractors hit the field at halftime, they accidentally scraped up the rubber pellets that cushion the artificial turf. you can see the black pellets littering the field. crews used leaf blowers and shovels to clear the debris,
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closer to home here, the snow wasn't overly heavy. it really did add up. mark: it really did. it lasted about 28 hours. that was not continuous. here's the time-outs starting at 6:00 a.m. people were out and about enjoying themselves out of cathedral square. you can see once in a while they got onto santa's mailbox. if you haven'ne that letter has to get all the way up to santa. they have a snowman, now it all covered up in fresh snow. i love how does covers everything. most of the snow coming straight down. when people take a microscope when they look at that
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there are a couple totals that may end up just a slight over eight inches. most areas around five to eight inches. we will not get unofficial total until tomorrow. butler at seven inches. waukechon at six inches. sheboygan also at 5.5 inches. this is a neat shot from discovery world over the art museum. we did have a good amount of snow coming down from the ceiling. then it finally got out of here. it doesn't mean we are completely done. there is a car in the ditch right here. we still have some slippery spots out there.
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there. take it easy on the roads into tomorrow. let the crews get out there do the job. everything will be cleared up by the morning. highways, use some caution. sidestreets and driveways, if you have not cleared them, they will be slippery. by tomorrow morning, i think we will be ok. there are scattered flurries and a few snow showers. we may get another coating before the nightdo we picked up a couple tenths of inches of snow. not like what we had earlier, but this will hold together for the most part. if you have your car outside a new already brushed it off, you might have to brush off a little bit again as you wake up and head off to work. at 11:00 tonight, thanks quieting down. we will see a little sun breaking through from time to
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in, we could get a quick hit us and snow showers tomorrow. should not be too big of a deal. that is the beginning of the real cold. it is going to be seriously cold around here. temperatures right now not too bad, hanging around 30 degrees. bismarck, north dakota, you are 10 degrees below. it will come in during the day on tuesday. weather out there. the possibility of seeing more snow as we head into friday and saturday. way too early to be putting any kind of numbers on this. that is deceptive. that will be earlier in the day. temperatures will fall. 13 degrees on wednesday at nine degrees on thursday. temperatures going below zero
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saturday to 34 degrees. then it gets cool again as we head into sunday. high temperatures of 20 degrees. winter will hang on here for a while. the snow six around all the way to christmas. -- sticks around only to christmas. patrick: it looks like the packers midseason slump is over. just ahead, more reaction from lambeau field, after today's big win. sheldon: plus, a child not br his frantic mother, looking for help. and the first responder who just happened to be in the right
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visit today. >> big 12 sports. games to the seahawks, the packers decided they were tired of being bullied by seattle. green bay has now outscored the seahawks 65-to-27 in winning 2 straight at lambeau field. the absence of seattle all-pro safety earl thomas proved to be a major factor today on the third play from scrimmage, aaron rodgers tossed a perfect pass to davante adams, who took it the rest of the way for a 66 yard touchdown, the longest scoring play from scrimmage this season for green bay.
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the play, and was limping noticeably the rest of the game, but it did not slow him down. ty montgomery ran extremely hard out of the backfield, 41 yards rushing, 45 yards receiving he delivered a strong stiff arm there, and later plowed in from one yard out for his first nfl rushing touchdown. rodgers and jordy nelson hooked up for a pair of td's, that's 57 for the duo tying the packers record set by brett favre and antonio freeman. any chance of a comeback by the seahawks was negated by turnovers, 6 of them on the day late in the first half, doug damarious randall swooped in for the goal line interception. in the third quarter, seatle again in position to score but wilson's pass bounced off ladarious gunter, right into the hands of quinten rollins 5 interceptions for wilson, that is a career high. rodgers sat out most of the 4th quarter, but the packers kept scoring, the reverse to jeff janis, who takes it 19 yards for another touchdown, and green bay wins their third in a row, 38-to-10 over seattle. >> it is made.
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because we came out firing. it may not be the first drive, but it is just that intensity. we did it against detroit, this game obviously. >> it makes a difference. we are scoring points. that is how it all works together. dan: hour, how the packers defense made russell wilson's return to wisconsin a nightmare. plus, the other quarterback injury that could be a factor in the nfc north division race. sheldon: aside from the packers, the other story this weekend is the snow. patrick: our coverage continues with the effort to clear the snow. and a look ahead to the bitter cold heading our way. >> if i'm having a bad day, i can forget about it. sheldon: and a first job with a
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only on wisn 12, how this teen
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>> now on wisn 12 news. sheldon: a live look at our department of transportation cameras.


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