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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  December 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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?announcer : now on wisn 12 news. anchor: a winter storm smacks southeast wisconsin. >> everyone is digging out. >> the roads can be slick and sloppy. even dangerous at times, this deputy hit on the interstate. >> right now, the latest conditions. >> you need to follow signs posted. and the warning about race to clear the streets before the cold and yes, more snow hits. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] patrick: a winter storm warning is in effect, for a few more hours. if you wanted a winter wonderland, you got it. there are some snow closings this evening they are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. sheldon: this is the most snow we've had all season. and wisn 12 news has you covered. let's start in the weather center with chief meteorologist
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mark, how's it looking? mark: the problem is we had a snow continue after the sun had set. and it is a mess on the roads, especially in the milwaukee areas. they want you to be ready for scenes like this. you can see the accident and they are happening in many places. this is on 70 -- on sunday 6th street. we have this snow that came down. another accident here, so we are going to see this continuing. if they can wait before going out to hours it will getting better -- it will be getting better. it is not what we had for a little bit later this afternoon, but you can see the snow continuing to push and about another hour and a half or so. -- push in way -- push in. we have a whole lot more to talk
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snow totals. >> crews will be working tonight to clear the snow. we have an update on the department of public works. >> terrie joins us live and there are a lot of truck's out there tonight. terry: we haven't seen any cars stuck in the snow. city streets seem to be passable. the city has nearly three-hundred pieces of equipment on the job. but you've got to watch out for these signs know where you're parking or you could get ticketed or towed. we've seen quite a few people digging out because they know the 4-inch rule is in effect. so they have to move their cars from streets marked with
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also beginning tonight at 11 until 6:00 a.m. you have to move your car from the even numbered side of streets so the city can plow. tomorrow night at 11 park on the even side of streets. nathan peet has to find a new place to park. >> with the snow like this, a lot of it is emergency parking. we end up having to find places to park our car and late at night your parking for maybe an hour. >> it is we clear all the snow. the temperatures might drop wednesday into thursday. reporter: you will be -- you will avoid being ticketed or towed. the weather turns into the deep
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sheldon: thank you so much, we will check on the roads right now. here's a live look from the department of transportation's camera network. the roads are wet and there is some slush between lanes so take it slow. and here's a live look at the dot's road conditions. the pink you see there is for presenting areas that are still slippery. patrick: nick bohr has been out and about all afternoon. he's in brookfield. there? nick the main roads are mostly : wet, but when you get to the side streets, there's varying degrees of cleanup completed around the county. and new bands of snow moving through means the workers have to stay at it. as you go down to the top of the car, it is about seven inches. it continues to come down and those crews throughout the day
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earlier. working on the roads, plowing and liberally applying salt throughout the day. it has been a challenge for the department of public works to keep up. the plows were out early and then by early afternoon they had to go out again as the snow keeps coming down. we did find a number of private cleanup crews working to clear parking lo and they started early, and are still added. >> at 4:00 in the morning. >> you have been going 12 hours? >> 12 hours, yes. >> how are you holding up? >> warm. >> here is a live picture right now of a pile driver working to
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to do that. crews on the street throughout the area, working well into the night. hopefully, as marc mentioned, the snow will and in a couple of hours and they will focus on it getting cleaned up -- on getting it cleaned up. reporting live in brookfield, nick bohr. patrick: a stop for help ends with a sheriff's deputy sent to a hospital. the milwaukee county sheriff's office gave us this picture of the damage to his squad car, after he was hit by a driver on i-41. investigators tell us the deputy was helping a driver, who was in a ditch near i've 41 and hampton around 7:45 this morning. the deputy had his emergency lights on, when another driver hit him. he was taken to the hospital and released. the driver who hit the squat did get a ticket for driving too fast for conditions. a cell truck in milwaukee slams into a pole. the debt sdp debbie's has
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hit the pole. it took crews a couple of hours to get the scene cleared, a semi jackknifed in the northbound lanes at county road k around 5 a.m. we're told the driver of the semi was not hurt. sheldon: it is december in wisconsin. and people across our area are making the most of the snow. wisn 12 news hillary mintz shows us some interesting ways people got around downtown. hillary: by morning, people woke up to less than four inches of snow. but it didn't stop them from getting out and doing the things they love on this wintry day. as dpw crews cleanup streets to plow snow -- dpw cleanup crews hit the streets to plow snow, others strapped on the skis, and grabbed poles to make their way through downtown milwaukee. then there's scott cochran snowblowing the walk for an apartment building near marshall and kilbourn. he saw the snow and still went
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>> are you cold? >> i'm fine, i'm perfectly warm. reporter: is this a workout? >> yeah, i'm sweating underneath, that's for sure.15. reporter: bernie the dog also didn't mind the fresh powder. and for the men's marquette track and field, team it was just another day of practice. >> on days like today where it is snowing, you have to go out and do it. reporter: they admit it was a little slippery. >> there are some icy patches over the l defend their title, tb their eyes on the prize, even on the snow we day. -- keeping their eyes on the prize, even on this snow we day -- on this snowy day. sheldon: right now, several local communities are under snow emergencies. pleasant prairie, kenosha, burlington, greenfield and watertown have them in effect right now. during snow emergencies, you're not allowed to park your car on the streets, so crews have room
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patrick: you at home have been sending in some great pictures of this weekend's snow. here's one from shorewood. you can see the snow piling up on the garbage cans. here's a pretty shot from the elkhorn area. if you have a photo, you can send in your weather pictures through u-local or on social media. just be sure to use the hashtag, wisn-12. and while you're on your phone download the wisn 12 news mobile app. with the free app, you can track interactive radar and keep an eye on the temperatures, wherever you go. sheldon: and you'll want to have that app handy this week. patrick: we have the snow moving out and bitter cold moving in. mark: i will time out the arrival and the below zero temperatures, as well as our next chance for snow. patrick: and here's another look at the roads. these are live pictures. if you have plans to head out, make sure you leave extra time. crews are still working to clear
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the calendar says winter doesn't officially start until next week but it feels a lot like winter here in wisconsin -- in wisconsin. we are looking at crews responding to a and incident at 76th street and i-94.
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two an incident at 76th street. a man was found stabbed to death. >> wisn 12 officers were called to -- not if on the 44-year-old victim inside and said he had been stabbed. investigators are looking into what happened. an autopsy will be performed tomorrow. president-elect donald trump will be in west dallas in two days pdt will be at the wisconsin center tuesday night. tour. we have information on >> tomorrow is the deadline for wisconsin's general recount. that includes milwaukee county predilection officials say there has only been a slight increase in votes for both donald trump and hillary clinton. the state is expected to certify
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we have been talking about. mark: slowly but surely, those
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weather watch, a live look at the roads. doppler 12 radar. the dot is reporting a couple of crashes. the other and 94 eastbound at south 60 eight st. take it easy out there. the snow is on its way out but it is creating some issues. mark: we have to deal with it for about another hour and a half. we will look at radar in a second. these snow totals. last night i would ask if you would send in your pictures so we knew how much was falling. we won't use 25, but we will go from four and a half. mary sending in five inches. that from sue.
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that's how you do it as an easy snowfall to measure. seven inches northwest side. some will probably end up with close to eight inches of snow once we are done. the forecast we had for a long time was five to eight inches. five and greenfield and five in sheboygan. downtown inches once this is all said and done. still coming in downtown milwaukee. looking back at the art museum. it is slippery because the sun has set, the snow continues to fall. thankfully it won't be for that much longer. even the interstates in the metro area down to the south, please use caution if you have
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there. i think it is going to be ok. the roads are better down through the south. i think it has completely gone out of the area by 8:00. it will hang on in racine and kenosha and will probably add up to another inch and a half. winter storm warning continues to six in northern counties. eight in waukesha 10 what a long duration of snow. up to half an inch, this is total of what we are going to get. one inch in racine and kenosha. temperatures have cooled down. because of that it is slippery out there. a third of a mile per hour in kenosha.
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tomorrow. and then just when we get rid of this one we start thinking about our next potential snowstorm and that will be friday into saturday. this is certainly something i will be watching closely through friday into saturday. a lot of things can change between now and then, but i nt temperatures will actually fall during the day on tuesday. 13 for the high on wednesday. that not even getting into double digits, we are seeing temperatures fall below 04 -- not even getting into double digits, we are seeing temperatures fall below zero. that snow may mix with some rain on saturday and that is all
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good. we could be dealing with a healthy amount of snow yet again on a weekend. >> how healthy. >> thanks we appreciate it. coming up the packers are trying for their third straight win to keep their playoffs hope alive.
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>> if only the packers had played this weld in -- this well in the middle of the season. so far it has been green bay's most impressive performance of the season. aaron rodgers has thrown for three touchdowns. he benefited from playing on a short field several times. the packers have intercepted four passes by russell wilson. green valley -- green bay leads 28-40. live reports tonight at 10. the packers did not get any help from either of the teams they
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stafford made up for that with his touchdown run at a little more than three minutes remaining. stafford did injure his thumb. in jacksonville the vikings finally put away the jaguars thanks to this touchdown catch by kyle rudolph. two games back and lions host green bay and minnesota on christmas eve. melvin gordon was just three yards away from his -- he was hurt on that play and carted off with a hip injury. an mri is scheduled for tomorrow. he is hopeful he will be able to
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milwaukee plays in toronto tuesday. a homecoming of sorts on friday. about 200 friends and family made the trip from the lake. he was able to hit his first three pointer of the season. he scored only five points in six games. after that he was sent down to the nba be league. >> push them to get them better in practice. that's how it is related to me. he's telling me i'm going to be a special player. i just have to stay focused and believe i am too. >> yesterday at the bradley center, the women seem to get a bit of revenge bike beating the badgers.
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they took control of the final quarter. >> good day to the inside to watch basketball. >> it in look like there were a lot of people there. >> back to nice out there right now. the snow continues in the metro area. it will come to an end as keep your eyes on the roads
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