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tv   ABC World News  ABC  December 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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>> this snow out of here. it will be needed. waukesha, milwaukee and areas down to the south. it is all along i-43. conditions are pretty slippery. keep that in mind, we have moderate snow filing -- falling. road conditions have gotten
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bad shapes. some roads are becoming snow covered on i-43 to the north and south. it is not so bad up near sheboygan. in down toward chicago, still covered on 41, 45. here is where the roads are pretty nasty right now. please take extra cost in out f the country, winter weather in 17 states, from illinois to massachusetts. the plane sliding off the runway. i-75 shut down with dozens of vehicles piled up, and this crash sending up a 14-foot wall of flames. and there's even colder weather ahead. the forecast in a moment.
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us off from snowy chicago tonight. >> reporter: this delta flight caught in a snowy blast. >> and delta 724, we just went into the ground. >> reporter: this delta flight skidding off the runway after landing in detroit. passengers forced to evacuate out of the plane's rear hatch. hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed, as the w a winter wallop. >> i've never seen it like this in december. >> reporter: roads from minnesota to new york, treacherous. in minneapolis, this car bursting into flames after sliding on slick roads. and outside of flint, michigan, that massive 33-car pileup closing a section of i-75 for
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we were spun around, facing the opposite direction. >> reporter: tonight, authorities begging drivers to stay off the roads. >> we want the public to ask themselves a simple question. is this trip really necessary? >> reporter: this is the second wi wi winter wallop for millions in just days. and more is on the way right now. all of the snow will make for a and temperatures are about to plunge. tuesday in chicago, it will feel well below zero. tom? >> alex, thank you. and the snow is also falling in new york city. let's go to rob marciano with more. >> reporter: the snow reaching all the way to new york and the northeast cities. this is a large but thankfully
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the storm into canada, that means the snow should turn into rain tomorrow. but northward into new england, it will be mostly snow. 6 to 10 inches from detroit, new york, and new england. and here comes the big cold. tuesday, 20 below across the dakotas, and below freezing windchills in chicago for 24 hours. and the really cold stuff gets into the northeast on friday. tom? >> rob, thank you. let's turn to politics now. members of congress from both parties are calling for an investigation as to whether russia tried to influence the american elections.
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tonight, new recporting on who n the trump family may be moving to washington. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is digging in, blasting a "new york times" report that russi ru russia interfered with the election. >> i think the democrats are bringing it up because they lost >> reporter: news that both democrats and republicans were targeted, but only information hacked from democrats was made public. trump still questions if russia was involved at all, even after 17 u.s. intelligence agencies
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tonight, a bipartisan group is calling for an information. trump's recent comments are raising serious questions about whether he trusts u.s. intelligence. and trump admits he's not receiving the classified presidential daily briefings. at least not every day. >> i get it when i need it. i don't have to be told -- i'm a smart person. i don't need to be told the same thing every single day for the next eight >> reporter: trump's secretary of state will inherit the complex relationship with russia. and trump's pick, rex tillerson. trump says the ties are a good thing. >> a great advantage, he knows many of the players. >> reporter: no announcement has been made yet, but today trump tweeted that tillerson is a
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trump plans to leave his business in total, but his children will not. >> my executives will run it with my children. it's a big company, a great company. but i'm going to have nothing to do with management. >> and we'll get more details on thursday. mary, we know that melania and barron will move to washington year, and others are coming? >> reporter: yes, ivanka and her husband are planning a move. tom? >> mary, thank you. overseas now, the grim aftermath of a terror attack in istanbul, turkey. two powerful bombs.
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blasts, detonated outside of a soccer stadium. and tonight, a new terror attack targeting women and children at the main christian cathedral in cairo. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: tonight, the death toll in the turkish terror attacks climbing to 38. 30 of them police officers. targeted in near simultaneous blasts at a soccer stadium. militants linked to the kurdish rebel group the pkk, claiming the government vowing revenge tonight, stepping up the fight against the recent wave of terror attacks in turkey. terror that is spreading across in egypt, an attack on cairo's largest christian church. eyewitnesses say a woman planted more than 26 pounds of explosives hidden in a bag, shattering what was a solemn sunday service. at least 24 killed. most were women and children.
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people strewn on the floor and on the walls." this man says. "everything was broken." outside, the outrage and anger erupting. protests against terrorism, demanding national unity. egypt's president sisi is declaring three days of mourning, saying a religious war is being waged. vowing to hunt down the attackers. tom? >> lama, thank you. we head to nigeria tonight, a religious celebration ending with at lea a building collapse. the roof crashing down as it celebrated the church's new bishop. workers had rushed to finish the construction. and reports are that the roof gave way. and the trial in new orleans, closing arguments in the shooting death of former nfl
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here's phillip mena. >> reporter: prosecutors calling the road rage shooting an execution. jurors hearing closing arguments in the killing of former new orleans saints star, will smith. smith's wife, struck by the gunfire, too. >> my leg has been shot! >> reporter: speaking in his own defense, hayes told jurors he opened fire fearing for his own life. i know get shot, hayes said. claiming he heard a gunshot before pulling the trigger. police say a gun found in smith's car was not fired. >> the testimony has been contradicted by third-party witnesses and by the forensic evidence. >> reporter: former teammates like drew brees showing support throughout the trial.
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up, deliberations are set to begin. hayes faces a possibility of life in prison if he's convicted of second degree murder. tom? >> thank you. and from georgia tonight, a final farewell to a police officer killed while responding to a domestic pursuit. his friend, who had the scene to back him up, also passing away. and the woman jogger strangled while on the run. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, a new push to solve a young jogger's brutal murder, with a controversial dna search.
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predator. >> reporter: now, more than four months later, the dna found at the scene has turned up no matches in state or national databases. the district attorney asking to authorize familial dna searching. >> we have all investigative steps that have been exhausted. and this is move. >> reporter: it's already done in at least nine states, including california. where police say it led them to the serial killer known as the grim sleeper. 25 years after the murder spree began, investigators were able to partially link dna to his son, helping investigators hone in on the killer himself.
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>> it certainly invades on their privacy. >> reporter: the states now reviewing the d.a.'s request. and tonight, the family tells us, this needs to be done. not just in their case, but for all victims. tom? >> marci, thank you. next to a house fire so intense, it melted the siding off of a nearby home. tearing through eight sleeping people inside. two of them jumping from a third-floor window just before the home collapsed. the 72-year-old homeowner died in the blaze. and desperate moments for a mother whose baby suddenly stopped breathing, and the moment that changed their lives. here's adrienne bankert.
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importance of cpr, playing out in a florida dmv. shakira nelson's 15-month-old son, not breathing. >> at that moment i was in panic mode. >> reporter: surveillance video shows hillsborough county sheriff's deputy steve donaldson leaping into action. you can see him listening to the baby's chest. >> i never realized how small babies were until you have a baby in your arms, and he's not breathing. the toddler on the ground, administering compressions. in those critical moments before the ambulance could arrive, corey started to breathe again. >> i said a little prayer, and i said, god, give me strength to save this baby. >> reporter: thankfully, deputy donaldson had just retrained in cpr three weeks ago. cpr saves more than 92,000 individuals annually. but amazingly, only about 3.5% of people train in the technique each year. the hero, reunited with corey and his grateful mom. >> i look at the video and i say
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wouldn't be here. >> reporter: tom, this was a case of right place, right time. deputy donaldson wasn't even scheduled to work that day. he was filling in for another officer. it's certainly a shift that he and this family will never forget. >> thank you. and there's much more still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the giant tree suddenly slamming down on to a major highway. crushing a car. so, how can anyone survive this? unsuspecting family on a treacherous and harrowing ride. you need to see this story. and why all the excitement for this student and his entire school? their big moment, all caught on camera. stay with us. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia.
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gps. but tonight, a warning. a family on a road trip ended up stranded in the oregon snow after a gps miscue. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: this snow-packed road, stopping one family in their tracks. >> and the next thing we know we were sliding and we got stuck. >> reporter: the sanquists, mom, dad, their 9-year-old daughter and the family dog, all on the way to california from their home in oregon. the gps mapping the shortest route. just one problem. mountain road. snow socking them in. no shovel. no cell phone service. >> i am not even sure, if i had a shovel, i could have dug out. >> reporter: the family huddling down until morning. the family finally reaching 911. search and rescue getting them back on track, and issuing this
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steer folks in the wrong direction during winter travel where conditions are poor. >> it was pretty scary, especially because to the left was a downgrade. quite a steep one. >> reporter: this is not the first case of a gps mishap. this driver followed her gps straight into canada's frigid ontario bay. she made a quick escape, but her car was a goner. thankfully, the sanquist family had enough food and gas to last the night. what should have been a seven-hour trip took more than 24. tom? >> gloria riviera, thank you so much. when we come back, a very when porch pirates attack, and police fight back. and if you love the movie "it's a wonderful life," tonight, a story you haven't heard about that film. stay with us. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source
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coming. an alert witness spotting a white van, as packages outside homes were disappearing. howard county police picked up the alleged porch pirates then set out door-to-door, delivering those presents back to more than 60 residents. and, the 70th anniversary of one of the most popular films ever. seneca falls, new york, rolling out the red carpet for the cast and fans of "it's a wonderful life." it's believed this little town inspired frank capra's bedford falls. a first-time reunion for three weekend with zuzu launching the annual 5k at a bridge you'll find very familiar. with that line you probably remember most -- >> every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. >> and it's a wonderful race. remembering that holiday classic. up next, a victory for one student ricochets through the
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finally tonight, an ivy league fairy tale. here's john donvan. >> reporter: the way everybody's looking at the young man in the middle, typing into that keyboard, they're all in on this moment. born in the dominican republic to a mom who had a dream of better things for her son. >> as an immigrant, sometimes we cannot have so much of a heritage to leave to our kids. but education is the main thing we can definitely get for them. >> reporter: which is why she moved to the u.s. several years ago, got established, and then brought the 9-year-old winston to live here, too. >> it's been tough for her. it's been tough for me. >> reporter: as a ninth-grader,
5:28 pm
school, part of the school's first freshman class. which made him, this year, part of the school's first senior class. the first class to apply for college. and yes, winston had a goal. >> i decided that architecture would fit me the most. >> reporter: and to get there, by going to the ivy league. cornell, one hard school to get into. which this week was sending out e-mails to early applicants. and that's what this is. winston, going to his e-mail, to find out if he got in. [ cheers and applause ] >> as soon as i turned to her, she couldn't say anything. she was crying because she was waiting for that moment. >> reporter: and the really nice thing? look at everybody else. hugging, as if they all got accepted. congrats, winston. to your mom. and to your school family, too. john donvan, abc news. >> congrats to winston is right. "gma" first thing tomorrow morning. david muir will be right back
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?announcer : now on wisn 12 news. anchor: a winter storm smacks southeast wisconsin. >> everyone is digging out. >> the roads can be slick and sloppy. even dangerous at times, this deputy hit on the interstate. >> right now, the latest conditions. >> you need to follow signs posted. and the warning about race to clear the streets before the cold and yes, more snow hits. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] patrick: a winter storm warning is in effect, for a few more hours. if you wanted a winter wonderland, you got it. there are some snow closings this evening they are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. sheldon: this is the most snow we've had all season. and wisn 12 news has you covered. let's start in the weather center with chief meteorologist


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