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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Sunday  ABC  December 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] visit] >> now on wisn 12 news. andy: right now, we are under a winter storm warning. this is a live look outside on the roads this morning. if you don't have to travel today, it's recommended you just stay home. and this is what it looks like outside. the snow piling up overnight. and we could see several more
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we have cancellations scrolling across the bottom of the screen right now. hillary mintz is standing by live with the latest on the conditions outside. but we start our morning with meteorologist lindsey slater. lindsay: good morning. the winter storm discontinued, and there are some areas got upgraded from winter weather advisory to that winter storm warning. that includes fond du lac and sheboygan counties. the heavier bands is exactly what we are expecting overnight, starting to move a little further north. you can see them right there, that's why we are still on par with getting between five to eight inches. today we could see an additional two inches to four inches. you see those heavier bands working their way slowly northeast. winter storm warnings will continue through about 8:00 p.m. this is a live look outside of the dot me not good, i've been told by several people already this morning at a travel to get here that sidestreets are even worse. right now, 27 degrees, the snow is still falling in milwaukee. highways are not looking good, not looking good on sidestreets or driveways. if you are planning out your day, try to stay home if you can if at all possible. it's not going to be fun to be out today.
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powdery type of snow. it's not going to be easy to make snowmen with this. maybe just have a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy watching the snow. andy: right now, plow drivers are working around the clock to clear that snow off the roads. sandy rusch walton from the city of milwaukee department of public works is live on the phone. good morning. sandy: good morning. andy: what is the number one concern for cruise out this morning. -- crews out this room to work. we are on the sidestreets and main streets, so when you give -- when you see our trucks, give us some room. andy: what is the strategy moving forward? sandy: we are pulling in garbage trucks at 6:00 a.m., and we're bringing in front of loaders to work on cul-de-sac's and
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be bringing more pieces of equipment and more staff. andy: will you be measuring how much staff you're using based on how much we are getting anywhere streets may need service? sandy: that's correct. we will keep monitoring weather forecast and road conditions and tweak the plan as a move forward. andy: we wish you the best of luck and thank you for clearing the roads for us. sandy rusch walton from the city of milwaukee department of public works. thank you. are messy this morning. we want to get right over to hillary mintz who is out live for us at 11th and wisconsin. hillary, what are you seeing? hillary: it's very, very snowy near 10th in wisconsin in downtown milwaukee. i want to go over a few things we are seeing. i have my old trusty ruler. we're going to put this in the ground where it hasn't been touched. it is still looking about three inches right now. it is coming down pretty hard. let's show you wisconsin avenue,
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this is all snow cover, it's extremely important for you to not try and slam on the brakes and allow plenty of stopping distance. when you have snow-covered roads, tires just don't grip on the pavement. we also have 94 over here. i'm going to step out of the way -- not a lot of traffic. as you come down the hills, a lot of the highways are still snow-covered. s out. the sidewalk attend in wisconsin has been cleared. but once again, snow-covered. it's coming down a really good rate right now. not a lot of traffic out, it's early sunday morning, hopefully you are at home and you don't have to go out. it's very snowy, we're going to be giving you an idea of what it's like if you do have to go out. that's the latest in downtown
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snow emergencies are already in effect for several local communities. including greenfield, pleasant prairie, burlington, and kenosha. watertown's snow emergency is set to begin this evening. and a reminder during these snow emergencies, you are not allowed to park your car on the streets, so crews have room to plow. in milwaukee, winter parking rules are in effect across the city. and that means the four inch parking rule could go into effect at some point today. if the city declares the rule in ct to park where four inch parking signs are posted. the dpw say it will let us know if and when that four inch rule begins. if you're parked on a marked street, you could be ticketed or towed. we have been receiving reports of some accidents overnight, including one involving this snow plow. this happened just after midnight near 20th and highland in milwaukee. the truck slammed into a pole. no word on any injuries. let's take a live look at statewide road conditions from the wisconsin department of transportation. the roads shown in purple mark slippery patches.
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covered with snow. if you're flying today, you'll of course want to stay in touch with your airline. according to flight, about 10% of the flights in and out of mitchell international airport are canceled. half the flights at o'hare, and about 30% at chicago's midway airport have been cancelled. whether you're on the road, or staying home, you can track that snow from your phone or tablet, you'll want to download our free wisn 12 news app. you can find the latest weather conditions, including weather alerts, and snow closings. new this morning, with the snow and freezing cold temperatures, one local homeless shelter is providing extra resources. the hebron house of hospitality in waukesha county is opening up 18 additional beds this weekend. there is also a warming center throughout the day for anyone needing a place to warm up and get a cup of coffee. milwaukee police are investigating the deaths of two baby girls, just hours apart. the first call came at 5:15 yesterday morning.
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garfield. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. then just after 11:00 yesterday morning, a 5-week-old girl was found dead. you can see the police tape around the building near 51st and north. right now, both cases are being called sudden deaths, until we get any more information. new this morning, milwaukee police say the body of a missing woman has been found. 30-year-old sabrina allen was last seen on tuesday. she was found outside a home yesterday morning. an autopsy will be performed in the coming days. wisn 12 news time is 5:07. we're just one day away from wisconsin's recount deadline. it looks like all of the counties are on schedule to meet that deadline. the wisconsin elections commission says the counting is now 95% done statewide. so far, republican donald trump has picked up 628 votes, and democrat hillary clinton has 653 more votes -- no serious
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the state will officially certify it's election results on tuesday. president-elect donald trump and vice-president-elect mike pence will be in milwaukee on tuesday. they will hold a rally at state fair park, as part of their "thank you tour" of battleground states that supported them in november. the rally is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. meanwhile, trump continues to hold transition meetings in new york. yesterday, he met with the ceo of exxon mobil. senior transition officials say he is the likely pick. for secretary of state. no announcements are expected until at least next week. we're learning more this morning about a deadly attack in turkey's largest city. officials say at least 38 people are dead and 155 more hurt after a pair of bombs exploded in istanbul. the bombs were in a park and a stadium less than one mile apart. the blasts went off one after the other -- just after a soccer game ended. turkey has declared a national
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new this morning, u.s. defense secretary ash carter is meeting with iraqi leaders about how to re-take mosul from the islamic state. carter made the unannounced visit overnight. yesterday, carter announced he is sending 200 additional u.s. troops to syria to fight isis. wisn 12 news time is 5:09. right now, we are under a winter storm warning. snow continues to fall across the area. here's a live look from the road in milwaukee. road crews are out, trying to keep on top of the situation. lindsey slater in the weat center tracking how much more snow you can expect today. lindsey: good morning. the roads are a problem, and today, this storm is far from over. coming up next, i will show you some of the snowfall totals. plus, now under the winter storm warning. you are watching wisn 12 news this morning.
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[burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. ber 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>> leading the way with important location coverage. you're watching wisn 12 news
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wisn 12 news continues. tony: -- andy: but take a live look at the snow coming down. we're under a winter storm warning right now. the snow started falling around 6:00 last night, and is expected to continue until this evening. just a reminder, all of the cancellations are scrolling across the bottom of the screen right now. meteorologist will have your -- meteorologist lindsey slater will have your full forecast in just a few minutes. an pictures this morning. email them to, or if you're tweeting them, including the hashtag wisn 12. the snow could have an impact on this afternoon's packers, seahawks game. green bay is looking for a win entering into the season's home stretch. snowy conditions at lambeau might play to their advantage. last week, they won against the texans in similar conditions. and if you're traveling up 43 this morning to the game, make sure to leave early. kick off is at 3:30. we will probably see a few more
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field, or outside of lambeau, it's going to happen. lindsey: maybe later, we can make a snow angel. it's not powdery snow, the kind that is extra slippery. the roads are not good which is why i didn't leave last night. i stayed here. andy: if you've seen a lot of lindsey, don't adjust your tv. she's been here a while. lindsey: here's a look at what you can expect for the sn warnings with the system, the current road conditions as well, and how much more snow we're going to see. we've had reports of almost six inches in areas closer towards walworth county and another report about five inches in beloit. it just depends on where you are. you see the darker colors right here, that shows us where we are seeing some of the heavier bands. if this includes you, these little streaks of blue, that
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it's not big fluffy snowflakes, these are tiny and a little powdery, with more drier in the atmosphere, which is why we're seeing totals like we had overnight last night. now, sheboygan fond du lac counties are looted in the winter storm warning. as an upgrade from the winter weather advisory. areas and beaver dam in watertown, you that blue streak? this is exactly what i'm talking about.
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in the morning. still on par with seeing that. after -- that's where some of the heaviest snow is coming from. at heavy band did shift a little further north, which is why some other counties are now included in that winter storm warning. that is still expect to last until 8:00 p.m. using :00 a.m. today, everyone is still covered in snow, as we move on, it comes in waves. it may stop for a brief couple of minutes or even half an hour, but that it's going to pick up again. you can check the weather app or facebook page, you can talk to us on twitter. were going to give you the latest because you don't have all the tools in your arsenal to look at this stuff, we do. we can keep you posted on everything. i will tell you the one thing that's not going to change today is road conditions. they are still going to be very treacherous. if ' packer game, ozaukee and sheboygan counties are going to be slippery. erasing an kenosha counties, 94, england 41 as well. i-90, same issues. the dot website does show that everything is snow-covered and slippery. it's not recommended to be traveling today. i actually don't want to leave again, i think i should just a here. once we get toward 7:00 or 8:00 at night, everything gets out of here and we are going to be
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overall. this is how much we're going to see for the entire event, including last night. some areas got wanted just to three inches last night, expecting an additional two inches to four inches, on par with previous forecasts of five inches to eight inches. if you are headed to the packer game, 28 degrees with light snow, it's powdery and not fun to drive on, just take it very slow and steady. that's the are still looking at some issues. snow will continue today, winter storm warning will continue through 8:00 p.m., traveling will be hazardous. if you can, try and stay home and her lip on the couch with your favorite movie or just keep watching wisn 12 news. the snow will end around 7:00 or 8:00, windchills will be falling through the teens. as look at your weatherwatch 12 week ahead forecast.
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they still have some issues. the plows are going out throughout the overnight hours all day today, but just take it slow and steady. we have all this new -- the school and other cancellations scrolling on our website,, as we look at tuesday. was her to get brutally cold with 11 degrees for tuesday, that's the high. windchills will be in the negative numbers. if you thoughtco bitterly cold, brutal to be outside. put the icing on the top of the cake, next weekend, we may do this all over again. i'm thinking friday night leading into much of saturday, we could see another snowstorm, the next big system that could bring us some accumulation. it's not the snow, it's the cold. andy: you know it's bad weather meteorologist stays off the road. thank you.
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at least 20 other states are under some sort of winter weather alert. lake effect snow in places like new york and michigan. in the pacific northwest, ice is downing power lines. next week, 80% of the country will see freezing temperatures. and just a reminder, the official start of winter is not for another two weeks. we want to get another update on the road conditions. hillary mintz is braving the conditions. hillary: level in wisconsin. it's clearly a full snowsuit kind of day. i'm going to step out of the way and show you a live look at the conditions. a few people for it -- a few people braving the conditions, not just myself. the roads are pretty snow-covered, that snow just continues to come down. but we have seen the plows out, which is good news. there are a lot of private contractors out this morning,
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parking lots for private businesses. it's sunday, it is going to be a quieter day, but a lot of businesses are going to be open. these companies are trying to get their places cleared so you can park and get down here. it's coming down pretty good. as we take a look at wisconsin avenue, it is snow-covered the plows are out. it's going to continue to be snow-covered, allow plenty of stng that's good to be true today, especially if you're not going that fast. very important. that's the latest from downtown milwaukee. andy: a lot of people working hard to make sure we stay safe, hillary, thank you. many of you were getting ready, this is the scene of ace hardware. shovels, scrapers, and rocksalt flying off the shelves. stay safe and clear the
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. take a live look at the wisconsin dot cameras. they should you take it slow, and as a reminder, we have a
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andy: we are on weather watch this morning. the area is under a winter storm warning. this is a live look at the roads. this is ivan 43 at the mitchell interchange. in parts of the area, we are starting to see some disabled vehicles on the interstate. let's take a look at the traffic flow. seeing disabled vehicles. the ramp from wisconsin 22-94 north, you can see a look at the drive times in the yellow, they shouldn't be this sunday morning, but 94 eastbound moorland to downtown is 11 minutes. highway q to the zoo, 19 minutes. if you have to go somewhere, you're going to want to make sure that you have the time, and
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look at the weatherwatch 12 live traffic camera, from photojournalists who are braving the roads this morning to give you a firsthand look at just how the conditions are. you can see, it's tough out there. some of the lanes aren't passable as far snow goes. but you want to make sure you were slow on the roads, you don't want to end up as one of those disabled vehicles on the interstate. we will q disabled vehicles and bring you the very latest on the roads. and snow isn't a bad thing at the rock sports complex in franklin. this is a live look. there are a lot of kids out there who are looking forward to some winter fun and activities today. wisn 12 news time is 5:25. the streets and sidewalks are covered right now. this is a live look out there this morning. you're going to want to limit travel as much as possible. meteorologist lindsey slater
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today, right after the break. >> take a twitter timeout and connect with the wisn 12 news team.
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>> now on wisn 12 news. andy: right now on wisn 12 news this morning, we are on weather watch as snow moves through the area. doppler 12 radar on the left shows a large band of snow still making its way through wisconsin. on the right, rather. on the left, snow piling up overnight, causing good morning, and welcome to 12 news. i'm andy choi. it is 5:29 now on this sunday, december 11. we have live team coverage this morning to keep you updated as this winter storm moves through. lets check in with meteorologist lindsey slater in the weather center. lindsey: if you are tuning in and you are thinking i have to go to church and do all this stuff, today's they want to stay home very we are giving you a free pass.
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change that you did not know is you are heading to bed last night is that the heavy bands of snow have shifted just a hair to the north. still looking on par with totals of five inches to eight inches across the area, but now this includes a little more of us. fond du lac in sheboygan county, if you were hoping for more snow, you're going to get it now. you can see these darker purple lavender colors, that indicates some of the heavier snowfall. event. we're going to see some break from time to time, happening this afternoon. but then it will pick up a bit. if you start to see the snow leading up, just know that we do have more on the way. keep those shovels at the ready. you're going to need them. winter storm warnings to continue across the entire area. yesterday, we had a winter storm watch that eventually got upgraded. to go to a winter weather advisory.
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warnings. now because the heavier snow shifted north, everyone is under that winter storm warning that will continue until 8:00 p.m. tonight. you can see it right there. if you really want to get all these updates, you can always get them on our facebook or twitter. we are doing some facebook live things going on later this afternoon and also this morning as well. keep this in mind, we'll keep you updated and we will be the first ones to tell you about it. really hoping you don't. if you have to, the roads are not looking good at all. the snow is going to be getting heavier over the next few hours. the wind chills near 17 degrees. then we see some spot is no showers as we head towards the late morning and early afternoon. that winter storm warning will continue all the way until 8:00 p.m. for most of us. i do believe in fond du lac in sheboygan counties, it's going to end a little earlier. it traffic forecast is bad at
5:32 am
dicey, even though the clouds have time -- the plows have time to make the roads drivable, it still is going to be slippery. expect that. hour-by-hour throughout the day today i do anticipate a lot of snow. keep this in mind as you are making your plans for the day. packer game comes on a 3:30 p.m. , if you need to travel, leave early, because the roads all the way up on 43 are showing up the dot website of snow covered. it's going to be slippery, especially off ramps and on ramps where you make sharp turns. take it very slow and be very smart as you are heading out the door today. andy, we will update everyone with the latest information throughout the day. andy: absolutely, thanks, lindsey. wisn 12 news' hillary mintz continues our live team coverage. she's braving the elements in milwaukee. hillary?
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we are here on old word -- old world third and wells, to make sure you have an idea of what it's windy like you step outside. if you are going out to your car and you parked outside overnight, this is what you are going to want to grab right now. just want to come over here. this is very light snow. a piece of cake here. it's kind of a lot of snow. between three inches and four inches. we are not talking about the ice. the good thing there is no scraper on the end of this one, just a brush. that's really all i need, just noticed that. once we get this off, here's the only problem. just keeps coming down. it's a steady clip here. i just go to show you as i step out of the way, we have a guy doing the salt on the sidewalk.
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not a lot of activity here. wells is snow-covered. we have seen the plows out, they are doing the best they can as the snow continues to come down. the sidewalk am standing on here has not been cleared yet. you want to put on your snow boots and snow pants, whatever you have to do to stay dry. that's the latest in downtown milwaukee. andy, back to you. andy: the snow is causing slippery conditions on the roads. multiple accidents were reported overnight. even some snow plows weren't this happened just after midnight near 20th and highland in milwaukee. and let's take a live look from our department of transportation cameras. i know of some accidents and disabled vehicles happened just after 5:00. i-43 westbound at south 13th street, we're checking to make sure there's a disabled semi
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northbound at beloit road. we're taking these roadways to make sure that we are on top of their latest when it comes to travel times. winter parking rules are in effect in the city of milwaukee. the dpw says they will let us know when and if the four inch rule starts. so pay attention to the signs on the street. if you're parked on a marked street, you could get a ticket or be towed. several local communities are under snow emergencies. pleasant prairie, kenosha and burlington are in effect right now, as well as the town of norway in racine county. a snow emergency will go into effect at 8:00 a.m. in greenfield. and watertown's snow emergency is set to begin later tonight. during snow emergencies, you're not allowed to park your car on the streets, so crews have room to plow. you can track the snow from your phone or tablet. just download the wisn 12 news app. there you'll find the latest weather conditions, including weather alerts, and snow closings. milwaukee police are investigating the deaths of two baby girls, reported just hours apart. the first incident was reported
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home near 33rd and garfield. officials say they found a 3-month-old baby girl, dead inside. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. then just a few hours later, a 5-week-old girl was found dead in a building near 51st and north. right now, both cases are being called sudden deaths until more information is available. we're also hoping to learn more about the man who died after falling through the ice on a local lake. rescue crews were called to lake como in walworth county friday afternoon. several hours later, they recovered the body of a 40-year-old man. right now, it is still unclear why the man was on the ice in the first place. president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence will be in milwaukee on tuesday. they will hold a rally at state fair park, as part of their "thank you tour" of battleground states that supported them in november. the rally is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. donald trump's upcoming visit to the badger state is one of today's topics on "upfront." this morning, mike gousha asks a prominent supporter just how
5:37 am
mike: senate majority leader scott fitzgerald is one of the first republicans to get on the trunk train. -- trump train. today, fitzgerald on what drove trump's win here, and is he interested in a job in trump's administration. plus, madison's reputation as a sanctuary city. the police chief responds -- and why he says they are not changing policy. and, rethinking corrections. new ideas for how the state can keep more released inmates from going back to prison. it's all coming up this morning at 9:00, right here on "upfront." andy: mike, thank you. wisn 12 news time is 5:37. turkey has established a day of mourning as the death toll continues to rise after twin bombings near a stadium in istanbul. turkish officials say 38 people are dead, and some 160 more are wounded. the blasts occurred outside a major soccer stadium in istanbul after fans had gone home. almost all those killed were police officers. in an address early this morning, the minister said 10
5:38 am
after the roof of a church collapses in nigeria. members of the congregation say the church was still under construction. they went on to say that hundreds of people were inside when metal girders crashed and the iron roof caved in. right now, the state government is investigating whether anyone compromised building standards. new from overnight, a deadly blast at a church in egypt. officials say there was an chapel in cairo. at least 22 people were killed. this is the second deadly attack to hit the egyptian capital in two days. wisn 12 news time is 5:38. later today, the green bay packers taking on the seahawks at lambeau field. the green and gold face a tough battle, with some of their key players ruled out of the game, as well as the snowy weather that's expected. but quarterback aaron rodgers
5:39 am
aaron rodgers: we -- it's been a destroyed season for us. we've been trying to work through some things over the course of the entire season and as usual, we are going try and get our best guys in a position to be successful, regardless of a personal group that is this week three andy: the packers take on the seahawks this afternoon at lambeau. kick-off is at 3:25. we want to get another check of the weather. here's a live look during this winter storm warning. lindsey slater, who is tracking the latest in the weather center. lindsey: a lot of folks, you can see from the camera behind me, the highways look shiny. some areas looking better than others. the let that fool you. these drivers are going slow for a reason. on the wisconsin dot website, everything is showing up as blue and pink. blue means it is snow-covered, pink means it is slippery. both not good.
5:40 am
lights and 4394. not looking good, their accidents already happening. you don't want this to be you, trust me. it will be a bad day for you. sit sunday out. today's that you don't want to drive. here's 41-94 at layton avenue. not that many people. some areas have gotten almost six inches of snow. that is something to keep in mind. we are not done yet. madison airport, almost four inches as well. under two inches as of midnight, five hours ago. we are looking at the snow impact it's going to be heavy overall, totals throughout the entire events, five inches to eight inches. you can see the radar network still showing we are in the thick of it, it's going to be lasting for the next several hours, seeing heavy snow and eventually was her to see that taper off as we head into the
5:41 am
warnings continue through 8:00 p.m. andy: we want to know what it looks like where you are. you know or tweak them to us. we would love to show them on the air. winter means slick roads. this morning, aaa is urging drivers to make sure they're prepared to travel. through the winter season, the organization expects to answer nearly 7.8 calls for help. that includes about 1.4 reports of a dead battery, and mth they recommend that you keep the items, listed on your screen, in your vehicle in case of a roadside emergency. and if you already travel with an emergency kit, make sure everything is still working, like flashlight batteries. also, check to see if any food or medications have expired. wisn 12 news time is 5:41. this morning much of the area , remains under a winter storm warning. let's take a live look outside. we have team coverage of the snow this morning. the latest updates, next. you're watching wisn 12 news
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>> get important local news wherever you are, with wisn 12's
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>> leading the way with important location coverage. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning, with andy choi and meteorologist jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news continues. andy: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. 5:45 on this snowy sunday. we got a lot of talk about this morning, if you are hitting the roads, sorry, you're going to be running into some problems. accounting for a lot of time and stay safe. if you don't have to go out, stay and watch the show. lindsey: send us pictures. i want to know it looks like when you look out your window. i don't have eyes everywhere. i want to see how much snow you received. this is a live look at racine, 28 degrees right now with a few incidents reported on 94, including a semi incident. we'll keep you posted as we get
5:46 am
so feel free to send us a messages. we would love to get updates to everyone out there. the wind picking up in racine, the snow has covered the ground and lots of trouble on the map. you may be thinking what is purple? that can't be anything good. purple does indicate heavier snow bands, in lake geneva, milwaukee county getting that are in and -- getting that in as well. been dropped for fond du lac and sheboygan counties now, that's a winter storm warning. that's a picture we got sent in from barbara from waukesha, the streets not look good. if you plan out your day, just know that the snow is going to continue. since the powdery stuff, andy, the kind of snow that is the hardest by far to drive on because there's packing involved, you are slipping and
5:47 am
some coffee with us this morning. andy: sounds good, thank you, lindsay. watch out if you're planning on hitting the roads this morning. here's a picture from the wisconsin department of transportation camera of a jack-knifed truck. this is on i-94 north at county road k in racine county. there are several other disabled vehicles on the interstates throughout southeastern wisconsin. it'll be a winter wonderland in pewaukee today for the first annual merry and bright parade. it's part of this year's 12 day's of pewaukee holiday celebration. the parade is open to anyone -- vehicles or people -- who would like to participate. the only requirement is that you displayed. the procession steps off downtown at 5:00. if you'd rather stay inside out of the snow and cold, the milwaukee historical society is hosting "a very merry milwaukee." children can listen to mrs. claus read a holiday favorite, write or color a letter to santa, and enjoy cookies and hot cocoa. jolly old saint nick will also be available to take pictures for $7.
5:48 am
a post office in the town of rudolph, wisconsin is having a little fun with its name this holiday season. workers are hand-stamping letters with a certain red-nose reindeer. and they get mail from across the globe. >> we've gotten some from singapore, china, japan. the gotten them from england. andy: the stamp's design changes each year. rudolph post office predicts they will stamp 20,000 letters. we've got weather that may enjoy this time of year. lindsey: this is the time you we need him. where is the? -- where is he? matt: -- andy: he's probably getting the sleigh loaded. lindsey: for us, we don't have that magic, so traveling today is going to be a problem. let me show you a timeline of what you can expect today.
5:49 am
going to pull in another win for us. if you're traveling up to the packer game, i don't know about you, but i would leave super early, at least however long it takes you normally to get to lambeau, add another hour and a half to two hours on that. and maybe incidents by the time you are driving up here in the snow is the powdery stuff and slippery. it's the worst to drive on. i'm terrified to leave here later today, i might just another night. as you can see, through 7:00 a.m., seeing moderate sn, some of this will be about a half-inch per hour and tenders holding steady between the mid and upper 20's. between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m., that's what heavy snow bands will continue to impact us across wisconsin. this is going to be the worst for traveling. i'm not saying by noon it's going to be that much better, but the snow is going to start to get a little lighter at that point in a look at the final push of everything between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., a cold front moves through an snow moves out area storm total still looking
5:50 am
about five inches to eight inches. we received about one inches to three inches overnight, some areas and rock county got almost six inches, and this is brand-new information you didn't have last night. fond du lac and sheboygan counties now are included in his winter storm warning, which lasted until 8:00 p.m. tonight. this is where you are getting heavier snow bands. this is how snow sets up, is not like rain, it's like he's weird bands and streaks rolling about a half-inch an hour. there's an area of low pressure that hasn't moved much overnight last night, now it's in iowa. that front extending only through serious northern illinois. you can see exactly why that heavier snow band has shifted further north because the front has moved a little bit as well. take you to the rest of the day. heavy snow will be continuing here throughout the day. 1:00 p.m. looks kind of the same
5:51 am
it still doesn't look very good. right around 4:30, seeing it starting to end in areas in the fond du lac counties as well. in madison and milwaukee county, it should be ending around 6:00, 7:00, and after that, the cold is moving to the east. if you're worried about monday morning's commute, i would be concerned. clouds are doing their job today, making sure it's treated, but it still is going to be slippery. storm totals overall, still on par with five inches to eight inches. to the north, that's what you can expect. bottom line, that winter storm warning continues until 8:00 p.m. today, we should see an additional two inches to four inches in the travel will be tricky. after that, he gets really cold. future windchill throughout the rest of the work week is going
5:52 am
not when the temperatures are in the negatives. if you are planning ahead, that is something to consider. your weatherwatch 12 week ahead forecast coming continues to snow all day today as we look into monday and tuesday. you can see the snow gets out of here and we might get a couple of flurries on tuesday. otherwise, just gets very cold and next weekend, we may be doing a repeat weather system is on the way. we'll keep you posted. andy: you are saying this is good practice. thank you. wisn 12 news time is 5:52. take caution if you are headed outside. we are under a weather -- winter weather warning. meteorologist loses later is tracking that snowfall and you have an update after the break. >> got some extra time in the checkout line? download the free wisn 12 mobile app, for important local coverage you don't have to wait
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andy: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. you're taking a live look outside.
5:56 am
a little more time. if you have to stay at on the sunday morning, stay in. let's check in with lindsay with the very latest. we will do that just a minute. the weather starting to cause power outages. we energies says seven at 25 customers are without power in kenosha county. they are trying to track down the cause. the crash in racine knocked out power to another 200 customers and crews are working to fix those outages. it will keep up on those outages, let's get to lindsay with the latest. lindsey: you are are getting here, it was a little dicey. andy: the other states are ok if you go slow, but i didn't have to be here, i would be at home. lindsey: understood, coffee and hot cocoa. i stayed here last night. andy: that is dedication. lindsey: i'm just scared to drive on snow. heavier bands are popping up on the radar, which is why everyone is under a winter storm warning, this does include fond du lac and sheboygan county.
5:57 am
like that last night. we just got upgraded this morning because everyone can expect an additional two inches to four inches. it's a fluffy, light snow that's very tough to drive on. it is look at the dot cameras. highways not looking the best, sidestreets are little hairy. andy: you have to take your time, wherever you are going. the packers game, you want to go early. but from the tv might be pretty good. lindsey: it is warmer.
5:58 am
5:59 am
stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier,
6:00 am
good morning, america. new overnight, brutal blast. heavy snow in the midwest causing this massive 34-car pileup and this fiery crash. mail carriers carrying on. we have team coverage of this storm and the frigid >> the breaking news this morning, a terror attack in turkey. a key u.s. ally. the explosion outside istanbul's main soccer stadium and moments later another one. dozens of police officers killed. f newscasters caught by surprise. this attack part of a bloody weekend wave including bombings in egypt and nigeria. >> trump's team. the likely pick for secretary of


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