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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am CST

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that looks good. tuna salad. doing some healthy eating before the rest of the holiday hits. we've got to talk about the seahawks. before we talk about them, talk about the touchdown. what's the emotion when you get the ball in to the end zone?
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we always enjoy being able to move the ball down field and score. >> i know it's about the team but do you have any friendly wagers, like i'm going to get one before the game? rivalry going on like that? >> no, we're all pushing each other to try to get one. we always talk about if someone let one get away, thank you for the touchdown you let me grab. >> what's aaron's ball like? i've heard it's super tight, super fast and how easy is it to catch? >> it's pretty easy to catch soti catch with the snow and everything falling. so you saw a lot of people using their body with the weather. >> so maybe more of that next week. more snow expected. what have you seen from the seahawks? kind of familiar opponent but at home, which is an advantage. >> yeah, pretty familiar opponent. we've played them a few times here recently and you get a good feel for them. richard sherman, we know who he is as a player. kam chancellor is a big hitter.
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lot. earl thomas, he went down yesterday which is always rough to see. they're really good defense. they play really well together. it definitely will be a challenge for us. >> very quickly, what's the one thing you guys got to do other than making plays to make sure the execution is where you want it to be? >> i think continue to keep the sticks moving. keep our defense off the field. give them a break. and just be able to put drives together. we get in to those 8, 9, 10play drives. that hel huddle. see you next week. seattle seahawks on deck. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. brangelina's new court
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six kids in the middle. >> this is a war scenario. >> why it could get worse. >> we'll tell you all about prince harry's overnight date with his hollywood girlfriend. how he tricked the paparazzi. >> this was something out of a spy movie. >> plus we're with madonna after her car pool karaoke. >> it was loud. my body was hanging out the window. >> that moment that didn't make the final cut and lost footage of her date with jackson. >> then laverne and story back together. stories from the set you never heard. >> she taught me. >> and can i get a belly bump? >> there you go. >> my night out with the stars of office christmas party as olivia munn dares me to mess with kevin frazier at our e.t. hollywood bash. >> turns out that was a bad move.
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tonight. >> demanding an emergency hearing inside the lengths he's going through in order to see his kids. >> we have the just released custody agreement and we get to the bottom. >> a lot of people are saying that angelina is airing this out. any comment to that? >> i will not make any comments. >> 10:00 wednesday morning that's angelina's lawyer leaving court after brad's team called an emergency hearing to basically say family's dirty laundry in public. >> any time you end up in court that's probably not a great sign. >> how come this wasn't sealed in the first place? >> i can't comment. >> what mad brad fighting mad? the legal custody agreement documents that angie filed publicly. brad team's feel that violated the confidentiality clause. it said brad has to submit to random drug and alcohol testing and also has weekly therapy
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must have joint sessions together. after brad's legal move a source close to angelina's camp lashed out saying it was a pr scam and it back fired. the source added pitt is desperate to are repair his media image. he doesn't get to be treated special because he's a movie star. about 20 minutes after that we got this from another source. angie's team are fuelling the fire all to the detriment of the entire family. >> it's been almost three months and if you having control of the children, she is winning. >> rodriguez, the former defendant a. here to help us read between the lines of this bitter custody battle. how bad is it? one report claims maddox and pax walked out of a therapy session with brad but they tell us don't believe everything you read. >> this is reaching a war scenario. it's going on in front of the entire world.
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>> is there any ending many sight coming up for had? >> my hope is that with the upcoming holidays things will calm down a hill bit. >> will they be together for the holidays? >> i don't believe so. >> we have the details behind his girlfriend and the sign that this new royal romance is getting real serious. >> any plans for the holidays? maybe a >> friday megan was asked by paparazzi about her next rendezvous with harry. she was walking her dog in toronto. no security detail in sight and just the day before she was all bundled up heading to yoga class. wednesday she was all smiles leaving after lunch. it was less than 24 hours after prince harry's secret visit and look right here. the actress wore that beaded
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harrys. he wore his too. her inner circle was critical when keeping the 38 hour weekend visit under wraps. an eyewitness told us they never left the house. a friend helped her walk the dog and another brought food. >> prince harry is a master at secrecy. well practiced. he knows how to go undercover when he wants to keep a low profile he can. he has a security team looking after him and megan and they're doing a very good job because the couple have not photographed together yet. >> and we are learning new details about how these two may have met. in fact, megan's lunch date could be responsible. his name is marcus anderson. he is a consultant for a exclusive members only social club in london and would be of megan's best friends. right now he is being called the royal matchmaker after a report
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first date. >> the sa fwrks a continues. another star after her split. mariah carey. her docu series debuted last weekend and shows how a billionaire can get replaced by a back up dancer. >> it was 2005 or 2006 is when i first met mariah carey. >> is this the moment that ended it all? giving a hug and the flirty eyes to her mariah's world. compare that to her ex that's barely there for ten seconds. >> we're planning a wedding and it's coming up soon. >> there were some creative edits in the show to deal with the changes circumstance in mariah's life but one moment that did make it in, when she postponed the wedding last march. >> i feel bad. he's waiting for me to figure it out.
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diva's live. we caught the two backstage. >> in here. >> and sunday the two put on a cozy display side by side all night at a new york screening of the show. >> speaking of music, what a week it was for madonna. car pool karaoke and made a spectacle of flirting with her ex sean penn. >> everyone is going crazy did you have fun? >> i had so much fun. >> it was wild. my body was hanging out that window. >> madonna's vehicle vogue went viral. 3 million views in under 48 hours. >> what would you say if i were to get you to do it? >> and friday billboard magazine celebrated her legacy. >> congratulations. woman of the year. >> thank you. >> what does it mean to be recognized by your fellow ladies?
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but more importantly to speak about women in music and women in general in the world today. very important time. >> the magazine honoring the 7 time grammy winner for her spectacular three decade plus career which includes a record of over $1.3 billion earned in concert. throughout her career the now 58-year-old madonna had shocking moments. >> no. >> of course. >> you and michael jackson. >> been around. >> we remember the big date. we were there. >> so who makes the first move? you or michael jackson? who leans many? >> well i did. he was a little bit shy. >> yes. >> and on december 2nd in miami she raised eyebrows again at a charity auction when she told ex-husband sean penn she is
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>> our marriage and i am still in love with you. >> you said you would marry sean again. >> i never said that. no, no. he bought the dress for $150 how. that's a long story. we'll talk about that hater. >> now let's talk about this. next week is the voice finale and the whole purpose of that show is that looks don't matter and it's all about theal lebt? that's why the coaches don't >> but once you're picked you have to have a look that says i am a super star. >> you're right. >> so we go behind the scenes to see how that transformation takes place. >> the 8 finalists came forward this weekend to compete for the title. they sounded great but looking the part is nearly as important. >> i love it. >> and the help of the costume
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to wear something and it's not necessarily that. >> suit, nice curves. >> yeah. >> the final list checks out his transformation. >> they just come alive with ideas and they're like this. >> country rocker sun dance has been rocking it all season. >> i was hoping that we were doing this interview because you were going to nominate me for sexiest male >> there's still time. >> but when it comes to the fashion make over he's no rhinestone cowboy. >> how much alterations happen in a given week? >> he builds me clothes every week because i have this outstanding body type that people don't make clothes for. ? ? and i will always love you ? >> she didn't make the cut but
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coach miley's eyes. >> did she ever bring you something and she's like girl i'm not wearing that? >> never. i feel like she gets me. >> team levine was also cut but told us it wasn't going to workout for the finals it's a lovely parting gift. >> do you get to take any of the stuff home with you. >> get away with taking some stuff home whether they want me to or not. >> next week the champ is is crowned and personally i can't wait. >> on the way, big stars, reese, jennifer aniston, ryan goessling and josh duhamel. you won't believe the jaw dropping price tag. you won't believe the jaw dropping price tag. >holidays are about joy again. e where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
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>> such a great show and the tanner family is back on netflix in fuller house. now you can get to bing watching on season one now before you dive into the second season but before you do check out our time on the decked out set ready for the holidays. >> better luck buddy. >> and action. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas on the set of fuller house. that's uncle joey making his directorial debut. >> it's the perfect place for me to come back and tell everyone where to go. >> you're a natural. >> well, we'll see. i get fired right after we're finished. >> yeah. >> i dare to be silly. >> cut it out. >> it's really stang for us. >> to see dave so focused and serious but i have seen this side of dave before because he is also a pilot and when he
11:19 pm
>> the episode is called nutcrackers and so we are choreographing the nutcracker. >> we got babies, we he got dogs. we got special effects going on. >> operation surprise photo for d.j. is a go. >> this season a holiday season so plenty of decked out episodes. for the ladies there's one that stood out. years is new kids on the block. >> i cried reading the script. i'm not like. >> of course the dream director is this guy. >> take my glasses and go, okay. and action. >> cut it out. >> i'll see what you did there. that's crazy. >> and talk about nostalgia. in august jeff franklin, the man
11:20 pm
the exterior of the residence. price tag $4 million. >> luckier. >> i love seeing them all together. the crew actually never shot inside the house so you only ever saw exterior shots of the real deal and since the owners didn't want all the attention from fans they didn't allow it back so producers have been using the same shots 30 years later. out. >> he can take all the shots he juans now. that's a little crazier. stephanie tanner all grown up but if you're a fan of dancing with the shows you got to see her compete in season 22. now her pro partner is out on tour and only i was with season 23 winner lori hernandez.
11:21 pm
>> i feel like i will. i'm trying not to let you down. >> reprising fan favorites from the season and adding a new number. >> this is a new outfit you haven't seen me wear but it's one of my favorites. >> she's not joining the show as a celebrity guest. she is coming in and dancing and she is dancing all n it's going to be awesome. >> i can't wait. >> it's so cool. >> are you nervous at all? >> i'm excited. >> also a lot of excitement the countdown to the very first dancing with the stars baby. max and peta are expecting their baby boy to arrive january 2nd. >> i'm going to be an uncle. >> my new year's resolution is to spend more time with my family. >> take a little time off of the tour? >> i'm still going to see my new
11:22 pm
after the show is over and the season started hopefully it will be a break for me to go back home. >> is he going to be super handsome. >> what kind of uncle am i going to be? >> the one that gets him shoes all the tile. >> shoes? >> yeah. this kid is going to have awesome shoes. >> they look good don't they? >> they look great. >> i got eliminated after doing that dance kicks off f reno, nevada. still ahead reese witherspoon's night out with her look alike kid and this is definitely related to a tad here. >> you can't sit close to him either. he gets really mad. >> john legend reveals co-star's secret to mastering the piano in
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>> monday on e.t. justin timberlake, kerry washington, ryan reynolds, our night out with hollywood's hottest stars. >> it's crazy. >> plus. >> wait i'm not ready. >> now i'm ready. >> our new interview with j. law and chris pratt. they reveal each others most indeering and annoying habits. >> my name is jennifer and these are my issues. >> monday on e.t. >> go for it. >> you mean ? but here's my number so call me maybe ? >> that's sing the animated movie that's star studded. matthew mcconaughey, reese witherspoon and so many more and we sat down with them and we were with the stars of the films premiere turning it into a rare family at a out. >> all three of the kids are here. >> it's cool to have everyone get to show the film. >> as many films that i do the
11:26 pm
>> matthew keeps it pg as a koala that hosts a singing competition. ? i just met you and this is crazy ? >> reese witherspoon brought her fam including her mini me ava and sons. she plays a pig that has 25 pig lets but still dreams of being a singer. >> you have big shoes. you haveir >> i was like have so must have appreciation for how hard that is to sing shake it off. >> yeah, you know i make it look easy. ? i stay out too late, got nothing in my brain ? >> fireworks as well with katy. >> firework was a really hard song to sing. i just did the best i could. i'm supposed to be a mom singing the song. so they don't have anything to worry about.
11:27 pm
time soon. >> you said your kids get embarrassed when you sing. >> at least i know how to work snapchat. most moms don't. they're like you actually know what snapchat is and send us lots of snapchats so maybe that's a cool thing. >> embarrassing theme continued. >> spend >> make us feel like we're not alone but we have a hard time picturing her yelling at anyone. >> we have rules around the house and things like that. i feel like i'm always telling them to clean up. >> the youngest one get to wake up every day and it can be a long process. >> we have the same with the youngest. you're not allowed to speak with him before 8:00 a.m. you can't sit close to him either. he gets mad. >> really?
11:28 pm
blankets to the other room. >> slow walk. >> it's weird. >> just sit there and go i'll be there when i get there. >> we all have our process. >> people know not to call me before 8:15. 8:15 is when everybody has to be on the bus or at school and my whole life starts after 8:15. >> your neighbor, the grocery store manager. >> what kind of feedback did you get from your kids? >> they loved it. a little more clout in the household now. >> which are your favorite characters. >> how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. >> how are you? >> gunther. >> he is awesome. it's one of the movies you have to see but sing is not out until december 21st but in theaters this weekend lala hand starring ryan goessling and emma stone.
11:29 pm
screen. our squad has been with them all week. >> how would you describe ryan's dancing in three words? >> really super great. >> and really super sexy. the two rehearsed the romantic moves to perfection. >> i love it and i'm proud to be a part of it. >> they had coaching from the dancing with the stars pro while rye wran had a whole other skill to earn. >> piano was always something i wished i had the time to learn. it's part of your job to just sit in front of a piano and play. >> he plays a jazz musician that falls for an inspiring actress played by emma. he practiced piano four hours a day and that's all ryan on the keys. at the film's l.a. free mere ryan copped to being a natural at all kinds of performing.
11:30 pm
singing and dancing. what was your fondest memory of your early days? >> my uncle was an elvis impersonator and i was in his act when i was 8. that was fun. >> mickey mouse club, that was good training. >> it's a little different from all the other stuff that they ask us to do here so i thought maybe some of that might help but it areally didn't. i was starting all over again. >> emma revealed she had her own early history of performing in the spotlight. >> here comes emily stone. >> including a stint at 15 where she competed to be on a partridge family remake. >> got to sing a couple of songs on that but i hearned during musical theater.
11:31 pm
experience. >> straight ahead, we'll take you to the set of the new transformers movie and let me tell you -- >> plus jennifer aniston opens up about her hubby and her interesting holiday tradition. >> but first betty white turns 95 years young next month as we hit the set for betty's latest tv role. >> is there one that betty white still wants to do? >> i finally found something that betty white hasn't done. >> no, no, no. >> that's the secret to being betty. she is truly humble. >> your picture popped up.
11:32 pm
please. please don't. when your walking in some place and a perfect stranger is your friend. that's great. >> guest starring on the sitcom young and hungry. she will play a neighbor that's had five husbands. >> what's the secret to staying so wrung and active? >> it's still a secret to me. i think it's good health. i am so healthy and at 94 you don'tec but i am. oh i just love -- i'm so lucky to be in this business. i never take it for granted. at my age i should have been thrown out a long time ago but i love to work. you work with the nicest people in the world and they take such good care of you. >> closed captioning provided
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stories. number five, beyonce's grammy nomination take over. >> formation by beyonce. >> formation by beyonce. >> she scored nine nods and is poised to break records. >> it is conceivable that beyonce could set the record for winning the most different musical generes ever in a single year. >> number four, madonna's car pool kiss and tell. >> of >> no. >> of course. >> you and michael jackson. >> i've been around. >> wednesday night madonna spilled everything about her big date that e.t. was there for. >> who makes the first move? you or michael jackson? who leans in. >> well, i did. if you want to know the truth. because he's a little bit shy. >> yeah. >> number three, naomi judd's personal crisis. >> my face started to balloon.
11:37 pm
medication. >> she opened up to robin roberts about her depression. she said it started about five years ago while performing on a reunion tour with her daughter wynona. they aren't speaking at the moment. >> we're still estranged from each other and that happens with mother-daughters. >> prince harry's secret visit to his girlfriend. >> the couple didn't leave the house during harry's visit. >> less than 24 hours after he left megan's home the actress was seen wearingha love bracelet identical to harrys. megan ace winner circle was critical in keeping the 38 hour weekend visit under wraps. >> our number one story this week, new brad angelina mud slinging amid their custody battle. wednesday a source close to camp told us the legal move to request privacy this week was a pr scam and it backfired. but hold on because we also got this come back from another source.
11:38 pm
the fire all to the detriment of the entire family. lawyers filed 110 pages of documents including e-mails which repeal brad wanted access to the kids out departments side of therapy and was willing to seek a court order to get. angelina's lawyer suggested joint sessions with a trauma specialist. brad's team maintains they made every effort to keep this war private and preventing the kids from becomingol >> now dewayne the rk johnson keep his animated movie in the top spot again when you have the office christmas party. >> jennifer aniston and jason bateman were crossing the country promoting this movie. >> how are you? >> so nice. >> at the film's premiere olivia
11:39 pm
looking chic. >> she is the friend you want her to be. >> anything but nice playing a cut throat ceo. >> i'm looking right at you. >> it's always fun to play someone nasty and mean and bitter. it's fun to sort of take your memory you selected along the way. and then sort of taking she is again trying to stop what turns out to be an epic battle. >> so it's art imitating life. let's break up a party with you
11:40 pm
>> i don't know what they had to do or pay you to make you wear that. >> you saw the movie and i will dress up like one of the characters. >> definitely the way to go. >> mom, entertainment tonight. >> there she is. mom. >> is this where you said do you know what would be funny and then halfway through you said this kind of sucks. i look like i out in front of a car dealership. >> right after this red carpet, seriously, entertainment tonight's office christmas party started right now. what do i need to do? >> you have to have a really good time. and remember everything. because if you don't remember, then it probably didn't end too well. >> as we know, you and kevin frazier worked together back in the day. he will be there tonight. >> nice.
11:41 pm
kevin and then eventually say that. >> when you're standing there just go behind his knee and he'll just buckle and be like that's from olivia munn and walk away. >> let's say i'm not the kind of guy to say no to a dare so i showed up to our party in my snowman outfit and this happened. >> you in a big fat suit. >> it's not going to happen again. that was a one time sort of deal. >> i better not have. i travelled a couple of hours outside of london to watch mark walhberg totally lay waste. 7 wonders of the world, stonehenge. >> action and things go boom.
11:42 pm
they are ready and so are we for our transformers last night exclusive. here we go. >> there's action all over the place here. we have choppers landing and taking off. potentially get thrown off today. >> it gets crazier and crazier. every day we go on. >> michael bay >> nothing. >> messing with you. >> now to pull off the destruction of stonehenge he had a second film so he could destroy it. they stand 30 feet tall and are sunk 15 feet into the ground. sir anthony hopkins was blown away by the spoke. >> this is a lot of excitement here today. >> it's fantastic. i've never been in a movie like
11:43 pm
>> just after the war. >> a lot of things are answered here at stonehenge. >> are there going to be answers to the age old question? >> nobody knows how they got there. must be transformers. >> much more of an >> he is like, bam. >> yeah. >> oh there it is. >> i like the walhberg impression. you know when he is around. >> coming up, laverne and shirley secrets. how they came up with the famous opening. >> i didn't get it.
11:44 pm
>> watch reality star and super model janice dickinson's wedding this weekend. model janice dickinson's wedding this weekend. >> only we're inside the at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... model janice dickinson's wedding raise healthy chickens >> with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix.
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th no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. welcome back, everybody. this weekend, wedding number four is underway for the woman known as the world's first super
11:47 pm
exclusive peak. all i can say is oh, boy. >> i love this. i love it. it feels like it was made for me. >> you can't wear black. you can't wear black. >> it's my wedding and i'll cry if i want to. >> so she's not your average blushing bride. >> it's the after party. >> janice enlisted the help of l.a. designer james brooks to help her find the perfect dress. she m blind date four years ago and the couple got engaged just months later. she credits him with taming her wild ways. >> for the past almost five years since i have been with rocky that i haven't been falling out of night clubs with my underwear hanging around my kneecaps. spraying the press with bottles of water. >> what about this one? >> this is so beautiful.
11:48 pm
wedding. >> the road to the alter has been rocky. health issueses and her lawsuit against bill cosby stood in the way but she is determined to tie the knot even agreeing to a prenump. >> i don't abelieve in them but he does. if he wants me to sign one, whatever. >> now we have a prenup. >> you need for your wedding a statement dress. i really do and i have perfect one. >> but when it came time to pick out the gown january miswasn't willing to compromise. >> there's the dress. >> i love this. oh. >> i really would love to have this as my wedding dress. >> boy, i hope rocky wasn't watching that because it would have spoiled the surprise. we're going to have all the i do drama. you know there will be plenty.
11:49 pm
shirley secret. what gary marshall made her change after the first 15 episodes. >> she said talk with me now. >> plus turning 91. sharing memories at the home of the show's creator. >> i had a real crush on her and i said she's a little young. >> this weekend in the entertainment tonight's birthdays which disney channel star became the youngest artist to sign a the age of 5. is it ok! impaciente! manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? take off your hat! no's, it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp 3 surface layers deep to help... ...prevent dryness and keeps you up to 100% flake free
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one, two, three, four five, six, seven, 8. >> he recently got together to honor penny's brother the late gary marshall. it was so nice to talk about the glory days on their hit show 40 years after it's premiere. that famous opening was actually an idea of gary's. they shot it late at night at the studio where they filmed the show. >> he said penny, teach cindy that little dance you did on the way to school and he said action
11:53 pm
get it and the second tape he said that's good we're out of here. he created happy days. their first appearance is when they guest starred on the show. >> when he first offered the show we were writing together and he called the office and said i got these two characters on happy days. >> so what do you think of this kid? >> he's nice >> and a hankey. >> their own series ran from 1976 to 1983. they were roommates that worked in a milwaukee brewery didn't shirley didn't sound like a midwestern gal in the beginning. >> if you watch the first 13 episodes that i refuse to watch now have this hideous kind of new york accent that was terrible. >> i'm going to meet some nice
11:54 pm
accent. >> so one day after about 13 shows he came down to the set and he was like come over here and talk with me for a minute and he sat me down and he goes it's about the accent and i said should i lose it? he goes yes. so i did and i was so thankful for that. >> over the years et has been there as they have done reunion specials. >> we were not aware of what was happening at the time. >> we were on a sound stage trying to figure out things. >> they even recreated that famous opening. the reason for the tribute was he also created that original series. today 40 years after becoming tv icon, these two are still close. >> we see each other all the time. >> don't tell me that laverne and shirley really are laverne and shirley.
11:55 pm
>> yeah. >> that made my day. i love knowing they're really great friends. >> now this one great. >> it's been 55 years since it aired on tbs but now it's coming back but this time in full color. >> now 91 years old and he was as spry as ever when we sat down with hill and the show's creator. >> the dick van dyke show. starring dick van dyke. >> i had this idea that comedy should be in black and white and this process they did looked like it was shot in color. nothing fake about it. i discovered i had brown hair. everybody thought hi black hair. >> mary tyler moore. she got her big break as his wife despite the age difference
11:56 pm
>> i said she's a little young for me. >> the difference in your age? >> 12 years. >> yeah and i said nobody is going to -- nobody's ever mentioned it. the first time they kissed on the pilot, that was it. they were together. >> i just felt romantic today. >> i had a real crush on her. >> they were other but they both had relationships. they were really attracted to each other. >> i don't think it's right for you to wear that dress when i'm not with you. >> we became like an improv. we could make it up. she read me very well and i read her timing very well and it just -- it was such a pleasure to work with her. it always worked.
11:57 pm
expected. >> from 1961 to 1966 he was the egotistical star. he got the part that would make him a tv icon. i said this guy can do anything. the single most talented man i ever worked with. there's nothing he can't do. >> the sho but wasn't a break out hit at first. >> we got cancelled the first year and thought it was over and then i think summer rerun people saw it. >> you know one out of every 50 million women has the wrong baby. >> that's a cute trick. how does she manage that. >> we didn't use a laugh track. we used the audience. now you hear the laugh track. >> now sunday night on cbs the
11:58 pm
nostalgia. >> it was never work ever. there was nothing like it. nothing like it. >> i want half of his energy. >> he's the best. >> if you think millennials aren't into the dick the foot-care experts at amope introduce the latest fashion secret to turn your heels into sneakers. new gel activ insoles. made with ultra-thin concentrated gel, they even fit into slender shoes. get one for every shoe in your closet.
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